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Grand rabbi of Gur bans handshakes between men because it can lead to sin

The Hasidic sect of Gur was shocked to learn that their rabbi has issued a ban on handshakes between men as it might lead some to sin, according to a report in the Charedi World.

At a recent meeting, the head of the Gur education department, Abraham Benjamin Silberberg, said that shaking another man’s hand is now prohibited because it can lead to sinful thoughts.

Silberberg notified education supervisors about the new ruling at the special meeting, and ordered them to begin educating Gur boys about deviant male handshakes. Silberberg said that two males are only allowed to touch each other’s fingertips, however, it is better for men and boys to avoid touching completely.

He also instructed yeshiva teachers to educate teen boys and young men to avoid touching each other. “This new prohibition will ensure the holiness of our next generation,” Silberberg said.

A few weeks ago, several rabbis in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak issued a ruling that it is prohibited to carry a groom on one’s shoulders while dancing at weddings. The rabbis said that they banned the practice after a groom, who was carried on a friend’s shoulders, was unable to consummate his marriage after the wedding.

by Not the Onion.reply 3708/18/2013

The hands of hasidic men are sensuous enough to make another sin. It's time this has been recognized. Many a penis has been aroused by these appendages. Finally, hasidic men can braid their payot.

by Not the Onion.reply 108/14/2013

Projecting much, rabbi?

by Not the Onion.reply 208/14/2013

The Chassidic, are an ultra conservative sect of Judiasm. Mainstream Jews often consider them to be a little off. They don't allow any touching, let alone hand shaking, between men and women, unless they're legally married. The sexes are clearly segregated whenever possible.

When physical contact is restricted, it becomes more desirable, and may easily be misinterpreted.

by Not the Onion.reply 308/14/2013

Maybe they'd be more comfortable in Russia.

by Not the Onion.reply 408/14/2013

More proof that religion is a mental disorder.

by Not the Onion.reply 508/14/2013

So *c*onservatIve, they had to add a c!

by Not the Onion.reply 608/14/2013

Wow, just wow. Religion is a mental disorder...definitely.

by Not the Onion.reply 708/14/2013

He is right. When Bob wanted to shake my 13 year old hand and inserted his middle finger against my palm, I didn't know what that meant. He laughed and I found out later when he tried to stick his dick in my mouth.

by Not the Onion.reply 808/14/2013

Well well well, it's not just Christians who are trying to pray away the gay.

by Not the Onion.reply 908/14/2013

Gay sex must be so intoxicating and infectious that even male members of the same family, such as father and son or older members like a grandfather, must be forbid from touching each other? Who would want to live like that - and of course women have to be hidden away so only their owner (husband) can see them in their natural state ...

by Not the Onion.reply 1008/14/2013

Touching aside, do the Gur men wear those cute hats and the side ringlets?

by Not the Onion.reply 1108/14/2013

Closet case grand rabbi. Great.

by Not the Onion.reply 1208/14/2013

Someone should point out to them that they are turning their religion into Islam.

by Not the Onion.reply 1308/14/2013

[quote]Someone should point out to them that they are turning their religion into Islam.

That ship sailed long ago. There almost is no difference between the two. Why do you think they make their women cover their heads and wear long sleeve, full length dresses? The same reason Islam demands women wear a burka.

by Not the Onion.reply 1408/14/2013

Muslim men and women shake hands. Muslim men and men shake hands. Muslims shake hands with Christians and whatever religion (or not). Muslim clerics shake hands with white women. I would know. I am a white woman who shook hands with an Egyptian Imam at a Ramadan dinner.

The only time they might not shake hands is when they are in the middle of praying and taking a break. Then they put their right hand over their heart.

by Not the Onion.reply 1508/14/2013

Jesus. Islam does not demand that women wear the burka. The insane Taliban made that rule.

It sounds like the Taliban and the Gur have a lot in common.

by Not the Onion.reply 1608/14/2013

Touch me in the morning.....THEN just walk away!

by Not the Onion.reply 1708/14/2013

R16 Wrong. The burqa predates the Taliban by several centuries.

by Not the Onion.reply 1808/14/2013

Well, R18, your article says the burka is worn by women in some Islamic cultures (not all). The Koran does not specify that women must cover their faces and hands. So the burka is an extreme radical garment no doubt invented by a man who thought he was being A Good Muslim.

True story. Last summer in Jordan my neice decided to wear the face cover along with the scarf and the whole thing. Her father (my brother in law) who is a conservative Muslim told her to take that "ridiculous thing" off of her face, especially when she was driving.

by Not the Onion.reply 1908/14/2013

And, btw, I didn't say that the Taliban invented the burka.

by Not the Onion.reply 2008/14/2013

I wonder if it's OK with gloves or wearing a mask? What ever it is we men contain, it sure is potent. School boys should be wearing rubber gloves for added protection.

Some of these rules are crazy. Imagine, a man can go to hell if he puts the wrong fish in his mouth and if the cops are present, it may send him to jail.

What has happened to my Judaism?

by Not the Onion.reply 2108/14/2013

[quote]And, btw, I didn't say that the Taliban invented the burka.

And btw, I never said otherwise.

by Not the Onion.reply 2208/14/2013

Shaking hands is gross and unsanitary anyway. How many times have you had to shake hands with someone who just coughed into his palms?

I believe it should be the Law of the Land regardless of religious persuasion.

by Not the Onion.reply 2308/14/2013

[quote]How many times have you had to shake hands with someone who just coughed into his palms?

Or worse.

by Not the Onion.reply 2408/14/2013

R9, and others, Please remember that the extremely Orthodox Grand Rabbi is as representative of mainstream Jews, as the Amish are of very liberal Protestants.

No, even extremist Jews do not ever want gays to be killed or even beaten up or attacked, in any way. The issue of homosexuality is seen as a strictly private matter between the individual and God. Even pedophiles are just shunned, or asked to leave the community.

The issue really is that all religious extremists believe that man cannot control his urges towards women or men, as the case may be. That's why physical contact must be limited.

by Not the Onion.reply 2508/14/2013

I am Gur, rabbi of the planet Omicron Persei 8!

by Not the Onion.reply 2608/14/2013

I do not possess enough intellect to control my base animal instincts.

by Not the Onion.reply 2708/14/2013

R23, honey, just wash you fucking hands, it's preventative, you know. and get the fuck over your holiness, you stink just like the rest of us.

by Not the Onion.reply 2808/14/2013

Yet R23 LOVES to rim.

by Not the Onion.reply 2908/14/2013

How often do Hassidic men take showers?

by Not the Onion.reply 3008/14/2013

R30, not often enough. It must get hot and sweaty under those long, black clothes; hats; and long, curly hair.

by Not the Onion.reply 3108/14/2013

In what part of Manhattan does the grand rabbi live?

by Not the Onion.reply 3208/14/2013

Grand Rabbis are so last year... All Hail the Grand Mufti!

by Not the Onion.reply 3308/14/2013

R32, This occurred in the ultra Orthodox section of Israel.

by Not the Onion.reply 3408/14/2013

Just send over Melanie Griffith to charm the old guy. Case closed.

by Not the Onion.reply 3508/15/2013

[quote]Muslim men and men shake hands.

Muslim men and men often HOLD hands.

by Not the Onion.reply 3608/15/2013

This post has helped me over come my problem of spontaneous erections. I wear gloves all the time now to avoid tissue contact with those I shake hands and I now I stay limpy-wimpy all day and night long. I no longer have peeing problems when I wake up at night.

All this time I was being hand raped each time I shook hands. Who woulduv thunk it?

by Not the Onion.reply 3708/18/2013
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