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Gore Vidal Fucked Brad Davis on a Bathroom Floor!

According to Fred Kaplan's new biography, he did.

Davis had to be desperate.

Disgust, I mean, Discuss.

by Why Brad Why? reply 5509/29/2013

Did I say *new* biography?

by Why Brad Why? reply 108/12/2013

I'm straight! I got AIDS from needles!! Ask my wife/publicist! She'll tell ya!

by Why Brad Why? reply 208/12/2013

Brad had a wife? Sad, but he was still a hottie, lucky Gore.

by Why Brad Why? reply 308/12/2013

Wait ... Gore Vidal was a TOP?

by Why Brad Why? reply 408/12/2013

I read the wife's memoir. She acknowledged his bisexuality but mostly in the context of "getting ahead in the business" and not for "fun."

by Why Brad Why? reply 508/12/2013

Doing a bit of research, Brad did actually come out as bisexual in an interview. It's linked on his wiki page. So as long as he came out, and so long ago when it was more taboo, that was all that was necessary. At most he was lying about being bisexual, but who knows, and it's really no one's business anyway.

by Why Brad Why? reply 608/12/2013

bisexual? yeah right!

by Why Brad Why? reply 708/12/2013

Gore wasn't bad looking when he was young

by Why Brad Why? reply 808/12/2013

I think Brad was on a death trip. He wanted to get fucked by a lot of guys. Even that queen Boze Hadleigh wrote about interviewing him at the French Quarter restaurant in WeHo and claimed Brad offered to give it up in the bathroom there too. Apparently Brad was putting out in bathrooms all over town. (Gore fucked him at the Chateau Marmont.)

by Why Brad Why? reply 908/12/2013

r8, that picture was taken more than thirty years before Gore would have fucked Brad Davis.

by Why Brad Why? reply 1008/12/2013

R8, he looks like the cookies smell burnt.

by Why Brad Why? reply 1108/12/2013

Sounds a bit like the also beautiful Antony Hamilton.

by Why Brad Why? reply 1208/12/2013

Gore was strictly a top. He insisted in middle age that although he had slept with thousands of men in his whole life he had never bottomed.

by Why Brad Why? reply 1308/12/2013

Remember that Hyatt Regency walkway collapse that killed 114 people?

Yeah, Mike Wallace was busy plowing Brad's hole in the bathroom on the fourth floor.

by Why Brad Why? reply 1408/12/2013

Yeah, I tapped that in the men's room at the ABC commissary in 1972

by Why Brad Why? reply 1508/12/2013

[quote]...although he had slept with thousands of men in his whole life he had never bottomed.

She wears it like it's a freaking badge of honor or something. Never liked Vidal. He was like Bill Buckley, physically repulsive to me. Hard to look at. Such condescension. The unwanted declarations about his sex life are the most appalling of all.

by Why Brad Why? reply 1608/12/2013

who the fuck are all these people?

by Why Brad Why? reply 1708/12/2013

I want to know if Davis did blow with Fassbinder and then allowed the director to fuck him.

by Why Brad Why? reply 1808/12/2013

Brad's daughter, Alexandra transformed herself into Brad's son, Alexander.

by Why Brad Why? reply 1908/12/2013

I want to know if that big guy in Querelle actually fucked him in the movie during their sex scene or whether it was simulated.

by Why Brad Why? reply 2008/12/2013

Who is Brad Davis?

by Why Brad Why? reply 2108/12/2013

Nancy Reagan's twin brother, dear.

by Why Brad Why? reply 2208/12/2013


by Why Brad Why? reply 2308/12/2013

He looks like Ken Paves (Brad's son).

by Why Brad Why? reply 2408/12/2013

[italic][bold]Querelle[/italic][/bold] is burned in my brain like a fevered dream I cannot forget. I think I had an erection during three-quarters of the movie.

Just to hear an acclaimed actor such as Brad Davis murmur something like "fuck me in the ass" was startling, hypnotic and unforgettable. What a loss.

by Why Brad Why? reply 2508/12/2013

Holy hell, I just read the wikipedia article about the other actor in Querelle, Gunther Kaufmann. His real life story reads like a Fassbinder film.

by Why Brad Why? reply 2608/12/2013

[quote]Querelle is burned in my brain like a fevered dream I cannot forget.

Tell it Mary!

by Why Brad Why? reply 2708/12/2013

How big was Gore's cock?

by Why Brad Why? reply 2808/12/2013

What the fuck, R14?

by Why Brad Why? reply 2908/12/2013

Who the fuck doesn't know "who these people are?" If you are that dense, LOOK THEM THE FUCK UP. You're already on the internet.

by Why Brad Why? reply 3008/12/2013

If I were Chaz Bono, that photo of Alex Davis would make me slit my wrists.

by Why Brad Why? reply 3108/12/2013

He was a hottie, nice to know he was a bottom.

by Why Brad Why? reply 3208/13/2013

[quote]Wait ... Gore Vidal was a TOP?

That's difficult to imagine.

by Why Brad Why? reply 3308/13/2013

Why? Gore had a penis, it got hard and he stuck it up men's butts.

by Why Brad Why? reply 3408/13/2013

According to one of Vidal's autobiographies a sailor tried to top him once and the pain was horrifying, so he kicked the sailor off.

Now that, you whores, is a bossy bottom.

by Why Brad Why? reply 3508/13/2013

I'm more interested in Brad Davis. He was genuinely arousing.

by Why Brad Why? reply 3608/13/2013

Yeah well both Gore Vidal and Brad Davis are dead and the bathroom floor won't confirm or deny the story.

by Why Brad Why? reply 3708/13/2013

Hello Sailor...

by Why Brad Why? reply 3808/14/2013

Harold Lang told me that Gore mostly liked to "bump stomachs."

by Why Brad Why? reply 3908/14/2013

Anybody who wants to know about Brad Davis should read "After Midnight", the memoir by his wife Susan Bluestein. She's rather in denial about his homosexual leanings (she concedes that he did some hustling early in his career, but that he was simply gay-friendly, not bi-sexual or gay) but it's well written and contains a lot of information. And it gives reader an inside view of how Hollywood works. Bluestein was a successful casting director and she talks a lot about why some actors get the good roles and others don't. She also talks about salary. Seems even semi-successful actors like Davis could make exhorbitant sums of money for little work.

David grew up in Florida (maybe that in itself made him go nuts). His father was an alcoholic; his mother was a mental case who had sex with him. Coming from a background like that, he was pretty much doomed from the start. He was into self-mutilation, cutting himself with knives. He was addicted to sex with both men and woman, drugs and alcohol. By the time he was cleaning up his act he had contracted AIDS.

He and Susan Bluestein were an odd, mis-matched couple; she a large, plain Jewish girl from a well to do family in New York, he a small, handsome (he lost his looks pretty quickly, though) Southern boy from a weird Southern Gothic family. She was flattered by his attention and insatiable sexual appetite. But it got old fairly quickly, and he was unbelieveably mentally unstable. They had a child and stayed together until the end, though.

As everyone knows, their daughter Alexandra became Alex Davis. Bluestein should write a memoir about daughter's transformation to a son. I think it would be pretty interesting.

by Why Brad Why? reply 4008/14/2013

How many men did Gore say he fucked before he was 20 or 30? It was some outrageous claim.

by Why Brad Why? reply 4108/14/2013

I've always been amazed by Gore Vidal's need to one-up everyone else all the time his entire life. He was handsome, he was rich, he was from a famous family, he went to Exeter and Harvard, he wrote prizewinning plays and bestselling books; but none of it was ever enough. He was a horrible snob and had to put other people down constantly--he must have had terrible self-esteem.

"It is not enough to succeed; others must fail" -- his most famous quotation.

by Why Brad Why? reply 4208/14/2013

This new non-humblebrag of Gore's emerges from a forthcoming book by UK author Tim Teeman, "In Bed With Gore Vidal."

Scotty Bowers (I know) evidently shares the information that Gore was averagely hung, and uncut though it didn't seem so.

Bowers says he located a favourite hustler of Gore's - ex-Navy, horse-hung - just to be around Gore when he was elderly and wheel-chaired.

Vidal was it seems very concerned during his war with Buckley that the latter had evidence Gore had been careless with the age of some tricks.

Gossip was Gore's crack, so it's fitting he's keeping the genre going from the beyond. Happily, lawsuits are now out of reach even for him.

by Why Brad Why? reply 4308/14/2013

Watching Brad Davis in Midnight Express as a sexually confused boy brought up thoughts in me that Ryan Phillippe in 54 confirmed.

by Why Brad Why? reply 4408/15/2013

What a great movie is 'Midnight Express'!

Brad Davis was a such a gifted actor. His looks helped him though to be expressive. I find him sensational in 'Querelle' as well, but i think that his greatest role was that of Billy Hayes in 'Midnight Express'.

Are you sure that Gore Vidal fucked him or that is just a cute rumor?

by Why Brad Why? reply 4509/12/2013

Rue (Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux) McLanahan claimed that she took Brad home one night during their run in a play together and he fucked her senseless in both the house and garden. Her neighbors, she assumed, could hear her screaming amongst the bushes.

by Why Brad Why? reply 4609/12/2013

*scratches head

by Why Brad Why? reply 4709/12/2013

Vidal at least said positive things about Paul Newman

by Why Brad Why? reply 4809/12/2013

The hairdresser?

by Why Brad Why? reply 4909/12/2013

Both were fuckable men

by Why Brad Why? reply 5009/12/2013

Anybody read Brad Davis' wife's book? Anything interesting? Their daughter is now a transexual.

by Why Brad Why? reply 5109/28/2013

I can now die an honest woman. I KNEW he was gay, but they would not believe me.

by Why Brad Why? reply 5209/29/2013

Didn't Vidal identify as bisexual, not gay? I thought I read that somewhere.

by Why Brad Why? reply 5309/29/2013

"After Midnight", the memoir by Brad Davis's wife Susan Bluestein, is actually pretty good. It contains a lot of information and is well-written.

Bluestein is a successful casting director. When she first met Davis she was working an office job and he was a struggling young actor. They were a totally mismatched couple; she an overweight, plain Jewish princess and he a small but good-looking Southerner. But they got married and according to her their life was chaotic and dysfunctional. Davis was unbelieveably mentally disturbed. He was his mentally ill mother's "pet"; she had him sleep in her bed with her and she molested him for years. He'd cut himself with knives; he was compulsively promiscuous and a hardcore drinker and drug addict.

Bluestein claimed that while David did some hustling when he was just starting out he was NOT gay. Of course he had lots of close "friendships" with gay men and liked to hang out with them a lot. But he was NOT gay. He was just very, very gay friendly. I guess she told herself that in order dissociate herself from the reality that her husband liked to fuck men.

by Why Brad Why? reply 5409/29/2013

The more you hear the wives of notoriously gay men who are now dead, the more you realize that virtually no woman married to a homosexual can accept that he was gay. There's always some pathetic rationalization--he was gay-friendly, he hustled to get ahead, and so on. And I doubt that these men are bi, because there are just too many tales of their gay liaisons floating around. "Bi" is what men like Gore Vidal call themselves, because to be gay is to lose their membership in the WASP, hetero, elite power structure. Not that "bi" is all that acceptable to the elites--but gays always think that seeming bi is an acceptable cover.

by Why Brad Why? reply 5509/29/2013
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