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ROUTE 66 Roadtrip

The bf and I are driving home from Chicago to LA in two weeks.

Suggestions for must-sees?


by First time roadtripperreply 2108/19/2013

The Cadillac thing outside Amarillo.

by First time roadtripperreply 108/11/2013

Here are some in my neck of the woods...

Most of these are along I-40 or parts of the original Route 66

Tucumcari, NM - still has some original Route 66 attractions including the Blue Swallow Motel.

Cuervo, NM - ghost town just west of Tucumcari. Town as abandoned when I-40 spit it in half. Interestingt o poke around and photograph if you are into ghost towns.

Nob Hill in Albuqueque, NM. Stop for lunch and poke around the shops. Lots of neon. Buildings from the 40s and Route 66 era preserved and repurposed.

Kimo Theater in downtown Albuquerque - Pubelo Deco theater.

Petroglyph National Monument - on the edge of Albuquerque, Native American rock art.

If you're into Breaking Bad - one of the Breaking Bad tours in Albuquerque.

Side Trip to Santa Fe - an hour from Albuquerque

El Moro National Monument - a bit off I-40 near Grants, NM. Site of Inscription rock. Carvings from Spanish conquistadors.

EL Malpais - The Bad Lands. Off i-40 near Grants, NM as well. Lava flows, lava tubes, caves and a huge natural arch.

Acoma Pueblo - considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited location in the US.

Painted Desert & Petrified Forest - off I-40 in AZ.

Meteor Crater in AZ. Tourist trap, but interesting stop.

Flagstaff - interesting downtown. Place to base yourself for side trip to the Grand Canyon or Sedona AZ.

by First time roadtripperreply 208/11/2013

I second Meteor Crater. It's fun and different.

(R1) means the fabulous Cadillac Ranch just outside Amarillo. 10 Cadillacs buried in dirt and covered with graffiti. It's right off the highway and usually deserted.

There's also the largest cross in North America!

This book is good--

by First time roadtripperreply 308/11/2013

Cahokia Mounds, Collinsville, IL. It's America's Teotihuacan, such as it is.

by First time roadtripperreply 408/11/2013

Make sure you stop here on your first night.

by First time roadtripperreply 508/11/2013

Not on 66 per se, but I enjoyed Sadie's Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque.

If you get to Rancho Cucamonga on a Tuesday, stop at Brandon's Diner on Foothill (Foothill is Rt. 66) for their taco Tuesday special!

by First time roadtripperreply 608/11/2013

Not sure how much time you will have to spare, but Sedona and Jerome are both under an hour from Flagstaff & well worth a stop. Sedona's more new age-y, while Jerome is an old mining town full of galleries and cafes. Lots of outdoor recreation options too, but it just really depends on your timeframe.

by First time roadtripperreply 708/11/2013

General advice for Albuquerque: get some recommendations for carne adovada. Work took me to ABQ years ago, and I loved that stuff. My restaurant recommendations wouldn't be current now.

by First time roadtripperreply 808/11/2013

You can dive the Bonne Terre mine

by First time roadtripperreply 908/11/2013

Joplin is a good place to stop for the night. It is a crossroads kind of place as north south route meets east west route. Four states come together near here, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas.

It is a small place but lots of motels and travelers for the night. Everybody has to get off.

by First time roadtripperreply 1008/11/2013

Which rest stops have the most trucker and closeted husband cock?

by First time roadtripperreply 1108/11/2013

The stretch between Flagstaff and Kingman has some cruisy rest stops...

by First time roadtripperreply 1208/11/2013

Fantastic suggestions. Thank you!

by First time roadtripperreply 1308/12/2013

There's a little Route 66 Museum/Hall of Fame in the Dixie Truck Stop at the MacLean, Illinois exit off I-55 (near Bloomington).


Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard stand - on Chippewa Street as you head west out of St. Louis.

by First time roadtripperreply 1408/12/2013

My house is right on Route 66. Be sure to stop in!

by First time roadtripperreply 1508/12/2013

Bump for more great tips.

by First time roadtripperreply 1608/15/2013

Here is where you should go, to get your kicks on Route 66:

Go from St. Louie down to Missouri

Oklahoma City (it looks so pretty)

You'll see Amarillo and Gallup, New Mexico

Flagstaff, Arizona (don't forget Winona)

Kingman, Barstow, San Bernadino . . .

by First time roadtripperreply 1708/15/2013

Winona is actually east of Flagstaff.

by First time roadtripperreply 1808/16/2013

This is the most fun road trip, you will love it. I just drove from LA to Minneapolis and on the way, stopped south in many places along Route 66. I second Tucumcari, cool sights and photo ops, a functioning ghost town really - and in Holbrook, AZ check out the Wigwam Motel. Nice, simple rooms for an overnight and plenty of Route 66 stuff within walking distance. Stop through Amarillo, and do not miss Winslow, AZ for Standin' on the Corner. I was a single female driving the route and I stopped off at many less-known exits that were part of historic Route 66, some of them were abandoned and very creepy!! (Near Shamrock, TX and OK). I wish I had stopped off on the Breaking Bad tour, and maybe should have done the Crater. I drove all the way to it, but decided I didn't want to pay and was limited on time. You will see some true classic historic "Americana" sights, so enjoy.

by First time roadtripperreply 1908/16/2013

OP, I drove the stretch from New Mexico to Flagstaff today. Forgot a couple of place to check out in Gallup. The El Rancho hotel. Is a fun place to check out 30s hotel that was popular with movie stars who files westerns in the area. The lobby is incredible. The rooms rhe named for people who stayed in them.

Also Richardson's Tading Post is fantstic for Narive American jewelry, pottery, rugs etc.

by First time roadtripperreply 2008/19/2013

Very fun

by First time roadtripperreply 2108/19/2013
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