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They wanted Joe Manganiello, but his schedule from "True Blood" prevented it.


by Gary Mortonreply 3909/01/2013

Where do you want me to go?

by Gary Mortonreply 108/10/2013

Awesome. I really hope this becomes a thing.

by Gary Mortonreply 208/10/2013

They wanted Joe Manganiello for the title role in "Lincoln," but his schedule from "True Blood" prevented it.

by Gary Mortonreply 308/10/2013

They wanted Joe Manganiello for the title role in "The Butler" but his "True Blood" schedule prevented it.

by Gary Mortonreply 408/10/2013

They wanted Joe Manganiello for 'Hello, Dolly!' over Cheno but his True Blood schedule prevented it.

by Gary Mortonreply 508/10/2013

They wanted Joe to star in the war horse but his commitment to HBO prevented it.

by Gary Mortonreply 608/10/2013

They wanted Joe Manganiello for the role of Esther in the remake of 'Meet Me In St. Louis", but his schedule from "True Blood" prevented it.

by Gary Mortonreply 708/10/2013

Snowden agreed to talk with Joe before leaking those documents, but there was a sixteen hour shoot that day.

by Gary Mortonreply 808/10/2013

They wanted Joe Manganiello for Blue Sapphire but his True Blood schedule prevented it so Woody asked Cate to play the role instead.

by Gary Mortonreply 908/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Gary Mortonreply 1008/10/2013

After the failure of the Paris Peace Conference, Italian Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando opined, "Iffa only we hada Joe Manganiello fucka some sense into da cunt of Edith Wilson to garner support for League of Nations... But he was on a shoot - [italic]True blood[/italic], HBO, I think"

by Gary Mortonreply 1108/10/2013

Joe was supposed to be the star of "Fruitvale Station". In fact, the fact-based story about the Oakland BART homicide was entirely rewritten and its setting was moved to Pittsburgh's Italian-Armenian community in order to accommodate Joe; however, his schedule from "True Blood" prevented it.

by Gary Mortonreply 1208/10/2013

They wanted Joe to play "Grace" in "Will & Grace" but his True Blood schedule prevented it.

by Gary Mortonreply 1308/10/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Gary Mortonreply 1408/10/2013

On April 14th, 1865 Joe Manganiello was supposed to give a private performance of Iago's monologues from [italic]Othello[/italic] for Abraham Lincoln.

Unfortunately, Joe was called away to location shooting. The President decided to catch a late play, instead.

And, Now You Know The Rest of the Story.

by Gary Mortonreply 1508/10/2013

R11, I am crying here. Bravo my friend, Bravo!!

by Gary Mortonreply 1608/10/2013

Momma wanted Joe Manganiello to ravage her magnificently moist, mewling man mussy, but his True Blood schedule prevented it.

by Gary Mortonreply 1708/10/2013

Cher wasn't the first choice for Tess in 'Burlesque' but that True Blood contract was tighter than a steel-boned corset...

by Gary Mortonreply 1808/10/2013

Obama wanted Joe Manganiello as his running mate in '12, but his schedule on True Blood prevented it.

by Gary Mortonreply 1908/10/2013

Stevie Ray Vaughan was going to stay after the concert to jam with Joe Manganiello.

Joe called and said it was a late shoot on the set of [italic]True Blood[/italic] and he'd have to cancel.

by Gary Mortonreply 2008/10/2013

After he broke his leg Tony Stewart personally called Joe to drive for him. Of course, his commitment to "True Blood" was an obstacle that could not be overcome.

by Gary Mortonreply 2108/10/2013

The original concept for "Blurred Lines" involved Robin Thicke crooning to a near-naked Joe Manganiello, but because of Joe's uncompromising "True Blood" schedule, Robin had to settle for topless supermodels instead.

by Gary Mortonreply 2208/10/2013

Little known fact, producers George Clooney and Grant Heslov wanted to meet with Joe Manganiello about directing and starring in a movie they were planning about the Iran hostages.

Many meeting were scheduled but Joe's shooting schedule for True Blood kept interfering. Shoots would run late or his call time would get changed and Joe kept having to cancel.

This went on for weeks and weeks until finally, Clooney and Heslov decided to drop in on Joe at the studio, hoping to catch him between scenes.

En route, they saw Ben Affleck standing on the sidewalk having a cigarette during a break from his AA meeting. Instantly an idea popped to their minds. They yelled for Ben to come over to their car, threw the idea out of directing and starring in Argo out to him and he immediately agreed.

Consequently, Clooney and Heslov never made it to the studio to meet with Joe. Once they signed Ben, they refused to take Joe's calls.

If not for his True Blood schedule, Joe would have been the director of an Oscar winning film!

by Gary Mortonreply 2308/10/2013

He was offered "Dorothy" in The Golden Girls but was too busy to read the script.

by Gary Mortonreply 2408/10/2013

Big Joe bump.

by Gary Mortonreply 2508/11/2013

A little known fact about "The Sopranos" is that the original ending of the series involved another hour-long segment that involved Tony handing off to Joe Manganiello, which would then have been the jumping-off point for a whole new series. Sadly, Joe's "True Blood" schedule interfered, so the producers went with the blackout instead and the new series was cancelled.

by Gary Mortonreply 2608/11/2013

Is it true Joe is the Lindbergh baby?

by Gary Mortonreply 2708/11/2013

Joe is actually Princess Anastasia Romanov, but his schedule from "True Blood" has prevented his being rightfully restored to the throne.

by Gary Mortonreply 2808/11/2013

The real reason Prince George was overdue - Joe Manganiello was tapped as OB-GYN for the delivery but his filming schedule for True Blood did not permit him to attend the birth.

by Gary Mortonreply 2908/11/2013

JFK/MLK/RFK would all still be alive if Joe... oh wait, that's Mark Wahlberg.


by Gary Mortonreply 3008/11/2013

In a 1974 interview with Dick Cavett, Truman Capote revealed that Joe Manganiello was the true inspiration for the Holly Golightly character.

by Gary Mortonreply 3108/11/2013

In 2011, Oscar producers wanted Joe Manganiello to host the Oscars. Many meetings were held. They figured they'd have Joe say very little during the evening, but remain shirtless for the entire time. Producers assumed audiences would be so captivated by his chiseled torso, the ratings would soar.

Unfortunately, Joe's schedule on True Blood prevented him for accepting the hosting gig. So, the Oscar producers fell back to their second choice and invited Anne Hathaway and James Franco to host the ceremony instead.

by Gary Mortonreply 3208/11/2013

Word is that Joe is a volunteer paramedic with the LA Fire Department. And a damn good one too. Joe's saved many a man's life with his expert hands.

Joe was on the volunteer schedule to work on June 25, 2009. However, his call time for True Blood got changed and he had to cancel his shift on that fateful morning.

So, a less experienced paramedic went to Holmby Hills to attend to Michael Jackson.

If only Joe had been there to attend to the call, Michael would still be alive.

by Gary Mortonreply 3308/13/2013

They wanted Joe for The Butler but they had to go with Oprah.

by Gary Mortonreply 3408/13/2013

Didn't he audition for the title role in "Matilda: The Musical"? They could've made do with one actor instead of multiples!

by Gary Mortonreply 3508/13/2013

Joe worked for years to get Albert Nobbs to the screen only to be told he was too ethnic to play Irish. He supposedly wept uncontrollably on Oscar night.

by Gary Mortonreply 3608/13/2013

Joe was the first choice for the role of Batman in the new Superman-Batman movie, but they just couldn't work filming around his True Blood schedule. So, the producers went to their fall back choice of Ben Affleck.

Joe was also the first choice to play Captain von Trapp in the new live version of Sound of Music set to air on national TV in December. Joe was excited to show off his singing and dancing skills opposite Carrie Underwood. Unfortunately, his True Blood schedule wouldn't permit him the prep time necessary so they reluctantly signed Stephen Moyer instead.

One day, when Joe's out of his bloody contract with that bloody series, he'll be the biggest star on the planet.

by Gary Mortonreply 3708/25/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Gary Mortonreply 3809/01/2013

Joe could've hosted next year's Oscars, had his schedule allowed it.

by Gary Mortonreply 3909/01/2013
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