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Do You Think About Sept. 11, 2001 When Sept. 11th Present Rolls Around?

I don't. I completely forget what day it is. September 11, 2013 will happen, and I won't even connect the date to what happened 12 years ago. I guess I've moved on.

by Yay me.reply 4009/08/2013

I think about it.

My husband never came home from work that day.

by Yay me.reply 108/08/2013

OP, there is a difference between "moving on" and being a pre-senile self-absorbed lummox who can't see past her own chins.

Just so you know.

by Yay me.reply 208/08/2013

Of course I think about it. I probably will until the day I die just like I remember being a toddler and being told that JFK was killed.

by Yay me.reply 308/08/2013

Then why post a boring thread about it, putz?

by Yay me.reply 408/08/2013

No, I think about April 17th, 1964, Roe!

by Yay me.reply 508/08/2013

For some reason I'm craving a cinnamon roll.....

by Yay me.reply 608/08/2013

I think about it unfailingly every year, which usually manifests itself in two ways:

1) I torture myself by watching some of the various disaster porn specials aired on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, etc. in the days leading up to the anniversary, which detail the horrible counted down final minutes of the people in the towers, on the planes, etc. (although they don't seem to be producing new ones much anymore, and I've seen all the old ones enough times that maybe I won't watch anymore out of boredom)

2) I try to do something happy and life-affirming with friends on the evening of the 11th to combat sadness and fear

No idea whether at some point this will stop and I'll just come to regard 9/11 as another day on the calendar.

by Yay me.reply 708/08/2013

I think about it. I used to temp in those towers in the 90's. I would always get requested at this one legal firm. The people there were so nice. It was on one of the top floors of the second tower. I suppose most (or all) of the people I worked with died on 9/11.

I cannot imagine not ever thinking of 9/11 on 9/11 for what's left of my life. It was such an intense, horrible event that scarred so many lives and set so many things in motion.

by Yay me.reply 808/08/2013

I don't watch the news for the week when it comes around because it's just too fucking depressing. 2001 was already a terrible year for me, and when September 11th happened, that just made it the most depressing year I have ever experienced. I don't like to think of that entire year.

by Yay me.reply 908/08/2013

Yawn. 2001 is so last decade.

by Yay me.reply 1008/08/2013

I think about it but only in relation to my own life at that time. For instance, my brother was the one who called me at work when it first happened to tell me about it .... and he died about a year later ...... or one of the girls who worked with me lost a brother in one of the buildings..... that kind of thinking....

by Yay me.reply 1108/08/2013

To be entirely honest, I don't pay much attention anymore, and I doubt that most other people pay attention. Things pass.

by Yay me.reply 1208/08/2013

OP by starting a thread about it in August shows that you clearly not over it.

by Yay me.reply 1308/08/2013

Wow, r8, that would fucking haunt me. Did you never look through the list of victims' names to see if the people you worked with were on there because you'd just rather not know?

If it was the South Tower, a lot of people from the top floors did survive, either because they left after the plane hit the North Tower (and didn't heed the announcement over the loudspeakers to return to their offices) or they found their way to the one stairwell that remained passable even after the plane hit their building. In the North Tower, on the other hand, nobody above the impact zone at the time of the crash survived.

by Yay me.reply 1408/08/2013

So sorry, r1. Where did your husband work?

by Yay me.reply 1508/08/2013

It happened on September 11, 2001, not September 11, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006... September 11, 2001 is a day in a certain year that's not going to be repeated. I hate it when people try to make September 11 of every year since that year, an instant replay, where we can't enjoy September 11 anymore, because it's somehow the birthday of what happened in 2001.

by Yay me.reply 1608/08/2013

[quote]Wow, [R8], that would fucking haunt me.


by Yay me.reply 1708/08/2013

Of course you do, OP.

Stop bullshitting us.

by Yay me.reply 1808/08/2013

Of course I do! and I remember not only on Sept 11th but often.

I was there and I can still trace each step from my office on the trading floor of my building to my trek home in Westchester.

I was very lucky that morning - many were not.

by Yay me.reply 1908/08/2013

Was your building one of the towers, r19? Please tell us the entire story!!

by Yay me.reply 2008/08/2013


Thank you.

He worked for Marsh & McLennan.

by Yay me.reply 2108/08/2013

I was in the World Financial Center which was directly across the street from the World Trade Center.

I would commute in from Westchester to Grand Central then the subway to Fulton street and walk through the WTC plaza, over the West Side Highway overpass to the WFC.

The morning of Sept 11th 2001 was beautiful so I decided to drive in that day and park in Battery Park City, Gateway Plaza Parking. I did this about once a week.

This was early in the AM we had a couple of meetings and then settled down to commence with the day's business. We always monitored the news on the floor so we saw the first hit through the news.

The way that the building was set up is that the windows ringed the outside of the building and the further in the center of the floor you were the less out the windows you saw.

The people that sat in the offices that ringed the floor came running out to say they saw the first plane come barreling down the hudson and crash into the WTC tower.

We were all in shock and thought it was an accident so we were glued to the monitors and minutes later the second plane hit.

At that the traders started to gather their things and leave the floor. I called up to my director on the 25th floor who proceeded to remind me that I had meetings scheduled for that afternoon that I had to attend. With that I heard my co-worker screaming that he was leaving so director said that I might as well go home to.

I thought I would run to the garage and get the hell out of there but there were so many people that it was literally wall to wall people from the door to the building through the boat basin to the garage.

I slowly walked while looking up.

You couldn't help but look up just like the hundreds of other people that evacuated from the surrounding buildings.

The WTC towers were on fire and it was amazing, unbelievable and hideous.

No phones were working so all of my friends from westchester were lost.

I got to the garage and they just handed me the car. No ticket, no pay they said just go.

So I went. I tried to get onto the WSH and the police stopped me and yelled "Where are you going!! look around you, there's carnage everywhere"

He actually said that and I will never forget it.

I did finally look around at the ground because at this point, even though I am now driving, I am looking everywhere but at the ground.

And there were airplane parts - seats, interior parts, engine parts, luggage but the worst was the body parts on the ground no people just parts, pieces. I don't know how else to put it.

The cop then told me to pull over, park and come and get the car when it is all over.

I said to myself "You are in a running car get on the road and get home"

So i went down the road a little and the cops there were not paying any attention at all to my sub slowly going around them to get on the WSH south to get on the FDR to get to westchester.

They were all looking up at the towers.

by Yay me.reply 2208/08/2013

I always think about it, since it was my Mom's birthday. She was kind of a cynical type, I can almost hear her saying, "Had to happen on MY birthday?????"

by Yay me.reply 2308/08/2013

I am R19

by Yay me.reply 2408/08/2013

The media won't let us forget. I stop listening to the news around Sept. 5 and then get back to news around the 15th. I also try to make sure Rudy-9/11 Giuliani-9/11 won't be on any programs on NPR at that time.

by Yay me.reply 2508/08/2013

R1 proves the famous quote that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Everyone forgot about the Armenian genocide by the Turks, which led to the Holocaust. When R1 wakes up in a burqa or kufi she or he will remember.

by Yay me.reply 2608/08/2013

Not R1, O P

by Yay me.reply 2708/08/2013

I'm no longer going to let September 11th be tarnish every year because of a horrible event that occurred 12 years ago. They might as well make it a holiday if they want to continue the grieving process year after year like Pearl Harbor.

by Yay me.reply 2808/09/2013

[quote]When R1 wakes up in a burqa or kufi she or he will remember.

Seek professional help, Mary! Freeper.

by Yay me.reply 2908/09/2013

R1 is a liar.

by Yay me.reply 3008/09/2013

Was there. Life ruined.

Feel nowadays it's like saying "Remember the Maine."

OP terminal flyover. Insignificance Plus.

S'ok. Normal nothing out in nowhere. Mall thrills and the challenge of masturbation.

by Yay me.reply 3108/09/2013

I live in NYC, so you can't help it. They show that ceremony that lasts 4 hours on all networks where they announce every single f-ing name. You can't escape it.

by Yay me.reply 3208/09/2013

OP starts thinking about 9/11 a month before the anniversary but doesn't think about it on the actual day. He's special.

by Yay me.reply 3308/09/2013

Remember the Maine, the Plymouth Rock, and the Golden Rule!

by Yay me.reply 3408/09/2013

R26 eats piles of dog shit...

by Yay me.reply 3508/10/2013

The sky will be so blue this week.

by Yay me.reply 3609/08/2013

If this thread had not appeared on the front page tonight, I wouldn't have thought about the WTC. My TV is off for the rest of the week and I'll only listen to my iPod music. I'm not going to be dragged into the annual mourning crapola. Fuck Rudy and anyone else who can't shut up about 9/11.

by Yay me.reply 3709/08/2013

R19, you were so lucky. And good for you for listening to your instincts. So many people would have followed the orders of their authority figures. If you had done that, it might have been disastrous for you.

OP, you're an asshole.

by Yay me.reply 3809/08/2013

Two guys from my freshman dorm worked at Cantor Fitzgerald. Needless to say, they didn't make it. I hope smoke inhalation got them; I can't imagine how terrifying the other options were.

Now, you can't take a plane without practically disrobing. We're still engaged in a combat war we cannot win and it will go on forever. We threw the Constitution out the window and never looked back. For these reasons, at the least, it was an evil day.

But what breaks my heart the most is imagining what it was like to be trapped above the crashes, to know that you were never going to get out alive, to perch in a burning cage. Do you jump out a window? Do you sit, sigh, and wait? Do you have anyone to call and tell them you love them? Do you make a fruitless effort to escape certain death? Do you pray? Do you meditate? Do you imagine the retaliation, the occupation, the deaths of those sent to avenge [italic] your [/italic] death? Do you remember your first boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you lose consciousness slowly? Does the ceiling cave on you? Do you ride it down, all the way down, daydreaming of everything that could have happened and never did?

I can't deal with the political posturing or the news coverage or the pomp. But I think of those people and imagine myself there, at the dawn of a new era I never asked for. And then I open my eyes and go about my day and feel dead inside.

by Yay me.reply 3909/08/2013

Well said R39

by Yay me.reply 4009/08/2013
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