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Lee Pace Thread Part II


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 60012/13/2013

This is Lee Grinner Pace.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 108/06/2013

Thanks, OP

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 208/06/2013

For DL gays to observe fraus's activity and take a deeper look on the gay Lee Pace:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 308/06/2013

Thanks for starting a new thread

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 408/06/2013

OP a.k.a Simon Hall's Fist, could you do something for your partner? We want him to be Christian Grey and the new Bruce Wayne so bad, because he was born with that fine ass.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 508/06/2013

Just a bunch of thanks?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 608/06/2013

Hey, new thread, thank you!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 708/06/2013

Has anyone here ever met him?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 808/06/2013

Just had a great laugh as I read a few interests from Richard Armitage, I thought first I read Lee Pace's Trivia! So similar, it would be no wonder if they two are a real life couple!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 908/08/2013

I noticed that, too.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1008/08/2013

Who was the top?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1108/08/2013

[R11] Ask Armitage! I have no clue if he tops or not!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1208/11/2013

Ian McKellen said that, whereas there were no openly gay actors on The Lord of the Rings apart from himself, ‘there were eight on The Hobbit, which is a sign of how things have changed in the past 12 years’.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1308/12/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1408/12/2013

[R14] Yes, I saw this before, it's the same with the Sweater. RA seems to like LP clothes ....

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1508/12/2013

[R13] Eight????? McKellen, Fry, Armitage, Pace, Evans, that's five, who are the rest?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1608/12/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1708/12/2013

Can someone post the sweater pics?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1808/12/2013

[R18] Take a look at the Armitage thread, there are links, or at the link here.

If you google the pics from the last day of the Hobbit you will find more pics from RA with this sweater, maybe in better quality!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1908/12/2013

That's not the same sweater.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2008/12/2013

[R16] - "Openly gay"? McKellen, Fry, Adam Brown (Ori) and Luke Evans - yup. But I wouldn't call Pace and Armitage "openly gay". Unless McKellen intended to our them?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2108/12/2013

"Out", dammit. Doh.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2208/12/2013

R16, maybe he meant they were out in their private lives.. but not to the public? Who knows. Maybe Lee Pace is open about his sexuality to fellow cast mates, but still won't come out publicly. There's different shades of openness. Lee Pace seems pretty comfortable with his sexuality, and it seems like he's open about it in his private life. He's just not open to the public (yet).

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2308/12/2013

This is R20, I changed my mind, it is the same sweater.

I hope this doesn't cost Richard the new Batman role. He's been careless.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2408/12/2013

I hooked up with him, when he was filming Lincoln. I mentioned it on here, but no one believed me.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2508/12/2013

Maybe McKellen spoke about actors who are out on the set or at work but not in the media or how can he come to 8? He must incluted all those actors who are just open with the people around them.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2608/12/2013

Was this you, R25?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2708/12/2013

Please, post the link to the interview where Ian McKellen said there were eight openly gay guys on the set of The Hobbit. It would be nice if it is true...

Sorry if I doubt it but when Andy Cooper interviewed the Hobbit cast (Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage and Andy Serkis) something "odd" happened, at least IMO.

The actors entered the studio separately: first McKellen and Freeman and they spoke about gay rights and then Armitage and Serkis and they went on discussing The Hobbit.

Why separately? Just a guess: Did Armitage want to avoid the discussion about how important is to be honest and being out as a gay man?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2808/12/2013

R28 - see below, but this refers to a quote from the previous interview, which I cannot now find. Odd.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2908/12/2013

R25, sorry and thanks. When where you filming Lincoln? Can you tell us something more.

R28 thanks, very interesting , indeed. Ok, the six (some out, some in, one former out) are: Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry, Adam Brown, Luke Evans, Lee Pace and Richard Armitage. But who are the other two? Any guess?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3008/12/2013

Isn't Luke Evans the one who went back in the closet?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3108/12/2013

Yes, it's him.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3208/12/2013

Sorry R17, the seventh is obviously Elijah Wood. But the eighth?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3308/12/2013

What if Sir Ian not included himself, than we have 8 without Sir Ian!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3408/12/2013

[quote]I hooked up with him, when he was filming Lincoln. I mentioned it on here, but no one believed me.

Pace maybe gay, but a lame DL whore can only dream for sure.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3508/12/2013

R25 And why would he wants to hook up with a nobody (with crappy personality) when he can easily have the openly gay Tony Kushner?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3608/12/2013

"I hooked up with him, when he was filming Lincoln. I mentioned it on here, but no one believed me."

Details, please!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3708/12/2013

I wanted to know who the eight gay Hobbit actors are?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3808/15/2013

Armitage was spotted by a fan in London on Monday. This doesn't mean that he wasn't in NYC earlier in the month, didn't Peter Jackson wrap up shooting The Hobbit in late July?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3908/15/2013

Good chance to visit friends, family and maybe his BF?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4008/15/2013

Pea coats, denim shirts, woolen sweaters and now tie pins. These guys sure like swapping clothes an' shit...

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4108/15/2013

[R41] What tie Pins?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4208/16/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4308/16/2013

R42 - RA appears to have acquired a silver tie pin previously worn by LP. Not as clearly identical as the other items, but it looks pretty damn similar.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4408/16/2013

[R44] Thanks, I found the pic. Also not sure, but Looks very similar as you said!

What are they doing? Are the careless about that, they must think that fans can find out about that. Especially RA fans collect every Little pic of him!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4508/16/2013

As we are saying on the Armitage thread, fraus are too gullible to believe they have been fooled all these years.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4608/16/2013

It would be interesting to know if Sir Ian spoke also about him when he mentioned the 8 open gay Hobbit-actors!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4708/16/2013

To complete the collection of Lee and RA wearing the same things, not 100% sure with that but take a look:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4808/17/2013

I guess The Hobbit won't play well in Russia or the Eastern European countries then.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4908/17/2013

Where is the photo of Richard's tie pin?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5008/17/2013

here r50

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5108/17/2013

Oh wow, it is the same. Dey fucking.

They should have been more discrete, this could cost Richard his shot at Batman.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5208/17/2013

[R50] Sorry, I thought the link will shown both pics!

[R52] Yeah, that's what I say the whole time, that is to obviously, what are the thinking? The fans, especially RA-fans collect every little pic from him.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5308/17/2013

Lots of drinking the slash fangirls Kool Aid--or lots of colorblind people on this board. Peacoats--one black, one blue. Sweaters--one black or navy, possibly with a hood, one blue with light flecks. Denim shirts--one has light colored stitching down the center, one does not. Tie pins--one antique gold, the other lighter gold. One would think self-respecting gays would grasp these details.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5408/17/2013

[R54] Controll your eyes and look at the right photos and don't forget that some clothes are a few years old and some pics are made in different light!

The pea coat in a different light:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5508/17/2013

It's the same sweater. I blew it out on Photoshop. You can make out the diamond pattern (yellow arrows) and you can also make out the little white spots.

Careless, careless, careless. No way Warner Bros is going to have a gay Batman and a gay Superman. What if they fell in love?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5608/17/2013

Tee hee!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5708/17/2013

[R56] I would say, nobody would care, make a good movie and that's it!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5808/17/2013

That tie pin looks rather old and a bit tatty, maybe it has some sorta sentimental value to one, allowing the other to wear it is practically saying we are serious about each other.

Or maybe it's a matching pair?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5908/17/2013

Right, because finally when both actors are on the brink of making it big in Hollywood, they would really risk it and have a relationship, publicly wear each others clothes, and live in a major city where there would be constant exposure. These guys aren't idiots. No way they are together.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6008/17/2013

Neither of them are ever going to make it that big in Hollywood.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6108/17/2013

R60 You're wrong. That's the fun, to hide in plain sight, plus the fraus are gullible and won't believe they're gay - especially Armitage.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6208/17/2013

[R61] I hope so, to be "big" in Hollywood means not to get the good jobs. A career like Colin Firth would be great! Too big is not good!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6308/17/2013

Or like the wonderful Alan Cumming. I highly recommend his film "Any day now".

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6408/17/2013

R64 "The Wonderful Alan Cumming"... It takes a total idiot to think that this guy's fans would switch to Alan Cumming.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6508/17/2013

R60 What's the fun in that? Potentially destroying their careers with rumors by "hiding in plain sight." If I were hearing this maybe 5 years post-Hobbit, maybe?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6608/17/2013

Yes, because idiotic fraus/teenagers like you follow the career of an actor only for his looks.DL is not the right place for you. Go back to your fansites.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6708/17/2013

67 Um, this is basically a fansite now. You're not any more valid just because you're gay and think you know more than everyone else on the Internet. This is a gossip site. Who gives a s***?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6808/17/2013

This is not a fansite, this is a gay gossip site.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6908/17/2013

Can we discuss they guy for whom this thread was made, it's called Lee Pace Thread!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7008/17/2013

R68, this is a GAY gossip site. People here are GAY and like to discuss possible GAY celebrities. If that offends you.. too bad. There's millions of other websites, including fansites, that you can visit instead. I second R69, get lost.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7108/17/2013

"Right, because finally when both actors are on the brink of making it big in Hollywood, they would really risk it and have a relationship, publicly wear each others clothes, and live in a major city where there would be constant exposure. These guys aren't idiots. No way they are together."

It's generally LESS risky for closeted actors to have sex with other closeted actors. It's more risky to have sex with out guys who don't have anything to lose by exposing the relationship.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7208/17/2013

Pace's homosexuality and his degree of openness was more or less known and accepted in Hollywood, but Armitage was a new commodity stateside and has more conventional leading man looks than Lee, so he has more to lose. And with BATMAN in his sights! Foolish, foolish Richard! Was the tie pin worth it?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7308/17/2013

Actually, it's a tie clip, not pin, and Timberlake, Cooper, Monteith and half of the world's male models in fashion mags have worn a similar one in the past year. That clip really gets around, doesn't it?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7408/17/2013

R69 R71 I don't think your issue is so much with your fan/frau target, but that anyone who disagrees with you, is such. I never denied their sexual orientation or said anything to indicate offense. I simply don't agree with your opinion and false connections to link these two actors. Your reaction is worse than any fan girl, which is why I think posts like these on here equate to the same crap you'd read on a fansite. Childish.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7508/17/2013

You can disagree as you wish and keep your eyes shut in front of any possible evidence that these two are a couple, I know that many fraus don't want their dreams being spoiled but that is your problem, not mine.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7608/17/2013

[quote] but Armitage was a new commodity stateside and has more conventional leading man looks than Lee, so he has more to lose. And with BATMAN in his sights! Foolish, foolish Richard! Was the tie pin worth it?

Don't worry Simon, Matt Bomer IS going to get the role!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7708/18/2013

[quote]Neither of them are ever going to make it that big in Hollywood

I agree!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7808/18/2013

R75, I have said many times that I don't really believe Lee Pace and Richard Armitage are a couple. It's possible I guess, but nothing here screams that they're together. So why do you use that BS excuse on me? I think it's obvious that Lee Pace is gay, he was dating Carter Smith. Richard Armitage on the other hand is probably straight. Just my opinion.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7908/18/2013

It's a shame that a possible gay couple cannot be famous and showing that in a special way, maybe with wearing the same clothes.

A straight couple wouldn't have a problem (of course a straight couple can hardly wear the same clothes) showing their love or showing that they are an item, it would be also not a problem for their career.

With RA and LP we are thinking that is risky, can destroy RA's career and so on, that should be different, we should support them and we should think, hey, that's great and sweet and not making that down. We should support gay actors in the closed (because they need it most) or half-open or completly open.

First I also thought, wow, that's risky but than why to hell should they not wear the same clothes????

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8008/18/2013

King of Dwarves wearing the Elf king's clothes? When this news goes beyond this site, and it is just a matter of time, and Sir Ian talking about 8 out gay men on The Hobbit, This is not good news at all for the films.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8108/18/2013

R80 The ones who think this gay rumor would destroy RA's or LP's career are DL's self- proclaimed anti-fangurls brave gays. There's no way that Marvel Studio isn't aware of this concerning Pace, but they seem so pleased with him regardless, so are the fans.

With RA, since he became one of the fiercest contenders to DL pet Matt Bomer for Batman, expect his threads (also Pace's) to get bumped in full force.

About wearing the same clothes or the possibilty that they're dating, doesn't hurt their chances to please the studios.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8208/18/2013

[quote]This is not good news at all for the films.

Sorry to tell you that the gay tease IS selling the films. Peter Jackson masters in this thing. Do some homework before posting.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8308/18/2013

Bomer isn't a contender for "Batman". All the "Ka-Pows!" and "Bams!" would scare him.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8408/18/2013

R81 Who is the eigth gay? Any guess?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8508/18/2013

McKellen, Fry, Evans, Pace, Armitage, A. Brown and .... ????

Who is Nr. 7 and Nr. 8.?

I'm not even sure if Sir Ian included himself when he spoke about 8 open gay actors! If not than who is Nr. 6, 7 and 8????

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8608/18/2013

6 Ian McKellen 7 Elijah Wood 8 ???

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8708/18/2013

I doubt that with Elijah .... if he is, he seems not very open.

Graham McTavish maybe? In a production-video he seems to take a look at Lee Pace ass when he huged another cast-member.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8808/18/2013

Are Lee Pace and Armitage open to McKellen? I really HOPE so, 'cause I'm not sure if he dares to include guys that aren't open to him and just guess or heard from somebody else. Just because he's gay doesn't mean he has the right to out others or talks about other gays' private lives without their consent.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8908/18/2013

[quote]Graham McTavish maybe? In a production-video he seems to take a look at Lee Pace ass when he huged another cast-member.

Yeah, and the other dwarf actor did that too, the fat one.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9008/18/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9108/18/2013

No, Graham McTavish and Stephen Hunter are straight. Next.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9208/18/2013

Dean O’Gorman (Fili) maybe?

I'm not sure with Gollum and Smaug!*gg*

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9308/18/2013

I don't know why but I don't think it's another dwarf.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9408/18/2013

Why are you all listing the stars and other featured players? I'm sure that (besides Fry and Brown) the only people McKellen referred to here are the one-step-above-extra actors.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9508/18/2013

And he probably included Evans in that number to be deliciously bitchy, I'll give you that.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9608/18/2013

I have the Impression Sir Ian spoke not just about Extas, he spoke about actors with larger roles, he said "gay actors" otherwise he maybe would speak about "gay people" who worked on the Hobbit-set!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9708/18/2013

one step above extra actors are still considered actors, as they're acting in the film.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9808/18/2013

Sylvester McCoy? The crack-addict, homeless wizard. Used to be Dr Who on the BBC.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9908/18/2013

[R99] Nope, he has wife and children.

[R98] I guess, Sir Ian spoke not about some nameless.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10008/18/2013

McKellan would have meant openly gay as in openly gay to the masses, none of which people like Armitage and Pace are.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10108/18/2013

[R101] We have than McKellen, Fry and Brown and five unknown Extras?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10208/18/2013

Not extras, but the fact remains that he wouldn't consider someone like Armitage to be "openly gay".

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10308/18/2013

R100 - Sylvester McCoy married with kids? Do you have a source for that, as my googling (admittedly not my forte) hasn't brought up anything.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10408/18/2013

R100 - t no notice of me. I am an internet eejit - just found reference to McCoy's wife and two sons.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10508/18/2013

McKellen was speaking of Lee and Armitage because they were openly gay on the Hobbit set. So, the only problem is the eigth. definitely, not Mc Coy. but who is he?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10608/18/2013

Maybe one of the Kiwi dwarves - pretty much unknown outside NZ until The Hobbit?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10708/18/2013

Why would a man who touts the value of being open, above board, and out say that two glass closeted guys are openly gay?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10808/18/2013

And in the case of Armitage and his longtime girlfriend, you couldn't even say his closet is glass.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10908/18/2013

A longtime girlfriend exists only in your dreams, so far we've had only a beard: Annabelle Capper. In 42 years he never acknowledged a girlfriend, how thick can you be to not understand he's gay?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11008/18/2013

beard=closet, doesn't it, dear?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11108/18/2013

[R103] Ok, now I unterstand. Can be, but which actors he then considered? Official open just three, McKellen himself, Fry and Brown.

But maybe McKellen included all actors, who were open on a set but not official.

Any ideas?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11208/18/2013

Can't you read. We've repeatedly made a list. McKelle, Fry, Brown, Evans, Armitage, Pace, Wood. So, once again these are the seventh out, at least on the set. One misses.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11308/18/2013

Your list is incorrect, r113, so no need for you to get so nasty about it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11408/18/2013

Why is it incorrect? It's perfect.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11508/18/2013

There's no way Sir Ian would out actors who aren't openly out to the public, so perhaps the original quote attributed to him is incorrect/misquoted/misconstrued etc?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11608/18/2013

You're too amusing in your denial. I totally understand why Armitage fools you, you're too thick.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11708/18/2013

No one is denying that he's gay, you little idiot, we're just saying that McKellan would not call him openly gay.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11808/18/2013

I'm not sure if Sir Ian wants to be called something like "a big-mouthed old faggot jealous douche" by outing fellow actors who aren't open to him.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11908/18/2013

[quote]He's just not open to the public (yet).

His ass, however, is definitely open to the public.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12008/18/2013

[quote]His ass, however, is definitely open to the public

It was Matt Bomer's R120

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12108/18/2013

I never would have guessed that Matt Bomer was a speedo guy. I guess he is a bottom and that Simon Halls is plowing his hole every night.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12208/18/2013

R122 That is why he has threads dedicated to his ass!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12308/18/2013

R118 Idiotic frau, the interviews could refer to openly gay Actors ON SET.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12408/18/2013

R124 - are you honestly claiming that Sir Ian would publicly talk about people who were openly gay on set if they were not also publicly out?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12508/23/2013

Please ask Sir Ian what is in his opinion "out"! How he define that! Than we can go on here with a normal discussion!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12608/23/2013

Since Marvel been scouting Tolkien actors for their projects, from Sir Ian him himself, Hugo Weaving, Richard Armitage, so why not he outs the latest one, before he become the "Loki" of phase 2...

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12708/23/2013

The rumour went around that Lee stood shortly before to come out but let's face it, he was not the most famous actor in Hollywood. He is somebody who is still a Newcomer!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12808/23/2013

A threatening newcomer.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12908/23/2013

For who?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13008/23/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13108/23/2013

[quote]Than we can go on here with a normal discussion!

Normal is boring and unattractive.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13208/23/2013

Would it so bad?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13308/23/2013

[R132] Call it what you want. I just don't want to discuss all the time about fangirls!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13408/23/2013

Isn't this thread actually made for fangurls to see?

You're are pretty boring for a gay person.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13508/23/2013

Maybe I don't like to discuss about girls because I'm gay and prefer to speak about guys!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13608/23/2013

Who made you talk about girls? NOBODY.

I talked about this guy all the time, linked a fansite for you to ogle but you kept thinking about fraus and fangurls.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13708/23/2013

R126 - no-one other than a moron would have to ask Sir Ian the question.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13808/23/2013

Me love American guys. Me love you longtime.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13908/23/2013

That Ian McKellan quote is intriguing. Did anyone find the origianl comment? I only saw the reference to it in another article. Anyway,for there to be eight gay actors, it leaves us with two options:

1. Ian outted some people

2. Some actors are gay, but just have never announced it.

This reminds me of something I read somewhere about Armitage. I heard it was an "open secret" that he was gay on the Spooks set. Anyone know anything about that?

If a few Hobbit actors were "open secret" gay it might explain McKellan's comment

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14008/23/2013

[R138] Don't say that you took that serious!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14108/24/2013

[R137] I don't discuss about girls here, why should I, if I want that than I should open a thread for that! What I meant is that a lot of postings here are from fangirls or others think it cames from "Fangurls" or "Fraus"! And here are to many arguments between people and than the original discussion get lost!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14208/24/2013

R140 Yes, I read it, too. And it wasn't the only site. Armitage is definitely gay and is Lee's new boyfriend.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14308/24/2013

How long will it take for Lee to come out now? I was right about Wentworth. I think it's obvious that Lee is gay. I'm not so sure about Armitage though. In any case, seems like Lee has gone back into the closet again. He was at the very least glass closeted when he was with Carter Smith. Now.. not so much. I don't think he'll come out any time soon, unfortunately.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14408/24/2013

R144 The problem with Lee is Armitage who is deeply in the closet and has the dumbest fandom, ever. That's why Lee went from the glass closet (when he was with Carter)to the closet.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14508/24/2013

He's in the closet, but I still don't get the amount of hate for him here. You can't control everything. If it's true let time do its job. He's gay and in the closet but you rabid queens need to chill and tone down the ridiculous anger.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14608/24/2013

Ugh, whatever fangirl. Just get lost. You won't understand unless you're gay yourself.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14708/24/2013

The truth is I don't know if these haters here are even gay men, sound more like a bunch of other actors' rabid fangirls who see Lee's gonna steal their man's thunder.

I doubt that gay men here are this rabid and don't other priority in their lives other than one closeted actor.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14808/24/2013

R148 I'm confused. So, you know for sure that Armitage is closeted, or are you just contributing to the rumors like the other 98% of this thread? I think we need to separate what we actually know and what we think we know.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14908/24/2013

[quote]Ugh, whatever fangirl. Just get lost. You won't understand unless you're gay yourself.

Look, (if you're truly a gay man, because anyone can claim to be one since this is an anonymous site),

If I were a gay man like you, I still don't understand the your wrath on the said to be closeted actor, it's very clear that he's going to out himself when he's old enough to be seen as sex symbol, and I'm very sure you will be angrier & even more judgemental than you're now because that. You will be spending your whole gay life hating and angry on this one actor.

If i were a gay man, I don't think that we could get along.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15008/24/2013

Huh. R148? Are you talking about Armitage? I have said before that I don't really know his sexuality, he might be straight. I don't even care that much about him tbh. I only just heard about him last year. On the other hand I've been following Lee's career for years, ever since he was on Pushing Daisies. I admit Armitage is hot, but that's not who I'm here for, and I couldn't care less if he stole Lee's thunder. That is just a dumb statement to begin with.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15108/24/2013

R148 Just because i thought one is gay doesn't mean the that i'm thinking the other one is...I;m talking about LP's possible sexuality, I'm not talking about Armitage, you dumb.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15208/24/2013

R150, I really don't see your problem. I'm not mad at him. I wish he would come out, yes. But I also understand his reasons for staying in the closet, especially if he really is with Armitage. I just find it sad that he went from the glass closet and into the closet again. Before he was at the very least semi-out. Now he's completely in again. That's sad. But I'm not mad at him, it's his decision. I think many people know he's gay, especially if they're a fan and have been following his career. His relationship with Carter Smith is an open secret. He's not really trying to hide or beard (at least he wasn't back then), so he deserves credit for that. I don't think he'll come out any time soon, which is fine. I hope he has the guts to come out when he's ready, and despite my doubts, I hope it's sooner rather than later.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15308/24/2013

R151 Huh? What made you think that I was talking about Armitage's fans?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15408/24/2013

Sorry, was meant for R149,

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15508/24/2013

Where's the hate if someone says that Lee went from the glass closet to the deep closet?

Only the frau obsessed with Lee can see the hate where there's just gossip. Or maybe is a PR or a relative, That would be understandable.

R126 Do you understand now why we are talk of fraus?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15608/24/2013

R156 Read this whole thread (and the old one) than you can feel the hate.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15708/24/2013

R153 That's why I said since we can't control everything, you need to find some other alternatives that can make you happy as who you are.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15808/24/2013

R157 The hate is only in your mind and even if someone dislike him, what's the problem? Some like him, some don't.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 15908/24/2013

I don't expect everyone to like him, I just don't understand the hate since its became more extreme everyday.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16008/24/2013

Sorry but the hate is only in your obsessed fangurling. This is the usual gossip.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16108/24/2013

R147 - you're angry because an actor doesn't declare his sexuality to the world at large? It's none of your fucking business, whatever your sexuality.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16208/24/2013

R140- thank God someone is actually able to post something sensible!

Even if RA were "open secret" gay on set, I don't see McKellen sharing it with anyone outside the set, in a public interview.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16308/24/2013

And what about all those gay teens? Are they suppose to act like they are ashamed of themselves, also?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16408/24/2013

R164 - only if you think being gay is something to be ashamed about. Not wanting to tell the world at large who you're banging does not = being ashamed.

Lee Pace has never volunteered to be the poster boy of gayness, AFAIK.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16508/24/2013

R164 You're totally right.

Being out is being honest despite what some closet case or frau think. Obviously, for different reasons.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16608/24/2013

[R160] There are always a bunch of guys here who do not like "closed cases"! It's a little funny because everybody wrote here under "Anonymous" and nobody of us know how open they are in their lives! Remember that!

But at the moment a person comes out everything is fine! It make no sense to be angry about closed cases even the worst one with beards because you cannot change it, not with beeing angry, not with arguments or nice words.

If you write here something and a few guys don't like it you will have a few posts here with the word "fangurls" in it!

That's the Internet, it's always the same and even gay men can be intolerant or angry!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16708/24/2013

Let him get his film career rolling first. He hasnt bearded or showed signs of bearding at all that i know of. Maybe he shouldnt come out at all. Because i dont see film roles going to any out actors period. Quinto is proof of that.

But good for pace. He has the.main villan role in GUARDIANS movie, i think it'sexpected to be a hit!!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16808/24/2013

Quinto is starring in STID, a secondary role as it is the one played by Lee. So he went back from the glass closet to the closet for what? Lots of closeted cases on DL this morning.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 16908/24/2013

R169 quinto got that role before coming out. Even secondary roles dont go to out actors. Lets see how far he can go before throwing it away like Quinto did.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17008/24/2013

Bullshit, it's a question of talent not of being out or in. Certainly, if you're an average actor and you count mainly on your looks you can have a problem. But is Lee talentless?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17108/24/2013

It's not a secret that the Studios fear out actors! There is no out actor on the Top-list, at the same position like a Brad Pitt, Matt Damon or Fassbender! That says a lot! Sad enough!

Maybe time can change that!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17208/24/2013

Maybe it's because they're better actors. What about Ian McKellen?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17308/24/2013

Ian McKellen was never the typical young hero! He doesn't play romantic roles! He has his own space and is a wonderful actor! He is also to old for this boring leading man stuff! And he is British!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17408/26/2013

They should be good actors, not heroes.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17508/26/2013

Would be great the have a great leading man or not?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17608/26/2013

Oh, please frau, stop this charade. Armitage is not a great actor, or better he has yet to prove it. He's the new Miller, another closet case.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17708/26/2013

And Lee is the same. I have to add.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17808/26/2013

I'm not modest, I want the whole package! What's wrong with that?

I think both are great actors, there are much worse actors around!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 17908/26/2013

They're too good looking gay guys, you mean.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18008/26/2013

This thread needs a SPAG nazi...

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18108/27/2013

Haha, you're right. ...two gay guys... Sorry

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18208/27/2013

R164 - why don't you start the ball rolling? Post a pic and your full name and personal details, and you can come out to help all the gay teens.


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18308/27/2013

R164 You're absolutely right. Well said.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18408/27/2013

If you're tired of constant PrimeTime, having to pay to post, threads getting deleted for no reason, and whimsical banning, click below.

Our WM isn't a stupid nazi cow, and we might one day have again what DL used to be.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18508/27/2013

Fuck off r185. If you really think you're spamming is going to entice us over to your shitty site then you're a moron as well as a fucking idiotic pain in the ass.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18608/27/2013

Does anyone think Cahrlie Condou outted Lee Pace in that now famous article where he mentions an actor who is now working in Hollywood? I've heard some people say Condou was talking about Richard Armitage, but I guess Pace is a possibility too. Is there a thread for discussing that article?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18708/27/2013

This is the quote from Charlie Condou:

[quote]I've witnessed it first hand. Years ago I had a brief relationship with an actor who told me he'd never actually lied about his sexuality, more that he just avoided talking about it. Later on I heard him on the radio discussing a fictional girlfriend and how one day he'd like to have children with her. It was painful, and he was mortified after. But now he's in Hollywood working on a huge film. Personally, I doubt whether being frank about who he really was would have changed that.

Has Pace ever given a radio interview in which he spoke of a girlfriend and children?

The article is at the link below:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18808/27/2013

I haven't heard Pace make a comment like that, but I have heard Armitage say it. What keeps throwing me is the timeline. Armitage has mentioned in a print interview that he wanted kids, but I think that was pretty recently, like 2010. Condou has been in a relationship for quite some time now so if he actually had a relationship with RA it must have been around 04 or so. It seems like the timelines don't match-up.

It's possible Condou didn't mean they were together when the comment was made, though.

Maybe some Pace or Armitage experts can correct that record

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 18908/27/2013

Charlie Condou and Richard Armitage starred together in "The Impressionists" in 2006 and Charlie stated that the brief relationship was "years ago" so that fits in the timeframe. There are many radio interviews with Armitage on YT, so maybe he mentions a "fictional" girlfriend in one of them.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19008/27/2013

I don't think it was a radio interview. It was a tv interview in Great Britain, right before the end of the Spooks, I think. I read a written transcript or quote in an article. Of course, if it is Richard Armitage, that is not much of error for Condou to make.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19108/27/2013

Definitely not Lee Pace, but Armitage fits in well. Probably, they had a brief story during the shooting of the Impressionists.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19208/27/2013

peanut - or Condou didn't want to make it totally obvious about whom he was talking, so was deliberately vague?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19308/27/2013

oh that's a good point. Maybe he didn't want to make it so irrefutable. Are there any other theories?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19408/28/2013

Carter Smith with his new love:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19508/29/2013

[R195} Nothing new, even in the old thread someone posted pics from Carter with his new love.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19608/29/2013

This one is a girl (and I'm joking), R196.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19708/29/2013

Gosh, he is bearding too!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19808/29/2013

I wonder if Helios has been informed of Carter's bearding.

Any news on Carter's new film?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 19908/29/2013

[R199] That smells like trouble!*LOL*

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20008/29/2013

Helios posted the pic on Twitter, and he did tweet that she's "our new best friend," so it could be a three-way, R199

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20108/29/2013

Anyone a idea why and when they broke up?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20208/30/2013

When Lee went to New Zealand and met Armitage, more or less beginning 2012.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20308/30/2013

They are like the straights too R202, R203, broke up and meet another, and life goes on. Carter met a new guy and happier, to make way for Lee to do better in his career , so stop making it sound like Carter is a "victim" here, he's not lonely unlike you bitches.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20408/30/2013

That's why I asked if anybody knows more about their breakup!

No relationship breaks from one day to another, it's a process, you cannot cut off your feelings for somebody. So there must be a crack in their relationship before. Lee went to NZ for a Long time, that's hard for every relationship and for a troubled relationship a act of defiance. At this time LP met RA and Carter Campos! I have to say - just my opinion - they were a strange couple.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20508/30/2013

[quote]That's why I asked if anybody knows more about their breakup!

Get a life, fangirl!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20608/30/2013

[R206] I missed it! "Frau", "fangirl", "get a life", I really missed it! It becomes boring, we need new words for senseless answers!

Never unterstood that some guys here have nothing more to do in their lives than writing garbage!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20708/30/2013

I'm glad you understand sarcasm R207 Finally an adult here.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20808/30/2013

This is a gossip site and people ask and discuss silly things. If you want to talk about serious stuff, this is the wrong forum.

R205 I disagree with you.

Often the old relationship ends because one of the two partners is strongly sexually attracted by someone else (the drastic changes in Armitage's life might "show" this is probably a serious relationship as well) and the old partner has to cope with it.

No victims, such is life.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 20908/30/2013

I'm more on the cynical side, fun, crazy, whatever but not necessary silly, dump, childish or boring.

This is hopefully not a forum for children or pubescent Teenagers!

I never saw Carter as an victim but had the impression a few people here think so and so I wanted to know where this come from. I got no answer, so I guess it's nothing more than speculation.

I wish both the best and hope they are happy!

I think this new relationship with Armitage is not a little affair, it is very serious or why changed RA so much that he lives now in NY! But for to actors at this level is NY maybe the best place to live!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21008/31/2013

Who is the top?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21108/31/2013

Armitage, in the old Lee Pace thread someone said LP is bottom.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21208/31/2013

I can't imagine Lee's massive legs slung over someone's shoulders.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21308/31/2013

Well, there are tall guys who prefer to bottom out there! But it can be a false Information with Lee beeing a bottom!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21408/31/2013

Btw. I have no idea what RA is!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21509/01/2013

R215 Richard Armitage, British actor.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21609/02/2013

Thanks! Now I don't know what RA is, bottom or top?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21709/02/2013

Are all gay guys exclusively one or the other (top or bottom, I mean)?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21809/02/2013

Versatile is also one way!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 21909/03/2013

193 - yes, that is entirely possible. The difference between radio, newspaper, tv would all be easy to make. Could just be a honest mistake on Condou's part.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22009/04/2013

I know I'd like RA's massive thighs over my shoulders, my face buried in his taint....

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22109/04/2013

So does Lee pace

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22209/06/2013

He is very manly and very sexy in his behavior.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22309/07/2013

Manly, Lee Pace? Are you kidding? He's a femme.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22409/07/2013

Manly and femme at the same time = Versatile.

He's extremely gorgeous.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22509/07/2013

And he's got a deep sultry voice, very sexy.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22609/07/2013

Definitely a femme.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22709/07/2013

Every manly dude wishes to look like Lee Pace.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22809/07/2013

No way, frau. He's lovely but very feminine and manneristic in his acting.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 22909/07/2013

Yeah R229 There are a lot of actors, from average looking, handsome but boring, to completely unattractive who are either manneristic or bland in acting too.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23009/07/2013

Henry Cavill is one of them.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23109/07/2013

Lee Pace is way more fun to watch than Cavill who only got one look/style.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23209/07/2013

They're both beautiful and gay but lack in talent.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23309/07/2013

R233 The studios that hired them seem to not agree with you though.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23409/07/2013

I love his Thick and Chunky Picante Sauce.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23509/07/2013

Unfortunately, Studios know that fraus and teenagers are interested in looks, not talent.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23609/07/2013

I haven't heard any directors, cast members, producers saying Lee Pace is not talented, but there are many written and recorded statements of them praising his talent and his rare appeal.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23709/07/2013

Nobody would criticize a fellow actor publicly, frau.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23809/07/2013

They wouldn't say it if they think he's not good, fag.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 23909/07/2013

This DL veteran R238 is jealous of Lee since years ago it's SO obvious. Go back to your "Julliard" school.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24009/07/2013

Haha, you're ridiculous, frau. It's a question of money not of envy. Even if the movie is shit, actors have to prize the movie, the director and the other actors. It's called marketing.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24109/07/2013

R241 If so then, what's the problem? If you're not into shit movies and actors why wasting so much time bitching about them? Oh yeah this is a gossip site!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24209/07/2013

Exactly, frau. (or 12 year old?). It's you who shouldn't be here.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24309/07/2013

At 32, you should start a serious career and find a soulmate, not pulling hair with girls at gossip sites.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24409/07/2013

That's part of the fun. Even if straight girls shouldn't post on a GAY gossip site. And you should start searching for a real man and not waste your time on a closeted gay, like Lee.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24509/07/2013

He can be a very sexy woman and doing a good striptease. If this guy would like to be in drag he would be amazing!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24609/07/2013

Since when girls can't post on a gay gossip site? If you're so brave and a real man compared to Lee, so have balls to "have fun" with anyone on here.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24709/07/2013

Generally, GAY gossip site are for gays and not for hormonal teenagers.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24809/07/2013

I don't believe you're really gay R248, none of your words could change my mind about you. And I don't see other gay men here agreeing with you in this thread. Using different IPs can't fool people.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 24909/07/2013

I don't use different IPs, as you can see from Trolldar. Yes, normally we are not interested in obsessive teenagers but you are such a funny case and, as I've already told you, you can believe what you want. It's your problem, not mine.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25009/07/2013

[quote]Yes, normally we are not interested in obsessive teenagers but you are such a funny case and, as I've already told you, you can believe what you want. It's your problem, not mine.

You're even more of a funny case than me or any other fangirls, your talk is not tally with your action... other than agreing that Pace being gay, other gay men here don't bother to join you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25109/07/2013

One gay guy wasting his time is more than enough for an obsessive teenager like you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25209/07/2013

If you're not obsessed then why are you here? You are not only obsessed with Pace and his life but with his fans too R252.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25309/07/2013

No, kid. I post on several threads, unlike you. But you are interesting in your obsession with Lee. And I've already told you, you should find someone REAL.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25409/07/2013

As an adult You should find some REAL problem to argue over. I'm not the only obssessed fan here, it wasn't me who open these threads, you're stalking me and bumping this thread like crazy.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25509/07/2013

Have you read the name of this site, kid?

"DataLounge get your fix of gay gossip, news and pointless bitchery."

Go back to ONTD or Tumblr, kid. This is not the place for you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25609/07/2013

That should apply to you too.

All I'm doing here is post links and printed stuff, never deny anything regarding Pace's sexuality but you're just one unhappy person.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25709/07/2013

I'm very happy, unlike you.

You should go out and not waste your time on this insane obsession.

This is a place for gays and lesbians and not for sexually frustrated teenagers.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25809/07/2013

Sexually happy people don't get their butts glued to argue with teenagers about celebs on internet.


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 25909/07/2013

Bye, I hope forever.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26009/07/2013

Come on, let us go on with the topic here!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26109/07/2013

I also know I'd like RA's massive thighs over my shoulders, my face buried in his taint....

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26209/07/2013

Yeah - getting fucked real hard up the ass by Richard Armitage?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26309/07/2013

Hot couple!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26409/07/2013

I would loved to be a ghost on the Hobbit-set! That was the first fantasy-movie-gay-club! Must be great for the actors to met others and speak about gay topics!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26509/08/2013

Has anyone ever met him? At a premiere, in theater wherever?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26609/11/2013

Im just gonna go a head and say my thought

i seriously think Richard and Lee are dating because well have you SEEN those two!! They are absolutely made for eacj other xD but we cannot just assume they are dating none the less think they are gay!

But there is so much proof!! Wearing each other clothing! Being in the same spots at the same (richard apparently was spotted near the guardians of the galaxy set around lunch time :D) also going to see a movie and concert together!

Oh god i hope i am right!!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26709/12/2013

[quote] (richard apparently was spotted near the guardians of the galaxy set around lunch time :D)

Where did you get this info? Is this from twitter? Is there any link to this?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26809/12/2013

R267 Or are you someone from the set? 'cause I searched but found nothing.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 26909/12/2013

r267, could you please fucking stop ending every damn sentence with exclamation points!! it's really annoying! and makes you look like an immature tween!

my god, all over the damned Richard Armitage thread and the Lee Pace threads too. augh.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27009/13/2013

Relax R270

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27109/13/2013

[quote](richard apparently was spotted near the guardians of the galaxy set around lunch time :D)

No link? twitter? Alright then, I assume you're from the set or have a friend who was there saw RA roaming around. But how could you not use the technology when something sexy going on in sight? This isn't 1950.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27209/13/2013

Richard Armitage is like a ghost, so many fans and so often invisible. That in 2013 with mobile phone-cameras, Twitter, Facebook and million of websites ....

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27309/13/2013

Armitage has only been spotted in downtown London. GOTG is shooting at Shepperton Studios, which is not in London, but in Shepperton, Surrey.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27409/13/2013

Some GOTG scenes have been shot in downton London.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27509/13/2013

R275 Without Lee Pace.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27609/13/2013

With and without Lee Pace

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27709/14/2013

[R274],[R275], [R276], [R277] RA can meet LP without beeing near of the GOTG-set. That is not a problem and that is not the point!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27809/14/2013

Absolutely. But it's also not a big deal that Armitage went on the GOTG set or nearby to meet Lee.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 27909/14/2013

R278 So right. The point is, even if they're straight as a damned post, RA still can visit LP. RA has been with Marvel before LP he sure wants to know how it's going with the new production with his Hobbit co-star in his homeland. (if they're fucking i'm so jealous of RA...LP is fit as fuck)

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28009/14/2013

Lee and Armitage are a couple.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28109/14/2013

please snap a picture next time you spot RA there!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28209/14/2013

Brokeback Misty Mountain

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28309/14/2013

[R283] *LOL*

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28409/14/2013

No, R278, that is the point. You stated Richard was spotted near the set and then you completly back off of your story when people ask logical questions or point out known information. For those who want to see them as a couple, your baseless proclamations give false hope. It also inflames the fan girls, so why do you bother? You come off as someone trying to convince him or herself of the coupledom. (I suspect you are female; even effeminete gay men don't use exclamation points so often.). Good gossip has at least a tenuous connection to fact. You just seem to just make stuff up, like the on set lunch meetup. That's no fun--we have no facts to ponder the meaning of. Next time, try giving us some reason, however small, to make us believe you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28509/14/2013

Frau at R285. There are at least three different people posting on the subject: just check trolldar. As for the multiple "evidences" that hint at them being gay and a couple, just read all the threads new and old.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28609/14/2013

It does not matter whether Richard was near sighted or not. That says nothing about how they relate to each other. Endless discussions are pointless. Btw. I believe that they are a couple and a wonderful one.

[R285] Fascinating, what is read from only one sentence. Have you nothing else to do? I will not write an essay about it. What some people read from a post or how it was written - just crazy...

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28709/14/2013

R287 Frau in denial. You contadict yourself.

The sighting near the GOTG set and all the other "evidences" are pointless, yet you believe they are a couple.

How did you come to this conclusion, then?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28809/14/2013

[quote]Brokeback Misty Mountain


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 28909/14/2013

[R288] I don't said that all other "evidences" are pointless! Learn to read!

It means, you can be a couple and beeing on two different continents! If someone 100miles near or 100mile away from another proofs nothing, you can be a couple and endless discussions about it are stupid. Wearing the same clothes - for example - is another thing.

I cannot believe that it is so hard to unterstand but I'm long enough on message boards to unterstand...

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29009/15/2013

Everybody understood what you meant but the problem was, learn to read, that we disagreed with you. For some people, this is just another evidence that they are together and that, probably, they chose projects where they can be together or not distant for a long time. It's not that difficult to understand, even for a frau.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29109/15/2013

I know people write these things, jokingly, but I misread this as Lace Thread, Part II and thought, how did I miss the other thread?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29209/15/2013

[quote]probably, they chose projects where they can be together or not distant for a long time. It's not that difficult to understand.

This sounds like Lee has turned down at least 3 other great offers and ten funny ones that may include from DC and even 50 Shades. I'm not surprised (about the offers)

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29309/15/2013

Disagree, I don't think he has many offers

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29409/15/2013

I do not argue with people who have their head in the clouds and interpret into a simple sentence a million things! But Fraus like to do it, so let it be fangirl!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29509/15/2013

This is not a fangurl site, this is a gay gossip site.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29609/15/2013

Oh my.....

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29709/15/2013

Don't worry, there are always Ontd and tumblr for you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29809/15/2013

294, 295, 297, 298 = tense gays without sense of humor.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 29909/16/2013

[quote]Disagree, I don't think he has many offers

[quote]I do not argue with people who have their head in the clouds and interpret into a simple sentence a million things!

Then how can he "chose"?

[quote] they chose projects where they can be together or not distant for a long time.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30009/16/2013

What sense of humour?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30109/16/2013

R301 Oh, a Brit!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30209/16/2013

12, no school today?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30309/16/2013

Alright British frau, no Tom Hiddleston today?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30409/16/2013

There's a video of Hiddleston with Cookie Monster in here:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30509/16/2013

12, who's Tom Hiddleston, another virtual boyfriend of yours?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30609/16/2013

No, he's yours.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30709/16/2013

And hey British frau, leave this American man alone. His closet is none of your brit ass business.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30809/16/2013

All closet cases are equal, 12

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 30909/16/2013

You're a straight female R309, your phony-ness of your so called pro-LGBT crap here is not attractive either. You are here only to make Lee Pace look bad compared to your british hero.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31009/16/2013

Closet case/gay is not an excuse to make your dreamboy look better or more appealing, british frau @ R309. Leave that problem to the gays.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31109/16/2013

12, believe it or not, all closet cases after 30 are equal to me.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31209/16/2013

OK, British straight frau, whatever you say.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31309/16/2013

12, believe what you want, it's your problem not mine.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31409/16/2013

I think 40 should be a cut off for closet cases in show business. I mean if you haven't made it by 40, you probably aren't going to make it. I know of one guy, 50 and he makes an occasional Hallmark love story, would it really matter if he outed himself? Who would pay attention, how could him being out destroy a Hallmark career?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31509/16/2013

Interesting point but I think that the age problem is not connected to the career but to the personal "growth" of any individual and, at 30, one should be an adult.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31609/16/2013

[quote]Interesting point but I think that the age problem is not connected to the career but to the personal "growth" of any individual and, at 30, one should be an adult.

I agree there. I don't think debating with teens about celebrities on internet fits for a "32 y/o gay".

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31709/16/2013

Oh, look who's talking about being an adult at 30!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31809/16/2013

12, you're a pain in the ass. Haha

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 31909/16/2013

No, you're. Everytime someone compliments on his looks (just looks) you got mad like an ass. I can't believe this hypocrite troll.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32009/16/2013

12, looks are not the most important thing in life, just wait and see.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32109/16/2013

Then why did you act like, as if it's so killing you? Wait and see what? Wait for him to get old?

At least he's born beautiful. One of the luckiest humans to be born beautiful.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32209/16/2013

12, I should be the drama queen, not you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32309/16/2013

R323 You are a psychopath.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32409/16/2013

Haha, that's the best discussion one can have with you, 12?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32509/16/2013

Well, I'll just let people here to judge you. I'm gonna stop harrassing a psychopath.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32609/16/2013

Troll alarm!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32709/16/2013

Kid alarm.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32809/16/2013

Most of the people posting on this thread appear to have English as a second (or mebbe third or fourth) language...


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 32909/18/2013

Yeah, he's international. Not bad for a newcomer.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33009/18/2013

English as first language but dumb, no use.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33109/18/2013

He's hardly a newcomer, R330. He graduated from Juilliard in 2001 and "Soldier's Girl" aired in 2003.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33209/18/2013

I mean, newcomer in mainstream.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33309/18/2013

Mebbe fifth or sixth.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33409/19/2013

He is not the typical movie star, he played good interesting characters, worked with good directors, did Theater and TV.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33509/22/2013

He's a closeted star.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33609/22/2013

[quote]Mebbe fifth or sixth.

One person with multiple ID posting in this thread appear to be inbred white trash having some personal issues with multi-lingual people.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33709/22/2013

12, nothing to do on Sundays. No real boy-friend?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33809/22/2013

Lee Pace turned you down R338?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 33909/22/2013

I don't like closeted gays. But if he had the balls to come out, I could change my mind.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34009/22/2013

He doesn't need you to like him.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34109/22/2013

I don't like closeted cases, Lee is just one of them. Nothing personal.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34209/22/2013

World doesn't change if he comes out or not! Sometimes people acted out like a coming out of a famous actor save everything! People have to change their thinking about gay/lesbian people, if someone have a broblem with gays/lesbians he or she will still have after with or without a coming out of a celebriy! It's not so big!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34309/22/2013

Not so big but still very important.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34409/22/2013

[R344] Important maybe, but more important would be, that all this movie-stars which play a completely fake life stop it. This tittle step would be nice. There are stars with a totally fake private life and than giving gay parties. This is really shit. Saying nothing and living their lifes is something what I respect much more!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34509/22/2013

I don't like double standards. There's no difference between bearding and/or make women believe you are straight.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34609/22/2013

That's ok and true but LP is not doing this.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34709/22/2013

Are you sure? Because I think this is exactly what he's doing. From the glass closet - when he was with Carter - to the deep closet- now that he's with Armitage. Being honest is not one of his qualities.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34809/22/2013

I cannot take a look into the future. It's more Armitge who maybe don't want to go out puplic with Pace. It's more RA I guess.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 34909/22/2013

What difference does it make? He seems happy to go along with this BS.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35009/22/2013

Well, I guess something like love is maybe involved and than you do things you have not done before. It's more complex.

He is living his live, doing nothing is better than living a fake life, creating a straight Image and than there is a gay party after another going on at home.

And - to be honest - it's easy to find out about him. What do you like that he should do? Giving an interview?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35109/22/2013

Being honest is more than enough

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35209/22/2013

The good thing is, he is not lying, like "I have a girlfriend, I would like to have a girlfriend and so on.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35309/22/2013

Disagree. If you subtly encourage women to believe you are interested in them, it's exactly the same thing as bearding.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35409/22/2013

I agree with 354. I don't mind someone trying to keep his personal life personal and just not talking about at all. But either bearding or talking about girlfriends is equally dishonest to the public and is what encourages these fangirls to go nuts.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35509/22/2013

R343 Don't bother to reply to these "gays", they're fake.

R342, R344, R346 , R352 = Tom Hiddleston's psychotic fangirl turning into villain Loki herself. Any handsome actors on the rise, open gay, closeted gay, bi and straight she sees as threat to her imaginary boyfriend. She went extra crazier than before since Lee joins Marvel.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35609/23/2013

12, is Tom Hiddleston another of your imaginary/virtual boyfriend?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35709/23/2013

I can't think of a single wise reason for a self-claimed adult to feel the need to have a fight with one he/she keeps calling "12".

If you're an openly gay as you said, stop being obnoxious. You're not helping the cause by being insufferable. You're not helping with the image of the out people and LGBT.

Of course coming out is a noble act but the person who is out isn't necessarily a good person, sometimes towards other beings.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35809/23/2013

12, you didn't keep your promise. You said you'd stop coming here. This is not the right place for a 12 year-old straight girl. Post on your tumblr or whatever and stop trolling on a gay gossip site.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 35909/23/2013

I didn't say "I promise". I think it's you who is addicted to tumblr or wherever place that there's fangirls, and trolling with your childish hatred, jealousy and immature comments. It seems like it's your nature no matter how your age is growing.

Lee Pace coming out won't make any different for people like you, you will still be a pathetic person as you're now.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36009/23/2013

R359 Since I am only 12, I think it's you who is supposed to stop being an equal to what we called "obsessive fans."

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36109/23/2013

Calm down, 12. I hope you are 12 year old because if you were a frau behaving like this, I'd be really worried for you . It's still acceptable that a silly teenager behaves as you do but if you were a frau, and I'm sure it isn't the case, you would need a medical help.

Lee Pace is gay and you should accept it and let people discuss what they want on a gay gossip site. End of story.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36209/23/2013

I don't think there's one proof that shows I'm being denial about his sexuality. You're clearly not a good reader albeit a trolldar addict, your replies gets cornier & repetitive everytime without good points and at least a trace of maturity in them, nothing.

Me being 12 doesn't make you look like a respectable "gay" adult in the eyes of other forumers here. You're a small child trapped in a grown-up's body, an embarrassment. I don't know what kind of person who wants to befriends with you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36309/23/2013

[quote]and let people discuss what they want on a gay gossip site. End of story.

Esp. after reading all your vapid replies, I don't think there will be "people" for you to "discuss" with.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36409/23/2013

The real reason why people don't discuss Lee in this thread it's you, 12. But don't worry I'll be always here for you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36509/23/2013

R365 Copy my style yeah? So not original. No personality at all. What a shame.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36609/23/2013

Don't worry, 12. no one is interested in copying your "personality". You're annoying not interesting.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36709/23/2013

You're annoyed because?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36809/23/2013

of you, 12.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 36909/23/2013

You're clueless about yourself R369

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37009/23/2013

I doubt it, 12.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37109/23/2013

R371 Yes, you are. I maybe harsh to you but deep down inside kinda I understand you. Try to find out who you really wanted to be, then you don't need a stranger/an actor to come out for you, because homophobes won't change their mind about gay people no matter how many famous people came out.

Sometimes it's the way you carry yourself that makes people love you regardless of your sexuality. I respect the bravery of Zach Quinto for coming out, but it's him himself that I don't like personally, not because he's gay.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37209/23/2013

Zachary Quinto is definitely a man I respect very much. A man who doesn't pander to women and has the balls to show himself for what he is.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37309/23/2013

Yeah I agree with that about him, but he is also one of normal people like everybody else, whom I don't like for certain reasons. Well I'm just being honest about how I feel , just like Quinto.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37409/23/2013

See, 12, we can agree on something. Haha.

Well, not everything, in fact one of the thing I like the most in Zachary is that he is "normal", he doesn' want to appear something that he's not and I particularly liked his coming out letter. That's the letter a man with balls and principles writes.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37509/23/2013

R375 And next time, try to learn to get the exact points of a post/opinion. It's for your own good. Lee Pace will remain my favorite actor of all time, although he's not perfect or man enough to your eyes.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37609/23/2013

12, the problem is not that you like Lee but that you can't accept that other people don't like him as a person and/or as an actor.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37709/23/2013

R377 You can't accept people don't like certain actors, don't accuse me for acting the same.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37809/24/2013

Again, 12, the problem is not that you like Lee but that you can't accept that other people don't like him as a person and/or as an actor.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 37909/24/2013

Don't you think that you're spending wayyy so much time thinking about someone you don't like? He's too intriguing for you to ignore isn't he?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38009/24/2013

No, not at all. It's much more interesting this way, more challenging.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38109/24/2013

I know, he's in your mind all day, everyday. Such a creation.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38209/24/2013

I don't want to disappoint you but Lee is just ONE of the gay actors we discuss here, for instance Jake Gyllenhaal or Henry Cavill

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38309/24/2013

Let's Discuss this!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38409/24/2013

12, don't be so obsessed with Lee. Take a more distant approach.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38509/24/2013

I always remind myself that he is not perfect, he is just like us and I'm embracing that. You should worry about yourself, you're hating too hard.

Next time when someone disagrees with you about him not wanting to speak, or praising his looks or talent, don' get mad and trying to chase people away from this forum, because its part of discussion. Have some balls to some challenges.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38609/24/2013

12, you're so extreme in your statements. And besides closeted cases I have to admit that I don't like fanatics. But you're young, at least I hope so, and you can still change and take a more realistic approach.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38709/24/2013

Like I said before, you're totally clueless about yourself. You're feeding the fanatics.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38809/24/2013

I doubt it, 12. Think over it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 38909/24/2013

[quote]you can still change and take a more realistic approach

Such as? How? (yeah I know he's gay and closeted) but do tell me how more realistic can I get?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39009/24/2013

[quote]I doubt it, 12. Think over it

I said, You're feeding the fanatics. You're clueless about your own doings. If you still don't get my point you went to school in vain.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39109/24/2013

Your point is limited to looks, which is fair for someone who's 12 but a bit worrying for adults.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39209/24/2013

Looks plays a big part, and he's not talentless. A realistic approach.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39309/24/2013

Looks plays a big part for you not for everybody. IMHO he's an average actor, too manneristic, he seems always to pose not to act.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39409/24/2013

He has an exceptional presence, exceptional looks and appeal, that got him these interesting roles and admirers. What do you know about acting? You are only after his life, which is more extreme.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39509/24/2013

[quote]Looks plays a big part for you not for everybody.

His looks that got him fans/fangirls/fangurls plays a big part in YOUR everyday life obviously. If not you wouldn't be here doing this discussion.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39609/24/2013

In fact this is why I think he's an average man and an average actor and even his looks is belittled by his weak personality. Maybe, in the future, if he comes out I'll change my mind.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39709/24/2013

[quote]In fact this is why I think he's an average man and an average actor and even his looks is belittled by his weak personality. Maybe, in the future, if he comes out I'll change my mind

Okay, this says a lot about YOU actually. I rest my case.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39809/24/2013

Well, this is hardly news. I've already told you that I don't like closet cases after 30 and I don't like fanatism.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 39909/24/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40009/24/2013

Lee Pace and Richard Armitage gave a interview today. Not online, no pics at the moment.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40109/28/2013

I forgot Luke Evans. That was the gayest interview ever.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40209/29/2013

Warner Bros. Pictures and MGM just released this new Thranduil character banner...specially for R399

Tomorrow, a new trailer will be released around 7 a.m. Pacific / 9 a.m. Eastern. R399 better don't miss that!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40309/30/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40409/30/2013

Admit it--he makes a freakin awesome elf. Screw Elven swords--I want the Elven flatiron.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40509/30/2013

Great, first time I like a man with long blond hair and pointed ears.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40610/01/2013

Lee & Luke

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40710/03/2013

Lee & Luke having fun

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40810/03/2013

This whole gay thing is far too American. Whilst Pace may be in the closet, Armitage is firmly locked in the cupboard. Or chiffonier, if you is posh like what I am.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 40910/03/2013

Lee Pace's voice is 100% SEX.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41010/03/2013

To bad that we weren't on that set

Nice and funny clip

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41110/04/2013

Is he a top?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41210/06/2013

Out of the eight, I am the only top.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41310/07/2013

No way

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41410/08/2013

A top? I doubt it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41510/08/2013

I watched him in Lincoln today. The fact is Lee Pace is a really bad actor. The rest is all entertainment.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41610/08/2013

This is a very strange thread.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41710/08/2013

R416 = Twitter frau being pretentious.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41810/08/2013

R416 I wouldn't say Lee is a really bad actor but a good looking AVERAGE actor a bit too manneristic for my taste.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 41910/08/2013

Your taste?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42010/08/2013

Definitely an average actor

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42110/09/2013

We can't say that he's a great actor since he's neither an Oscar winner nor B-lister. But his undeniably great acting experiences + magnetic charm are to die for.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42210/09/2013

3 Million facebook fans for The Hobbit

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42310/09/2013

The hobbit is a very disappointing movie.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42410/09/2013

I think he is a great actor, very versatile, if you don't like him, ok, nobody have to follow him or see his movies. Very easy

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42510/14/2013

And I think that he's an average actor and I value different opinions. This is not a fansite but a forum. Very easy.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42610/14/2013

R426 Yeah, you will change your slippery mind from bad to great actor if he comes out of the closet, based on your own word. Therefore whatever your opinion about someone is not valid.

[quote]This is not a fansite but a forum.

Compliments on a forum doesn't make it a fansite. You can argue or disagree, but to say it becoming a fansite is imbecile.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42710/14/2013

It's not imbecile, it's the truth. In truth, teenager fangurls are too partial to understand it.He's an average actor and you confuse looks with talent.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42810/14/2013

R428 His iconic Thranduil character's just got his own exclusive merchandise that I would like to shove them into your throat. Unless you art-scholar is too stupid to see, you can't deny that he already brought the Tolkien elves character to a new level.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 42910/14/2013

[R416] I you want to waste time with things you don't like, your time, your problem.

I prefer to spend time with things I like.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43010/15/2013

I prefer to use my critical thinking in general (for things that I like and others that I don't like) and I can't stand fanatics of any kind.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43110/15/2013

R431 He has fanatic fans around the world, live with it or die.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43210/15/2013

[quote]I can't stand fanatics of any kind.

Anyone with brain would never admit that one actor's fanatics ruin his/her life. My sympathy for your abandoned significant other, if you had one.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43310/15/2013

The only fanatic fan I see, it's you, 12.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43410/15/2013

Then how's that makes you sad R434? Your gay life isn't satisfying or what?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43510/15/2013

[quote]The only fanatic fan I see, it's you, 12.

He's got fanatic fans outside DL. The sole reason that got you into bitterness.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43610/15/2013

12, you are a clear example of why I don't like fanatics. Luckily, you are the only one.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43710/16/2013

It's ok, because if one take a look at Lee, s/he will definitely thinks you're an idiot.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43810/16/2013

And that you are a silly fanatic teenager.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 43910/16/2013

And please R439, stop trying to be an active gay spokesperson here, you are too repulsive to be of any community's representative. You maybe brave out old gay man BUT you have no class.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44010/17/2013

And so 10 TIMES silly of you fighting with a fanatic teenager. Downright pathetic sad old man.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44110/17/2013

Does anyone have any real gossip or news about Lee Pace? Everything I see that this thread has been bumped I get excited hoping for some new news and then I see it's just a couple of people arguing and throwing insults back and forth. So disappointing.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44210/17/2013

Whoa R429 you are out of line. I agree that he is a perfectly good actor but Tolkein isn't Shakespeare. I didn't care for him in Miss Pettigrew has a day or whatever the title of it was. Thought all of the women's characters were better than the men, but that is how it was written.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44310/17/2013

I mean, his powerful presence makes the poeple who never find elves characters to be interesting before turned their heads to him.

No matter how great the charmingly hyper Amy Adams or how quirkily romantic Frances McDormand was in Ms Pettigrew, it's Lee Pace who gets that generally unknown film continues to have new viewers from around the globe everyday. Even Amy was starstruck by him while filming it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44410/17/2013

[quote]I didn't care for him in Miss Pettigrew has a day or whatever the title of it was.

Without him, that film will definitely be forgotten and you probably will never heard of it. Most of his detractors often bitching to his fans "I didn't care for him/his characters in it" but it was him that got them somehow itching to see it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44510/17/2013

Well, peanut?

next time don't be careless.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44610/17/2013

When exactly did DL become Fangurl Central?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44710/17/2013

"Definitely an average actor"

Kind of hard to get into Juilliard when you are only "average"

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44810/17/2013

Actually R447, Lee's a superhot actor who's got the least fangirls in DL. It just the stupidity of his detractors were beyond belief that I feel the need to give their shits back.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 44910/17/2013

[quote]Kind of hard to get into Juilliard when you are only "average"

He went to Juilliard with Tracie Thoms. I must say the school picked the right couple of students.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45010/17/2013

I forgot Anthony Mackie, was with them too.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45110/17/2013

He's an average actor, his fanatics are attracted by his looks not his acting.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45210/17/2013

Whatever you say R452, because the thespians of Datalounge doesn't affect him to be where he is now.

He was having a hard time to get good roles after The Fall and Pushing Daisies because of the gay rumors gone viral, but now the studios were charmed by his exceptional qualities, that some scared DLer's were indeed aware of that even since years ago.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45310/17/2013

BORING. This is not a gossip thread. No one is gossiping. Just fawning over Lee Pace.


Get rid of the stans,they ruin EVERYTHING!!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45410/17/2013

[quote]his fanatics are attracted by his looks not his acting

Weren't you the one who kept saying that he's ugly back then?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45510/17/2013

It's like he doesn't know you. He never will. So get off his dick. Sheez, how much self worth must people have arguing about someone they don't know personally?! How bizarre. I get admiration but that stan that keeps on responding to anyone saying anything not perfect about Lee is behaving like the Rihanna stans.

And to show my fairness and objectivity, on the other scale you have the irrational nut jobs who relentlessly post negative baseless opinions on an actor for god knows what reason.

So boring.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45610/17/2013

For someone I have never heard of the thought that there are two threads is amazing. I could understand Red Dragon Cheese and other topics but someone unknown to the general public? Well I will see him in the next Hobbit movie and judge for myself.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45710/17/2013

[quote]BORING. This is not a gossip thread. No one is gossiping. Just fawning over Lee Pace

There were some "juicy" gossips, the bf beating, hooking with extras at Lincoln set, with a nelly DLer in a car outside a pub, nobody dares to admit to believe it (except the author clearing his cookies) because it sounded like it came from a kid who has never leave his basement.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45810/17/2013

[quote]how much self worth must people have arguing about someone they don't know personally?!

You're right. Only me, just me!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 45910/17/2013

[quote] you have the irrational nut jobs who relentlessly post negative baseless opinions on an actor for god knows what reason.

My, this only shows that you are just the same.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46010/17/2013

[quote]For someone I have never heard of the thought that there are two threads is amazing. I could understand Red Dragon Cheese and other topics but someone unknown to the general public?

Do you know what's more amazing? Most threads dedicated to him weren't made by his fans, including this one.

[quote]Well I will see him in the next Hobbit movie and judge for myself.

Do see it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46110/18/2013

The poster who claimed to be the abused ex-boyfriend said that there was a police report on the (alleged)drunken assault. It never materialized. I can't believe that Lee was important enough that the incident would have been effectively hushed up by his PR agent.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46210/18/2013

The clothes again

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46310/18/2013

Naughty Richie-poos. It's like he wants to broadcast, "Hey, we're gay and boning each other!"

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46410/18/2013

R464 I don't think they're clueless about the nerds' excitement over the gay dwarf-elf / Richard-Lee sexy fan-fictions /artworks. Nifty marketing if this is true.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46510/18/2013

R462 That poster thought Lee was an A-list movie star, plus trolldar didn't exist yet in those days. Well, who could blame him?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46610/18/2013

Sometimes a "Troll-dar" is not even nessesary to find out who wrote what.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46710/19/2013

R446. I don't understand what I am being careless about. The movie is charming, but not because he's in it. This thread is getting abusive.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46810/20/2013

Does anyone seriously think he's straight? I'm LOL-ing at that "2 straight guys (Jim Parsons & Lee) in The Normal Heart" thread. Jim came out not long after that but Lee's firmly in the glass closet maybe because he's getting a lot of hetero-roles and he doesn't want to lose that. Can't wait for Hobbit 2 though. He's going to be so good in it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 46910/20/2013

R469 The thread's OP was being sarcastic. Idk about you though...

[quote]This thread is getting abusive.

Abusive? What a baby. We post at our own risk.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47010/21/2013

Comic-con 2013...sultry god.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47110/21/2013

Lee 2013...WOW

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47210/21/2013

R470 nah I wasn't being sarcastic, I seriously think he's gay and I'm truly looking forward to Hobbit 2. He keeps getting straight roles + commercials though so I doubt he'll come out of the closet anytime soon.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47310/21/2013

R472 are you the owner of the FB page you keep linking to?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47410/21/2013

[quote]He keeps getting straight roles + commercials though

Do you think Elvenking and Ronan The Accuser are straight roles?

Straight like in this commercial?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47510/21/2013


R475 do you seriously think that Legolas would have 2 fathers?

Also see: The Fall, Possession, Pushing Daisies, Breaking Dawn Part 2, Ceremony, When In Rome, Miss Pettigrew. The Fall, Pushing Daisies and Breaking Dawn are part of his films that brought him mainstream attention.

That bank ad was so blurry I could barely see what he was looking for in the bag. Whereas look at this mainstream Tiffany commercial, with him acting straight again:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47610/21/2013

R476 I seriously think elf king is a closet case, or bisexual atleast.

[quote] Whereas look at this mainstream Tiffany commercial, with him acting straight again:

What's wrong with acting straight in commercials/movies? He's an actor.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47710/21/2013

"Acting straight" is such homophobic phrasing. He's playing straight characters.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47810/21/2013

He's definitely got that whole sensitive beta male role down pat though, if you look at his "famous" roles. I guess even when you're not out, they'll only cast gay actors as certain straight characters. Zachary Levi's got the same thing going on.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 47910/21/2013

[quote]He's definitely got that whole sensitive beta male role down pat though.I guess even when you're not out, they'll only cast gay actors as certain straight characters Zachary Levi's got the same thing going on

It's the soulful, sad eyes. I guess even if they were out, they'll still be getting these kind of roles, which only very few actors can exude that as naturally as them.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48010/21/2013

[R478] What should a gay actor do? Just playing gay roles? Are you serious?

Is that what you wish gay actors? Than we can all go back to the middleage!

Straight actors can play gay and straight and nobody is shocked. If a straight actor plays gay than he is a big artist, a great actor. If a gay actor plays straight nobody says something. It should be on the same level, an gay actor is just an actor like all other actors too and he should have the possibility to play all kind of charakters. Your sexuality should not count.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48110/21/2013

If Pace is with Armitage, he'll so so far back in the closet that he'll be being bummed by Mr Tumnus....

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48210/23/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48310/25/2013


You're totally right.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48410/25/2013

This was how they first met

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48510/25/2013

Lee Pace & Luke Evans will be interviewed by Anderson Cooper in London, November 4.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48610/26/2013

Gayer is not possible!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48710/27/2013

Lee is definitely gay, he used to date Carter Smith. I agree with R473 though, I don't see him coming out anytime soon, unfortunately. At least he's only glass closeted, which is more than can be said about the pathetic "I am now straight" Luke Evans.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48810/27/2013

I think Lee lives his life and that's it. He is open to the people around and he doesn't talk about privat things. Why should he? Straight actors say the same and they don't come out and said "I'm straight"! We are living in 2013, we should far away from the Coming-out-days. But unfortunately we are not. If you are not coming-out official you are a liar, stupid and so on. We should be on the same level as straights.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 48910/27/2013

[quote] I don't see him coming out anytime soon, unfortunately.

Gay gossips/stories without coming out sells movies, unfortunately.

He's definitely "hiding" in the GLASS closet NOT to make people think he's straight, but to not killing "the mystery". And it worked. Look at him now, and Luke Evans too.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49010/27/2013

Mysterious for some idiotic fraus, maybe.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49110/27/2013

[quote]Mysterious for some idiotic fraus, maybe.

I guess this old fag above were too butthurt to see the apostrophes there.

Elvenking Thranduil & Thorin Oakenshield extended edition. Beautiful creatures.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49210/27/2013

Haha, 12 is a good example of what an idiotic frau or mini frau looks like.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49310/30/2013

I hope The Hobbit 2 & 3 does well because both careers are over. Neither is getting new job offers.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49410/31/2013

Hope Hobbit 2 & 3 does well because both careers are over. neither has any new job offers.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49510/31/2013

Pace is back to tv as the lead with AMC, and his NY stage shows often do very well with ticket sales, so will have more stage offers. In 2012 all three movies were in the top 5, no flop.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49610/31/2013

R495 Or maybe they will have it post Hobbit, 'cause of versatility and are obviously getting better with age, looks/acting-wise, especially Pace, who's got all these roles because the studios/directors/producers were totally impressed by his past works.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49710/31/2013

Are you kidding me R494/R495 Lee is going to be the main villain in a Marvel film next and he's also going to be the lead on a new TV show. He is not Hiddleston. He has versatility.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49810/31/2013

Thanks to the gay news that has put his career to a halt for a while in his twenties, because otherwise he probably be over too early instead of climbing up like he is now.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 49910/31/2013

I hope these guys stay closeted. They should not make the same mistake Quinto did. Take cue from Kevin Spacey.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50010/31/2013

"Why should he? Straight actors say the same and they don't come out and said "I'm straight"! We are living in 2013, we should far away from the Coming-out-days. But unfortunately we are not. If you are not coming-out official you are a liar, stupid and so on. We should be on the same level as straights."

Straight people "come out" as straight every time they talk about their love lives.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50110/31/2013

Sorry to hear Quinto was being a dick about his fangirls. So its not Pace's or any other closeted guys' fault if people don't like Quinto. In case of which of these guys is going to channel Kevin Spacey's ego, Quinto is more likely than Pace.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50210/31/2013

[quote]Straight people "come out" as straight every time they talk about their love lives.

Did you mean, gay people "come out" as straight every time they talk about their love lives? Having sex with women means nothing, remember?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50310/31/2013

[quote]Having sex with women means nothing, remember?

It means a "gay" guy is at least bi.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50410/31/2013

R500 is the coward of the day.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50511/03/2013

I love Lee.

Richard seems ok, and he's got a smokin' hot body!

I don't know if they're still together, but I'm very interested to see the chemistry between them in part 2 of The Hobbit.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50611/04/2013

Pictures of Lee & other cast a from the international fan event + from exclusive behind the scene footage.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50711/04/2013

R506 Yeah, these gentlemen are very appreciative and grateful,

unlike Zachary Quinto who is out but way too proud and ungrateful he talked shit about his LGBT supportive fangirls doing nice things to boost his career as an OUT actor, that is so unfortunate. I find him quite immaturely conceited and stupid.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50811/04/2013

What, you mean when he told the ones who write dirty stories about him and his friends (mostly Chris Pine) to get a life?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 50911/04/2013

R509 Yes, that's very stupid of him to say that. It's just fictions, from his own dear fans, not from haters.

Lee and Richard, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, and many other actors got plenty dirty stories written about them EVERYDAY but they never cursed those fans to get a life.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51011/04/2013

He looked tired at the Hobbit fan event on Monday. Too exhausting doing post-production voice over for Ronan the Accuser perhaps. I wonder if he's under any substances. He's been open about smoking pot previously.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51111/06/2013

R509 That's another proof that Zachary is a very clever man who doesn't need the support of sexually frustrated fraus and teenagers. Zachary is a very clever and honest man, I respect him even mpore for not pandering to these fools.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51211/07/2013

R512 If you "respect" such act of Zachary Quinto toward his supporters (which he feels like he doesn't them need at all), then don't get mad if nicer guys like Lee, Armitage or Luke Evans got support from their fans.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51311/07/2013

*need them*

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51411/07/2013

[quote]Zachary is a very clever and honest man, I respect him even mpore for not pandering to these fools.

You are one of the frustrated fools that he definitely would trash, to be honest.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51511/07/2013

Richard gave an interview in which he expressed somewhat liberal views.

Many fraus are NOT happy.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51611/18/2013

I'm liking Richard more for that. Shame he didn't express his views on Lee though.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51711/19/2013

It will be interesting to see if our boys show up together, or do an obvious clothing swap, at the DoS premiere.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51811/19/2013

"Many fraus are NOT happy."

Don't get it - did they expect him to be some Tea Party wannabe Marcus Bachmann clone?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 51911/19/2013

Quinto dismissed his lunatic, illiterate fans like R513? He objects to being degraded via fan fiction? Hell, I previously had no opinion of the guy, but now I'm full of respect for him.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52011/19/2013

R520 What would you say if the lunatic fans weren't fangirls, but gayfans?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52111/19/2013

I saw an article on Tumblr about Richard, Lee, and Peter Jackson going to a concert together this past May.

Other than that, Lee and Richard aren't even on the same continent at the same time!

If they do any type of press events together for The Hobbit, I just might pass out.

And Mr Armitage will continue to inhabit the locked closet.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52211/19/2013

Wouldn't it be nice to see his ass in bike shorts?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52311/21/2013

"Wouldn't it be nice to see his ass in bike shorts?"


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52411/21/2013

This woman (sorta) ships Richard and Lee, and doesn't believe they are a real couple.

Also gives a shout out to Datalounge!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52511/21/2013

R520 I totally agree with you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52611/21/2013

[R525]If you read that woman's blog she DOES believe LP & RA are RL couple....Also, she's not a straight fangurl, she's openly Bi

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52711/22/2013

Hi, as "that woman," the author of the blogpost in question, I can affirmatively state that as far as I have noticed, I have been straight my whole life. I'm not sure what I'd have said to make you think I'm bi, but I am an ally.

Also, if you read the posts in question, you'll notice that the first poster got it exactly right. I (sorta) ship Armitage + Pace, but I do not believe they are a real life couple although I cannot refute the possibility that they are.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52811/23/2013

[R528] Can it be that than is someone here is in the wrong Forum?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 52911/24/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53011/24/2013

So, over two thousand posts about Pace and Armitage on this site, and no real gossip. Seems like a lot of fangirl hopefulness, and fraus wanting one (or both) to be straight.

The only thing I've learned for sure is that Lee Pace is probably gay. He broke up with Carter Smith. Lee shared a coat and some popcorn with Richard. And Richard has some seriously scary fans. Most seem like they would be manic "50 Shades of Gray" fans, too.

Can't wait to see what kind of fucked up posts the new Hobbit film will inspire.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53111/25/2013

"Can't wait to see what kind of fucked up posts the new Hobbit film will inspire."

I hope the pony prancers don't come back

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53211/25/2013

From what little I've seen, Armitage ignores Pace wherever and whenever possible.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53311/25/2013

R533 Not really.

"I had an incredible scene with Lee, which was very satisfying to perform, because as I said before, it’s when the dwarves get to claim what they are owed, and you don’t often get to see them that way." - Richard Armitage.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53411/25/2013

[quote]I hope the pony prancers don't come back

Lol nope

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53511/25/2013

[R533] Maybe because he doesn't want that people can see it to obviously that they are a Close...

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53611/27/2013

This is beautiful

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53711/27/2013

Uh-oh, more shirt sharing!!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53811/27/2013

brokeback misty mountain

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 53911/28/2013

[539] LOL

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54011/29/2013

R539 - honk!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54112/02/2013

R528 - I love your blog, btw.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54212/02/2013

I hope he's going to be hauling his ass back to Los Angeles for tonight's premiere. There's been no pictures of him at all at the press junkets yesterday. I need new hi-res pictures of his fine self.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54312/02/2013

Tom Daley has the balls, Pace doesn't have at 30-something.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54412/02/2013

R544 - why does foisting details of your sex life on to strangers take "balls"?

Who gives a fuck? Apart from gay women-haters and DL-ers, of course?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54512/02/2013

He's such a coward

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54612/02/2013

R546 Damn, are there ever one bigger problem in your own personal gay life that is more important to take care of?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54712/02/2013

Yes, frau, closet cases in general.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54812/02/2013

R548 If you're an adult, quit this attitude and mentality, seriously. I say this for your own good, not for Lee or his fans.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 54912/02/2013

Well, idiotic frau, we don't need your bigot advice on DL.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55012/02/2013

Every gay person doesn't need YOUR approval/acknowledgement. Each gay person is a different individual, even if he comes out it doesn't makes him your own or "family".

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55112/02/2013

And we don't need stupid fraus advice

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55212/02/2013

If he comes out, he would still appreciates his fangirls/ fanbase, NOT you, you did nothing other than wanting him & his fans to "go die".

You still think you're doing something for the cause? Delusional.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55312/02/2013

R543 He was/currently in Atlanta, shooting the new AMC series. This was from a fan instagram, taken in Atlanta yesterday.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55412/02/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55512/02/2013

R545, sexuality is not the same as sex, you idiot at R545. He's just telling people that he happens to fall in love with guys and girls. He doesn't tell people who he fucks or what they do in bed. There's a difference.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55612/02/2013


I assume R545 didn't read about that particular thread about that Tom whatever guy, I also don't, not interested.

Still, why does telling people about your crushes take "balls"? Why do you people want Pace to do the same, why is it so important to you? You're not even a fan.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55712/02/2013

"I assume R545 didn't read about that particular thread about that Tom whatever guy, I also don't, not interested."

Um, this is a gay gossip board, what are you even doing here?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55812/02/2013

Sorry for not interested to read ALL topics. If not because of his fans replying, all the Lee Pace's threads (that are mostly made by non-fans)just sank because that guy doesn't generate much gossips.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 55912/02/2013

The storyline for Lee's new tv show sounds AWFUL. I'll still tune in just to support.

People just want Lee to go to the premiere so they can try and get some photos of him with Richard. And that will NEVER happen.

Besides, judging from Richard's body language at the Hobbit fan event, I'm pretty sure they've broken up.

Pace seems to have put on a few, and Armitage seems like the type of prick who would dump you if you gained three pounds.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56012/02/2013

Richard looked a little shy in this video. I'm guessing that they were a subject of teasing on set.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56112/02/2013

Amazing that Lee is not attending one DOS premier. Hmmmm, very strange

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56212/02/2013

R558 you're totally right. This is not fangurl central, this is a gay gossip site.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56312/02/2013

Oh Yeah? Are there new stories in here? All I see is some DL's oldtimer batshitcrazy anti-Pace bumping this thread only to repeat the same shit that totally sound like to see the fans' reply.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56412/02/2013

Really, R560? It looked like RA was still wearing LP's silver tiepin. Jealous much?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56512/03/2013

It does look like the detractors here are jealous of the two being together more than the fangirls. LOL

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56612/03/2013

Hello everyone .. I read every day .. for me Richard and Lee are together .. The person who said that during the event Richard was strange against of Lee .. what did you see?!? :-) In the part where Lee talks .. you have seen like Richard looks Lee? if he's eating with her eyes .. he returned the smile!

For me they are a couple :-)

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56712/03/2013

I agree they are a couple

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56812/03/2013

[564; 565; 566] Many people here on Datalounge are really nasty, jealous and loves to lash out at people. Sometimes I have the impression they are 14 in their minds. It's sad if those people are no better humans and are not able to articulate like adults even when they are on a gossip-site. Is it so hard to discuss a subject without beeing childish?!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 56912/03/2013

Are all of you living on another planet. I agree with reply 569,

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57012/03/2013

Not with stupid fraus, You're not welcome here.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57112/03/2013

R569 I wonder who are these people behind the childish posts, they reacted like there's something really personal going on between them and Lee. Their angers are really strange and weird.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57212/04/2013

We don't like closeted gays, is it that hard to understand it?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57312/04/2013

R573 Yes, it is hard to understand your personal rage on one actor you've never even met. Are you gonna spend your whole life doing this?

[quote]We don't like closeted gays, is it that hard to understand it?

If that's the case, I can't imagine how you going to live your life, because there are more of them other than Lee.

And, after he came out one day, what are you going to do with his coming out or with him? Does this actor's coming out will make your life better than it is than now?

Because whether he's going to say "I'm gay" or not, neither of us fangirls and DL gays have any chance to have him, I don't think he likes anyone with this personality that 90% people on DL have, as his soulmate.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57412/04/2013

You don't like dl and its style, stay away. We won't miss you.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57512/04/2013

R575 DL "style"? No, your reactions were beyond childish and lame, it's not bitchy, bitchy IS DL style, but yours is just childish, without an ounce of DL bitchiness.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57612/04/2013

Well, we don't care about a stupid frau opinion.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57712/04/2013

[quote]Well, we don't care about a stupid frau opinion.

Well, obviously other gay men doesn't care about your stupid, over the top rage on this actor, you are alone in this. There is no "we".

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57812/04/2013

It's easy, just turn on troll-dar. It's here for that, that's the reason why it's intalled.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 57912/05/2013

I absolutely don't like closeted cases; it's right and if you don't like it, go back to your tumblr or fangurl site.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58012/05/2013

[R580] Same for you! If you don't like him why are you here, Mrs. Diva?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58112/06/2013

R581 Diva WANTS him. Diva is dreaming about him night & day.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58212/06/2013

Because this is a gay gossip site, dense frau

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58312/06/2013

[R582] You have something in common with this guy in the Hobbit - Thranduil (also a Diva)!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58412/10/2013

Lee Pace is THE manneristic diva

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58512/10/2013

Just watched a video interview with Evangeline Lilly, where she says that Lee lived with her and her family in the spare bedroom of their house during the shooting of the movie because he didn't want to live in a hotel. Interesting.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58612/11/2013

Only an anti-social freak would find that "interesting."

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58712/12/2013

It just seems odd he is not attending any DOS premiers? He is filming a TV series! It gets curiouser and curiouser!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58812/12/2013

Watched the film and he only has 3 scenes in it. I wonder if he's not happy with the amount of screen time he's getting. In some interviews he seems to be implying that he's getting too little time in the first film and now this one. I'm sure they shot more scenes but cut them out (see: AUJ extended edition) and that's a real shame because Lee was amazing in the 3 scenes he's in.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 58912/12/2013

Only an anti-social freak would find that "interesting."

My, my...that's quite an extreme reaction to a rather innocuous posting. What has your panties in a bunch? My point was just that I found it interesting that Pace did not live in a hotel, like the majority of his castmates, but chose to live with his fellow actress and her family.

Not real sure what set you off?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59012/12/2013

All the mail actors of the hobbit lived in houses. And Lee Pace lived with Richard Armitage.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59112/12/2013

I meant main actors, stars of the hobbit

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59212/12/2013

Well now, we really couldn't call him a main actor in the show, could we?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59312/12/2013

"Mail" actors? What are those? And in the interview that Evangeline Lilly and Pace give together, they both state how much fun it was for Lee to live with her and her family during filming. The interview clip is included in all the pre-publicity materials.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59412/12/2013

Lilly said only for a while, maybe it was during the shooting when only few elf actors involved and Lee was the only one who stayed at hotel.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59512/12/2013

R593 He's set to be in all three movies though. Other DL's so-called actors are dying for his role. And this is not some trashy movie like 50 Shades which some actors need a desperate fans petition to be in that trash.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59612/12/2013

I'm sure Bomer was just as disgusted with them as you were.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59712/12/2013

R594 Read post 592 What did you expect from a closet gay? I'm gay and I lived with Richard Armitage? Fraus...

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59812/13/2013

Here is a new thread, you foolish bitches.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 59912/13/2013

R596 An unexpected journey wasn't exactly a masterpiece...

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 60012/13/2013
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