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Matt Damon is fat

He may zig-zag all over the weight & muscle map, but right now the guy's chubby. Saw him on Letterman, then pics from new movie premiere ("Elysium"), and he is paunchy, with his giant, flabby ass in tow

by Cheyennereply 4108/24/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Cheyennereply 108/04/2013

Matt looks great!

by Cheyennereply 208/04/2013

OP: He can't be "Good Will Hunting" forever, much as we'd like it.

by Cheyennereply 308/04/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Cheyennereply 408/04/2013

He looks like hell. Gross.

by Cheyennereply 508/04/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Cheyennereply 608/04/2013

You would do him with no hesitation, OP R1 R4 R6

by Cheyennereply 708/04/2013

He's developing James Spader's man-bear gut

by Cheyennereply 808/04/2013

and he already has Natalie Portman's big womanly ass

by Cheyennereply 908/04/2013

I'm the one who said he was gross but I think he actually is hotter this way.

by Cheyennereply 1008/04/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Cheyennereply 1108/04/2013

Well, at least he'll bounce

by Cheyennereply 1208/04/2013

So,OP, his ass was giant and flabby on Lettetman. It was lifted and round?

by Cheyennereply 1308/04/2013

Matt Damon is and will always be a beautiful gentleman. He is an active supporter of the LGBT community and liberal causes. He is one of the most talented actors within his profession, is very intelligent, and is truly good and kindhearted. This makes him all the more beautiful.

by Cheyennereply 1408/04/2013

R14 ......Thanks Ben

by Cheyennereply 1508/04/2013

I have never found him at all attractive. Utterly bland looks.

by Cheyennereply 1608/04/2013

He's not fat. His stomach is flat. He's just approaching middle age. Isn't that grey in his hair?

by Cheyennereply 1708/04/2013

Wow! That's obese!

by Cheyennereply 1808/04/2013

In the DL world, someone is fat if they have have a 31 inch waist and are 5 pounds underweight!God forbid if the man is over 40, he's dead as well....

by Cheyennereply 1908/04/2013

Oh for goodness sakes. The way some of you are going on you'd think he weighed 300 pounds and resembled a beached whale. He looks fine. Jeez.

by Cheyennereply 2008/04/2013


by Cheyennereply 2108/04/2013

R9 No one needed to see that!!!!

by Cheyennereply 2208/04/2013

More cushion for the pushin.'

by Cheyennereply 2308/04/2013

More cushion for the pushin'

by Cheyennereply 2408/04/2013

Recent Damon.

by Cheyennereply 2508/04/2013

I'm more concerned with what's going on with his face, which looks coarse and bloated.

I can work with the body.

by Cheyennereply 2608/04/2013

he looks hot as hell

by Cheyennereply 2708/04/2013

The Damon but is and always will be sweet stuff.

by Cheyennereply 2808/04/2013

He only dyes his hair when he is filming. He should keep coloring his hair. He is rich enough.

by Cheyennereply 2908/04/2013


by Cheyennereply 3008/24/2013

Damn, he got so OLD!

by Cheyennereply 3108/24/2013

He's only in his early 40's and his upper eyelids are all ready hanging over his eyes. He's going to need an eye job before he's 50.

by Cheyennereply 3208/24/2013

Well, lets not be too quick to jump under the knife.

by Cheyennereply 3308/24/2013

He could just be aging naturally and not doing much about it. (Gasp!) It hits some people in early middle age and others can seem to push it off until later middle age.

Look at photos of Frank Sinatra who was a naturally skinny, lanky young guy. When he hit middle age his face got very broad as did his overall physique. (Granted, Sinatra had an 'old style' lifestyle of drinking, smoking and probably not exercising the way people do today.)

Damon has 4 kids and may not be a gym rat so he's letting nature take over a little. I'm sure if he had to get in shape for a role he'd be back in 'fighting shape' pretty quickly.

by Cheyennereply 3408/24/2013

I think Sinatra was on Prednisone which caused his puffy moon face. Damon has been eating too many Krispy Kremes.

by Cheyennereply 3508/24/2013

Rumor is that Damon will be in Justice League (superhero not yet determined, but rumor is Aquaman), so if he's fat now, he'll be getting into shape soon.

by Cheyennereply 3608/24/2013

Along the same lines, I just saw Chris O'Donnell in an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are" this past week and he has definitely also hit that 'middle aged' look.

He and Matt were both born in 1970.

by Cheyennereply 3708/24/2013

he must be straight then. Typical middle age "I'm settled down" straight man fat ass progression happening, folks.

by Cheyennereply 3808/24/2013

Wow, yeah, he looks OLD.

You're kidding about Matt Damon being Aquaman in the JL movie, right? Obvious troll is obvious.

by Cheyennereply 3908/24/2013

The JL movie isn't for another 3 years. That's a mighty long workout for Matt.

by Cheyennereply 4008/24/2013

r37, I thought Chris looked so paunchily, DILF-ily hot in your link that I decided he deserved his own thread.

by Cheyennereply 4108/24/2013
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