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American Horror Story: Coven

TCA: Kathy Bates Tackles Serial Killer Socialite, Angela Bassett Plays Voodoo Priestess In ‘American Horror Story: Coven’

By LISA DE MORAES, TV Columnist Friday August 2, 2013 @ 4:05pm PDT

Kathy Bates will play Louisiana-born socialite and serial killer Marie Delphine LaLaurie in Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Coven debuting in October. Bates’s character was a big wheel in New Orleans until a fire broke out in her house in 1834 and people responding to help discovered bound and tortured slaves inside. Angela Bassett, meanwhile, will play Marie Laveau, a Louisiana Creole and Voodoo priestess who also lived in New Orleans in the 19th century. Jessica Lange will play a witch named Fiona and Sarah Paulson will play her daughter, Cordelia. And no, it’s no coincidence Paulson’s character has the same name as King Lear’s good daughter – the one who winds up dead after Dad goes mad, AHS exec producer Tim Minear told TV critics at Summer TV press tour 2013 this afternoon. Minear appeared on stage with Lange, Paulson, Bates and Bassett, and noted this is just part of the Coven cast, which he described as a “murders’ row of actresses.” Other names reportedly signed on for the coming season include Patti LuPone, Francis Conroy, Gabourney Sidibe, and Lily Rabe.

“The cast is off the hook – we could have gotten George Cukor to direct,” Minear joked — a reference to the director of classic late 30’s flick The Women with its all-female cast, based on the Clare Boothe Luce play of same name. This year’s AHS will look at “bigger themes” of oppression of minorities, and minority groups going after each other and doing the work of the larger culture,” Minear hinted. There is also a strong “feminist theme” running through AHS: Coven, he said. And a higher “fun quotient” this coming season than last, which has been set in an asylum. The fun quotient, he said, “might be a little more welcoming to an audience” than last season.

by George Cukorreply 60106/07/2014

Don't forget that other queen, Zachary Quinto.

by George Cukorreply 108/02/2013

[quote]And a higher “fun quotient” this coming season than last, which has been set in an asylum. The fun quotient, he said, “might be a little more welcoming to an audience” than last season.

This scares me, and not in a good Horror Story way.

by George Cukorreply 208/02/2013

I used to live catty-corner from the LaLaurie house, buggy drivers stopping all day long.

by George Cukorreply 308/02/2013


by George Cukorreply 408/02/2013

I can't wait for this.

by George Cukorreply 508/06/2013

This is gonna be the show to watch this fall...

by George Cukorreply 608/06/2013

I gave up on last season about six episodes in. It was so gory and over the top. I love stories set in New Orleans and especially if they involve witches. I'll give this season a go.

by George Cukorreply 708/06/2013

Last season's finale was beautiful, esp. Sister Jude's story. Left me in tears.

by George Cukorreply 808/06/2013

R8, I agree. I hate Murphy's work--usually--but he's delivered two really good seasons of horror, which is a difficult genre to do well. I'm excited for the new season.

by George Cukorreply 908/06/2013

I hope Jessica Lange gets another big fantasy song-and-dance number like last season's "The Name Game". New Orleans is such a musical city, how could she not?

by George Cukorreply 1008/07/2013

I strongly hope she doesn't. If they do that every season it's going to be a camp schtick, and it will ruin the horror element.

by George Cukorreply 1108/07/2013

Hold me, R2, I'm scared, too.

by George Cukorreply 1208/07/2013

The anthology set up of AHS is ideal for Murphy because his shows usually go to shit in the second season.

by George Cukorreply 1308/07/2013

This is gonna be a great season. I love real history mixed into supernatural story lines.

by George Cukorreply 1508/07/2013

I can't wait for Lange.

by George Cukorreply 1608/07/2013

Christine Ebersole has just been cast. So now you have Lange, LuPone, Bates, Bassett, Frances Conroy, and Ebersole representin' the ladies of a certain age.

by George Cukorreply 1708/16/2013

Very excited for this.

I loved the first two seasons.

by George Cukorreply 1808/16/2013

All of those musical actresses are not there by accident. There will be singing in this for sure.

by George Cukorreply 1908/16/2013

They've been shooting in the French Quarter for the last few days -- the crew has brought in a lot of dirt to cover part of Chartres Street and non-period details have been removed from the block (which looks like this).

by George Cukorreply 2008/16/2013

Tacos, tacos everywhere, and not a sausage in sight.

by George Cukorreply 2108/16/2013

Interesting. I have been fascinated by that story since I was a little kid. I may actually have to buy into the hype and start watching.

by George Cukorreply 2208/16/2013

Wonder WTF they will find for Gabourney Sidibe to do in this show?

by George Cukorreply 2308/16/2013

R23 Think Gone with the wind.....

by George Cukorreply 2408/16/2013

[quote]Don't forget that other queen, Zachary Quinto.

He's not in season 3.

by George Cukorreply 2608/16/2013


by George Cukorreply 2808/16/2013

Pins & Needles

by George Cukorreply 2908/16/2013


by George Cukorreply 3008/16/2013

What about the blond kid?

by George Cukorreply 3108/16/2013


Evan Peters?

by George Cukorreply 3208/16/2013

Evan Peters is in the new season.

by George Cukorreply 3308/16/2013

Confirmed Coven Castmembers:

Jessica Lange as 'Fiona'

Frances Conroy

Kathy Bates as 'Delphine LaLaurie'

Evan Peters

Lily Rabe as 'Monica Startville'

Gabourey Sidibe

Sarah Paulson as 'Cordelia,' Fiona's daughter

Angela Bassett as 'Marie Laveau'

Taissa Farmiga

Patti LuPone as some religious right-wing frau

Emma Roberts as 'Madison'

Grey Damon

Alexandra Breckenridge

Denis O'Hare

Jamie Brewer

Christine Ebersole

by George Cukorreply 3408/16/2013

Gabourey Sidibe will play the important role of "Bossie," a prize Holstein owned by the coven and taken to market.

by George Cukorreply 3508/16/2013

Grey Damon is in this?

I thought he was on that horrible show Twisted?

by George Cukorreply 3608/16/2013

A bit short on the male eye candy.

by George Cukorreply 3708/16/2013

If Dylan McDermott isn't in this, naked, masturbating and crying, then I'm not watching.

by George Cukorreply 3808/17/2013

....people responding to help discovered bound and tortured slaves inside ....

So, Kathy Bates is playing Paula Deen ....

by George Cukorreply 3908/17/2013

Pic of Jessica and Gaby on set

by George Cukorreply 4008/18/2013

Ugh, r40. I would fuck Jessica Lange like a steam piston if I got her alone in that suit with those black gloves.

by George Cukorreply 4108/18/2013

Hell yeah, R41 Jessica Lange is sex. She just is.

I felt the same way when Frances Conroy was made up as the angel of death last season.

by George Cukorreply 4208/18/2013

Lily Rabe about to be Rabeing her ass off

by George Cukorreply 4308/19/2013

Another Jessica pic

by George Cukorreply 4408/19/2013

[bold] 'American Horror Story: Coven' Adds Funnyman Leslie Jordan [/bold]

by George Cukorreply 4508/29/2013

I cannot wait for the new season!

by George Cukorreply 4608/29/2013

Leslie Jordan is icing on the coven cake!

by George Cukorreply 4708/29/2013

The story sounds fabulous. Anjelica Huston better have a cameo as The Grand High Witch.

by George Cukorreply 4909/09/2013

Best one yet.

by George Cukorreply 5109/10/2013

Evan Peters looks like he did in season 1. Can't believe his vampire girlfriend is in this.

Anjelica Huston would have been a knock-off! She wouldn't even need makeup this time.

by George Cukorreply 5209/10/2013

Addie is back!

by George Cukorreply 5309/10/2013

I hope they burn a poster of "Hocus Pocus" in effigy.

by George Cukorreply 5409/10/2013

I love this show so much.

I'm glad Evan Peters is back. No Zach Quinto though -- that's too bad.

by George Cukorreply 5509/12/2013

Jessica Lange singing "The Name Game" last season was the highlight in all of television the entire year. It was the best.

by George Cukorreply 5609/12/2013

Episode 3.01 – Bitchcraft (Airs October 9, 10:00 pm e/p)

A young girl, Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), is shattered to discover she possesses a strange genetic affliction tracing back to the dark days of Salem. Zoe is whisked away to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a mysterious school in New Orleans devoted to safeguarding the few remaining descendants who share this unique bloodline. Harboring a secret agenda, Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange), the most powerful witch of their generation, returns to town, reigniting old rivalries with the Coven’s deadly enemies, the Voodoo.

Written by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk; directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

by George Cukorreply 5709/12/2013

That always ales me smile, R56.

by George Cukorreply 5809/12/2013

Keck's Exclusives First Look: A Coven of Divas Sep 16, 2013 07:01 AM ET by William Keck

Despite what you may have heard about Patti LuPone, the Broadway star won't be playing a witch on American Horror Story: Coven, which premieres Oct. 9 on FX. "Patti will be playing someone who will go up against [Jessica Lange's supreme witch] Fiona and her daughter Cordelia [Sarah Paulson]," says executive producer Tim Minear. LuPone's Joan Ramsey becomes a thorn in the women's sides when she and her sexy son move next door to Fiona's boarding school for young witches. "Patti's character is a bit of a holy roller who has recently lost her husband under suspicious circumstances," Minear says.

Lange has known LuPone for years and is excited to go head-to-head with a fellow larger-than-life diva. "I love her dearly," Lange says. "We almost share a date of birth." (Lange was born April 20, 1949, and LuPone the day after.) But which woman should we put our money on when the spells start getting cast? "Oooh," Lange says. "I'm in awe of Patti, but that's tough to call."

by George Cukorreply 5909/16/2013

LOVE this new promo teaser, I've watched it several times. Can't wait!

by George Cukorreply 6009/19/2013

Kathy Bates seems TOO famous to be in this.

by George Cukorreply 6109/19/2013

Whoops, sorry; that promo was posted above.

R56, I totally agree. That single scene made me a fan of the series.

by George Cukorreply 6209/19/2013

So looking forward to this, and the Donna Summer remix album, and my annoying sister moving to the other side of the country, all happening around the same time. It's going to be a great October!

by George Cukorreply 6309/19/2013

[quote]Kathy Bates seems TOO famous to be in this.

I thought that about Jessica Lange at first, too. But I suppose the unfortunate reality is that women their age take juicy roles where they can get them. And there's certainly no shame, or shouldn't be, in doing quality TV. FX dramas are some of the best series right now.

by George Cukorreply 6409/19/2013

[quote]Kathy Bates seems TOO famous to be in this.


by George Cukorreply 6509/19/2013

Boys, here's a cast member for you.

by George Cukorreply 6609/19/2013

One more.

by George Cukorreply 6709/19/2013


by George Cukorreply 6909/20/2013

Is this not going to be available on iTunes? It was available last season, but I can't find it on there and it starts in 2 days.

by George Cukorreply 7010/07/2013

Sarah Paulson's character will undergo a "dramatic evolution" this season.

Ryan also already knows the setting and storyline for Season 4 and has offered a role to SP.

by George Cukorreply 7110/07/2013

First episode entitled "Bitchcraft." They're going for the campy jugular right out of the gate!

by George Cukorreply 7210/07/2013

Premieres tonight bitches! Grab your brooms.

by George Cukorreply 7310/09/2013

[quote]Kathy Bates seems TOO famous to be in this.

Have you seen the state of her career, hon?

by George Cukorreply 7410/09/2013

Washington Post review says that show is awful.

‘American Horror Story: Coven’: It’s witches this time, but the spell is wearing off

When FX first announced the title of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s third iteration of their deeply disturbing yet undeniably tempting “American Horror Story” series (“Coven,” premiering Wednesday night at 10), I’ll admit I had to stifle a yawn and a complaint: Does it have to be witches?

We gotta lotta witches these days — some in pre-production, some in post-production and some already outstaying their welcome on other networks. The problem is, your modern TV witch is usually about as scary and/or interesting as a picked-over Halloween aisle at Walgreens; she’s all sexy spells, smoldering glare, plunging neckline, designer jeans and tousled mane — and sometimes she’s all that in the package of a sullen teenage girl. (Come back, Samantha Stephens, with your twitchy nose and immaculate living room!)

Watching the first episode of “American Horror Story: Coven” (which is all FX would let critics see in advance), I began to wonder if, during our nation’s shameful history of witch persecution, any of them were ever charged with the crime of being boring?

It could happen here. “Coven” is the first time “American Horror Story” gets started with the unmistakable feeling of timecards being punched, as an ensemble of big-name stars dutifully carry forward the show’s trademark fixation on style over substance. On “American Horror Story,” a specific brand of camp works best, but the tone is always hit or miss.

Jessica Lange has adeptly revivified her career by giving herself over entirely to Murphy and Falchuk’s most primal urges to build a high-end replica of the Hits-97.5 Fear Factory down at the mostly abandoned strip mall. Lange first played a scary next-door neighbor in 2011 and then, in last year’s “Asylum,” a sadomasochistic nun straight out of the worst Catholic-school stereotypes.

This time she’s Fiona Goode, “supreme” witch of a New Orleans-based coven that operates Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, a boarding school for witchy teens. Though it has a storied history dating back to the 1790s, the school currently has only three students — make that four, as sad-eyed Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) arrives, having just literally sucked the life out of her boyfriend during a heavy-petting session. Zoe’s mother, aghast that witchcraft still runs in the family, has packed her off to Miss Robichaux’s.

“American Horror Story’s” most devout fans probably have stronger opinions than I do about whether the show is better or worse when it’s set in the present day. (“Coven” is set in the present, with flashbacks to the past.) Murphy and Falchuk clearly treasure a retro-historical feel, reaching for a ready archive of nightmare fodder that includes old-fashioned sanitariums, asylums, convents, rectories, orphanages, laboratories, boarding schools, jails; they fetishize any place where one can imagine unmitigated misery dealt by authority figures and secret psychopaths. The show is always better when it resembles a scratchy print of “Rosemary’s Baby” instead of some forgotten season of “True Blood.”

by George Cukorreply 7510/09/2013


For that mood, “Coven” opens with a deeply disturbing scene set in the French Quarter of 1834, where the evil Madame LaLaurie (Kathy Bates, clearly eager to have some of what Lange has been having on “American Horror Story” these past few years) washes her face in the freshly harvested blood of the slaves she keeps in an attic torture chamber. That’s right — mere minutes into the show, viewers must take in the awful sight of slaves in variously gruesome straits.

“Bonsoir, my pets,” she greets them, while preparing a special punishment.

“Why are you doing this to us?” one of her subjects moans.

“Because I can,” the madame replies.

What better way to explain why “American Horror Story” is the way it is, shows what it shows? Because they can, and because we allow it to be. We reward its unhinged provocation and grisly depictions with the delight of our tweets and shrieks. As far as Murphy and company push things, we seem incapable of pushing back, or pushing the off button.

I confess that last season’s “Asylum” tested even my lapsed-Catholic tolerance with its endless church-themed deviance, although I did enjoy Lange’s over-the-top portrayal of Sister Jude. I came back several episodes later, in time to savor the scene where Lange performed “The Name Game,” a novelty hit song from the 1960s, but, overall, I just thought the show had become too pleased with its own sickness. Which is precisely the reaction Murphy and Falchuk desire; they seem to think that overdoing it is the only way to do it. And the minute you express your revulsion, you’re instantly not cool enough to watch the show.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Coven,” for example, Zoe and another student (Emma Roberts) sneak off to college fraternity party. After a few drinks, what’s the worst that could happen to these girls? Does your answer include “rape”? Then you, too, are onto “American Horror Story’s” favorite compulsion; the show seems to always be in search of a new way to depict sexual violation.

On the plus side, “American Horror Story’s” cachet continues to draw a dream list of talent, especially with this season’s demand for strong women. It’s as if two gay movie and Broadway buffs were sitting in a room shouting out random names of actresses they wish would do (or return to) “American Horror Story,” and, lo, it comes to pass: Kathy Bates! Angela Bassett (as voodoo legend Marie Leveau)! Gabourey Sidibe! Patti LuPone! Frances Conroy! Sarah Paulson! Christine Ebersole!

I’m sure they’ll all have great fun horrifying it up and pushing our limits, but to what end, really? At some point, a discerning viewer needs something besides repeat trips into a bad dream.

American Horror

Story: Coven

(one hour) premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

by George Cukorreply 7610/09/2013

Okay, this is the GREATEST SPOILER OF ALL-TIME. See the second paragraph. This is going to be the campiest show of all-time!!!

by George Cukorreply 7710/09/2013


by George Cukorreply 7810/09/2013

[quote]Washington Post review says that show is awful.

You clearly don't understand the meaning of the word "awful."

by George Cukorreply 7910/09/2013

I'm sad there will be no Teddy Sears this season either...I want to do unspeakable things to him and have him to equally unspeakable things to me...

Having said this, I am so looking forward to tonights premier, critics be damned!

by George Cukorreply 8010/09/2013

"Lethal vaginia" sounds terrifying.

by George Cukorreply 8110/09/2013

Here we go. Five minutes in and I think the shock value from last season has already been upped.

by George Cukorreply 8210/09/2013


by George Cukorreply 8310/09/2013

Wow. NOBODY'S watching?

by George Cukorreply 8410/09/2013

I'm watching! Jessica's bringing out the bitch and I love it.

by George Cukorreply 8510/09/2013

Evan and Taissa reunited. Fangirls must be spazzing.

I'm not loving it so far. This feels like a more hardcore YA novel so far.

by George Cukorreply 8610/09/2013

r84, most people are watching and are away from their computers. Wait until the show's over.

by George Cukorreply 8710/09/2013

Please disregard the redundant "so far."

I did LOL @ Jessica Lange's line about a sabbatical with Shirley MacLaine.

by George Cukorreply 8810/09/2013

Not liking it at much as the last two season premieres. Frances Conroy had like 2 lines - she'll no doubt be in it more, but it feels like they've just forgotten about her already, barely explaining who she is.

Gabourey's talent as a human voodoo doll is great.

by George Cukorreply 8910/09/2013

Alot of stuff was crammed into this jambalaya of an episode...looks like a season of fun to me! I'm in !

by George Cukorreply 9010/09/2013

The preview for the next episode looks amazing.

by George Cukorreply 9110/09/2013

I was pretty disappointed. I liked the first season and really loved season 2. This just felt kinda silly, not really any horror.

But I'll stick with it for a while.

by George Cukorreply 9210/09/2013

I think that was actually a preview for the entire season, r91.

by George Cukorreply 9310/09/2013

Best line..

"when are you going to die?"

by George Cukorreply 9410/09/2013

R84, it hasn't aired yet out here in the West Coast.

by George Cukorreply 9510/09/2013

No LuPone in the preview though, but it probably does cover the next few episodes at least. I hope Jamie Brewer gets more screen time. Loved her in season one.

Was anyone else thinking of Miss Chiquita or Carmen Miranda when Bassett first spoke? So much channelling! She'd make a great Aurora in Kiss of the Spiderwoman.

by George Cukorreply 9610/09/2013

It's over the top but fun.. Kathy Bates is going to give Jessica Lange a run for her money this season.

This show has become a lot more camp than it was in season 1.

by George Cukorreply 9710/09/2013

Agreed...the camp level is amped up in a fun way...and the look is way more glossy and colorful...all 3 seasons seem to have their own look and " feel"

by George Cukorreply 9810/09/2013

I love Jessica Lange snorting coke dancing to In a Gadda da Vida...on and the rosemary's babyish original music is cool.

by George Cukorreply 9910/09/2013

I'm a fan and will watch every episode But

I hate the Msdidon character and her storyline. Way too YA for me. This isn't the CW or the WB or whatever.

by George Cukorreply 10010/09/2013

"Eat shit, Kyle!"

We get it, Ryan. They're meatheads...

by George Cukorreply 10110/09/2013

Lange is really bringing it. And I love La Bassett as the voodoo queen. The students are meh so far, but Lange, Bates and Bassett more than make up for it

by George Cukorreply 10210/09/2013

Even the glorious Majel Barret was brought down by having to act with that horrid kid who played Worf's son

by George Cukorreply 10310/09/2013

Oh, and Kathy Bates is definitely giving Lange a run for it this season, r97. She was terrific.

Those two will carry the whole show on their backs.

by George Cukorreply 10510/09/2013

What is YA?

by George Cukorreply 10610/09/2013

Brilliant camerawork.

Murphy has said this season is intentionally campy and infused with lots of humour. To the naysayers, let go of the first two seasons and just enjoy it as great television. So far, it's the best offering I've seen yet of the new season.

by George Cukorreply 10710/09/2013

Young Adult, R106

by George Cukorreply 10810/09/2013

More Sarah Paulson and less Emma Roberts please

by George Cukorreply 10910/09/2013

I laughed at Jessica's lines. You dropped your cocktail, and then that laugh. She's playing her perfectly.

by George Cukorreply 11010/10/2013

Emma Roberts was arrested for biting and assaulting Evan Peters during this. Remember that.

by George Cukorreply 11110/10/2013

Total setup episode, but I'm loving it.

Is Lily Rabe in more episodes, or is that? What about Frances Conroy? I really wouldn't mind her absence.

A human voodoo doll. THAT is awesome.

The potion thing is a total homage to "Death Becomes Her," which by the way is being made into a tv series for Bravo.

by George Cukorreply 11210/10/2013

Does Evan Peters cry?

by George Cukorreply 11310/10/2013

I want to pronounce this "Coh-van" like the dudes in"American Movie".

by George Cukorreply 11410/10/2013

This is going to be good. Jessica, Kathy and Angela amazing. Ryan Murphy adds a certain something different to each season. If this season allows Jessica to be a smoking, snorting, drinking,sassy cunt, then I will be in delighted.

by George Cukorreply 11510/10/2013

I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

by George Cukorreply 11710/10/2013

welcome to Hogwarts, can't wait to see the next episode!

by George Cukorreply 11810/10/2013

[quote]One thing has been overlooked in the history of witches. It was always women accused of witchcraft. This was very convenient for in a male dominated society, accuse a woman of having power beyond that of any man, caused panic in all the right people.

Oh, brother.

by George Cukorreply 11910/10/2013

why isn't Angela Bassett in the opening credits?

by George Cukorreply 12010/10/2013

I was kind of bored. And the way they played fast and loose with the LaLaurie legend was a real turn off. And, I may be wrong, but I believe there are no tours of the LaL house. I get it-it's a show, but it still irks.

by George Cukorreply 12110/10/2013

[quote]Is Lily Rabe in more episodes, or is that?

I'm assuming with her abilities as a necromancer, she might be able to resurrect herself. But then I figured she would be the one to resurrect Bates and Peters but it looks like Bates cannot die and Peters will be a zombie.

In any event, what I expected to happen was 100% off and that is why I love AHS so much.

Who was the hot asian scientist?

by George Cukorreply 12210/10/2013

Do you think any conservative Christian groups are offended by AHS? I hope so!

by George Cukorreply 12310/10/2013

my Jenny Craig group was deeply offended by Gabby Sidibe

by George Cukorreply 12410/10/2013

The scientist was one of the leads from that NBC series The Event. Ian Anthony Dale is his name - he is also reoccurring on Hawaii 5-0

by George Cukorreply 12510/10/2013

[quote] it hasn't aired yet out here in the West Coast.

I'm on the West Coast and was watching it when I posted. That's the beauty of satellite TV vs. cable.

by George Cukorreply 12610/10/2013

How'd I miss this story?

by George Cukorreply 12710/10/2013

Yes, R125, and he also played an Avatar in Charmed. He totally shoulda seen the witch thing coming.

by George Cukorreply 12810/10/2013

When will Lupone be on?

by George Cukorreply 12910/10/2013

Last season was too dark for me, but this season looks like it'll be fun. The young witches are pretty boring, but the rest of the cast I'm excited about. Lange, Bates and Bassett!!

by George Cukorreply 13010/10/2013

Did I miss something or was there a huge, gaping plot hole in the premiere? Wouldn't Lange be able to control the doctor's mind into giving her more drugs, like she did to get the free tour?

by George Cukorreply 13110/10/2013

Someone put R131 in a time-out.

by George Cukorreply 13210/10/2013

[quote]Wouldn't Lange be able to control the doctor's mind into giving her more drugs, like she did to get the free tour?

She needed the kickstart to juice up her powers, like when she sucked the life out of him.

by George Cukorreply 13310/10/2013

Fantastic first episode. Loved it. And it does seem to have a lighter tone, which is a relief after asylum. Kathy Bates was really great.

This season's premiere was much, much more exciting than the premiere of season 2.

by George Cukorreply 13410/10/2013

I just found season 2 so so harsh. I don't think I made it a third of the way through before I bailed on it.

by George Cukorreply 13510/10/2013

Wow, are you like, a fucking genius, R116? Like, who knew? It's been soooo overlooked that females were killed for being "witches."

by George Cukorreply 13610/10/2013

I enjoyed it. I still don't like Emma Roberts, but at least she's playing herself, more or less. I suppose there are things one can nitpick, but it's better than any of the new network crap by a wide margin.

Pearls are being clutched on ONTD because of the rape and slave torture scenes.'s horror, and camp horror at that. Apparently it's ok for the show to torture and kill straight white cisgendered men in their eyes, but everything else is "going too far."

by George Cukorreply 13710/10/2013

I loved it. I am so excited for the rest of this season, it looks so promising. All the cast were great, Emma Roberts grated a bit but hopefully something will happen to her character to tone her down somewhat. I was pissed when Angela Bassett's character just poisoned Kathy Bate's character in such a quick and easy way. So it was delightful to find out that she'd been buried alive for hundreds of years. I cannot wait for next Wednesday.

by George Cukorreply 13810/10/2013

Liky Rabe is a regular this season. Perhaps she resurrects ya Evan Peters' character.

She was great in her flashback.

Kathy Bates was amazing. I guess I've just seen so much of the same from her more recently I was excited to see her play such a nasty character.

by George Cukorreply 13910/10/2013

R131 Ryan Murphy and co. are known for their gaping (plot) holes.

by George Cukorreply 14010/10/2013

Is the character that Kathy Bates is playing based on a real-life person? If so, did Nicolas Cage really own her house?

by George Cukorreply 14110/10/2013

Yes and yes. But there are no tours of the LaLaurie mansion.

by George Cukorreply 14210/10/2013

Was LaLaurie really practice witchcraft? Was she killed by LaVeau?

by George Cukorreply 14310/10/2013

[quote] Liky Rabe

Freudian slip?

by George Cukorreply 14510/10/2013

Though r140 definitely has a point, plot holes and inconsistencies are a RM trademark. I also, couldn't figure out why, as r131 said, Lange didn't just mind control the doc into doing her bidding in the first place? I also wondered what prompted her to suck his life force at that point in time. Was it out of anger, because she was sufficiently "juiced up" on the research drugs and coke, or because she needed his life force to remain youthful or powerful? I'm guessing this will be further explored as the series continues. . . At least, I hope it will.

In any case,I hope she was both smart enough or powerful enough to have covered her tracks.

by George Cukorreply 14610/10/2013

They've given Lange's character too many powers. This season will no doubt be filled with deus ex machinas because of this. Last season used the aliens in a similar way.

by George Cukorreply 14710/10/2013

No gays this year? That's disappointing. And I can't stand the teenage romance BS. Evan Peters was the most interesting in season 2, where he didn't have a teenage love interest. Heck.. he was interesting in season 1 too, before he and Violet got together.

by George Cukorreply 14810/10/2013

Man, the gals over in the formums at are NOT happy about all the rape on this show.

It "triggers".

(Not that I think rape is fun or not awful, but c'mon, this is AHS--everything is awful!)

by George Cukorreply 14910/10/2013

There HAVE to be gays. Also, one of the witches must be a lesbian. My vote is Conroy's Grace Coddington creature.

by George Cukorreply 15010/10/2013

I loved how much Frances Conroy brought to her scene. She seems to be wallowing in the camp of it all. I also love how she puts her beauty aside for a good character role, she obviously is not vain at all.

Jaime Brewer is the best of the young witches. I'm calling it now. She was the most natural in all her scenes. And, she played Jessica's daughter in season one as though there was nothing to it.

Jessica Lange killed me in her coke scene! She's just too much and Sarah Paulson could not keep up with her at all!

Love Kathy Bates! I just do in general.

by George Cukorreply 15110/10/2013

I know, R149. I just wonder if these people have any experience with the horror genre. Gory murders, torture, etc. are par for the course but a non-graphic rape scene (which is also a very common horror theme) is somehow worse? I'm sure they'll watch all season so they can complain and scold some more.

by George Cukorreply 15310/10/2013

Have it on DVR to watch today. Hope we get some Evan Peters ass and feets!

by George Cukorreply 15410/10/2013

[quote]I gave up on last season about six episodes in. It was so gory and over the top. I love stories set in New Orleans and especially if they involve witches. I'll give this season a go.

Oh for Heaven's sake it's make believe. Do yourself a favor and rent it. It's AMAZING and Lange's "The Name Game" is pure brilliance and only one highlight.

[quote]Jaime Brewer is the best of the young witches. I'm calling it now. She was the most natural in all her scenes. And, she played Jessica's daughter in season one as though there was nothing to it.

That kid is incredible.

by George Cukorreply 15510/10/2013

If Jessica Lange's character has all the powers, R147, which is what was said during the show, why does she need to Jaime Brewer's character's intuition abilities?

R149, I get what you're saying and agree for the most part, but the first episode did have four rapes. That seems extreme.

by George Cukorreply 15610/10/2013

R149 I just had this same conversation on lchat. They're up in arms over there. Can't we just enjoy the show? Triggers. For God's sake, it's a tv show. They raped her and she killed 7. I thought that was justice, but I like revenge. So sue me.

by George Cukorreply 15710/10/2013

Leslie Jordan will play a Truman Capote-type who's literary success is the result of witchcraft.

by George Cukorreply 15810/10/2013

People are outraged that no one is outraged that a guy was raped in this.

by George Cukorreply 15910/10/2013

Did we see any nudity? I can't tell.

by George Cukorreply 16010/10/2013

'American Horror Story: Coven' Debut is Most-Watched Ever


Most-Watched Telecast Ever of the American Horror Story Franchise

Critically-Acclaimed Miniseries Records 5.54 million Total Viewers and 3.87 Million Adults 18-49 Which Are Gains of +44% in Total Viewers and +39% in Adults 18-49 Over AHS: Asylum Premiere

3.5 Rating in Adults 18-34 Topped All Broadcast Competition in Primetime (8:00-11:00PM) on Wednesday It Could Rank as the Most-Watched Program in FX History When Live+7 Data Becomes Available

The Premiere Telecast and Encore Runs Combined to Deliver 7.78 Million Total Viewers and 5.36 Million Adults 18-49

NEW ORLEANS, October 10, 2013 - The premiere episode of FX’s critically-acclaimed miniseries American Horror Story: Coven (10/9/13, 10:00-11:12 PM) was the most-watched telecast ever of the American Horror Story franchise, recording 5.54 million Total Viewers, 3.87 million Adults 18-49 (3.0 rating) and 2.34 million Adults 18-34 (3.5 rating), which ranked #1 for the night in Adults 18-34 against all broadcast competition in primetime (8:00-11:00PM), and it ranked #2 in Adults 18-49 behind Modern Family. (Cable program rankers for Wednesday will be available later this afternoon.)

On a Live+Same Day basis, last night’s debut episode of Coven, “Bitchcraft,” posted all-time AHS franchise highs across the board for the American Horror Story franchise and marked gains of +44% in Total Viewers (5.54 million vs. 3.85 million) and +39% in Adults 18-49 (3.87 million vs. 2.78 million) compared with the debut of American Horror Story: Asylum, and an astounding +74% in Total Viewers (5.54 million vs. 3.18 million) and +90% in Adults 18-49 (3.87 million vs. 2.04 million) compared with the premiere of American Horror Story: Murder House. Coven also scored franchise highs in Women 18-49 (2.36 million) and Women 18-34 (1.47 million).

The premiere telecast and encore runs (11:12 PM and 1:25 AM) of Coven combined to deliver 7.78 million Total Viewers and 5.36 Million Adults 18-49.

Furthermore, if the time-shifted viewing for American Horror Story: Coven is in line with that of its predecessor American Horror Story: Asylum, last night’s debut of Coven could rank as the most-watched telecast in FX history, surpassing the sixth season premiere episode of Sons of Anarchy (9/10/13). The average Live+Same Day to Live+7 percentage increase for American Horror Story: Asylum was +67% in Total Viewers and +75% in Adults 18-49.

In Chapter 2 of Coven - “Boy Parts” (Airs Wednesday, October 16, 10:00 pm e/p) - Fiona helps Zoe and Madison deal with a horrible tragedy. Delphine LaLaurie struggles to adjust to modern life. Cordelia faces a dark decision about her family. (Written by Tim Minear; Directed by Michael Rymer)

American Horror Story: Coven tells the secret history of witches and witchcraft in America. Over 300 years have passed since the turbulent days of the Salem witch trials and those who managed to escape are now facing extinction. Mysterious attacks have been escalating against their kind and young girls are being sent away to a special school in New Orleans to learn how to protect themselves. Wrapped up in the turmoil is new arrival, Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), who is harboring a terrifying secret of her own. Alarmed by the recent aggression, Fiona (Jessica Lange), the long-absent Supreme, sweeps back into town, determined to protect the Coven and hell-bent on decimating anyone who gets in her way. American Coven features an extraordinary cast including Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe, Frances Conroy, Lily Rabe, Denis O’Hare, Patti LuPone, and Danny Huston. Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Dante Di Loreto, Tim Minear, James Wong, Jennifer Salt, and Brad Buecker are Executive Producers of American Horror Story: Coven. It is produced by Twentieth Century Fox Television.

About FX

FX is the flagship general entertainment basic cable channel of FX Networks, a business unit of 21st Century Fox. FX Networks is comprised of FX, FXM, and FXX, its newest channel which launched in early September 2013. Launched in June of 1994, FX is carried in more than 98 million homes. The diverse schedule features a growing roster of critically acclaimed and award-winning hit dramas series, including Sons of Anarchy, Justified, The Americans and The Bridge; the miniseries American Horror Story: Coven; and the acclaimed hit comedy series Louie, Archer and Wilfred. The network’s library of acquired box-office hit movies is unmatched by any ad-supported television network. FX’s roster of acquired hit series includes Two and a Half Men, Anger Management and, coming in 2014, Mike & Molly.

SOURCE: The Nielsen Company, Live+Same Day

by George Cukorreply 16110/10/2013

So was it a "Death Becomes Her" tribute?

by George Cukorreply 16210/10/2013

Kathy Bates surprise introduction for American Horror Story 3 at PaleyFest 2013.

Geez, they announce that she was giving everyone a free car?

by George Cukorreply 16310/10/2013

I really don't understand these rape people. I'm friends with a few on Facebook. They want more open dialogue about rape, but no depictions of rape in media?

by George Cukorreply 16410/10/2013

Go to youtube and put in: american horror story coven interview

There's all different interviews of the cast.

by George Cukorreply 16510/10/2013

Gabourey Sidibe interview. OMG, she's going to die of a heart attack.

by George Cukorreply 16610/10/2013

Here are some of my favorite Q&As from Kathy Bates' interview with HuffPo. I like these first two because I think it shows a lot of maturity and class for one legendary actress to be so complimentary toward another. The next one is interesting because of the witchcraft vs. voodoo element that's going to develop throughout the season. I also think she does a great job addressing the racial element in the plot. And she'll be back! Love this woman!!


[bold]Between your costumes and Jessica Lange's, it's awesome.[/bold] Oh my god, and isn't Jessica fabulous in this? Oh my god. She's completely done a whole other fabulous character for "American Horror Story" that's so different from her other characters. Ugh, love it. Love the high heel that comes out of the car -- what an opening! And in the rain with the umbrella -- just loved it!

[bold]I know you're friends with her. Does that chemistry translate on screen? Your characters are enemies.[/bold] Yeah, we've been in things with each other. We did a movie together -- I did a small part in a movie called "Men Don't Leave" she did back in the '80s and we did a movie that we shall not mention [laughs] not too long ago. I like her so much and we trust each other. I love working with her and I feel so ... I don't know, I feel really proud to be in her presence because of the filmography she has. I've been a fan of hers since "Frances." They don't make them like her anymore. She's one of the real glamorous movie stars of all time. I was there when she got the award at the New York Film Society and she shares that award with icons like Claudette Colbert. I mean, come on, she's amazing.

[bold]What can you preview about the dynamic between your character and Angela Bassett's?[/bold] Well, as you can imagine, we're off to a really ignited start. I think the battle lines have been drawn and you'll certainly see more in [Episode 2 and Episode 3]. Tim Minear had said in some press recently that the witches from Salem came down to the South and there's been an enmity between voodoo and witchcraft since then. It's important to note that I'm not a witch, so I don't know how I'm going to fold into all of this.

[bold]Is there anything too heinous you won't do? After last year, Jessica said no more caning scenes.[/bold] Well, I've done some pretty heinous things so far. I guess I'd have to reserve judgment on that. I know there was one particular scene that I can't divulge that really made me weep. It was very upsetting. To think these kind of things actually went on, I mean people were tortured in those days. Horrible things were done, that's why they call it "American Horror Story." Part of the show is about race and I hope people don't feel it's trivialized because it was a heinous part of our culture and we're still fighting battles over race. It's a very serious and difficult subject to talk about and I hope that our show can do its own small part to foster conversation about race. It's entertainment, it's a fun show, it's a horror show, it's all those things, so I don't know if people will feel like it's not weighty enough to take on race. But I hope we can. I hope we can. Anyway, that's how I feel about it.

[bold]Ryan often brings back actors. Would you do another season?[/bold] Oh, absolutely. I would love to be part of his company. I think it's doing exciting work. I love the people. You bet, I'd like to stay on the team.

by George Cukorreply 16710/10/2013

Do the "triggering" people have problems with shows like Law & Order: SVU? How about Criminal Minds, Hannibal or any of the other serial killer shows on tv? I'm pretty sure nobody complained about the innocent people who were killed in this episode. Just the rape.

by George Cukorreply 16810/10/2013

This season is a mix of The Craft, The Skeleton Key, and Suspiria.

Please, oh, please let Jessica Lange use her powers to throw Patti LuPone up against the wall. All of Broadway would stand up and cheer.

Jessica: "Does the world really need more assholes dressed up in Ed Hardy t-shirts?"

by George Cukorreply 16910/10/2013

[quote] we did a movie that we shall not mention [laughs] not too long ago.

What's the story with Bonneville? Is it terrible?

I wish Lange would do a really long in depth interview. I would love to hear about All That Jazz.

by George Cukorreply 17010/10/2013

I looked up Bonneville too after reading that. I've never seen it. Joan Allen also starred, so three amazing actresses. I guess they just all needed work.

by George Cukorreply 17110/10/2013

Is there any--ANY-- size meat in this (and I'm not talking about Sidibe.

by George Cukorreply 17210/10/2013

Not yet, but Evan Peters has a gorgeous ass. However, he's completely miscast as a frat-bro. Then again, he broke up the rape so maybe he's meant to be an atypical frat type.

by George Cukorreply 17310/10/2013

He probably won't be a frat-bro type of boy any more once they somehow bring him back to life.

by George Cukorreply 17410/10/2013

Yeah, the rapists clearly got what they deserved, especially the lead one who was also raped (albeit not very violently) and killed (violently). I actually felt the scene itself was kind of tame in the way it was filmed, by AHS standards.

As for the torture, it reflects real life atrocities (as does the rape, I suppose). That's the scariest part.

by George Cukorreply 17510/10/2013

[quote]Love the high heel that comes out of the car -- what an opening! And in the rain with the umbrella -- just loved it!

That was fabulous.

by George Cukorreply 17610/10/2013

Thanks goodness for this season. I couldn't watch the other 2 season, I just couldn't get into them.

When it comes to witches, then I'm all ears.Angela Bassett as Marie La Veau,omg she is gonna kill it.

I also like Lifetimes The Witches of East End, its really good.

by George Cukorreply 17710/10/2013


That wasn't me, this is the first time I posted on this thread.

by George Cukorreply 17910/10/2013

[quote]I also, couldn't figure out why, as [R131] said, Lange didn't just mind control the doc into doing her bidding in the first place? I also wondered what prompted her to suck his life force at that point in time.

This is not a plot hole she's a powerful witch and power needs a source - youth. She was old and weak and desperate for a cur.e. When she couldn't get it through legit means she sucked it out of a dude and killed him. That wasn't her preferred method, but she was desperate. So she recharged and now had stronger powers.

by George Cukorreply 18010/10/2013

R170, The actual quote was, "The world's not gonna miss a bunch of assholes in Ed Hardy shirts." Heh.

R171, "Bonneville" wasn't terrible, as in embarrassingly bad terrible. It was was simply forgettable, standard issue best-friends-on-the-road-to-find-themselves movie, and not worthy of the talents of Lange, Bates, Allen, and Baranski.

by George Cukorreply 18110/10/2013

I loved it and can't wait for next week.

by George Cukorreply 18210/11/2013

I found my new "MARY!" moment when KB's character put the bull head on the slave. Given the look of head, it was still warm. When she put the hard on that guy I damned near lost my dinner (broiled skirt steak). Changed the channel right then and there to Top Chef.

I will try to watch it again this weekend.

by George Cukorreply 18310/11/2013

makes sense r181. thanks.

New question: Did the slave who was forced to wear the bull's head just really swollen from a beating or did he have his lips sown shut? He seemed to moan a lot, but didn't outright scream or yell, which I would think he would be more likely to do considering the circumstances.

Also, how fucked-up do you think the slave kid that had to do all Bates' bidding must be!? Yikers!

by George Cukorreply 18410/11/2013

Not impressed, but not ready to give up.

by George Cukorreply 18510/11/2013

I loved it and immediately recognized the real life person Kathy Bates was portraying, some crazy bitch who performed extremely gruesome "experiments" on slaves in her attic. But I hope we won't have to see a lot of torture this season, unlike season 2 which was too grim and ugly. The first season was fun, and they seem to be back on track this season.

by George Cukorreply 18610/11/2013

I'm looking forward to watching, and am hearing good things, but I hate how FX declines to make anything available "on demand" until about a week after it was originally broadcast (on my cable system, at least--I wonder if this is universal or just a local problem).

Almost all major cable and broadcast networks make programming available the next day, or maybe after 2 days, if they're going to offer it. Why wait a week, except to piss off viewers?

Sure, I could program the DVR, but that could mean erasing stuff I haven't watched yet, and anyway, why?

by George Cukorreply 18710/11/2013

I don't even have cable, I go to a friend's house to watch tv live, or more often, just download the episodes. AHS is very popular so you can get the episodes quickly, a matter of hours, and in HD.

by George Cukorreply 18810/11/2013

I found it interesting that Kathy Bates's character spoke Creole in a couple of scenes and not French. I guess I always assumed Creole was a "black" language, with its African substratum, and that the white population spoke French. Maybe by the 1830s, after decades of Spanish rule, French was no longer the vernacular in Louisiana except among the recent arrivals from Acadia; maybe everyone in New Orleans spoke Creole at that time.

by George Cukorreply 18910/11/2013

r190, I think they were showing that in public she puts on airs (French) but in private she's crude (Creole).

That daughter's remark about her talents in the bedroom would have gotten her completely shunned from society back then - immediately.

by George Cukorreply 19010/11/2013

It's not American UGLY Story, and season 2 was aggressively ugly. Season 2 wasn't a complete failure, there are good episodes here and there, and I like the final 2 or 3 episodes a lot. But overall it was overly unpleasant. Most people I know think season 2 was off, deal with it bitch (speaking of "pussies" who can't handle something.)

by George Cukorreply 19210/11/2013

[quote]Most people I know think season 2 was off

Most people you know are fucking retarded.

by George Cukorreply 19310/11/2013

R193 is one of those people who rents an apartment above a busy bar and then complains about the noise.

by George Cukorreply 19410/11/2013

[quote]Season 2 wasn't a complete failure, there are good episodes here and there, and I like the final 2 or 3 episodes a lot. But overall it was overly unpleasant. Most people I know think season 2 was off, deal with it bitch (speaking of "pussies" who can't handle something.)

Not one person I know thought it was off. We thought it was brilliant. American Horror Story: Asylum was nominated for 17 Primetime Emmy Awards, more than any other show. Maybe The Disney Channel is more you and your friends speed.

by George Cukorreply 19510/11/2013

There were far more complaints about season 2, and you all know it, which is why you're so touchy about it. Boring stans are all the same.

by George Cukorreply 19610/11/2013

Season 2 was far better than the first season.

by George Cukorreply 19710/11/2013

I liked season 1 better than season 2

by George Cukorreply 19810/11/2013

More underwhelming Paulson.

by George Cukorreply 19910/11/2013

Sarah's face is pretty much too distracting to even notice her acting at this point.

by George Cukorreply 20010/11/2013

The doctor (scientist?) was played by Ian Anthony Dale.

by George Cukorreply 20110/11/2013

Sarah looks beautiful! ... From a certain angle

by George Cukorreply 20210/11/2013

This is a man hating show.

by George Cukorreply 20310/11/2013

No gayness yet.

by George Cukorreply 20410/11/2013

[quote] I guess I always assumed Creole was a "black" language

Why? Creoles are mostly white.

by George Cukorreply 20510/11/2013

Why'd you put black in quotation marks?

You think of Cajun / Creole alongside things like Black and Voodoo because of Hollywood.

The percentage of black people in New Orleans dropped after Katrina. Many decided to stay in whatever city the government sent them to, such as Houston and Atlanta.

The hispanic population got a boost after Katrina because they did a lot of the clean up work and stuck around afterwards. Also, there's a sizable Asian community in New Orleans that seems to surprise some people. It has a large Vietnamese contingent. New Orleans is a very diverse city. A total shithole. Rotten weather. Huge roaches. Tons of poverty. A lot of uneducated folk. Buildings falling apart. Very diverse though.

by George Cukorreply 20610/11/2013

Wow, I really loved the premiere. This season feels so much better than the last.

Last season got off to a rocky start, but this season feels very "cool." I love the New Orleans vibe, and the writing seems to be much more focused than last year, which was my primary complaint.

And how could you not love these GRAND DAMES on screen together? Lange, Conroy, Bates, and Bassett? C'mon, now! It's especially nice to see Cathy back on screen.

Oh, and PRETTY GIRL!! I love the (formerly) Addie character, and boy did the hair and wardrobe people "do her up" nicely! This season is really hearkening back to season one for me, which is a good thing. I hated season two.

When Jessica Lange told Sarah Paulson that she'd better be careful before someone drops a house on her, I LOUDLY snapped my fingers, and didn't even miss a beat, bitch!

I'm getting such a diva-esque vibe from this season, and I absolutely LOVE IT! The storyline also seems sufficiently creepy.

My expectations for season 3 were quite low, especially on the heels of "Asylum," but S3 Ep1 really blew me away.

Love it!

by George Cukorreply 20710/11/2013

Agreed that so far Season 3 is looking better than Season 2. I'd say it has the potential to be better than Season 1.

by George Cukorreply 20810/11/2013

Season 4's about mummies.

by George Cukorreply 20910/11/2013

I liked it but am withholding jdgment. Seasons 1 and 2 were so gruesome, i had to stop watching them. Very bleak. I just couldn't tolerate watching them.

by George Cukorreply 21010/11/2013

Season 4 is about the Tea Party. Jessica Lange plays Michele Bachman.

by George Cukorreply 21110/11/2013

I thought Miley did an OK job with that role actually

by George Cukorreply 21210/11/2013

[quote]Seasons 1 and 2 were so gruesome, i had to stop watching them. Very bleak. I just couldn't tolerate watching them.

I bet you can't even wipe your own ass after you take a shit.

by George Cukorreply 21310/11/2013

Denis freakin O'Hare

Apparently his character looking a bit like Riff Raff isn't an accident.

by George Cukorreply 21410/11/2013

I thought Asylum was an awesome season, far superior to season one - don't know what you all are on about.

by George Cukorreply 21510/12/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 21610/12/2013

If you watch the preview for next week it shows Denis O'Hare character young, with short hair cutting his own tongue out. I think he's going to have an interesting back ground story.

by George Cukorreply 21710/12/2013

The most grotesque thing so far is that the LaLaurie character actually existed. Kathy Bates is great in that revolting role. Jessica Lange is having fun.

Can't stand Emma Roberts, Sarah Paulson annoys me less than she did in Asylum. I love the Taissa and Evan characters. Glad to see Jamie Brewer back, hope she doesn't get killed off too soon as she is obviously going to be the only nice person in the story (again).

by George Cukorreply 21810/12/2013

It's cool that the Jamie Brewer character isn't treated or acted as "special."

by George Cukorreply 21910/12/2013

[quote]Season 4 is about the Tea Party. Jessica Lange plays Michele Bachman.

You joke, but a sort of supernatural HOUSE OF CARDS with Jessica Lange as a witchy political fixer sounds like heaven to me.

by George Cukorreply 22010/12/2013

[quote] I bet you can't even wipe your own ass after you take a shit.

Let's not project your own shortcomings onto others, dear.

by George Cukorreply 22110/12/2013

Most are of mixed race, R206.

From your link.

by George Cukorreply 22210/12/2013

Does Ryan Murphy have a family member with Down Syndrome? It does seem more than coincidental that all his shows feature actors with Down's.

by George Cukorreply 22310/12/2013

I'm wondering if season two was too much for some of you old ladies to handle. I feel like this is a topic we haven't discussed here yet.

by George Cukorreply 22410/12/2013

[quote]When Jessica Lange told Sarah Paulson that she'd better be careful before someone drops a house on her, I LOUDLY snapped my fingers, and didn't even miss a beat, bitch!

This is the gayest thing ever written on Datalounge, and that's saying a lot.

by George Cukorreply 22510/12/2013

[quote] Does Ryan Murphy have a family member with Down Syndrome? It does seem more than coincidental that all his shows feature actors with Down's.

I have wondered about that for the past couple of years and I have seen posts on different message boards in which people ask about it. I also recall some article mentioning the Down syndrome characters in all his shows. I recall on Nip/Tuck, there was only one episode that featured a Down syndrome character and The New Normal had a guest star with Down syndrome.

I like Jamie Brewer on AHS. She is a better actress than Lauren Potter on Glee. I also liked the actress who played Sue's sister on Glee.

by George Cukorreply 22710/12/2013

I read somewhere that Jessica Lange requested that Jamie Brewer be cast in S3 because she enjoyed working with her on S1. She was also the one who suggested that Ryan Murphy hire her friends Sarah Paulson (for S1) and Kathy Bates, and that he write more scenes with her and Frances Conroy (S1 & S2). Lange IMO is a class act.

by George Cukorreply 22810/12/2013

That's the kind of thing that shows someone's a real friend, R229.

by George Cukorreply 22910/12/2013

Lange is a goddess.

by George Cukorreply 23010/12/2013

Is Pepper still in the bathroom? She went to the bathroom in the first episode of season 2 and never came back. What's she doing in there?

by George Cukorreply 23110/12/2013

I think Pepper came out of the bathroom and spoke beautifully and was some kind of alien. I could be wrong last season felt like an acid trip on occasion. I liked it but the whole alien thing was bananas.

by George Cukorreply 23210/12/2013

Ryan has admitted that filming in New Orleans was Jessica's idea! I love it.

by George Cukorreply 23310/12/2013

Yeah, Pepper was the midwife to one of Peters' character's babies.

Also, Consuelos filmed a nude scene that was never shown during Season 2. Mildly disappointing.

And while Season 2 meandered, I thought it had some excellent moments and an amazing ending.

by George Cukorreply 23410/13/2013

Leslie Jordan said he had a good time filming. He wrote on FB that hisr character is not a silly nice queen like we are used to seeing, but an evil and conniving person.

He also shares that he and Gaby sat around on the set and told each other dirty jokes.

by George Cukorreply 23510/13/2013

[quote]I think Pepper came out of the bathroom and spoke beautifully and was some kind of alien.

She was "cured" by the aliens and also revealed that it was her brother-in-law that murdered the baby and cut off its ears but it was easy to blame it on a pinhead.

by George Cukorreply 23610/13/2013

Pepper Pepper Bo Bepper.... Naomi Grossman was amazing as Pepper. She's going to be at Chiller the largest east coast autograph show in two weeks and I'm going to get my "American Horror Story: Asylum" Blu-ray signed. I'm going to ask if she appears in Coven since it's still filming and what did she think when her agent sent her up for the role of a "pinhead".

by George Cukorreply 23710/13/2013

Can't wait till tonight's new episode....

by George Cukorreply 23810/16/2013

I didn't really like the first episode but I'll stick with it.

I wish they had got an Emma Stone type for Emma Roberts part. Roberts has no flair.

by George Cukorreply 23910/16/2013

I wish I could go, R238.

Of course, I'd spend the whole time lusting after Milo Ventimiglia, Peter Barton, Zack Ward and Joe Zaso.

Make sure you get an autograph from Rutanya "Carol Ann" Alda and ask her how much of a cunt Dunaway was.

by George Cukorreply 24010/16/2013

First episode may have been rather chaotic, but tonight episode has pretty much set a standard for the best season of AHS to date

by George Cukorreply 24110/16/2013

Loved the 2 Stevie songs (Edge of Seventeen and Rhiannon).... Angela Bassett is killing it... as is Kathy is Jessica Lange....Lily Rabe. What a great cast!

I do believe this just might be my favorite AHS this far!

by George Cukorreply 24210/16/2013

I liked this episode much more than last week's. Next week we get to see Patti Lupone as the fundamentalist Christian neighbor.

by George Cukorreply 24310/16/2013

r116 is taking a gender course taught by a feminist lesbian professor whose course syllabus is full of self-published works.

by George Cukorreply 24410/16/2013

Jessica Lange can do no wrong. Before Series 1 who knew she was funny? I laughed out loud with her an Kathy Bates, two old broads doing what they do so well.

"I'm sorry for your loss. Wanna bite?"

by George Cukorreply 24510/16/2013

Lily Rabe as a witch in drapes with Stevie Nicks as her hero -- that is just so perfect and wonderful.

Was she about to get to lezzing with the little girl in the cabin?

by George Cukorreply 24610/17/2013

Taissa Farmiga is around 18 or 19 so why do they insist on making her look 12?

by George Cukorreply 24710/17/2013

I LIKED AHS 1 & 2, but I LOVE this season already. I'm kind of upset that the episodes are only 1 hour long and that I have to wait a week between them :(

by George Cukorreply 24810/17/2013

Why didn't they show discarded cock?

by George Cukorreply 24910/17/2013

Patti was just shown in the preview for next week.

by George Cukorreply 25010/17/2013

Who plays Patti's hunky son?

LOVED LOVED LOVED Sidibe's Detroit chicken joint scene.

I hope the Minotaur doesn't kill her off, especially since she is not in the main credits. Same goes for Brewer.

by George Cukorreply 25110/17/2013

Great episode. Love Lily Rabe!!! And nest week we get the meanest woman on Broadway (she pinched all those little kids in GYPSY so they'd be afraid) as Lange's neighbor! Good times!

by George Cukorreply 25210/17/2013

[quote] Patti was just shown in the preview for next week.


Preview?? I should slap your fucking face right now! This episode is being billed, "PATTY'S FUCKING TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO NETWORK TELEVISION!!"

And those goddamned sponsors had better pony up the dough to promote MY episode or there will be HELL TO PAY!!!

Be warned that if I see even ONE FUCKING CELL PHONE on set during my taping... MOTHERFUCKING HEADS WILL ROLL!!!!


Now... ACTION!

by George Cukorreply 25310/17/2013

Who is Lily Rabel?

by George Cukorreply 25410/17/2013

She's a rouser.

by George Cukorreply 25510/17/2013

Is LuPone's hunky son going to be the gay character? He looked very clean cut, but that just might be the fundie thing. It'd be fun to watch LuPone trying to pray the gay away.

There has to be one. I thought it might have been Cordelia until her hot husband showed up. Misty Day is the other main candidate.

Lange and Bates have amazing timing together. I hope they're a double act for series to come.

by George Cukorreply 25610/17/2013

"Are you in charge here?"

"I'm in charge everywhere."

by George Cukorreply 25710/17/2013

r247 i thought the same thing: they looked like they were about to kiss for a second. I am LOVING Rabe this season! I hope she comes to live in the witch school.

by George Cukorreply 25810/17/2013

"Ryan and Stevie are e-mailing"

by George Cukorreply 25910/17/2013

"and yes, you will see shawls."

LOVED THAT thanks r260.

by George Cukorreply 26010/17/2013

LOVE Lilly Rabe as the witch with the Stevie Nicks obsession! This episode just KILLED--literally! Angela Bassett is owning her role as Marie Lavaux. I wish I could see all of the episodes NOW!

Question: If Kathy Bates' character has been buried alive for almost 200 years, wouldn't her coffin be full of shit? Can you imagine spending eternity in a shit filled coffin?

by George Cukorreply 26110/17/2013

well, after she'd pooped out her last meal, there would be nothing to produce MORE shit, silly.

by George Cukorreply 26210/17/2013

Fantastic episode. Absolutely fantastic. This cast is incredible. Kathy Bates is doing one of her best performances since Misery. Stevie Nicks, Minotaurs, Angela Bassett...this is going to be one hell of a season.

by George Cukorreply 26310/17/2013

So is Jessica Lange officially a gay icon now?

by George Cukorreply 26410/17/2013

[quote]So is Jessica Lange officially a gay icon now?

She has been since she played Big Edie.

by George Cukorreply 26510/17/2013

...she has been since she played frances farmer...

by George Cukorreply 26610/17/2013

Emma Roberts is the perfect example of an actress we wouldn't ever have heard of if not for her family connection. She is borderline homely.

by George Cukorreply 26710/17/2013

"It's nice to see you're doing so well after all these years. Maybe in another century you could have two shithole salons."

by George Cukorreply 26810/17/2013

I am loving the dialogue this season! Especially between Bates, Lange and Bassett.

And I did see the tension between Misty and Zoe, that was pretty obviously intentional.

by George Cukorreply 26910/17/2013

I'm loving Gabourey. She was hilarious last night.

"Sabrina, the Teenage Cracker"

Kathy Bates: "Get out of my way, SLAVE!"

"Who you calling a slave, BITCH!"

by George Cukorreply 27010/17/2013

"Come on, Mary Todd Lincoln. I'll buy you a drink"

I fucking love this show.

by George Cukorreply 27110/17/2013

[quote]"Come on, Mary Todd Lincoln. I'll buy you a drink"

Last night it was Miss Pitty Pat.

by George Cukorreply 27210/17/2013

Did Bates character cut off the slaves head and replace it with the bulls head? Why is he a real Minotaur now?

by George Cukorreply 27310/17/2013

Why is Lavoux buried in St. Louis and not New Orleans?

Is Anne Rice going to make an appearance this season as a witch?

by George Cukorreply 27410/17/2013

The "St Louis Cemetery" is in New Orleans, R275. Also, the house they were sitting outside at the end was NOT the LaLaurie house and it is not a museum in real life (it is actually a corner house on it's street-not in a row like they showed). I wish they didn't do shit like that.

by George Cukorreply 27510/17/2013

[quote] Also, the house they were sitting outside at the end was NOT the LaLaurie house and it is not a museum in real life (it is actually a corner house on it's street-not in a row like they showed). I wish they didn't do shit like that.

Perhaps they couldn't get permission to film at the actual location.

by George Cukorreply 27610/17/2013

Did Madison's spell work at last or was it something else that brought Kyle back to life?

by George Cukorreply 27710/17/2013

That was a pretty dark spell.

by George Cukorreply 27810/17/2013

It may have been the kiss R278, it would fit with Zoe being able to kill people with her pussy and heal them with her kiss.

Also I read that Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham are reworking one of her songs specifically for the show since she is apparently friends with Ryan!

by George Cukorreply 28010/17/2013

It was Lily Rabe that resurrected him.

by George Cukorreply 28110/17/2013

[quote]Apparently his character looking a bit like Riff Raff isn't an accident.

That's him as the butler?! I didn't recognize him. I was still waiting for him to appear.

by George Cukorreply 28210/17/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 28310/17/2013

I saw photos of the inside of the Lalaurie house when Nicolas Cage owned it. He had it decorated in a modern style. I didn't like it at all. Who would want to own a house with such a tragic past?

I hope they set a couple episodes during Mardis Gras. That would be fun.

by George Cukorreply 28410/17/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 28510/17/2013

Nicolas Cage was obsessed with Elvis. And then he married Elvis' daughter. Hmmmm...

by George Cukorreply 28610/17/2013

Am I the only who thought Misty is totally going to kiss Zoe?

Cordelia is so giving birth to Antichrist, too.

by George Cukorreply 28710/17/2013

The way Misty was leering at Zoe makes me thinks she's one of those scissor sister-type witches.

by George Cukorreply 28810/17/2013

I loved how Misty deliberately evaded answering Zoe's query regarding whether Stevie Nicks was really a witch ...

Stevie so should have had a cameo this season.

by George Cukorreply 28910/17/2013

I'm not a fan of Sarah Paulson, but that baby-making scene was hot!

Hope there's more hot, sweaty butt cheeks grinding - with or without the blood & snakes.

by George Cukorreply 29010/17/2013

Any info on the guy who plays Paulson's husband?

by George Cukorreply 29110/17/2013

The billing is strange - Frances Conroy is considered main cast, but has only been seen once - briefly - through two episodes; Angela Basset is considered recurring/supporting and does not get main title billing, but has been prominently featured through the same two episodes.

by George Cukorreply 29210/18/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by George Cukorreply 29310/18/2013

Boooo! Now go fuck off.

by George Cukorreply 29410/18/2013

Ryan said he won't repeat the "demon/alien" baby storyline since it's already been done on AHS.

by George Cukorreply 29510/18/2013

I don't like Emma Roberts in the role, but I think she's very pretty - much more so than aunt Julia.

by George Cukorreply 29610/18/2013

r294 - too bad you just go for momentary sensation after momentary sensation. There is character-driven story in all this madness.

by George Cukorreply 29710/18/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by George Cukorreply 29810/18/2013

I've not seen the first two seasons, but I'm a sucker for a good witch story, so I tuned in to Coven. I'm liking it a lot. I have to say, though, that I can't wait for Lange, Bassett, and Bates to be on screen. The younger actors just pale in comparison. I am rather intrigued, though, by the character of Nan. I wish she had more screen time.

Last night, Lange and Bassett just chewed up the scenery. I hope we have more of them together.

So should I check out the first two seasons? I've read that Ryan Murphy wanted to make this season lighter. I've heard the first two seasons were pretty intense.

by George Cukorreply 29910/18/2013

I also thought the sewing bit was very silly and too much.

As for Patti LuPone, lots of people would recognise "Corky's Mom".

by George Cukorreply 30010/18/2013

Paulson such a bore. Out of her depths so far.

by George Cukorreply 30110/18/2013

[quote]but the girls sewing together the cute frat boy was a little over the top absurd AND unnecessarily macabre[/quote]

Gurl did you forget what show you were watching? This is AMERICAN HORROR STORY bitch!

by George Cukorreply 30210/18/2013

[quote]Paulson such a bore. Out of her depths so far.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you don't like her, we get. Sarah was AMAZING in "Asylum" more than deserving of her Emmy nomination and actually deserved the award. It's episode two and her character is just beginning. Unclench.

by George Cukorreply 30310/18/2013

Is that some kind of rule that La LuPone can only be a regular on a series that has a Down Syndrome kid as a cast member?

by George Cukorreply 30410/18/2013

I thought the idea of sewing together the perfect frat boy was HOT.

I hope later we find out how big they made his dick.

by George Cukorreply 30510/18/2013

Becca. Tie my shoe.

by George Cukorreply 30610/18/2013

[quote] I am rather intrigued, though, by the character of Nan. I wish she had more screen time.

Her name is Jamie Brewer. She's a member of the Groundlings and was in the first season of American Horror Story as Jessica Lange's daughter. She was astounding.

by George Cukorreply 30710/18/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by George Cukorreply 30810/18/2013

I like the new theme song that accompanies this season... it's a woman's voice la la'ing. Anyone know who it is? I've searched and been unable to find...

by George Cukorreply 30910/18/2013

Someone called Marni Nixon, apparently.

by George Cukorreply 31010/18/2013

It has always been like this on AHS threads, r309. Bitch about the show and expect someone to come hurling at you. It's ridiculous.

Anyways, I noticed this season it's Chinese herbs, no more Koh-ree-an. I swear that Paulson and Lange were suppressing giggles at their dialogue.

I am loving Lange's character so far. Bitch is fierce.

And love the black attires.

by George Cukorreply 31110/18/2013

[all posts by racist flame bait troll removed, ISP notified with full text of all posts.]

by George Cukorreply 31210/18/2013

[quote]Speaking of the Laveau character - considering she's survived 180 years and has immense power, allegedly, why isn't she living more grandly?

Maybe she doesn't want to call attention to herself.

I confess I'm completely confused about the minotaur. Maybe they'll explain later.

by George Cukorreply 31310/18/2013

I wonder about the "two shithole salons" part too. I am guessing she's supposed to be dead and has to live a low profile life. It's a front.

We really have not seen the extent of her powers or "richness" as yet. Maybe she's an underground godfather type in New Orleans.

I am not sure if Lange's witch still aligns with the good. She knows what she wants and gets it, sacrificing a few along the way.

Have we seen anyone who is really evil as yet? Does Bate's character count?

No idea about the minotaur. Perhaps it's part of the stylish presentation with no explanation given, as usual.

by George Cukorreply 31410/18/2013

[quote]I wonder about the "two shithole salons" part too. I am guessing she's supposed to be dead and has to live a low profile life. It's a front.

The real Marie Laveau was a hairdresser by trade.

by George Cukorreply 31510/18/2013

Tee-hee ... no, r301, only Patti's fans will recognize her from a show called Life Goes On.

by George Cukorreply 31610/18/2013

[quote]I hate threads like this. People can't "discuss" and bitch about the show while still liking it without one or two delusional fans who've lost track of reality and are taking any critique of characters as some sort of personal attacks.

Poor baby. If you hate threads like this, by all means, don't read them.

by George Cukorreply 31710/18/2013

Surely Patti's fans recognise her from her musical theatre work.

by George Cukorreply 31810/18/2013

I really can't warm up to that Roberts girl. Is she Eric's daughter?

by George Cukorreply 31910/18/2013

Ryan should create a role for Chris Burke. I don't think he's doing anything else these days.

by George Cukorreply 32010/18/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 32110/18/2013

I'm a gay man and I had to ask my roommate (who is also gay) what the hell a Patti Lupone was.

by George Cukorreply 32210/18/2013

R323 Turn in your card!

by George Cukorreply 32310/18/2013

[quote] I'm a gay man and I had to ask my roommate (who is also gay) what the hell a Patti Lupone was.

You couldn't even tell that "Patti Lupone" is the name of a person rather than a thing? O...K....

by George Cukorreply 32410/18/2013

[quote] Ryan should create a role for Chris Burke. I don't think he's doing anything else these days.

Knowing Ryan, he will probably create a role for Chris Burke on Glee. Chris can play the older boyfriend of that awful Cheerio Becky.

by George Cukorreply 32510/18/2013

[quote] I really can't warm up to that Roberts girl. Is she Eric's daughter?

Yup, she is Eric's daughter.

by George Cukorreply 32610/18/2013

Eric is prettier, oddly enough.

by George Cukorreply 32710/18/2013

r325 - you are joking right?

by George Cukorreply 32810/18/2013

[quote] You couldn't even tell that "Patti Lupone" is the name of a person rather than a thing?

Have you seen her out of makeup? "Thing" may not be an inaccurate description.

by George Cukorreply 32910/18/2013

[quote]I really can't warm up to that Roberts girl.

She's playing a spoiled murdering movie star brat. You're actually not supposed to warm up to her, that's what Taissa Farmiga's character is for. So she's doing a good job.

by George Cukorreply 33010/18/2013

Patti's coke period covers a long time. I would guess from 1979-1989. Basically from Evita to when she got married.

by George Cukorreply 33210/18/2013

Patti LuPone's face looks like it was pumped up with air and then deflated all the while viewed from a fish eye lens.

by George Cukorreply 33310/18/2013

Am I the only gay man who doesn't get Lupone's appeal to gay men. And yes, I watched that clip at r332. I still don't get it.

by George Cukorreply 33410/18/2013

Are there many witches in New Orleans today?

I saw Anne Rice leaving a restaurant in New Orleans and she was dressed all in black. She looks like a witch when you see her in real life.

by George Cukorreply 33510/18/2013

[quote]Are there many witches in New Orleans today?

Probably. Witches live everywhere.

by George Cukorreply 33610/18/2013

R314 the minotaur is Laveau's husband/lover/whatever, he was a slave of Bates' character. The horses head was punishment for touching her (LaLaurie's) daughter (which he didn't do). I assume Laveau gave him the same elixir she gave herself and LaLaurie.

by George Cukorreply 33710/19/2013

"Bitch, I will EAT you!"

by George Cukorreply 33810/19/2013

In the credits, they have those black-hooded witches, but to me what's scary about them, and this was probably intentional, is that they look like white-hooded KKK hicks. Freaky.

by George Cukorreply 33910/19/2013

Spoilerific question:

I read somewhere that one of the girls is going to be killed in one of the next episodesbut I've forgotten if it was Fiona or Laveau who did it?

Any idea who's going to bite in the grass? From the look of next week's promo it might be Queenie, I think.

by George Cukorreply 34010/19/2013

The Stevie Nicks tribute act is one of the few people Zoe could have sex with and not kill them (for good) so I'm thinking that's on.

Jessica Lange is about as cool as it gets in my book. Cannot wait to see Kathy Bates as the maid!

Have seen Emma Roberts in the flesh and you wouldn't look twice at her on the street.

by George Cukorreply 34110/19/2013

I read it somewhere that Fiona is going to kill one of the students because she believes that the student is going to be the future supreme. r341.

by George Cukorreply 34210/19/2013

R310, it's called "Lala Lala Song" by James S. Levine, but I don't know whose voice it is.

by George Cukorreply 34310/19/2013

They kind of hinted that Stevie Nicks/Lily Rabe is into Taissa's character.Can Stevie/Lily have sex with her? Maybe even her magic can't protect her.

The character with Down's syndrome seems to be the most knowledgeable about magic on a primal level. She might be fingered as the Supreme. Jessica's character is the one that will do the killing.

by George Cukorreply 34410/19/2013

Ugh...Patti Lupone..

Yes, I am one of those who've heard her name bounced around by the Theatre Queens, but never knew who she I youtubed this clip, figuring I knew the song and wondered how she did it.. Good Lord she is awful! Shatner-esque staccato rendering of the sond, Vader-esque breathing techniques...

I've seen better High School renditions...hell, better karaoke renditions.

Is this what you queens are on about?! Jesus.

What's a Corky?

by George Cukorreply 34510/19/2013

There is a clip of upcoming scenes in which someone is being burned at the stake...JL is walking away looking like the one who set the fire...they are surrounded by other witches and the girls from the school are there looking on...the only one missing is ER. Since there seems to be tension between JL and ER characters onscreen, Im going to go with ER being offed.

by George Cukorreply 34610/19/2013

Lily Rabe's character's name Misty.

by George Cukorreply 34710/19/2013

R347, Hmm. I thought that initially, but ER's name shows up in the main opening credits (as opposed to, say, Chloe Sevigny's last year), which would indicate that she is a main player and will be around for several more episodes (Although in the AHS-verse, death doesn't necessarily mean the end of the actor's run).

I'm going with R345's prediction. As one recapper pointed out, when Cordelia first explains what a Supreme is, the camera cuts to Nan (Jamie Brewer), who, while sipping tea, gives a self-conscious "don't look at me" look. If it is Nan, the AHS fandom is going to be upset.

by George Cukorreply 34810/19/2013

Thanks for the answers.

I'd be so pissed if they kill of Nan. Jamie Brewer is the best one out of the younger actresses, let's be real.

I have to say Taissa is the weakest link as of now which may be due to her character.

I'm interested in the dynamic between Misty and Zombie!Kyle. Rabe talked about this in some interview and she seemed very fond of Evan and his acting. I'm quite positive it's Misty who resurrected Kyle and not the two amateurs in the morgue, so basically she's his mistress and can order him around. Hmmm...

by George Cukorreply 34910/19/2013

Thank you, r346, for providing your useless, redundant commentary on the merits of Patti LuPone's style long after the discussion ended.

Some people like Patti LuPone. Some people like the Real Housewives of wherever. If you don't understand her appeal, then please just move on with your life. She's an actress and she's appearing on a tv show. It's nothing out of the ordinary.

by George Cukorreply 35010/19/2013

Yeah, I think Taissa's character sucks. Maybe she'll become more defined as the season progresses. Such a vibe with Lily's character, I hope they pursue it. She resurrects Kyle only to figure out she likes girls. Also Misty has the power of life and Zoe the power of death, so there'll doubtless be conflict there.

by George Cukorreply 35110/19/2013

Maybe Jamie Brewer can't work many hours. Like Susan Boyle.

by George Cukorreply 35210/19/2013

Zoe is so far the least interesting, weakest character. But I also happen to think that is what we are led to believe about her. I think she's the next supreme. We have seen her able to start fires, cause death by "sucking" life out of someone through sex, resurrect with a kiss and reaching into the space between life and death and thus made connections with Misty.

The other girls seems more sure and aware of their powers, unlike Zoe, who is only discovering herself. There's more room for growth for her.

by George Cukorreply 35310/19/2013

R338, no, we know all that. But the Minotaur seems to be "real" now. Whereas before I was just a man with a bull's head stuck over his own head.

by George Cukorreply 35410/19/2013

Where are Zachary Quinto and Dylan McDermott?

by George Cukorreply 35510/19/2013

R356 - crying and masturbating at the same time somewhere

by George Cukorreply 35610/19/2013

He could be a member of the infamous witch counsil.

Speaking of Quinto, is there even a hint of a gay witch storyline for Coven?

by George Cukorreply 35710/19/2013

They killed Jamie Brewer's character early in Season 1 and it gave JL's character an indelible moment in the morgue as she put makeup on her pretty girl for the first and last time. However, I have a feeling that Murphy will want to keep JB around longer in some fashion in this season because she was universally loved in S1. I know that her character's friendship with GB's character and budding friendship with Lange are two of my favorite parts of the show. She has killed every scene so far.

by George Cukorreply 35810/19/2013

[quote] Where are Zachary Quinto and Dylan McDermott?

Zachary is currently on Broadway with Sarah Paulson's ex in The Glass Menagerie.

by George Cukorreply 35910/19/2013

Who is Sarah Paulson's ex?

by George Cukorreply 36010/19/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by George Cukorreply 36110/19/2013

[quote] Who is Sarah Paulson's ex?

Cherry Jones

by George Cukorreply 36210/19/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by George Cukorreply 36310/19/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by George Cukorreply 36410/19/2013

It' stupid to say Paulson is out of her depth when she's hardly had any screen time, and no big scenes apart from the snake scene.

by George Cukorreply 36510/19/2013

I'm not sold on this season yet (it's early days of course), but Lalaurie's slave attic was pure horror, e.g. the slave with most of the skin gone from their face.

by George Cukorreply 36610/19/2013

R364, they're making the mistake of confusing grossing people out with scaring them. It's an unfortunate part of the modern horror genre.

Your comment reminded me of a line that was actually funny from The Soup a while back:

'This week on Ghost Adventures, which in 7 seasons has shown us neither a Ghost nor an Adventure'...

That pretty much sums up what all of those paranormal investigation shows are like.

by George Cukorreply 36710/19/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by George Cukorreply 36810/19/2013

Define genuine horror. I'm not really a genre fan.

by George Cukorreply 36910/19/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by George Cukorreply 37010/19/2013

But people aren't watching AHS for it's "horror" content, at least not since season 2.

by George Cukorreply 37110/19/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by George Cukorreply 37210/19/2013

When the concept of the Supreme was exposited somewhat clumsily it was said that the Supreme *may* have all powers but definitely has many.

by George Cukorreply 37310/19/2013

Jaimie Brewer (Nan) is a better actress than Emma Roberts and the other one. I love that Jamie Brewer because she is truly a natural actress.

by George Cukorreply 37410/19/2013

JL's character looked directly at Zoe when she was uprbraiding her about talking to the cops. During the tirade she said (paraphrasing) "even the weakest witch could turn out to be the strongest of all, and is far stronger than any non-witch." I'm betting on Zoe or Misty being the next Supreme. I'm edging a bit more towards Zoe because of how that scene was shot.

by George Cukorreply 37510/19/2013

R371, I just assumed the Supreme is the condensation of all the witches' powers, while the individual witches might posses greater skill at their own individual ability.

I maybe read too much into it.

by George Cukorreply 37610/19/2013

I realize now that that sentence is a mess. Hopefully it still makes sense.

by George Cukorreply 37710/19/2013

I like the theme, setting and casting of this year's iteration of AHS, but thus far the writing in terms of story continuity has been severely lacking. The episodes have memorable scenes and the shade that is thrown between the female leads pulls in the ratings but I have had a hard time getting invested in the characters as the show just jumps from one random scene to the next. It would help if they would produce an episode where all of the actors go do something together (i.e. a trip to Diagon Alley or something equivalent) and intersperse it with flashbacks and plot development as necessary. Last year they did a better job immersing us into the world of the mental hospital from the beginning (although there were some pointless and undeveloped tangents like the aliens, Dr. Arden's Nazi back-story that were never fully fleshed out) and the mere fact that all of the actors were confined to the hospital so it just made for a more naturally organic story. This year it just feels like Murprhy and his writing team are just writing random scenes that have catty one-liners with no real concern for telling a story at all. We have yet to be introduced to an overarching goal for the season (escape from the hospital, find the girl, etc) just a vague idea that random girls are supposed to be getting trained to realize their power as witches. And there has been no training thus far and we are going into week 3 of a 12 week series.

by George Cukorreply 37810/19/2013

R379, you sound dim. Fiona's quest for immortal life will be the plot engine of the season. They've set that up since Lange's first scene.

by George Cukorreply 38010/20/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 38210/20/2013

[quote]If you want teal horror, just let Uncle Ryan babysit you.

If I want teal horror, I'll watch [italic]Duck Dynasty[/italic].

by George Cukorreply 38310/20/2013

"Have we seen anyone who is really evil as yet? Does Bate's character count?"

You really have to ask?

by George Cukorreply 38410/20/2013

'I couldn't toast a piece of bread with the heat they were putting on you'. Bwahahaha!

by George Cukorreply 38510/20/2013

Every time I see Jamie Brewer on screen, I sing to myself: "Who's that girl? Who's that girl? It's Jess!"

by George Cukorreply 38610/20/2013

Jessica Lange's delivery is exquisite. She is hilarious.

by George Cukorreply 38710/20/2013

The biggest weakness of this series is the manic, choppy editing, especially when cutting between characters during dialogue. I just don't get it. I know it's something of an AHS trademark now, but it looks so amateurish to me. Anyone else bothered by it?

by George Cukorreply 38810/20/2013

R389, the show is shot and edited to convey a fever dream -- disorienting camera angles, tilting, swaying, warping, and disjointed, choppy editing. My friend, whose on antispychotic medication, watched the first episode of the new season and told me he didn't think he would continue watching because the camerawork was making him feel like he was really going mad.

by George Cukorreply 38910/20/2013

Why not r385? I am not feeling the evilness yet despite the sadistic showing. I also doubt the truly evil one will be Bates.

by George Cukorreply 39010/20/2013

The truly evil ones will probably end up being Paulson and Rabe.

by George Cukorreply 39110/20/2013

[quote]Count me as another gay who never heard Patti Lupone "sing" before this thread. I wish I could go back in time and never clicked on the Youtube links. Seriously, THAT's what some of you queens cluck about? She sounds like she can barely get her words out.

Thank you, no go back to your Myley Cyrus album.

by George Cukorreply 39210/20/2013

Oh please, r393. I haven't heard Patti Lupone sing either.

But I have heard her murder some songs.

by George Cukorreply 39310/20/2013

R392 Yeah Paulson will give birth to Satan's spawn and he will be 20 by the end of this season! Lily will fuck Franken Evan Peters and piss off little Miss Zoe(Taissa Farmiga).To be honest it would be great fun if Lange was really the big bad.Her downfall/comeuppance will be all the more enjoyable. Especially after killing a potential Supreme. I was leaning towards Ms Brewer getting killed but Ms Roberts seems the more likely candidate now.

by George Cukorreply 39410/20/2013

I loved it when Lange called Bates "Miss Pittypat," a reference the Bates character would not get.

by George Cukorreply 39510/20/2013

You people criticising Patti LuPone have obviously never heard "Heaven Is A Disco".

by George Cukorreply 39610/20/2013

It was funny, but it should have been "Aunt" Pittypat.

by George Cukorreply 39710/20/2013

Hey, is Jessica's character bald? When they mentioned how expensive her weave was it made me think of the Angelica Huston character in "Witches" who wears a wig that itches.

by George Cukorreply 39810/20/2013

R399, they weren't talking about Fiona's hair. The other salon girl pointed to the weaves on display and said, "Most of that is real hair -- more precious than gold. We buy it by the pound."

by George Cukorreply 39910/20/2013

R400 you just know there's going to be some gruesome backstory to how they get that hair.

by George Cukorreply 40010/20/2013

Oh, and why the fuck did she keep a bull's head on her lover all these years?

by George Cukorreply 40110/20/2013

Coz she a stone cold freak.

by George Cukorreply 40210/20/2013

Good Lord!!!! How has this lady not been arrested for the crimes she has perpetuated?

by George Cukorreply 40310/20/2013

In that witch burning scene that shows Fiona walking away from a burning witch, it looks like the only witch that isn't there to watch is Madison.

It also looks like Leslie Jordan in front. So this can't be occurring until mid-season.

Scene at :03ish

by George Cukorreply 40410/20/2013

I love the camera work. It's as if I'm eavesdropping/spying within the scene.

by George Cukorreply 40610/20/2013

Do us a favor R406, stop watching. We don't need you to come here week after week shitting on our good time.

by George Cukorreply 40710/20/2013

People like R379, R389 and R406 are truly tiresome.

by George Cukorreply 40810/20/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 40910/20/2013

Haven't read most of this thread for this weeks episode because Time Warner Cable NYC kept freezing during the broadcast rendering my DVR recording unwatchable (other friends bitched about it on FB, so I know it wasn't just me) Not to mention that it's not on demand yet, nor does the episode air again until the 24th! WTF?! I refuse to pay to watch it on Amazon or another service, but it's killing me to have to wait an entire week to watch it.

by George Cukorreply 41010/20/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 41110/20/2013

[quote]Oh, and why the fuck did she keep a bull's head on her lover all these years?

If you watch the previews for next week you can see that it is like the bull head has become a part of him. Not just a head resting on his shoulders, but it is now his head. He can move the mouth, eyes, etc...

Probably a result of some voodoo ritual. We don't know if she gave him that eternal life potion before he was taken in by LaLaurie and had his pancreas cut out by Borquita.

[quote]It also looks like Leslie Jordan in front. So this can't be occurring until mid-season.

Episode 5 (Nov. 13) is titled "Burn, Witch. Burn!"

by George Cukorreply 41210/20/2013

So what do you think, R413, is he more man or beast? She has to chain him when she's not there.

by George Cukorreply 41310/20/2013

I think maybe Angela turned him into a real minotaur and she will try to have him kill LaLaurie. We'll see!

by George Cukorreply 41410/20/2013

r411, I had the same problem with Time Warner NYC. It was marginally better during broadcast watching it on the "non-HD" channel. Ended up nabbing it on torrent just to watch it again uninterrupted this weekend.

Time Warner sucks.

by George Cukorreply 41510/21/2013

I'm sorry you are not enjoying it, r406. But I am.

... and the world keeps on turning ...

by George Cukorreply 41610/21/2013

[quote]I think maybe Angela turned him into a real minotaur and she will try to have him kill LaLaurie.

LaLaurie WANTS to die.

Marie WANTS her to live forever and suffer.

Judging from the preview, it looks like the Minotaur goes after Queenie. Not to kill ker but more likely to bring her back to the voodoo fold. Queenie is a direct descendant of Tituba and Tituba is the ultimate supreme to Marie.

by George Cukorreply 41710/21/2013

"Tituba is the ultimate supreme."

I call bullshit on that!

by George Cukorreply 41810/21/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by George Cukorreply 41910/21/2013

Yeah, totally fails in comparison with high art like Modern Family, huh?

by George Cukorreply 42110/21/2013

You can tell that Kathy Bates is a great actress because she totally sold this line: "I'm not hungry."

[quote]She might be fingered as the Supreme.

It certainly happened to me! That Smokey Robinson was a dog!

by George Cukorreply 42210/22/2013

The TWOP recapper who writes about "Glee" always called Finn Hudson "FrankenTeen." I guess now that he's gone for good, the title can be transferred to Kyle.

by George Cukorreply 42310/22/2013

R425, what sort of shows do you like?

by George Cukorreply 42510/22/2013

apparently we have a few flies posting here since they think they see a pile of shit and keep coming back for more.

by George Cukorreply 42610/22/2013

R425, you really sound like an asshole.

by George Cukorreply 42710/22/2013

[quote]Quite the contrary. What's tiresome is all these silly queens creaming over this pile of shit. TRUE BLOOD at its worst was never this awful. The first season of AHS was the only one that was any good, though Paulson and Quinto did manage to make something of their roles in that ASYLUM train wreck.

And YET you're STILL here. You sound unhinged. Perhaps Asylum hit too close to home. Now begone.

by George Cukorreply 42810/22/2013

I'm not loving Coven so far, but I'm not going to post that in this thread nonstop. Because after all, I'm still watching. And it absolutely is negative, asshole behavior.

I enjoyed the second season and remember well all the annoying pearl clutching going on in those threads.

by George Cukorreply 42910/22/2013

Anyone watching?

by George Cukorreply 43010/23/2013

This show is toooo much! Where has it been all my life??

by George Cukorreply 43110/23/2013

Stay away from my family. In Jesus' name.


by George Cukorreply 43210/23/2013

Whoa, what the hell?

by George Cukorreply 43310/23/2013


by George Cukorreply 43410/23/2013

Oy! FrankenKyle's mom...

by George Cukorreply 43510/23/2013


by George Cukorreply 43610/23/2013

you vicious gash...

by George Cukorreply 43710/23/2013

Hmm, so Fiona's getting weak because one of the girls is the new supreme.

by George Cukorreply 43810/23/2013

Sidibe is masturbating on my TV screen!!!!

by George Cukorreply 43910/23/2013

Lawd, this is the craziest shit I've ever seen on TV.

by George Cukorreply 44010/23/2013

Mare Winningham is fucking her own son!

by George Cukorreply 44110/23/2013

This episode is...

by George Cukorreply 44210/23/2013

Voodoo and Angela Bassett

by George Cukorreply 44310/23/2013

this is no mystical mumbo jumbo, this is real....

by George Cukorreply 44410/23/2013

Oh shit! Jessica Lange just killed Diana Ross....

by George Cukorreply 44510/23/2013

Fucking fantastic episode tonight.

"This coven doesn't need a new Supreme ... it needs a new rug".

by George Cukorreply 44610/23/2013

Looks like it is time for Lily Rabe to raise the dead again.

by George Cukorreply 44710/23/2013

The Minotaur is enchanted! Just like My Little Pony

by George Cukorreply 44810/23/2013

Everytime you think they just did the craziest shit they could do, they top it. Jessica said next season will be her last. I can't imagine it without her.

by George Cukorreply 44910/23/2013

The only good scenes this episode were the Jessica Lange scenes. Everything else is feeling a little mailed in, and I'm a big fan of the show.

by George Cukorreply 45010/23/2013

I can honestly say I'm shocked and speechless after watching this episode. And I've never said that about a tv show. Brava!!

by George Cukorreply 45110/23/2013

They have to save something for the halloween's Eve show, R451

by George Cukorreply 45210/23/2013

So let's see, in one episode we have Incest, Bestiality, Arson, Voodoo, Slavery, Devil Worship and Patti Lupone!

by George Cukorreply 45310/23/2013

Would kill to be at that Monday morning script table read, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Christine Ebersole, Patti Lupone & Lily Rabe.

by George Cukorreply 45410/23/2013

loved the cigarette lighting scene between Madison and Fiona.

by George Cukorreply 45510/23/2013

...and Christine Ebersole getting her throat cut open!

by George Cukorreply 45610/23/2013

DAMN … didn't see ANY of that shit coming tonight.


I wish each episode were 2 hours long. Brilliant.

Fell in love with AHS season 1 after a friend told me about it - Loved last year (can't believe Jessica didn't get the Emmy) - Am loving COVEN!

Can't wait for the Halloween episode next week.

by George Cukorreply 45710/23/2013

Give Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett a show. Kind of like the Golden Girls, but witches (and Bates) in New Orleans. Queenie and the Down Syndrome girl as the wacky neighbors (in very small doses).

by George Cukorreply 45810/23/2013


Yes! I knew this show would kick in hard once they had the characters and conflicts established. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Precious would be fingering herself to some man/beast. Patty Lupone did look frightful too. Anyone remember the funny line Jessica had about the bible beaters being kinky or perverted?

by George Cukorreply 45910/24/2013

I loved the overdone CRRRRUUUNCH sound effects when Gabby Sidibe was eating potato chips.

by George Cukorreply 46010/24/2013

Jessica Lange vs. Christine Ebersole was some Little Edie on Big Edie violence!

by George Cukorreply 46110/24/2013

I couldn't watch it.

When they kidnapped that journalist and were going to do electric shock treatments, I couldn't watch it.

by George Cukorreply 46210/24/2013

Jessica Lange in a black nightie, Jessica Lange in a red dress, Jessica Lange slitting Lindsay Hilton/Paris Lohan's throat, Kathy Bates horrified by black power, a full-blown voodoo ritual, mother-son incest and the following matricide, big black girl masterbation and the following bestiality ... all made Patti Lupone's much anticipated appearence pale a little in comparison.

by George Cukorreply 46310/24/2013

[quote]What's a Patti Lupone?

It's a floor cleaner AND a desert topping, Rose.

by George Cukorreply 46410/24/2013

This show is unhinged. I love it.

by George Cukorreply 46510/24/2013

Kathy Bates watching Obama's inauguration, saying, "That magic box lies," give this show an Emmy already! You don't get better than this!

by George Cukorreply 46610/24/2013

IMDB in meltdown over Fiona voting for Obama twice.

by George Cukorreply 46710/24/2013

What did we think of the new neighbor boy? I still prefer Evan in all his fucked-up-ness, but I'm all for more male eye candy. Loved Nan baking a cake for him.

by George Cukorreply 46810/24/2013

Damn, that was good television tonight.

by George Cukorreply 46910/24/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 47010/24/2013

Madison in the preview for next week seeing her feet sticking out of the carpet like that focusing on her silver high heels... is that an homage to "The Wizard of Oz"... The Wicked Witch of the East's feet sticking out from under Dorothy's house? If it is, it's a good reference!

by George Cukorreply 47110/24/2013

Ryan Murphy said in an interview that Emma Roberts does some pretty out there scenes in upcoming episodes including one of the most disturbing scenes the show has done yet. We have yet to see Emma do anything "out there" or be in a really disturbing scene.

Interview was after the gang rape scene aired so I think you're right R472.

by George Cukorreply 47210/24/2013

Should have said there are spoilers at the link I provided. Sorry. I need to go to bed instead of staying up to watch this show again.

by George Cukorreply 47310/24/2013

Wow! Great episode! In Jesus' name!

I've been wanting an Evan Peters' sex scene, but incest wasn't what I had in mind, lol!

Lily Rabe twirling around like a maniac reminded me of Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. Why doesn't that Farmiga character bring Lily Rabe back to the witch house? I want more Lily Rabe, Lily Rabing about!

by George Cukorreply 47410/24/2013

[quote]I don't get squeamish easily, but the incest scene made my skin crawl.


by George Cukorreply 47510/24/2013

I just spit out my water watching Kathy Bate's character becoming traumatized by seeing a black president on the "magic box," only to have Lange's character tell her she was then going to be a maid to a black girl. Hilarious!!

by George Cukorreply 47710/24/2013

r477 = Bible-thumper.

by George Cukorreply 47810/24/2013

It just gets better and better doesnt it. Loving this show.

by George Cukorreply 47910/24/2013

The show opened with Fiona discussing the power of the "dance" or enchanting men. Is that a Supreme's power?

If so, then Madison couldn't be the new one because that hot neighbor practically ignored her.

However, he had eyes only for Nan. Nan also said she has no trouble having sex with men.

Could Nan be the real new Supreme?

Fiona: That girl's smarter than the 3 of you put together.

by George Cukorreply 48010/24/2013

I really, really hate to give any praise to Ryan Murphy, but this type of show may just be perfect for him as a writer and producer. He gets to work with extraordinary actors, write horrifically graphic and campy scenes, as well as preachy over the top shit (veiled and/or blatant). Best of all he can completely alter the storyline and cast every year, so he doesn't have to worry about continuity in any sense. Each year is like a brand new show. With his A.D.D. writing and temperamental relationships with actor, this type of show is a great fit for him.

I will be interested in seeing how it fares after Lange's departure, though.

by George Cukorreply 48110/24/2013

I really like the message of this season about how the old sometimes refuse to relinquish their power to the young. It's very current.

by George Cukorreply 48210/24/2013

I fucking love this show.

by George Cukorreply 48310/24/2013

"This coven doesn't need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug."

Jessica Lange's line deliveries are perfect. And I'm sorry, but I found the 64 year-old Lange to be far sexier than 22 year-old Emma Roberts. Those stems are killer!

And did we really need that image of Gabourey diddling herself?

by George Cukorreply 48410/24/2013

I died at Delphine thinking Dr. Phil was an actual physician.

by George Cukorreply 48510/24/2013

Anyone here have Time Warner as their cable provider?

I missed last week's episode, I put the TW OnDemand FX channel on, hoping I could catch it before tonight's episode, there was only the first episode of "Coven"listed. WTF?

I rebooted both of my cable boxes, that didn't help, only the first episode was listed.

by George Cukorreply 48610/24/2013

Kathy Bates hissing, "Liiiiies". Can't top that.

by George Cukorreply 48810/24/2013

"So let's see, in one episode we have Incest, Bestiality, Arson, Voodoo, Slavery, Devil Worship and Patti Lupone!"

Each more horrible than the last!!!!

by George Cukorreply 48910/24/2013

AHS is not available on TW inDemand. I'm not sure how long it will take for new episodes to appear. We ended up buying last weeks episode on itunes.

by George Cukorreply 49010/24/2013

Where did Queen Lange say next season would be her last?

by George Cukorreply 49110/24/2013

[quote] Sidibe is masturbating on my TV screen!!!!

Lawdy, MY EYESSSS!!! That was so wrong. I don't even get why she was doing that? Why not just have the Minotaur fuck you?

I have to admit, Gabourey is a HORRIBLE actress. She just doesn't get into a character. I feel like I'm seeing Gabourey Sidibe playing Gabourey Sidibe.

[quote] Kathy Bates hissing, "Liiiiies". Can't top that.

My FAVORITE scene of the show. Kathy totally gets the show, and she played her role to the hilt. She absolutely flourishes in every scene, with the exception of her scenes with Sidibe.

[quote] This coven doesn't need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug.

Another actress who "gets" the camp factor of the show. Lange is really getting into her groove, and she'd BETTER get an Emmy for this season, because she's really delivering.

And Riff Raff in the background? Sheer perfection.

[quote] Madison in the preview for next week seeing her feet sticking out of the carpet like that focusing on her silver high heels... is that an homage to "The Wizard of Oz"... The Wicked Witch of the East's feet sticking out from under Dorothy's house? If it is, it's a good reference!

So many references in this episode.

I got Wizard of Oz, Carrie, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Frankenstein... it's like a conglomeration!

[quote] What did we think of the new neighbor boy?

Fucking hotness. I hope he turns out to be gay, just to spite his mother! That's totally something Murphy would do.

Fantastic episode!

by George Cukorreply 49210/24/2013

Lange retiring:

by George Cukorreply 49310/24/2013

Neighbour boy has to be gay - he didn't look twice at Madison. That, or Murphy is going to try a forbidden love story between him and Nan.

"Ms Goode, please tell your little "special needs person" to stay out of my yard."

"Mrs. Ramsey - we don't call her "special" ... we call her Mongoloid."

by George Cukorreply 49410/24/2013

she is a GODDESS. if she only does one more season of AH so be it. she is allowed to go out on her own terms.

by George Cukorreply 49510/24/2013

Lange is a class act. Go out on top before the show goes down, I say. I only hope they give her a character and story that will somehow eclipse her previous incarnations, which is a tall order. Fiona appears to be a culmination of sorts of the last two, Constance and Jude wrapped into one "Supreme" being. But Lange has contributed much to the storytelling, giving Murphy some ideas and suggestions that he has followed up on. Hopefully, they'll both come up with the best way to end this journey.

by George Cukorreply 49610/24/2013

How the fuck did she lose the Emmy for Asylum? That fact alone speaks volumes for the Emmy organization.

by George Cukorreply 49710/24/2013

"Don't you wanna love me?"

by George Cukorreply 49810/24/2013

I don't think the new guy is gay. He's like a wolf in a hen house next to the coven's school. There are so many sexual opportunities for him there that a gay storyline is not really feasible. Not to mention the fact that there is only one other male in the series more or less. Oh and Jamie Brewer is the only student who hasn't had sex on screen yet. That has to change,people with Down's syndrome need some too.

It would be a better story point if Nan is the real supreme. In her fucked up/sloppy state,Fiona reading the signals incorrectly would be rich. That and the fact that she doesn't know about the resurrection spell they used on Evan Peters. Miss Roberts days are probably not done just yet on Coven.

by George Cukorreply 49910/24/2013

Ryan explains it all

by George Cukorreply 50010/24/2013

Queenie was diddling her button to arouse the Minotaur. Her human voodoo doll power inflicts pleasure just as it does pain.

by George Cukorreply 50110/24/2013

Great episode but I could have done without that scene where Precious is pleasuring herself. That being said, Lily Rabe is awesome! I cannot wait for LuPone to get hers!

by George Cukorreply 50210/24/2013

Kathy Bates hissed "Lieeees" the exact same way when a crew member told her the craft service table was closed.

by George Cukorreply 50410/24/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 50510/24/2013

I'm loving Gabby. Her acting is so bad that it makes for high camp.

Sarah Paulson, who was the star of Asylum, is just an afterthought this season.

This episode was tied for best ever, along with the Halloween episode from the first season.

by George Cukorreply 50610/24/2013

[quote]I like the new theme song that accompanies this season... it's a woman's voice la la'ing. Anyone know who it is? I've searched and been unable to find…

Who the fuck do you think it is? Jesus Christ, the stupid questions people ask...

by George Cukorreply 50710/24/2013

And yet so far no one has mentioned that FrankenKyle's mom was Mare Winningham?

by George Cukorreply 50810/24/2013

[quote]I'm loving Gabby. Her acting is so bad that it makes for high camp.

Her acting isn't really bad. It's her face. She is so heavy in the face, it doesn't move. She is expressionless. I'm liking her character.

by George Cukorreply 50910/24/2013

Mare was a LOT better in this than she was in mega-turd, "Under the Dome." It's interesting to compare fine actors like Mare and Dean Norris in shit like "UTD" versus their performances in quality projects such as AHS and "Breaking Bad."

I think she actually got more screen time in "UTD," though. Poor Mare. She barely gets her face on camera before she gets snuffed in both shows.

by George Cukorreply 51010/24/2013

[quote]I really, really hate to give any praise to Ryan Murphy, but this type of show may just be perfect for him as a writer and producer.

I agree with everything you say -- although some of his worst traits still show up in these one-season stories. Like making characters act like complete and total idiots to advance the plot. To wit: Zoe bringing Boy Frankenstein, who's very clearly not in his right mind or body, to see his mother. She'd have to have a sub-literate IQ to even entertain that notion.

by George Cukorreply 51110/24/2013

Ryan's the definition of hit-and-miss. When he's good, he makes some of the most entertaining tv ever...when he's bad, he gives us shit like Glee and The New Normal. I can't hate on him, though. He has the balls to go where very few writers/showrunners would ever consider going. I admire that in a person.

by George Cukorreply 51210/24/2013

Well, r512, can you make a suggestion as to what to do with Frankentard? Dump him by the side of the road? Return him to the morgue? Take him back home to Miss Whatshername's School for Wannabe Wayward Witches?

Perhaps it might make sense to leave him with Stevie WitchNicks, but it was obvious she was hot for him, and Zoe liked him, so leaving him in the swamp was a no-go.

She'd met the mother and based on what she'd seen of her and his home life, it made more sense than the other alternatives.

by George Cukorreply 51310/24/2013

Oooops, I got my seasons confused but frankly...the show is just too dark.

by George Cukorreply 51410/24/2013

My take is that Zoe is so new to being a witch that she doesn't act "witchy" like the other girls. She's still insecure and figuring herself out like most teens her age. Bringing Kyle to his mom was her way of trying to ease her guilt over his death. Also, she's trying to be a good person but doesn't really know how to that yet.

by George Cukorreply 51510/24/2013

[quote]Oooops, I got my seasons confused but frankly...the show is just too dark.


The show is called American HORROR Story. It's so tiresome when you pussies come here and whine about it being too horrifying.

by George Cukorreply 51610/24/2013

[quote] It's so tiresome when you pussies come here and whine about it being too horrifying.

That hardly happens often enough for you to be "tired" of it, idiot.

by George Cukorreply 51710/24/2013


by George Cukorreply 51810/24/2013

The first two seasons were more creepy/scary, but this one is more FUN. Camp to the heavens. Jessica, Kathy, Angela...sublime, and they 'get' it. It was cool seeing Christine Ebersole (hopefully not for the last time) and it's kind of funny seeing Patti LuPone playing that religious nut.

I don't mind Madison, but Zoe is a bore and Precious--lord help her, she can't do anything convincingly other than crunch chips.

I forget Sarah Paulson is on this season until she pops up whining about getting pregnant. I did LOVE seeing Josh Hamilton as her naked hubby. I've had a crush on him since All My Children.

Mare feeling up her zombie son is one of the creepiest things ever on this show.

Lily Rabe is fucking amazing. She is going to be TROUBLE this season.

by George Cukorreply 51910/24/2013

[quote]I really, really hate to give any praise to Ryan Murphy


He's an openly gay man in the entertainment industry who goes out of his way to cast openly gay actors, as well as a number of other minorities.

by George Cukorreply 52010/24/2013

In Jesus' name, how on earth were they allowed to show a big ol' jar of "baby gravy" on national TV?

I hope that "vicious gash" Emma Roberts stays dead and buried. I don't want her coming back like that girl in season one who was buried and then came back to life. Like Fiona said, "Bury her deep!"

by George Cukorreply 52110/24/2013

The girl in season 1 died in the murder house and her ghost was stuck there.

by George Cukorreply 52210/24/2013

[quote]I agree with everything you say -- although some of his worst traits still show up in these one-season stories. Like making characters act like complete and total idiots to advance the plot. To wit: Zoe bringing Boy Frankenstein, who's very clearly not in his right mind or body, to see his mother. She'd have to have a sub-literate IQ to even entertain that notion.

First, she's a kid and had great guilt about what happened to him. Second, the Mother just sat there and told her she was in the process of killing herself when she called from grief. Third, it's a fucking TV show about witches and the living dead.

by George Cukorreply 52310/24/2013

Evan Peters has a hot little body on him.

by George Cukorreply 52410/24/2013

I hate Ryan Murphy too. With a passion. But I've been LOVING this season of AHS. As much as I dislike him we seem to share some of the same fetishes.

by George Cukorreply 52510/24/2013

If Emma Roberts character was such a big star, wouldn't the papparazzi constantly be dogging her?

by George Cukorreply 52710/24/2013

[quote]I hate Ryan Murphy too. With a passion.

Wow, you're life that much of a failure, huh?

by George Cukorreply 52810/24/2013

[quote]If Emma Roberts character was such a big star, wouldn't the papparazzi constantly be dogging her?

Is there an active, working paparazzi in New Orleans?

by George Cukorreply 52910/24/2013

[quote] Zoe bringing Boy Frankenstein, who's very clearly not in his right mind or body, to see his mother.

I can't tell if Evan Peters' character is supposed to be based on Frankenstein, or Rocky from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

On the one hand, he's like Frankenstein because he's made up of body parts, and on the other hand he's like Rocky because he's beautiful and blond and dumb. Maybe he's a mix of the two.

Oh, and I too loved seeing the jar of semen. Although I don't think it's possible to collect that much of it and have it still in liquid form. It's kinda grossing me out just thinking about it!

by George Cukorreply 53010/24/2013

Yes, r525, but it isn't as nice as it was before those little witches decided to make it better. Before that, it was juuuuust right.

by George Cukorreply 53110/24/2013

[quote]If Emma Roberts character was such a big star, wouldn't the papparazzi constantly be dogging her?[/quote]

I think it has been stated a few times that she a "big star" in quotes because while she was one, she hasn't done a film in a while. Plus, I don't think it's public knowledge that she's there.

[quote]Zoe bringing Boy Frankenstein, who's very clearly not in his right mind or body, to see his mother. She'd have to have a sub-literate IQ to even entertain that notion[/quote]

I hate Zoe with a passion because she is boring and dumb. I cut her some slack because she was a normal person who didn't know any of this stuff existed a few weeks or even possibly days ago. Her blabbing to the cops was a normal reaction but she didn't know Fiona could wipe their minds. Her taking Kyle to his grief stricken mother was a normal reaction, she didn't know she was having sex with him.

However, the fact that she goes to a school for witches but still hasn't bothered to take Misty to them since Misty wants to meet people like her is pretty stupid and the most obvious thing any normal person would do. That is lazy writing. They could have at least had her make it clear she didn't trust her or some other random excuse. The only reason Fiona came to the school was because of Misty's death.

by George Cukorreply 53210/24/2013

Will Ryan try and resurrect Finn for a big finale?

by George Cukorreply 53310/24/2013

Zoe is horrible. Fsrmiga was great in series one, but here her performance is very similar to what she did in the truly awful The Bling Ring.

I think Fiona's interpretation of how a Supreme works, with energy sapped by the next in line, is based in paranoia. It's strange how there's a subjective element to who the Supreme is as well, suggesting that Fiona isn't even meant to be the Supreme.

I hope that not every character who dies is resurrected. Lowers the stakes a bit. I predict a Nan vs. Fiona rivalry. Or it turns out that Nan is all-knowing. Like Pepper.

by George Cukorreply 53410/24/2013

r528...Madison stated in ep 1 that when her powers started getting stronger, her "team" sent her to the school so she could harness them while telling the public she was in rehab.

by George Cukorreply 53510/24/2013

I've watched the show. It's entertaining enough, but nothing great. The New Orleans locations are well-used.

by George Cukorreply 53610/24/2013


The greatest hiss(sssssssssssssss) ever on television.

by George Cukorreply 53710/24/2013

Emma Roberts is hot.

by George Cukorreply 53810/24/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 53910/25/2013

Ebersole's character was the supreme witch, whose powers were fading as Fiona's were growing. Fiona didn't want to wait for her turn, so she killed her.

by George Cukorreply 54010/25/2013

"...suggesting that Fiona isn't even meant to be the Supreme."

Interesting theory, r535 - that may explain why Fiona needed Nan to find Delphine for her.

Maybe we're all being guided in the wrong direction. Maybe since Marie Lavreau has conquered immortality, she's supposed to be the real Supreme.

by George Cukorreply 54110/25/2013

While I love Lange, if she wants to leave, I think I'd be happy with Kathy Bates taking her place.

by George Cukorreply 54210/25/2013

I'm available.

And scary.

by George Cukorreply 54310/25/2013

Still don't get the main credit billing for this show. Angela Basset has been featured prominently in every episode and is a "Special Guest Star" billed in minor credits; Frances Conroy has been on once briefly and will be on next week, but has been billed as a main cast member from the beginning. Strange.

by George Cukorreply 54410/25/2013

Watch this clip of a tour guide's exposition on the Lalaurie legend. It ends on a very strange note.

by George Cukorreply 54510/25/2013

I wonder if there's a lot more in store for Sarah Paulson's character. So far, it's a real comedown from Lana Banana.

by George Cukorreply 54610/25/2013

[quote]Still don't get the main credit billing for this show.

It's billed as a series, not per episode. It doesn't occur to you that Frances Conroy might be featured more than Angela Bassett for the remaining episodes?

by George Cukorreply 54710/25/2013

Two things from last show:

1) Witches often exhibit more than one power but have to have all seven before being the Supreme (so perhaps Madison wasn't the Supreme-in-waiting)

2) Did Minotaur have a hooved hand first then a human hand as he started to take Queenie? Queenie is the direct descendant of Tituba.

Best line of the night:

Joan: That girl threw a knife at me! It barely missed my head!

Fiona: She needs to work on her aim.

by George Cukorreply 54810/25/2013

[quote]It's billed as a series, not per episode

Yes it is, honey. It's per episode. Go back and watch.

by George Cukorreply 54910/25/2013

Ryan knew we wanted to see Evan's ass, so he gave it to us. Okay, why not have him portray a gay character next??

by George Cukorreply 55010/25/2013

[quote]Emma Roberts is hot.

For a sociopath. She was arrested to beating and biting Evan.

by George Cukorreply 55110/25/2013

Murphy said that Paulson's character is not named Cordelia by accident.

Think King Lear.

by George Cukorreply 55210/25/2013

Cordelia's a pretty thankless role.

by George Cukorreply 55310/25/2013

Murphy on next week's Halloween episode of a two-parter:

"Cordelia has a horrible, horrible event that may be one of the hardest things Sarah Paulson has ever shot, which is saying something on this show. It’s plucked from the headlines!"

by George Cukorreply 55410/25/2013

r472, and it will be a homage with a Ryan Murphy twisted twist since it looks like the witch's corpse will be molested in some way by the mute majordomo.

by George Cukorreply 55510/25/2013

I am eating this show up with a spoon. It's the best thing Ryan Murphy has ever done. ZOMG, the actresses! Totally queening out over every amazing, campy scene.

by George Cukorreply 55610/25/2013

They're considering spinning this show off, with a totally new AHS in addition for 2014. Ryan says he already knows the plot of the next season.

by George Cukorreply 55710/25/2013

[quote] may be one of the hardest things Sarah Paulson has ever shot, which is saying something on this show. It’s plucked from the headlines!"

I hope it's not Gabby Sidibe in a hoody getting shot by Cordelia.

by George Cukorreply 55810/25/2013

The part of this episode that I really didn't understand is why Queenie did what she did.

by George Cukorreply 55910/25/2013

She saw dat torso.

by George Cukorreply 56010/25/2013

Opinions please, So who here thinks Spalding is going to sleep with the dead body or young Fiona...or maybe both?

by George Cukorreply 56110/25/2013

I love the fact that after the brutality towards women in the last season that we are seeing the men in this universe are pretty much completely voiceless.

by George Cukorreply 56210/25/2013

R560, Queenie was a virgin and wanted to get some dick.

by George Cukorreply 56310/25/2013

[quote]Queenie was diddling her button to arouse the Minotaur.

This might be one of the funniest things I've ever read on Datalounge.

Thank you, whoever you are.

by George Cukorreply 56410/25/2013

Where can I get a bottle of Evan Peters' baby gravy?

by George Cukorreply 56510/25/2013

You're all just jealous because my new boyfriend is a Minotaur.

by George Cukorreply 56610/25/2013

Queen Marie is gonna be none too pleased that Queenie has been messing with her ManBeast!

by George Cukorreply 56710/25/2013

My partner thought that the Minotaur killed Queenie....he didn't right?

by George Cukorreply 56810/25/2013

Queenie is a "human voodoo doll"--what she does to herself manifests itself on her victims. She was masturbating herself in order to get the Minotaur sexually aroused so he would get hard and fuck her.

If Queenie is a direct descendent of Tituba, perhaps Marie Laveau IS Tituba?

Just LOVE this season of AHS! Soooo totally off the hook!

by George Cukorreply 56910/25/2013

Marie's "decayed chic" funky salon/crib is so punk grunge who gives a flying fuck cool looking. The dingy, scuffed up walls that haven't see a paint roller since 1960 are to die for, and the gaping holes of exposed wood slats where the plaster has collapsed really makes a bold statement I do declare.

by George Cukorreply 57010/25/2013

R571, Would you like a Coca-Cola?

by George Cukorreply 57110/25/2013

Why yes I would thank you as long as you serve the Mexican variety.

by George Cukorreply 57210/25/2013

[quote]Queenie is a "human voodoo doll"--what she does to herself manifests itself on her victims. She was masturbating herself in order to get the Minotaur sexually aroused so he would get hard and fuck her.

Ah! I totally didn't get that. I am clearly an idiot.

by George Cukorreply 57310/25/2013

That fat girl is SO fat, it just grosses me out, dude.

by George Cukorreply 57410/25/2013

Who, though, wouldn't want Quuenie's power? I'd be masturbating myself in front of Matt Bomer and Luke Macfarlane every chance I got.

by George Cukorreply 57510/25/2013

[quote] If Queenie is a direct descendent of Tituba, perhaps Marie Laveau IS Tituba?

I'm wondering about that too. But it seems Marie Laveau knows about the witch coven and if she was Tituba, I think she would have recruited Queenie to be on the voodoo side right away. Maybe it will be revealed later on that she is Tituba.

by George Cukorreply 57610/25/2013

Emma Roberts will rise again as the bride of Frankenstein....but will she have the aphro?

by George Cukorreply 57710/25/2013

Ryan has said that there's much in store for Cordelia.

Yes, I love this show. I wish more people I knew in the RW watched it, though. I'm surrounded by Big Bang and Top Chef fans. Sigh.

by George Cukorreply 57810/25/2013

Marie is not Tituba as Tituba was part of the witch tribe and learned necromancy from shamans while Marie is the "Supreme" for the louisanna voodoo tribe.

by George Cukorreply 57910/25/2013

Random things that I NEVER expected to see: Precious getting fucked by a minotaur.


by George Cukorreply 58010/25/2013

[quote]I'm surrounded by Big Bang and Top Chef fans. Sigh.

Are you also surrounded by people without DVRs?

by George Cukorreply 58110/25/2013

Jessica Lange is giving one of the best performances of her career here.

From the subject matter she's tackling head-on (age and the desperation one exhibits to remain young - from botox to plastic surgery), to the way she is looking (natural and more beautiful than she's looked in years), to her battles with some of the finest titans to ever grace the big or small screens, to her majestic performance - and it is majestic, and darkly funny, scary and riveting, even wrenching - she has already, in just three episodes, topped the work she's done in the last 15 years in film and television (yes, even"Grey Gardens").

I've rewatched "The Replacements" (one of AHS's finest episodes) and have been floored every single time. She is on an entirely different level, pouring her heart and soul into this character, and out for all to see. She literally needs to prove nothing else now. The season and her character could all go downhill from here and this would be some of my favorite work from her since "Titus".


by George Cukorreply 58210/25/2013

Seriously the show is simply too gross and too dark. It's not really watchable.

by George Cukorreply 58310/25/2013

Thank you, r584. Now let the ones who like the show enjoy it and you can go watch the last remaining episodes of Sean Saves The World.

by George Cukorreply 58410/25/2013

Oooooohhhh, Precious, child .... you in danger girl ..... that's Angela Bassett's man... minotaur.

by George Cukorreply 58510/25/2013

I can't be the only one hoping for a Luke and FrankenKyle hook up ....

Each season has been great thus far. Love the different tales each season with the 'repertory' cast.

by George Cukorreply 58610/25/2013

Your not r587

by George Cukorreply 58710/25/2013

Will this be the first season with no Zachary Qintp and Dylan McDermott? I know the season is still filming so I guess there's hope.

I thought they were both great last season. McDermott was really twisted and sad as Bloodyface Jr. and the final scene with him and Sarah Paulson is masterful.

by George Cukorreply 58810/26/2013

Quinto is on Broadway at the moment so I doubt he'll have time to be on it.

by George Cukorreply 58910/26/2013

Was Jessica Lange kind of lacking work for a period because she was too difficult to work with and no one would hire her? I remember hearing something about that.

by George Cukorreply 59010/26/2013

I liked it when Fiona said that she hates racists. Fiona's cool, but it's too bad that she's also pretty evil.

by George Cukorreply 59110/26/2013

no r591...she just got older and films roles slowed down. She's worked pretty steadily most of her life.

by George Cukorreply 59210/26/2013

IMDB hates Fiona because she voted for Obama.

by George Cukorreply 59310/26/2013

Jessica said that when she did "Grey Gardens," that reinvigorated her love for acting again, and that AHS has revived her career. Now an entirely new generation knows who she is.

by George Cukorreply 59410/26/2013

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by George Cukorreply 59510/26/2013

I love how Kathy Bates said "lies, lies, lies" when Lange told her all the jobs black people have held.

by George Cukorreply 59610/26/2013

R591, it was a combination of growing older and no longer being in demand, and not being terribly ambitious careerwise. Lange admitted this in the past, and once said in an interview that she'd rather be back on her farm in Minnesota with her family than be on a set in some far off location. I remember reading, perhaps in the same article, her agent at the time lamenting that he has a hard time getting her to say 'yes' to anything. You say 'no' too many times and people stop asking.

by George Cukorreply 59710/26/2013

Did they do something to Jessica's face in the first ep making her look younger?

by George Cukorreply 59810/26/2013

"LIES!" is already an internet meme.

Kathy is rekindling her career now. All these kids are looking up her old work. Honestly, older actresses should beg to be on this show.

by George Cukorreply 59910/26/2013

My GOD! I just now saw the big house in New Orleans. I have never seen anything quite so beautiful as the interiors of that place.

by George Cukorreply 60006/07/2014
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