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Big Brother 15 - Part 4

Who wants to see my HOH room?

by But first...reply 60008/08/2013


by But first...reply 108/01/2013

Andy is utterly sexless. There is zero sexuality emanating from the guy. It's disgusting watching him eat and especially drink.

Candice for the HoH win tonight!

by But first...reply 208/01/2013

Them people are aw'll racists... Trashy!

by But first...reply 308/01/2013

Sorry, poster on earlier thread, I thought that link worked of Amanda-Social Justice Warrior. It did last time I checked. Here it is just in case:

by But first...reply 408/01/2013

R4 - it doesn't work.

by But first...reply 508/01/2013

If tonight is an endurance HOH comp, that's then I most value this thread.

Since I don't follow feeds or the multiple blogs, I keep checking here to see who wins.

by But first...reply 608/01/2013

I still think Amanda has had a nose job. The finish at her tip looks a bit unnatural.

by But first...reply 708/01/2013

Yes, it does, R4, I just tried it. Or are you Daddy Zuckerman trying to steer us away from anything that exposes the hypocrisy of your piece of shit daughter? Try a search using Amanda Zuckerman-Social Injustice Warrior. That'll point you to the link.

Feeds have been down over 6 hours-that has to mean something. I would love it to be a double eviction. Normally the Chenbot announces it the week before but I suspect they could do one tonight because losing Howard under an Aaryn HoH will be a nasty thing and they're hoping Aaryn follows him out the door.

by But first...reply 808/01/2013

DataLounge-friendly YouTube link for R4:

by But first...reply 908/01/2013

It may work for you, but it doesn't work for me again. I can't imagine why not.

However! This is a great video on this ho.

by But first...reply 1008/01/2013

[quote]Since I don't follow feeds or the multiple blogs, I keep checking here to see who wins.

Lemme save you some time. Elissa.

by But first...reply 1108/01/2013

The Aaryn edit within the first few minutes is so bad (Candice called her a redneck raising the rebel flag) that I wouldn't be surprised if something big happens tonight. Like maybe she'll get ejected from the game tonight on live TV.

by But first...reply 1208/01/2013

Candice girl no I was embarrassed for her! Candice is losing her head on this house, poor girl

Helen is such a sneaky Asian. She put that junk in Candace's head and made her go cray. I want her to go home next week even before aryan

by But first...reply 1308/01/2013

Not a single black or Asian person in Judd's hick town. And the City Hall looks like a condemned building. Yikes.

by But first...reply 1408/01/2013

Oh dear God. Judd is the town genius.

by But first...reply 1508/01/2013

Howard, dude, seriously. Stop name checking Me. I really don't care what happens in that house.

by But first...reply 1608/01/2013

Aww candy has two moms

by But first...reply 1708/01/2013

I fell a little in love with Judd after seeing the town parade

by But first...reply 1808/01/2013

Chinbot made it sound like no endurance HOH. That would be great if we found out tonite

by But first...reply 1908/01/2013

Buh bye, Howard.

by But first...reply 2008/01/2013

R16 beat me to it. SOOOO sick of these black Jesus freaks. I'm in Atlanta now and can not escape them, keep deleting them off Facebook too. And I'm not even anti-religion... but seriously can they STFU? This stuff is what allows them to stay oppressed in the first place.

by But first...reply 2108/01/2013

I thought that, too, R14!!!!! Small town fucks.

by But first...reply 2208/01/2013

Howard is quite articulate and classy

by But first...reply 2308/01/2013

Nominate Helen for the third nominee

by But first...reply 2408/01/2013

Guess it is endurance time is rrunning out.

Who do we vote for MVP? Aaryian or Amanda? Tell what to do DL

by But first...reply 2508/01/2013

Oh Candice. Why would you believe HELEN?

by But first...reply 2608/01/2013

I think Helen is worse than Aryn and Amanda. She's sneakier and the fakest in that house. Aryn and Amanda you can see coming at you with a knife but not Helen.

by But first...reply 2708/01/2013

Saint Helen needs to go.

Vote Helen for the MVP vote.

Let's make someone cry.

by But first...reply 2808/01/2013


by But first...reply 2908/01/2013

TPTB are totally manipulating Helen's and Elissa's roller thingy. No one else is having problems. It's a conspiracy. They want Amanda to win.

by But first...reply 3008/01/2013

Candice grew up in a black family, but learned she was adopted in her 20's. She found her real mother and their meeting was on Oprah. You can find it if you google Candice Stewart Oprah.

It's a tearjerker. Candice's birth mother is white, and she is so proud of Candice. It's touching.

So that is why she has two moms.

by But first...reply 3108/01/2013

Helen is already planning on which houseguest gets nominated for eviction from the new HOH. Candice is right that she's calling all the shots.

by But first...reply 3208/01/2013

I wonder how long it will take for someone to win this. Some people were really struggling instantly.

by But first...reply 3308/01/2013

Double eviction next week. Fabulous.

by But first...reply 3408/01/2013

Double eviction next thz. The hamsters should throw this one and let candi win.

by But first...reply 3508/01/2013

I liked when Spencer told Amanda to "shut-up!"

by But first...reply 3608/01/2013


by But first...reply 3708/01/2013

I HATED that Helen was the first person to jump up and hug Howard upon his eviction. Sneaky bitch. I want Mcrae, MANda, and St. Helen on the final block this week.

by But first...reply 3808/01/2013

The people in the house are too stupid to try and stop Helen. Andy, Jessie,Elissa, Amanda, McCrae all followers. This was their last chance to knock Amanda out. If they had, the switch in power would have be 7 against helen, andy elissa, mccrae.

Candice is so stupid not to know the game and to call out Spencer. Howard told her to trust him and this idiot wouldn't listen to him. She probably hears voices in her head.

by But first...reply 3908/01/2013

Candace = Angry Black Woman.

by But first...reply 4008/01/2013

Andy looked like he was taking a leisurely stroll on that log. He could win it. If only they had a contest for agreeing quickly with anything anyone ever says, he'd be a shoo-in.

by But first...reply 4108/01/2013

Why was Elissa having such a difficult time initially?

The challenge seems geared for taller people like McRae.

by But first...reply 4208/01/2013

Spencer is the first one down.

Damn, Damn, Damn!

by But first...reply 4308/01/2013

Thank God! I couldn't handle a week of Spencer as HOH.

by But first...reply 4408/01/2013

Spencer, Elissa, Candice, Helen, Amanda are down.

by But first...reply 4508/01/2013

My small breasts are working for me!

by But first...reply 4608/01/2013

So another boring week when Spencer and Candice go up.

by But first...reply 4708/01/2013

Jessie, vaGina Marie and McCrae are the only remaining houseguests. Amanda's BF scolded for walking backwards on the log.

by But first...reply 4808/01/2013

Amanda does act as if she is queen bee of the house, probably because she knows she's going to win.

by But first...reply 4908/01/2013

Just how big are Amanda's boobs?

by But first...reply 5008/01/2013

[quote]Howard is quite articulate and classy.

You must be kidding. He is anything but articulate.

by But first...reply 5108/01/2013

Did you not see the picture of Amanda's giant funbags with the nipples covered up?

by But first...reply 5208/01/2013

There is something strange about Judd. Obviously. But stangely appealing lately to me...

by But first...reply 5308/01/2013

Please not pizza boy. Another week of Amanda ruling the house is vomit-inducing.

by But first...reply 5408/01/2013

R52 - That's what I mean. They are huge and getting larger.

by But first...reply 5508/01/2013

Jessie is down. VaginaMarie is trying to make a deal with McCrae and he says no.

by But first...reply 5608/01/2013

Judd looks like a backwater relative of Al Gore. He's one of the funnier ones, though, and seemingly nice.

Spencer looks like he flashes girls as a hobby.

Andy looks like an alien trying to inhabit a human body. He obviously got the clothes wrong with the toddlerwear. When he eats it is so gross, and as if he's never eaten before. He appears to have two sets of breasts. I think he may be an alien who can instantly teleport from room to room to break in on conversations.

by But first...reply 5708/01/2013

Judd's mother looked and sounded like she's had a head injury.

by But first...reply 5808/01/2013

I would seriously do Judd right now. Elissa walked funny on the barrel. Seriously, pizza boy could look decent if he cut his hair, but what does he see in that bitch, Amanda? She has mean eyes, and tits with no nipples.

by But first...reply 5908/01/2013


by But first...reply 6008/01/2013

Hope she puts up Helen and Elissa.

by But first...reply 6108/01/2013

Looks like it's GM's now.

God, I'd love it for her to get Pandora's Box, she's trapped with Rachel upstairs taunting her and Nick is downstairs partying with the other HGs.

by But first...reply 6208/01/2013

Well at least it wasn't McCrea. But doesn't GM do what Helen says?

by But first...reply 6308/01/2013

Please - she will get pressured to put up Spencer and Candice. No question.

by But first...reply 6408/01/2013

Helen pretty much calls the shots now, she will pressure Ginamarie on who to pick for eviction.

by But first...reply 6508/01/2013

Ginamarie (what a trashy name) is a dumb clown. Expect no big moves this week.

by But first...reply 6608/01/2013

She has a chance with the help of Aryan, Spencer, Judd and possibly Jessie and Candace to change the house by putting up someone like Helen and either Elissa or Andy. She made a deal with McCrae so maybe Amanda with the help of MVP will be up there and one of those people will be gone.

by But first...reply 6708/01/2013

Vote Amanda, America! Just to see her head (if not her tits) explode.

by But first...reply 6808/01/2013

Candice is n idiot. He's trying to help her and Howard, and she acts like a fucking idiot.

by But first...reply 6908/01/2013

I hope she tells Hellin to make her some rice.

by But first...reply 7008/01/2013

R62, that would be terrific.

by But first...reply 7108/01/2013

I was just reading about the Aunt Jemima stuff Aaryn and Ginamarie were saying about Candice earlier today. I honestly don't know how Candice is putting up with this shit for so long. Even if they say it behind her back, she can feel the horrible, racist energy coming her way. It's not fair for her to be in there in those conditions. It's really upsetting to see her helpless in there with people blaming her for being too sensitive. I hope Julie rips Aaryn and ginamarie new assholes at some point. If there is no comeuppance at some point, this season is a total disgrace and the whole show should be cancelled.

by But first...reply 7208/01/2013

I thought tonight that Julie (when asking them about stuff that has happened outside of the house) was going to hint at some of the backlash some of them have gotten like losing their jobs.

by But first...reply 7308/01/2013

So, do we vote the third nominee to be Helen or Amanda?

by But first...reply 7408/01/2013

AMANDA-she will go nuts! Just voted for her 10 times, myself.

by But first...reply 7508/01/2013

I voted for Amanda.

by But first...reply 7608/01/2013

Just read that Aaryn is coaching GM to say in her HoH nominations speech that she nominated Candice because of the false accusations she's made of them being racist. Oh God PLEASE make that happen. That would be delicious.

Janelle is officially endorsing Amanda as the MVP vote. Smart choice, Janelle.

by But first...reply 7708/01/2013

It doesn't matter who gets mvp because the herd controls the votes.

by But first...reply 7808/01/2013

Why do you want Amanda as MVP ?

Shouldn't it be Aaryn ? Something needs to rattle her cage.

by But first...reply 7908/01/2013

Aaryn seems pretty rattled already. She looks very depressed and troubled lately. She must know how hated she is by the public.

Amanda is still so haughty and needs to be taken down a notch.

by But first...reply 8008/01/2013

Voted 10X times for ugly Spencer.

by But first...reply 8108/01/2013

Fuck you, R81. He's already at the bottom with nowhere to go. He's basically the underdog now. Some people need to be taken down a notch like Helen, Amanda, Aaryn.

by But first...reply 8208/02/2013

McCrae is beautiful. Does anyone think McCrae looks like a young Robert Redford (circa 1965)?

by But first...reply 8308/02/2013

[quote]Amanda's Boyfriend for the win

That's not her boyfriend. That's her husband. They got married last night.

by But first...reply 8408/02/2013

[quote]McCrae is beautiful. Does anyone think McCrae looks like a young Robert Redford (circa 1965)?

Not even close.

by But first...reply 8508/02/2013

My favorite new song, y'all!

by But first...reply 8608/02/2013

[quote]McCrae is beautiful. Does anyone think McCrae looks like a young Robert Redford (circa 1965)?

Yeah if you're Stevie Wonder oh and thank you Julie, you serious journalist you, for those hard hitting questions last night. You and your husband should be ashamed but I guess another dollar in your pocket is more important to you than your own dignity.

by But first...reply 8708/02/2013

I voted ten times for Helen. Amanda's a sure thing for mvp, but I dream of Helen on the block.

by But first...reply 8808/02/2013

McCrae looks like a young Joel Grey

by But first...reply 8908/02/2013

Why would America nominate Amanda over Aryan?

by But first...reply 9008/02/2013

So is this week vote for the MVP, or vote to nominate for eviction.

by But first...reply 9108/02/2013

Amanda's arrogance needs to be taken down a peg.

by But first...reply 9208/02/2013

Voting is until 9pm est tonight.

I voted six times for Amanda and four times for Helen.

by But first...reply 9308/02/2013

Amanda is a obnoxious bitch. She says fuck every other word and is about as racially insensitive as Aryn.

by But first...reply 9408/02/2013

I suspect America hates Aaryn a whole lot more than Amanda, DL aside.

by But first...reply 9508/02/2013

Having racist and homophobic contestants doesn't make the show racist and homophobic.

[quote]Helen needs to be sent back to get rice fields , who the fuck died and made get boss of the house. I'm starting to hate her more than manda.

She made herself boss of the house with her gameplay.

by But first...reply 9608/02/2013

[quote]Vote Amanda, America! Just to see her head (if not her tits) explode.

She handled it pretty well last week.

I hope McRae is playing her.

by But first...reply 9708/02/2013

Amanda's made the Huffington Post!

Daddy Zuckerman must be so proud.

by But first...reply 9808/02/2013

It was elimination night on Big Brother (2.5/8) on Thursday and the fifth house guest of the reality show’s 15th season was evicted.

All of which meant a good night for the live one-hour show as Big Brother garnered its biggest viewership of the season with 7.04 million watching. The highest-rated show of Wednesday’s primetime, Big Brother was even with last week’s show to match its July 21 and July 25 shows for its best result of this cycle among adults 18-49.

It could end up as the highest-rated show of the season among the key demo; as is typical of live shows, expect an adjustment in the final numbers later on today.

by But first...reply 9908/02/2013

I was kinda sad to see Howard go he was the sanest person in the house. I wonder who will win HOH this week, it seems Helen can careless about Arryn or other's being racist. Helen just wants to win. She is in good postion right now. I say spencer and Candice on block this week if they dont win HOH.

by But first...reply 10008/02/2013

I just hate Helen because she is annoying. Otherwise, I would do the same thing. Who care's the pigs of the house will all gets what coming to them.

by But first...reply 10108/02/2013

Not that it matters, but I also voted 10x to put Helen up for eviction. I'm not rooting for any one person to win because I pretty much can't stand all of the remaining HG's. It's all a matter of which one I can't stand the most.

by But first...reply 10208/02/2013

Helen is not that annoying. She is smart, she is kinda bullying a bit, she has alot of energy. But Amanda is annoying, Andy is. Arryn of course. Thankfully Jeremy is gone. I hated that asshole.

by But first...reply 10308/02/2013

"McCrae is beautiful. Does anyone think McCrae looks like a young Robert Redford (circa 1965)?"

You are kidding right?

by But first...reply 10408/02/2013

All of these people are extremely ignorant. I never seen such loony mean people in a house at once. It amazes me that some of them have jobs and went to college. Scary. It seems Arryn and Ginamrie have tried to tame their act to not be targets, since their otehr allies are gone.

by But first...reply 10508/02/2013

I don't see what Amanda sees in Mccrae. Ok Amanda some taste she has in men....

by But first...reply 10608/02/2013

Candice is cute but pretty dumb, huh? You really shouldn't draw so much attention to oneself. Is he losing it?

by But first...reply 10708/02/2013

So who won HoH? Amanda is a pig.

by But first...reply 10808/02/2013

Catfight just occurred between Jessie and Amanda -

Here's the transcript via JokersUpdates:

by But first...reply 10908/02/2013

r108, someone upthread said it is vaGinaMarie

by But first...reply 11008/02/2013

Is there any likeable person?

by But first...reply 11108/02/2013

Although I would love to see Amanda get nominated again, I would prefer Helen to get the MVP nomination.

Amanda is certain that Judd was the MVP who nominated her last night, and after the competition ended last night I heard her say that she knew who put her on the block and "they would get their's".

I don't want Judd to go right now. He is the most entertaining person on the live feeds and god knows that his little town could use the tax revenues from Judd's windfall.

You can vote for the MVP nomination until 9:00 tonight, but I'm not sure if that is EST or PST. You can vote 10 times at the link.

Let's make Helen Kim cry!

by But first...reply 11208/02/2013

Are Howard and Amanda still at war? I think I saw them hug after the eviction last night. I want to hear name calling and see hair pulling, dammit!

by But first...reply 11308/02/2013

Good question R106

by But first...reply 11408/02/2013

Does anyone think Amanda looks like a big busted version of Sarah Silverman?

by But first...reply 11508/02/2013

Helen and Jessie had a conversation an hour ago about DL favorites Bradley Cooper, Tom Cruise and George Clooney. This went on for a good twenty minutes or so and not once did either of them mention the possibility that any of them might be gay. Helen kept saying how in love Tommy was with Katie and it was truly laughable.

by But first...reply 11608/02/2013

Jesus R116, frau alert! I'm sure even Amandog gets that those guys are all gay. Hilarious. Not a very sophisticated bunch. I like hillbilly Judd for the win. Everyone else is hateful.

by But first...reply 11708/02/2013

That should be "Are Spencer and Amanda still at war?"

by But first...reply 11808/02/2013

Has Judd said anything racist, or has he just silently condoned it? He's my fave of the bunch.

by But first...reply 11908/02/2013

[quote]Let's make Helen Kim cry!

Well, she certainly doesn't need us for that. As a matter of fact, about an hour ago she pulled Jesse aside and cried crocodile tears on her. Sneaky bitch.

by But first...reply 12008/02/2013


Thanks for the link.

Amanda is a cunt and needs to be voted out

by But first...reply 12108/02/2013

Vagina Marie first said to Aryan that she wanted to nominate Spencer for voting out Nick and Candace. Then Candace, Amanda and Jessie had a huge fight in the backyard and Helen went screaming to the house how Jessie and Candace needed to leave and now it looks like Jessie and Candace might be going up. Also McCrae had a big argument with Amanda telling her that her arguing with them could cause people to come after her and McCrae.

by But first...reply 12208/02/2013

[2] The other night on Big Brother After Dark, Andy was doing some jumping around with I believe Helen. Something about all that jumping around or maybe it was just having Judd watching him, aroused Andy to the extent that he was sporting a huge boner. Yeah I couldn't believe it either but that boy is hung. Of course he was wearing shorts, but you could see the clear outline of his boner. Looked like he had a huge dildo in his pants. The guy does nothing for me sexually but he is hung. He ran into another room but came back before he had completely lost the boner.

by But first...reply 12308/02/2013

LIAR. Nothing was said about that on any of the live feed sites.

by But first...reply 12408/02/2013

[quote]He ran into another room but came back before he had completely lost the boner.

He probably accidentally saw Spencer naked. That would make me lose mine.

by But first...reply 12508/02/2013

Recap of the challenge

by But first...reply 12608/02/2013

Amanda and Jessie

by But first...reply 12708/02/2013

Helen is like Johnny on the spot, does everybody have to do what she says?

by But first...reply 12808/02/2013

Candace and Jessie are the nominees this week.

by But first...reply 12908/02/2013

I want Amanda on the block SO BAD! But after this, I'm thinking of voting Helen too.

by But first...reply 13008/02/2013

No CBS now on Time Warner. I guess I'll have to watch it on TVG.

by But first...reply 13108/02/2013

It's not just on DL where Amanda is hated. She definitely has enemies on all the message boards. Some people claimed they had trouble voting for her today and that might be because of the high volume of votes being thrown her way. I think Amanda will be the third nominee tomorrow by a landslide.

by But first...reply 13208/02/2013

>>Also McCrae had a big argument with Amanda telling her that her arguing with them could cause people to come after her and McCrae.

True that, r122.

by But first...reply 13308/02/2013

It's about time McCrae got a clue about this bitch.

by But first...reply 13408/02/2013

I don't really get McCrae's relationship with Amanda...he seems so impressed by her wealth or status. As soon as he gets out of the house and realizes how much people like him and don't l;ike her....I think it is splitsville.

by But first...reply 13508/02/2013

It's cause he's never had a good looking chick with jugs like that into him.

She just shoves one in his mouth or lets him tittie fuck her, and that's enough to keep him mesmerized for the 2 or 3 months he'll be in the house.

by But first...reply 13608/02/2013

I wouldn't really call Amanda good looking.

by But first...reply 13708/02/2013

Helen abandoned her young children for three months....that can really traumatize small kids.

by But first...reply 13808/02/2013

Amanda has been giving McCrae handjobs and blowjobs at night, and sometimes they even fuck. Most straight guys would have a tough time turning that down if they were in the same situation as McCrae. He can overlook Amanda's faults and game play so long as it doesn't threaten his chance at the $500K.

by But first...reply 13908/02/2013

[quote]I hope Julie rips Aaryn and ginamarie new assholes at some point.

Please, that won't happen. Miss Chen is a female Uncle Tom and a spineless wimp.

by But first...reply 14008/02/2013

I just read what they put on the teleprompter. I haven't had an original thought since they transformation to Stepfordism.

by But first...reply 14108/02/2013

Helen's a fucking idiot.

by But first...reply 14208/02/2013

OMG, Helen really thinks she's the Queen Bee now. Helen is playing a smart game, but I would like to see Judd or Elissa win. I get bugged that the HOH has to go with whatever Helen says.

by But first...reply 14308/02/2013

R137 - Amanda's fairly good looking. She's a bit plump, but not bad.

by But first...reply 14408/02/2013

When is this fucking competition for the BBQ slot gonna happen? It'll be excruciatingly bad, anyway.

by But first...reply 14508/02/2013

GM is textbook butterface

by But first...reply 14608/02/2013

She looks like a man.

by But first...reply 14708/02/2013

Saturday we will see who the MVP nominated. It will only take 4 votes to evict someone this week, so even if Amanda or Helen is up, there won't be enough to kick one of them out.

by But first...reply 14808/02/2013

R144 On what planet is Amanda good looking? I've seen more feminine faces on RuPaul's Drag Race.

Funny how this cunt who looks like a man says homophobic shit.

by But first...reply 14908/02/2013

R149 - Her face isn't overly masculine. If she lost some weight, she'd have a killer body. No beauty queen, but not ugly or even plain.

by But first...reply 15008/02/2013

r144...please call your optometrist.....I'm concerned that you have eye strain.

by But first...reply 15108/02/2013

Found this online. Howard showing off his penis.

by But first...reply 15208/02/2013

I really hope the show does everything it can to keep the HGs from finding out it's a double eviction Thursday night. I hate it when they figure it out. I want them to be so rattled that they panic and do weird shit, like voting Amanda out.

by But first...reply 15308/02/2013

R152 But he's a man of God and reads his bible every day!

by But first...reply 15408/02/2013

Aw, hell no!

by But first...reply 15508/02/2013

"Oh, Andy, you're like a sister! A pale, sexless, elfin girl!"

by But first...reply 15608/02/2013

Candy is so over it, I love it

by But first...reply 15708/02/2013

The problem is with the remaining votes outside of who is on the block. All the ducks are lined up behind tiger mom Helen. That's why I'm hoping for something to shake up the power shift with this week's double eviction. Oh, and Andy is one of the biggest tattletale floaters (pun intended) we've seen in a long time.

by But first...reply 15808/02/2013

Who are the nominees?

by But first...reply 15908/02/2013

Candice and Jessie.

by But first...reply 16008/02/2013

Is TWC blocking the BB feeds since it's a CBS show?

by But first...reply 16108/02/2013

I'd make out with Spencer after Sunday Beer Blast but I wouldn't brag about it.

by But first...reply 16208/02/2013

I genuinely feel sorry for those of you lonely and deprived enough that you find either Spencer or Judd sexually appealing. Please get some standards.

by But first...reply 16308/03/2013

As a bear lover, I would have no problem having sex with Spencer. Personally I would rather have sex with Spencer then ever having sex with someone like Andy.

by But first...reply 16408/03/2013

R163 I agree. However, you have to remember we're talking about DL where the posters are sad, self-loathing, and desperate.

by But first...reply 16508/03/2013

Yes there isn't a man in that house I would fuck. That includes Jeremy. Maybe Nick but I tuned in too late. Well, maybe Howard. Okay never mind.

Amanda looks like she got a NeNe Leakes nose job, the one where they narrow the nostrils. She looks like she is breathing in really hard.

I hope McRae smartens up and dumps her ass. Who knows? It could be all for the show and the $$. You can hear him mumbling throughout the reel posted, "that's racist" after everything she says. She says cunt a lot too. Nice girl that Amanda.

by But first...reply 16608/03/2013

R166, have you checked out Big Brother Australia 2013? There are at least two very hot guys on that one?

Sorry, too hung over to provide a link.

by But first...reply 16708/03/2013

America nominated Amanda again.

by But first...reply 16808/03/2013

[quote]Sorry, too hung over to provide a link.

(rolls eyes)

by But first...reply 16908/03/2013

[quote]Is TWC blocking the BB feeds since it's a CBS show?

In certain cities. I know Los Angeles is one, maybe NYC. Here, our local CBS affiliate is good to go but those bastards at time warner have blocked out Showtime so no DEXTER! I am so ready to get Google internet and TV as soon as my building gets wired and it's offered.

by But first...reply 17008/03/2013

Latest racist rant from GinaMarie (via jokerupdate):

GM just said that Candice should wash her towel since it is an HOH towel. She whispers you know like "the help". and giggles

by But first...reply 17108/03/2013

Now, now r171. We aren't to use the R-word.

by But first...reply 17208/03/2013

VaginaMarie's newest remark about Candace:

"GinaMarie says that she has to boil her towels because Candice used them and she has to boil the crabs that Candice has, otherwise she's going to throw out the towels."

by But first...reply 17308/03/2013

Jessie just said to Aaryn "What's best for the house is what's best for Amanda." Nice one, Jessie.

by But first...reply 17408/03/2013

And Amanda just said to McCrae "You're being a dictator in this relationship, McCrae."

To use her own words, what a fucking cunt.

by But first...reply 17508/03/2013

[quote][R144]...please call your optometrist.....I'm concerned that you have eye strain.


by But first...reply 17608/03/2013

[quote]Oh, and Andy is one of the biggest tattletale floaters (pun intended) we've seen in a long time.

That's the only thing that bugs me about Andy, he's such a tattletale about everything.

by But first...reply 17708/03/2013

Judd said earlier that he's starting to think Candice might be tight with Eddie Murphy. He cracked something like "Maybe if I help out Candice she'll get Eddie Murphy to put me in The Nutty Professor Part 4!"

Didn't Judd say yesterday he thought Candice could be a tranny? If so then she could REALLY be tight with Eddie Murphy.

by But first...reply 17808/03/2013

Please evict Amanda! Not only does it get rid of that vile bully, but it lo renders GM's HOH pointless.

by But first...reply 17908/03/2013

gina marie please put up helen & amanda

mcdiarrhia can stay for a while

and barf aMANda and mcdiarrhia are engaged

by But first...reply 18008/03/2013

R180, GM put up Jessie and Candice.

by But first...reply 18108/03/2013

And America out up Amanda again.

by But first...reply 18208/03/2013

Candice told them that she had been to Eddie Murphy's house, and on a private plane, I think.

She said this before the feeds went live, but the house guests mention it frequently in joking terms. She also told them that one of the winners of America's Next Top Model was her roommate. (Answar, or Answer, or some shit)

Today they were saying that maybe the joke is on them, and Candice is getting a lot of help from Eddie or Answer (??) for MVP votes.

They know that she got cast in an unusual manner--she didn't apply like everyone else, and didn't have to go through all of the audition steps. FYI last year Jenn City didn't either. She said Happy B-Day to Sharon Osborne and someone from casting saw the message, did some research, and the rest was history. Jenn knew Sharon from her days on OzzFest, so that helped justify her casting.

by But first...reply 18308/03/2013

I read on Jokers that Amanda told McRae he had a booger in his nose.

She reached up and pulled it out with her finger (!!) then dragged it on his shirt.

B-A-R-F Where do they find these people ?

by But first...reply 18408/03/2013

And wasn't that punk girl in BB13 a nanny for the children of somebody famous?

by But first...reply 18508/03/2013

Oh, God, R183. Jenn City. Did you have to remind us? What an awful player. The worst kind of floater-a clueless one.

by But first...reply 18608/03/2013

Jessie is this week's Veto winner.

by But first...reply 18708/03/2013

That means that Spencer will go up against Candace. No chance they can get 4 people to vote out Amanda.

by But first...reply 18808/03/2013

Elissa/Helen/Jessie/Judd would have to vote against Amanda to send her packing. Aaryn will definitely be voting to evict Candice. Andy and McCrae could evict either Candice or Spencer who is the likely replacement nominee. Neither of those guys will vote against Amanda.

by But first...reply 18908/03/2013

Candice and Amanda started screaming at each other after the PoV. Candice told Judd that Amanda thinks he is MVP and the shit hit the fan.

Now McCrae is LIVID at the way Amanda reacted and is doing damage control now to save her.

by But first...reply 19008/03/2013

Amanda is blaming Judd that she got nominated.

by But first...reply 19108/03/2013

Amanda called Candice Shaniqua.

by But first...reply 19208/03/2013

McCrea needs to open his eyes. He's livid because she's a nasty piece of work, not someone who needs to be saved.

by But first...reply 19308/03/2013

Y'all remember when the show was new and they'd have the episode where they'd show the contestants fans websites supporting them? Can you imagine if they still did that?

by But first...reply 19408/03/2013

Yeah, I want to see them visit Aaryn's fan club. All gathered around the TV, cheering her on, as a cross burns in the background...

by But first...reply 19508/03/2013

Well I think finding one would be difficult. I think that's why they stopped. They could no longer find positive websites for all the contestants still around.

by But first...reply 19608/03/2013

Amanda just said to Candice "You wanted Howard's cock in your mouth but he wanted it in mine, Shaniqua."

Something tells me Amanda just lost her job from that.

by But first...reply 19708/03/2013


Isn't Amanda a real estate agent in South Florida? I am sure many of her clients share the same views as her.

by But first...reply 19808/03/2013

McCrae- I want Candice out cause she tried to flip it on me and you. Elissa- No she didn't. McCrae- What do you mean she didn't ????

Andy to Amanda- once again you will receive zero votes ... Amanda- shouldn't even of unpacked my bags..

Andy- but you have to watch your mouth.... especially the personal insults Amanda - she started it .. she said something about my flat ass .. so I said something about her fat mouth ...

Andy- but you said putting Howard's cock in it... you can't say things like that McCrae - yeah that's not cool Elissa- especially the Shaniqua thing...

Amanda tries to defend herself McCrae tells her to STOP!!!

by But first...reply 19908/03/2013

If someone could persuade GM not to nominate Spencer but say Elissa and then get Aryan, Jessie, Judd and Spencer to vote out Amanda. But that is wishful thinking. No one wants to make the big move. As much as I hate Helen, she was the only one so far this season to make a big move and that was to backdoor Jeremy. Everyone else is just going along. Most people just want to make it to jury.

by But first...reply 20008/03/2013

Amanda shouldn't be saying anything about anyone's ass.

by But first...reply 20108/03/2013

Amanda repeats why Spencer has to go up. Amanda is concerned that Jessie, Helen, Judd and Spencer would vote Amanda out.

by But first...reply 20208/03/2013

Someone needs to SuperGlue™ Aaryn's pussy lips shut!!!!

by But first...reply 20308/03/2013

R200, the latest is GM wants to put Elissa up.

by But first...reply 20408/03/2013

GM received a punishment during the Veto competition. She must wear a cone of shame for the next 48 hours. She cannot remove it, not even when she's sleeping or showering or swimming in the pool.

Candice also received a punishment. She must wear a clown unitard for next week.

by But first...reply 20508/03/2013

Just when you thought the racism on "Big Brother" could get any worse, house guest Amanda Zuckerman was caught making racist remarks about her African American and Asian American competitors on camera.

"She wore my f---in' head band and didn't ask," Zuckerman said about African American housemate Candice Stewart (above). "She took it off your f---in' head and put it on her greasy-ass, nappy-hair head."

In another instance, Zuckerman referred to African American contestant Howard Overby as "the black mamba" and "the dark knight." She also referred to herself as a "f** hag" and used the term "*****" on multiple occasions.

Interestingly enough, Zuckerman confronted Aaryn Gries about being racist on camera, which can also be seen in the video above.

This is hardly the first time offensive remarks have been caught on camera throughout the current fifteenth season of "Big Brother." In addition to Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman has also made racist remarks to or about other contestants on camera.

CBS responded to viewers' anger with the following statement: “'Big Brother' is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 -- and seeing every moment of their lives. At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a Houseguest appearing on 'Big Brother,' either on any live feed from the House or during the broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.”

"Big Brother" host Julie Chen wasn't nearly as neutral about the events, however. After showing a particularly upsetting clip of a fight between contestants Candice, Aaryn and GinaMarie on "The Talk," Chen was furious.

"Am I the only one who feels so enraged? This is the third time I've watched that clip, and it does not get any easier," she said. "I think it shows us all that in 2013, race is still a deeply, deeply personal issue and it is so extremely hurtful. And unless you have ever been on the receiving issue end of it, you simply do not know what it's like to walk a mile in someone's shoes."

by But first...reply 20608/03/2013

The above is from HuffPo, but linking to it is blocked apparently.

by But first...reply 20708/03/2013

[quote]and used the term "*****" on multiple occasions.

Oh my God! She seriously said *****? I'm pretty sure ***** is the single worst word there is. Has she no morals? Who, I ask you, is the real ***** here?

by But first...reply 20808/03/2013

I have a feeling these cunts are going to be sorry once they're out in the real world again.

by But first...reply 20908/03/2013

I wonder if Mel Gibson has the live feeds.

by But first...reply 21008/03/2013

Apparently Howard wasn't evicted "live," after all, he was actually evicted about 6 hours before the live show. That explains why the feeds were down for so long. I don't think they can pull this shit on Thursday for the Double Eviction, though.

by But first...reply 21108/03/2013

[quote]Funny how this cunt who looks like a man says homophobic shit.

Funny how you deplore homophobia, yet you are a sexist asshole.

by But first...reply 21208/03/2013

Firestorm on the interwebs now as to whether Amanda said earlier "Spencer needs to go up or the monkey goes home."

by But first...reply 21308/03/2013

and Amanda was the one who called out Aaryn......

by But first...reply 21408/03/2013

She did call out Aaryn. In fact, her worst racist bullshit didn't start until she found out America hated Aaryn from production. Supposedly from the kind of questions they were asking.

So is Amanda trying to steal Americas hate from Aaryn? Does she think this will seriously get her love from anyone other than Ted Nugent? I'm confused about her motives.

by But first...reply 21508/03/2013

Aryan and others at their utter worst:

Aaryn- ( re Candice clown suit ) ....When you do horrible things to people, somehow it always comes back ..... Humiliation beyond belief's completely the best revenge of what she did to me that I can think of ...Karma exists, America. It's real

Aaryn - America is going to love Amanda after this veto comp and her cock comment ...

Aaryn - Amanda said .. your mouth is so big Howard wanted to put his cock in it and she said yes he did and then Amanda- said "funny how he wanted to put his cock in me"

Spencer -Do we have any tomatoes to throw at Candice when she comes out

by But first...reply 21608/03/2013

[quote]So is Amanda trying to steal Americas hate from Aaryn? Does she think this will seriously get her love from anyone other than Ted Nugent? I'm confused about her motives.

I think she is just full of rage and spinning out of control because she can't figure out who is putting her on the block.

She seems like a controlling person and when control freaks lose out.

by But first...reply 21708/03/2013

wonder if Amanda's nutjob daddy is still trying to defend her on twitter. looks like he's locked his account.

by But first...reply 21808/03/2013

What is his twitter account?

by But first...reply 21908/03/2013

posted below.

by But first...reply 22008/03/2013

Mommy apparently owns the real estate firm Amanda works for. Perhaps Coldwell Banker, Mommy's bosses, might have something to say about Amanda continuing to work for Mommy.

by But first...reply 22108/03/2013


Gm wins HOH

Jessie and Candice on Block- a MAN duh is MVP nom

Jessie on POV - no word on replacement nom (pobably elissa).

by But first...reply 22208/03/2013

[quote]Mommy apparently owns the real estate firm Amanda works for.

I did notice the mother was strangely boastful about how it was an "upscale" real estate agency. I see why is hers.

by But first...reply 22308/03/2013

R212 = Fucking retard.

If she's going to call people names, then fair game for people to call her names.

Quit defending trash you stupid frau bitch.

by But first...reply 22408/03/2013

[quote] a MAN duh is MVP nom

have they announced that or is it inside info....

[quote]Jessie on POV - no word on replacement nom (pobably elissa).

so Jessie won pov?

by But first...reply 22508/03/2013

I think Spencer will be replacement nom.

by But first...reply 22608/03/2013

Im confused. So I'm reading that howard was actually evicted six hours before the live show? What were they doing? Prepping him for chinbots interview.

Will thay do the same for Candace?

by But first...reply 22708/03/2013

[quote]Im confused. So I'm reading that howard was actually evicted six hours before the live show? What were they doing? Prepping him for chinbots interview.

Where did you read that? And why would they have to prep him for Chinbot's puffball interview?

by But first...reply 22808/03/2013

Here ya go, R228.

by But first...reply 22908/03/2013

Ty for posting the link. It makes more sense. So they don't want the joe smoe at home not to hear the boos. Talk about manipulating the show. Guess no more 'live' shows for a while.

by But first...reply 23008/03/2013

Is anyone watching BB AFTER DARK right now? These people are assholes. They're really mean to each other and that Aaryn is just vile and nasty. She's gross and and the others aren't much better.

by But first...reply 23108/03/2013

R224 is old enough to be a grandpa, but still suffers from mommy issues.

by But first...reply 23208/03/2013

The crazy thing is that Aaryn, Gm, Amanda all blame Candice for making them look bad, and when they get out of the house and realize the world hates them, they will learn nothing and still blame Candice! I am just about ready to abandon this season. The cast is really bottom of the barrel.

by But first...reply 23308/03/2013


If something doesn't shake it up Sunday I'm going to abandon the season as well.

I really need 2 or at least 1 of the asswipes to be evicted. If they don't have a shake up now then one of those assholes will win this whole thing.

by But first...reply 23408/03/2013

Can someone remind me what the Coup d'Etat is ?

by But first...reply 23508/03/2013

here r235

by But first...reply 23608/03/2013

[quote]Can someone remind me what the Coup d'Etat is ?

Coup d'Etat allows the holder to completely overthrow the HOH's nominations and replace them with new nominees. I may be wrong, but the only time I remember it being used was when Jeff overturned Chima's nominations causing her to get pissed off that her HOH was for nothing. She ended up being thrown off the show for her bad reaction to the whole scenario.

by But first...reply 23708/03/2013

Coup d’Etat is what they call the shitstorm when Allison loses her iron grip on the proceedings, and DefCon 4 gets reached in the production offices.

It’s when she has a lapse and allows the houseguests just a bit of free will. The exact moment of coup d’Etat is when she realizes that the drones are actually trying to play the game and they are about to evict someone that Allison isnt allowing to leave.

So they introduce the super-power of the coup d'Etat and they allow America to vote for which houseguest should be gifted with this one-time-use power - although if America doesn’t vote for the ‘right’ person, you can be sure that she/he’ll get it anyway.

The person given the power of the coup d' Etat is able to take down one or both of the nominees that HOH put on the block and replace them with whomever he/she chooses.

And the best (or worst) part is, this is done (at least the one time they did it) right as they are all seated for the live eviction vote. So no warning, no strategizing, nothing. Two new nominees replace the 2 that have been on the block for a few days.

Once they pick their jaws up off the floor, they are allowed to make speeches to convince the others why they shouldn’t get voted out, but it’s really just for show at that point…as I suppose it is pretty much every week.

And it’s all just based on a popularity vote…or at least that was the impression given. But of course if the viewers were stupid and voted for someone other than who Allison needed to give that power to to save her season, doesn’t matter.

It's never been used again because production is constantly playing a hand in what is happening so they don't let things get away from them like that anymore.

Allison probably calls it the "Oh Shit, I Nearly Fucked Up!" award.

by But first...reply 23808/03/2013


Sorry was a late night post

GinaMarie wins HOH She puts up Jessie and Candice, Amanda is the MVP nomination Jessie wins POV.

This week is double eveiction - no word on replacment -

Looks like the live show from last week was not really live, they taped teh first 45 minutes at noon with mostly production people in the audience. CBS was afraid of the reaction of "real" people when Howard was evicted by racist Aaryn.

by But first...reply 23908/04/2013

I haven't been watching the whole season. Did Candice do anything other than being black to garner so much hatred? She seems rather sweet although doesn't play the game well.

by But first...reply 24008/04/2013

Seems that the show in manipulated, and all fake.

by But first...reply 24108/04/2013

From what I've seen, R240, Candice has not been playing the game in the sense that she has not kissed the asses of the Mean Girls in the house. That's the difference between Candice and Helen. From the first week, the racial, homophobic rants have been against Helen, Andy and Candice. The difference is that Helen and Andy have ignored the few taunts said in their presence (most have been behind their backs), and pretty much kissed up to the popular girls (GM, Aa and Amanda) When it looked as though the Queen Bees were not given the "respect" they felt they deserved by Candice, who is also pretty, they didn't care about her feelings and have gone off on her ever since. The infamous tossing of her mattress followed by a heated argument which ended when Howard carried Candice out of the room as racist names were thrown at her was the beginning and it's pretty much been ugly between Candice and the Mean Girls ever since.

It's completely laughable that now these same women are blaming Candice for the bad publicity coming their way (the amount of which is much more than they will bargain for once they're out of the house) What makes them think that what they do or say is not being seen by millions on the feed? Do they not watch the show? Complete and utter bimbo idiots.

by But first...reply 24208/04/2013

The mean girls are jealous of Candice, because she's prettier than they are. And, they know it.

by But first...reply 24308/04/2013

That link to princessglammy website where it says Howard's eviction was pretaped has numerous comments in it calling it fake. The comments say that some tweeters were there in the audience so that it was a live show.

by But first...reply 24408/04/2013

It's interesting how people hated Aryan and Elissa when they had power (Aryan had HOH and Elissa was MVP). Now that Helen and Amanda run the show, it's interesting to see how the hostility on the boards have turned their way.

I guess people really don't like strong women.

by But first...reply 24508/04/2013

I started hating Helen when she admitted to America that she cries to manipulate her children.

I never hated Elissa. Amanda is super annoying but I'll admit she plays a good game.

Yeah, I hate Arynn.

by But first...reply 24608/04/2013

I like strong women. I don't like any of these people with the exception of Elissa. I said early on that I was surprised to find I liked Elissa. I didn't expect to due to the Rachelle connection.

by But first...reply 24708/04/2013

I'm actually pulling for Elissa or Judd in the finals. Amanda is making me so mad, because she's accusing Spencer and Judd. And, Andy needs to stop being such a big tattle tale all the time.

And, why does Jeff get to be host on live chat? He is so fake, he is not that nice.

by But first...reply 24808/04/2013

I like strong women when they aren't being racist, and mean. So far only Helen and Elissa have not been mean. Helen is kind of obnoxious but I don't dislike her. Jessie seems normal enough.

by But first...reply 24908/04/2013

Candace is an idiot. She was told by Howard to trust Spencer but then calls a house meeting and calls out Spencer. She's a loose cannon and even Helen wants her out.

by But first...reply 25008/04/2013

So it looks like aaryian, gm, and Amanda will make the jury. So we get no interview with chinbot, no making aware of lost jobs, nada, we will see them on jury night but will probably get no calling out.

by But first...reply 25108/04/2013

Elissa wants Amanda gone not because she mistreated Candace but her treatment of Jessie. Helen talked to Judd and Andy about it. Thursday is a long way off but it could get interesting. That would be the shocker of the season. Bigger than Nick going home. It would give McCrae a better chance to win. Amanda is now getting to be like Aryan. Another racist.

by But first...reply 25208/04/2013

You get rid of Amanda this week. You only need 4 votes. Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Andy, Judd. Next week you go after Candace.

by But first...reply 25308/04/2013

I still think Judd is kinda cute. But they need hotter guys next year!

by But first...reply 25408/04/2013

Andy would never vote MANda out. He's her little pocket gay. He tells her everything. Miss thing can't go ten minutes without tattling on someone.

by But first...reply 25508/04/2013

[quote] Did Candice do anything other than being black to garner so much hatred?

She borrows clothes and personal items without asking. That's what the others use to justify their vitriol toward her.

by But first...reply 25608/04/2013

[quote]I'm actually pulling for Elissa or Judd in the finals.

Elissa is the winner. There's been no reason to cast her except to make "TV History" by having two sisters win the same game. It's fixed anyway so she would make the most sense since people will be really pissed if the bigots are rewarded.

by But first...reply 25708/04/2013

She went all crazy on Spencer too. Even the cast said that didn't help her.

I think that sealed her fate.

by But first...reply 25808/04/2013


by But first...reply 25908/04/2013

[quote]R212 = Fucking retard.

If she's going to call people names, then fair game for people to call her names.

Quit defending trash you stupid frau bitch.

I didn't call anyone names, but you're calling me a stupid frau bitch. Explain that one to me, won't you?

So, if I call you a f*g, you can call me a n*gger and that's okay?

It all boils down to that racism and homophobia are taboo, but sexism is completely fine.

by But first...reply 26008/04/2013

Who R258? Are you talking about when Candice did or did Amanda also go off on Spencer?

by But first...reply 26108/04/2013

Candace and Amanda have gone off on Spencer.

by But first...reply 26208/04/2013

Candice is going to be embarrassed when she gets out and finds out that at least part of the time, Spencer was trying to save her.

by But first...reply 26308/04/2013

Amanda is pretty much accusing Spencer of putting her as the third nomination for eviction.

by But first...reply 26408/04/2013

I wish they'd tell the houseguests that America is voting for the third nominee.... imagine the paranoia. Would they clean up their acts to look better?? Of course, then the ratings would fall.

but first-

by But first...reply 26508/04/2013

[quote]Who [R258]? Are you talking about when Candice did or did Amanda also go off on Spencer?

I was referring to Candice. Afterwards, Aryan, Jessie and VaginaMarie all gathered together and voiced how afraid they are of the angry black woman coming after them next.

by But first...reply 26608/04/2013

"keep my name out of your mouth"

is this something people actually say outside the house?

lord, free speech...get it...I'll say what ever I want about you.

by But first...reply 26708/04/2013

On the TV Show, McCrae's boner is showing.

by But first...reply 26808/04/2013

I love that aMAD Duh going up twice convinced everyone that it is not America that is now the mvp (despite Helen explaining it to them all weeks ago how it worked) because how could america hate aMAN duh... she is sooo sweet.

by But first...reply 26908/04/2013

Amanda is acting like she is the queen bee. Talking shit like she decides who goes. I can't fucking wait to see her face again when she is nominated. How rich Jessie won POV. McRae, get out while you can!! Run!!

by But first...reply 27008/04/2013

Teenagers and African Americans say the phrase "Keep my name out of your mouth" in my area. I work with a LOT of teens and they all say it. Whereupon the person they're talking to says their name immediately and we've got a fight. AA adults say it more as a warning that you are not their friend.

by But first...reply 27108/04/2013

I can't wait for Amanda to be taken down a peg.

by But first...reply 27208/04/2013

Glad Big Brother showed Amanda being the real bitch that she is. I can't believe McCrae actually likes her, she's going to be trouble if he gets seriously involved with her.

by But first...reply 27308/04/2013

Maybe he's just in thrall to her big boobs.

by But first...reply 27408/04/2013

I HATED tonight's show. Poor Jessie. And Amanda completely threw Andy under the bus. I hope that bitch notices that she doesn't worry about his safety. Then McCrae all weak "Well he didn't tell us..." and Jesse "Apparently he did!"

I was glad Jesse stood up for herself, but the look of cruel satisfaction on Amanda's face when she was picking at Jesse was so horrible. And I don't use the word cruel often.

Jesse's side eye when Amanda went past her in those ridiculous panties and her "You're in your UNDERWEAR" reply to Amanda saying that she was needy of attention were the ONLY good things going on this episode. Oh and Spencer saying everything through the bullhorn.

by But first...reply 27508/04/2013

Anyone else notice that Andy was in almost every group discussion or he was shown joining an ongoing discussion. He really does try to be everywhere. He needs to be called out for his big mouth.

Helen kissing the others' asses tonight was pukeworthy, but typical of her.

by But first...reply 27608/04/2013

It feels like this is the year BB jumped the shark.

by But first...reply 27708/04/2013

[quote]Anyone else notice that Andy was in almost every group discussion or he was shown joining an ongoing discussion. He really does try to be everywhere. He needs to be called out for his big mouth.

Yup, I noticed that. And, he ended up telling on what everyone else is saying. He will be called out on his tattling eventually.

Btw, Amanda is a mega-bitch.

by But first...reply 27808/04/2013

The latest is that Helen is up in the HOH room kissing major ass by reassuring GM and Amanda that Candice will be voted out, but in another part of the house, Jessie and Elissa are plotting a way to keep Candice in the house and getting Amanda out this week.

What an excellent turn of events if Jessie and Elissa can indeed get Amanda's bitchy ass out of the house, then one of the three winning HOH and turning the table on the rest of them.

by But first...reply 27908/04/2013

McCrae is so over Amanda....his first reponce to GM's deal during the HOH was "I just want to make sure that I'M safe"

by But first...reply 28008/04/2013

VaginaMarie's newest one concerning Candice:

GM - She (Candice) is so degenerate that her own mom didn't even want her

by But first...reply 28108/04/2013

[quote]And wasn't that punk girl in BB13 a nanny for the children of somebody famous?

What punk girl? Porshe? Kalia? Shelly?

by But first...reply 28208/04/2013

Andy's high school yearbook pic.

by But first...reply 28308/04/2013

I suddenly think MCCrae is gay.

by But first...reply 28408/04/2013

How did Amanda react to going on the block again? Any link to joker's update?

by But first...reply 28508/05/2013

Look! It's pop-up Andy!

by But first...reply 28608/05/2013

Joker' Updates reports that Amanda has also been fired from her job as a result of her racism. It was posted on the Realtors webpage then taken down. What an awful trashy year on BB, resulting in 4 firings, so far.

by But first...reply 28708/05/2013

I knew Andy was a former fatty. I can't wait for him to be called out for the little bitch snitch he is.

by But first...reply 28808/05/2013

I liked Andy in the beginning, but his snitching really turns me off. I hope the housemates find out what he's doing, so they don't trust him.

by But first...reply 28908/05/2013

Did anyone catch Aaryn sticking her tongue out when Candice won the $5,000? She hasn't stopped being a nasty bitch.

by But first...reply 29008/05/2013

It's time they vote out that mega-bitch Amanda. The idea that no one sees her/MacRae as a partnership that needs to be broken up is ridiculous.

by But first...reply 29108/05/2013

R281, are you sure GM said that? I thought it was Aaryn. Either way, it is possibly the worst thing said all season, even worse than the mountain of racist, sexist, homophobic and violent remarks that have been uttered so far this season.

by But first...reply 29208/05/2013

Wow. A-man-duh was fired too? Her sugar mama status is over.

by But first...reply 29308/05/2013

Why did no one call out Andy for being such a snitch bitch?

by But first...reply 29408/05/2013

Jessie did when they were all talking on the couch and smoking. WTF with all the smoking. Spencer has to know it was Andy that snitched on him too. Hopefully Jessie and Spencer will put it all together.

by But first...reply 29508/05/2013

From what hear Andy is a TOP!

by But first...reply 29608/05/2013

Helen is smart has tons of energy but her diary room interviews are really annoying me. I want to say calm down already or shut up. Amamda is a really nasty bith huh? And Ginamarie oh God. That woman has to be on some hardcore drugs. She is a total loony tune.

by But first...reply 29708/05/2013

The only good thing about last night- Judd breaking up and also Amanda (who I hate) and Elissa over GM's blundering nomination speech.

"I don't like you, you are a filthy liar and a rat... but.. good luck in the veto, Candice."

by But first...reply 29808/05/2013

This was posted about Amanda. Did anyone hear this?

[quote]The racism is horrible but her latest remarks about wishing Jessie to be gangraped and forced to perform oral sex are disgusting and disturbing

This is disgusting if true.

by But first...reply 29908/05/2013

R299 people on message boards make jokes whenever someone dies, I think she's making comments along those lines. I doubt she sincerely wants anybody hurt.

by But first...reply 30008/05/2013

This is really a science/social experiment with the lowest of low, right? They had to screen the people looking for scum.

Andy's comments about GM were spot on. 15 year old girl with mental problems. When is she going to die her hair anyway? Still looks like shit.

by But first...reply 30108/05/2013

As expected, Spencer is the replacement nominee.

by But first...reply 30208/05/2013

[quote]Andy's comments about GM were spot on.

Yes they were spot on. However, he doesn't have too much room to criticize considering he wears adult Garanimals.

by But first...reply 30308/05/2013

i'm starting to hate this season

by But first...reply 30408/05/2013

With those ears, I still expect Andy to fly into the room.

by But first...reply 30508/05/2013

Exactly where does a grown man buy toddler-style clothes? I mean, a lot of FUBU stuff looks toddler-like, but Andy's clothes go the extra mile and look to be made of downy soft, baby-friendly cotton and pops in child-stimulating primary colors. He looks like Caillou.

His penchant for toddler wear and tattle-telling really has brought the preschool to the house.

[quote]"Keep my name out of your mouth"

More authentically, it's "Keep my name out yo mouth."

by But first...reply 30608/05/2013

so who won the veto?

who are the 3 people on the block?

thank you.

by But first...reply 30708/05/2013

Amanda needs to put on some pants. The girl's ass looks like a rear view of Hank Hill. I think she's a once (and future) fatty--her flesh looks deflated.

by But first...reply 30808/05/2013

God, Andy looks like such a paste-eating, snitchy little bitch in the high school picture at r283. I bet he was a total narc.

by But first...reply 30908/05/2013

R308 - She probably can't fit in her pants.

by But first...reply 31008/05/2013

If any of the mean girls do get eliminated, I bet CBS will pull a fast one and do like they did with Howard.. tape the eviction earlier in the day and the audience will be made up of CBS production people. They fear regular audience members might do something 'horrible' like booing or remaining silent and not applaude as the girls leave the house.

by But first...reply 31108/05/2013

[quote]More authentically, it's "Keep my name out yo mouth."

Well, if someone like Candice says it, sure.

by But first...reply 31208/05/2013

"Keep my name outcho mouth" would be more accurate.

by But first...reply 31308/05/2013

Yes, Amanda was indeed a fattie. She said she was fat when she lived out in LA and had trouble getting work because of it.

I think she might work for her mother's real estate busienss, so I'm not sure she can be fired. I know the family has gotten A LOT of hate lately so maybe her site got hacked.

by But first...reply 31408/05/2013

I would think the audience reaction would attract viewers. I don't want to hear applause to these animals.

by But first...reply 31508/05/2013

with all of the people from the south (including Texas) why wouldn't they expect bigotry?

by But first...reply 31608/05/2013

Is there any chance Amanda will get voted out?

by But first...reply 31708/05/2013

Andy has just snitched on another houseguest. I think it was Spencer.

by But first...reply 31808/05/2013

Remember you want the villains with you at the end so the Jury votes for you.

by But first...reply 31908/05/2013

Snitches get STITCHES!!!!

by But first...reply 32008/05/2013

I think Candace will be voted out because for whatever reason, the rest of the house thinks her outbursts are MUCH wore and threatening than those we've seen from Aaryn, Gina Marie and Amanda. Tell me why those 3, with their racist and threatening blowups are considered to be not as bad as Candace?

What they don't understand is, of course Candace is going to blow up on people. No one should have to endure such torture and harassment on a consistent basis. If I were Candace, I don't think I would have handled it as well as she has.

While Candace is not doing well socially or competitively, she is a threat for being intelligent-she was the one who first figured out the Moving Company alliance, then she told Helen to her face that Helen is basically running the house, and finally she was the first one to bring up the idea of splitting up power couple Amanda and McCrae.

While I'm glad Amanda is finally being exposed for being a racist bitch, I'm afraid the idiot viewers who are easily swayed by editing will "forget" about all that has come out of the mouths of Aaryn and Gina Marie. I just hope that if Candace is evicted, Amanda, Aaryn and Gina Marie all leave the nastiest, meanest goodbye messages possible so the audience and viewers can be reminded of how horrible those 3 women are.

At the very least, Candace will walk away with $5000 and fan support. Hopefully none of the 3 mean girls will make it to the final 3, so they won't even have money to comfort from them the delicious hate that awaits them post-Big Brother.

by But first...reply 32108/05/2013

I also don't understand why so many want to get rid of Candace for strategic reasons. Think about it, for whatever reason, no one in the house likes her. That means if she makes final 2, the rest of the cast would automatically vote against her. Why get rid of her? That is a major reason to keep Candace.

I'll say again how disappointed I am with Helen and Andy. Helen is playing a great game and has been able to basically take over the game, but I'm disappointed that she would ever align with Aaryn. I think after the game ends, Helen is going to feel like an ass for thinking of money over morality. I know it's not a game of morality, but when someone is as hateful as Aaryn, don't make deals with that person.

Andy is just pathetic. He can't win shit, and basically hangs out with the majority. Clearly he knows when others are being mistreated yet won't do anything about it. The snitching to keep Amanda safe is just obnoxious. He and Jessie will make jury but they won't have accomplished anything.

by But first...reply 32208/05/2013

Yea Candace couldn't keep the lid on. She should've just kept quiet and not confronted the whole fucking house. Granted, I can't blame her but this is a game.

by But first...reply 32308/05/2013

Does Andy smoke? Who doesn't smoke?

by But first...reply 32408/05/2013

If Amanda, Aaryn or Gina Marie make final 2, that would be worse than Evil Dick or the lazy Jordan getting that far. These 3 are the worst women they've ever had on the show. It's infuriating that they behave as they do and then blame their bad image on Candace. Candace never made them speak that way or even baited them to be racist. She only called them racist after they WERE acting racist.

I can't wait for this season to be over and I hope the tabloids follow these mean girls so we can hear updates about how their hateful ways have ruined their futures.

by But first...reply 32508/05/2013

Sunday's Big Brother (2.2/7) saw a new head of household amidst more maneuvering among the contestants. The one-hour show dipped 4% from last week’s show.

by But first...reply 32608/05/2013

I long for a sweet guy like Nick who was comfortable enough to talk about his Top 5 Guys List. He was handsome and had a great personality. The fact that he liked Danielle was his only fault.

by But first...reply 32708/05/2013

Here is Gina Marie's comment about Candice being a "degenerate" and that "her own mom didn't even want her"...btw McCrae thought it was funny as hell. Really, there are few likable/innocent people in the house. It seems even the ones not making nasty comments are at least laughing at/tolerating them. I hope CBS airs this but they won't. See the below link.

by But first...reply 32808/05/2013

Oh please, Candice deserves to be made fun of. She's got psycho eyes.

by But first...reply 32908/05/2013

Double eviction this week. Candace is going this week. I hope Jesse wins HoH. She will put up VaginaMarie and Amanda. She wants Amanda gone.

by But first...reply 33008/05/2013

None a yous scrubs will be invited to me and Nick's wedding !!

by But first...reply 33108/05/2013

Recap: You Don't Mess Around With Amanda

by But first...reply 33208/05/2013

Not flattering pic

by But first...reply 33308/05/2013

R333 that's not even her worst. The underwear outfit in last night's episode was the least flattering look Amanda has "rocked". I love how now 3 different house guests have commented on how bad her body is. First, a slightly intoxicated Elissa talked about her thighs, then Jessie, and then Candice. Amanda is one of those bitches who thinks she looks hot but the rest of know better (unless you're desperate-for-pussy-McCrae).

I'm shocked Aaryn and Gina Marie haven't attacked her body yet, though maybe they'll start once Candace is gone. Candace is by far the most beautiful woman in the house.

Howard and Nick were the hot guys. Jeremy was OK and David was passable. The 4 uglies are left. Andy is pathetic and twinkishly gross, Spencer makes dicks invert, Judd is just a no and McCrae is a loser.

by But first...reply 33408/05/2013

So Amanda's punishment from the POV is she has to keep getting spray tans. Today she made these gem-like comments:

"I look like a migrant worker"

"I look like a slave".

Then Aaryn goes " OK that's racist"

not sure if Aaryn was joking or serious.

These bitches. I can't wait till the game is over. I hope they get tons of hate mail and harassment wherever they go.

by But first...reply 33508/05/2013

[quote]Tell me why those 3, with their racist and threatening blowups are considered to be not as bad as Candace?

Because white people think their kind can do no wrong (and are secretly as racist as these cunts).

by But first...reply 33608/05/2013

Horrible photo of her.

by But first...reply 33708/05/2013

Did Amanda freak out when she was put up for nomination again.

by But first...reply 33808/05/2013

It's just fascinating yet disturbing how some of these casts can be. The treatment Candace has received is by far the worst of any houseguest in the history of the show. While she is viewed rather positively by most of the public, she has bizarrely become the villain in the house. This is a worse case, but it reminds me of what happened to that girl Jenn the year Evil Dick and Danielle won. Jenn had her faults sure, but she was never a horrible piece of shit like Dick and daughter. Somehow, Jenn was viewed as evil while Dick and Danielle were accepted by the other contestants. I do blame America that year too as they warmed up to that old asshole.

It's just weird how Aaryn was so quickly taken back into the group after Helen saved her ass. When Candace is evicted, we'll see Aaryn, Gina Marie and Amanda dancing and celebrating "oh the black trouble maker and drama queen is finally out so she can't make us miserable anymore".

I am certain that after the show is over and the contestants all watch the season back, many of them will rush to call and apologize to Candace for what happened. Even Elissa who has called out Aaryn and Gina Marie on their racism doesn't seem bothered by it anymore.

by But first...reply 33908/05/2013

Helen has a strangely stable mood.....abilify?

by But first...reply 34008/05/2013

Aaryn and Amanda after Amanda got another spray tan:

Aaryn: Go lay next to Candice...

Amanda: She'll think I'm her mother

McCrae: That's racist don't say that

Amanda: It's not racist if it's true

by But first...reply 34108/05/2013

Does Whoremanda eat Gina Whorie's shit?

by But first...reply 34208/05/2013

how far did Candace get in Miss USA?

by But first...reply 34308/05/2013

Worse houseguests evah!

by But first...reply 34408/05/2013

Please let us see all their reactions when those hateful bitches are told they've been fired from their jobs.

by But first...reply 34508/05/2013

They have jobs?

by But first...reply 34608/05/2013

Not anymore.

by But first...reply 34708/05/2013

The rallying around the racists in the house is quite troubling. I'm not shocked that Helen is a republican, as the racism doesn't seem to bother her. Maybe she would feel differently if most of the comments were about her being Asian for weeks. She only had to deal with a week of it (1 week too many but nothing like what Candice has endured continuously).

The idea that now Aaryn, Gina Marie and Amanda are BONDING over their racism and making racist remarks about Candice is disgusting. Shame on the others for not saying anything except "hush don't make yourself look bad". I was hoping someone would take a fucking stand and tell them what they need to hear-that they're bigoted pieces of shit, but only Candice had the strength to do it.

The only good that can come out of this season is that in the future, contestants will be much more sensitive as to what they say while on the show.

by But first...reply 34808/05/2013

Totally agree, r348.

by But first...reply 34908/05/2013

What a coincidence that 2 of the KKK members this season will be the HOHs responsible for evicting the 2 black contestants. If Amanda wins HOH and gets rid of Helen, the KKK trifecta will have accomplished their goal of getting out those minorities.

by But first...reply 35008/05/2013

What did Amanda's dad say in his twitter freakout?

by But first...reply 35108/05/2013

Sommany comments on this thread!

Please recap: GM put up Candace and Jessie. Then Amanda was MVP third nominee.

Then what happened? And did Amanda get all paranoid again?

by But first...reply 35208/05/2013

I know how you feel, R352. I want to revel in Amanda's MVP dismay.

Jessie won POV and took herself off the block. I think Spencer went up, but I have to check.

by But first...reply 35308/05/2013

McRae hasn't had a bath since Thursday. Appartantly this is common practice for him.

He also doesn't brush his teeth. Amanda kissed him and said it was like eating a shit sandwich.


by But first...reply 35408/05/2013

Amanda's dad really can't defend her any more.

by But first...reply 35508/05/2013

I wanted to like Candace and she certainly has my sympathies for what she's been put through in the house, but I think it's clear that the best thing for HER is to leave the house as soon as possible. She is having a meltdown and she is entirely alone. She absolutely needed Howard as a constant source of support and reassurance. For her own health and well being she needs to get out.

by But first...reply 35608/05/2013

Especially since someone upthread said Candace wasn't a big fan and had been recruited by the show. She must not have had much of an idea what was in store.

by But first...reply 35708/05/2013

[quote]He also doesn't brush his teeth. Amanda kissed him and said it was like eating a shit sandwich.

Ugh, that's disgusting.

by But first...reply 35808/05/2013

Aaryn worried that the After Dark viewers would be making fun of her for her dark roots. Then she complained about being fat and looking like a lesbian mule.

That's okay because it's about lesbians, right?

by But first...reply 35908/05/2013

I think Candice should sue CBS for the half mil for putting up with this harassment. This is not what she signed up for-to be called racist names and abused on a regular basis. And isnt Candace half white? This is why most biracial people identify as black-racist whites are so color phobic that the Caucasian part doesn't even matter! And Helen should also be called out for her racist stereotyping of Candice by lying when she said Candice 'bullied' her! A true repug-lying and exploiting damaging images of people of color to get votes. Disgusting.

by But first...reply 36008/05/2013

[quote]This is not what she signed up for-to be called racist names and abused on a regular basis.

Sorry, but she did. They sign a very elaborate contract that pretty much allows Fly On The Wall Productions and CBS to do whatever they want without retaliation. Have you ever seen one of those reality show contracts? The MTV shows actually include death and dismemberment clauses releasing MTV of all liability. Houseguests are required to sign/initial every single page.

by But first...reply 36108/05/2013

Do you really think there's a clause concerning potential racist remarks by other contestants?

by But first...reply 36208/05/2013

So Spencer made a joke last night about jerking off to child porn? Unbelievable.

by But first...reply 36308/05/2013

Here's what Spencer said-fucking despicable:

by But first...reply 36408/05/2013

[quote]I'm not shocked that Helen is a republican, as the racism doesn't seem to bother her.

Helen is the stereotypical Asian that is desperate to be liked by white people even if they don't like her (think Michelle Malkin), so they try to be the best Uncle Tom that they can be.

by But first...reply 36508/05/2013

[quote]Amanda's dad really can't defend her any more.

A Jew will always defend their spawn, NO MATTER WHAT. Jews think their kids can do no wrong. That's not a stereotype; it's a fact.

by But first...reply 36608/05/2013

Candace stated this evening on the after dark show that she plans to give a spectacular speech on Thursday. Jessie and Elissa are trying hard to save her but it's not looking good.

That's right, honey. Give 'em hell and hold your head up high as you walk out that door.

by But first...reply 36708/05/2013

This just in:

GM has been calling Nick her fiancé. If I were Nick, I'd start getting that Restraining Order in place before September rolls around.

by But first...reply 36808/06/2013


A shiver went down my spine.

The DR should have called him in immediately. That is beyond repugnant

by But first...reply 36908/06/2013

R366, it sure is true of Joan Rivers. She certainly has a blind spot where her talentless, repugnant, nasty daughter is concerned.

by But first...reply 37008/06/2013

Fuck you, R368.

by But first...reply 37108/06/2013

My co-worker's sister-in-law is obsessed with Big Brother. She makes $74 every hour on the internet. She has been laid off for 9 months but last month her paycheck was $151023 just working on the internet for a few hours.

by But first...reply 37208/06/2013

[quote]I think she might work for her mother's real estate business.

So her own mother fired her for racism. Harsh.

by But first...reply 37308/06/2013

[quote]I know the family has gotten A LOT of hate lately so maybe her site got hacked.

How do you know? Has the family made a statement?

by But first...reply 37408/06/2013

Is Nick gay?

by But first...reply 37508/06/2013

Yes, he is.

by But first...reply 37608/06/2013

Child porn? Really? How in hell did they assemble such a vile group of people this year?

by But first...reply 37708/06/2013

r375, yous betta shut yous scrub mout befo I fuckin flip yous ova a couch.

by But first...reply 37808/06/2013

I hope this means the police are now searching Spencer's ISP and computer. Wouldn't it be ratings gold if he got arrested while in the house?

by But first...reply 37908/06/2013

I am not a fan of Piers Morgan and I know this will never happen but, it would be delicious if GM, Aaryn and Amanda were guests on his show at the end of the season.

by But first...reply 38008/06/2013

I'm sure Candice would appreciate all her supporters on the DL! Even though most of you cannot even spell her name.

by But first...reply 38108/06/2013

Vile. You know SEE BS will white wash Candice's speech- They turned angry Howard into happy go lucky uncle tom when he got out. Not one word of the racism in the house..just we love you Howard..

by But first...reply 38208/06/2013

[quote]Candace stated this evening on the after dark show that she plans to give a spectacular speech on Thursday. Jessie and Elissa are trying hard to save her but it's not looking good.

Apparently the evictions are now pre-taping to control the audience. Leslie doesn't want his wife embarrassed with any of this mess. If Candice does goof, you may never see it.

by But first...reply 38308/06/2013

Once Candice is gone I will totally stop watching the show. I have had enough of these vile, repulsive people. I wanted to stop watching weeks ago but I felt horrible about Candice being stuck in there with those assholes. The idiots that are left can eat each other alive. Who cares.

by But first...reply 38408/06/2013

I still don't get how any of them can justify not kicking out A-man-duh when they have the chance. You can't convince me the "brilliant" strategist Helen really thinks Candice is a huge threat. If Manny wasn't protected by Grodner, she'd be out.

by But first...reply 38508/06/2013

R367 I hope that happens. I hope Candace reads those 3 bitches for filth and also calls out the other contestants for condoning their behavior through silence/laughing. You know the others are going to take pleasure in her leaving anyway, so why not fucking put them on blast on LIVE TV and embarrass the hell out of them? I love Candace. Then she'll walk out to thunderous applause.

by But first...reply 38608/06/2013

R366 / R370 well it was white trash redneck princess Aaryn's parents who hired a PR team. You can't get more defensive than that.

by But first...reply 38708/06/2013

When do they start making the jury house-after the double eviction? I would love for those racist bitches to deal with Candice outside the house!

by But first...reply 38808/06/2013

It will be interesting to see how they behave once Candice is out the house. Aa was already going off on GM behind her back yesterday, calling her nuts after having a lengthy discussion about her fantasies about Nick.

This just in: Jessie and Judd had sex after everyone went to sleep.

by But first...reply 38908/06/2013


The Mean girls planned on having Candice out before Jury selection, so I believe next weeks' eviction will be the first on the jury.

by But first...reply 39008/06/2013

Thanks,r390. Those broads are devious!

by But first...reply 39108/06/2013

Devious doesn't begin to describe these women. They (especially Aaryan) wanted both Howard and Candice out before the jury is formed.

Mm, I wonder why?

by But first...reply 39208/06/2013

Wil's latest. I love him. His Elissa is great.

by But first...reply 39308/06/2013

Unbelievable season.

by But first...reply 39408/06/2013

Not a fan of the Will videos at all.

by But first...reply 39508/06/2013

I do hope Candance calls out on those racist bitches.

by But first...reply 39608/06/2013

[quote]You can't convince me the "brilliant" strategist Helen really thinks Candice is a huge threat.

Miss Ching Chong is desperate for the white housemates (who talk shit about her behind her back) to like her.

by But first...reply 39708/06/2013

Does GM actually think that Nick wants to marry her? She's seriously deluded. She only knew him like 5 seconds ago.

I hope Candese makes a spectacular speech!

by But first...reply 39808/06/2013

So true,r397. Helen was just as quick to throw both Howard and Candice under the bus before the racists hoes that told her to 'go make some rice'behind her back. She could have easily partnered with Candice, Howard and Elissa but chose to side with the bigot gang. That's why she will not win this game. From where I'm standing, it looks like Aaryn's game to loose.

by But first...reply 39908/06/2013

[quote]Does GM actually think that Nick wants to marry her?

She's playing a character. They're all playing "characters" thinking it'll get them fame and fortune and heaps of adoration outside the house. In the past, we all had a little pact that we would accept this charade. But the sheer awfulness behind their adopted personas is just a little harder to ignore this year. GM thinks she's the new, funny and outrageous star of Jersey Shore. But we ain't buying it.

by But first...reply 40008/06/2013

GM is far too stupid to pull off a 3 month acting job. However, Helen's portrayal of Stewie from Family Guy is simply flawless!

by But first...reply 40108/06/2013

Does Amanda do anal?

by But first...reply 40208/06/2013


by But first...reply 40308/06/2013

There is no way in hell that Aaryan is going to win. With all the upset viewers this season, unless Julie Chen plans to end this series all together, the backlash would be too enormous. None of the Mean girls will get it. Spencer has upset many with his child porn talk. Judd winning would give the show a hometown boy makes good feel, and Elissa is a fan favorite. Helen is the only minority left, but the viewers are getting turned off by her now she's aligned herself with the mean girls. McRae's only way of winning is if he ends his alliance with Amanda, which would be a dramatic turn.

My money is on an Elissa win.

by But first...reply 40408/06/2013

When Howard was thought to be preparing a blast, the producers did an early rather than live taping.

If Candace is planning something similar, the producers may try to thwart her.

by But first...reply 40508/06/2013

The sad part is Nick said in his interview after leaving the house that his feelings for Gina Marie were "real" and that he plans to be friends with her after the show...

Hopefully watching her in the weeks since he left will change his mind.

by But first...reply 40608/06/2013

Why does Julie host this show? It seems kind of beneath her. I know she is married to Moonves but couldn't he find something else for her?

by But first...reply 40708/06/2013

[quote]There is no way in hell that Aaryan is going to win. With all the upset viewers this season, unless Julie Chen plans to end this series all together, the backlash would be too enormous.

Really? You know nothing about Show Business. What backlash? Ratings? Front page publicity? Julie Chen and husband have ZERO desire to end the series they are loving this. They could have pulled all the bigots out weeks ago. If Chen cared she would be the journalist she thinks she is and ask hardball questions to the evicted or in the live shows. She doesn't she just smiles. Aaryan would be their wet dream come true.

by But first...reply 40808/06/2013

R407 - Beneath her? What has she done to deserve more?

by But first...reply 40908/06/2013

[quote]Why does Julie host this show? It seems kind of beneath her. I know she is married to Moonves but couldn't he find something else for her?

Two words... Pre-Nup

by But first...reply 41008/06/2013

R408 - if you think that the Chenbot is going to give a half million dollar check to Aaryn, I'll have some of what you're smoking. There's a big difference between pulling a contestant out of the show for having views not shared by most of the viewers and awarding a glorified bully the prize money.

by But first...reply 41108/06/2013

The diary room snippets are so bizarre, robotic and scripted that I can't tell what anyone is really thinking. The diary room stuff is no fun to watch this time. Amanda's are the worst, very LOUD and unfunny.

by But first...reply 41208/06/2013

Jun Song, winner of BB a decade ago, blogs about her disgust with this season and the filthy shitheads that were cast. Read it at the link.

by But first...reply 41308/06/2013

I think the Chenbot was hosting BB even before she married Les.

by But first...reply 41408/06/2013

Yes, she did. But they were together then too.

by But first...reply 41508/06/2013

I'm tired of hearing the racial slurs already, time to end the season early.

by But first...reply 41608/06/2013

R411 but glorified bully and misogynistic piece of shit Evil Dick won the game. Aryan is a racist bully piece of shit but Evil Dick was horrible in his own way.

by But first...reply 41708/06/2013

I watched two eps of Evil Dick and couldn't do it anymore. He won and has a ton of fans. Russell almost won Survivor and has a ton of fans. Both were glorified bullies.

by But first...reply 41808/06/2013

R417 And production had a heavy hand in Evil Dick winning, just like they heavily manipulated last season for Rachel to win. ED was about to be voted out but was saved by the America's Player nonsense when Eric voted out Justin instead and threw away his own game in the process. It was smooth sailing for ED after that.

by But first...reply 41908/06/2013

I remember Evil Dick's reign of terror, but I don't recall such a huge negative response about him. You either liked him or you didn't. This cast is being discussed on a variety of websites, including Time magazine for their bigotry, the likes of which has not been seen on a reality show. There's obnoxious behavior like Dr. Will, Mike and ED, but this group is in a class all it's own. That being said, I still do not see Julie awarding GM, Aa or Amanda. Too much negative feedback. Not going to happen.

by But first...reply 42008/06/2013

Amanda has become almost as racist as odd since she was the one who called Aaryn out on it initially.

by But first...reply 42108/06/2013

I'd love it for Candice to say "I don't hug racists" when she gets evicted. That would probably get edited out if they pre-tape it Thursday, though.

by But first...reply 42208/06/2013

We have much more instant communication now than then, including often right in the palm of our hands. Word spreads quicker and wider!

by But first...reply 42308/06/2013

Evil Dick walked that fine line between strategy and just being an asshole. He could intentionally rattle people on one hand but then have civil interactions. I also don't recall him whispering racist, outrageous, disgusting things behind people's backs. It's true, this year's group is on another level of terrible.

by But first...reply 42408/06/2013

Dick was nothing like these bozos. I could stay locked up with Dick without a problem.

I'd DOR after 2 days with these dregs

by But first...reply 42508/06/2013

Yeah, Dick telling the girls in the house he would rape them till they bleed was endearing.

by But first...reply 42608/06/2013

This just in -

GM and Aaryan are conversing about Andy. GM calls him a 'Fruit Loop'. Aaryn agrees and calls him a 'Fruitcake'

by But first...reply 42708/06/2013

[quote]Yeah, Dick telling the girls in the house he would rape them till they bleed was endearing.

That's just sexism. No one here cares about that.

by But first...reply 42808/06/2013

R427 And yet you still watch a shitty vile show full of homophobes and racists.

I'm sure CBS enjoys you contributing to their ratings.

by But first...reply 42908/06/2013

What'll suck is if they tamper with the "live" show on Thursday spoiling the double eviction. My favorite part is watching them shit their pants in real time. We'll know something is afoot if they cut the live feeds for 8 or 9 hours like they did last week.

by But first...reply 43008/06/2013

Evil Dick was misogynistic and he's lucky the internet forums and internet press weren't so prevalent as they are today. He wouldn't have been able to get away with treating that girl Jenn the way he did. When he burnt her with the cigarette etc that was pathetic. I was disugsted when that thing won.

I'm glad the bigots in this cast have been exposed but I have a feeling at least 1 of them will make the final 2, if not win.

by But first...reply 43108/06/2013

R421, it's highly likely that production prompted Amanda to "call out" Aaryn's racism. At that time they were building up Amanda as someone to root for but that has long since been abandoned thanks to her disgusting behavior.

by But first...reply 43208/06/2013

R29 -

Your interest in this "vile show full of homophobes and racist" must hold some interest to you or you wouldn't even care enough to enter this topic and respond.


by But first...reply 43308/06/2013

Judd felt bad about Candice and asked Elissa to ask her to come to Amanda's "bachelorette party." Candice said to Elissa they'll all just trash her as soon as she leaves so what's the point. Elissa was very sweet to her. I want Elissa to win now.

by But first...reply 43408/06/2013

It seems like CBS no longer highlights the racism and bigotry. Most viewers don't follow the feeds or internet so it now looks like the HGs are no worse than any other year.

I don't think that's right. They need to keep showing what Amanda/Aaryn/GM/Spencer are saying

by But first...reply 43508/07/2013

Of course Aaryn is going to win. It will a consolation prize for the blind racist to start her life over after she finds out how much damage her comments have caused her. Well,not in Texas I guess...

by But first...reply 43608/07/2013

no one in the house really likes her....they won't vote for her.

by But first...reply 43708/07/2013

So Gina Marie revealed she is basically not able to read or write when challenged to write her HoH blog. So my question to her would be: "Given your illiteracy, does it make you feel better about yourself and your insecurities to be such an avowed racist?" I know that question will not be asked though. It does give me great pleasure to know that not only was this bitch fired from her job but she is going to have a very tough time finding another job now that it has been revealed that she is both racist and illiterate.

by But first...reply 43808/07/2013

"GM and Aaryan are conversing about Andy. GM calls him a 'Fruit Loop'. Aaryn agrees and calls him a 'Fruitcake'"

and for once I agree with them. He makes all gay men look bad.

by But first...reply 43908/07/2013

The only reason they called him a Fruit Loop and Fruitcake is because they were complaining about Andy joining the Girls Only Bachelorette party. It was supposed to be a Ladies' Night Out and Andy pops up and joins in. Does Andy consider himself a lady? He joins in on the Girls Only nail parties too.

by But first...reply 44008/07/2013

Link to GinaMarie Uhas's HOH blog, please.

by But first...reply 44108/07/2013

[quote]The sad part is Nick said in his interview after leaving the house that his feelings for Gina Marie were "real" and that he plans to be friends with her after the show...

What else was he supposed to say? He doesn't want to come off as an asshole. He's already said numerous times in the DR that he isn't interested in her and that he found her annoying.

by But first...reply 44208/07/2013

GinaMarie: Andy is fudgepacker and no man wants to sleep with him.

by But first...reply 44308/07/2013

GM is mad that Andy took her bed. 'Its not my fault that Andy is a fucking fudgepacker. If he wasn't gay this wouldn't be a problem and he could sleep w/other guys'

by But first...reply 44408/07/2013

[quote]GM is mad that Andy took her bed. 'Its not my fault that Andy is a fucking fudgepacker. If he wasn't gay this wouldn't be a problem and he could sleep w/other guys'

Question: How can you watch this disgusting show and contribute to it's ratings when shit like this is being said?

Get some dignity and quit watching this disgusting stuff.

by But first...reply 44508/07/2013

Stop policing a thread of a show you find inappropriate.

R439, of course you do.

Evil Dick should have been yanked like Willie was for burning her. I didn't see it. Was it deliberate? Why was he left in?

by But first...reply 44608/07/2013

VaginaMarie also said this:

GM- so Candice is gonna be a F***ing cu*t and mope around all day and now everyone wants to be in there and bow down to her ... she wants to be a Debbie Downer.. the F*** her and let her rot in her bed with her F***ing crabs...

by But first...reply 44708/07/2013

Is it true Mandy was fired too? No more realtor sugar mama?

by But first...reply 44808/07/2013

Amanda's mommy's realtor website may have been hacked. Poor mommy. She looked like a stuck-up cow when she was on the show a few weeks ago.

by But first...reply 44908/07/2013

Oh my, won't Spencer be surprised that he was fired. Here's what he said last night:

2:19 AMtSpencer "I don't say anything offensive because I don't have it in my heart to say something racist".Spencer is saying he just wants to go back to work on the railroad not to be famous.

by But first...reply 45008/07/2013

Spencer was fired?

by But first...reply 45108/07/2013

It is only racist if he masturbates to picuters of non-white children in basements.

by But first...reply 45208/07/2013


ED did not burn her deliberately or otherwise.

The most he did to her was toss a glass of water at her. Just the liquid not the entire glass

by But first...reply 45308/07/2013

Jenn was outside and Evil Dick blew smoke in his face. She got up in his face and tried to knock the disgusting cigarette down and he burned her with it. Evil Dick is a cunt of the highest order and it was an embarrassment that none of the men in the house stood up to his pathetic ass. He wasn't shit!

Gina Marie-I can't wait for her to find out the pageant fired her.

by But first...reply 45408/07/2013

I don't think Spencer can be fired. Railroad unions?

by But first...reply 45508/07/2013

Spencer wasn't fired but they released a statement condemning him and said they were working with the union to explore their options.

by But first...reply 45608/07/2013

Dick poured iced tea on Jenn's head. It's beyond sad that I remember that.

by But first...reply 45708/07/2013

I still don't understand why Judd/Jessie/Andy aren't trying harder to get Amanda out. They must know that Helen and her harem are coming for them next.

by But first...reply 45808/07/2013

Andy seems to think he is a 15 year old girl. If he wins any money I bet he uses it to get a sex change. Did he grow up in a house full of women?

by But first...reply 45908/07/2013

Helen is a republican? No wonder she ignores the racist remarks...

by But first...reply 46008/07/2013

In an ethical world, CBS could have dealt with this by letting Aayrn out the backdoor of the diary room when this all first started and explained to the other house guests why. Now they are in a corner because they have to turn off live feeds to limit their liability, and they can't very well show GM, Amanda, Aaryn and Spencer the back door and call an early end to the season.

This was all carefully crafted by CBS. How else would they go through several seasons and not have the extreme racism and bigotry in even one houseguest, let alone the 4 they have now. In their selection process, they discovered these traits and they also planted the minorities to add to the shit stirring recipe. Add in the 'terribly offended" Julie Chen and we have a ratings golden egg.

by But first...reply 46108/07/2013

Oh, boo hoo, let's shut down the show because we don't like what people say. It hurts our pretty little ears.

Just change the fucking channel. I happen to like seeing assholes get their comeuppance. And speaking of assholes, CAN WE QUIT TALKING ABOUT EVEL DICK? I swear I can never get away from that man. This is BB15. BB8 was a long fucking time ago.

by But first...reply 46208/07/2013

Yeah, all about ratings and publicity. Morals and ethics mean nothing to the media....

by But first...reply 46308/07/2013

R439 and R459 have mental problems.

How many times are you self-loathing assholes going to continue posting the same garbage here? We get it, you don't like Andy. Shut the fuck up if you don't have anything new to contribute.

by But first...reply 46408/07/2013

I only saw Evil Dick in the all-stars season where he walked off early for undisclosed reasons, so he means nothing to me except as a quitter.

by But first...reply 46508/07/2013

This just in -

Chen it is going to spring on the houseguests two thing: confirmation that Thursday will indeed be a double elimination, and both people voted out will be the first members of the jury, making this jury the largest they've ever had in the history of the show.

This will piss on the 'Mean Girls' plan of trying to get Candace out before the jury formed.

I'm unable to post it, but this bit of news can be found on the Entertainment Weekly news section.

by But first...reply 46608/07/2013

Technically, it's Evel.

by But first...reply 46708/07/2013

R464 Bitch we can say what we want. If you offended get the fuck off, bitch. What are you Andy's boyfriend? I hear he tops...

by But first...reply 46808/07/2013

Listen to what Aryan said today. Narcissist much?!?

Aaryn says that everyone was all "go Candice" during the fight between Spencer & Candice but Aaryn knew everyone would feel the opposite within 24 hours. Aaryn says the whole fight also ruined her (Aa) HOH camera time.

by But first...reply 46908/07/2013

R464 No one is self loathing. I'm not but there is a difference from being gay than being a negative steroetype of being gay. You can be gay and not be confused with a woman, which is what Andy is.

by But first...reply 47008/07/2013

But we started the modern gay rights movement!

by But first...reply 47108/07/2013

Here we go with the stereotype conversation again. What, GinaMarie isn't a stereotype? Or Amanda or Spencer for that matter? The cunning, manipulative Asian isn't a stereotype? The dumb blonde surfer dude? Small town "doh" Judd? Pizza slacker dude?

Get over it, they are ALL stereotypes. Even Nick.

Every time BB chose a gay guy who wasn't a nelly stereotype, that contestant went on to do gay porn! (James Zinkand and Steven Daigle) Now THAT'S a stereotype as well!

People need to stop thinking that anybody in front of a camera represents them. Represent yourself and let Andy represent Andy.

by But first...reply 47208/07/2013

My first thought about the larger jury is that CBS wants to keep control of Candace until after the final show. Easy way to control what she says.

by But first...reply 47308/07/2013

[quote]Andy seems to think he is a 15 year old girl. If he wins any money I bet he uses it to get a sex change.

And then he can come back and play the game as a transperson. Didn't they have a trans on one of the European Big Brothers?

by But first...reply 47408/07/2013

Here in Houston that Jeremy guy (or whatever his name is (Kaitlin's guy)) that was booted out was on local TV explaining about him and his fellow Texan's, Aaryn, attitude.

How can you explain and give excuses about racism and bullying?

by But first...reply 47508/07/2013

Big Brother" contestant Spencer Clawson just learned a valuable lesson about child porn ... don't even joke about that crap ... because cops will go after you.

In case you didn't see the clips from this week -- Clawson goes off on this really uncomfortable riff about child porn, saying, "I like to beat off to child porn. Did I ever tell y'all about that? I love it. Beating off to child porn is my favorite thing there is."

You'd think he'd stop there, but no ... he kept going, saying, "I love it when they're around three or four years old. My favorite ones are when you can tell they're in a basement."

And the jokes didn't go unnoticed ... especially by Spencer's hometown police in Arkansas.

Chief AJ Gary from the Conway Police Department in Arkansas tells TMZ, "The Conway Police Department was alerted to comments made. Due to the nature of the comments, our department moved quickly to look into the matter. At this time we haven't found that any criminal act was committed."

Good news, but still ... don't make child porn jokes. They're not even funny.

by But first...reply 47608/07/2013

R468/R470, you have a mental problem. It's painfully obvious. Perhaps it's dementia setting in?

by But first...reply 47708/07/2013

I hope Spencer's computer files are pristine. Even if his comments were intended as a joke I think it's a green light for them to check out what's on his computer.

by But first...reply 47808/07/2013

VaginaMarie's HOH Blog. Girl is not only delusional about Nick, she is illiterate.

"OMG, BBVX this weeks been crazy!!!! i can't believe I'm had the honor of being HOH!!! Its awesome my BB Bunny gave me my key hahahah soooooo awesome it was perfect !!!

the only thing that could of made being HOH perfect was having Nick here to share it with me :-(((. I miss him like crazy . but i know he's routing me on back home and is super duper proud of me … if you ever see that "Blue Hat" it means i'm thinking of you and knowing your still with me in this crazy house . Nick you made me feel so special and always made me smile and laugh. you are such an amazing guy . i don't know how I'm living here without you lol. just know i'm playing nice, staying cool, and working hard for us . i'll see you soon !!!

First night as HOH was AMAZING!!!! everyone got to see my pic and all my cool ass stuff ! Being HOH is amazing !!! but it not all sunshine and rainbows … you know you have to nom 2 house guest and thats one of my hardest jobs. but it a dirty job an somebody's Got to do it !!!

Last but not least i Finally got my hair dyed thanks to Elissa . she rocks !!!! It came out amazing . Whooo hooooo !!!

I'll leave off on this note . I coundt be happier living in the Big brother House . I met the most amazing people and maybe even found the man of my dreams ! i coundt of asked for anything more , even though theres ups and downs and you miss your family and friends back at home. I feel truly blessed for bing here and living my dreams . I thank you all so much , I may not be the best writer but i try lol. thank you to my friends and family back at home in staten island new york … thank you all so much you i love you !!! Well i guess I'm all done … i love all you BB fans… keep watching its gonna get even more wild and crazy ohhhhh and it you like think of me and give me some luck so i can be the next MVP lol. thank you all so much"

by But first...reply 47908/07/2013

GM writes like an 8 year old girl. Good God. What an idiot!

by But first...reply 48008/07/2013

Wow, GM's writing!! Just wow. She's still a terrible person but it's just sad that she's illiterate, single, jobless and bulimic at 33. The casting this year is seriously tragic.

by But first...reply 48108/07/2013

Yeah, but I'm worried that Andy will tattle again, because he's been going to each houseguest to listen to their conversations.

by But first...reply 48208/07/2013

[quote]Now they are in a corner because they have to turn off live feeds to limit their liability,

Liability for what?

by But first...reply 48308/07/2013

The First Amendment applies to government censure. It has nothing to do with Big Brother.

If a contestant sings a song, BB has to pay the songwriter royalties. They are very much responsible for what people say.

I wish retards wouldn't throw out the first amendment whenever the topic of speech comes up. It doesn't mean anybody can say whatever they want wherever they want. It applies to government censure ONLY.

by But first...reply 48408/07/2013

I think CBS probably regrets all of the controversy on some level. This, with a few exceptions, is a literally disgusting cast. I wonder how some of them were ever employable or even acquired something as simple as a learner's permit to drive.

by But first...reply 48508/07/2013

Music companies can demand royalties for songs that are sung, but nobody else has standing to sue CBS for anything those idiots say.

by But first...reply 48608/07/2013

GM is a 33 year old woman. Keep repeating.

by But first...reply 48708/07/2013

R486 if someone says a cuss word on a live show, the network can be slapped with a huge fine by the FCC, so you are not accurate.

Networks are responsible for what they air.

by But first...reply 48808/07/2013

GM (from Staten Island) is the poster child for for the B&T (Bridge and Tunnel) crowd that invades Manhattan nightspots on weekends.

You'll always see a long line of them waiting to get into a hot club, while manhattanites breeze right in.

They have no idea why.

by But first...reply 48908/07/2013

From EW:

'Big Brother': Surprise! Jury is starting this week

The motto of Big Brother is “expect the unexpected,” and the contestants are going to have to do just that.

EW has confirmed that this season will have the largest jury thus far in the franchise, with nine members instead of the usual seven. This means whichever two houseguests are evicted this Thursday (it’s a double eviction) will become the first two members of the jury, as opposed to the last two going straight home.

Jury members move to a separate sequestered house, where they will ultimately decide who wins Big Brother 15. Because they remain sequestered, it’s also possible that one of the eliminated contestants will return to the house in some way. It’s interesting that with so many particularly unlikable people this season, CBS is opting to continue to keep even more of them around (and, as a result of that, putting more money in their pockets).

The news will be broken to the contestants during this Thursday’s live show.

by But first...reply 49008/07/2013

I honestly can tell what's real or not in this thread anymore.

by But first...reply 49108/07/2013

unexpect the expected!

by But first...reply 49208/07/2013

CBS is doing this for 2 reasons. The first is they want to give Candice some say in who wins the money, given how poorly she has been treated this season. The other is a more diabolical reason-they're hoping the second or third person in the Jury is 1 of the racist bitches so the cameras can capture them fighting.

Imagine if poor Candice goes there juror #1 and Aaryn, Gina Marie and Amanda follow her out the door? I doubt it will happen but damn it's a possibility.

The Andy defender in this thread is pathetic. He has been a horrible addition to the cast by doing NOTHING besides tattling on people. I want a non-stereotypical gay next season. Andy is even less of a factor than Dustin or Regan.

by But first...reply 49308/07/2013

Anyone have a link for tonight's episode as it airs?

by But first...reply 49408/07/2013

[quote]I honestly can tell what's real or not in this thread anymore.

Why? Most of the information is from the live feeds.

by But first...reply 49508/07/2013

When CBS gets embarrassed enough they have been known to clean house.

I know this example goes back decades, but they finally couldn't stand their reputation as the old folks network and cancelled top-rated shows such as the Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres and Petticoat Junction, among others.

The "rural purge" of American television networks (in particular CBS) was a series of cancellations between 1969 and 1972 of still popular rural-themed shows with demographically skewed audiences, the majority of which occurred at the end of the 1970-71 television season.

After the ratings success of MTM and All in the Family, CBS cancelled Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, Mayberry R.F.D., Hee Haw, Lassie, and The Jim Nabors Hour at the end of the 1970-71 season. Another series, The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, lasted until the end of the 1971-72 season.

Maybe similar purge is overdue.

by But first...reply 49608/07/2013

Give Andy a fishing pole and play the theme to the Andy Griffith Show.

by But first...reply 49708/07/2013

ABC also was looking for younger audiences, and in May 1971 cancelled shows that skewed toward rural viewers (such as The Johnny Cash Show) or older viewers (Make Room for Granddaddy and The Lawrence Welk Show).

NBC also targeted rural- and older-oriented programs in its cuts, eliminating long-running programs such as Wild Kingdom, The Andy Williams Show and The Virginian, all of which ran nine seasons or more.

by But first...reply 49808/07/2013

Maybe Andy will do gay porn too.

by But first...reply 49908/07/2013

[quote]When CBS gets embarrassed enough they have been known to clean house. I know this example goes back decades, but they finally couldn't stand their reputation as the old folks network and cancelled top-rated shows such as the Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres and Petticoat Junction, among others.

Awww Honey, the Columbia Broadcasting System was once known as The Tiffany Network. Since Les Moonves has taken over, it's become Dollar General. Just the fact that he has his Asian wife hosting with a smile on her face a show featuring contestants who are opening insulting Asians is proof of that. They will not be cleaning house.

by But first...reply 50008/07/2013

First amendment genius at R486: Ask Paula Deen about liability. It has less to do with legalities and more to do with sponsors walking away when their silent support implies agreement.

by But first...reply 50108/07/2013

Seeing as Candice is going into sequester, there is always the possibility of re-entering the house.

by But first...reply 50208/07/2013

First amendment genius as r501, we can expect those nasty BB contestants to loose all their endorsement deals.

Oh wait! They don't have any!

CBS/BB/Julie aren't saying or doing anything offensive.

Rational people and companies do know the difference.

by But first...reply 50308/07/2013

[quote]The Andy defender in this thread is pathetic.

Actually, I think it's pathetic when grown gay men say shit like this about other grown gay men: "Andy seems to think he is a 15 year old girl. If he wins any money I bet he uses it to get a sex change."


Also, R496, it's cute that you think something CBS did 45 years ago means absolutely anything today.

by But first...reply 50408/07/2013

Will someone PLEASE pour some gasoline on and take a match to that stupid, ugly, fucked up pink fuzzy kitty-kat head cover that Helen and vaGina Marie keep trying to make happen? Thanks.

by But first...reply 50508/07/2013

A board full of people cunting each other down. Is it any wonder this show is successful with you bitches?

by But first...reply 50608/07/2013

Okay, I hate her, I can't wait for McCrea to dump her. (He has to vote her out to neutralize her power to target him. In the jury she'll be less powerful, I think) BUT when she lounged back on that couch looking like a reverse raccoon and said "I'm bringing sexy back." I laughed and laughed.

by But first...reply 50708/07/2013

Amanda is a nasty piece of work. Why doesn't the bitch still understand why she's being put up as a third nomination?

I've never seen such a room full of nasty houseguests, NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

by But first...reply 50808/07/2013

Year R496 is an asswipe History teaching marm.

by But first...reply 50908/07/2013

After the POV competition, I hope McCrae dumps Amanda's ass. She will be nothing but misery, if he gets seriously involved with her.

by But first...reply 51008/07/2013

Here's Spencer "joking" about you know what:

by But first...reply 51108/07/2013

Oh my GAWD!

by But first...reply 51208/07/2013

R510 - That would be a big load to dump.

by But first...reply 51308/07/2013


is that enough for authorities to investigate?

by But first...reply 51408/07/2013

Are there cameramen in the house? Or were those swooping camera movements down the hallways stopping at the doors -- all filmed in advance?

by But first...reply 51508/07/2013

Why don't we start a petition on to his employment at the railroad to get him dismissed?

by But first...reply 51608/07/2013

[quote][R510] - That would be a big load to dump.


by But first...reply 51708/07/2013

Where online can I watch Big Brother live tonight?

by But first...reply 51808/07/2013

He's clearly joking. I mean, he's holding the microphone up to his mouth. He hasn't forgotten he's being broadcast, he's 100 percent aware of it.

Not saying I think it's a particularly funny joke, but it's so obvious he was kidding, I can't believe anyone would take it seriously.

by But first...reply 51908/07/2013

Whose mic was he holding?

by But first...reply 52008/07/2013

McCrea's mic.

by But first...reply 52108/07/2013


Not a funny joke, ever. All that matters.

Not many people make that sort of joke, no matter how dark their humor.

At best he is a creep, at worst....

by But first...reply 52208/07/2013

I have to agree. When they first mentioned it, I was outraged. I think it was stupid and I don't find it funny. I don't think he meant it as funny. I think he meant it to be outrageous and ridiculous.

Anyway, tempest in a teapot.

by But first...reply 52308/07/2013

I am so glad Amanda got the 'bad' edit tonight.

America has no idea how truly awful Amanda /Aaryn /GM/Spencer really are.

McRae has the ability of winning this thing but he has zero chance as long as he's associated with her

by But first...reply 52408/07/2013

[quote]McRae has the ability of winning this thing but he has zero chance as long as he's associated with her


by But first...reply 52508/07/2013

Dammit, they now know about both the DE tomorrow and that they'll all make jury.

I hope at least Julie springs on them the news that America voted the 3rd nomination for the past 3 weeks. That would almost certainly freak out Amanda so much she'd fuck up in the HoH competitions.

I think Candice has a shot at going back into the house a few weeks from now.

by But first...reply 52608/07/2013

Aaryn thinks she's beautiful but she really has an ugly little troll face.

by But first...reply 52708/07/2013

The innate ugliness of the "mean girls" negate any physical "beauty" they may have once possessed. They are gargoyles that no church would want defacing their structures.

by But first...reply 52808/07/2013

How'd they find out about the double eviction?

by But first...reply 52908/07/2013

Aaryn always has bitch face on her face, even when she smiles.

It's hilarious when they show Amanda's photo when she's picked the 3rd nomimation. And, that tanning spray she has to wear...OMG, LOL!

by But first...reply 53008/07/2013

It is disgusting how much these people smoke.

by But first...reply 53108/07/2013

R531, and let's be honest. You're the one sitting WATCHING them smoke.

by But first...reply 53208/07/2013

I am really struggling to get through this season. I have been a BB fan since the beginning and always look forward to it for fun summer TV.. I have noticed this sesson, I am not watching the feeds, not following updates and even though I record the shows then watch them later. I find I am waiting a while to do that. My enthusiasm is gone since this season started out so trashy. This cast is boring, gross and obnoxious. This season has become my least favorite out of all of them. I am writing to CBS to express my disappointment in this cast and if they continue with these low grade cast members, they are going to lose their audience and the show. Someone really dropped the ball on this one. Heads should roll.

by But first...reply 53308/07/2013

Andy is the ginger Pee-Wee Herman.

by But first...reply 53408/07/2013

Tweet nasty things to Amanda's father!!!!

Tell him what you think of her!!!

by But first...reply 53508/07/2013

Spencer about Aaryn: "If you could forget about her Klan membership, she's actually a cool chick."

by But first...reply 53608/07/2013

I can't believe that fucking Production told them about the double eviction. Probably had something to do with their rehearsal. Yes, they do a mock walk-thru before the live show... that's why they never seem surprised at the backyard set-up for HOH, they've already had a chance to practice and go over it so they don't hold the show up with questions and wardrobe issues. I just wish that they hadn't given them this much time to plot and prepare for it. Fuck.

by But first...reply 53708/07/2013

[quote]I am writing to CBS to express my disappointment

Ha ha, good luck with that, gramps.

by But first...reply 53808/07/2013

They don't know it is a double eviction....Jessie just said she is afraid it might be but they aren't sure.

by But first...reply 53908/07/2013

They guessed DE because they were given a ramp to practice rolling a ball.

by But first...reply 54008/07/2013

Is Andy really gay? I thought Nick was the gay one.

by But first...reply 54108/07/2013

Amanda is starting to freak again!!!

by But first...reply 54208/07/2013

R542 about what

by But first...reply 54308/08/2013

I think the reason they know about the live eviction in advance is because the 'live'show is now pretaped.

by But first...reply 54408/08/2013

1:33am. McCrae's dick slips out of his boxers. McCrae says "OMG, dick slip!"

by But first...reply 54508/08/2013

I couldn't tell if McCrae is cut or uncut.

by But first...reply 54608/08/2013

"Why don't we start a petition on to his employment at the railroad to get him dismissed?"

As I reported a couple of weeks ago, ET announced on their show that Spencer has been fired from his job. Seems the Union had to agree with the compnay.

by But first...reply 54708/08/2013

Damn. I hope we somehow get to see their reactions on the finale about being fired.

by But first...reply 54808/08/2013

[quote]Aaryn thinks she's beautiful but she really has an ugly little troll face

Aaryn has 'dead eyes.'

by But first...reply 54908/08/2013

So who is up and who is getting kicked out? Remember it's a double elimination. Whoever watches the feeds, pay attention, last week they went out most of the day while they taped the "live" eviction.

by But first...reply 55008/08/2013

So no one is trying to get the votes to kick A-man-duh out?

by But first...reply 55108/08/2013

What's the latest?

by But first...reply 55208/08/2013

[quote]How can you watch this disgusting show and contribute to it's ratings

Amazing how dumb a lot of you like r445 are about tv ratings. Nobody has any idea which shows you and I watch. Only the very few households in the U.S. that are "Nielsen families" control the ratings. Nobody on DL has ANY effect on tv ratins. This is the way ALL tv networks in the US find out their ratings.

[quote]Electronic metering technology is at the heart of the Nielsen ratings process. Our tools capture not only what channel is being watched, but also who is watching and when, including “time-shifted” viewing.

[quote]Nielsen’s TV families represent a cross-section of representative homes throughout the U.S. Their viewing is measured by our TV meters and Local People Meters which capture information on what’s being viewed and when and, in the major U.S. markets, specifically who and how many are watching. Additionally, we collect more than two million paper diaries from across the country each year during “sweeps.”

by But first...reply 55308/08/2013

It would be soo cool if Amanda and McCrae broke up in the house but I think she'll be going home this week anyway. What say you?

by But first...reply 55408/08/2013

Since the government is already tracking our phone calls, texts and internet browsing, couldn´t they do a better job than Nielsen in tracking our viewing habits?

Then we´d have really accurate ratings!

by But first...reply 55508/08/2013

Amanda is totally freaking out!!

by But first...reply 55608/08/2013

Despite the continuing blackout to 3.2 million Time Warner Cable subscribers in NY, LA and Dallas, CBS saw last night’s Big Brother (2.1/7) remain even with last week.

by But first...reply 55708/08/2013

r555, you aren't so far off the mark. Nielsen ratings are archaic. Of course they are going to say they are relevant, they're a million dollar company who wants to keep on going, but if you look at their ratings, they don't take into consideration Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV, watching tv via the playstation, etc.

Companies like Netflix and Hulu know exactly which homes are streaming their content and when. The playstation, the Wii and the Xbox know exactly which channels you are watching and when.

It's a matter of time before that info is condensed into one database (probably by Google) if it isn't already.

I'm pretty sure there's an accurate database out there of what millions are watching exclusive of the archaic Nielsen ratings.

by But first...reply 55808/08/2013

CBS would also know how many millions stream their shows over the web, which we do sometimes when we can't get home in time. BB is usually put on the CBS website within an hour after it airs.

Neilsen looks at none of this.

by But first...reply 55908/08/2013

Article about last night's show. Amanda is torn to shreds.

by But first...reply 56008/08/2013

So you're willing to watch a group of loathsome people being loathsome because Nielsen can't see you? Well, you've really shown them!

by But first...reply 56108/08/2013

I am sure the data from our DVRs is also gathered by Comcast and the like. The networks and cable outlets know how many people are watching/recording any given show. I would be interested to know if and when cable companies release DVR recording/viewing data to the various networks and cable outlets.

by But first...reply 56208/08/2013

I totally agree.

by But first...reply 56308/08/2013

Oh I hope Aaryn Nation is the second eviction! If that happens and Julie Chen throws that hateful racist bitch softball questions, then I hope the media, and her TALK co-hosts give Moonves' consort a little hell.

by But first...reply 56408/08/2013

Last night on BBAD Spencer said "For many years I lusted for Christina Applegate...and her breasts." And Applegate had a double mastectomy. I hope Spencer has to get one for his man-boobs.

by But first...reply 56508/08/2013

Watching the episode online. Amanda is certifiable. Nasty and NO impulse control. Scary.

by But first...reply 56608/08/2013

Julie would have to throw softball questions because all contestants now go into the jury house. You can't rattle someone then send them to the jury house, they will want out.

by But first...reply 56708/08/2013

Double eviction night. After Candice who else is going? Hope it's either AAryn, Ginamarie or Amanda.

by But first...reply 56808/08/2013

Andy may not win a contest or win the game but i'm sure he'll get plenty of offers to perform for Rupal's drag race lol

by But first...reply 56908/08/2013

Anyone notice how every single time there has been a gay person on the show they are always floaters? They never win anything. Veto, HOH it's kinda sad that the steroetypical Bullshit that producers keep coming up with. Not every gay man is "Jack" from Will and Grace! Some of us are not over the top, lisped and limp wristed. Where are the Anderson Cooper, Rock Hudson like gay guys they keep passing on?

by But first...reply 57008/08/2013

Anderson Cooper would make a boring guest in a houseful of drama. Do you really see that type of personality trying to be conflicting and/or stupid? Look at how Amanda is acting, or GinaMarie. Do you think Rock Hudson would do that?

by But first...reply 57108/08/2013

R571 what i'm saying is producers, CBS are depicting the GLBT in a negative way. And it's ALL of the time. It's 2013 and no one expects every gay guy to act like Andy or the othr queens they've had on this show.

by But first...reply 57208/08/2013

R572, enough already. We've heard your bullshit over and over and over again.

by But first...reply 57308/08/2013

Umm, normal masculine gay men are not on this show because only starved queens would participate in these shows. Normal masculine guys are great for marriage but not for trashy reality tv. This show makes everyone look bad...

And lol at Anderson Cooper being better than Andy. At least Andy wasn't forced to come out like a coward.

by But first...reply 57408/08/2013

R573 Fuck you. You want the continuing of steoretypes. Well now all of us are for the negative images of the GLBT from the media! You accept that shit, I won't and anyone with a brain wouldn't either.

by But first...reply 57508/08/2013

R573 thinks Andy and other gays on Big brother represent all GLBT people. Sad.

by But first...reply 57608/08/2013

Andy could never be in the closet R574 his lisped and voice of 12 year old girl and the way he moves his hands and swings his crossed legs give it away! LOL

by But first...reply 57708/08/2013

Anderson Cooper was not "Forced" out. He outed himself in high school. He even said that himself. Someone who tells friends and family and coworkers you are gay is NOT in the closet...

by But first...reply 57808/08/2013

[quote][R573] thinks Andy and other gays on Big brother represent all GLBT people. Sad.

No, I did not say that.

I said we're tired of your bullshit. You come here every day and spew your hatred toward Andy. We get it already, especially after six posts from you in less than a half hour.

by But first...reply 57908/08/2013

R579 Is Andy topping you? I heard he was a TOP.

by But first...reply 58008/08/2013

The least they could do is fnd a gay man with some wit & humor, someone sassy..Andy is about as exciting as wallpaper paste. He's a little girl running from houseguest to houseguest to tattle on everyone.

by But first...reply 58108/08/2013

R581 that's what i'm talking about. Every gay guy they get of these shows is like that. They never win anything. No veto, HOH. I don't know just a bad image, you know many people are looking at Andy and thinking "Another silly fruitcake" We all are not like that, but media and society as long as they see it on T.V. will believe it.

by But first...reply 58208/08/2013

Great comeback, R580. You're quite witty, considering your advanced age and lack of education.

by But first...reply 58308/08/2013

[quote]We all are not like that, but media and society as long as they see it on T.V. will believe it.

Jesus Christ, you're stupid.

Gay people of all shapes and sizes and personalities can be found all over TV.

by But first...reply 58408/08/2013

R573=stereotypical control queen.

by But first...reply 58508/08/2013

There was one great gay houseguest early on, the tall black guy who made a stupid mistake but at least was active the whole time. He was a fan favorite too, came back a lot later.

The worst, even worse than boring Andy, was that guy who was part of the Nerd Herd, the all time most horrible season with April and Latina Embarrassment and that ugly Maggie cow winning. That guy managed not to have an ounce of personality despite being gay AND black. I didn't even know that was possible. He was a pet rock the whole season.

by But first...reply 58608/08/2013

Marcellas was not a great house guest.

by But first...reply 58708/08/2013

r572 has obviously never been to a gay bar.

by But first...reply 58808/08/2013

R588 I have. Few years back. Wasn't for me. I don't even drink... I was there to support my ex who was dancer... lol

by But first...reply 58908/08/2013

Jokers is posting that they believe tonight will be a "Reset".

WTH is that ?

by But first...reply 59008/08/2013

So Candice is going home, who else do you all think? Double eviction. I hope Ginamarie or Amanda or AAryn is next.

by But first...reply 59108/08/2013

I'm wondering if tonight will also be a "reset" night like they did last year with the coaches entering the game. Julie Chen cryptically twittered a photo of a hand pressing the large reset button that they have. I bet it has to do with the number of people who are on the block. They probably can't continue with three nominees for much longer.

by But first...reply 59208/08/2013

[quote]Marcellas was not a great house guest.

Marcellas was fine. It was before cretins like this cast were hired. He was very popular. CBS gave him his own internet show the day after the eliminations the next season, where he would talk to the ousted. He did however make the stupidest move in BB history. I think it was the first year of the POV and he was on the block. He won POV and decided not to take himself off and was voted out.

by But first...reply 59308/08/2013

Marcellas was a lot of fun. Beau had zero personality and Lawon was an utter moron. All are black and gay.

by But first...reply 59408/08/2013

Well Andy is white and gay, so why aren't you happy? Because he doesn't play rugby and scream "bro!" 24-7? You aren't looking for realistic representations, you're looking for P.R.

by But first...reply 59508/08/2013

Started a new thread for when this one is toast.

by But first...reply 59608/08/2013

what 595 said.

by But first...reply 59708/08/2013

[quote]I am sure the data from our DVRs is also gathered by Comcast and the like.

You queens are too dumb to even be on the internet.


by But first...reply 59808/08/2013

The only thing that could be "reset" at this point are the nominations. Is CBS desperately trying to save Candace??

by But first...reply 59908/08/2013

Thank you, R596!

by But first...reply 60008/08/2013
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