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Netflix to post what you watch to Facebook?

I keep reading that Netflix will post what you watch to Facebook! Isn't that an invasion of privacy? Oh, yeah, I know, Facebook has already destroyed every other sense of privacy in our personal lives, but this will put a dent in what we will watch on Netflix! I wonder if there will be a way to block Netflix from posting what you watch??

by AnonEMoosereply 908/02/2013

Like any Facebook app, you have to AGREE first, and link your Facbook page to Netflix. Just don't link your page. Easy.

by AnonEMoosereply 108/01/2013

And if youre that concerned about it... just make sure your Netflix email is different than your Facebook one.

by AnonEMoosereply 208/01/2013

R1 is right.

by AnonEMoosereply 308/01/2013

What are you watching on Neflix that's so shameful??

by AnonEMoosereply 408/01/2013

"Swept Away".

by AnonEMoosereply 508/01/2013

you can opt out of it, say no or ignore it, just like I did. But it is featured prominently and configured in a way that makes it appear as if you have no choice but to agree with it. But i ignored the window and just kept scrolling down to select films for my queue.

These websites need to realize that a lot of people hate facebook and want nothing or as little to do with it. I don't want people on my FB to know what the fuck I'm watching on netflix.

by AnonEMoosereply 608/01/2013

"What are you watching on netflix that's so shameful?"

Do you always miss the point, r4, or are you just trying in vain to be cute?

by AnonEMoosereply 708/01/2013

I guess I missed the point! What is it?

by AnonEMoosereply 808/01/2013

OP doesn't want his friends knowing he's watching Jennifer Anniston movies.

by AnonEMoosereply 908/02/2013
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