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Murphy Directing PSAs To Air During GLEE Monteith Tribute

GLEE mastermind and series co-creator Ryan Murphy is set to film a series of public service announcements set to air during the upcoming Season Five salute to recently deceased show star Cory Monteith and proceeds from songs sold originating in that episode will be used to establish a charitable fund in his honor, as well.

With Episode 3 of the fifth season focusing on the fallen portrayer of McKinley High football star Finn Hudson, Monteith's unfortunate drug-related passing will act as the inspiration for the new ads aimed at raising awareness of addiction and people suffering from it, perhaps even addressing on the incident directly.

Previously today, FOX chairman Kevin Reilly discussed the upcoming episode and how it will deal with the real-life death of Monteith, stating of S5 E3, "That is the episode where Cory's character will be written off and will deal directly with drug addiction and with the circumstances surrounding Cory's death."

Reilly added further that proceeds from song sales for the musical numbers contained within the episode will be used to establish a charity in Monteith's honor.

"It is a celebration and really sad of this really vibrant kid," Reilly concluded of the upcoming ep.

Reilly also added that following the first three Episodes of Season Five - including the two Beatles-themed premiere Episodes - the show would Go On a short three-week hiatus to make way for pre-arranged major league baseball coverage and "as a natural break to reset."

by Anonymousreply 008/01/2013
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