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Shocked, I tell you: shocked!

WTF have we had this recent run of posters recently telling us all about how extremely "shocked" they are by what are ultimately unshocking things: Cheyenne Jackson leaving his partner, the meaning of people wearing their pants down low in prison, etc.?

This place has become like a dowagers' luncheon.

Drop the pearl clutching schtick, guys: you are [italic]not[/italic] Margaret Dumont, and no one cares if you're "shocked."

by Grouchoreply 608/01/2013

It's wrong!... [italic]sh-[/italic]... oh, you know the rest.

by Grouchoreply 108/01/2013

Yes, shocked to my heels!

by Grouchoreply 208/01/2013

Me too.

by Grouchoreply 308/01/2013

A short sharp shock!

by Grouchoreply 408/01/2013
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