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Fox News Pundit Suggests Phillip Seymour Hoffman As Hillary Clinton

July 31, 2013

Fox News sinks to another low for this segment from Tuesday's America Live which discusses media bias over some Hillary Clinton mini-series and documentary being made. WMAL Radio host Chris Plante lowered himself into the Louis Gohmert chamber of shame with this.

Plante: Look, we know what their biases are and we know what the outcome is going to be as Howard said. Casting Diane Lane, the lovely Diane Lane as Hillary Clinton is enough of a tip off as to where this is going to go. You know personally I would cast Phillip Seymour Hoffman to play Hillary Clinton.

Host: No

Kurtz: Ouch!

Angelina Jolie to play Monica Lewinsky.

Plante is the type of vile conservative Fox obviously loves because of the bilge that pours out of his mouth when he discusses anyone left of center. Any liberal pundit who displayed this type of behavior on air would never get on TV again. By the way, he was so proud of this that it's on their website.

Fox News is freaking out over the proposed plans that NBC and CNN are developing films around Hillary Clinton. Funny how they never cried like this for the Hillary propaganda movie that was made by Citizens United. In fact, they were promoting it endlessly. And we know how the Supreme Court ruled on that movie. It's destroyed our campaign finance laws.

I thought Howard Kurtz would be uncomfortable going on with a barrage of bozos, but he fit right in. He's Fox's new media critique and he started the segment by complaining that even though NBC and CNN have separate divisions which has nothing to do with their cable news channels, where's the equal time for a Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio film? I was shocked at him for saying this. I know he's swinging for the Roger Ailes team now and he's all-in. Fox News and Howie believe in the free market system and I don't know why they believe that a studio or corporation is going to pour millions of dollars into a movie or mini-series about someone that won't make a return on their investment.

First of all, Hillary Clinton has been a world-renowned figure since 1992 and her life story, or whatever part the networks choose to focus on, will be interesting to millions of people all across the world. The great Charles Ferguson will be directing the CNN documentary. NBC is doing a four part mini-series starring Diane Lane.

Most Americans couldn't tell you who Cruz or Rubio are from a postage stamp and even though Paul Ryan ran as Romney's VP, where's the hook to attract viewers for a couple of hours with him? Maybe he could do a workout tape? These companies are making these Hillary pics to make money and nothing else, and after her failed run for the Democratic nomination for president in 2008 (which was a doozy of a time in American politics) and her taking the Secretary of State job for the past four years under Obama, have only added to her aura. Where was the media bias then? Only Fox can find it if none is there.

Kurtz: Does anybody seriously believe that either of these films is not going to be very glowing and positive towards the former Senator, former first lady, former Secretary of State? That's why there's a perception problem and there might even be a legal problem because there are equal time rules although probably both projects will get on the air before Hillary Clinton probably, illegibly most undoubtedly becomes a presidential candidate.

Now the high comedy comes from Megyn's cardboard cutout:

Howard, I have not heard of any potential mini-series on Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz. Any of those guys.

Kurtz: And I think that's a very fair point.

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by Anonymousreply 007/31/2013
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