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OMM's latest rant

As the newest show airing on the Discovery Channel, "N*ked And Afraid" has cast members who are completely uncovered and dropped in the jungle with no food, no shelter and no clothes. They must each survive with only one survival item of their choice. The program airs on Sunday evenings at 10:00 ET/9:00 p.m. CT.

The two survivalists are n*ked, not only to make it more difficult to stay warm when it rains, but also to make them as uncomfortable, vulnerable and miserable as possible while they survive in the jungle for 21 days. The two humans selected, one male and one female, are to work as a team but they have never met before in their lives. This is awkward for them and for viewers. A couple of episodes have aired which showed them uncovered, blurring out frontal body parts but never blurring out their backsides. One episode showed the female making clothes for them to cover the front and continuously replacing these items after they wear out. These articles of clothing made from leaves, vines and fur do not provide complete covering because the network has to continue to blur out body parts that are revealed from time to time.

Discovery should be ashamed to air n*dity and then call it entertainment. In fact, having the cast be n*ked is the basis for fifty percent of the show. Even though the frontal body parts are blurred out, showing so much skin is considered soft p*rn.

An additional warning to parents is that some channels, including the Hallmark Channel and TNT, are starting to advertise other networks' programs, including offensive shows like "N*ked And Afraid." Before, it was easy to just stop watching the offensive channel to avoid seeing commercials for their own inappropriate programs, but now that is changing because even family-friendly channels are showing commercials for these other networks' programs, even if they are not family-friendly. This is why we must get these appalling shows off the air and cannot just change the channel.

Take Action

Please send an email letter to the sponsors of this week's "N*ked And Afraid." This week's national sponsors were: Carrabba's, IHOP, Kingston (The Clorox Company), Geico, TGI Friday's and Kayak.

Urge advertisers to place it on their "do not advertise" list in protest of pushing suggestive material directly into America's living rooms.

Send Your Letter Now!


Monica Cole, Director

by bitches can't even spell out naked or nudity....oh the issuereply 207/31/2013

OneMillionMoms can just suck it. Those homophobic fraus only let their home-schooled kids watch young earth creationists videos. They don't even watch tv.

by bitches can't even spell out naked or nudity....oh the issuereply 107/31/2013

n*dity??? n*ked???

These are naughty words? Really? These people don't have the intelligence that my cat was born with. They are so repressed and so afraid of their own natural state that they want to remove all suggestion of skin from the entire vocabulary.

It reminds me of the Victorian era where they put little skirts around their pianos because the legs looked too suggestive.

by bitches can't even spell out naked or nudity....oh the issuereply 207/31/2013
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