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Why The Stoli Boycott is Ridiculous

Stoli has nothing to do with Putin. It is he who should be the object of protests not a private company.

It isnsuch an infantile response. Do you think Stoli influences Putin's policies? It does not.

The reaction is like OMM boycotting Modern Family. Stupid

People pick Stoli because it's the only Russian product they know.

Protest Putin. The Russian government ....

Imagine if people around the world protested American products because of all the people killed in the Middle East wars...what good is that? Hurting the livelihood of workers?

Grow up.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 15601/08/2014

The boycott is ridiculous for several reasons.

First, it will have NO effect on Russian policy towards gays. Russia doesn't give a flying fuck what we think of them. The boycott is little more than a vanity project for a few gay men and women who need more to do with their lives.

Also, the Stolichnaya vodka sold outside Russia is produced in LATVIA, not RUSSIA. Such inattention to rather important details as that make us look silly.

Finally, gays boycotting booze just reinforces the opinion that we're all a bunch of alcoholics.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 407/31/2013

[quote]It's still a Russian based company.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 807/31/2013

It is stupid and basically points out that gays like to go out and get drunk.

It is all about Dan Savage getting an extra second tacked on to his 15 minutes.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 1107/31/2013

Stoli boycott bringing awareness is BS...Putin's anti-LG policies have been top top stories...because of the Olympics...front page...

But then again I don't read People or the Enquirer where some of you get your news.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 1408/02/2013

I agree the boycott is stupid and hurts a company that has supported the gay community for years.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 1508/02/2013

OMG! A gay boycott!

Make it stop!


by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 1708/02/2013

I think it's great when consumers want to exercise their muscles in the marketplace with a boycott.

But how stupid are you to suggest the boycott is legitimate because the vodka has a Russian name - and will bring attention to the problem?

If anything this ridiculous boycott shows how ignorant people can be.

You want to boycott something - organize a boycott of the advertising sponsors of the Olympics. Go after NBC, AT&T, General Motors.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 1808/02/2013

R18, NBC, AT&T, and GM have fuck all to do with Russia.

The idea is to garner publicity, not impact anyone's bottom line, as if a gay boycott of any of those companies would have a noticeable financial impact.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 1908/02/2013

[quote]Boycott's work!

Oh, dear!

...and who are we trying to get fired? Putin?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 2208/02/2013

[quote]...and who are we trying to get fired? Putin?

Yes, hon, we all believe a boycott will get Putin fired. Pass it on, please.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 2308/02/2013

Vlad the Gay-basher

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 2508/02/2013

[quote]Don't ask me to give up those things! I won't!

More like a straight persons reality. Im gay and I dont watch the Voice, dont have an ATT phone bundle or GM car. Those are all Frau and Bro things.

Switch to Virgin Mobil much cheaper.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 2708/03/2013

Just drink Svedka Vodka with your seltzer and lime. It's cheaper and tastes fine.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 2808/03/2013

Johnny Weir is on CNN right now milking this publicity for all its worth.

It's not like he is going to make the Olympic Team

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 3408/03/2013

I'm NOT a propagandist! -Johnny Weir on CNN

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 3608/03/2013

Yes, lets bash an out gay man for speaking out about this as "milking it".

Our community is our own worst enemy sometimes.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 3808/03/2013

R38 He is not 'speaking' for the community. He is exploiting the situation to put HIMSELF in the spotlight,


by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 3908/03/2013

Svedka is lighter fluid, more suitable for cleaning jewelry than drinking.

If you want to drink non-Russian no matter where in the supply chain (ingredients, distillation, distribution, marketing), the best quality premium vodka is Ketel One. Absolut is still a good quality, and the flavored ones use all natural ingredients (unlike Stoli). Finlandia is underrated and one of the better price/value relationships. People rave about 42 Below, but I wasn't impressed.

I left the Polish ones out because they're a bunch of fucking homophobes, too. Latvia no better. Best to just boycott the whole Eastern European bunch.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 4208/03/2013

How drunk are you right now, R41?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 4308/03/2013

The Poles ARE homophobes but at least there's not law in Poland like the one in Russia.

So I'll recommend Sobieski -- a delicious rye vodka made in Poland.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 4408/03/2013

"Boycott's work!"

So does proper punctuation, dear.

The Latvian branch of Stoli has defied a homophobic government by supporting the LGBT employees. They also helped organize Baltic Pride, which suffered a lot of antigay violence.

Stuart Milk, the nephew of Harvey Milk, was just there helping that tiny community organize.

Stoli isn't an Olympic sponsor. Just because they buy ads in gay magazines and promote events in gay bars isn't a reason NOT to boycott them.

The fact that they have nothing to do with ANY antigay policies is reason enough to focus on the true targets; the conglomos who support the corrupt IOC and the duplicitous NBC broadcast of the Olympics.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 4508/03/2013

[r41] learn grammar and I'll listen

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 4708/03/2013

R47 - huh?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 5108/03/2013

[r41] no one takes inarticulate people seriously "their laughing"

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 5208/03/2013

R52 - you need to look up the definition of inarticulate.

Once you have done that explain exactly how typing "their" instead of "they're" prevented your understanding.

Then go on and support your conclusion that no one takes inarticulate people seriously.

Explain how if R47 intended to "listen" it would matter whether "their", "there" or "they're" was typed.

But - if it makes you feel better about yourself to criticize someone for a typo - knock yourself out.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 5408/03/2013

"Please get back to us, hon, when Stoli is no longer buying 100% of their wheat from Russia. "

Please get back to us when you stop consuming Coca-Cola and McDonalds, when you stop using ATT, VISA and all of the Olympic sponsors.

And don't get back to us until you completely boycott Trader Joe's and every other supermarket that sells Monsanto-approved GMO products.

The vodka pour was a photo opp, and a good one. Move on. Get real. Attack the IOC and somebody please, please bitchslap Bob Costas!

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 5508/03/2013

Apparently R45 R55 didn't like to be reminded that Stoli buys all their wheat from Russia. His silly demands to those of us who already don't enjoy Coke, don't eat fast food and have never been inside a Trader Joe's are more than pathetic. Like I'm going to drive a hundred miles to shop at a Trader Joe's when there's a farmers market two blocks away. I don't think so. Let's see what kind of blah-blah-blah this gets from him.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 5608/04/2013

It is ridiculous. Mostly a bunch of clueless old-school gays that think that, because the Florida orange juice boycott and Coors boycott actually meant something, so must this Stoli boycott. But thise boycotts were actually related to the companies/industries that were part of the problem. It'd be like someone in another country boycotting Ford to protest American human rights abuses.

It almost seems like clueless nationalism. Like someone thought of the first Russian company they could, and would figure out their rationale ("they get wheat from the Motherland!! Wheat, people!!!") later.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 5708/04/2013

R57 - I think the Stoli boycott is wrong.

But "old-school gays"?

Do a reality check. It's not old-school gays who are going to bars and ordering Stoli.

This is young gay men who want to think they are doing something by switching their drink of choice.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 5808/04/2013

Everyone has to stop calling the boycott "effective". An effective boycott means changing public policy. The Stoli boycott by some gay bars has zero chance of influencing Russia, it will make no difference there whatsoever.

It CAN make you feel better, like you're doing something, and help you "take a stand". That's fine, it's a horrible situation and we naturally want to feel better or involved. But that is not an effective boycott.

The biggest thing, to me, will be whether NBC covers this issue in TV segments, whether they discuss the implications if athletes wear rainbow pins. Historically they have shied away from anything LGBT; 2012 they actually mentioned Matthew Mitcham was gay, compared to 2008 when the cameras would cut away when he got within 30 feet of his boyfriend. So I am hopeful that with the recent mainstream successes of the LGBT movement that NBC may see this as an acceptable and important news story. But the focus and pressure should be on NBC, not an LGBT-supportive alcohol company in Latvia

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 5908/04/2013

It would make as much sense if Germans boycotted M&M's to protest NSA surveillance

See how much sense that makes?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 6008/04/2013

[quote] It would make as much sense if Germans boycotted M&M's to protest NSA surveillance

Money talks. In the UK during equal marriage debates, one man pointed out that passing the bill would be good for business. Not the best reason ever for granting equality, but it made sense and it made people listen.

I think the boycott is fine as long as that's not all there is. Just like it's easy to not be a fat pig by visiting Chik Fil A, it's easy to not drink one of hundreds of brands of vodka. If the boycott is all that happens then it'll be as effective as the Occupy movement.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 6208/04/2013

You guys are making it sound like the NBC news is running the 'Stoli boycott' as its first story. Has it been featured anywhere other than gay blogs?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 6408/04/2013

I agree with R69 -- being jealous of someone is natural. Being jealous of Dan Savage? Pathetic.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 7008/04/2013

Don't boycott our allies! Boycott the Olympics!

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 7408/04/2013

All of your pussies stink.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 7508/04/2013

OP is right and fuck the naysayers. Histrionics don't win wars (or help our gay and lesbian friends in Russia). But by all means, go ahead and boycott Latvian vodka.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 8108/05/2013

[quote]The fact that most of you didn't know a thing about this oppression UNTIL the boycott PR stunts shows how useless it is.

Uh, that would seem to show it's working at raising awareness, dimwit.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 8308/05/2013

[quote]But by all means, go ahead and boycott Latvian vodka.

R81 is a cousin of Miss Teen South Carolina and never heard of "the Latvia" until the Stoli boycott.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 8408/05/2013

Wow. r98 etc,

Even by DL standards, you are really off the chain.

Take your meds. Seriously.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 9908/06/2013

R94 - R98 is proving he can bash gays as well as any Russian. He could probably give them lessons in how to spread the hatred.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 10008/06/2013

[quote]Nope, no meds, now or in the past.

Then look into it, dear.

Seriously. You should know: you crossed the line from 'political debate' to 'rhubarb lady-level whack' very early on here. I'm not offended, I'm not angry. You're just a little touched. That's all.

Take care of yourself.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 10508/06/2013

R103 led the defense at Stonewall in holding off the National Guard tanks by bashing them with his parasol. His work for the gay community can only be compared to the great gay leader Ken Mehlman. He still points with pride to the night he worked as a barback at an HRC banquet when Joe Solmonese thanked him for putting an extra cherry in his cocktail.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 10608/06/2013

[quote]Raising awareness is great, but that can be also be done, and perhaps more effectively, with more appropriate targets.

Russia is the eventual target but you won't be able to comprehend that the boycott is effictively raising awareness, so get back to your phone calls to the Kremlin. No doubt they'll look forward to hearing from you again.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 10808/06/2013

R81 = Stoli PR / Marketing Director.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 10908/06/2013

The 'Kristallnacht' analogy is seeming more and more apt.

Random customers in upscale central Moscow restaurants are violently harassing even people suspected of being gay.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 11008/06/2013

[quote]OP is right and fuck the naysayers. Histrionics don't win wars. But by all means, go ahead and boycott Latvian vodka.

You point to an article that says Latvian is not made in Russia. But that is another marking trick. The other two brand made by the same company are made in Russia. So yes a boycott would be effective. Obviously, Stoli is busy posting here and elsewhere about "why your boycotts wont work"

Hey Stoli, about about directing that secret marketing plan back to your own country to change the laws instead of spending thousands of dollars trying to cover your ass on why you do nothing about gays in your own country.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 11108/06/2013

From inside Russia I can imagine this is a bit like how it might seem to Americans if Arabs boycotted Coca Cola as a protest against the US war in Iraq, demanding that the CEO of Coca Cola puts pressure on the US president to change his policy. Or Americans protesting French "anti-Americanism" by changing the name of French fries to freedom fries.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 11208/06/2013

The answer for Stoli is very simple.

All they have to do is say We Hear You, Here is our 5 point plan to battle homophobia in OUR country to end discrimination against the GLBT community.

But they need to fallow through immediately, talk is cheap. Ruffle some feathers with the Russian government and you will have global customers for life. Standby and watch as you claim boycott is misplaced and you will loose global customers for life.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 11308/06/2013

What about the FACT that it's Russia seeking positive worldwide media coverage via the Winter Olympics. Is that just too, too difficult to see why this upcoming event has them concerned about bad publicity at this time?

Did you not notice R114, that Saudi Arabia isn't hosting the Winter Olympics?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 11508/06/2013

R114 = Stoli PR Again.

By your argument, no one should try to change anything or ever put pressure on any company because all of life is complicated.

Or if Stonewall were to happen today, gays and people should not support that because the police have a lot of other issues to deal with.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease. Right now, Russia is in the limelight. Maybe we can help our gay brothers and sisters while everyone is looking.

And later on, we can work on Saudi Arabia and China too. By the way, people did try to stop Saudi Arabia a few years ago.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 11608/06/2013

The boycott news has somehow gone beyond a few threads at the DataLounge despite objections from the two guys who are insanely jealous of Dan Savage.

It seems the President of the United States remarked during a TV chat on Tuesday: "I think Putin and Russia have a big stake in making sure the Olympics work.

"I think they understand that for most of the countries that participate in the Olympics, we wouldn't tolerate gays and lesbians being treated differently," said President Obama.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 11708/07/2013

Thank you R117. Once again the adult in the room speaks up.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 11808/07/2013

Dan Savage is such a slacktivist. It's better to be proactive than reactive....this Stoli boycott is completely about making us feel like we're doing something, not about helping any lgbtq folks in Russia

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 11908/07/2013

And all because R117 changed his drink order to a Mai Tai!

Ain't activism great?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 12008/07/2013

You got a better idea R120? Let hear it, what is YOUR idea and how are YOU going to implement it?

Other then complain about other peoples ideas as you sit on your fat ass whining about the approach.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 12108/07/2013


by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 12308/07/2013

r122 Relax, Mary. The boycott is accomplishing what it set out to do, or you wouldn't be so apoplectic. Many people ARE talking about what's going on in Russia, THAT'S the entire point of the boycott. As long as people ARE paying attention, then it will grow exponentially. What is so wrong with making this situation an "above the fold" news item?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 12408/07/2013

r121/r124 talk some sense.

The anti-Savage troll is off her rocker.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 12508/07/2013

Boycott ALL things Russian.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 12608/07/2013

Stephen Fry August 7th, 2013

Dear Prime Minister, M Rogge, Lord Coe and Members of the International Olympic Committee,

I write in the earnest hope that all those with a love of sport and the Olympic spirit will consider the stain on the Five Rings that occurred when the 1936 Berlin Olympics proceeded under the exultant aegis of a tyrant who had passed into law, two years earlier, an act which singled out for special persecution a minority whose only crime was the accident of their birth. In his case he banned Jews from academic tenure or public office, he made sure that the police turned a blind eye to any beatings, thefts or humiliations afflicted on them, he burned and banned books written by them. He claimed they “polluted” the purity and tradition of what it was to be German, that they were a threat to the state, to the children and the future of the Reich. He blamed them simultaneously for the mutually exclusive crimes of Communism and for the controlling of international capital and banks. He blamed them for ruining the culture with their liberalism and difference. The Olympic movement at that time paid precisely no attention to this evil and proceeded with the notorious Berlin Olympiad, which provided a stage for a gleeful Führer and only increased his status at home and abroad. It gave him confidence. All historians are agreed on that. What he did with that confidence we all know.

Putin is eerily repeating this insane crime, only this time against LGBT Russians. Beatings, murders and humiliations are ignored by the police. Any defence or sane discussion of homosexuality is against the law. Any statement, for example, that Tchaikovsky was gay and that his art and life reflects this sexuality and are an inspiration to other gay artists would be punishable by imprisonment. It is simply not enough to say that gay Olympians may or may not be safe in their village. The IOC absolutely must take a firm stance on behalf of the shared humanity it is supposed to represent against the barbaric, fascist law that Putin has pushed through the Duma. Let us not forget that Olympic events used not only to be athletic, they used to include cultural competitions. Let us realise that in fact, sport is cultural. It does not exist in a bubble outside society or politics. The idea that sport and politics don’t connect is worse than disingenuous, worse than stupid. It is wickedly, wilfully wrong. Everyone knows politics interconnects with everything for “politics” is simply the Greek for “to do with the people”.

An absolute ban on the Russian Winter Olympics of 2014 on Sochi is simply essential. Stage them elsewhere in Utah, Lillyhammer, anywhere you like. At all costs Putin cannot be seen to have the approval of the civilised world.

He is making scapegoats of gay people, just as Hitler did Jews. He cannot be allowed to get away with it. I know whereof I speak. I have visited Russia, stood up to the political deputy who introduced the first of these laws, in his city of St Petersburg. I looked into the face of the man and, on camera, tried to reason with him, counter him, make him understand what he was doing. All I saw reflected back at me was what Hannah Arendt called, so memorably, “the banality of evil.” A stupid man, but like so many tyrants, one with an instinct of how to exploit a disaffected people by finding scapegoats. Putin may not be quite as oafish and stupid as Deputy Milonov but his instincts are the same. He may claim that the “values” of Russia are not the “values” of the West, but this is absolutely in opposition to Peter the Great’s philosophy, and against the hopes of millions of Russians, those not in the grip of that toxic mix of shaven headed thuggery and bigoted religion, those who are agonised by the rolling back of democracy and the formation of a new autocracy in the motherland that has suffered so much (and whose music, literature and drama, incidentally I love so passionately). I am gay. I am a Jew. My mother lost over a dozen of her family to Hitler’s anti-Semitism."

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 12708/07/2013

[quote]Many people ARE talking about what's going on in Russia, THAT'S the entire point of the boycott.

Exactly, but R122, lacks the mental capacity to comprehend that fact.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 12808/07/2013

[r129] I feel your pain, but rest assured that nothing posted here amounts to a hill of beans, anyway

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 13008/07/2013

The boycott is happening and it's going global. That's what's got Stoli worried now --that European countries that drink a lot of vodka is joining in this boycott.

The pictures in the mail online is the new photo op. Gay bars will be fighting each other to get their pictures in the papers throwing Russian vodka down the drains. And when the first straight bar joins in--watch out.

Russia does care about their image or else they would not have bothered trying to get the Olympics. How many statements have the IOC made now since the boycott talk where before they were pretty much ignoring it?

This boycott is working because it's having a snowball effect into other protests. Just today there was a anti Olympic sponsor Mcdonalds ad that was interspersed with some footage from gay torture video.

Now someone like anonymous needs to find a way to expose Russia exactly while the world's attention is focused on them & the Olympics.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 13108/07/2013

George Takei has recently lent his support to the boycott

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 13208/07/2013

Forgot to post the link for the mail online

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 13308/07/2013

"I think Putin and Russia have a big stake in making sure the Olympics work."

Of course they do. Putin and Russia want nothing but good publicity. As the President of the United States said, they have "a big stake in making sure the Olympics work."

The POTUS can see how their plan is already getting battered. When the Olympics happen, Russia is not going to look like the paradise they wanted to create for the media. Every mention of boycott of any kind in the coming months is a kick at the Russians.

Obama has already said we're going to the Olympics and has already let our nation know we're going to watch out for GLBT who go to the Olympics.

Why don't we go after "African countries that are exterminating gays?" Which African nation is hosting the Winter Olympics?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 13408/07/2013

It's very hard to go after poorer countries who're homophobic simply because they have less products to boycott and you don't want to hurt the majority of the people by withholding aid.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 13508/07/2013

[quote]The New York Times’ Frank Bruni has suggested that the Olympics will be an important opportunity for Americans to show their support for LGBT equality.

People reading the NY Times will get it, but R122 won't.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 13608/07/2013

Some of you may have heard the famous quote attributed to notorious bank robber Willie Sutton(which he denied ever making). When asked why he robbed banks, he supposedly replied, "Because that's where they keep all the money!" Meaning, you concentrate your forces where they will do you the most good. Sure we can go after many other countries(including the USA) that have discriminatory laws against gay people. But right now, The Winter Olympics, being held in Russia, is the pick of the litter. Start small, and keep the ball rolling. I commend Dan Savage for his part, whether he originally came up with it or not. Kudos to Harvey Fierstein for his letter to the NYT. Gay bars dumping Stoli? Nice photo ops. Stoli is NOT quaking in their boots. Conservatives are climbing over the ramparts to give at "Attaboy! to Putin. Let it all happen. Let people wag their heads, and call it slapdash and a waste of time and "Where are your priorities"? It's all grist for the mill. Keep talking; keep posting photos; keep getting outraged (and outrageous) quotes. It IS like a snowball rolling downhill(as was said above) The faster it goes, the bigger it gets. Where will it lead? That's the million dollar question. But who'd have thought a few weeks ago that it would be THIS BIG????? You can bet the IOC is having plenty of brainstorming sessions over this. I hope the Olympics DO get moved to another location(s). There's still time to do it. I wouldn't want to see any athlete denied the chance to prove his or her mettle. I must admit I'm sorry Obama cancelled his one-on-one with Putin, I was SO hoping he'd show up for it, with a rainbow flag pin in his lapel.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 13708/08/2013

What on earth makes you think this boycott is having a substantial impact?

Google Stoli boycott.

The top hits are what's wrong with the idea.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 13908/12/2013

"Meanwhile, queens get mugged and murdered in gay ghettos and you post with caustic queries about what's on their iPod."

This is whataboutery personified.

Read this. Nothing goes on remotely like it in the US.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14008/12/2013

[quote]The top hits are what's wrong with the idea.

Some of the top hits for marriage equality or No H8 were (and likely still are) all about what's wrong with those movements, too.

Some of you queens aren't happy with a political action unless it's absolutely perfect and puts an end to the problem within 15 minutes of being started. Well, guess what? There's no such thing.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14108/12/2013

European nations are jumping on Russia over their human rights violations. Today, folks in Germany were talking Olympic boycott. It was a topic on NPR this morning. It was the NY Times editorial and the Stoli boycott that got the attention of millions of people. No need to keep pushing the Stoli boycott because it already made the needed impact.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14208/12/2013

Thank you Harvey and Dan. Russia will never grant you a visa to visit and that's a good thing.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14308/12/2013

George Takai has a petition to move the Olympics. Every signature and every boycott anouncement is a kick in the nuts to the Russians who thought they would have a flawless Olympics. It's not going to to be flawless.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14408/13/2013

Remembrance of Russia

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14508/14/2013

Maybe Stoli won't have much of an impact but try Proctor and Gamble.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14608/14/2013

Stoli Boycott critics need to read this:

[bold]The Russian Vodka boycott is working, whether you like it or not[/bold]

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14708/15/2013

Thanks for sharing that link R147. I like to see this thread show up on the front page to demonstrate how DCCrackpot is such a loser.

[italic] Ultimately, the boycott has informed more people about gay rights in Russia, and it probably hasn't hurt Stoli too badly, so there's a net positive.

That makes it harder for politicians, companies, and organizations involved with Russia and the 2014 Olympics to keep quiet on the issue.

Hopefully that means an increase in international pressure on Putin and Russian lawmakers to make life better for LGBT people, but it remains to be seen whether that will happen. And yes, Putin and Russian lawmakers, not gay vodka boycotters or slacktivists, have the final say on policy.

But the very fact that we're talking about Russian gay rights months before the 2014 Olympics is an achievement.[/italic]

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14808/15/2013

Sadly, after seeing the film "Blue Jasmine" I was craving a Stoli martini (and I don't even drink vodka or martinis). The Stoli boycott is indeed ridiculous, but at least it's drawing attention to the fact that the Russians are fucking twisted.

Now excuse me, but I'm off to buy a bottle of Stoli.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 14908/15/2013

R149 = traitor to the cause

(Stoli is hardly the best vodka out there, even for the money)

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 15008/15/2013

What cause? I'm a world traveler and there's no way I'd ever go to Russia...that's how I'm supporting our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters over there (flights, hotels, sightseeing, meals = $$$$$$$$$). Boycotting a Latvian vodka I'd never drink thousands of dollars worth of is stupid...especially when the CEO of Stoli has come out in support of gays and lesbians and they're even donating money to directly help the LGBT community in Russia.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 15108/15/2013

Didn't see a thread on this but if someone wants to start one...

The president of Barilla pasta basically told gays to go fuck themselves and eat another brand.

I'll be happy to never buy their products again.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 15209/26/2013

[quote]Ultimately, the boycott has informed more people about gay rights in Russia, and it probably hasn't hurt Stoli too badly, so there's a net positive.

Exactly! It brought tons of publicity to the homophobic laws being passed in Russia. The boycott was very effective in getting people's attention to the situation.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 15309/27/2013

Before Dan and Harvey brought attention to the issue and the bar photo ops began, most of my straight family, friends and colleagues had no idea what was happening to gay men in Russia. Now they know and it disgusts them.

The Stoli boycott, in and of itself, is not important. What it has accomplished - the publicity - is what's important. Breaking through, actually getting people's attention and making them care about this issue is an early victory. It's what had to happen first.

The Jealous of Dan Savage Cunt claims that he's spent three years working with gay Russian activists. The result of that work is that hardly anyone knew about the abuse and persecution of gay men in Russia, let alone cared about it. Dan and Harvey and Stephen Fry get involved and suddenly EVERYONE knows and a lot of people care.

Families and friends are discussing it. President Obama is talking about it. The media is covering it. Op-eds are being written about it. The IOC was forced to end its silence. It is "water cooler" conversation at workplaces in the US and elsewhere. Putin and his precious propaganda Olympics have been given a nasty and very public black eye. They're already trying to backpedal and we're just getting started.

Here's the difference between Dan Savage and you and why he's the better man, I'll wager any amount of money that despite your attacks on him, he supports the work you do and wishes you every success with it.

I support your work and wish you success too, but Jesus fucking Christ you are an insufferable, petty, bitter, sanctimonious and pedantic cunt. Spend less time rage-wanking over Dan's success and more time building on it.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 15409/28/2013

how's this boycott working out for everyone?

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 15501/08/2014

You hear "Stoli" a lot on Absolutely Fabulous, I think I assumed it was a British term for wine, now finally I know what it's referring to. Patsy is seen drinking Stoli straight from the bottle a lot.

by Dame Celestial Crackheadreply 15601/08/2014
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