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Experiences with Jewish Guys

Share your experience with Jewish guys . . . well endowed, good in bed, kink, vanilla?

by Davidic Size Queenreply 5307/31/2013

They are a distinct, closed off society. I went to a college that was 1/3rd Jews from Long Island, NY, and I believe what I saw and heard. I would never allow them into my social circle.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 107/30/2013

I like their cut cocks.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 207/30/2013

Please elaborate, r1. I'm Jewish, and I really have no idea what you're blathering on about.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 307/30/2013

R3 - Tell us about you and your friends. What have your experiences been?

Thank you.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 407/30/2013


by Davidic Size Queenreply 507/30/2013

R4, of course your name is David. What else would it be?

by Davidic Size Queenreply 607/30/2013

My Jewish Man has a big, thick, cut cock. He likes bagels and puzzles and trying to screw Time Warner Cable as hard as they deserve to be screwed, the greedy fucking poor-people-screwing bastards.

And my blowjobs. We'll discover what all of this means tonight. But first-

by Davidic Size Queenreply 707/30/2013

In college, my roommate liked this jewish guy on our floor, he's short and skinny, he even told us he has a small cock. The whole floor would hang out and play truth or dare, drinking games etc.

He's a lawyer now in CT. He was into me but not my roommate and my roommate was upset about this. Anyways, I gave him a handy underneath the blanket(we were lying in bed together). He wasn't big, average girth. Since I never saw it, I'm guessing it was about 5 inches.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 807/30/2013

I wish Jewish boys were as slutty as Jewish girls.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 907/30/2013

R1=R6, a nasty little mess of prejudice, innuendo, illiteracy and, basically, a pile of pus. Can't publicly support or explain his hate, so has to rely on vague and unsubstantiated hints.... A coward and a creep.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1007/30/2013

The ones I met were different from each other. They didn't carry the guilt that I have known; or, if they did, they sure hid it well.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1107/30/2013

I think as a whole, that they are a pushy group. That is my experience with them.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1207/31/2013

fake,nasty,always try to make you the idiot.

if shitty lies turn you on,you will be horny all the time.

never again indeed.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1307/31/2013

oh yeah,by the way the 'russians' that abuse gays in russia,that neo nazi crap:the heads and starters of the group are seems gay.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1407/31/2013

Avoid the Israeli ones. Every gay one I've met thought they were God's gift, with an aggressive sense of entitlement that would have made an SS Major or pre-apartheid Police Commissioner seem like blushing flowers.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1507/31/2013

I prefer them uncut.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1607/31/2013

This thread is an embarrassment.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1707/31/2013

They'll mention they're Jewish A LOT.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1807/31/2013

A Jewish ex used to call his mother, his sister and a couple of his friends to whine about minor things I did. I had no idea it was going on until they started saying some pretty unsubtle things around me.

I left him and took a job across the country. He was actually surprised I didn't stay in touch; he expected me to stay involved with him. Apparently in his family and social group, disloyalty is the norm. After that, I was told his behavior is a sort of norm.

No thanks. Never again.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 1907/31/2013

My partner of 15+ years is 100% Jewish.

Our relationship has endured because we provide each other with unconditional love and support in all aspects of our lives together. He is sweet, caring, humble extremely generous to all family and friends.

The stereotype that all people of the Jewish faith are shrewd and cheap is just that-- a HORRIBLE stereotype. It could not be further from the truth. He has an enormous heart, (and a more enormous c**k ;). He would give anyone the shirt off his back or the shoes off his feet if he meets someone in a needful time of their life.

Many, MANY, nasty and bitter troll queens have tried (and always fail) to break us apart. LOL- that will never happen because our relationship is stronger than steel. Why can't most gay guys (not all) simply be happy for fellow gay men who have found the love of their lives? Why is it their mission to destroy these strong relationships? Gay men who behave like this are those that I find repulsive and pathetic.

Lastly, dating or being in a committed relationship with a Jewish man is a million times better than trying to "date" a sexually repressed, deeply closeted, unstable, Bible-thumping Baptist gay man. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about with that as well. I dated one for almost 2 years and he was a fucking nightmare to deal with and stalked me for 7 months after. Please steer clear of those unless you want to live the cray cray 24/7 !!!!

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2007/31/2013

R20 knows one Jew who doesn't fit the stereotype, thus the stereotype is invalid.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2107/31/2013

Well they are white guys, and white guys are all exactly alike. So.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2207/31/2013

Some gay Jewish guys visited a working class neighborhood park looking for trade. Large city, close to down down, but not the gay part of time. Guys visiting are just looking to suck or get fucked, an occasional fuck in the bushes.

I like to pick up this guys, all dressed up in their Ralph Lauren clothes, driving nice cars. I took them home, bent them over pulling down their Ralph Lauren white summer pants. What a fag ! I tell them I know what they are looking for. They are looking for a real man to fuck them and I am going to fuck them good. I like to see my cock dripping cum and ass juice onto their lily white pants. Now get out of Oak Cliff you fairy.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2307/31/2013

r20, if you weren't already in a committed relationship, I'd ask you to marry me. :)

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2407/31/2013

My husband is Jewish and I would echo R20's sentiments. He also has a better relationship with his family than most WASPs I've come across.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2507/31/2013

I've hooked up with a couple of them on Scruff. One was an adorable pocket gay with sizemeat. So sweet and enthusiastic. We even had brunch the next day.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2607/31/2013

How many threads about Jews is OP going to create?

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2707/31/2013

r20 = Megaphone desktop tool.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2807/31/2013

R21 - You are a fucking idiot. Sit down and shut the fuck up MARY. Are you not embarrassed by your ignorance? Maybe you should further educate yourself before you comment on a topic you clearly know nothing about.

Oh wait, you must be one of those inbred, toothless, hillbilly, Bible-thumping Baptist closet cases I so despise. I knew it would not take long for one of you to stop fucking the chicken and post such a bitter comment.

P.S--------- Jealous much, bitch?

LOL---- go back to living under your bridge you nasty fucking troll. You are pathetic

by Davidic Size Queenreply 2907/31/2013

R24 -- Awwwww. Thank you so much for saying that. That is very sweet and kind of you. :) I like to think of myself as good marriage material. As I am sure you are the same!!

My partner and I CANNOT wait until the day we can legally marry! :)

R25--- Thank you for echoing my sentiments. R21 is just one (of the manny) nasty trolls that obsessively post on DL with the mission to hate on those that " it " is so jealous off.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3007/31/2013

R28 - No, that would be you dear, you pussy ass bitch.

Good Lord---the trolls are cruising the DL hard today. Let me guess, you are packing a one incher between your legs? Or you are jealous of both mine and my partners big cocks?

I have a feeling it is both so go ahead and sit your ass right back down and don't try to come at me unless I send for your whiny little bitch ass....

MMKAY ????

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3107/31/2013

I've dated a couple of Jewish guys. Both of them were dark-haired, hairy-chested and cut, obviously. Both had average penises.

I would say the other thing both of them had in common was the need to check in frequently with their mothers. If we were going out to dinner, they'd call first and say, "Oh, I'm going out now. I'll call you later." It got a little old.

Otherwise, they were pretty much different. One was wild in bed; the other pretty vanilla. One always acted pretty entitled; the other didn't. One had a professional job, the other didn't.

Both were pretty nice guys, but I realized the most important relationships in their lives would always be with their families. And they were fine with that.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3207/31/2013

This thread is stupid and in poor taste but my isn't R20 full of herself. No one is jealous of you Mary.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3307/31/2013


And no one, I mean NO ONE, finds you relevant MARY!!

So you can sit down, shut the fuck up, and then get the fuck out.

I hope you enjoy being a bitter nasty hag and all alone. Oh, and did I mention being totally irrelevant? What a fun, rest of your life that awaits you.

I'm sure you are a hoarder with 20 cats and run around all day in a moo moo.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3407/31/2013

The concept of any stereotype always has some basis in sheer truth no matter what you say. Whether this concerns the races or religions. These ideas didn't just pop out of one person's head and agreed to by most of everyone else on Earth.

Again, I will state that I have only had bad experiences with a multitude of Jews not only in a college setting but post-graduate business setting.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3507/31/2013

Unhinged Mary at R34 needs a Haldol dose STAT

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3607/31/2013

A moo-moo, R34?

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3707/31/2013

OMFG R36!!!! You are a fucking schizo!!! That explains sooooo much. No wonder ALL of your post on DL are rambling, hot messes---just like their author.

You really need to run along and take YOUR mental meds before your batshit crazy ass try's to plug yourself into the wall. Tell me, how many voices do you hear in your head? Do all 20 of your cats talk to you?

You really should stop projecting your mental illness issues onto TOTAL STRANGERS!!! It is not very becoming for a real man to behave that way. But, then again, you are not ( nor ever will be ) a REAL man, so I guess I'm forced to give you a pass.

And sweetie, there is not one once of me that is unhinged. I simply read you to filth and your little schizo brain could not handle it. I'm sure I was not the first to rip you apart, and I KNOW I won't be the last. You certainly can dish it out but you cannot take it. Buck the fuck up!!! Stop being such a crying little bitch.

We are on two totally different levels. I'm a 4.0 student about to graduate with my Masters in Clinical Psych. Can you say the same?

LOL...OMG!! I'm far to cerebral for you too keep up with twinkle toes.

I suggest you move along and find someone more on your "level" to harass. You will NEVER EVER win with me.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3807/31/2013

I hope you realize you're batshit crazy, R38.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 3907/31/2013


I hope you realize you have the vocabulary of a 7 year old. Try picking up a dictionary.

Oh and why is this thread full of stupid, ignorant, bitter, venom-filled, nasty, flaming, badly aging, and intellectually-challenged queens like yourself?

Get a life you pathetic, POS, douchebag loser.

Did you graduate with a 4.0 and a Master's degree?

Better yet, did you graduate from High School? Or did you drop out by 9th grade because it was just too "tough"

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA !! LMFAO . I could mind fuck with dumb asses like yourself all day long and it never gets old.

Let me guess.....hmmmm.... Your IQ is what, 60 ?

by Davidic Size Queenreply 4007/31/2013

r20 seems deranged. Get a grip, girl.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 4107/31/2013

they only marry chinkys. never other jewish people.


by Davidic Size Queenreply 4207/31/2013

"Try's," r38? Not only are you a nutcase but you seem illiterate. Get an education if it is not too late for you. (You might also want to review to/too usage, btw.)

by Davidic Size Queenreply 4307/31/2013

Wow, this thread derailed pretty quickly.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 4407/31/2013

hold on, let me get my popcorn ready

by Davidic Size Queenreply 4507/31/2013

Jewish guys are like everyone else. Some are hot, some are not. Some have big dicks, some do not. Some are whiny, some are not. You get the idea. Learn to view people as individuals rather than as stereotypes.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 4607/31/2013

Both my LTRs have been with Jewish men, both raised in big midwestern/western cities (first from Chicago, as am I, current from Denver--we now live in the east). Both were funny, bright, articulate, warm, physically affectionate, committed to their families, and generous. Yes, they also had quirks and less wonderful qualities (as do I), but nothing I would even consider attributing to their Jewish upbringing (which was pretty secular in both cases--celebrate the holidays, neither were Bar Mitzvahed--by their own choice, did not go weekly to services). I am mainline Protestant by upbringing (Sunday School til confirmation, then only to church for weddings and funerals). I teach at a school with a larger than average representation of Jewish students--any "markers" seem more regional or geographic than based on religion or historical affiliation.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 4707/31/2013

[46] got the best comment. It's so simple!

by Davidic Size Queenreply 4807/31/2013

What they lack in looks, they make up for in passion!

by Davidic Size Queenreply 4907/31/2013

I've dated a couple of Jewish guys. My experience has been the following:

*They tend to have big cocks and big asses.

*They tend to be close to their families.

*They tend to be opinionated.

*They tend to be big-hearted and emotionally generous.

*Their looks usually start to go and coarsen once they get past 35.

That's all I've found they all have in common. otherwise they've been a diverse bunch--some very political, some not; some very intellectual, some not; some very slutty, some not.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 5007/31/2013

I saw a Hasidic guy in a video booth place years ago. Black coat, hat, the sideburn things, the beard, the shawl tassel things peeking from the white shirt, etc. I was shocked he would take such a chance in public, I think he would be shunned by his community if he was found out. I didn't approach him, it was summer and I assumed he was sweaty and nasty under all that clothing.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 5107/31/2013

I picked up a Hasidic guy in a midtown garage bathroom a few years ago. He was about 23, wore the rekel, had the hat, the sidelocks, the tzitzis, etc. He had bright red hair! I had to take him home; he was fairly easy to talk to on the train down. I'm not proud of myself, but walking from the subway I got all embarrassed we looked such an odd couple -- I had never seen a Hasidic walking in the Village -- I told him I had family in the area and where I lived and had him walk about four paces in front of me, thinking to myself if anyone I knew saw me they'd not think I was dragging home a trick. He had the most pale body I've ever seen, as if he'd never been in the sun. He was clean, trim, virtually hairless except for a bright red crotch and legs. He did everything, was perfectly natural about gay sex. Later, dressing, he said "umm, do you know any other, uh, religious?" For some reason that just about broke my heart. I assured him I'd been in the jewelry district before and had never seen another to interest me. Never saw him again. Sometimes I've wondered of him, how he is coping with his urges, if he's still with the sect, how he's handling his life.

by Davidic Size Queenreply 5207/31/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Davidic Size Queenreply 5307/31/2013
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