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Why does some troll keep obsessively asking if different celebrities are of mixed race?

Joseph Cotton, Kellan Lutz, Brad Pitt... it is getting on my nerves.

by Carol Channingreply 1408/01/2013

Because s/he is a psychotic cuntlette who probably has DNA issues of her own?

by Carol Channingreply 107/29/2013

There's a Brad Pitt mixed race thread too?

by Carol Channingreply 207/29/2013

because certain group people like to claim famous people as their own - validating the recoginition

by Carol Channingreply 307/29/2013

Jesus, what this place seriously doesn't need is "Drago Hartley"...

by Carol Channingreply 407/29/2013

Because that's the essence of trolling, OP.


by Carol Channingreply 507/29/2013


by Carol Channingreply 607/31/2013

I honestly believe most of us are of "mixed race".

Segregation and Jim Crow forced many light-skinned blacks to "pass". Once they "passed", they disappeared as "black" and married "white". There are millions of American who have black ancestry and do not realize it.

by Carol Channingreply 707/31/2013

R7, SHhhhhhhhhh! America no like to think about that!!!!!

by Carol Channingreply 807/31/2013

Well? Are they?

by Carol Channingreply 907/31/2013

I guess she just saw the Imitation of Life film with Lana Turner.

by Carol Channingreply 1007/31/2013

Why do people try to understand the mind of trolls? Trolls have their own goals and agendas which is why we love them.

by Carol Channingreply 1107/31/2013

R4, who is Drago Hartley?

by Carol Channingreply 1208/01/2013

Does anyone think OP has any feminine body parts?

by Carol Channingreply 1308/01/2013

Because he's bored talking about which ones are gay or Jewish.

by Carol Channingreply 1408/01/2013
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