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True Blood Season 6 - The New Thread

Faeries and Vampires and Shifters Oh My!!

by Sookiereply 1008/18/2013

Anyone watching?

Anyone think Eric is going mad and be killed off? Skarsgard contract is supposedly up...

by Sookiereply 108/06/2013

It would be suicide for the show to kill off Eric.

I really hope they keep Warlow. Rob is effing hot. BTW, he was super sexy in Pacific Rim. That guy oozes sex. Woof.

How hot was freeballing James' cock clearly outlined through his prison pants while he was chillin' with Jessica! What an eye-/mouthful!

by Sookiereply 208/06/2013

Did I spy with my little eye some man on man fucking in that vampire concentration camp? When Sarah Newlin was chasing the Japanese lady?

That sequence was the most interesting part of the episode even if it was gratuitous.

by Sookiereply 308/06/2013

I never eve paid attention before, but when I saw Bill from the high angle, his rug became distractingly apparent.

Either no one noticed or no one cared that,during his scene with Eric, Bill's rug was so obvious it deserved it's own billing.


by Sookiereply 408/06/2013

How many more episodes of this shit do I have to sit through?

by Sookiereply 508/06/2013

Andy is the best thing on the show right now. Who would ever have guessed that? But I'm seriously loving him and his story this season.

If they're going to kill anyone off, it should either be Bill or Sam. I love Sam, but there's just nothing left to do with his character.

by Sookiereply 608/06/2013

Nooo, not Sam! But if they do, they should at least give us a frontal first.

by Sookiereply 708/06/2013

This 'new thread' didn't really take off, did it?

by Sookiereply 808/15/2013

I don't think the funeral scene was long enough.

by Sookiereply 908/15/2013

OMG!!! Why did they kill him off???????


Alex's cock is so not impressive. looks small, because everything on tv looks bigger, which means it's smaller in real life.

by Sookiereply 1008/18/2013
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