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Extremely painful feet

Lately my feet have been incredibly painful. It hurts to put any weight on them, particularly in the mornings when I first get out of bed. I've read up on it, and I am wondering about planters warts or bursitis? I'm wobbling and hobbling like an elderly person. The only thing that helps is large athletic sneakers. :( Help.

by DL elderly at 32reply 2108/24/2013

might be Plantar fasciitis if it's a sharp nerve pain that goes up your through your foot into your leg

by DL elderly at 32reply 107/27/2013


by DL elderly at 32reply 207/27/2013

Plantars warts would be visible on your feet as raised warts or bumps. They can be removed by a podiatrist.

Not sure what the symptoms of bursitis are.

by DL elderly at 32reply 307/27/2013

If its planters fasciitis dont wear flip flops! Stretch your leg muscles, it really helps. I had the shots, fucking painful but they worked. Feel better.

by DL elderly at 32reply 407/27/2013

Pain in the morning? Plantar fasciitis. Absolutely. You've been sitting down for a while with your feet up and you stand and you're in pain? Plantar fasciitis.

Cold for the inflammation for a week. Frozen bottle of water rolled against your sole. Plus ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory. Then after a week you proceed to stretching. Stand backwards on a stair with your heels hanging off. Gently lower yourself down an inch or two on a count of ten. Do this ten times. At least twice a day. And when you sleep do not have any covers on your feet. That causes them to point which shortens the muscle and connective tissue. It will heal.

by DL elderly at 32reply 507/27/2013

OP, I had the very same issue last year.

I bought a pair of Sketchers tennis shoes and wear them to work 5 days a week and now have no problem whatsoever with my feet.

My soles were so painful to walk on first think in the morning right out of bed before I could barely walk around.

by DL elderly at 32reply 607/27/2013

I figured out I had plantar fasciitis when I had the same symptoms. I read that it's an arch problem, so I got some Dr. Scholl's arch supports from the drug store and the pain went away quickly after I started using them.

by DL elderly at 32reply 707/27/2013

Sounds like plantar fasciitis to me, too.

Yoga helped my case more than anything else, it stretches all the bits that need stretching. It's better than pills, and has none of the side effects.

by DL elderly at 32reply 807/27/2013

A tear in the tendon or muscle, OP.

I used to have that, it caused a lot of fluid to build up in a bubble under my foot (or so the MRI showed). My foot didn't look any different though, still bony as fuck, actually.

It was painful to walk, or stand, and took several months to a year to heal (because I still had to walk, which slowed the healing process). I also ended up wearing custom orthotic insoles in my shoes for a while (not anymore) but I don't get the pain anymore!

by DL elderly at 32reply 907/27/2013

What footwear do you wear, OP?

Plantar fasciitis and/or fallen arches (which is an age thing) do better/worse depending on your footwear.

by DL elderly at 32reply 1007/28/2013

Plantar Fasciitis. Look for the facebook group on it (it is closed but they will admit you). It's the biggest one on the internet.

There is no cure, it sux forever.

by DL elderly at 32reply 1107/28/2013

Sure, he's hanging out here, and that might be sad to some people, but the last thing I think this guy needs is a fucking Facebook group to be a part of.

by DL elderly at 32reply 1207/28/2013

I just want to point out that plantar warts do not stick up like a normal wart. They usually appear as having a rough skin texture with black spots, but comparatively flat.

by DL elderly at 32reply 1307/28/2013

Get acupuncture. You might have circulatory problems. BTW: Are you overweight, OP? I'm not asking to judge you, but I'm asking because when my overweight mother went thru this, it was the beginnings of neuropathy associated with Type II Diabetes. Whatever the cause, and I hope it is the Plantars Faciitis, good luck. Have you tried vigorously massaging your feet first thing in the morning?

by DL elderly at 32reply 1407/28/2013

OP, the other thing you need to do is check out your diet. Some of the foods we eat cause inflammation and it's best to eliminate them from your diet.

by DL elderly at 32reply 1507/28/2013

Similar problem. No on could diagnose. I could barely walk in the morning. The cortisone shot I received in the hip for bursitis knocked the pain out and it's never returned. Unlike the hip bursitis, which came back and finally went away after selling the manual transmission car and no longer have to use that leg to work the clutch.

by DL elderly at 32reply 1607/28/2013

R16, seriously? Nobody could diagnose what is dead obvious plantar fasciitis? Pathetic...get yourself a new doctor! It may have just been a coincidence that it went away at the same time as the hip bursitis cortisone shot...or it could be that relieving the bursitis changed your gait enough that it alleviated the PF.

by DL elderly at 32reply 1708/24/2013

It's gangrene, OP .... sorry. Maybe scurvy.

by DL elderly at 32reply 1808/24/2013

You can also wrap your feet in duct tape and the pain goes away immediately. There are instruction videos on youtube.

by DL elderly at 32reply 1908/24/2013

You are old. Very, very old.

by DL elderly at 32reply 2008/24/2013

We're supposed to all post on this thread from the subway thread. The feet people, the plantar fasciitis people.

by DL elderly at 32reply 2108/24/2013
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