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Raul (and his tbcjscpctscroc) thread Part IV by request

I never read the first three....can I pick up the narrative thread easily?

by helpfulreply 36909/28/2015

Thanks, OP!!!

by helpfulreply 207/27/2013

How do we know he's cut? Don't Cubans usually prefer to remain intact?

by helpfulreply 307/27/2013

Can't let this one go by without adding a theme song.

by helpfulreply 407/27/2013

This thread is so 2005.

by helpfulreply 507/27/2013

In The Normal Heart Raul stripped down to the altogether for one scene and the tbcjscpctscroc was on full display for the audience to see. Hundreds of people saw, and can verify that he is, indeed, cut.

Raul's parents are Cuban but he was born in Wilmington, Delaware. In the US in 1970, babies were routinely circumcised, regardless of the religious affiliation of the parents.

by helpfulreply 607/27/2013

So they started shooting L&O Svu already?

by helpfulreply 707/28/2013

Why does this thread not come up when I type in Raul Esparza in the "find thread" box?

All the other threads about him come up

by helpfulreply 807/28/2013

Does anyone detect such a sense of Sadness to him? Company was absolutely his best Perfomance. Maybe cause the character was so close to Raul. I Heard he was crying at the ending song finale after the Times Article came out.

by helpfulreply 907/28/2013

SVU started filming last week, r7.

r8, I think that's because until you posted it, "Esparza" wasn't anywhere in this thread, so DL's miserable excuse for a search feature couldn't find it. But the thread does show up when you just search "raul". It's just not at the top because DL's miserable excuse for a search feature doesn't know how to put results in any kind of order.

by helpfulreply 1007/29/2013

I never use it. Just go to Google.

by helpfulreply 1107/29/2013

10, Yes I noticed that. I typed in Raul and I finally got here!

by helpfulreply 1207/29/2013

I just type in Raul Esparza in the "look for thread" thing and it still didnt come up!

by helpfulreply 1307/29/2013

Something to do with the Search engines.Even if you type in Raul Esparza Data Lounge in google, it does the same thing.

But if you type in Raul Data Lounge, it will come up on 1st Page

by helpfulreply 1407/29/2013

Never trust and never use the DL search thing. Do as r11 says and use Google.

by helpfulreply 1507/29/2013

Sept 26th-Premiere of Law and Order SVU.

I want to see more Raul/Barba!! I hope he will be in every show!!

So funny when I see Dan Florek. He has been around forever in the Law and Order series.

by helpfulreply 1607/29/2013

How do you get the Things you click on to get to a website or a picture? "urls"

I tried it and it wouldnt take it but yet I have seen it on other threads here

by helpfulreply 1707/29/2013

Like in R1 that thing you click on to get to wherever you have to get to

by helpfulreply 1807/29/2013

When you go to post a reply, r18, you will see, below the box where you type your message, another, smaller box that says "Url:". Copy whatever link you want to post and paste it in that box. Then your link will post at the bottom of your message after you click "save post".

Raul won't be in every episode, that's simply not their format. Not every story ends in a courtroom trial. Besides, he's got to have time off to go be sleazy and smarmy (if short a few feet of intestines, and perhaps a kidney) on Hannibal!

by helpfulreply 1907/29/2013

Thanks! R19 I will try it

I like Raul best as Barba. Dr Chilton kind of creepy but kind of interesting.

The beard hides the throat sagging he is starting to get Although I would think that should be easy plastic surgery

by helpfulreply 2007/29/2013

Okay Everyone talks about Raul's sexy eyes but something about his Lips just turn me on so much

Upper lip comes out just a little more than lower lip. It is way too sexy!

It's the way he talks with his lip and the way he moves. Okay,its everything about him. :-P

by helpfulreply 2107/29/2013

Raul just did 2nd interview with Paul Wontorek this month. Does anyone have a link to it? Its not on Youtube

by helpfulreply 2207/30/2013

Did you look on (that's Paul Wontorek's site) Maybe it hasn't been posted yet?

by helpfulreply 2307/30/2013

Thanks Just looked. This interview just took place. I loved the first interview on youtube.

Funny, its not on the site but its on youtube. Maybe cause its from a 3 years ago.

I will keep looking for it. Dont even remember how I saw Raul just did 2 interviews with Paul this month

by helpfulreply 2407/30/2013

Wontorek loves him. Raul's videos are always great.

by helpfulreply 2507/30/2013

On the SVU set:

by helpfulreply 2607/30/2013

R26 I assume he's not sitting in the chair as a protest over the omission of the accent mark over the "u" in "Raúl."

by helpfulreply 2707/30/2013

Raul and Michele Esparza together last Wednesday at "Friends in Deed" event.

So nice to see him supportive of her. (Michele is Program Manager for Friends in Deed) who knows whether they are really divorced or not but I can understand why they may say they are divorced even if they are not. It shuts everybody up when everybody wonders why they are still together.

by helpfulreply 2807/30/2013

Was there supposed to be a photo with that, r28?

by helpfulreply 2907/30/2013

There were photos. I dont know how to get the site on here but if you google "Michele Esparza Friends in Deed" it comes up with Links to pictures of people there which includes Michele and Raul. One of the sites says Patrick McMullan, I think.

I saw several pics of Michele and Raul together. and Sarah Jessica Parker too.

by helpfulreply 3007/30/2013

Valentin Hernández, Yaz Hernandez, Raúl Esparza, Michele Esparza El Museo's 2013 Gala May 16, 2013

Saw this too under another Picture with these 4 people

by helpfulreply 3107/30/2013

Lets see if this works This is Michele and Raul at Friends in Deed

by helpfulreply 3207/30/2013

Hate that suit he is wearing.

by helpfulreply 3307/31/2013

Suits he wears on the SVU Set is to die for!

I wonder if they let him keep some. Wouldn't those suits be altered for him? and thusly not be able to use for anyone else?

by helpfulreply 3407/31/2013

Look at how that suit fits in R26

by helpfulreply 3507/31/2013

Was Michele Esparza ever an actress?

by helpfulreply 3608/01/2013

No, r36.

by helpfulreply 3708/01/2013

Michele and Raul at El Museo Gala Event in May 2013

by helpfulreply 3808/01/2013

[quote]Was Michele Esparza ever an actress?

Only when faking orgasms.

by helpfulreply 3908/01/2013

Raul is bisexual. Wouldn't he be the one faking the orgasms with his wife? (or exwife,whatever their story is)

by helpfulreply 4008/01/2013

How do you get the previous post in that gray box when you want to reply?

by helpfulreply 4108/01/2013

Some queen came up with that awful moniker for Raul. It was simply Raul and his bisexual cock, once upon a simpler time.

by helpfulreply 4208/01/2013

R41 There IS a "Help" feature here.

But the answer is you type the word "quote" in brackets ([]) in all lowercase letters before the text you want to quote. And do not hit "enter" and then include more text; only the text before the "enter" will be quoted.

by helpfulreply 4308/01/2013

Wouldn't a bisexual, by definition, have no need to fake it with either sex?

by helpfulreply 4408/01/2013

[quote] Was Michele Esparza ever an actress?

r36: every day of her life

by helpfulreply 4508/02/2013

I would think so R44

Thank You R43

by helpfulreply 4608/02/2013

Know What? I am jealous of Raul and Michele's relationship. Even if there are obvious issues.

I would love to have a "Michele" who still stands by me and would still be there for me after everything Raul has put her thru.

and I would love to have a "Raul" who appreciates the fact that she stood by him and considers her his "best friend"

They still have each other after all this time,whether they be still married or not.

by helpfulreply 4708/02/2013

Papi's official FB page. Some new pics in there, and most of our favorites (feets!)

by helpfulreply 4808/02/2013


by helpfulreply 5008/02/2013

this has turned from gossip to fangurl blog

by helpfulreply 5108/03/2013

Agreed, r51. Got anything to share to turn it back to gossip?

by helpfulreply 5208/03/2013

If that's really him posting on twitter and instagram then damn, things have changed!

by helpfulreply 5308/03/2013

HaHaHa! Don't worry, it isn't.

by helpfulreply 5408/03/2013

But there are some personal photos on his instagram, including one of his home in Miami posted yesterday.

by helpfulreply 5508/04/2013

His webmaster posted the photos, not Raul. He dislikes social media, doesn't use it himself.

by helpfulreply 5608/04/2013

Raul has a home in Miami? I guess to be near his Parents

by helpfulreply 5708/04/2013

No, he doesn't. They have these things called hotels, maybe you've heard of them? They're very handy when visiting parents.

by helpfulreply 5808/04/2013

Wow, why are you such a bitch, r58? Perfectly reasonable for Raul to have a home in Miami, the place where he grew up and where his parents still live. Plus, someone asked if it was really him tweeting and the webmaster said this:

[quote]Sorry for the confusion. Going forward Raul's tweets will be signed by him. -Karen & Becky

And the next pic is signed by Raul:

[quote]View of the sunset from my home in Miami. -RE

by helpfulreply 5908/04/2013

Hahaha! You must be new to DL for you to call THAT “bitchy”, so I’ll cut you some slack.

All you did was prove what I said all along. Raul doesn’t participate in social media. He (reluctantly) gives pictures to his webmaster (the “Karen & Becky” referred to in your post) along with any comments or captions and they are the ones who do the posting. He doesn’t see the postings or read any of the responses.

He considers Miami his cultural home, but he doesn’t own any property there. His parents do, but Raul can't quite afford it yet.

by helpfulreply 6008/04/2013

well you just know everything don't you r60

betcha feel important

by helpfulreply 6108/04/2013

[quote]He (reluctantly) gives pictures to his webmaster (the “Karen & Becky” referred to in your post) along with any comments or captions and they are the ones who do the posting

Reluctantly? PLEASE!!! He's posing!!!

Things are changing. He's almost 43 and just got two important roles on TV. He's being more open with the videos over the last couple of years, the in-depth interviews and now the instagram pics and tweets. He knows what he's doing and I doubt he's doing it "reluctantly".

by helpfulreply 6208/05/2013

Maybe he meant the view from his Parent's home in Miami

by helpfulreply 6308/05/2013

Really, r62. Eh, enjoy your fantasy.

by helpfulreply 6408/05/2013

If you know everything about Raul then why are you asking for gossip at r52?

by helpfulreply 6508/05/2013

Hahaha, r65. I guess the sarcasm in that post at r52 didn't translate.

by helpfulreply 6608/05/2013

okay. In Reality, how would you even know that was Raul? Its just a picture of a sign from his twitter page

by helpfulreply 6708/06/2013

I had heard a lot of you dont like this song Hallelujah

But I love how Raul sings this song!! Certain notes he hits are beautiful

by helpfulreply 6808/06/2013

Regarding R67

I hope that will bring you to Pic That other one did not

in any case, it was a picture of the Pepsi Cola Sign

by helpfulreply 6908/06/2013


by helpfulreply 7008/12/2013

Isnt this lovely. LOL

by helpfulreply 7108/15/2013

Aww! so cute

by helpfulreply 7208/15/2013

Is he still dating that YOUNG film guy from Nantucket Film Festival

by helpfulreply 7308/21/2013

Which guy, r73?

by helpfulreply 7408/21/2013

No, r73. A two-night stand isn't dating.

by helpfulreply 7508/29/2013

I wouldn't mind spending a couple of nights with that big cuban cock of his.

by helpfulreply 7608/29/2013


by helpfulreply 7708/30/2013

He looks really good!

by helpfulreply 7808/30/2013

Weird colors on the group shots. But he looks properly intense.

by helpfulreply 7908/30/2013

Is he really bisexual?

by helpfulreply 8008/30/2013

His wife had to leave him him because his singing voice has so much vibrato that she would have orgasms whenever he sang

by helpfulreply 8108/30/2013

Yes, he's a self-described bisexual who had a hard time letting go of his wife.

by helpfulreply 8208/30/2013

never said bisexual.

gay but married his closest friend

by helpfulreply 8308/31/2013

I think that's right, r83

by helpfulreply 8409/02/2013

when does SVU debut

by helpfulreply 8509/12/2013

September 25th. Two hour season premiere.

by helpfulreply 8609/12/2013

Dr. Chilton is back for season 2

by helpfulreply 8709/13/2013

What's with the Crown?

Between Hannibal and SVU he's gaining a new fanbase. Congrats to the supreme papi!

by helpfulreply 8809/13/2013

The flower crowns are a Hannibal fan thing. They were all wearing them at ComicCon and got the cast and creatives doing it too. Weird, but it's cool the show is finding a fanbase, since it is such a hard sell for normal network audiences.

by helpfulreply 8909/13/2013

Actually in the Times Article Raul DOES say he is Bisexual

by helpfulreply 9009/15/2013

What are you wearing!

by helpfulreply 9109/18/2013

Looks like he and Danny and Dean decided to have a contest. I think Raul wins.

by helpfulreply 9209/18/2013

Cheyenne Jackson, meh. Where is RAUL'S video?! HUH??!!!

by helpfulreply 9309/18/2013


by helpfulreply 9409/18/2013

Short clip of Raul talking and looking sexy

by helpfulreply 9509/18/2013

Noticed the Bulge too..

by helpfulreply 9609/21/2013

That is one bad outfit

Get a sylist papi

by helpfulreply 9709/23/2013

i meant in the link at r91

by helpfulreply 9809/23/2013

He's in the SVU intro!

by helpfulreply 9909/25/2013

That was actually really good! I was used to the sleepwalking performance of Hargitay, but she nailed it.

If the show weren't on its 15th season she would get some Emmy attention for that episode.

by helpfulreply 10009/26/2013

Not enough Barba time in this episode but next episode has more of court Time

by helpfulreply 10109/29/2013

god he has a great cock

by helpfulreply 10209/30/2013

Who's the guy that's getting that great cock?

by helpfulreply 10309/30/2013

Pic of great cock?

by helpfulreply 10409/30/2013

no pic. Who is he, Cheyenne Jackson????

by helpfulreply 10509/30/2013

I'm sure he sent Bobby Steggert a few once he figured out how to work his iphone.

by helpfulreply 10609/30/2013

or once he learned how to use his pinga

by helpfulreply 10710/03/2013

Is there no pic of this celebrated schlong anywhere?

by helpfulreply 10810/03/2013

No. He was naked in "The Normal Heart", but in the bootleg you can only see his ass.

by helpfulreply 10910/03/2013

Johanna Gleason saw it every night

by helpfulreply 11010/03/2013

Catching up with the last SVU. Back to ridiculous.

Papi Raul was great. The L&O fans love him.

by helpfulreply 11110/08/2013

Papi at the Hamptons Film Festival, wearing another hideous outfit.

by helpfulreply 11210/15/2013

His BF works at the film festival

But his wife apparently dressed him better

by helpfulreply 11310/15/2013

So he has a new bf? Good.

I read that Nick got married.

by helpfulreply 11410/15/2013

not new, been a couple of years

by helpfulreply 11510/17/2013

Raul's big episode! Tonight!

by helpfulreply 11610/23/2013

and his Birthday tomorrow

by helpfulreply 11710/23/2013

why won't thread part 2 work ? Anyone got a working link ?

by helpfulreply 11810/23/2013

Raul's had that thread sealed. It has his cock pic linked on it.

by helpfulreply 11910/23/2013

(R119) Ohhh, thanks. I thought it was just DL problem. Sorry I missed it. Was there any interesting gossip ? I mean besides what we already know.

by helpfulreply 12010/23/2013

Hahaha r119. Thread 2 works just fine. Try this link:

by helpfulreply 12110/23/2013

(R121) I think I love you...thank you, thank you

by helpfulreply 12210/23/2013

Raul and Danny Pino talking in spanish!!!

by helpfulreply 12310/23/2013

Happy Birthday, Papi!!

by helpfulreply 12410/24/2013

Who is Raul's New Boyfriend?

by helpfulreply 12511/02/2013

bill Curran

by helpfulreply 12611/07/2013

He's cute!

by helpfulreply 12711/07/2013

No more posts about Papi's new bf?

(He looks like Raul, just a little)

by helpfulreply 12811/07/2013

bump for papi

by helpfulreply 12912/05/2013

Throwback Thursday. Raul in 2001 with Joel Grey and Matt McGrath at the I LOVE NY commercial shoot just after 9/11.

by helpfulreply 13012/05/2013

He was still in Tick, tick, boom at the time, right?

by helpfulreply 13112/05/2013

Yes, but he'd already announced he was leaving to go into Assassins, that was ultimately canceled as a result of 9/11.

by helpfulreply 13212/16/2013

exciting r132

by helpfulreply 13312/23/2013

bump for papi

by helpfulreply 13401/14/2014

What's with people saying that Raul is 5'3"? I've read some comments on youtube, Imdb, FB, twitter that said so. I guess they all have to be L&O fans and haven't seen the man in person.

by helpfulreply 13501/28/2014

he is like 5'9", his cock is 5'3"

by helpfulreply 13601/28/2014

When you ask Google "How tall is Raul Esparza?" their answer is 5'3". God knows where they got that from, it isn't anywhere else on the Internet. And they won't change it.

by helpfulreply 13701/28/2014

Yeah, it's weird and kind of funny, though I'm sure Papi Raul would be upset if he finds out.

by helpfulreply 13801/28/2014

So, more info on Raul's new bf?

by helpfulreply 13902/14/2014

not new its' been years

by helpfulreply 14002/14/2014

no one cares about papi anymore

by helpfulreply 14103/04/2014

He was on TV twice last week: SVU and Hannibal.

I think his role on Hannibal will be bigger this season, since Will is on Chilton's hospital.

by helpfulreply 14203/04/2014

Bryan Fuller on Raul

by helpfulreply 14303/16/2014

Raul returns to Miscast!

by helpfulreply 14403/17/2014

so what

by helpfulreply 14503/20/2014

It's funny seeing him with his cane being a little bitch, and glad to know that his role on Hannibal will get bigger.

If the NBC cancels the series (I think that's going to happen), do you think some cable network will pick it up?

by helpfulreply 14603/20/2014

his cock is beautiful

by helpfulreply 14703/29/2014

I have no idea who this guy is.. why is he so popular here on DL? Is he gay?

by helpfulreply 14803/29/2014

a Week between posts here, guess not that popular

by helpfulreply 14903/29/2014

He was great on this week's Hannibal and today is the Miscast gala. Hopefully there will be video or audio for those of us that cannot be there.

by helpfulreply 15003/31/2014

here you go r150

by helpfulreply 15104/02/2014

Thanks, r151

by helpfulreply 15204/03/2014

I hope they don't kill Dr. Chilton!

by helpfulreply 15304/09/2014


by helpfulreply 15404/14/2014

Just remember what Bryan Fuller said - Serpico got shot in the face and lived. ;-)

by helpfulreply 15504/14/2014

[all posts by childish idiot removed]

by helpfulreply 15604/16/2014

Terrible character, you are right.

And it seems like SVU is also a goner...

by helpfulreply 15704/16/2014

I pray you're right, r157, SVU needs to die a merciful death. Do you have anything concrete or is it just wishful thinking?

by helpfulreply 15804/17/2014

Tonight they showed an old episode (Meloni was on it) and, melodramatic as it was (it was about a toxin given to military men that made them crazy), it made me nostalgic for some of those players--not only Meloni, but Belzer--even awful Fred Thompson had some gusto, spouting his conservative ideology.

by helpfulreply 15904/17/2014

Just talk (for now)

by helpfulreply 16004/17/2014

Things are really quiet here. In the old days we needed a new thread almost every month, and I understand. Papi's not on Broadway, he's being wasted on SVU (it's a chore to watch that thing) and he got shot in the face in Hannibal. At least he must be happy with the money.

But I actually think he's more popular than before, just not with us DL/theatre gays, you just have to look at twitter an tumblr. I thought I had seen every Papi photo there is, but the bitches on tumblr managed to even get a hold of his yearbook pics.

I'm surprised that with all the new interest for Raul, new tublr/twitter/fb fans haven't found their way to these threads. The new threads are no match to the gossip of the old ones.

And I wonder if we'll ever see his flip-flopped feets again....

by helpfulreply 16105/22/2014

bump for all the new fans.

by helpfulreply 16206/11/2014

and all of them have rushed

by helpfulreply 16306/15/2014


by helpfulreply 16406/17/2014

Example: New fans of Raul, only from watching him on Hannibal and SVU

by helpfulreply 16506/17/2014

From that tumblr link:

by helpfulreply 16606/19/2014

HELLO this is the best thing ever hahhahahah

by helpfulreply 16706/21/2014

i don't get why people are "uncomfortable" with people talking about this. i wanna hear more about his tbcjscpctscroc. i can't even type that hahahah

by helpfulreply 16806/21/2014

If I wanted to associate with 12 year old girls, I would Tumblr myself. Don't drag their bullshit over here.

by helpfulreply 16906/21/2014

odj, we've been invaded by the preschoolers! Go play on the freeway until you grow up.

by helpfulreply 17006/24/2014

how is papi feeling about tick tick BOOM

by helpfulreply 17106/27/2014

Well, he went to the invited dress and shmoozed with Lin-Manuel Miranda, so presumably he's feeling OK with the whole thing.

by helpfulreply 17206/27/2014

And he's also friends with Karen "I still can't dance!" Olivo, no?

One day there will be a production of Leap of Faith at Encores!

by helpfulreply 17306/27/2014

With his bf

by helpfulreply 17406/29/2014

with the emphasis on the 'b'

by helpfulreply 17507/04/2014

Nick and Bobby (especially Bobby) were more boyish.

Bill Curran looks a little like Hugh Dancy.

by helpfulreply 17607/06/2014

Bill is 38, r175, that's hardly a "boy".

by helpfulreply 17707/07/2014

There's a poster on the forums with the user name "MrsRafaelBarba." It has to be a Datalounger.

by helpfulreply 17807/17/2014

More likely a Tumblr fangurl.

by helpfulreply 17907/18/2014

r175 he's not 38

by helpfulreply 18007/19/2014

If his Hollywood career fails, I hope he doesn't return to Broadway. He's uncomfortably fat-looking on stage and his goat vibrato is a show-closer.

by helpfulreply 18107/19/2014

R181 = Trollina, back from the dead

by helpfulreply 18207/19/2014

R181 is beyond right. He kills every show he's in and will never win a Tony. Too bad Hollywood doesn't want him, he'll inevitably come crawling back here.

by helpfulreply 18307/19/2014

R181 = R183

We know your trick, trollina.

by helpfulreply 18407/19/2014

WHET his wife? Is that poor deluded woman still hanging in there?

by helpfulreply 18507/19/2014

Divorced the wife.

by helpfulreply 18607/19/2014


by helpfulreply 18707/20/2014

Yep. Get over it, r187. They're divorced. Have been for nearly six years. Still best friends.

by helpfulreply 18807/20/2014

Remember when his fuck-piece Lee Pace got him a job on that wretched saccharine cesspit known as Pushing Daisies, where he was supposed to have an arc as Kristin Chenoweth's love interest, but his ego was so bad that she complained to producers, and they unceremoniously dumped him at the unemployment office?

Remember when Leap of Faith crashed and burned and producers blamed La Cerda Cubano for costing everyone their jobs because he was so grotesquely porcine and unattractive that putting his image on marketing instantly caused presales to plummet?

by helpfulreply 18907/20/2014

Poor deranged, R189!


by helpfulreply 19007/20/2014

As r190 said, you are deranged, r189. You have a seriously damaged imagination. Go crawl back into the cesspool in your mother's basement.

by helpfulreply 19107/20/2014

Lol I don't know about the first bit of gossip from R189, but the second piece is definately true..

by helpfulreply 19207/20/2014

I'm very sorry, r192, that you fell for the lies perpetrated by that blovated sack of shit, Michael Riedel. He made up that entire story because he hates Raul (and it's mutual) and he knows Raul is sensitive about his weight. R189 is just the sort of imbecile to believe Riedel's filth.

by helpfulreply 19307/20/2014

Lol, ok. I mean I don't really care either way, but it's clear you do. However he does look pretty chubby in all his pictures..

by helpfulreply 19407/20/2014

That's a pic from 2006.

He's heavier today, but wasn't during LOF. R193 is right about everything. All of that was talked about here and on the theatre gossip thread at the time.

But whatever. It's obvious that you're just trolling, trollina.

by helpfulreply 19507/20/2014

If any of you so-called "fans" really cared about him, you'd tell your Puffy-Faced Cuban Pig God to embrace his expansionist waistline and stop pursuing leading roles. What a tragedy that his ego will not allow him to do character roles; his hooked nose and throaty, belch-singing is perfect for following in Nathan Lane's footsteps. Maybe by playing second banana, he'll finally win that Tony? ;)

by helpfulreply 19607/20/2014

Now you're just babbling like the impotent fool you are, r196/189/181. Go away.

by helpfulreply 19707/22/2014

Raul was the surprise guest for the Hannibal panel at Comic-Con. Big cheer from the audience when he came out.

Bryan Fuller said that he was going to be a big part of season 3, but he's not leaving SVU.

by helpfulreply 19807/27/2014

r177 he's not 38

by helpfulreply 19907/30/2014

Raul and the Ice bucket challenge:

by helpfulreply 20008/25/2014

Papi looks FINE in that clip. My only regret is they cut away too fast so you can't see his nipples stiffen.

by helpfulreply 20108/25/2014

He does.

by helpfulreply 20208/25/2014

Does anyone have a link to the very first thread? I can't find it.

by helpfulreply 20308/27/2014

This is actually thread 8 or 9. The very first official Raul thread goes all the way back to the time he was doing Anyone Can Whistle.

Here's the link to the first of the new series of threads:

by helpfulreply 20408/27/2014

Part two:

by helpfulreply 20508/27/2014

And three:

by helpfulreply 20608/27/2014

Thanks 204 and onwards. Jeez, there's a lot of bisexual hate in those threads.

by helpfulreply 20708/28/2014

Not much at all compared to the desperate fangirl delusions.

by helpfulreply 20808/28/2014

The fangirls are desperate for everyone to be bi - Raul as well as every character he's ever played. The depth of their delusions is awesome.

by helpfulreply 20908/28/2014

Yeah, I noticed that while checking the tumblr links.

Here on DL he's always been gay. The "Raul and his bc" was a joke from the NYT profile.

by helpfulreply 21008/28/2014

Exactly, R210. Here on DL, as well as in real life, Raul has always been gay. I don't think the delusional fangirls could handle that, or the truth about his lifestyle.

by helpfulreply 21108/28/2014

I want to see Raul's naked pics!!!

by helpfulreply 21209/01/2014

So it's really true - gay guys love to fuck women.

by helpfulreply 21309/01/2014

Looking hot in Hawaii

by helpfulreply 21409/02/2014

Re. Reply 212 I also want to see his naked pics. It's too bad for us that nobody got a pic of him in "The Normal Heart." Probably most of us would cream just looking at him full frontal. (LOL)

by helpfulreply 21509/03/2014

no one cares

by helpfulreply 21610/05/2014

He'll be 44 this friday.

by helpfulreply 21710/22/2014

He's very handsome. Anyone ever had him?

by helpfulreply 21810/24/2014

Finally, no primetime.


Happy Birthday to Papi Raul. Hope he manages to make a Broadway comeback soon.

And I watched SVU last week and he was really good, and also looking very hot.

by helpfulreply 21910/25/2014

had him

by helpfulreply 22010/26/2014

Oh honey, it'd be easier to list the few who haven't had him.

by helpfulreply 22110/27/2014

I guess all the Raul love moved to twitter/tumblr.

We miss seeing him coming out the stage door in his jeans and flip-flops.

Do a play, Papi Raul!

by helpfulreply 22211/11/2014

You bitches are slippin'

Here's a video of Raul with his bf:

by helpfulreply 22311/19/2014

He looks completely nondescript bordering on ugly on TV. HIs acting is blandly inoffensive at best. He'd best take it back to Broadway, although he's well past his sell by date for "romantic" leads at this point.

by helpfulreply 22411/19/2014

Watched this the other day...

Good times

by helpfulreply 22512/20/2014

get a life r225

by helpfulreply 22612/29/2014

That's rich, coming from a troll on DL....

Vete al carajo, R226

by helpfulreply 22701/03/2015

that's rich from someone who actually says 'that's rich'

by helpfulreply 22801/11/2015

Really, r228? It took you an entire week to come up with that lame excuse for a snarky reply? Pathetic.

by helpfulreply 22901/12/2015

Maybe r228 doesn't live here like you do!

by helpfulreply 23001/13/2015

What an odd thing to try and accuse someone of. I guess it fits with the troll.

by helpfulreply 23101/13/2015

Who actually IS rich and does not live here? Raúl. ;)

by helpfulreply 23201/21/2015

do we think Papi is rico now from SVU and Hannibal?

by helpfulreply 23301/25/2015

I won't say rico, but there's no doubt that he has more money now than what he had during all his Broadway years combined.

by helpfulreply 23401/25/2015

This is a reply to 220. Someone else posted, "Had him?" 220 relied, "Had him." OK, I have to ask. Without getting clinical, how was it? Hot, ok, or, "He just lay there and made me do all the work"? (I'd have posted this reply sooner, but I lost the link and it took me a while to find it again.)

by helpfulreply 23504/06/2015

What's Raul up to these days?

by helpfulreply 23704/18/2015

R237 About 5'5 unless he's wearing his elevators, then 5'9. And getting fat again.

by helpfulreply 23804/19/2015

I think he doesn't care anymore and now has fully embraced his belly. His boyfriend must like it.

He should do a play, look for a limited engagement or something. It's been too long.

by helpfulreply 23904/19/2015

Yes, he needs to come back and do a play. R239 We need him back on Broadway sooner rather than later. Maybe once that SVU drivel dries up.

by helpfulreply 24004/19/2015

papi looks snarky during most of this until the end

by helpfulreply 24104/20/2015

R241 yeah, total snark show. What's with all the swaying?

by helpfulreply 24204/20/2015

Why is he called papi?

by helpfulreply 24304/20/2015

Pretty queenish at the end. Poor papi, he's getting old. I'd still do him though.

by helpfulreply 24404/21/2015

Snark? What are you talking about?

by helpfulreply 24504/21/2015

Maybe he could standby for Donna McKechnie when she is unavailable to standby for Chita...Or he and Chita could do a revival of "The Rink."

Or he could play all the daughters in "The House of Bernarda Alba" (which Chita did in Los Angeles some years ago).

by helpfulreply 24604/22/2015

I got the snarky vibe a bit too. Maybe because he was snickering while Finneran was announcing some of the nominees.

by helpfulreply 24704/22/2015

He seems to be over it or its beneath him or something

by helpfulreply 24804/22/2015

Google lists his height as 5'3". Lord, what a giant hunk of a man.

by helpfulreply 24904/22/2015

R249 His twitter says he's 5'10

by helpfulreply 25004/22/2015

Well, I said "Okay, Google" to my phone, and then I asked, "How tall is Raul Esparza?" And the White Google Lady said "Raul Esparza is 5 feet, 3 inches tall".

by helpfulreply 25104/22/2015

R249, maybe the extra 7 inches are coming from his tbcjscpctscroc.

by helpfulreply 25204/22/2015

R252 that would be 8 inches

by helpfulreply 25304/22/2015


by helpfulreply 25404/22/2015

r250 no way is here 5-10. Under 5-9. Where does Twitter give height?

by helpfulreply 25504/22/2015

IMDb puts him at 5'8-1/2". He's actually closer to 5'7", but is definitely not 5'3".

Can't seem to get Google to fix their incorrect information.

by helpfulreply 25604/22/2015

Check out @RaulEEsparza's Tweet: @JessChaplin_ Raul Esparza is 5'10. Though Wikipedia's stats turned him into a tall 5'4 hobbit. Don't know if I copied this right or not. Anyway some rabid fangurls have it copied all over tumblr.

by helpfulreply 25704/22/2015

Ha. No way is he 5'10. Not saying he's 5'3, but definitely not 5'10. I wonder how much he's paying his twitter/facebook p.r. people to get them to claim that one. He wears lifts a lot. It's obvious.

by helpfulreply 25804/24/2015

I know one thing for sure, he's less than 5'3 on his knees.

by helpfulreply 25904/24/2015

He's baaack. With Chita. Yay! Any DL's going to check him out?

by helpfulreply 26004/25/2015

It's a one night benefit, where he'll sing one song. That's hardly " back".

by helpfulreply 26104/25/2015

R261 Sounds like R260 got a little excited!

by helpfulreply 26204/26/2015

Is he still with his (too hot for him) boyfriend?

by helpfulreply 26304/26/2015

R263 Which one?

by helpfulreply 26404/26/2015

Post a pic of the hot bf, please.

by helpfulreply 26504/26/2015

Yes. Post a pic. Also, who could be too hot for Papi and his tbcjscpctscroc?

by helpfulreply 26604/26/2015

See R174

by helpfulreply 26704/26/2015

Boyfriend is Bill Curran.

Has anyone noticed that papi's eyes seem to be getting a bit wonky/unfocused over the years?

by helpfulreply 26804/26/2015

New pics

by helpfulreply 26904/26/2015

R174 doesn't work

God, Russell Crowe looks fat and terrible in r269 link. Raul looks good

by helpfulreply 27004/26/2015

Can anyone explain that dress that AnnE is sporting at the Grounded opening at r269? The bodice looks like a silken bag of potatoes.

by helpfulreply 27104/26/2015

Weird, R270. It works for me.

Here's another pic:

by helpfulreply 27204/26/2015

you mean like this r268

by helpfulreply 27304/26/2015

another try of the pic above

by helpfulreply 27404/26/2015

Yeah, it's true. He's always been like that, but I guess now it's more noticeable.

by helpfulreply 27504/26/2015

R271, the bodice looks like it has a sort of overdress that's like a backwards cropped jacket, open in the back, with a fitted bodice underneath. Very fashionable right now. It's actually pretty, just the angle of the photo is unfortunate.

by helpfulreply 27604/26/2015

Papi looks good still, looking a bit tired, but not bad.

by helpfulreply 27704/26/2015

Thanks r272, I can see that one.

The other guy's cute, but dosent seem too hot for Raul. Seems a bit younger than him, though, ha.

by helpfulreply 27804/26/2015

He also looks a little bit like Nick Mayo.

by helpfulreply 27904/26/2015

Raùl is looking good in that pic a bit of a belly though.

by helpfulreply 28004/26/2015

Raul doing some good work. Important video, I'm glad he's taking part in this.

by helpfulreply 28104/26/2015

[R273] yeah, but more particularly in the video i just linked to. (i hope i did the "R#" thing right, i'm new here)

by helpfulreply 28204/26/2015

Good for Raùl! R281 Glad he did the video, it's an important message.

Happy for him that life seems to be treating him well since we last saw him on Broadway. Does anyone think he'll be back to do a play or musical soon?

by helpfulreply 28304/26/2015

Why does this guy even get a thread? He's not even good looking. What's the deal? He's horrible on SVU, and he only got that role because he's MH's friend.

by helpfulreply 28404/26/2015

Why do you praise him in one post and bash him in another one, R283/284?

by helpfulreply 28504/26/2015

He is good looking

He was great in Hannibal. I was not expecting to like his character as much as I did.

by helpfulreply 28604/27/2015

Somebody's off their schizophrenia meds, I think?

by helpfulreply 28704/27/2015

Raul has, whether anyone notes/bitches about his height, weight, whatever--charisma. He's great on SVU, and he's why we tune in every week.

by helpfulreply 28804/27/2015

trolldar on r283 and r284 is so weird

by helpfulreply 28904/27/2015

He's good friends with DL fave Lucie Arnaz, even appeared with her in a Cuban musical review.

by helpfulreply 29004/27/2015

Any update on that ill Broadway actor Raul was helping raise money for?

by helpfulreply 29104/27/2015

I think I read on FB something about the actor getting better.

by helpfulreply 29204/27/2015

Papi's gonna be in a movie that will actually be good!!!

by helpfulreply 29304/30/2015

Yay for Papi! R293 Sounds like a good movie!

by helpfulreply 29404/30/2015

MORE courtroom drama?

I love him, but SVU is making him lazy.

by helpfulreply 29505/01/2015

Jesus. R294 R295 you sound exactly like R283 R284. Same writing pattern. What's your problem?

by helpfulreply 29605/01/2015

Okay when people say the tbcjscpctscroc is big, like how big are we talking?

by helpfulreply 29705/08/2015

Ugh, Dan Fogler.

by helpfulreply 29805/08/2015

From the theatre thread:

I've give you one and only big catch - DL favorite Papi - Raul Esparza. About 7 or 8 years ago met him at a hotel bar and had no idea who he was. What a nice guy I think he liked the fact I didn't know his "work" Sat there and drank and talked for a couple of hours. It was just after his divorce and he was very genuine about his "conflict" Talked about us both thinking we were bi. Long story longer ended up going to my room that night. He was a caring, passionate, thorough lover. Furry in all the right spots, nice hard and very sensitive nipples. Cock isn't huge, but nice and thick. Total versatile. Stayed the whole night and left in the AM. Saw him one other time before I left NY, and it was just the same. Bartender had to tell me who he was. Best one (OK two) nighter EVAH!!!!!!!!!

by helpfulreply 29905/14/2015

times have changed if no one comments on the above here or on the other thread

by helpfulreply 30005/17/2015

R284 Mariska and Raúl weren't friends until he started SVU. He got the role because the showrunner wrote the book to Leap of Faith.

He's horrible on SVU because SVU is horrible. He's great on Hannibal.

by helpfulreply 30105/17/2015

I stopped watching SVU ages ago, but you you queens are overreacting. He was never horrible.

And I'd rather talk about Raul than boring MvE.

by helpfulreply 30205/17/2015

This is a reply to 299. I asked the question and got a reply. Now I'm just sorry it couldn't have been me. Oh, well. I can dream, as a lot of us do. (LOL)

by helpfulreply 30305/19/2015

There's one poster that would love that sensitive nipples fact.

by helpfulreply 30405/20/2015


by helpfulreply 30505/27/2015


by helpfulreply 30605/27/2015

Cymbeline is over 400 years old. Hardly "new". And it's not a large part.

by helpfulreply 30705/28/2015

"New" as in a new production. And so what if it's a small role? I'm hype.

by helpfulreply 30805/29/2015

according to r299 he doesn't have a large part in real life too

by helpfulreply 30905/29/2015

Shame about that R309 and R299. I wanted to believe that he was well hung.

by helpfulreply 31006/02/2015

Hannibal has been cancelled.

Do you think another network will pick it up? Netflix?

by helpfulreply 31106/24/2015

Amazon has turned it down. I think there is a slim chance that Netflix will pick it up.

Where did the idea that Papi likes feet come from?

by helpfulreply 31206/24/2015

It isn't so much that Papi likes feet R312. It's more that we like his feets when he puts them on display, which used to be often. The Papi love on DL is not as strong as it once was, so you hardly hear of them anymore.

by helpfulreply 31306/24/2015

There was also that time when people saw Fred Rose giving Papi a foot massage

by helpfulreply 31406/25/2015

Maybe now that Hannibal is cancelled papi will have the time to run around in his flip flops again!

by helpfulreply 31506/26/2015

he's rehearsing for Shakespeare central park - probably in flip flops all the time

by helpfulreply 31606/26/2015

Good to see him on Hannibal last night. Handsome guy.

What Shakespeare production is he doing?

by helpfulreply 31706/26/2015

Any sightings of those flip flops?

by helpfulreply 31806/26/2015

Cymbeline, r317. He's playing Iachimo.

by helpfulreply 31906/26/2015

Sorry, forgot to add Cymbeline at Shakespeare in the Park.

by helpfulreply 32006/26/2015

Radio interview:

by helpfulreply 32107/20/2015

cymbeline starts tonite is papi in flip-flops

by helpfulreply 32207/23/2015

Papi rehearsing for Cymbeline. No flip flop photos so far :(

by helpfulreply 32308/02/2015

You can catch him wearing flip-flops after the show, when he's leaving.

by helpfulreply 32408/07/2015

his bush smells bad

by helpfulreply 32508/20/2015

How do you know R325?

by helpfulreply 32608/21/2015

He doesn't, R326

Anyone still watching Hannibal? Last episode had Raul and Richard Armitage naked in the same room. Papi's bare feet finally made their TV debut. It didn't end well for Chilton, but everything leading up to the end was great. Great performances from Papi and Armitage.

by helpfulreply 32708/24/2015

Finally.... full frontal naked Raul and his tbcjsc.....

by helpfulreply 32808/24/2015

Raul looks pretty buff here. Seems like he lost a little weight.

by helpfulreply 32908/25/2015

Fuck, he looks HOT!

by helpfulreply 33008/25/2015

Wow. Hot!!

by helpfulreply 33108/25/2015

He must be working out. He looks great!

by helpfulreply 33208/25/2015

Yeah, he's looking hot for sure.

by helpfulreply 33308/25/2015

Did anyone get chance to see the show?

by helpfulreply 33408/25/2015

A friend did and said Raul was in great form.

Someone from tumblr gave Raul a pair of flip-flops as a gift after the show. No joke.

by helpfulreply 33508/30/2015

Tumblr: average level of emotional maturity = age 12.

by helpfulreply 33608/30/2015

I can just imagine Raul's face!

by helpfulreply 33708/30/2015

Oh god. That's kind of creepy R335. What would possess someone to think that that would be a good idea at all. How embarrassing.

by helpfulreply 33808/30/2015

Only grown-ups think like that, r338. Self-centered tweens think it's the greatest idea since sliced bread.

by helpfulreply 33908/30/2015

Hot r323. I love the little belly

What's with the flipflops? Is it a joke? I just know this guy from Hannibal so I'm not up to date with his fans and their ways.

by helpfulreply 34008/30/2015

DL was/is full of feets lovers, R340 (yeah, it's "feets"), something that helped Papi Raul reach DL icon status, since he has nice, big feets and was always coming out of the stage doors or going around town wearing his flip-flops for all gays to admire.

There's also the time when Fred Rose, one of his boyfriends and "Company" co-star, was seen massaging Papi's feet in a booth at the Westway diner...

Raul was aware of DL's admiration for several of his body parts, so he gave the theatre queens/Raul lovers a treat when, in 2010 (I think?), he appeared on a video for barefoot for 12 minutes, answering question on a couch....There was no reason for him to be barefoot....Raul's DL fans rejoiced!

He displayed his feets again, this time on stage in "Arcadia"...After that you could just catch Papi's flip-flopped feets in rare occasions, now being all suited-up for SVU....until last week when he showed his feets once again in Hannibal. He was horribly burnt a couple of minutes after that glorious moment, so it wasn't as exciting...

Tumblerinas probably read about Raul's flip-flopped feets here, the same way they learned about the tbcjscpctscroc, and one of them took it too far. Shakespeare in the park is probably the first chance for most of these women to see the man live.

Raul probably acted all amused and laughed it off, but part of him was probably creeped out as well.

by helpfulreply 34108/30/2015

Thank you for the explanation, r341. I love a nice pair of feet, too, even though during that Hannibal scene I was more focused on his nice hairy chest than his feet.

Kind of weird that the tumblr girls took the flip flop thing from here and ran with it, no?

I'd like to see this guy in a live production now that I know who he is. has he got anything coming up in NyC?

by helpfulreply 34208/30/2015

Nothing yet. He's probably filming SVU.

by helpfulreply 34308/30/2015

What an odd thing to do; giving him flip flops. It's very strange. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it suggests some sort mental disturbance.

Why would anyone think that giving an actor a pair of flip flops is normal? Do they think that he'd actually appreciate or wear them? Gad, there are some strange birds out there. Maybe I'm just cynical, but wouldn't most people find this sort of gesture bizarre and borderline creepy? Especially because of the history of the flip flops here on DL? I mean, the tumblr chic obviously researched that tid bit of information here on the DL.

Oh well, to each his own I suppose. Perhaps I'm off base, and maybe Raul liked them.

by helpfulreply 34408/30/2015

R335, out of sheer boredom and sheer curiosity, I searched tumblr, and lo and behold - I found the flip flops in question. Here they are! Looks like someone customized them for our dear Papi. I can't quite decide if this is hilarious or just plain weird (I'm leaning towards the latter).

by helpfulreply 34508/31/2015

It's strange. I'm sure that r341 is correct and that Raul laughed it off.

by helpfulreply 34608/31/2015

You think he's going to wear them?

by helpfulreply 34708/31/2015

*Insert bitchy eye roll here* Poor Papi. He probably was nice about it, but was thinking WTF? Since he went to TV, he has managed to collect more than his fair share of nut-job fans. Here on the DL, we all had fun, but I don't think that any of us ever crossed the line into the bizarre/creepiness that his current fandom embraces. Those tumblr women are an obsessed and weird group of people.

I missed him in Cymbeline, but am looking forward to the day he returns to Broadway (if that ever happens). I liked him in Hannibal (I don't watch SVU much, but he's good in that too) but we need him back on the stage!

by helpfulreply 34808/31/2015

Aaaand....r348 nails it. Thank you. (Except calling them "women" is giving them way too much status.)

by helpfulreply 34909/01/2015

Hey, enough bashing the tumblr chics. There is absolutely nothing bizarre or abnormal about giving Raul a pair of flip-flops, arguing that he is not gay, having a pillow case made with his face on it, sending him stuffed penguins, speculating on his possible whereabouts (OMG!! SVU is filming at a park in the Bronx, let's go!!), writing fanfic wherein he is the best lover they have ever had (you know with his tbcjscpctscroc and all), blog about he can't be gay, (he is bi after all, but when he meets and falls in love with one of them, he will "turn" straight), tweeting him, handing him stuffed penguins (and then asking him to tweet a pic. of the penguin in his SVU dressing room, or on his bed), drawing naked "fan art" of him, sharing fantasies about his tummy, tracking down childhood photos of him (and then posting those to tumblr), blogging and re-blogging every single picture of him ever released, or anything else that they do. They are NORMAL people who just happen to love Raul.

It is us, here on the DL, who are the evil monsters! We are the nutters! We are the ones who disrespected poor Raul with talk of Fred Rose rubbing his feet, or Raul running around backstage in his underwear! We are his awful, awful, disrespectful, most terrible fans. We should all hang our heads in shame and apologize immediately. We do not know the real Raul like they do. We do not know how sensitive he is, and how hurt he must have been by the comments here on the DL. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. You see, it is only ok for tumblr chics to think he's hot. When a gay guy on the DL says the same thing; that is practically rape.

by helpfulreply 35009/02/2015

I love you, r350.

Also, don't you know we're horrible, nasty, arrogant people because we have the temerity to be fans of Raul from BEFORE he was on TV?? We are the lowest of low, his *gasp* BROADWAY fans. We are supposed to slink away in shame, and leave him and his "fandom" to his TRUE fans.

by helpfulreply 35109/02/2015

Yes, R351, admitting that you are part of the problem is the first step. Now, go and get a tumblr blog and load it up with pictures and your Raul fantasies, and start to stalk him. Then you'll be cool. Either that, or take your own advice and slink away in SHAME, and leave Raul and his true fans alone.

by helpfulreply 35209/02/2015

Poor r352, you neither understand or do sarcasm well.

by helpfulreply 35309/02/2015

Why penguins?

by helpfulreply 35409/02/2015

I think that the penguins come from an old interview where Raul said that if he were an animal, he'd be a penguin (or something to that effect). I laughed out loud at R350, R351 and R352! I'm sure that 352 was kidding around.

by helpfulreply 35509/02/2015

I love R350/351/352!

by helpfulreply 35609/02/2015

Papi loves amilton and can't stop raving about it!

Maybe LMM can write something for him in the near future.

by helpfulreply 35709/27/2015

Raul was a groomsman in bf Bill Curran's brother's wedding this weekend, so they must be somewhat serious/going strong. Cute couple, Curran is 30 but looks younger and has himself a hot Cuban daddy.

by helpfulreply 35809/27/2015

Curran is a lucky guy!

by helpfulreply 35909/27/2015

Yeah, not sure how he got Papi but hats off to him. Good looking guy and I assume lets Papi call the shots. They've been together for several years at this point I think, Papi settling down in his old age.

by helpfulreply 36009/28/2015

Curran is indeed lucky! Does anyone really know if Raul has come out as gay, or is he still labeling himself as bisexual?

by helpfulreply 36109/28/2015

I doubt he talks about it anymore since he's been with Curran for 3-4 years.

by helpfulreply 36209/28/2015

So is Papi Raul a top?

by helpfulreply 36309/28/2015

I've heard that Raul is a bossy bottom, R363. For some reason, I can picture that.

by helpfulreply 36409/28/2015

He definitely is a bottom. Trust me.

by helpfulreply 36509/28/2015

He must be versatile. Nick Mayo was no top.

by helpfulreply 36609/28/2015

I'd love to find out, R366. I can't imagine myself bottoming for him though, but that's just me.

by helpfulreply 36709/28/2015

Have a hard time picturing his current younger bf topping him, just based on pics... would think he has to be versatile. Would also love to find out for sure...

by helpfulreply 36809/28/2015

Poters on old Broadway sext threads said Raul was versatile.

by helpfulreply 36909/28/2015
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