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Poll: Weiner's lead disappears in NYC mayor's race; Quinn now leads Anthony Weiner by 9 points

[quote]Survey of Democratic voters is first since embattled Democrat said he continued to send lewd messages after resigning from Congress.


1:32 p.m. EDT July 25, 2013

WASHINGTON -- Anthony Weiner has lost his lead in the New York City mayor's race following revelations he continued to send lewd messages online to women after he resigning from Congress in 2011, according to a poll released Thursday.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn now garners 25% support among Democratic primary voters compared with 16% for Weiner, according to the poll by NBC 4 New York, The Wall Street Journal and the Marist Institute for Public Opinion.

It's the first survey since Weiner acknowledged Tuesday that he sent more salacious messages. Last month, the same poll showed Weiner leading Quinn by 5 percentage points.

"For many Democrats the latest revelations about Anthony Weiner are more of the same, only more so," said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. "Weiner has lost his lead and his negatives are at an all-time high."

Weiner, a former seven-term congressman representing parts of Brooklyn and Queens, said earlier in the week that he would not quit the mayor's race, despite calls from some of his rivals and two of the city's largest newspapers to do so.

ANALYSIS: Is Weiner all tweet, no action?

Weiner and former New York governor Eliot Spitzer -- both disgraced Democrats whose careers were undone by sex scandals -- have pushed the city's politics into the national spotlight as they seek redemption. Spitzer, who paid for sex with prostitutes, resigned from the governor's office in 2008 and is now running for New York City comptroller.

In other findings on the mayor's race, public advocate Bill de Blasio and former city comptroller William Thompson were tied at 14% each with 19% of Democratic voters undecided.

The NBC 4 New York/WSJ/Marist poll shows there has been a "dramatic" shift in Weiner's popularity. More than half of Democratic voters, or 55%, have an unfavorable opinion of Weiner compared with 30% who view him favorably. Fifteen percent say they have not heard of Weiner or are unsure how to rate him, the poll shows.

Last month, Weiner's favorable rating was 52% in the poll.

"New York City Democrats were willing to give Anthony Weiner a second chance, but are reluctant to excuse his behavior now," Miringoff said.

Weiner's latest scandal has also brought his wife, Huma Abedin, into the spotlight. Abedin, an aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton, appeared at her husband's side at Tuesday's news conference and spoke at times haltingly about how she has forgiven Weiner and decided to stay in their marriage.

The poll also found that Abedin's support makes no difference in whether Democratic voters trust Weiner as a candidate. More than 7 in 10, or 73%, say her support makes no difference while 15% said it makes them more likely to trust Weiner. Twelve percent of Democrats said support from Weiner's wife makes them less likely to trust the mayoral hopeful.

The survey of 551 Democrats, taken Wednesday, has a margin of error of +/- 4.2 percentage points.

Party primaries are Sept. 10. If no candidate gets more than 40% of the vote, there will be a runoff on Oct. 1.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 7307/26/2013

At least a big dyke won't be flashing her peen every place.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 107/25/2013

Let's just hope a Republican can't beat Quinn, because she really isn't liked.

And, after her primary win, she could easily do something obnoxious that turns off the voters.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 207/25/2013

Weiner is a sociopath.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 307/25/2013

Quinn is a sociopath.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 407/25/2013

All politicians are sociopaths. It comes with the territory.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 507/25/2013

It's sad the wife doesn't think she's worth more than him.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 607/25/2013

God help us if Quinn is elected. Shame on this city for electing somthing like her.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 707/25/2013

Sounds like we might be kissing Weiner (Eeeewww) good-bye. Then what will Huma do???

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 807/25/2013

I think Weiner is betting on so many people disliking Quinn that they will hold their nose and vote for him.

People like me. What he's done turns me off but Quinn is so vile and repugnant that I could never vote for her.

I am a liberal progressive and she is anything but.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 907/25/2013


by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1007/25/2013

Just wait until Quinn's dick pics come out.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1107/25/2013

Weiner is so disgusting that Quinn will look like Mother Teresa.

Weiner isn't even human.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1207/25/2013

Huma acts so meek in public, I sure hope she is beating the shit outta him behind closed doors.

More dirt has come out, apparently he's been texting 3 women after he quit his job. I don't think his marriage can survive.

Did you see the pictures he asked the gals to send? he's love feet LOL...

It's so humiliating for her, she should ditch him.

It's the same thing over and over again. His ego is out of control and so arrogant to think he can get away with this. what a loser.

What does she see in him, she's just as fucked up as him if she stays. what a dumb bitch.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1307/25/2013

At this point, can someone else jump into the race?

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1407/25/2013

It's likely that Weiner is being paid off by the Repubs to throw a wrench into Hillary's campaign.

This is the only scenario I can come up with. And if he's not being paid off, he is doing it simply out of the pleasure to destroy his wife and Hillary.

He's loathesome.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1507/25/2013

Quinn is unwinnable. We are going to get another Repug.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1607/25/2013

I bet this is only temporary.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1707/25/2013

R14, I don't think so. The deadline passed.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1807/25/2013

Think about it: if he didn't have the technology available to him to indulge he would likely be out assaulting women in the street.

Thirty years earlier and he'd be a registered sex offender.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 1907/25/2013

EVERYONE I know hates Quinn - and most of them are gay.

Not sure how this is going to turn out.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2007/25/2013

This is what politics in the US has become. Good, smart people who could probably make a difference aren't interested. You only get bottom of the barrel career politicians who use each office to advance to the next level. Voting amounts to picking the lesser evil.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2107/25/2013

NY Daily news is reporting that uncensored crotch shots have gone public! POST THEM people!! Where are they?

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2207/25/2013

She's repugnant to people of all lifestyles, r20.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2307/25/2013

Well, thank God New Yorkers came to their senses.

I wanted Bloomberg out but now I am nervous. Of the current group of candidates, each and every one is unfit to run the city.

Huma Abedin and Tony Weiner are cynical, power-hungry users. That's why they stick together.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2407/25/2013

[quote]"Quinn is vile and repugnant"

You are are all gay male chauvinists. she is a powerful woman with a temper who gets things done, therefore she is a bitch. Same thing everyone said about Hillary in the primary. Give it a rest

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2507/25/2013

Not at all r25. I voted for Hillary in the primary. Quinn is vile and repugnant. She's a sleazy politician who breaks rules and if she wins, mark my words, there will be multiple ethics scandals if not outright crimes.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2607/25/2013

Right on cue, r25. You're so predictable.

She is vile and she will continue the wholesale sellout of this city to the rich.

We need someone who will fight for the middle and lower classes and take back this city from the rich.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2707/25/2013

Yeah, this is one of those cases where "once was an incident; twice is a pattern."

He's done. If he has any common sense he'll exit the race within the next week.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2807/25/2013

Quinn is not cut from the same cloth as Hillary Clinton. Sorry but she's not. They may both be strong women in politics but that's as far as it goes. Hillary will have my vote with enthusiasm come Nov 2016. Quinn, not so much.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 2907/25/2013

[quote]Thirty years earlier and he'd be a registered sex offender.

Hardly, 30 years ago he would be called a typical politician. The news would not even report it.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3007/25/2013

[quote] Think about it: if he didn't have the technology available to him to indulge he would likely be out assaulting women in the street.

No, he'd be calling sex phone lines which existed from the 1970s until the Internet age. It was a hugely profitable business.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3107/25/2013

Hilary is about a billion times brighter than Quinn, who is the dimmest bulb in the race. Any comparisons between them beyond their shared gender are laughable.

ABQ, and I'll include Lhota in that. Quinn is the worst of the worst, and my opinion in no way has anything to do with her gender or sexuality. In fact, I would be more predisposed towards her since we're both gay, but she repulses me.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3207/25/2013

The news only reported political sex scandals when they were flamboyant, like if you jumped into the Tidal Basin to escape police while having sex in the car

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3307/25/2013

wow, do you have a reason for such repulsion?

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3407/25/2013


by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3507/25/2013

r34, she's a stooge for the wealthy. She enginereered Bloomberg's third term to allow it to pass the council. She's a flip-flopper. She originally was against sick leave for NYC workers.

Shall I go on?

What is your damage?

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3607/25/2013

Okay, I'll bite, why don't you all like Quinn? The only thing I know about her is that she's a dyke, which is a plus in my book.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3707/25/2013

r37, see r36 and other posts. There are plenty of reasons to not like her.

Take your pick, troll.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3807/25/2013

R37, a lot of us realize that voting means living with the consequences. Getting a clue what those consequences might be, agenda-wise. Do you vote knee-jerk for the candidate who matches you on mere demographics? I'm white, should I have voted for Romney?

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 3907/25/2013

Google her background, the city voted twice to have term limits, then she voted to have them over turned anyway so she and the Mayor could stay longer.

That is a slap in the face of the voters. So they had to vote again to repeal that.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4007/25/2013

Webmaster, please ban the pro-Quinn trolls.

This is a liberal and progressive board.


by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4107/25/2013

R41, screw off. Not everyone agrees with you.

Quinn has the gravitas and the chops for the job. I've known of her since she was an assistant to Tom Duane.

NY needs a tough cookie to run it, not some creep who seeks acceptance by premature ejaculation.

Go ahead, trolldar me. It's my first post on this thread.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4207/25/2013

Get off the cross, R21.

Weiner was one of the good smart ones who would do good for the city? Please do cite his record in Congress and his policies that would save the city. For all the talk of Weiner being crucified for his "private" life, people like you seem to be reasoning with your dick. Or in this case, Weiner's dick.

And R24, NYers coming to their senses? The questions about Quinn, the lack of real vision from their other rivals allowed a glib politician to sex up the race and gave him poll numbers, but no one had voted for him yet.

This happened between polls and NYers now realize his extracurricular focuses haven't gone away, but no one knows what would have happened otherwise.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4307/25/2013

I just want him listed on the ballot as Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner.

Where do I send my petition?

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4407/25/2013

The dick shot was good symbolism for his having been 'a head'. Now that he's behind, what will he present?

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4507/25/2013

DeBlasio and Thompson better get their campaigns moving, we can't have Miss Bloomberg Junior on the ballot in November.c

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4607/25/2013

I actually thought he would have dropped by a lot more.

Assuming he forges ahead, I'm curious to see what nexts weeks poll numbers will be.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4707/25/2013

It would be great for gays to have a lesbian mayor of the biggest and most important city in America. That's how we get acceptance and power--by getting into positions of power.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4807/25/2013

Do you ever think NYC will have a mayor as good as Bloomberg or Guiliani? I'm a Democrat, but just as a tourist I could see how transformative they were as mayors. I love how Times Square is now and I never feel unsafe as a visitor anymore. Both really did good jobs.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 4907/25/2013

Thatcher was an open lesbian, r48, and that did not work out very well for the gays or for anyone for that matter.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5007/25/2013

[quote]Do you ever think NYC will have a mayor as good as Bloomberg or Guiliani? I'm a Democrat, but just as a tourist I could see how transformative they were as mayors. I love how Times Square is now and I never feel unsafe as a visitor anymore. Both really did good jobs.

Oh, please leave NYC. It's people like YOU that have ruined this city!!

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5107/25/2013

Hasn't Weiner been in the race for a little less than two months now? You're telling me that people were betting on him to run against Quinn, and no one else? Dems and NY'ers deserve what they get for being so frigging stupid. They should have skipped right over Weiner and found someone else to stand behind.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5207/25/2013

[quote]I am a liberal progressive

Oh, dear.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5307/25/2013

I think the simple solution is for Nanny B. to break the term limits once again, and crown himself Mayor for a fourth term. At least he's got the money to fix whatever goes wrong in the city and keep Chris and the other dodos out. What a sad state of affairs!

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5407/25/2013

R48 it will only help the rich gays because no one else will be able to afford to live here.

I don't care how much media coaching she's had she still comes across as insincere and fake. Its obvious she doesn't even believe the crap she spouts about helping the middle class. Where's the 'Rent is Too Damn High' guy? That's who I voted for last election.

Besides, who's to say she won't fall back in her drunken bulimic way.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5507/25/2013

Hey, New York: you claim to be so liberal, but you haven't had a Democrat in the mayor's office since 1994! And the three before Rudy were Dinkins, Koch, and Beame ( hardly stars). Either you are lying about the huge majority of liberals in your city or you can't find a competent Democrat to run. Which is it?

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5607/26/2013

Christine's council district includes Greenwich Village, home to St. Vincent's Hospital for more than 150 years. When the hospital ran into financial trouble, Quinn did nothing to prevent it from closing. Then it was revealed that a major donor to her mayoral campaign is the Rudin family, who bought St. Vincent's for condos.

There was a problems with out of area kids running rampant, causing personal and property damage on Christopher Street in the middle of the night. She ignored a petition with 1,000 signatures which was hand-delivered to her office about problems in the neighborhood. When invited, she never showed up to public meetings about the problems. Too busy trying to be Ms. Mayor.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5707/26/2013

Anyone expecting Quinn to win is sadly deluding themselves.

She is widely hated and reviled.

And the only people on here who keep on cheerleading her are trolls who obviously have never studied her votes/record in office.

She's absolutely gross and makes me vomit everytime I lay my eyes on her.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5807/26/2013

There are just so many examples, r57, of instances where she has let down the liberal progressives of this city.

She is absolutely repugnant and makes me bend over hurl chunks everytime I lay my eyes on her.


She will never win.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 5907/26/2013

Whomever convinced— or approved— Wiener to run was working for Quinn team.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6007/26/2013

R57, Quinn did not 'do nothing' to prevent the closing of st. vincent's, she was part of the effort to try and save the doomed hospital. but get over it, the hospital was $1 billion in debt. Without St. Vincent's, no matter where you are in NYC, you are closer to a hospital than 90% of Americans. You don't need a hospital in every goddamned neighborhood!

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6107/26/2013

Stop trolling, r61. She's not going to win. If Weiner pullsout we will need to find someone else.

People are not going to vote for Quinn and for very good reason.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6207/26/2013

R56, Bloomberg endorsed Obama, advocated for same-sex marriage, advocates for strict gun control, and little "conservative" moves like restricting soda sales and aggressive food labeling.

Maybe if the RNC looked more like Bloomberg you'd have competent Republicans to run for President.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6307/26/2013

I've liked Bloomberg's 3rd term. and i think most of the city has. so, there's that

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6407/26/2013

uh oh thompson

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6507/26/2013

I agree with whoever suggested that Mike Bloomberg should be Mayor for Life. As bad as he is, he is better than all the loses and scumbags who are on the ballot.

Let's face it, America's political system is completely and totally corrupt. It doesn't matter if you are straight, gay, black, white, latino, asian, male, female, Christian, jewish, muslim. If you are an American politician, you are completely and totally corrupt.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6607/26/2013

the politician least beholden to special interests would be a billionaire who can self-fund his own campaigns

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6707/26/2013

Just because he has problems in his personal life doesn't mean he can't be a good Mayor.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6807/26/2013

r63, r64, and r65=Freepers, trolls

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 6907/26/2013

R62, I believe the deadline to enter the NYC Mayoralty was July 11.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 7007/26/2013

Can't we focus on the issues instead of these meaningless side issues.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 7107/26/2013

So Weiner is hemorrhaging voters to Quinn, not DeBlasio? This makes no sense.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 7207/26/2013

I don't know how much money DeBlasio has, R72 but Quinn has a lot and a much larger media presence. If I see her campaigning on MSNBC one more time I'm going to stop watching that channel.

by 2013 Poll Trollreply 7307/26/2013
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