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Gay prince OK with majority of UK

Britain recently approved of marriage equality, and it seems many British citizens would have no problem if Prince William and Duchess Katherine’s baby boy came to identify as gay. According to the International Business Times, 83 percent of the public would be “very comfortable, comfortable or neutral” with his orientation.

LGBT advocacy group Stonewall did the survey.

“Millions of people will be celebrating today’s news, just as millions last week celebrated the news of equal marriage in England and Wales,” Stonewall’s Chief Executive Ben Summerskill said in a press release.

“Happily, since last week every child born in Britain is born into a society where gay people are now equal in law.”

After a lengthy process, Britain became the 14th country to legalize marriage equality, with high approval from its citizens on social media. The first weddings are expected to take place in summer or fall of 2014.

After the birth of England’s new prince, one user tweeted, “I’m so excited for the new royal baby to come out as gay so we can look forward to having 2 kings.”

The baby, as yet unnamed, would be the first such known monarch in his country’s illustrious history if he turned out to be gay.

Duchess Katherine gave birth to the royal couple’s first child on July 22 at St Mary’s Hospital in London; the new prince was reported to weigh 8 pounds, 6 ounces.

“The royal baby better be gay so he can fully appreciate sharing a birthday with Selena Gomez,” another user humorously tweeted.

The child is third in line for the throne.

by Anonymousreply 007/25/2013
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