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Clint Eastwood casts his Jersey Boys

They'll be Vincent Piazza, John Lloyd Young, Erich Bergen, and Michael Lomenda.

Christopher Walken will also star.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2608/19/2016

Are they empty chairs?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 107/23/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 207/23/2013

Kelly! Call my agent!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 307/23/2013

Wow, Christopher Walken has great hair for his age from that link above. Is it real?? It's so thick!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 407/23/2013

I just saw this, friend got me the DVD as a gift. It's captivating biopic, surprisingly. My musical-theatre-aficionado roommates complained that it was too gritty, 'talky' and too much like a serious movie, but I liked that. There was a cute nod toward the stage-play at the end, where the scene turns into a set and a dance number ensues.

I'm so tickled by the thought of Clint repeatedly watching a musical, though (which he no doubt did, for research). He's the last person I'd expect to enjoy 'Jersey Boys', let alone pour money and time into a loving remake.

R1, Vincent as Tommy DeVito smashes a chair over a desk in an envy-and-coke-fuelled rage during one scene. It's weirdly hot.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 512/29/2014

He's a dessicated Willem DaFoe.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 612/30/2014

I love it when someone uses "dessicated" in a sentence.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 712/30/2014

"Christopher Walken will also star."

He's like 284 seasons all by himself.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 812/30/2014

OK I have the DVD too and I have to know. Erich Bergen and The guy who plays Frankie Valli are both gay, right?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 901/17/2015

Does anyone know when and if this is going to be on premium (HBO/Showtime) cable?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1001/17/2015

You can see it on pay per view, R10, on Comcast. I just really want to know about Erich Bergen, because I started watching interviews they did on You Tube after I saw him in the movie. He has to be gay!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1101/17/2015

It wasn't perfect but I liked it more than I thought I would

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1201/17/2015

I think Bergen's character on "Madam Secretary" is gay.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1301/17/2015

It could have been better with a different director.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1401/17/2015

It was a pretty good film, but I hated the rendition of "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" with the brass horns playing so loud. What was up with that horrible mix?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1501/17/2015

[quote]There was a cute nod toward the stage-play at the end, where the scene turns into a set and a dance number ensues.

I loved the ending, if should have been filmed that way instead! Clint Eastwood has always been a "hit and miss" director.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1601/17/2015

I loved the scene near the beginning when Joe Pesci brings Bob Guadio to meet Frnakie Valli, and Erich plays that song and sings Cry for Me. I have the soundtrack and I love his voice on that one.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1701/17/2015

OK. I did some research on Erich Bergen, and he did an interview with Vulture that makes me believe he's an asshole. Apparently he got fired from the Las Vegas touring company of Jersey Boys.

He admits that he was on a tear in Vegas doing all kinds of bad things and skipping performances. Not showing up. He says "they" were mean to him about not showing up, and he was let go, but nothing was ever "resolved."

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1801/18/2015

"Mean to him.". Sounds a wee bit frau-ish.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1901/18/2015

R18 I read that same article, and he admits he was an immature asshole. He was cast in a touring production of JERSEY BOYS at age 20, and then did Vegas when he was 22-23. He said he felt like a kid in a candy store, since he was the youngest cast member with no spouse, children, or obligations, so he could party all night. Unfortunately, sometiems he was too hung over to perform the next day. Plus, he would also miss shows because he'd go to LA for pilot season.

I give him a pass 'cause who among us wouldn't feel temptation at that ripe young age, especially in Vegas and LA.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2001/18/2015

I watched this on the plane and I really liked it. IIRC, the reviews were not good but it was much better than they said.

Their music producer, Bob Crewe died around the time the movie came out.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2101/18/2015

There are 23 year olds, and there are 23 year olds.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2201/18/2015

I know he was young, but to be part of the touring company of a famously successful Broadway play was a big break, IMO, that he pissed away.

I have friends who are actors, and I don't care if it's a local rep company or Broadway, you NEVER miss a performance. Famous, accomplished actors go on night after night sick as dogs, rather than miss performances.

He sounds like he's flighty and spoiled, running to LA for auditions etc. He's damned lucky Eastwood hired him. I also agree the movie could've benefited from a better director.

Eastwood is unimaginative and sucks the energy out of everything he does. The only thing that saves this is the music, the success of the play, and the fact the group is still popular in a nostalgic sense.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2301/18/2015

John Lloyd Young won a Grammy and a Tony and he graduated from Brown. He's almost 40. He played Frankie Valli.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2401/18/2015

JLY seems like a dream, maybe too good to be true? You never hear a bad word said about him. He's so sweet that the real Frankie Valli treats him like another son, even though the JB movie utterly wrecked his band's mythos. John should do far more film work, he was very appealing and played wonderfully in OY VEY, MY SON IS GAY!!.

As for Bergen R18/19, working with conscientious JLY and oh-so-serious method actor Piazza probably ironed out his bad attitude, if Clint's death glares didn't already work their magic.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2508/19/2016

Why was this dinosaur thread bumped?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2608/19/2016
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