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I'm going to watch some episodes tonight. But first, I need to understand -- WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND AGREES TO DO WHAT THIS WOMAN DID? Is she nuts? They're trying to pass her off as this preppie Smithie who unwittingly got caught up in a bad crowd and made a mistake "just once," but really...who runs off to Bali with a drug runner and offers to carry a suitcase for her, heh heh, across borders? Was she delusional?? Bitch please.

by Jason Biggs' aw shucks grinreply 107/23/2013

In her book, Piper Kerman says that her girlfriend was very persuasive and she'd been used to it, having lived and traveled with her for over a year.

She also states pretty much that she'd made a bad decision and took more or less complete ownership of what she'd done. I was surprised by how much I came away from the book liking her.

by Jason Biggs' aw shucks grinreply 107/23/2013
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