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Why did Patty never forgive Steven Weed?

Those two were so charming at Berkley.

by Cujoreply 1507/23/2013

It was the mustache.

by Cujoreply 107/21/2013

I saw in the Schrader film how there were riots when the Hearsts tried to give out food to the poor as the SLA demanded.

It just goes to show what I always can't try to help the underclasses. It always ends badly.

by Cujoreply 207/21/2013

He upstaged her famewhoring with his own.

by Cujoreply 307/21/2013

Patty soiled herself when the FBI caught her...can you imagine?

by Cujoreply 407/21/2013

Patty Weed, nee Hearst? The mind boggles. Never mind the bank robberies and the whole kerfuffle. This would have been catastrophic in Palm Springs.

by Cujoreply 507/21/2013

He opened the door to the SLA!?

What a dope. I never open my door to anyone!!

(for both safety and proper etiquette-call first please.)

by Cujoreply 607/22/2013

Where are Teko and Yolanda?

by Cujoreply 707/22/2013

Weed had tinymeat.

by Cujoreply 807/23/2013

Patty "Zelda" Hearst mugshots:

by Cujoreply 907/23/2013

This entire case was fascinating from beginning to end.. I followed every detail. Even read Hearst's book EVERY SECRET THING as soon as it came out. The NBC two part TV movie THE SEARCH FOR PATTY HEARST with Dennis Weaver, was pretty good. I believe it's also on youtube.

by Cujoreply 1007/23/2013

I hate the Harris and Sara Jane Olson...they should still be in jail.

by Cujoreply 1107/23/2013

R11-I thought that they did go back to jail after Kathleen Soliel sp? woman was found. Were they released again?

by Cujoreply 1207/23/2013

Patty was "Tanya" not Zelda.

by Cujoreply 1307/23/2013

[quote] Were they released again?

I think so...they only got like 8 years.

by Cujoreply 1407/23/2013

Thanks R14.

by Cujoreply 1507/23/2013
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