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Geraldo Rivera Tweets Shirtless Selfie

We can't unsee this.

Geraldo Rivera brought out his inner-Ron Burgundy early Sunday morning when he tweeted a shirtless selfie.

"70 is the new 50," he wrote, adding "Erica and family are going to be so pissed...but at my age..."


by Miareply 8403/07/2015

Showed us a little bit too much ...

by Miareply 107/21/2013

She is a sad clown...ass-fraggle!

by Miareply 207/21/2013

For his age, he doesn't look bad at all, but he certainly doesn't look nearly good enough to pull off showing the public a shirtless pic. Now the 3 years younger Vince McMahon? THAT's someone I enjoy seeing shirtless. Geraldo needs to sit his geriatric ass all the way down and stay there. His face looks horrible btw.

by Miareply 307/21/2013

He looks like the Mario Brothers horny father.

by Miareply 407/21/2013

He's an attention whore.

by Miareply 507/21/2013

Shameless Attention Whore

by Miareply 607/21/2013

He looks great from the neck down. Go Geraldo! I'm impressed. He could pass for his late 50's imho.

by Miareply 707/21/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Miareply 807/21/2013

I wish I'd seen that BEFORE breakfast. Ecch.

by Miareply 907/21/2013

To think, he once fucked Bette Midler.

by Miareply 1007/21/2013

Damn Geraldo, Weiner yourself down and eat a cheeseburger.

You're too damn skinny.

by Miareply 1107/21/2013

Don't like him at all, but body is more than decent for 70.

by Miareply 1207/21/2013

I wouldn't want to see that body even if he was 50!

by Miareply 1307/21/2013

Hot to trot!

by Miareply 1407/21/2013

In a single snapshot Geraldo has totally contradicted his assertion that no one should EVER wear a hoodie in the dark.

by Miareply 1507/21/2013

[quote]To think, he once fucked Bette Midler.

You say "fucked". She says "raped".

by Miareply 1607/21/2013

[quote] "70 is the new 50," he wrote, adding "Erica and family are going to be so pissed

oh Geraldo, We already despise you. Nothing you do now will lessen that fact

by Miareply 1707/21/2013

Shaves himself to look like a ten year old boy down there.

by Miareply 1807/21/2013

The nipples look interesting. However, I am not inclined to indulge this narcissist

by Miareply 1907/21/2013

He looks like he has crixy handles and the high 5 groves across his cheekbones.

by Miareply 2007/21/2013

Okay, most people should stop taking and posting nude pictures of themselves.

Having said that, I expected to click onto OP's link and see a paunchy, saggy Geraldo. But no, he actually looks pretty good for his age--or any age 40 and older when a lot of guys start looking out of shape.

Geraldo is 70 and still has cum gutters. Not bad.

by Miareply 2107/21/2013

[quote]Geraldo is 70 and still has cum gutters. Not bad.

Thanks R21. Now, if only I had cum. When I masturbate, all that comes out is a little dust.

by Miareply 2207/21/2013

Walter Cronkite, he ain't

by Miareply 2307/21/2013

Exactly, R23 -- but he seems to think that he is. Doonesbury gets it.

by Miareply 2407/21/2013

Silly old fart. Put a hoodie on and take a walk tonight.

by Miareply 2507/21/2013

Those aren't cum gutters, those are obliques, cum gutters are defined abs.

by Miareply 2607/21/2013

R26. Cum gutters is the "V" that is formed on either side of your navel forming a "V" from your pubic hair, hip area. Geraldo has cum gutters.

Defined abs are defined abs above your navel, your stomach area. Obliques are your sides, your rib cage area.

by Miareply 2707/21/2013

Nada, it's the abs.

by Miareply 2807/21/2013

Oh, no damn way,... Eewwww.

by Miareply 2907/21/2013

Not in bad shape for a 70-year-old, but again too narcissistic for any real interest.

by Miareply 3007/21/2013

The only thing missing is a sign overhead that says "Al Capone's Vault".

by Miareply 3107/21/2013

LOL @ R15 and R22.

This thread is hilarious.

by Miareply 3207/21/2013

Tragic tinynip. In a perfect world, Trayvon would be alive, and Geraldo would be dead.

by Miareply 3307/21/2013

Oh, you mean that little thing?

by Miareply 3407/21/2013

Up for original thread.

by Miareply 3507/21/2013

Do you think Marian Javits misses that?

by Miareply 3607/21/2013

I will admit that he has slightly more meat on those bones than he puts on his political prognostications.

by Miareply 3707/21/2013

This is a really sad reflection of today's culture. There are no boundaries and he seems like a pervert.

by Miareply 3807/21/2013

He is gross - inside and out. Always has been.

by Miareply 3907/21/2013

Do we have a tinynip troll here now? I keep seeing him pop up on every other thread.

by Miareply 4007/21/2013

Beginning of dementia?

by Miareply 4107/21/2013

It looks like every pic every old fuck on gay sex sites post with the line "people tell me I look much younger" barf. No you don't you look like a 70 year old who is desperately seeking validation that he does not look 70.

Surprise - you look 70. Fuck now my eyes are hurting.

by Miareply 4207/21/2013

That face can curdle milk. I was too traumatized to look below it.

by Miareply 4307/21/2013

He's no Dr. Jeffry Life. Still I wonder if he's using his Cenegenics system.

by Miareply 4407/21/2013


by Miareply 4507/21/2013

He's a gross person, but the body is very good.

by Miareply 4607/21/2013

Jane, honey, take your meds.

by Miareply 4707/21/2013

He's got pinup looks!

by Miareply 4807/21/2013

Was his nose always that big? Booze?

by Miareply 4907/21/2013

[quote] Was his nose always that big? Booze?


by Miareply 5007/21/2013

Gerald's suffers from early-onset dementia. It set in back in the sixties. For some strange reason, he's managed to be employed in spite of the fact he can't put together a coherent thought.

by Miareply 5107/21/2013

R50, LOL.

R51, how do you know? Do you have inside info regarding his condition?

by Miareply 5207/21/2013

His nose is GIGANTIC. It probably has it's own zip code

by Miareply 5307/21/2013


by Miareply 5407/22/2013

No, R54, his pants are like Capone's vault.

by Miareply 5507/22/2013

I think he looks pretty good for his age.. He is trim and not fat. He needs to beef up the pecs and shoulders but I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

by Miareply 5607/22/2013

I'm more appalled by that bathroom than by his body. Does he actually bath in that room?

by Miareply 5707/22/2013

Without the face, I doubt anyone would be able to tell that was a 70yo body.

by Miareply 5807/22/2013

I didn't know he was 70. But then again, I haven't kept up with him since I avoid Faux News like the plague.

by Miareply 5907/22/2013

Geraldo said tequila made him do it...

and that Fox News ordered him to take it the fuck down.

by Miareply 6007/23/2013

r58 paper thin skin, liver spots and giant moles? yeah you can tell he is 70

by Miareply 6107/23/2013

he just insists on being a laughingstock

by Miareply 6207/23/2013

That reminds me, the last steak I had last week had much too much gristle in it.

by Miareply 6307/23/2013

I can't get past the face. It's way worse than the body.

by Miareply 6407/23/2013


by Miareply 6507/23/2013

There has been persistent rumors for years that Geraldo Rivera is bisexual. I can't stand him!!! He is a complete jerk!

BTW, someone on this thread thinks he is conservative because he is on Fox News? Man! you really don't watch Fox News do you? HE IS VERY LIBERAL!!

by Miareply 6607/24/2013

Oh, r66. You are a simple creature, aren't you?

by Miareply 6707/24/2013

As someone who as worked in a nursing home, his body is pretty typical of a non-obese 70 year old.

by Miareply 6807/24/2013

Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!

by Miareply 6907/24/2013

No one loves Gerald Rivera more than Gerald Rivera....thanks, for killing my appetite

by Miareply 7007/25/2013

Geraldo Rivera, in true conservative fashion, believes in "Do what I say, not I do". He also has five children with four different women and has been divorced five times. So much for his family values.

by Miareply 7107/25/2013

He reminds me of this guy, who is only about 45 years old.

by Miareply 7207/25/2013

he's so UGLY!

by Miareply 7307/25/2013

I want to see the entire enchilada. Go on, Geraldo, drop the towel! At least give us a butt shot.

by Miareply 7407/25/2013

[quote] Go on, Geraldo, drop the towel!

If I want to see old, expired chorizo I'll go to Aldis.

by Miareply 7507/25/2013

R75, just cover it in salsa, and take a bite.

by Miareply 7607/25/2013

R71, conservative and liberal both can't stand him. Fox viewers want him to leave.

by Miareply 7707/26/2013

Jerry Rivers might be bisexual. He definitely has the hots for a man--Geraldo Rivera.

by Miareply 7807/26/2013

Geraldo's at it again

and tweets.... "I'm bringing all I got to Celebrity Apprentice."

by Miareply 7911/08/2014

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Miareply 8003/07/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Miareply 8103/07/2015

R80 and R81 - let's see your pics.

He looks pretty good to me.

by Miareply 8203/07/2015

He was OK in his day for a flabby guy with a hideous mustache.

He looked like Chico from Tony Orlando and Dawn.

by Miareply 8303/07/2015

Sorry - I can't let this go.

I been watching Rivera since he was on local TV in the NYC metro area.

The guy's hot. He always has been. Sure is is an asshole - but still a hot asshole.

by Miareply 8403/07/2015
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