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I Banged The Cutest Mormon Dude Last Night

I don't really say this about other dudes, but the guy was beautiful. And so very dumb.

I didn't know he was Mormon when I went over there. Really fit. Gorgeous face, hair and teeth. Dimples.

He said he doesn't talk politics but that he voted for Bush in the last election.


by Brandonreply 12208/02/2014

[quote]he voted for Bush in the last election.

Are you posting from 2004?

by Brandonreply 107/18/2013

I'll bite. And?

by Brandonreply 207/18/2013

He voted for George Bush in the 2012 election?

You fucked a cute, "special" Mormon. Is that what you're telling us?

by Brandonreply 307/18/2013

His words were "I voted for Bush in the last election".

[quote]And so very dumb.

by Brandonreply 407/18/2013

We should have a pool, estimated amount of posts before this thread is deleted.

Any takers?

by Brandonreply 507/18/2013

Now, Amish dudes I could see getting fixated on, but the whole Mormon thing, oh well... and just out of curiousity, where was this place you went to when u reference "when I went over there" ? Just curious.

by Brandonreply 607/18/2013

Was he wearing magic underwear?

by Brandonreply 707/18/2013


Can't even factcheck your delusions.

Lame, Sister Mary Brandon.

by Brandonreply 807/18/2013

If you're going to troll, at least frame it in something believable? Bush??? Really?? FAIL!!!

by Brandonreply 907/18/2013

Maybe OP meant that the young lad voted for Bush the last time he voted.

by Brandonreply 1007/18/2013

Are there any news reports of retarded mormons boys found in somebody's refrigerator in mason jars?

by Brandonreply 1107/18/2013

Yeah, he said Bush. And we're in Texas so didn't mean Jeb. He's clearly not bright, but he was very sweet. Perhaps he just misspoke because he is only 22 so he can't have ever even voted for Bush. He did say he didnt like to talk politics or religion. I honestly don't remember how being Mormon came up but we were very stoned.

R6, his house. He lives with his mom who was not there. We've been talking on Grindr for a couple of days. I'm visiting Texas this summer for some personal business that is eating up a lot of time so I haven't had much time to just chill and he invited me over to smoke and play Injustice.

It was fun.

And despite my teasing, he was a cool dude.

by Brandonreply 1207/18/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Brandonreply 1307/18/2013

"I didn't know he was Mormon when I went over there."

Your first clue should've been the sign over his front door that read "Missionary".

by Brandonreply 1407/18/2013

Is this you, Brandon?!

by Brandonreply 1507/18/2013

Please post a link to someone who looks like him. Thank you, Barney.

by Brandonreply 1607/18/2013

Brandon, seriously I wish I could date you. I like sociopaths. I'm probably one myself. I like seeing destructive people in action.

I once allowed a couple of Mormons into my place who were going door to door in order to just fuck with them (not in the sexual way). I rather liked toying with them, pretending I was interested in what they had to say. I took a copy of the Book of Mormon from them. They came back the next week thinking they had a "prospect". I didn't answer. I'd had my fun and was satisfied.

by Brandonreply 1707/18/2013

Meh. My threads always get deleted anyway so why not:

by Brandonreply 1807/18/2013

He's cute, Brandon, and has lovely eyes. What's that thing he has on his right arm?

by Brandonreply 1907/18/2013

Is that the Mormon? He's cute. More details!

by Brandonreply 2007/18/2013

Did you douche beforehand?

Oh wait, you already are.


by Brandonreply 2107/18/2013

Mmmm, Brandon. I'll be Mormon for you, baby.

by Brandonreply 2207/18/2013

[quote]Did you douche beforehand?

Before fucking him in his ass? No.

by Brandonreply 2307/19/2013

More details please!

by Brandonreply 2407/19/2013

How's your daughter?

by Brandonreply 2507/19/2013

I think Brandon just found himself a boyfriend.

by Brandonreply 2607/19/2013

[quote]I think Brandon just found himself a boyfriend.

Yeah. Himself.


by Brandonreply 2707/19/2013

[quote]How's your daughter?

Skylar is good. She almost never cries. She doesn't sleep much but when she does she prefers to lay on my chest. I'm going back to Seattle next month and even though I'm ready to be out of Texas I'm gonna miss her. ):

by Brandonreply 2807/19/2013

Are you gonna see him again, OP?

by Brandonreply 2907/19/2013


by Brandonreply 3007/19/2013

Brandon, I'm willing to pay for your DNA: in a jar, spread on some undies, fresh from the tap - whatever. Are you up for it?

by Brandonreply 3107/19/2013

Wow, you should write for Broadway!

by Brandonreply 3207/19/2013

[quote]What's that thing he has on his right arm?

Who knows, but it probably involves "magic."

by Brandonreply 3307/19/2013

I think that's an armband to hold his iPod when he's running.

by Brandonreply 3407/19/2013

[quote]he invited me over to smoke and play Injustice.

He was smoking in his Mormon mother's house? He really doesn't sound very bright. He doesn't sound very Mormon either.

by Brandonreply 3507/19/2013

You are a whore, darlin.

by Brandonreply 3607/19/2013

Brandon, please refer your friend to us. We'll pay a finder's fee.

by Brandonreply 3707/19/2013

R35, he didnt seem too invested in being a good Mormon when I shot my load in his ass.

by Brandonreply 3807/19/2013

Ummm ..... [see offsite photo on] R18 is not a Texas Mormon. It is a photo clipped off the Internet, then fantasized about. Boy, you guys!.

by Brandonreply 3907/19/2013

R39, you're an idiot AND a liar. Clipped off the Internet? Fuck you. I don't lie. That's the pic he sent me on Grindr, uploaded to Picup on my phone. Weirdo.

And here's the other:

by Brandonreply 4007/19/2013

R40 Never trust a big butt and a smile.

by Brandonreply 4107/19/2013

Very nice ass.

by Brandonreply 4207/19/2013

How about the pics of you Brandon?

by Brandonreply 4307/19/2013

Brandon's nudes have been posted. A video even.

by Brandonreply 4407/19/2013

his cock is DIVOON

by Brandonreply 4507/19/2013

Yes, but as he has posted, his threads tend to be deleted. And I would be happy with fully clothed pics. Actually, I would be happy with pics of Brandon and his daughter, but that is probably not considered unsafe in this day.

by Brandonreply 4607/19/2013

Sorry, that *is* considered unsafe...

by Brandonreply 4707/19/2013

R46, here ya go. No kiddo.

by Brandonreply 4807/19/2013

At r18, he's wearing one of them v neck tee shirts that are a sign he might be gay, as mentioned in that other thread.

by Brandonreply 4907/19/2013

Thanks Brandon

by Brandonreply 5007/19/2013

the look in those eyes....

by Brandonreply 5107/19/2013

. . . Of a killer

by Brandonreply 5207/19/2013

Are you wearing a babushka in that puc, Brandon?

Are babushkas big where you live and in your mind?

by Brandonreply 5307/19/2013

I love the Easter look, you know, eastern euro sex fiend.

by Brandonreply 5407/19/2013

Just a beanie.

by Brandonreply 5507/19/2013

You're not that special. Maybe you should take up knitting.

by Brandonreply 5607/19/2013

Well, I liked your story anyway and believed it too. There were two of them at the door the other day, precious, both of them. I so wanted to have them in, listen to the sales pitch, then gradually bring up, you know, how maybe the church will change their policy on "some things" and watch them begin to squirm .. but I didn't.

by Brandonreply 5707/19/2013

Dayum that's a nice ass.

by Brandonreply 5807/20/2013

Hey B --

How's your Mormon trick?

Any repeats?

by Brandonreply 5907/21/2013

I am pretty sure once Brandon is done with a trick, there can never be a repeat.

Brandon can only perform under "special" circumstances. There is unlikely to be a warm body left behind.

by Brandonreply 6007/21/2013

Is Brandon a serial killer? What does R60 mean?

by Brandonreply 6107/21/2013

Brandon is totally hot but way older than he says. Everyone knows you can tell how old someone is by their nose and ears.

by Brandonreply 6207/21/2013

Not a serial killer, yet, R61. He's just serial killer-ish. He's in an embryonic state the proper starter activities on his way there.

by Brandonreply 6307/21/2013

He's in an embryonic state engaging in the proper starter activities on his way there.

by Brandonreply 6407/21/2013

Did you once date a guy who lived in South Carolina who went by the AOL name "L8asever"? He hooked up with a Brandon who worked at a hotel in Virginia and moved to Texas. Just wondered!

by Brandonreply 6507/21/2013

That must have been another Brandon, R65. I was born in California, moved to Texas where I went to school, and then moved to Seattle in January of this year. Never even been to Virginia.

Matt (the Mormon) has sent me a few messages indicating he's like to chill again, but I haven't had a chance to respond. I don't have much free time lately.

by Brandonreply 6607/21/2013

r66/Brandon, why don't you have much free time these days?

by Brandonreply 6707/22/2013

All Seattle serial killers like to tear a piece out of Texas and Florida too. It's time consuming.

Plus he has his political career.

by Brandonreply 6807/22/2013

But yet you have time to read Datalounge and respond. AND post pictures of tricks online. Unknown to them.

SUCH a creep.

by Brandonreply 6907/22/2013

R17 Yeah, you probably are a sociopath.

by Brandonreply 7007/22/2013

We're gonna hang tonight.

by Brandonreply 7107/23/2013

Oh please be speaking literally.


by Brandonreply 7207/23/2013

Update, please. And maybe a new picture.

by Brandonreply 7307/23/2013

R73, I ended up meeting him at his friend's place because we couldn't use his house. We smoked. We played Xbox. He had to leave early because his sister needed help with her kids or something. I did hookup with his friend though who was really cute/nerdy. He's a medical student in Galveston.

by Brandonreply 7407/24/2013

hahaha Brandon, he passed you onto his friend, youre a piece of used meat

by Brandonreply 7507/24/2013

Isn't this a number in the Book of Mormon?

by Brandonreply 7607/24/2013

So you shot your load in his ass? Did you fuck him bareback?

by Brandonreply 7707/24/2013

[quote]hahaha Brandon, he passed you onto his friend, youre a piece of used meat

He actually tried to get me to leave at the same time as me and texted me several times asking what we did and when I left.

by Brandonreply 7807/24/2013

thats his tricks

by Brandonreply 7907/24/2013

Has the Mormom expressed his sympathies on the Facebook page?

by Brandonreply 8008/09/2013

Was it true that he had a child? :(

by Brandonreply 8108/09/2013

So fucking full of shit all along.

Can't believe anyone bought this.

by Brandonreply 8208/10/2013

Anyone else find it odd that "Brandon" only had 10 Facebook friends?

by Brandonreply 8308/10/2013

I posted on the other thread that at the height of his bizarre postings, emails were sent to his "employer" Marsh McLennan, or some such, and replies were received that no such person existed in their employ

by Brandonreply 8408/10/2013

Wait, has there been a development in the Brandon saga? Now he's dead or whatever?

by Brandonreply 8508/10/2013

The Queen is dead, long live the next troll to come around and pull you guys' chain.

by Brandonreply 8608/10/2013

I don't understand. If Brandon was fake why would he post that pic of that guy with a fat ass?

by Brandonreply 8708/10/2013

'his' Facebook account has been deleted.

by Brandonreply 8808/10/2013

[quote]Anyone else find it odd that "Brandon" only had 10 Facebook friends?

Haha why are you LYING? The any-Nrandon sect seem to lie more than he does.

He had dozens of people posting on his FB wall yesterday. There was a group message sent out to his friends yesterday that included at least 100 people.

His rother posted onhis wall, with pictures of them together, and pictures of Brandon from when he was in high school.

And then there's this video that Branon himself posted on Datalounge last year where he mentions the board and talks about specific things we were discussing. Yes, I sav it because I thought he was cute, but I know he had his problems, but it's clear he was at least the person he claimed to be.

Now, the details of his life may have been a lie, but he was certainly the guy from the pictures.

by Brandonreply 8908/10/2013



by Brandonreply 9008/10/2013

who is lying. He had 10 FB friends. That's not a lie.

by Brandonreply 9108/10/2013

For what it's worth, this dialog was had on the ongoing group message this morning:

[quote]Connor Romeros: Did they delete his account??? 9:45am

[quote]Jessica Jhii Brasil: Looks like. Idt this is real 9:45am

[quote]Connor Romeros: Really? Even with his brothers posts? Lord I hope not what makes you think that tho 9:46am

[quote]Jessica Jhii Brasil: Even his brother didnt know. I talked to him he said he doesn't know what's going on 9:46am

[quote]Connor Romeros: Oh.. I hope not I really do 9:46am

[quote]Jessica Jhii Brasil: Someone called from Brandon's phone and said he's dead. He told me to find Lisa???? Idk who that is so idk what else to do 9:47am

[quote]Connor Romeros: =| 9:47am

[quote]Jessica Jhii Brasil: I can't find anything on local news sites and messages several local news channels that HAD NOT heard of a body found shot 9:47am

[quote]Connor Romeros: This whole situation has had me upset all day yesterday and last night 9:47am

[quote]Jessica Jhii Brasil: Me too BAD

by Brandonreply 9208/10/2013

Dead Brandon Bump

by Brandonreply 9308/10/2013

So, essentially, Brandon banged himself.

by Brandonreply 9408/10/2013

Yes it is a lie that he only had 10 FB friends. I was actually one f his Facebook friends. And there were certainly more than 10 people who posted oh is wall, and the group message that went out to all of his friends had over 100 contacts.

Plus, his Friend list was set to private (because I tried too look at it to see if he had any other Wade's as friends) so there's no way you would have even known how many friends he had.

So yes, you are lying. Which is VERY weird.

I'm not saying he's dead or not, but that was clearly his real Facebook account since we have video if him, his family posting and pictures of him and people posting stories about him that have verly clearly real and active profiles.

The dude was cray, if you want to bash him, bash him on the fact that he was a sociopath. No need to make shit up. Geez.

by Brandonreply 9508/10/2013

Is someone dead or not? And yes by dead I mean "dead."

by Brandonreply 9608/10/2013

Someone said Brandon's baby died of SIDS, but Brandon refuted it saying that poster was not him.

by Brandonreply 9708/10/2013

His obituary was posted:

by Brandonreply 9808/10/2013

If this is all a joke, then it might just be the sickest one yet - even for DL because Andy Kaufman he's not.

If he actually did die, may he RIP.

by Brandonreply 9908/10/2013

How did he die?

by Brandonreply 10008/10/2013

May I please bang him next?

by Brandonreply 10108/10/2013

R100, apparent suicide, with a gun.

by Brandonreply 10208/10/2013

How did anyone know where Brandon supposedly worked? Must have missed those threads.

by Brandonreply 10308/10/2013

The obituary simply says "passed away tragically" which usually indicates suicide.

His brother seems pissed.

by Brandonreply 10408/10/2013

His brother sounds like a moron. Blaming the gf for not having a funeral for the guy who dumped her and ran after he knocked her up. Yeah, okay.

Note to next of kin: yeah, that's you, LOSER Steven Wade, brother of the deceased. Pay for the damn funeral yourself, you cheap bastard.

by Brandonreply 10508/10/2013

Mysteriously, all of the "RIP" comments have disappeared from Brandon's FB wall. I won't post a link because I'm scurred this thread will be deleted. But if someone else could confirm, that'd be great.

by Brandonreply 10608/10/2013

R106, apparently the page has been memorialized and only friends can see those posts. The friend request option has also been removed.

by Brandonreply 10708/10/2013

LOL @ that obit.

Dear lord, up your catfish game for the next round, honey.

by Brandonreply 10808/10/2013

I did an obit search for "Wade" in California for the entire week. Guess whose name didn't come up? Half-assed Photoshop job.

Don't believe me? Take a closer look at that obit jpg. In the upper-left corner under "Stephen Wade", you'll find the words "Capitol & California" (partially clipped). That is the Sacramento Bee. Now search the last name "Wade" in the obit link below. Change the date to today's date. See if 'Brandon' pops up. Guess what? You won't find him.

by Brandonreply 10908/10/2013

R109, I think he was just born in California, but grew up (and died) in Texas. He was recently living in Washington for work.

by Brandonreply 11008/10/2013

R110, use the same link to search for "Wade" during the last 3 days in the entire fucking United States. You still won't find Brandon. You've been pwned, troll.

by Brandonreply 11108/10/2013

It's only make believe.

by Brandonreply 11208/10/2013

But what about his 10 Facebook friends? What did they have to say?

by Brandonreply 11308/10/2013

If he's dead, will the "Mormon dude" be converting him post-mortem like they do to the rest of us?

by Brandonreply 11408/10/2013

Utterly fucking pathetic. Most of all that the troll is still here, pretending it didn't do all this horseshit itself.

Honestly, there are people in this world who are incredibly sick, but who don't want to harm themselves -- they just want to fuck with other human beings' minds online.

They are pond scum. One of the reasons I can't deal with the troll-hunting groups is that they maintain a very sympathetic attitude toward the trolls they catch, especially when they turn out to be teenaged girls. I know they can't be prosecuted or anything, but I don't feel any of them deserve kindness or forgiveness.

by Brandonreply 11508/10/2013

Don't take it so personal, r115. Online personas are a kind of performance art.

by Brandonreply 11608/10/2013

Lol r114

by Brandonreply 11708/10/2013

Might not be a bad idea to include in your will 1) Delete FB account immediately. 2) No roadside memorial with fat girls hugging and (ugh) bending over to arrange fuzzy toys. 3) No one admitted at funeral in flip-flops. Tanks okay unless fat.

by Brandonreply 11808/10/2013

what what's going? Where's Brandon?

by Brandonreply 11908/11/2013

Where does this fantasy of the "beautiful Mormon" come from? Most of them are doughy with gross, spotty skin and that awful, inbred, borderline Down's look. Just yuck.

by Brandonreply 12008/11/2013


by Brandonreply 12108/02/2014


by Brandonreply 12208/02/2014
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