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City has filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14808/23/2013

It will be interesting to see how this proceeds. There could be huge battles over city assets, especially the cultural gems.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 107/18/2013

Dibs on "The Night Mare."

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 207/18/2013

i wish we would just move there en mass and take it over. so many beautiful old buildings to restore.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 307/18/2013

Should I buy it?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 407/18/2013

The future of the US, before our eyes

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 507/18/2013

Do you have about $18.5 billion, Oprah? If not I image you could get a hefty discount now.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 607/18/2013

I can sell Gay-le, r6.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 707/18/2013

Send for Elaine Stritch in Birmingham. She'll do benefit to save Detroit, but it will cost the city so much in freebies, they'll be in even worse financial shape when it's over.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 807/18/2013

Yes, I wish they could move a bunch of those great solid old buildings down here to Atlanta, much of which looks like it was built in on the cheap in 1972.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 907/18/2013

Howdy Doodie, folks, the original Howdy!

What'll you give for it? Let me hear you!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1007/18/2013

Sorry for coming off as stupid. But, what happens after the bankruptcy? Are the residents to be moved out of Detroit or something? Will Detroit be razed over and turned into farmland?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1107/18/2013

If only r11, if only.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1207/18/2013

Detroit will NEVER be president, now.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1307/18/2013

Some cities just aren't meant to sustain a growth trajectory. Is there no way to "slim down" Detroit in a responsible way. I mean, look at Bonn, Germany. Once the capital of West Germany, it now doesn't even register as a main European town. Yet I doubt it is collapsing into chaos.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1407/18/2013

Then all of their current officials should be removed from office and replaced since they obviously don't know what they're doing. Time to clean house.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1507/18/2013

R11, It's likely that wealthy Chinese will come in and turn it into one of their ghost cities. Or, they will raze everything and like you said, turn it into farmland.

Americans don't want Detroit. It's a failed memory. But immigrants don't care about it's history and will put it to good use.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1607/18/2013

R11 That already has been happening. There's a big urban farming movement happening there because the city is made up of VAST EXPANSES of unoccupied, decaying houses and other VAST EXPANSES of flattened land.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1707/18/2013

Detroit is not going to attract any American investors. No one wants to eat lettuce "grown in Detroit."

It's also too fucking cold and sounds ugly. I've never been there, but it sounds grey, cold, ugly and desolate.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1807/18/2013

BEAVER have returned to detroit.


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 1907/18/2013

I imagine the land there is soaked in toxins and pollutants. I would not eat anything I knew was grown there.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2007/18/2013

R10, even more frightening is the fact that the DIA got Howdy because it has one of the best collections of puppets in the USA- The McPharlin Collection. You just know the auction houses are salivating at the prospects. The notion that the works or art will go to other museums is false. The art will go to the highest bidder, which is very likely a collector. The art may not even stay in the USA.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2107/18/2013

R21 there could be a fight over the art given a recent area-wide tax that was approved. The funding wasn't just City of Detroit or patron-based anymore so the non-Detroit areas that pay could have a reasonable claim in protecting it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2207/18/2013

Why doesn't some libertarian consortium take it over and show us how it works in real life.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2307/18/2013

It's a shame that art in a public museum will just be sold off to Russian oligarchs and oil sheikhs.

So what now? Detroit is sold off to corporations? Will anyone want to buy it?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2507/18/2013

Fuck it, I'll buy it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2607/18/2013

Just heard on NPR they're assigning the blame going all the way back to "the turn of the century"- not this one- the OTHER one.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2707/18/2013

R22, I understand that, but at the same time it puts the shaping of the collection in the hands of the public. Unfortunately, the brand names with bragging rights will win. In other words, save the Picasso and the Rubens, sell the puppets.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2807/18/2013

Does Aretha Franklin still live there?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 2907/18/2013

So where did the population move to?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3007/18/2013

Detroit was like Vegas in that it was a heterosexual defined city, and we know where that leads--to ruination.

Folks, the ugly truth is that straights ruin everything they touch. And the most homophobic places are always the shittiest--why is that?

I wonder what the next city to topple will be?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3107/18/2013

I'm not in Detroit, R30, but I think the migration patterns are similar to those here in St. Louis, another city that has lost more population (as a percentage of its total in 1950) than Detroit.

First, middle class blacks started fleeing the city for the suburbs. Whites in the surburbs went to suburbs further out when blacks started moving in (white flight).

I'm sure when urban blacks started leaving Detroit for Dearborn and other Wayne County suburbs, whites in those area moved to suburbs futher out in Macomb and Oakland counties.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3207/18/2013

R30, the suburbs. "Detroit" is now the suburbs and the city is a barren wasteland.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3307/18/2013

They're still working on us, R23.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3407/18/2013

I got out while the gettin' was good.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3507/18/2013

[quote]It's also too fucking cold and sounds ugly. I've never been there, but it sounds grey, cold, ugly and desolate.

I've been there on business. Some of the decaying architecture (which they call "ruin porn") is stunning and Ozymandias-like in scope. There are dozens of gorgeous buildings in Downtown alone.

There's a whole little district of Mies van der Rohe townhouses just outside Downtown -- it's called Lafayette Park, and it's really stunning.

What struck me the most is miles and miles of abandoned houses... and then you come across one little block that's just barely hanging in. My tour guide said the neighbors in these little pockets would mow the houses around them, trying to stave off squatters and people who would break in to steal copper or whatever. But even the abandoned houses have great bones.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3607/18/2013

Hey, don't the Japanese need to relocate their whole island because of Fukashima?

They're neat, clean, quiet, and as neighbors they get such 'glowing' reviews.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3707/18/2013

What's on its iPod?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3807/18/2013

There are several factors that have contributed to Detroit's demise:

- White and black flight/postwar suburbanization ... now exurbanization (building suburbs of suburbs)

- "Redlining" (racial segregation due to restrictive government housing policy)

- Freeway construction that destroyed neighbourhoods, bisected the city, and resulted in the demise of an expansive streetcar system

- The globalization of the auto industry, movement of factory jobs first to the US South, then Mexico, now Asia

- Lack of a diversified local economy

- Sprawl - Detroit's total area far exceeds that of comparable US cities - it's a city comprised of single-family detached homes

- Ground pollution and miles of abandoned industrial "brown zones" that will be difficult to redevelop/repurpose

- Corrupt and dysfunctional local government

- Lack of regional planning between the city, its suburbs, and the state

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 3907/18/2013

In addition to r39's excellent list I would add that Detroit really isn't the "hub" of anything; successful secondary cities are hubs of regions (Denver - the Mountain States; Chicago - the Midwest; Atlanta - the South, etc.) And it's not a gateway city like Seattle is to the Far East and Miami to Latin America. There really is very little reason for such a large city to be located in that corner of Michigan.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4007/18/2013

[quote]BEAVER have returned to Detroit. BEAVER.

Is this somehow connected to MichFest?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4107/18/2013

Let's let Ontario annex it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4207/18/2013

I agree with what another poster said on another thread - us gays should turn it into a gay mecca. Property is cheap and it would be a shame to see all those beautiful old buildings get torn down.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4307/18/2013

No surprise, the city's run by Democrats. They've run out of money to pay for the "free" social programs.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4407/18/2013

No thanks, r42.

We took it from you in the War of 1812 but then let you take it back once we got a good look.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4507/18/2013

No to any bailout. Collect it back from the politicians that stole from the city and there are many. Seize their property, bank accounts, boats cars, personal property.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4607/18/2013

Well, R44, repubs know how to bust a city dry as well but the Dems have cornered the market on death by social engineering.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4707/18/2013

Actually the city is run by Republicans and always has been. They run the banks that refused to lend any money, they run the companies that fled to the suburbs then Mexico, and they run the state, who is behind this whole gambit. As for libertarians, they've been running wild there for ten years without making any substantive improvements.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4807/18/2013

It tried to lure film productions in with huge tax breaks but nobody on crews wanted to have to LIVE there. Oz: The Great and Powerful is the last big movie to shoot there.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 4907/18/2013

R48, it's Demo land. Run by democrats, inhabited by democrats, and looted by democrats.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5007/18/2013

You know nothing about Detroit R50.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5107/18/2013

I live in the area and I can tell you it is a multifaceted issue. There's corruption but also a whole lot of policy issues designe to protect industry have come back to bite the city in the butt.

They refused to put in a solid transportation system and any attempt to do so was always blocked as a means of protecting the precious auto industry. So now they have people who rely on public transportation that don't have a reliable means of getting to work and can't afford to keep a car in the city moving out to suburbs where they can live with family and feel safer walking to work. Or people who just feel that it isn't worth it to commute and they would rather find a job closer to the subs where they live.

The next thing the brilliant city government did in response was initiate laws that said if you worked for the city government you had to live in the city. People either started finding jobs elsewhere or cheating that requirement by claiming residence where they don't actually live.

The governor is a tea party nut sack and used the recall election to put his token Bing in the mayor's office and any government official that actually tries to get anything done magically finds themselves the target of a corruption scandal. It's SOP for this place. They got rid of Jerry Oliver, they got rid of every democratic leaning federal judge, and they continue to rip up the school board to suite their own interests and financial gain.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5207/18/2013

[post by racist shit-stain #3 removed.]

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5307/18/2013

RIP. US is stumbling. It's jobs, period. Work on the people, give them livelihood.

But no, that would be 'big government.' Socialism! Hand outs!

Educating the resource-poor there in varied skills, even public infrastructure build-up, would be more fruitful than arms spending.

Destroying the living wage was counter-productive. So long, Detroit. Help is not on the way.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5407/18/2013

Something like half the homes in the city are running a home based business. It is already a kind of libertarian paradise.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5507/18/2013


I'm sure Obama will be blamed.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5607/18/2013

Well, get ready for a Republican takeover in 2016 from the presidency to all of Congress -- Congressional takeover will happen next year.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5707/18/2013

I hadn't posted on here in ages but thanks for the reminder of why r53. This place is racist as hell.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5807/18/2013

[post by racist shit-stain #3 removed.]

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 5907/18/2013

[quote] The next thing the brilliant city government did in response was initiate laws that said if you worked for the city government you had to live in the city.

Chicago's had that law for decades.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6007/18/2013

R57 needs to wake up from that dream he's having.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6107/18/2013

R57, it will be all Republican but what will that accomplish for the average Joe?

Less money for infrastructure, education, etc.

If people vote simply on impulse due to democratic failings we are really sunk.

Right now--we need to discuss our options and be very thoughtful about it all.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6207/18/2013

[post by racist shit-stain #3 removed.]

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6307/18/2013

Yes, but Chicago also has reliable in-city transportation. Imagine living in a city where the republican led government has created islands of isolation by buying off residents and removing bus stops then having to decide between staying and taking a convoluted three hour bus ride to work where you have to walk about a mile from stop to stop or quitting said job and moving out of the city.

It's even worse for kids because there is no school bus system they have to rely on city transportation and every year the damn city government redoes the busing system to remove even more bus stops. Then they have the nerve to complain that parents aren't sending their kids to school. It is all ass backward.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6407/18/2013

Voice of the Night, you can have Fuseli's Night Mare as long as I get Raeburn's portrait of the Earl of Buchan. Mmmm...

So many great paintings there; it makes me sick at heart.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6507/18/2013

R64, you make a GREAT point regarding public transportation and maintain a work force.

It BLOWS MY MIND that the wealthy never consider how people travel throughout their communities.

Case in point: Jerry Jones builds that state-of-the-art stadium in Dallas however there is no public transportation available to that site. How can so much money be poured into a project without considering basic transportation?

Removing bus stops is not just a repub thing, democrats love to isolate the "others" who do not drive or have access to cars. Even the bay area has lousy bus service but brags about its BART system, which honestly is far too frightening to travel on for much of the city but tough luck for us, eh?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6607/18/2013

Detroit is so far gone, I think the best thing to do now would be to tear down all the abandoned, decaying buildings and just let nature re-claim the land. Turn it into a national park or a nature preserve or something.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6707/18/2013

Rome bounced back. But it took several centuries.

But was Rome, at the depth of the Dark Ages, as far gone as Detroit is now? IIRC, it was down to a few thousand people at the lowest, living among the glorious ruins.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6807/18/2013

Detroit may be the largest bankruptcy filing under Chapter 9 date...but there are more to come. Yes, there has been colossal mismanagement, and corruption and bad investments, etc. But that is only a small part of the story of this massive FAIL.

Detroit is tied to the auto industry. But if you don't think NAFTA, Wall Street, predatory lending, the financial crisis and the mess George Bush gave us affected Detroit's financial viability you are living in dreamland.

We stabilized the financial services and the banks, we stabilized the auto industry, but we have done nothing at all to really "fix" the fragile financial condition of state governments, cities, counties and public school systems all over the country that are teetering on the brink, or who have already filed for bankruptcy.

Before you get smug and point fingers at Detroit, please recognize that, in spite of the so-called recovery, the unwillingness of this Congress to invest in a comprehensive jobs program, or to rebuild crumbling infrastructure, or to strengthen our manufacturing base, or to increase the minimum wage, is putting all of us in jeopardy.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 6907/18/2013

Detroit should be taken over by the county. All these corrupt politicians and thieves should be thrown to the wolves. They need a city manager who understands how to run a city, and let the Mayor be a figure head.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7007/18/2013

My home town and a shit hole. I left when I was 18 over 40 years ago. I could see no future there. I live in No. California. My idiot family are all still there and miserable. They could leave. I don't know why they stay. I refuse to return for any reason. Detroit haunts me in my nightmares. I did go back to see my Mom while she was alive but now that she is gone, nothing will make me go back. Ever!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7107/18/2013

[quote]Imagine living in a city where the republican led government

EPIC FAIL. Are you a product of the Detroit Public School system? Detroit's had five straight decades of Democratic mayors.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7207/18/2013

[quote]I live in No. California.

Hopefully not in Vallejo or Stockton (also bankrupt.)

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7307/18/2013

Detroit has had Democratic mayors since 1961.

That's pre-Bush, pre-everything.

Detroit is a democratic- socially engineered nightmare.

Personally, I see no difference between Dems and Repubs.

Not these days. All are corrupt.

Watch the stock markets tomorrow.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7407/18/2013

[quote]Personally, I see no difference between Dems and Repubs.

How so? Break it down for us.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7507/18/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7607/18/2013

r74 wrote this:

[quote]It's also too fucking cold and sounds ugly. I've never been there, but it sounds grey, cold, ugly and desolate.

Troll-dar them, and look through the previous three pages. It's a Freeptard.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7707/18/2013

I live in Ann Arbor, but born and raised in Detroit. It breaks my heart that the city has to file for bankruptcy, but for those of us who do care for the city, realize that this is what is needed to help it recover. I think Detroit will make significant strides in the coming decade to remove itself from this embarrassing situation.

However, I'm concerned with the type of people who have been "managing" the city... they are ignorant, greedy, and selfish. Detroit needs a new kind of mayor, be it a female, a non-black, or a republican, SOMEONE very different with a new attitude and a serious commitment to make Detroit a strong city once again.

Finally, they better not touch a goddamn piece of art at the Detroit Institute of Arts. That museum is primarily the ONLY world renowned cultural place that brings visitors to Detroit. I know that other museums are kind of salivating right now at the prospect of buying works of art from the DIA, but now more than ever, the DIA needs to remain completely intact to help keep the spirit of the city alive.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7807/18/2013

r72 you obviously don't live here and have no idea what I am talking about so you are the one who has failed republicans at the state level are constantly initiating state policies that rip at the city of Detroit. The mayor's office has been nothing but a dummy position for years. Try passing reading comprehension before you critique posts made by other people.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 7907/18/2013

I have a very recent Detroit story.

A couple weeks ago I moved from Portland to take a job in IT in Detroit. I didn't want to go, but it was an area I would like experience in, and I figured I could stand anything for a year or so. The job was to start Jul 1st.

I moved into one of the converted warehouses near the bridge to Canada and on the riverfront.

When I called the leasing office before moving, they sent me beautiful pics. They said it was geared toward "young professionals and artists". The place is only three years old. I could get a month to month lease if it didn't work out. But still, it cost 2100 to move in. I could never have afforded such a huge loft in PDX, so I thought what the heck.

I lasted exactly three days.

My next door neighbors were gang-bangers who blasted rap, pounded on the walls, and screamed and yelled at the same time. There would be at lease 20 of them in there coming and going. I guess they sleep during the day.

I complained multiple times to the management. I recorded audio. I did not sleep for three nights.

In desperation I called the police dispatch to see if they could enforce a noise ordinance (which you can do in PDX and Indy). The dispatcher was an A-A woman. She could hear the noise and offered her condolences and talked to me for about 20 mins. She said that all I could do is what she did, and move out of Detroit.

There were other problems: the floors were freshly varnished the day before I was to take residence and I had to spend 2 nights in a hotel on my dime. Still the varnish smell was sickening.

There was no loft ladder, no clicker for the garage (I had to go on a waiting list for both). There was no refrigerator or stove, and I had to beg to get them installed. There was garbage everywhere, broken windows, giant holes in the property, and a posting above the mailboxes about toxins from an oil refinery explosion in the back of the property.

There was a smell of garbage that was permeating my furniture and skin, and I think it was from the neighbors. (When I was moving in I was told the unit across the hall with a view of the river would be unavailable for a month b/c it was "unhygienic".) There was no lighting in my end of the hall, so even during the day it was dark.

I was told the unit had ATT internet. Instead I had to get Dish network installed with a 2 year contract, which I cancelled on move out, costing me another 700.

I had to rent a truck and pay for movers, another 400 or so.

I am getting a "maybe" from the management about my 1300 deposit back, forget about the first month rent.

Supposedly the developer is putting up these lofts to attract IT workers for Quicken etc. (I was with a very small firm.) But by law they have to accept Section 8. They get 30 days move out notice if they violate the rules. I could not last 30 days. I felt they were targeting me to move out.

I could go on, but I'll just post the pics below.

Not to mention the air actually stinks. It stinks! I guess they pile up the garbage and it sits somewhere before incineration. And a weird stinky steam comes out of all the sewer covers.

I turned down the job after one day. My nearest relative is 4 hours away and a commute wasn't doable.

If the people of Detroit tear things down as soon as others try to build something up, Detroit as a city is doomed.

I am getting my white ass back to Portland ASAP.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8007/18/2013

I did that R77.

R74, et al., is also trolling @ the "Michael Moore Files For Divorce" thread with this post (among others):

[quote]he talks too much for a fattie.

What a [italic]fascinating[/italic] comment!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8107/18/2013

But R80,

it's all Bush's fault and these poor thugs are victims!

Detroit has failed as a social engineering experiment and it's time to move on.

When you allow legions of grown men to not accept normal, regular responsibility you bankruptcy.

and any black person who defends that is self-loathing and has no pride.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8207/18/2013

[quote]And it's not a gateway city like Seattle is to the Far East and Miami to Latin America. There really is very little reason for such a large city to be located in that corner of Michigan.

You couldn't be more wrong.

Detroit is situated on a major international shipping waterway between Great Lakes connecting to the Atlantic. It has plenty of water and good agricultural land amid a large regional population. The name means "the strait" in french. It's decimation is purely due to politics.

Now Las Vegas, Phoenix...those are cities that should not be. When water and oil become scarce they will dry up and blow away.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8307/18/2013

why, R81?

why am I wrong?

A man who has been over 300 pounds for most of his life is not mentally stable. He is undisciplined and out of control.

It's like listening to a junkie prattle on and on about his opinions.

who cares!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8407/18/2013


by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8507/18/2013

Can you go just star a blog or something r84? No one here wants to read your hateful rambling.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8607/18/2013

R86, If I were 300 plus pounds for most of my manhood then I would

a) admit to a problem

b) fix the fucking problem

c) not get on camera yammering about issues

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8707/18/2013

Detroit and Michigan will be fine in the long run. Access to fresh water is going to be a huge issue in the future, and Michigan is literally surrounded by it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8807/18/2013

As long as Robocop's around, Detroit will be just fine!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 8907/18/2013

R80, I definitely feel for you and I'm sorry your brief experience in Detroit sucked to an almighty high. it pains me to say that most dwellings that "have" to offer Section 8 can be ruined by that lot as most of those people simply have a rent mentality and do not respect property at a discount.

Like I said in my previous thread, I live in Ann Arbor, about 40 miles East of Detroit, and I only go to Detroit, just off of 8 Mile Rd, to see my sister. I drive downtown to take the tunnel to Canada. and I also visit the DIA. Other than that, my time in Detroit is very limited.

Travel safe back to Portland.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9007/19/2013

The border crossings in SE Michigan, including the bridge in Detroit, are the busiest commercial trade land border crosspoints in the country (and Canada is our biggest trading partner).

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9107/19/2013

That's correct R91! Detroit will survive this. And with a new Int'l Bridge being built a couple miles South from the Ambassador bridge, a lot more international commerce will flow more freely through Detroit/Windsor, Ont.

If I must say, a major bonus in living in SE Michigan, IS the ease and access to another country, Canada.

Now all we need is someone like Bloomberg to pour money into that valuable river front area and one day, Detroit can be called, New Detroit.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9207/19/2013

r60, NYC has a residency requirement of living in the five boroughs or on Long Island and a few counties north of the city. Government employees can commute 50 miles from the suburbs, but aren't permitted to live in Jersey City, a ten-minute PATH train ride across the Hudson to the Garden State.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9307/19/2013

[quote]There's a whole little district of Mies van der Rohe townhouses just outside Downtown -- it's called Lafayette Park, and it's really stunning.

Mies van der Rohe = Battery Humans. Who the fuck wants to preserve concrete hell? He, Gropius and Le Corbusier can fuck right off for the urban blight they have inflicted under the guise of modern architecture.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9407/19/2013

Now it is time to call Colbyco, Denver-Carrington won't help, trust me, and ask some help. I am loving caring woman, who loves to help my city, if the price is right.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9507/19/2013

Just saw some pics of empty abandoned buildings in Denver. Looks so sad.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9607/19/2013

[quote]empty abandoned buildings

As opposed to the fully occupied abandoned buildings?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9707/19/2013

Detroit is experiencing the same fucked up weather as Chicago. It's going to have the same weather as Louisiana in a few years.

I still think Datalounge should get me a job in St. Paul/Minneapolis in accounting/operations.

About me me me: love Microsoft Excel, short walks on a beach, gardens, trashy reupholstery, and fur-back gays.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9807/19/2013

I do this with all the love I possess for my data loungers.

Here are my best Detroit homes for sale. Warning: It's Trulia and the site is very slow:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 9907/19/2013

Detroit made a huge mistake eons ago by relying on the auto industry to keep itself alive.

Cleveland Ohio government and businesses were smart enough to find something other than steel (medicine, for example) before the steel mills left, and Cleveland has become again a very vibrant city. The National Senior Games (an event with more athletes than the last Olympics) are here this week and the Gay Games are here next year. Detroit thought that cars would be their only need and they rae paying dearly for it.

BTW, living by one of the Great Lakes is a huge plus and as many other states whine they don't have enough fresh water, Great Lakes states and cities will be the envy of people in the future.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10007/19/2013

This one meets four criteria: relatively low crime, fireplace, brick exterior, and NOT a short sale:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10107/19/2013

I remember so many great underground parties there late 80's/early90's, house and techno. But it was always dangerous and it has been for the last 30 years. They didn't call Murder City for nothing.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10207/19/2013

The future for Detroit is pretty bleak. The next major domino to fall may well be Chicago, I'm deeply sorry to say.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10307/19/2013

R97 Good you got the point.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10407/19/2013

Detroit is such a vast city, despite its current underpopulated character. Link is to a map showing how Detroit can easily envelop the area of Boston, San Francisco, and Manhattan.

Of course, this only makes the problem worse. Those three cities have a combined population in excess of 3 million people; Detroit now has maybe 680,000, and was never larger than 2.1 million.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10507/19/2013

Here's a baby 2 bedroom:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10607/19/2013

This one has lovely woodwork and a good exterior. Scarier neighborhood, though:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10707/19/2013

This one makes me moist, however your shit will linger in the master bedroom:

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10807/19/2013

It's sad watching Detroit die. I grew up in the rust belt and I've seen how a city can whither away and die when industry pulls out.

It's not a Detroit problem, it's an American problem.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 10907/19/2013

R107 lovely, good? Am I looking same pics?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11007/19/2013

Make that fat ex crook mayor Kwame pay back the millions he stole. Carpet bombing should take care of the 80,000 abandoned structures and then make all of the welfare recipients clean up the mess.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11107/19/2013

please get up we love you detroit

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11207/19/2013

[post by racist shit-stain #3 removed.]

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11307/19/2013

[bold] Detroit bankruptcy filing unconstitutional, must be withdrawn [/bold]

LANSING — An Ingham County judge says Thursday's historic Detroit bankruptcy filing violates the Michigan Constitution and state law and must be withdrawn.

(More at link)

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11407/19/2013

Hopefully this will finish off the Republican Governor.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11507/19/2013

Lafayette Park by Mies van der Rohe

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11607/19/2013

I think the solution to Detroit is to break it up into six cities. Each one individually would be stronger than the whole.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11707/19/2013

And the central city would reap a whirlwind of investment.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11807/19/2013

F&F for r111 & 113. This is the attitude that brought Detroit to ruin.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 11907/19/2013

I hope no one is stupid enough to think that the Michigan constitution and Michigan law can trump federal bankruptcy statutes.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12007/19/2013

Of course it can R120. The state creates cities and governs them.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12107/19/2013

[post by racist shit-stain #3 removed.]

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12207/19/2013

Detroit's long-time motto:

"Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus."

(Motto of Detroit: "We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes.")

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12307/19/2013

I have friends who live in a very nice suburb, outside of Detroit. Gay couple, quite well off. Have their home values gone way down ? Can't imagine all is rosy in the lovely, outlying areas if the city has no real 'there' there. Know nothing about the city , area. Anyone (realtor, homeowner) know ?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12407/19/2013

JAY Z, buy it for me honey, pretty please

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12507/19/2013

[quote]"We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes.")

Wouldn't that be more appropriate for Phoenix?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12607/19/2013

Detroit has not collapsed, as long as MELINDA BROWN DUNCAN lives there! Baby!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12707/19/2013

Michigan's state motto is unbelievably stupid: if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you. In Latin.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12807/19/2013

Turn the land into cotton fields... Just a thought..

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 12907/23/2013

When Philadelphia had serious money problems, the state stepped in and had to approve the city's budget each year. Why doesn't Michigan step in and take control?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13007/23/2013

The state did - the Governor is the one who approved the bankruptcy filing. The city leadership was just ho-humming along totally in denial.

You have to understand the dynamics involved. The City of Detroit is almost 80% black. Any attempted interventions are taken as racially motivated efforts to end Detroit's (i.e. black) homerule.

There have been members of Detroit's city council who have publicly stated they don't care if they wipe every bit of white culture out of the city.

Detroit has had a strong black separatist movement for some time. The Nation of Islam was also founded here.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13107/23/2013

If what R131 says is true, Detroit will soon be known as The American Congo

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13207/23/2013

[quote]They refused to put in a solid transportation system and any attempt to do so was always blocked as a means of protecting the precious auto industry.

The fucking auto industry has ruined pretty much everything in this country. Nobody wanted to think of the future so they just kept caving into them.

Now we have shitty rail systems (anyone outside of the East Coast ever take a train anywhere?)and nearly nonexistent public transportation between and in major cities. All because of Detroit and the auto industry.

Fuck them.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13307/23/2013

R133 if the rail systems weren't shitty to start with they would still be popular - like they are in Europe. Even Canada's Via Rail is light years nicer than Amtrak.

The City of Detroit, on the other hand, can't even competently run a bus system and that has nothing to do with the automakers.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13407/23/2013

The rail system was shit-canned by Detroit because they wanted Americans to buy cars and NOT use rail.

So they used their $$ to pressure the politicians to limit passenger rail - and this is what we have.

Fuck them. If they'd spent their money improving the rail system instead of convincing everyone to use cars, we'd be a lot better off today as a country. And probably would not be in Iraq.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13507/23/2013

I was born in the 60s and I can't remember a time since childhood that Detroit was ever considered anything but a center of the worst imaginable urban decay and frightening violence. So it's amazing to me that it has been able to survive as long as it has. Similarly, when I was a kid Cleveland has a bad rep as a rusted, toxic wasteland, but unlike Detroit, Cleveland has been able to turn it around. It seems like Detroit's safety issue and its permanently corrupt government has been the big difference.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13607/23/2013

The auto industry was saved by Obama. He's to blame them right?

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13707/23/2013

Happy 312th Birthday Detroit!

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13807/24/2013

I think R131 is on to something. Coleman Young was mayor of the city for 20 years from 1974 to 1994. The news media reported constantly that various governmental crime agencies were investigating him. Young said back at the time he was first elected that his goal was to have Detroit be the first black owned and black run city in the country. He was totally into black power.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 13907/24/2013

It took 131 posts to get to Coleman Young?

Young scared the shit out of white people - on purpose - and he was responsible for the city/suburb and city/state antagonism which defined Detroit for the past half-century.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14007/24/2013

131 is right. The city council is beyond racist and don't bother hiding it.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14107/24/2013

Unreal. The Detroit City Council is focusing on the Treyvon Martin case and trying to ensure that Zimmerman is tried in a civil case.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14207/24/2013

Good lord, the Detroit City Council actually has members who come to work dressed in traditional African costume.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14307/24/2013

Yes. That's true R143. There are lots of people all over town looking like that from what I've seen on TV.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14407/24/2013

[quote]Cleveland has a bad rep as a rusted, toxic wasteland, but unlike Detroit, Cleveland has been able to turn it around. It seems like Detroit's safety issue and its permanently corrupt government has been the big difference.

Well, actually, there's another BIG difference between Cleveland and Detroit which made Cleveland able to turn itself around.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14507/24/2013

Since Detroit is dying- slowly, but inexorably- and will soon be forced to sell the DIAs artwork due to bankruptcy, why not make it an experiment?

Many sections are war zones comparable to Baghdad or Islamabad. Many homes are vacant and in need of repair. Parts of downtown have amazing buildings that are falling apart from disrepair. The police and hospitals won't even respond to 911 calls in parts of the city. The government has stopped work on the downtown jail and seeks bids from private investors. Basically the city is FUCKED! The current system will just make it worse.

So, why not make it an independent city state, with no state/federal taxes or regulations or laws, a totally independent entity, governed only by the US Constitution?

They could (if they wished) eliminate all tariffs, make anything they wished "legal tender", decriminalize drugs/gambling/ prostitution, eliminate most taxes and shrink the government to less than 1% of the "GDP" of the city.

If they failed, then "libertarianism" would be discredited.

The reason they won't- because it would prove that a free-market, libertarian system is superior to the socialist/fascist system that we have in the USA.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14608/23/2013

And on this thread, in 5, 4, 3...

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14708/23/2013

r89 made me lmao.

by Simon Halls's Fistreply 14808/23/2013
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