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Questions about online auction places (like Ebay). I need replacement China.

First off, I don't wanna hear no cheap jokes about replacing Red China, OK?

Lost a lot of my beautiful Wedgwood Breton china when my partner suffered from Parkinsons (Slip, boom, crash). When that happens, you just have to pretend it doesn't matter at all and get on with life.

I've lost about half of an 8 piece setting, plus all the other casserole dishes and stuff that goes with it.

Tonight I was on Ebay for the first time in my life and typed in the information on what I needed. Before you know it, I had purchased $300 of replacement dinner and bread plates. Are there any other auction places like this online? Like I said, I didn't bid on it, I bought it on Ebay. Thanks for the help.

by Excited!reply 10608/16/2013 can help you with the odd pieces you don't find on eBay.

by Excited!reply 107/17/2013

Isn't that place owned by the out gay guy who's around 65? I think that's the place. I know it's located on the East Coast somewhere at any rate. He came out after, I think, a teen committed suicide thanks to gay bullying, and it was big in the news. He lost a lot of business because of coming out, but had no regrets (pretty sure it was posted on DL at some point in the last 2 years). If that is the guy at, you should absolutely support him if he has your china style.

by Excited!reply 207/17/2013

No offense if this is a serious post, but I find it kind of difficult to believe that someone who writes like this--

[quote] I don't wanna hear no cheap jokes

--collects china.

But maybe you won the lottery.

Okay, have you checked Craigslist? A friend of my mom's sold all of her china when she was downsizing to a retirement apartment on CL for very cheap. You can find great deals--especially from someone who's in a rush because they're moving.

If you know exactly the piece you're looking for, I would just google it--ie "Wedgewood 15" dinner plate for sale" and see what it brings back.

by Excited!reply 307/17/2013

OP, is an outstanding resource.

I have used to missing spoons and broken plates.

They have so many patterns and lists of items for each pattern. Once you use them, they mail you lists for your pattern with prices and availability.

The replacement spoon arrived so shiny without a mark and made my set need to be cleaned.

by Excited!reply 407/17/2013

... Here is the link for finding your pattern:

by Excited!reply 507/17/2013

R2, OP here---Jesus, yeah, I recall that piece on one of the 6 o'clock news shows. Good memory you have. Now I'm off to see what else has been responded to me. Thank you all.

by Excited!reply 607/17/2013

R3, you make me laugh in a good way. I thought my English usage was funny in that way. I have two degrees in vastly different fields of engineering so I'm not a dolt. But about your comment of having won the lottery.

I kid you not. I won the Connecticut lottery in my junior year of high school in...about '72 (I'm an elder.)

There were only 1 or 2 state lotteries going on back then when CT joined it, and you could have driven a truck through the rules of playing because there weren't any.

When I won, and my shining face holding my winning lottery ticket hit the New Haven Register and Hartford...Courant? The shit hit the fan.

Why is this 16 year old kid playing the lottery, the Christians demanded. Actually, my Mom bought 5 ticket at Sears in Orange, CT., and let me select one.

Grand Prize. $5,000 in pre-inflation dollars. Back then, a new teacher earned $3,500/year (I'm not kidding.) A new, loaded VW bug could be purchased for $2,000 (they advertised it as a dollar/pound!)

It paid for my first year of college tuition, board and expenses (~$4,000+) at Yale.

Well, now you have met a genuine lottery winner. Now off to read the rest of the responses.

by Excited!reply 707/17/2013

HaHaHa @R5 !!!

If you go back and click on the link that R5 provided, you will see that he has graciously filled in the search term with "RED CHINA" and saved it for us to see.

You know what? I love this fucking site and it is a bargain at $18, which is nearly the cost of 2 Wedgwood Breton China bread plates.

by Excited!reply 807/17/2013

r8 are you the OP?

I also was in h.s. / college when you were.

How smart to use your winnings for a good education instead of a shiny car.

I have many interests and really appreciate good china and having more than one set of dishes.

by Excited!reply 907/17/2013

Replacements LTD is located in McLeansville, NC. The other day, someone started a thread asking for info about Greensboro, NC. Replacements is located on the outskirts of Greensboro. It is absolutely the best place to find replacement china. Once you've signed up with them, they will email you updates on the availability of your pattern pieces. If you like china/tableware its a fun place to visit. Yes the owner is a homo and an asshole.

by Excited!reply 1007/17/2013

"When my parter suffered from Parkinson's"? Wait, so he doesn't have it anymore? Why doesn't the world know about this cure?

by Excited!reply 1107/17/2013

OP here. You guys are so nice, really you are.

I went on the site many of you recommended to me,, and saw so much good Breton china stuff that didn't even come with my own serving set and I am eager to own all of it.

A covered sugar bowl for $30? I've removed sugar from my diet but it would look good on my table.

A 4 cup tea pot that doesn't actually whistle when it boils for $180? I don't like tea, but it will look good on my new range in my new kitchen.

Covered casserole dishes in 1.5, 2.5 and 3 quart sizes, cumulatively at $650+ (what the FUCK is that all about?) even though I don't cook they would look spectacular behind the beveled glass cabinet doors of my new kitchen cabinets.

There is another dozen "things" that did not come with my original set that I purchased in 1982, and I want them all. Now I can afford them and I thank all of YOU in DL for steering toward the right online direction to find all of these items. Kisses and Peace to ALL!

by Excited!reply 1207/17/2013

R9, yes I was the OP. Sorry, should have mentioned it. I've been smoking some weed and it is kicking in.

by Excited!reply 1307/17/2013

We love you too, Tracy Pollan!

by Excited!reply 1407/17/2013

There are no sites comparable to Replacements. They do sell on Ebay but at a high price. Depends on how much is available other than from replacements. A google search will find any pieces offered elsewhere, like etsy.

Many patterns simply can't be replaced. So few looking anymore, so few selling china. I am a retired dealer, have many sets of china, many odds and ends of various patterns, vintage stemware etc.

by Excited!reply 1507/17/2013

R11, yes I should have reworked that sentence and I can see how you were confused.

My partner suffered from the excruciating pain and humiliation of Parkinsons for 14 long years until one afternoon I briefly looked away from him and he swallowed all of his narcotic pain medication to get out of our world and his Hell. He's in Heaven. I've prayed for him every night for 11 years.

by Excited!reply 1607/17/2013

Your pattern will be hard to replace. It is a contemporary pattern, hence not a lot of it.

by Excited!reply 1707/17/2013

I'm sorry I teased you, OP, and I'm sorry for your loss.

by Excited!reply 1807/17/2013

R14, that wasn't nice. Can't you go troll for a JANBOT post and bash her instead?

by Excited!reply 1907/17/2013

I am sorry too OP.

by Excited!reply 2007/17/2013

R14, It's OK, buddy. OP here.

by Excited!reply 2107/17/2013

OP, were you being dramatic when you said you just bought $300 worth of Wedgwood Breton on Ebay? Cuz no Wedgwood Breton has sold on Ebay for at least 2 weeks.

by Excited!reply 2207/17/2013

R22--I made the payment tonight, around 10PM CST, so maybe you should look later for this thing you are looking for.

And may I ask of you, why do you question such a banal statement such as my purchases on Ebay?

by Excited!reply 2307/17/2013


Great story about winning the lottery!

by Excited!reply 2407/17/2013

R22, perhaps Buy It Now Auctions or Best Offer sales don't show up if are looking for completed regular auctions?

I buy a lot of items on eBay, sometimes ended auctions don't show up immediately.

The only instance where I might want to see an ended auction, it I was looking at a Seller's items, was interested in something, but forgot to add the item to my Watch list. And of course to compare prices.

by Excited!reply 2507/17/2013

Were those the Milton Rose plates?

by Excited!reply 2607/17/2013

R26, Don't know nothing about no Milton Rose plates---but if I like them I'll buy them. I'm looking for a 20+ series of colorful dinner plates to put across my new kitchen cabinets.

I want to thank ALL of you for have being so kind in my quest for replacement Breton China stuff.

I love this place for its wit and charm. And now you have dome even more than that in directing me to places to find Breton China pieces. I wish I could invite you all over to the house when I get a setting for 12 pulled up.

by Excited!reply 2707/18/2013

More cheers for Replacements. Their stuff isn't cheap, but I think by and large their prices are fair ones. And you'll be supporting a supporting a cool businessman, who took a major risk to his business by being gay friendly.

by Excited!reply 2807/18/2013

That is the most hideous china I have ever seen. You should have stacked it all on your partner's head and sent him walking across the room in an earthquake.

by Excited!reply 2907/18/2013

R28, he's not just gay friendly, he is gay.

by Excited!reply 3007/18/2013

I have the opposite problem. I have a bunch of my late sister's china that I want to get rid of. I thought about selling it to Replacements, but by the time you follow their requirements for shipping, etc., it's hardly worth it. Should I try on eBay? It's a discontinued Fitz and Floyd pattern. from the '80s, I think.

by Excited!reply 3107/18/2013

My problem with the story is it's not true. The OP bought no china on eBay or elsewhere.

by Excited!reply 3207/18/2013


There were two listings for Wedgwood dinner and bread plates sold last night. I don't think they were Breton, but if he bought them both with the shipping, it would have pushed him over 300.

(Don't worry, OP. Buy Now listings don't show any info about the buyer--only about the item and the seller.)

by Excited!reply 3307/18/2013

damn that's grandmawish

by Excited!reply 3407/18/2013

R7 I remember that story in the NH Register. Our paths have probably crossed. Dixie is my pattern of choice, however, so we probably travel in different circles.

by Excited!reply 3507/18/2013

I am still not sure what mfg. and pattern OP actually has?

I would be interested in seeing a photo of the plate.

by Excited!reply 3607/18/2013

How dare you criticize my choice of Wedgwood Breton china, you vicious queens!

It is a perfect setting for my large wood and stained glass country kitchen I just paid a fortune for.

Some of you queens aren't going to get an invitation to my open house, a guaranfuckingtee you, sniff.

by Excited!reply 3707/19/2013


Not a pattern I would choose. It is a pale imitation of a Quimper pattern. If you can't afford a nice pattern or something authentic, this will do I suppose. Think a minute about trying to serve a nice meal on this china

by Excited!reply 3807/19/2013

Tracy Pollan, come back to TV! We miss you!

by Excited!reply 3907/19/2013

R38, I like your sense of humor.

It makes me laugh that there are actually people out there who have bought that ridiculously almost Amish-looking pattern and are proud of it.

I'm a little more masculine than that, but it would make a great gift to an aged spinster aunt.

by Excited!reply 4007/19/2013

For an antique look I recommend Limoge or Haviland. For something more contemporary try a mid century Studio Lino by Rosenthal.

by Excited!reply 4107/19/2013

And not a word about what happened to the poor offending Parkinsonian patner? And why it's now safe to invest again in the hand-painted periwinkles?


by Excited!reply 4207/19/2013

I much prefer the double glazed Avignon, for a candlelight supper.

Replacements also lists on eBay. If you see it on eBay it is always cheaper to find the same item directly on the Replacements web site.

by Excited!reply 4307/19/2013

Hyacinth at R42, you might want to read R16.

by Excited!reply 4407/19/2013

My hubby and I have a lavish large set of Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica. It's not cheap but you have to eat off of something. At first I worried about putting it in the dishwasher but we can always buy more.

by Excited!reply 4507/19/2013

My god you queens have horrible taste.

by Excited!reply 4607/19/2013

Check from time to time for entire services. The prices aren't usually very high (there really isn't much of a market for used china), but remember, successful bidders will, in some instances, have to make shipping arrangements on their own.

by Excited!reply 4707/19/2013

Best bets for china is estate sales. Be very picky and pay very little. Also craig's list

by Excited!reply 4807/19/2013

Years ago I inherited my great aunt and uncle's china. Sadly, they had passed a number if years before so I had no information on the pattern. At one point, I did take a plate to a fine china shop but they weren't able to help. I also remember sending a photocopy to replacements but they weren't able to help either. Thus was long before the Internet so perhaps it's time to try again. I also need additional pieces for my parents' silver. Thanks for reminding me...

by Excited!reply 4907/19/2013


On a dark and stormy night, I would expect the woman on that china pattern to animate and speak to me in a raspy voice.

by Excited!reply 5007/19/2013

[R50] The point being, that woman is a Briton

by Excited!reply 5107/19/2013

r49, post a picture online and let the great gay collective of DL go to work.

by Excited!reply 5207/19/2013

I'd be much obliged if everyone would join me in FF'ing R42. Thank you very much.

by Excited!reply 5307/19/2013

R45, I predict caftans, earrings and candelabras in your future. That china is hideously Nellie.

by Excited!reply 5407/19/2013

R38, I'm laughing my ass off. You aren't serious about that china, are you? It looks like something someone would have painted and the local community center for geriatric activites.

by Excited!reply 5507/19/2013

R50, excellent comment. I'm sure the lady in on the china plate would turn to you and hiss, "You're what makes God puke!"

by Excited!reply 5607/19/2013

R22 and R32 have determined they are talented amateur sleuths after watching too much Dateline Mystery.

At the very least, you need to find a better hobby than nosing around to challenge DL posters.

by Excited!reply 5707/19/2013

R57 is right. You boys are pretty strange. Normal people don't do such things quietly let alone go about talking about it. You should really try to get out more and socialize, maybe even make a friend or two instead of being the Carrie White of your class.

by Excited!reply 5807/19/2013


Stupid comment yet closer to the true than the bitch imagines.

Actually the Breton pattern is based on an antique QUIMPER pattern. There are many patterns made in tribute or to mimic this pattern by Quimper. One of the most popular Southern Potteries versions was a Breton pattern.

The pattern is FOLK ART, traditionally painted by the BRETON people. Get it? Probably to dumb to appreciate. Mock away you tasteless paper plate user.

by Excited!reply 5907/20/2013

Southern potteries and Blue Ridge Pottery are the same company.

Here is your French Peasant pattern.

by Excited!reply 6007/20/2013

LOL @ mock away!

by Excited!reply 6107/20/2013

R60. Exquisitely horrid! The old lady looks like a barometer my grandmother once had. It would bend over at the waist, dip her nose in water, and dip back, over and over again.

by Excited!reply 6207/20/2013

[R62] Hand painted pottery from the Blue Ridge Mountains is not for everyone.Not everyone appreciates charm. This work is not done in America anymore. Perhaps you prefer something in one of the plastics.

by Excited!reply 6307/20/2013

r63, it's a planet, it's tableware, it's...Melmac!

by Excited!reply 6407/20/2013

The Haviland that someone suggested upthread was pretty.

Just because a person doesn't like folk art or primitives doesn't mean that he or she is a philistine.

by Excited!reply 6507/20/2013


I take my inspiration from Agnes Moorehead's performance of the Yellow Wallpaper.

by Excited!reply 6607/20/2013

r45, I am not sure I believe you. At $949.00 per plate, I do not think someone would put them into the dishwasher. If one broke you would SCREAM. No one has that much money and if they did, the would go nuts if one broke or got faded out none the less.

by Excited!reply 6707/20/2013

R67, china has a glass glaze on it. It does not "fade out", as you put it.

However, on behalf of DL, we invite you to do so.

by Excited!reply 6807/20/2013

Don't any of you guys even want to ATTEMPT being masculine?

by Excited!reply 6907/20/2013

R69 eats out of dog bowls just to show how tough he is...

But he secretly wishes he had a collection of Madame Alexander dolls...

by Excited!reply 7007/20/2013

I have an old friend who used to be in the box business in Greensboro. He told me a long time ago that the Replacements guy used to come by once or twice a month and pick up enough boxes to fill his car. Then he came weekly. Then he came weekly in a truck, then they started delivering to him in a big truck. He said it was cool to see the business grow like that. He went from working out of a spare room in his house to a small warehouse, and now has something like 200,000 square feet of warehouse space.

My friend also used to sell to Adam and Eve (also based somewhere in NC I think) and the warehouse guys used to make jokes all the time about the #9 boxes.

by Excited!reply 7107/20/2013

r68, you do not own the china you mentioned.

by Excited!reply 7207/20/2013

r67, Flora Danica is possibly the world's most expensive pattern and that is the reason it was picked out for mention.

For me they are purely display plates as I could never picture dragging a serrated steak knife across the hand painted greenery. Ruinous.

The chocolate cups, however, I would use.

I don't like to have any decoration in the well of the plate but I do like a decorated rim.

My dishes for fancy meals: Minton Riverton.

by Excited!reply 7307/20/2013

R73, every elder gay man knows that Minnie Riverton was not a dish but a singer in the 70's with a very high voice.

by Excited!reply 7407/21/2013

OP: China? Why not Japan? Or Korea? LOL.

Boy, this thread has had more mileage than I would have imagined!

by Excited!reply 7507/21/2013

Minnie Riverton? You mean Maya Rudolph's mamma?

by Excited!reply 7607/21/2013

OK, r73, Minnie Riperton was some dish.

Minton Riverton is some plate.

by Excited!reply 7707/21/2013

r73, that is a beautiful and elegant dinnerware!

Here is my favorite, Lenox Federal Cobalt:

by Excited!reply 7807/21/2013

R78, that is simply a ghastly choice. It looks like one of those 1st generation B&W television round-tubes from the 1950s.

I half expect you to pound on it with your fist to make the picture come on, sniff.

Who's next?

by Excited!reply 7907/21/2013

Federal Cobalt is a classic.

Begone Mme. Helen Sinclair, ersatz Ph.D. Good Taste, before someone drops a house on you.

by Excited!reply 8007/22/2013

R80, be serious. Your selection sounds like a maximum security prison. You are so bad I can't even smell you.

by Excited!reply 8107/22/2013

[R73] I showed my husband your Minnie Riperton and he started to bawl, so jealous he was with our sleazy old Flora Danica. I'm "Loving You" he said as he ordered up a big old set for my birthday. When it arrives we will pack the old Royal Copenhagen stuff off to the nearest charity thrift.

by Excited!reply 8207/22/2013

I prefer the traditional square plate china.

by Excited!reply 8307/22/2013

r83, Google is not your friend.

Minnie Riperton / Minton Riverton is wonderful, but I use Wedgwood Ulander Powder Ruby for luncheons.

by Excited!reply 8407/23/2013

LOL r82.

by Excited!reply 8507/23/2013

What r80 said....

by Excited!reply 8607/24/2013

Which is precisely why, R84, those of us in society no longer deign to accept your shabby luncheon invitations any longer. Be gone, and take your Coney Island mementos with you.

by Excited!reply 8707/24/2013

Thank you r84, please leave your mother a proper note so she may purchase Cheetos for you while you tend to the washing machine next to your computer. One day you WILL emerge from her basement.

And no luncheon invitation is shabby if written on Crane's.

by Excited!reply 8807/25/2013

I always carefully open my invitations as to not disturb the stationer's imprint. I'm always thrilled with a 'T&Co', knowing that the occasion will be proper....I'll accept.

by Excited!reply 8907/25/2013

R88, you are warned against any further molestation of Cranes and other endangered species by PETA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and one-legged pink flamingos everywhere.

Your perversions have been duly noted and the authorities alerted. Do not test my patience any further.

by Excited!reply 9007/25/2013

Hi guys! It's me again, OP!

I wanted to tell you that I got my box of replacement Wedgwood Breton China (well, I think it is beautiful though some of you don't agree. Bright, sunny colors for a large country kitchen of restored barnwood and stained glass.)

4 bread plates, 5 dinner plates sent to me protected in enough bubble wrap to raise the Potemkin. All for about $75 plus expensive shipping. I started small, never having used Paypal or done this sort of thing before.

I got it from Ebay, but not from which you alerted me to, too late, but from Hispanic name from Texas who had lower prices (but higher shipping costs).

I'm thrilled and I have all of you great big guys on DL to help me through this. Now, I'm going back for the soup dishes, serving plates and $265 covered casserole dishes that never came with my set in 1982. I don't know exactly what a casserole is, but the pot is beautiful and I want it.

One last thing! Forgot! sent me an email and is having a HUGE discount on shipping right now because it is their anniversary. Obviously, shipping and insuring china is expensive, the rates are good and I will post them in a moment.

Thanks again for your help, guys. And I think the posts were very, very funny and we should all in enjoy them in the humor of the day.

by Excited!reply 9107/26/2013

R25, OP here again. THANK YOU for alerting me to that site you called Buy It Now Auctions. They have spectacular Persian rugs offered there, but then I went to and wow, you should see what they are offering for under $2,000. Thanks, though. I see other stuff on that site I like.

by Excited!reply 9207/26/2013

Standard Shipping & Handling: U.S.A. Includes Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands

Your Order Amount

U.S.A. Standard Rate

Up to $74.99


$75.00 to $149.99


$150.00 to $299.99

Free *


Free *

by Excited!reply 9307/26/2013

Wow! Was just on Ebay and purchased my first Breton casserole dish with lid. Not sure how many quarts it holds since only the dimensions where given and not the volume. But it was pretty big and went for ONLY (and I'm not being facetious) $50, when I've seen this size and others in the $160-$260 range.

I gotta thank all you boys out there that directed me to these sites. And for the record, this casserole dish was not listed yesterday, so you have to keep checking.

by Excited!reply 9407/26/2013

R59, "Probably to dumb to appreciate"

--I'm sure you right hand was simply paralyzed from TOO much wanking to hit that extra "O" in TOO. Did it hit the back wall?

by Excited!reply 9507/26/2013

Replacements Ltd. is very good. They are online, or you can call. Even if they don't have it, they will "put out the word" and look for it.

by Excited!reply 9607/26/2013

If you like the rustic, yet sophisticated, hand painted dish:

by Excited!reply 9707/28/2013


by Excited!reply 9807/30/2013

I have Royal Doulton Carlye pattern. It is now retired

I have a service for 8 plus all the platters and serving bowls and pieces.

I bought them in England and have never used them even once.

I would love to sell it to Replacements but the shipping cost would be out of sight.

by Excited!reply 9907/31/2013

You would get more for them on ebay plus you have the buyer pay for shipping.

Royal Doulton Carlyle is a very pretty pattern.

Why don't you use them?

by Excited!reply 10008/03/2013


I've never used them. They are far too fancy .

I went to England and Ireland at 18 yr old and my mother told me to buy a full service of bone china and crystal. WTF???

I bought Waterford Dunmore 8 piece sets of water, hocks and flutes. Dunmore was the original Waterford pattern

I was far too young to make those decisions. I'm not a fancy type of person and would pick out something different today

This is a shit load of $$$$ boxed up in my closets. I'd love to get rid of it and let someone enjoy it

by Excited!reply 10108/04/2013

R101, I could give you $500 for the set and pay shipping to Louisiana. Any interest?

by Excited!reply 10208/04/2013


I'm not looking for what it's worth but I'm also not looking to get hosed either.

$500 is too low for 8 four piece place settings and all the serving pieces,platters,tureens,etc...

by Excited!reply 10308/04/2013

Then don't sell to Replacements. You would be horrified by their offer. Sell it piecemeal on ebay. Sell in sets of 4; 4 dinner plates and so on. Or find an ebay listing/shipping service in your area.

A good price to aim for is 60% of Replacements listed price. If you set that as your opening bid you will do no worse.

by Excited!reply 10408/05/2013

But think of all the crack and scratch-off lottery tickets $500 will buy you!

by Excited!reply 10508/06/2013


by Excited!reply 10608/16/2013
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