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Va-va-va-voom: Vamping up the art world

That Ava Jerome is a sexy bitch, isn't she?

A regular 21st century Marlene Dietrich and Mae West rolled into one.....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 60010/16/2013

But her gallerina has all the charm of a diesel dump truck.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 107/17/2013

I just stopped by to say MOO!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 207/18/2013

Loving Brit's pregnancy walk!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 307/18/2013

Maura West has turned this show on it's ear. I hope she sticks around. She really brings it.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 407/18/2013

This is why I hate us.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 507/18/2013

Did Lady Geary start her annual pilgrimage to Amsterdam yet?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 607/18/2013

So Chad(Dick of Death) frosted highlights?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 707/18/2013

R7 I guess the carpet no longer matches the drapes.

But with that trouser python, who cares?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 807/18/2013

Bovina made him get them. It was payback for what his monster dong does to her vag 4 times a day. Brandon Buddy's dong left Kiki almost a virgin.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 907/18/2013

Chad must be gay.

He's mistaking Bovina's moo moo muff for a hairy buttcrack.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 1007/19/2013

things are looking up for Mikey and Bovina

by Franco's blond rootsreply 1107/20/2013

IA, let's use the Ava thread.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 1208/23/2013


by Franco's blond rootsreply 1308/24/2013

Can we chat about OLTL on here? Does anyone know when the second season is starting?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 1408/24/2013

Someone on Daytime Dish spoke with a director or someone and he said October, maybe. An insider on that board thinks it will be January and I'm afraid it will be never. I don't trust PP and I never have.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 1508/24/2013

Kiki ruins the Cane and Able story. No way do I see two brothers lusting after her.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 1608/28/2013

Are we really supposed to think AJ murdered Connie? No one else with the initials AJ?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 1708/28/2013

I still can't believe Bovina won a fucking Emmy. She's deeply untalented and always looks like she should be working at an Orange Julius.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 1808/28/2013

Washboard Wednesday!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 1908/28/2013

Someone on the last thread asked what was coming up for Scotty. He's going to be coming between Lucy and Kevin.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 2008/28/2013

Yes, Scott is going to cause trouble between Lucy and Kevin, whose daughter Christina will be causing trouble for Scott. Laura and Lucy will be working and fighting at Deception together.

Sounds interesting, but we will probably only see all this play out about two times a month.

Laura left for Paris today - is she taking an extended vacation like Geary?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 2108/28/2013

That's all well and good, but his kiss off of Laura came too soon and with no real buildup. According to those here more familiar with their style that seems to be how Valentini and Carlivati roll, though--ADD/ADHD plotting.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 2208/28/2013

OLTL and AMC air in January at the latest. They will be back shooting soon enough. AMC first, and soon.

Say what you will but PP and GH both fucked each other over equally, and PP put on a good show. And it's looking likely ABCD won't care about the feud and is reportedly planning to offer AMC and OLTL as a syndie package to interested, Katie-averse affiliates in early 14.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 2308/28/2013

from DD

[quote]Cast members literally have had scripts pulled from their hands and told to go home until called back.

They should be more like six to eight weeks ahead by FV's normal production schedule.

They still have pieces of September to tape at this late date.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 2408/28/2013


by Franco's blond rootsreply 2508/28/2013

Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron 13h

The speech didn't begin until after 3. "@spillsthetea with much respect to you sir some things are more important the the last 4 min of #GH" Details

Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron 13h

Really @ABC? You couldn't wait four more minutes? #GH Details

by Franco's blond rootsreply 2608/28/2013

I agree with Ron C. There was no need to cut in just to hear some fucking talking head blow hot air until the speech began.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 2708/29/2013

Ava Killed Connie.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 2808/29/2013

If anyone is interested, the All My Children repeats on SoapNet just finished airing the final episodes from Sept. 2011.

They're now showing episodes from 2008 again, starting with the tornado episodes which aired shortly after Chuck Pratt took over as headwriter.

The One Life to Live repeats on SoapNet are now up to November 2011. Since they show three weeks worth of episodes each week (three episodes a day), they'll be airing the final episodes from Dec. 2011 and Jan. 2012 in the next two weeks.

The General Hospital repeats on SoapNet are episodes from sometime in 2010. Can't tell what the exact month is.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 2908/29/2013

I am sure there are financial reasons, but you would think Soapnet would go back a bit further in AMC's history than its last three years when it was a train wreck. They could start in the early 90s, perhaps the fall where they started a bunch of stories that led up to the Will Courtlandt murder.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3008/29/2013

Carlivati is such a drama queen. True the network could have waited but he could have not offended African American viewers also with his hissy fit. It is bad enough they are relegated to pratically invisible roles on the show. Also, Mr. C has informed posters via twitter that those criticizing characters (not actors mind you) will be blocked. It is also interesting to note that not only was Luke saying goodbye to Laura, that was GF's swan song yesterday. She will not return from Paris due to "health reasons" and that will be the end of that. They have been keeping it under wraps to avoid a sure shitstorm from her fans, since they already are up in arms over the crap way she has been treated since she returned after she was promised big story. They even threw in some phony spoilers to keep the fanbase fooled. I did hear this from a good source who works on the show. T.J. is also taking a hike along with Rafe. They need more airtime for Kiki and Franco. Carlivati has big plans for Carly and Franco and will try to sell them as the next big supercouple. Good luck with that. Also, A.J.'s days are numbered, so maybe he might turn out to be the killer although I did not hear anything about that.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3108/29/2013


His tweet was not a "hissy fit". Overreaction much ?

He just wished the last 4 minutes had been shown and so do I. It would have been different if they had went immediately to the president's speech but they did not.

Obama didn't speak until after the hour.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3208/29/2013

Why in the hell would they get rid of Rafe and T.J.? They are both VERY cute and I actually like the characters. What a shame about Genie. Only a fucking idiot could not write a storyline for Laura Spencer. They could start by cutting back on Sonny/Olivia.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3308/29/2013

I hope they don't get rid if AJ. GH needs more Qs not less and AJ has alot of history.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3408/29/2013

That Genie Francis news is just stunning. But those scenes yesterday came out of the blue and the had a finality to them. I thought it might be Luke's final scenes - but I watched it again, and I bet it is GF. TG/Luke did finally connect with her and he actually apologized to her. And she cried through the whole episode. Then Lulu's comment about Luke being the parent she needed was what the hell?

So - they are hoping the audience just doesn't notice that Laura never comes back?

Holy smokes.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3508/29/2013

I can't believe that they're going with Carly and Franco. I can't believe they actually think the fans are going to accept the character.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3608/29/2013

Not sure why there would be a "sure shitstorm" from GF fans over her departure. She has left and returned to GH countless times.

Seems like a lot viewers don't seem to be understanding the new cast structure of GH.

Due to cost restrictions, none of the cast will be appearing 5 days a weeks for long periods of time like the old days.

Everyone on the cast is now showing up for a few weeks and then will disapear for a few more weeks, then repeat. Rafe and TJ fans should relax. They'll be back in a few weeks.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3708/29/2013

Laura had no sizzle. I won't miss her. As far as I'm concerned, she's been coasting on her iconic status from years ago but all of her "it" factor is gone. It's not just the writing.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3808/29/2013

I haven't heard anything about GF being out. Her exit is a fake out.

RC has been bound and determined to reunite Luke and Laura since his first day at GH. But it was his incompetent handling of stories and juggling characters in the last 6 months that led to the hasty reshoots that added Laura to the mix with Luke and Holly, and sped up the end of her marriage to Scott. Ron finally took the hint that he was taking too long to get to LNL.

This is true:

[quote]Cast members literally have had scripts pulled from their hands and told to go home until called back. They should be more like six to eight weeks ahead by FV's normal production schedule. They still have pieces of September to tape at this late date.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 3908/29/2013

The actor you SHOULD be worried about is Sean Kanan. They are bored with AJ and are planning to have him offscreen as early as November as possible.

Kanan is a RWer but AJ is essential to the show now and the Qs. There was word Elizabeth would marry AJ to avoid having to testify when he was wrongly accusd for Connie's murder, then there are rumors it was an accident when AJ and Big Alice fought over the gun and it went off. But through it all is the increasing word that RC and FV want to dump AJ.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4008/29/2013

The Connie murder mystery is a disappointment. They could have spent weeks showing Connie pissing one person after another off. Her discovery that Derek was Julian Jerome could have been a few days before she was offed instead of the last few minutes of her life, to show her blackmailing Julian to get her job back and keeping the truth from Sonny because she felt betrayed by him and Olivia. As it is, there is one suspect (AJ) and two possible killers (Ava and Julian, but he was at the hospital). Boring.

Laura's scenes with Holly and Luke were obviously a last-minute write-in. Laura explaining her offscreen exploits re: Jerry were hilarious - in the old days,we would actually have been taken on that journey but now we are just getting post-exposition.

If GF is gone for good, it will be sad but this last return for laura has been a huge disappointment. RC has proven he can not write for Luke and Laura at all. Surprising because I thought he would be the one who could repair the damage done to their story by JFP/Guza.

That said, Emma Samms did a wonderful turn this time around - that's the Holly I remember and hope to see when Robert is back.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4108/29/2013

Genie is on the taping schedule through November like everyone else (along with Kim McCullough and Tristan Rogers). She's not done.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4208/29/2013

AJ and Elizabeth would make a good addition to the Q mansion. It would be an epic failure to get rid of AJ for any circumstance. Besides the stories involving the Q family, he is one of the best characters GH has right now. Even when he's screwing up you are rooting for him. RC would be an idiot to lose that.

The major fail right now is what is on this board. There is absolutely no build up to any event that happens on the show. Surely the writers realize this.

Oh and there is still too much Sonny...

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4308/29/2013

ABC is convinced MB is their golden egg. It looked like FV and RC were shoving the mob to the side and cutting it at the neck, but pressure to keep MB was too much for FV to jeapordize all he worked for.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4408/29/2013

Jason Thompson looks like he is freaking 15 years old!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4508/29/2013

Agreed R43! There's little to no dramatic buildup to any stories being told now. That severely limits audience involvement, which is key to soaps. R41's version of the Connie Murder Mystery would be better than what we've been given so far. And just think what fun a "Who Killed Sonny?" mystery would be! Ok, I just want him dead, but....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4608/29/2013

You guys keep trying to lose me with these thread names... But I WILL find you. I will NOT be IGNORED.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4708/29/2013

Did Holly double cross Luke and fake being k.o.ed by Frau Farbissina in order to get to Robert? Even if she did I want to see me some more Emma! Oh, and Ms. Pratt--maybe if you would finally put out you could land a gig. The virgin bit ain't working anymore.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4808/29/2013

[quote]It would be an epic failure to get rid of AJ for any circumstance. Besides the stories involving the Q family, he is one of the best characters GH has right now. Even when he's screwing up you are rooting for him. RC would be an idiot to lose that.

Ron gets bored quickly. And he thinks RH/Franco is more than enough for the Quartermaine stories. That's what's so ridiculous about this.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 4908/29/2013

Genie's scenes yesterday certainly had a finality about them. I would not be surprised if she was gone.

And Ron certainly has done a piss poor job writing for her character. Even Guza gave her better material to play than what Ron did.

I think Ron just really wanted her around for part of the 50th anniversary hoopla. Beyond that he had no idea what to do with the character. While there was lots of potential of a Laura-Scotty romance, that primarily happened off screen.

I hope even if Laura is gone that Leslie sticks around. Show needs a wise maternal figure.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5008/29/2013

Her scenes with Luke a few months back before marrying Scott also had "finality" that meant nothing. Ron doesn't pace well. She's not gone.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5108/29/2013

[quote] Ron doesn't pace well.

Understatement of the millennium.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5208/29/2013

I think Laura going to Paris will tie into the search for Jerry again. I wonder who she will meet up with there

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5308/29/2013

If Ron thinks that Franco is enough to represent the Qs then he would be missing out on Soap Writing 101. A major soap family (which you need to ave in soaps) must have history and be generational. Please do not tell me that is lost on him.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5408/29/2013

[quote]Ron doesn't pace well.

That's a very accurate statement, but its also true of all the other soap headwriters, especially in the last 10-15 years since storytelling has been sped up so much.

Back in the 70s and 80s, the pacing was much better because they were taking more time about telling the story.

Bill Bell and Agnes Nixon were masters of good pacing.

The Dobsons were particularly bad about pacing while in charge at Santa Barbara.

Brad Bell at B&B has never been good at pacing.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5508/29/2013

Here is Soap Writing 101.

1) Three plots. A, B, and C (If it's an hour show, add a fourth plot. D)

2) Plot A is front burner. Plot B is simmering. Plot C is on the backburner and warming.

3) You play Plot A three to four days a week. You play Plot B two times a week. You play plot C one time a week.

4) Plot A concludes. Plot B becomes front burner. Plot C goes to simmering. And a brand new plot starts to build.

5) Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

This structure works well for soaps because all of your characters get story and their turn on front burner. So characters don't get overplayed and the audience doesn't get burnout on one story or one set of characters.

Let's Y&R circa 1974ish

The three stories were:

A - Chris won't fuck Snapper. Snapper gets frustrated and finds someone who will fuck him. Chis gets asked on a date by a seemingly nice young man.

B - Sweet young Jill Foster meets boozy Katherine Chancellor and Katherine takes a liking to the girl, who is sacrificing her own future so that her brothers can finish Med School and Law School.

C- The Brad, Leslie, Laurie triangle was heating up.

And within each of those stories you had other little stories that would branch off and affect the major stories.

I don't blame Frank as much as I blame Ron, because Ron seems so arrogant and childish.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5608/29/2013

No conspiracy theories yet for a few scenes of Britt looking at a photo album of Nicholas and Emily?

Anna mentioned her unborn dead baby a few times to establish her hatred of the Jerome family and this place went nuts for weeks.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5708/29/2013

Jacob Young has sired another child:

Congratulations are in order for THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL's Jacob Young (Rick) and wife Christen, who welcomed their second child yesterday. Molly Lynn was born early Wednesday, August 28, and weighed six pounds, 11 ounces. The whole family is doing well, including their four year old son, Luke. Best wishes to them all!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5808/29/2013

The Qs need more than Franco. They need AJ, Tracy, Monica and whoever else they can put in there. Give us the Scorpios and Qs, get rid of the Corinthos and bring us back to where we thought we were heading before the anniversary episodes.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 5908/29/2013

R59, please tell me you aren't taken already! Speaking of core families----are there any Hardys left other than Audrey, who is somewhere in limbo? Is Liz a Hardy?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6008/29/2013

OLTL and AMC actor photos, but I wanted to share.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6108/29/2013

r57 - so what's your theory?

r60 - Liz's father Jeff Webber (brother of Rick Webber, who was stepfather of Laura Spencer)is the illigetimate son of Steve Hardy, so Liz is a Webber by name (since Jeff isn't by blood) and a Hardy by blood.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6208/29/2013

Is is confirmed that TJ and Rafe are out. I understood that Tequan Richmond (TJ) asked for time off to for a film project.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6308/30/2013

This is just a guess but I'm thinking the dead baby will turn out to be Sabrina. Bring back Ronbin and then you have sister rivalry.

Unfortunately if this is true, RC will have this revealed in a week's time.He seems to think that the classic soap telling weave of stringing along the audience is dead. I'm ready for Derek to tell Sam anyday that she is her father. Back in the day it would have taken them at the very least 3 months for the reveal.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6408/30/2013

You want a Hardy? I was Audrey's niece and lived in the house for years, fer crissakes!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6508/30/2013

R56 Under Brad Bell Young The Restless has become Old and The rested. A veritable snoozefest. even when he had Sven kidnap and stalk Jill in the 80s it didn't seem trite. As much as I rip that soap, Bill Bell's work on Days and Y & R was stellar. Then again his casting choices like Eileen Davidson, Terry Lester and Ms Brenda Dickson were on point. They were not the best actors or actresses on soaps but they were so right for the roles they played.

Ron should look back to what Pat Falken Smith did with that soap. As outlandish as the Ice Princess story the soap seemed to involve everybody in PC even though Scorpio, Luke and Laura were on in the main action on the island. ON the current GH there are sop many groups of people that are off in their own world.They did a nice job of a "Scotty shows up at Luke and Laura's wedding" with Stavros showing up. So Valentino and Cartooni understand certain things about GH and its history. The problem is that Ron's ADHD interferes with everything!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6608/30/2013

You weren't a Hardy, Annie. You were related through your aunt Audrey's marriage to Steve. As it was, you were just a whiney moocher who racked up their grocery and heating bills with your late-night fridge binging and frigid little self.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6708/30/2013

Originally, Luke and Laura were supposed to head off to Australia after the birth of their "granddaughter". But now, they've gone their separate ways with Laura headed back to Paris for a "health" evaluation. Why the rewrite?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6808/30/2013

I just need to say that I love the Susan Pratt troll. It never gets old. You've replaced the Cheryl Stansbury troll in my heart.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 6908/30/2013

More of Ellie's past is coming up to be a big part of the story. We are going to learn about her parents and a baby secret. Of course, it all means she is Franco's daughter. I think they always intended for Ellie to be the "Lauren" figure - recall when Ava was introduced in her meeting with Luke, Spinelli was hoodwinked into thinking another girl (who strangely resembled Ellie) was the missing heir.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7008/30/2013

The Michael-Morgan rivalry will be spilling into a blood feud. Morgan will be getting more abusive and self-destructive (the AJ of the two), putting both Michael and Kiki in danger.

Irony: Carly and Scummy's son will be just as much of a reckless loser that they have always labeled AJ; meanwhile, AJ's biological son Michael will be the golden boy Jason was.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7108/30/2013

[quote] I just need to say that I love the Susan Pratt troll. It never gets old. You've replaced the Cheryl Stansbury troll in my heart.

But what about me?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7208/30/2013

So they pre-empted the last ten minutes of GH today to tell us that Obama hasn't made a decision about Syria yet. That could have been stated in a 2 minute newsbreak.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7308/30/2013

R69 The bloom came off the rose with that one a long time ago. I liked the actress and loved the ludicrous storyline. Speaking of roses,where are all the Rose Kelly trolls...she was no virgin now was she?!

R72 I loved her too. Especially paired with Victor then almost perfectly paired with Robert. I was bummed that Scorpio and Tiff didn't last.

R68 Good I'm sick of The rapist and Mrs Baldwin being together. Been there done that. Unfortunately Cartooni might right Genie out. At least on the Sony soap she did recently she camped it up with Tristan Rogers and seemed to have fun. She's been so misused on GH it's a shame.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7408/30/2013

I would love to coordinate my return with Sharon's, but last I heard she was not doing well. Sadly there was some condition she suffered from which deteriorated her jaw. I think she was getting some plastic surgery to try o rebuild her jaw, but I don't know how that worked out for her. But everyone loved Tiffany Hill!!!

As for my virginity, people what are you thinking, I'm in my 50s!! (And still fresh as a daisy, never been touched!)

Last I heard from Rose Kelly, she was running up to Megan Draper in Hawaii and asking for her autograph. Knowing Rose, she had her eyes on Don's crotch the whole time.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7508/30/2013

Susan, you better have someone blow the dust off your muffin!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7608/30/2013

R73 When The President schedules a LIVE news conference regarding breaking news, the media covers it. ABC News would look like fools if they didn't. Instead Ron's making a fool of himself on Twitter acting put upon because ABC opted to cover what, granted, did mostly turn out to be a message of reassurance to the country rather than sticking with GH. Still, how stupid would ABC have looked if they weren't there and there was some breaking development?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7708/30/2013

So shouldn't the window in the PCDP interrogation room be the other way around - shouldn't you be able to see into the room from the outside and not the other way around?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7808/30/2013

How dare the president not consider that GH was on and wait until 4.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 7908/30/2013

Regarding the interuptions:

Thank God I can still see GH via SoapNet.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8008/30/2013

So Ava dumped the murder weapon near the boathouse while she was there "visiting" Kiki and Morgan ...

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8108/30/2013

Time to visit Lady Geary's place in Amsterdam. I may have to bring some rope.

If he's delayed by a few weeks, GH will see the wisdom of revisiting my character!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8208/30/2013

It's doubtful we'll ever get Rose Kelly back in Port Charles now that she's a big star on Mad Men.

But if Ron C wanted her back bad enough, he might get into a bidding war for her with Matt Weiner.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8308/30/2013

Where is the Thaao Penghlis troll? For a while, he was here every day extolling the virtues of his mostly forgotten hero.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8408/30/2013

Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron 4h

Alice is having a bad day. "@AliceMaeW: I hate that you are a writer for my favorite show. You are a self centered asshole!" #gh

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8508/30/2013

I agree with Alice.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8608/30/2013

That's Ron's biggest Achilles' heel. It's NEVER his fault. He NEVER makes mistakes.

That will drive GH into its grave quicker than anything else.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8708/30/2013

Ms. Prude---oop---sorry, Pratt, you are correct. You ARE in your 50s. And it's 2013, so if you want a place on the new GH you're gonna have to find a way to un-Super Glue those knees of yours. We don't need another dried up, sexless Ruby or Jessie. Have you at least learned to Lewinsky?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8808/30/2013


Why shouldn't he comment back if somebody knocks him ? At least he was witty about it.

The people who slam him on Twitter aren't GH fans. For the most part they are couples fans who eith want a couple together or want a couple a part.

Sadly, that's what most soap fanatics bitch about.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 8908/30/2013

R84 Fuck off you clueless,opinionless and worthless cunt! No one was here everyday posting about him you syphilitic scum sucking liar.People are preening on about Susan,Rose and other oldtimers. So fucking what? Crawl out of mommy's basement get a job and a life.

Oh Lady Queery I mentioned Victor with missed it? I think either Thaao topped you and left you flat or you are his bastard love child.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9008/31/2013

R86 You are a fucking coward. Cartooni would bitch slap you so fast you would faint before you knew what hit you! Oh and Alice is a cunt.I'm no Cartooni fan but all calling him a self centered asshole? Very childish then again YOU are immature to begin with so you would like something like that anyway....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9108/31/2013

You might want to detox from the meth, R90.

I was joking because I enjoyed your posts, but you just proved you're an evil humorless cunt.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9208/31/2013

R92 You are the evil one darling. Did I touch a nerve there? You are definitely a little bit of a sociopath aren't you? I would say that in your case once a cunt always a cunt!

BTW unlike you I've never done meth.Oh now that I've bitch slapped your ass you liked my posts?!What a steaming pile of horseshit. Please queeny try another line that one is so tired.

I wonder if this is Antoinette Empress Geary or not?;)The one that thinks that Tony is cunted and not cocked.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9308/31/2013

I find all of you quaint and a bit silly for pushing the notion of rehiring people who were on GH for about six months and never heard from again.

I really don't care what you think of me so you can give it a rest; your trite little insults don't bother me. The opinion of someone who is fixated on Thaao Penghlis can't carry any weight. I suspect you have mental problems since you claim it's not drugs.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9408/31/2013

Don't mind R93, R94. He's got deep mental issues.

We just try to ignore him, though it's hard, since he feels a deep seated need to respond to everyone's posts as if DL soap threads are his own personal blog.

You can always tell his posts: the excessive use of the word cunt, bad spelling and grammar, tired nicknames for the shows.

Oh, and the irony of yelling at a bunch of soap watching MEN about being too queeny. I think he's enormously fat with huge man boobs and has probably been teased mercilessly about that, so he brings that baggage here. The poor dear.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9508/31/2013

R95 Empress Geary you are projecting. I'm not fat and I have a life. Feminizing a gay man is so silly. It's so junior high school. It was cute once but a million times later....enough already. You have a severe case of arrested development. Perhaps you came out later in life that's why you have to resort to giving Geary a cunt.

R94 You are clearly mentally unstable. I'm not fixated on anyone on GH! Well maybe Maura West right now... she's fantastic. You seem to have an obsession that Thaao was mentioned,it's your fucking problem.I never mentioned him that often.As a matter a fact I had said that John Colicos AND Anders Hove were probably the best actors in the history of GH. Actually it seems that you have a bizarre obsession/fixation with Thaao. Just because he rejected you don't take it personally!BTW It would have been fun to see Victor, Anne Logan(she was hot), Rose Kelly(she's still cute but weathered judging form her "guest artiste" performance on ,Blackie(Stamos wanted to come back but Ron wanted him to do a cameo) and others come back for a bit for the 50th anniversary. I mean Ron brought back The Jeromes, now talk about forgotten.....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9608/31/2013

[quote] You are clearly mentally unstable.

Pot, kettle calling, please pick up line one!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9708/31/2013

Well, thanks lot guys - you are going to cost us the opportunity to keep these threads. Selfish and despicable behavior.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9808/31/2013

No it's like a King calling out a cuntess!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 9908/31/2013

[quote]Well, thanks lot guys - you are going to cost us the opportunity to keep these threads. Selfish and despicable behavior.

Agreed. Enough of the nonsense, it isn't worth jeopardizing our good thing here.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10008/31/2013

[quote]Why shouldn't he comment back if somebody knocks him ? At least he was witty about it.

The people who slam him on Twitter aren't GH fans. For the most part they are couples fans who eith want a couple together or want a couple a part.

He's representing and promoting the show via twitter r89. He needs to learn how to behave professionally in that capacity.

He opened the door and will naturally get both gushing from fans who are getting what they want but he's also going to get criticism from those who aren't happy. Some can be rude of course but even when they're not rude he still can't seem to handle any criticism. If he can't stand the heat maybe he should get out of the kitchen.

When GH was cut into for a presidential news conference on Friday Ron childishly tweeted that the news wasn't important enough to break into GH. Another actress on her own page tweeted that for those who missed those 15 minutes they could still catch them on or SoapNet. That's how you handle it professionally rather than making it all about you and sniping at fans who felt the news was more important than a soap. #GetALife indeed, Ron.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10108/31/2013


We get it. You hate RC.

I happened to agree with him on the interruptions.

The first day they broke in 4 minutes early yet the president didn't speak until 5 minutes after the hour.

The second time they interrupted the last 15 minutes for a statement about NOT having made a decision. That was a waste of airtime. That could have been handled with a crawl at the bottom of the screen.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10208/31/2013

Some of you may want to consider acting like adults before we get closed down..

Besides I really liked Friday's episode which in addition to Soapnet is also On Demand. Diane and AJ scenes were great. So was the Britches and Patrick.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10308/31/2013

I don't hate RC r102. I don't know the guy to have any personal feelings about him one way or another. I just question his professional judgment both in his writing and his conduct on social media.

I agree too that as it turned out the president didn't really have anything new of substance to say on Syria and ABC news obviously realized that as well because they cut back to regular programming fairly quickly. But as I pointed out in an earlier post, it's not like the news division gets a script in advance so they can decide whether the press conference is worth covering as opposed to catering to soap nuts. They HAVE to be there just in case there is important breaking news.

Yes, in hindsight what the president actually said could have been covered in a news break or regularly scheduled news cast but the news division didn't know that at the time. And by the way the news division trumps soap fluff every time so Ron better grow up and get used to regular news interruptions because they're not going to stop especially right now.

News did their job. Ron needs to pay attention to his own job which includes writing to please GH fans rather than himself and getting pissy at anyone who doesn't dare not see things the same way he does.

Or maybe he should just acknowledge that maybe twitter isn't the right place for him.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10408/31/2013

More on Connie's death:

"Now our evergreen anti-hero Sonny Corinthos is free to work his moody mobbed-up magic on yet another hapless female with a taste for bad guys. And so the misogynistic beat goes on."

Amen, sister.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10508/31/2013

Someone reminded me that it's been 5 years ago that Carolyn Hinsey scandal broke out (about her being fired from Soap Opera Weekly). That Jossip thread about her was GLORIOUS....what DL used to be!

My favorite post from that Jossip thread:


6AM: Wake up. 6:01: Eat 11 cupcakes and have a beer. 6:05: Get out of bed. 6:07: Fart long enough and loud enough to loosen paint from walls. Shut off fire extinguisher. 6:11 - Scrape barnacles off private parts. Save later for stew.

6:25: Once every two weeks walk behind a Nissan Sentra through car wash to hose down gargantuan body. Call car wash attendant a worthless piece of trash for having hose me down. 6:50: Eat cold pizza, a calzone, three snickers bars and a fifth of gin. After that, have breakfast.

7AM: Call Asian dry cleaning lady a cunt after picking up clothes. 7:03: Balance checkbook in front of the Today Show window; hope camera catches zeroes. Call Meredith Veira a cunt for not look as pretty as Stephanie and Matt Lauer a faggot for not wanting fat ass.

7:07: Eat a side of ham, a Diet Coke and some vodka. 7:10: Go to Starbucks. Troll Jossip message boards. Post two comments. Eat 21 slices of their yummy lemon cake. Have a cofee sweetened with whiskey. Call Starbucks barrista a short dicked dumb fuck who couldn't find a job at anywhere but Starbucks after informing me that they had no more lemon cake.

7:20: Kick a cat. Call it a cunt.

7:30: Call Lynn, Stephanie and various cohorts to coordinate Jossip game plan. Call Lynn back 120 times when bitch fails to pick up.

7:42: Call Mark Teschner. Call of childhood friend a dumb fuck for complaining it's 4:42AM in Los Angeles. Bitch about how no one will answer calls. Eat a box of crackers and two wine coolers. Tell Teschner if he wasn't a "faggot," would have sucked his gay cock in 11th grade and made a real "man" out of him. Would have been a lady and licked the smegma, too.

10:07AM - Hang up with Mark Teschner.

10:08 - Swing by GL studios in Manhattan. Offer Bradley Cole, Lawrence St. Victor, and Murray Bartlett blow jobs. After they decline, suck off Jamaican security guard from building next door. Then call him a nappy headed coon after swallowing.

10:40 - Eat a pound of raw hamburger from Gristedes, drink a half a bottle of wine, and eat a three ears of raw organic corn in the middle of produce section. Call store employees assmunching fucks who'll never get a real job.

11AM - Return home. Go on AARP website to check membership status.

11:03 - Call Brian Frons' office. Call assistant a cunt for not picking up the phone after the first ring. Leave 117th message for Frons.

11:04: Eat roasted chicken, four cans of pork and beans, a german chocolate cake, and a leg of lamb. Beverage: a diet Coke. And a an old fashioned long island ice tea.

11:46 - Go to Blondie's. Call employees mildly retarded Autistic fucks for letting her knock on door for 10 minutes before letting her inside.

11:47 - Knock back 6 beers, a pina colada, and an Incredible Hulk, with extra Hypnotiq and extra, extra Hennesey. Call Norwegian tourists in for lunch a bunch of stupid foreign fucks who would never be good enough to live in the USA and co-own a fucking sports bar, too.

12:39 - Finish cursing out Norwegian tourists.

12:47 - Put 19 posts on Jossip.

1:00PM - Leave 47th message for Jill Farren Phelps 1:01 - Leave 164th message for Cameron Mathison. 1:02 - Hang up on Cameron Mathison's wife for 93rd time. 1:04 - Leave 271st message for Thorsten Kaye. 1:07 - Leave 69th message for Barbara Bloom 1:08 - Leave voice mail for Lynn, calling her a backstabbing whore who will get hers when she least expects it and her kids will be left orphans. 1:11 - Leave 19th message for Jamaican at building next door to GL studios. 1:13 - Bitch slap a 4th grader. 1:15 - Leave 333rd message for Michael Logan to get back about hook up at or will release false info about the time Logan impersonated a priest at a Catholic middle school in the 80s. 1:27 - Fart. 1:30 - Lunch

(to be continued)

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10608/31/2013

Part 2 of the Hinsey post by "Moe Eberhardt"

2PM - Leave 9 posts on Jossip. Check on Lynn and Stephanie's postings. Call them ignorant dick sucking bitches with STD's for not being more convincing.

2:02 - Drink a case of Snapple, eat a gallon of Pathmark brand ice cream, and a whole cheesecake. Top it off with two Jagermeisters. And some gin.

3:03 - Check and for responses to resume.

3:03:04 - Cry that no one has responded to resume. Fart. Shut off sprinkler system.

3:15 - Take a shit. Shut off sprinkler system.

3:35 - Receive restraining order from Interlink to stay away from offices in perpetuity.

3:50 - Michelle Stafford takes call after 307th voice mail. Stafford misreads caller ID and immediately hangs up. In rage, threaten to punch a quadraplegic and spit in the face of Darfur refugee who just escaped the Janjuweed. Tell Dafurian they should have been raped and mutilated like the dumb cocksucking coon they are.

3:52 - Storm into Blondies. Call group watching the Olympics a bunch of cornholing faggots and they should pay for watching the games on the part of the big screen tv's that are owned or eat her out.

4:20 - Check personals ad on Craigslist. No responses.

4:22 - Leave 134th message for Chris Goutman. 4:23 - Leave 92nd message for Agnes Nixon. 4:26 - Take train to Peapack, New Jersey to find Ellen Wheeler.

8:40 - Return having not found Ellen Wheeler. Call New Jersey Transit workers short dicked cunts.

9:10 - Post 16 times on Jossip.

9:21 - Receive restraining order from Mrs. Cameron Mathison, Mrs. Thorsten Kaye, and Mr. and Mr. Ricky Paull Goldin.

9:30 - Order 7 Dominoes pizzas with various toppings. Eat whole meatloaf, a tub of mashed potatoes, half gallon of gravy, three cans of tuna, a jar of grape jelly, four Pillsbury Oven Fresh microwavable biscuits, and a bottle of Jack Daniels with a splash of Coke.

9:51 - Pizzas arrive. Call delivery guy a nasty little spic who should suck on her massive titties for being late and threaten to get him fired from he only job he was qualified or would ever get if he doesn't let her suck on his Mexican cock. When informed he's Armenian, exclaim that the dick at least won't taste like tacos and chimichangas. Slam door dramatically when delivery guy leaves after turning her down.

10:01 - After polishing off pizzas, post on Jossip.

10:20 - Begin calling and leaving messages for every producer, actor, and daytime executive. For the 5th day in a row. Hope for a response.

11:41 - Phone rings. It's an automated message from ConEd to pay overdue electric bill.

11:47 - Look out window, see Armenian pizza delivery guy leaving building. Yells down to crowded street that he has a little cock and a lady like her would not have enjoyed sucking it anyway.

Midnight - Dinner.

This is a parody.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10708/31/2013

Do all soap threads get derailed by all the "inside gaysball" crap? Like seeing the storyline discussed, but reposts of old comments trashing God-knows-who - WTF?

The callback to AJ and Jason with Morgan and Michael works, and Britt has a lot of presence and charisma. Don't think Sabrina works at all, and Patrick has been FUBARed by now. Shame they tied him with Robin when they were apeing "Grey's Anatomy". The actress portraying Robin was barely phoning it in, and Patrick as a widowed dad to an obnoxiously precocious brat, paired with not-as-fabulous-as-she-thinks Sabrina...

A.J. and Michael also are a pleasant surprise. Duell and Benard have minimal chemistry.

Seeing Tamra Braun mentioned - whatever happened to her? Best Carly, IMO.

Hope they do better with Ava than they did with Faith Roscoe.

WEHT Emily's twin?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10808/31/2013

R108 I can't say that I agree with your all of your points BUT that one about Michael and AJ was spot on. Good job by both actors on that front.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 10909/01/2013

R101, R104 True. I'm not a Cartooni fan at all but people are overreacting when it comes to Twitter. Then again he should also stay off it for his own sake. He's generating a lot of bad vibes with the fans.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11009/01/2013

R106 R107 What a waste of space.No one cares about a fake schedule. Boring....talking about not taking your meds.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11109/01/2013

r111 The schedule was quite funny in 2008 when Carolyn Hinsey got fired from her job as editor of Soap Opera Weekly. It was a parody posting on a 2000+ posting thread on the Jossip website that spilled lots of dirt about Carolyn's antics and various soap stars.

The schedule r106, r107 posted was quite clever at the time and had lots of inside jokes.

I agree, it's lost its freshness over the years.

And, no I'm not the person who reposted it.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11209/01/2013

The Jossip thread was chock-a-block with great gossip. Alas, it's gone (but can be found in the Internet Wayback Machine.)

I knew (and know) several Digest and Weekly staffers so it was quite delicious reading for me.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11309/01/2013


I think this is the thread

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11409/01/2013

Leslie Charleson was in one of the greatest soap triangles of all time, but her career didn't take off the way Donna Mills and David Birney's careers exploded after they left LIAMST. Does anyone else ever wonder why? Out of that triangle Iris was the more dynamic and exciting character. In one scene Iris pretty much told Mark that he will never have the kind of sex with Laura that he would have with her (Iris). Pretty racy and frank dialogue for the time.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11509/01/2013

No, R114, that's a Television Without Pity thread.

I can't remember how to do it, but someone here linked to a Wayback Machine post that found the old Jossip thread.

Cliff Notes version: It called out not only Carolyn Hinsey and Stephanie Sloane for bad behavior, but spilled a lot of dirt on different actors, producers, etc.

Jossip the website no longer exists - it was similar to Gawker back in its day.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11609/01/2013

I never understood how Hinsley was fired yet kept on to write her column in every issue.

That made zero sense to me. When you're fired you should be 100% gone.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11709/01/2013

r115, Leslie Charleson was just the pinnacle of dynamite in her golden days. Her Monica was what Carly Corinthos Jax wish she could be. I always thought LC never got half the accolation she deserved while Susan Lucci and Brenda Dickson and others got acclaim for their portrayals of similar tempestuous complex passionate women. LC just didn't have the kittenish sex appeal or coy sexuality that other actresses had to gain attention. LC's power was the force of personality. Monica was never a sexy character. She was masculine in her power, but still a woman.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11809/01/2013

Agreed. Leslie Charleson has always been extremely underrated.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 11909/01/2013

R117 She was editor in chief at Soap Opera Weekly (now defunct) and a columnist and contributing writer at Digest.

She was fired from Weekly, but kept her column at Digest, where she still is today.

But they were run by the same company, so your point is still valid. You'd think that if she wasn't good for one she wasn't good for either.

Then again, this is the soap industry, where head writers and producers drive shows into their graves and are gleefully hired by other shows the minute they're free.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12009/01/2013

Didn't Leslie Charleson and Chris Robinson have a hot and heavy thing going on off the set?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12109/01/2013

r120 It was all about budget.

An editor in chief of a national magazine can easily make 6 figures. Maybe not for a soap publication, but she'd still get in the high 5 figures. Plus benefits.

A columnist in a national magazine might make $1,000-$2,000 per column, but not get any benefits.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12209/01/2013

Leslie Charleson was on a "Happy Days" rerun on the Hub channel a few months ago, as the "hot-to-trot" divorcee that the guys were hitting on, and she was young, pretty and sexy.

She and Damon were terrific in some of the late-70s GHs that were rerun on Soapnet around the time of the 50th. Idiotic how the killed off Damon's character, Emily, and decimated the Qs

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12309/01/2013


That was Guza's brillant idea.

Hate that rat bastard.

How in the hell did such a piece of shit marry one of Daytime's true beauties ? Meg Bennent was goegeous on Y&R. She's still a very pretty lady.

Guza deserves a troll.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12409/01/2013

Meg Bennett did a bit part in a terrible summer storyline on GH when Kelly Monaco was on Dancing with the Stars.

Jason and Sam were abducted by Bennett whose daughter was a dead ringer for Sam, and Sam had to learn to dance for some weird reason. Bennett was horrible.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12509/02/2013


She could act as well as comatose Kelly Monaco and Burtoned Out Steve Burton.

Meg Bennent may not be Meryl Streep but she used to be drop dead gorgeous and she is still a very pretty woman.

Far too good for Guza.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12609/02/2013

R118, I find your take on Monica yet very interesting and quite contrary to my impression. Erica and Jill always owned who they were; Monica did not. However, I agree she is the predecessor to Carly. Monica did all kinds of dirt but always had Gale, Lila and others always defending (whitewashing) the crap she did. I hated the character then and hate her now.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12709/02/2013

R121 Leslie is supposedly a lesbian so that might be doubtful however they had tremendous chemistry together.

R124 After Cartooni and Valentino's recent debacles on GH, some people seem to think that the JFP/Guza era wasn't that bad in comparison.Then again the Sopranos lite version of GH by Guza was so bad at times it make the Bell Soaps on CBS seem watchable/bearable!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12809/02/2013

Leslie likes the labia. Supposedly she and one of the hair stylists had a long term rug munching situation.

Funny to think how different the reality of the actors was/is from their characters. At the point when GH was most popular, Monica had two men but Leslie had none. Luke had Laura, but Lady Geary was dating Ron Glass from Barney Miller and Genie was doing massive amounts of blow.

Then again, the entire set was covered in blow at that time. Coke was incredibly rampant through all the soap sets. There's interviews with people at GH and GL both talking about entire episodes they can't remember because they were so coked out.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 12909/02/2013

I thought that Ron Ass was the bottom in that relationship not Tony. Genie also dated(he started fucking her when she was sixteen and he was in his twenties) and did drugs with Kin "I didn't know I was gay at the time" Shriner. Oh and they supposedly snorted coke off of each other's naked bodies in their dressing rooms no less!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13009/02/2013

You just know Nurse Jessie was probably flying out to Studio 54 on the weekends and taking a few Jersey boys bukkake style....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13109/02/2013

Nurse Jessie was married to the beautiful Jeffery Hunter. All of her other men paled in beauty compared to that one.She must have been chasing the dragon after fucking that one.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13209/02/2013

I remember doing so much blow on the set of GH that I'd forget taping, and the next thing I could remember was coming to in the middle of a donkey show in Tijajuana.

Good Times!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13309/02/2013

R129, Monica never really had Rick. He was only with her because he was lead to believe she was carrying his child. Once the gig was up he left her, for good.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13409/02/2013

There was a great scene on LIAMST where Iris(Charleson) slaps Laura (Donna Mills) and says At least I don't pretend to be the Virgin Mary in that icy voice. Donna Mills breaks down crying and Leslie saunters offer to go fuck the politician dude.

Nothing hotter than young Leslie Charleson.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13509/02/2013

Ooh, R135, I like the cut of your jib. Do you have any clips of Leslie Charleson smacking Millsie around?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13609/02/2013

R135 Talk about going down memory lane! I wonder if Donna and Leslie got it on because everyone knew they were Lezzies. Not to mention Susan Flannery.....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13709/02/2013

Forget Luke & Laura - GH's real couple of the century was Monica and Alan. Their love-hate relationship kept me entertained for years.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13809/02/2013

r135, LC got it back full scale when Lesley Webber bitchslapped Monica in that infamous slap heard across the soap world.

Remember the days when slaps meant something?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 13909/02/2013

LC has her fair share of tragedy:

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14009/02/2013

I never bought Monica-Alan as a great love-hate relationship. Alan loved Monica. Because of the way she mistreated him, he did crazy, maniacal things. Monica love Rick Webber and many, many other men. She settled for Alan between her affairs because she owned the Q mansion and just like the furniture he came with the house. Alan had a few affairs but clearly only loved Monica. Theirs was a pathetic relationship. Alan deserved so much better.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14109/02/2013

[quote] Theirs was a pathetic relationship. Alan deserved so much better.

Yeah, I basically said the same, and look where that got me!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14209/02/2013

Don't say I didn't warn you!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14309/02/2013

I can't believe there are people who measure soap couples by what they expect from real-life relationships. Alan and Monica, Luke and Laura et al are not meant to be role models for healthy relationships. We wouldn't watch them if they were like real-life couples. They are meant to supply entertainment and escape with impossible epic passions swallowing up their everyday lives.

Alan and Monica made a perfect soap opera relationship - two self-centered and self destructive passionate people who were the worst things that happened to one another, thus supplying years of endless drama and, especially in this case, humour. I haven't seen soap couples since who naturally fitted with one another to supply such entertainment for viewers.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14409/02/2013

R143 Does Annie come back with Jeff for the 50th? Even though Jeff ended up with someone else.One never knows.....

R144 Ditto on Alan and Monica. The thunder and lightning in their relationship was really fun throughout the years.The humor was very much a part of their on screen presence. Even though Alan would be with Lucy or Monica would be with someone else in the end they would somehow end up back together.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14509/02/2013

OLTL cancelled again...

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14609/03/2013

r108 Emily's twin got plastic surgery and changed her name to Britt.

She was rushed off the show. Last I remember she was boarding a plane leaving PC after the whole Nikolas/liz relationship first happened.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14709/03/2013

She was a lab tech.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14809/03/2013

J.R. and Sue Ellen didn't come close to the years of adultery, jealousy, backstabbing, passion, love and hate that Monica and Alan endured.

Sonny never had Alan's charisma and imposing power. When provoked, Alan could be quite menacing and charge into his opponent like a bull set loose on a Spanish street. And Carly never had Monica's earthiness - Monica could be a hardworking professionaldedicated to healing and helping her fellow man and then turn around and be the most vicious bitch this side of Soap Divadom, but she never lost her self-respect nor her humanity. I think that was the secret to Monica's appeal - soap bitches ended up becoming a parody and playing the token role required for storytelling, yet she never ventured into cartoonish posing a'la Strasser's Dorian Cramer.

This is my favorite Alan and Monica, mortal enemies trying to destroy one another in a vicious divorce settlement after doing the worst to one another - and it culminates in a physical altercation that ends with them rolling around the floor together in a passionate frenzy:

by Franco's blond rootsreply 14909/03/2013

Wow. OLTL just got thrown under the bus!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15009/03/2013

Felix and Brad's scenes were wonderful today. This show is so schizophrenic. One day it is the campiest shit I haven't seen since Reilly's Passions, then the next they give us little gems like Felix and Brad's scenes.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15109/03/2013

The show is getting yet ANOTHER new cast member: some guy has been cast as Sabrina's ex-boyfriend.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15209/03/2013

Keli Monaco has been cited for public intoxication at a Jenny McCarthy fundraiser.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15309/03/2013

^^^ Yeah, she was supposedly belligerant to the cops and confrontational. The cops told her if she didn't get her shit together they were going to haul her in.

She was also throwing around "Do you know who I am? I'm on 2 TV shows."

I guess this explains why she looks rode hard most of the time.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15409/03/2013

Oh there have been stories of her legendary drunkeness for years. She'll be on the transplant list for a new liver in a few years.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15509/03/2013

Her skin looks terrible. Much older than her years.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15609/03/2013

Must be why Nancy Lee Grahn gets along with her so well.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15709/03/2013

Alan and Monica were one of the best soap couples ever. They should have been allowed to grow old together and then take Lila and Edward's place . Too bad Frons and Guza were such fucktards.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15809/03/2013

If OLTL is cancelled, can we just gring Todd/John back and forget this whole other mess ?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 15909/03/2013

R147 Thanks. Between having Emily murdered by a serial killer, appear as a ghost/ hallucination, the amoral twin, that poor actress couldn't catch a break.

I like Britt. The character started out as pure telenovela villianess, but she has charisma and charm. Turning out to be Anna's daughter could be just what the character needs. She _is_ like the anti-Emily. Actress would've been a great Q.

R158 Absolutely. Nothing to killing Alan, decades to build the character. Irreplaceable. Can't understand that. Brian Frons really wanted to gut the format.

AJ and Michael are -terrific-, no? Only dynamic where Jason's absence is felt.

Did the Franco/Heather thing bear fruit yet? Or is it another dead end?

Julian is turning out to be a good addition, as is, to my great surprise, nuMorgan. Didn't give the kid enough credit.

But what do I know? I thought the Logan/Coop/Ric/Sonny "Infernal Affairs" storyline was good, and they ditched it in no time. Coop and Logan were hot guys. As was Ric, but that character never caught a break, either. Can't have Sonny overshadowed

Epiphany also gone?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16009/03/2013

Mattson was supposed to be back for August, but I think RH's Californication gig forced a rewrite. She'll be back in September presumably.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16109/03/2013

I'm all for Todd and John coming back. The Silas Clay character just isn't working, and Anna needs her true cop friend back. Dante and she have absolutely no chemistry.

And Carly going for Franco is sick.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16209/03/2013

What a fucking waste if they didn't have to not use Todd and John McBain. I'm starting to like Sam and Silas but I muss John with Anna. Dante has no chemistry with Anna or anyone else. I will take Sam with either John or Sias because at least tit's not Jason.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16309/03/2013


Sonya Eddy (Epiphany) had to take time off to go home and tend to her dying father. She'll be back.

I have yet to see any chem from the Britt character. She has zero sexual chem with the characters of Patrick or Nikolas.

If she wasn't fucking the kid that plays Morgan in real life I'd swear she was a dyke.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16409/03/2013

[quote] If she wasn't fucking the kid that plays Morgan in real life I'd swear she was a dyke.

I won't be shocked if that's a bearding arrangement for both.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16509/04/2013

Gorgeous Britta a dyke? She doesn't ping that much. I thought she was a fan of Morgan's pinga instead!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16609/04/2013

To each his own I disagree about Alan-Monica. they do not belong on the same page as J.R. & Sue Ellen.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16709/04/2013

I love Britt & Nik.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16809/04/2013

Used to hate Britt but I really like her now. Nik has brought out the best in her. I also feel for her given her parents.

As for Patrick, he's a jerk be it with Robin, Sabrina or Britt.

I wouldn't want to cheapen Stone's story with a return from the dead but I wish they could at least resurrected Jason for Robin. To me she and Patrick are a snooze as is Sabrina with anyone. I adore Felix and even he can't make Sabrina interesting. Now I actually liked the one serious Felix/Britt scene where she told him about her mother.

Dr. O is so evil but I can't help but like her ever since she danced along with the Nurses Ball music when she thought she was alone in her hotel room.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 16909/04/2013

Her spooky Dietrich-like rendition of "Is That All There Is?" won me over.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17009/04/2013

I couldn't swallow the trash I was hearing today about how Sonny is such a good guy and AJ a pathetic loser. After such a promising reparation that was in the works of this twisted Guzian logic early in AJ's resurrection story, I am extremely disappointed in FV and RC's sudden 360. Kanan must really have pissed one of them off in some way.

And Olivia needs a fucking lobotomy. That crazy bitch is annoying as hell.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17109/04/2013


Yes, gorgeous women can be dykes. Not that KT is even beautiful much less gorgeous.

She is chem less with every man she's shared a scene with. The only chemistry I ever saw was in her scenes with Taylor.

Her scenes today with Nikolas were just arrid and chem free.

Once all this baby mess is figured out GH should cut her loose like they did KSu.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17209/04/2013

Olivia and Sonny need to disappear. Over. them. both.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17309/04/2013

The hotness that is Robert Kelker Kelly (Stavros on GH).....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17409/05/2013

It sounds like it's Luke that finds Robin. Which pisses me off. Should be Anna or Robert.

And Robert had better be back for more than a couple of weeks. They owe us some quality and quantity time with Scorpio. A real fan favorite who has never failed to bring up ratings.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17509/05/2013

SHAME on GH for shoving the implausible pairing of Carly and Franco down our throats, writing it as if it were just Todd and Carly continued. There is absolutely no explanation as to why Carly is all chummy-chummy with this serial killer, other than the fact that she is being written as a stupid asshole.

It baffles me that RC has totally ignored the potential in the pairing of Carly and AJ, a relationship more plausible than Carly and Franco's.

RH has worn out his welcome.

And would someone please put a hit out on Sonny and Olivia. I'm turning my channel when these two are on.

GH freaking sucks big time these days.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17609/06/2013

Sonny is moribund once again and hell if I want to watch it again. Give it a break MB. It still won't win you an Emmy. We've seen it too many times.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17709/06/2013

I am so puzzled as to how Mo Benard gets story. Such a one note actor.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17809/06/2013

damn it! They got the Maureen Bauer thread.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 17909/06/2013

I wanted so badly for Sonny to happily leave with Connie today. It would have been the last of him. The storyline is so bad. Olivia is beyond bad.

As of today I am Team Britches. Sabrina and Patrick are too sanctimonious to bear. I'm hoping the writers see the error of their ways before they go too astray.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18009/06/2013

Was it IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE THE STUMPY EDITION today? I haven't caught up with GH on YouTube yet. Is there anything other than the Godfather Lite? Gawd, how I despise him! Re: the Britch--will she ever find out she's just a pawn for the evil Frau Farbissina?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18109/06/2013

I kinda like the Britch too. They're doing a great turn with her, making her more sympathetic.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18209/06/2013


Britt isn't becoming more sympathetic to me.

She's 30+ yr old and still blaming her big bad mommy for her bad behavior. Plus. she used to be bitchy and manipulative and now she's a whiney mush mouth.

Sayonnara Britt. You have officially worn out your welcome.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18309/06/2013

Patrick, Sabrina, and that hellspawn, nails-on-blackboard daughter of Patrick's -- just, no.

Jason Thompson deserved better, but his character flatlined when they paired him with wet fart Kimberly McCullough.

I'm shocked Sabrina didn't turn out to be Sonny's Puelto Lico secret daughter(yet). Only thing that could make her more unbearable.

Too bad they didn't have Diane marry Edward. Natural born Quartermain.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18409/07/2013

Hopefully. OLTL will never come back and we can have todd back. I lurves me some mr manning. Then starr could be back and start singing again. Ad Where is my heather?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18509/07/2013

I find Kiki's youthful versions of Bea Arthur's cover ups rather a hoot. Maude junior wear.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18609/07/2013

Why did DL have to kill the Maureen Bauer board?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18709/07/2013

Derek Wells is hot as fuck.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18809/07/2013

R187 Who? This is an GH/ABC soap thread. Want to talk about Old and The Rested, Dulls of Your Lives and or dead soaps like Gyrating Lights go elsewhere!

Seriously though, I don't know why. Monticello was up for another P & G soap as well.

Britch? She's still a cunt. Now she wants to entrap Nikolas somehow. Then we find out that Faison is not her Daddy and that Stavros is. Therefore Britch has been fucking her half brother! It's a Classic soap opera trope. I wouldn't put something like this past Cartooni either.....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 18909/07/2013

R189 Shut the fuck up, you cuntscab. No one asked your tired, bitter ass.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19009/07/2013

PP owns the rights to all the OLTL characters for 10 years. Now I suppose if they are bad enough off, they could sell them. But somebody said $90 million for all three

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19109/07/2013

Hey now - there's no reason to beat up Guiding Light fans. A lot of people loved Claire Ramsey.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19209/07/2013

GH and the P&G soaps were 100 times the soaps GH ever dreamed of being.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19309/07/2013

Testify, R193!

And yes, Susan, we loved Claire. That housewrecking hussy!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19409/07/2013

R190 Cuntessa please take your meds before you post! I love hysterical old queens like you who jeopardize the soap threads. The more you complain the worse it gets.

R193 I was joking. I liked a lot of the P & G soaps. The ones on CBS put Old and Rested and Bland and the Boring to shame.People on the Bell soaps are total zombies compared to the people on GL and ATWT who actually acted like people.However you meant GL not GH as part of the P & G soaps . On that note I can't agree about the P & G soaps vs GH. For all and any of its faults there are a ton of reasons why GH still survives and all of the P & G soaps went off the air.

I remember watching GH and then being treated to Edge of Night on ABC. Monty was doing some interesting work on GH whereas the EON was doing the Clown Puppet Murders! What shlock. It was fun though. Oh and they had that gorgeous French woman Martine on there. She was so hot. She also appeared on Search For Tomorrow as well.

R194 You're the same boring cunt again from R190. The Susan thing is beyond old. I will say that she was one hot virgin though.I liked her BUT she was no Heather Webber....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19509/07/2013

R195, your nonsense jeopardizes these threads most of all. And good Christ, "The Old and the Rested" is NOT and has NEVER been funny. It just signals how fucking OCD and boring you are. Shut the fuck up until you have a new story.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19609/07/2013

The Clown Puppet murders was great television. I respect your opinion, but do not agree with it. And Martine was dull as dishwater. Which is why the character went absolutely no where.

I miss Slesar's vision.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19709/07/2013

There's a big chance that RC and FV (as gay men) reads DL, so I will add to what the chorus is singing: get rid of Sonny and get rid of his new brainless moll Olivia! PLEEEEEASE!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19809/07/2013

But R196, she thinks it's the FUNNIEST thing that ever was or will be, and she thinks everyone must know her wisdom on EVERYTHING.....

....since she always responds to every, EVERY SINGLE FUCKING COMMENT as if it's her own personal blog.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 19909/07/2013

R196 It's called sarcasm. I can't stand the soap as it is now. It's a shadow of its former self. BTW JFP is ruining it even more than Maria Bell did.If you are a fan of that soap and still like it well keep on enjoying it.

R197 BTW I thought The Clown Puppet Murders were fun. Martine was not a great actress but I liked the her utter Frenchness. It was fun to see Larkin Malloy play against her.

R199 You it's that immature little thing again, it can't shut up. I'm no she , I have a cock and two balls! You might not have one as you are an obvious cuntessa.

I also saw that you are posting quite a bit. IT seems like you are acting like this is your own personal blog. You are definitely projecting. You love to lie and exaggerate like it's going out of style. Then again you are a delusional hypocrite.And a possible hausfrau to boot!;)

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20009/08/2013

Cant we all just get along you cunts.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20109/08/2013

R200, you tired old bitch, your response was bullshit. Your constant bleating about "The Old and the Rested" is not sarcastic--it's obsessive. If you hate the show, or loved it but now hate it, WHO FUCKING CARES? Shut the fuck up about it, like a normal person would, instead of bringing it into completely unrelated discussions at every slight opportunity. This isn't a thread about "Y&R."

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20209/08/2013

Please people, don't feed the trolls. These soap threads have run smoothly for some time now, that is very disappointing to see them plunge into immaturity and become a vehicle for people to release their frustrations and tensions out on others. You're going to ruin it all for the rest of us who just want to talk soaps and not turn discussion into personal-fueled battles. If you see someone obviously baiting, don't take it!!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20309/08/2013

I'll try to ignore the crazy bitch at R200.

Hard as it may be to do......

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20409/08/2013

Just watched Friday's show and I must say it was depressing. I am one who came back to GH and had so much hope for this show at the beginning of the year. Many of us came back to watch the vets interact with the younger characters. We were under the impression that Mob Hospital was on it's way out. Anna, AJ, Felicia, Lucy, Kevin and more scenes in the Q mansion were such a treat. Now I'm not sure if I want to bother watching again.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20509/08/2013

I agree with 205 that Friday was about the lamest and saddest week-ender since before summer. Of course Sonny and Olivia are both going to emerge from that room, but wouldn't it be better if neither of them did?

Carly and Franco? Christ what a stupid plot.

There are a few interesting stories emerging (Felix and Brad; maybe Lucy and Scott; Tracy at the helm of ELQ; and Duke & Anna vs. the Jeromes, if it keeps bubbling and plays right).

But jesus, get on with bringing back Scorpio and Robin, if that's going to happen, give the returned vets more airtime, and stop pushing Sonny down our throats.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20609/08/2013

For those who enjoyed te Maureen Bauer thread: some kind soul has started a new one.

It's called Reardon Boarding House

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20709/08/2013

R206 you gave me some hope. I'll hold out a little longer. With any luck, this will be Sonny's last hurrah.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20809/08/2013

R200 HAHAHA! That was funny. You have attacked me first! You're the problem not me.

R202 You need to get a life. You must have some deficit to get so upset at something so trivial. You are definitely immature.The utterly boring Bell soap was brought up in comparison to the P & G soaps. That's it. You can disagree civilly BUT you are obviously an immature troll.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 20909/08/2013

R206 Even though Ron and Frank seemed to get away from Sonny, they seem to be in love with the mob.

Things can get better with at least Scorpio coming board.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 21009/08/2013

Some believe that Sonny is going to finally leave the mob.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 21109/08/2013

Sonny leaving the mob means nothing. He just needs to leave..

by Franco's blond rootsreply 21209/08/2013


by Franco's blond rootsreply 21309/09/2013


by Franco's blond rootsreply 21409/09/2013

Those Sonny scenes were awful. MB hurts his acting reputation by the day

by Franco's blond rootsreply 21509/09/2013

It's like watching a developmentally challenged, autistic person try to recite Shakespeare.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 21609/09/2013

R216 nailed it.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 21709/09/2013

I didn't watch today - couldn't care less.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 21809/09/2013


I . . . don't know . . . . . . .whatyoumean.

How can . . . . YOU . . . . . . . notknow . . . GREAT acting . . . when your see . . . . . . . IT?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 21909/09/2013

If only Sonny would evaporate....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22009/09/2013

Very shouty and fast-fowardy lately.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22109/09/2013

I hope Kelly Sullivan (former Connie/Kate) returns to B*R*O*A*D*W*A*Y! She'd be a perfect Fastrada replacement in PIPPIN. That is if they could ever get rid of that d'Amboise woman.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22209/10/2013

I think Britt is my favorite character on the series.. along with A.J. and Ava.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22309/10/2013

Have we heard anymore about OLTL? Has it really been canceled? I thought it was on hiatus untitl things got cleared up.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22409/10/2013

So they replaced Taylor, the girl who was on 666 Park Avenue? I thought she was pretty good. She didn't last long.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22509/10/2013

R225 she got a movie gig. they have recast.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22609/10/2013

If they cancel OLTL I am going to be soooo pissed. Cancelling Hulu and then I'm gonna write a letter!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22709/10/2013

Wow, it sounds like GH really sucks these days. Miss me yet, bitches?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22809/10/2013

Hearing Jason/Franco tell Ava to "pack your bags and get your poser ass out of my house" was almost worth having to see Stumpy today! That was a hoot and a half!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 22909/10/2013

During his undies scene last week William DeVry seemed to be pinging to me. Any rumors, facts, salacious gossip?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23009/10/2013

Glad franco was back in my todds suits instead of those skinny jeans. So sexy. Im loving britta these days. Would have been funny if she had a ching chong baby after all, we all know where that is headed. I dont know why starr wants mikey, morgan is a hottie even if his eyes are too teeny tiny. La lucy got a shout out. Is laura still her partner? Will heather ever have another blt? Will lady geary find the cure? Will real life dis figured tiffany show up? Will felix ever stop gossiping? On the edge of my chaise.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23109/11/2013

Tracy versus Franco over control of ELQ likely means goodbye AJ.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23209/11/2013


WdV is engaged to Rebecca Staub.

She used to be on Guiding Light and Port Charles

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23309/11/2013

Maura is the Queen of soaps. The best!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23409/11/2013

Tuesday was awful. Having Franco and Sonny on the same day is horrible. Between the two of them, they suck all the oxygen out of the show.

Note to Ron C: If we have to keep enduring these two characters, please put them on separate days.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23509/11/2013

R233 Oh you mean his beard?;) She was a cute woman at one time but he could be doing better. He's quite handsome and could have his pick of women. Yeah he pings a tiny bit.

Was anyone else cheering for Sonny to kill himself? That whole scene with his family begging him not to do it demonstrated that Maurice is not a good actor.If there was a Soap Razzie he would win one. I'm no Roger Howarth fan either but as Franco he looks out of sorts.His hair and makeup are hideous.When he played Todd at least they made him look presentable.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23609/11/2013

I was absolutely hoping Stumpy would off himself. I'm sure Benard is a nice guy, but I utterly despise what the character has done to this once great soap. Of course, without tptb creaming in their collective jeans over him it could never have happened. Big dick be damned, but I almost want cute Mikey to be taken out, too, for talking Stumpy out of blasting a gaping hole in himself. But hey--with him off his meds there's still hope--right?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23709/11/2013

I think AJ in the mix with Franco and Tracy could be very interesting so I hope he stays.

Franco is thankfully turning into Todd. I can live with that. I too enjoyed watching him kick Ava to the curb.

Britt's fun to watch. Not too good, not too bad.

Sonny- I'll never understand how he's been on this show for so long. No looks, no acting skills-horrible.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23809/11/2013

I don't know what you fools are talking about! MB is amazing and had me crying bucks today. When Dante and Lulu told him they named the baby Connie I lost it. Simply brilliant.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 23909/11/2013

They named the baby Connie! Luckily when I get the baby back in 2 weeks I can change that name!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24009/11/2013

Please tell me R239 is joking.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24109/11/2013

They've apparently gutted the storyboards for Laura and Lucy's story at Deception. No time. Was supposed to air through summer into fall, but they're under pressure to bring some of these stories (including Luke and Laura's reunion) to a close.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24209/11/2013

R241 No he's not. To each his own.MB has a lot of fans at ABC and in the fan base that's why he's stuck around for so long.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24309/11/2013

MB hasn't been able to act even the simplest scenes in over 10 years. All he gets from me is eye rolls and groans.

Jason is gone and not missed. It's time they put Sonny out to pasture and totaly revamp the show.

MB is nothing but overused tics now.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24409/11/2013

MB is truly embarrassing lately. Not having the entire show spun around him and Steve has totally thrown him and now he can't even get it up for the meaty scenes without a lot of heavy lifting from others (Chad Duell saved his ass in the scenes at the Q mansion where he was threatening AJ - until he turned up and Michael began pleading, MB couldn't shed a tear or show any real emotion).

They've supposedly got Vanessa Marcil locked in for the fall and sweeps, but even she isn't enough to salvage Mo. He needs to be ushered off. Kill him off in grand fashion.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24509/11/2013

Why have they scrapped the Laura/Lucy storyline? It sounds at least as interesting as much of what is airing now.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24609/11/2013

Not sure if it's been scrapped so much as pushed way back to make way for all the stuff they need to deal with now, like Robin, L&L etcetera. Ron did not plan this well.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24709/11/2013

Is there any word on whether Maura will be sticking around? If she did kill Connie that will probably mean another tour de farce performance featuring Stumpy. I just hope they keep her around. It's the adults who really deliver the goods.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24809/11/2013

Connie?!!! Stupid. They should have named the tyke Luka or Lauren, or Lante (nicknamed Lana).

by Franco's blond rootsreply 24909/11/2013

This show is out-of-control. Someone needs to come in and reign RC in and get some structure going. It's becoming a hot mess.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25009/11/2013

If Sonny and Olivia were not on today, I would have actually liked GH today. The conflict for Michael between fathers, Monica's disappointment in AJ (who is still the best character on the show right now), the Anna and Maxie scenes(precious) and the Britches and Nicholas was good soap today.

In the meantime Dante,Lulu, Olivia And Sonny made me sick.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25109/11/2013

They should have named the baby Natalie.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25209/11/2013

I tried jumping back into GH today and stopped about half way through. I just can't watch Mo "Mumbles" Benard in one more scene, or Sabrina "This is ALL ABOUT ME!" Santiago's twee speeches anymore.

Truly depressing, because last summer through about December, I thought the show was really getting back on track. Now it's just as bad as the Guza days.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25309/11/2013

If you just ignore the Sonny parts, it's not so bad.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25409/11/2013

Love ya, Nat. I just wish you and Grant would have offed Luke in your Boris and Natasha days.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25509/11/2013

I knew I would never last, Emma. I had much bigger balls than the Duchess of Spencer, so they shit-canned me. O'Reilly and I will be celebrating 30 years together this October, so who needs GH?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25609/11/2013

I DVR and FF> through all the Sonny scenes. I just don't have enough time while he mumbles stumbles along and tries to say his lines.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25709/12/2013

The Sonny stuff is pretty dreadful. I think RC is writing stuff for him that they think will get him another Emmy. A lot of acclaim has recently been showered on Bradford Anderson. I think MB gets upset at that kind of stuff. But he is no longer a good actor. Or maybe he just never was. But the whole manic depression Sonny being played out again and again and again - is not entertaining in the least. It is eye rolling, wince inducing, over the top, embarrassing, and tired.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25809/12/2013

I haven't watched this week yet. Whose scenes are worse with both the writing and the acting, Sonny or Franco or are they both equal in the hack writing and bad acting category?

Sad since both actors were once very good.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 25909/12/2013

To be honest RC's scripts for MB are not that good but on paper this is relatively meaty stuff. MB should have made something out of Ron's rather meager words.That being said MB fails at every turn. The writing is blah to begin with and he makes things even worse.

Franco would be bad no matter who plays him. Though the other guy did it for shits and giggles. On the other hand,RH has never been a favorite of mine to be honest. what he's been given script wise is pretty weak as well.Not even James Franco could life to such lackluster words.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26009/12/2013

Was there ever a time when MB was giving great performances on GH?

There's a old theatre advice, "If you can't be good, be loud."

Perhaps years of eye-bulging, screaming scenes have confused many viewers into beliving that MB is giving good performances?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26109/12/2013

You forgot the breaking of all bar glass that is ever remotely near Sonny. So let's recap. Sonny is a loud,angry, unattractive, abusive mobster who kills- and he's a fan favorite? Pathetic.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26209/12/2013

Havnt seen today was heather on?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26309/12/2013

Carlivati seems to thrive on chaos and leaving storylines that he spent time introducing blowing in the wind. Too bad his shows don't thrive on that.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26409/12/2013

I hope today is an entertaining episode. I have a half day and will be having a large glass of merlot in my hand by 2. Drunk by 3. Disco nap and off to the clubs.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26509/13/2013

Is Jason on his way back? if so, who's playing him? No matter, at least the answer as to who is spying on the citizens of P.C. this time won't be Richard Simmons.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26609/13/2013

R266 They've shown Jason with Sonny in a picture so is that a hint? He basically works 5 days a month on the Bell/Sony soap he defected to. Maybe JFP might let him do a guest appearance.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26709/13/2013

Getting rid of Jason is the best decision RC/FV have made since arriving to GH.

SB ain't coming back. Thank God!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26809/13/2013

Very true. Now if MB would only leave we'd have gotten rid of two of the characters that have ruined GH the most throughout the last few years.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 26909/13/2013

I........ain't goin' any.....where..........(mumble) if it well, that's too.........(smashing a glass against the bar)


by Franco's blond rootsreply 27009/13/2013

They didn't get rid of Jason. Steve Burton walked. If he'd stayed, he would still be the lead character.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 27109/13/2013

R271 I didn't mean that literally. It's common knowledge that JPF enticed SB to go to the "dark side." To be honest the fact that he's not around has made the 50th anniversary that much more enjoyable even though Cartooni and Valentino are screwing up things all over the place.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 27209/13/2013

But for whatever reason, fraus think Sonny is the SHIT.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 27309/13/2013

Yes, Carlivati and Valentini have lost control of the show. Even finally giving Anna and Duke some "mature" material isn't working. Nothing is working. They need to seriously sit down and rethink everything.

Toddco and Carly were strange and unappealing today - playing the "I remembered your birthday" card today was so obvious in the writer's desperate bid to package the two actors as the show's new romantic couple.

Maura West can make anything work - even to an extent the silly Silas character (although it is a stretch) - but she CAN NOT make Sonny interesting.

The rush to push Grahn and DeVry together is embarrassing. Their dialogue is cliche and nothing seems to fit at all, although the show wants you to buy it.

I miss alot of episodes and I don't care.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 27409/13/2013

Oddly, today was Roger Howarth's real life 45th birthday. So I guess he, Jason and Franco were all born on 9/13.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 27509/13/2013


They need to forget about pairing Alexis and Julian

NLG is incapable of conveying romance or sexuality. She's 55 and acts like a flustered virgin whenever Alexis should be owning her sexuality. That is so unattractive.

Plus,NLG is too old looking and out of shape for a believable anything with William de Vry

by Franco's blond rootsreply 27609/13/2013

What they've done to NLG is sad.

She was so fabulous as Julia on Santa Barbara, but she's been shit on repeatedly at GH.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 27709/14/2013

Agreed 276

It looks like this big November story is Luke's swan song. TG is done. He wanted to leave last spring, but they offered this story, and he wanted to stay and play it. Luke will sacrifice himself to save "Lulu's " baby." But I also heard it's a twist of fate story - which would mean he fakes his death. But either way -he is retiring.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 27809/14/2013

NLG never had a good story worthy of her talents on GH. Alexis was never truly defined for me as a character. The only gem of a moment was when she called Sonny out on the floor for being a despicable scum of the earth at her sister's funeral. She has since conveniently forgotten her sister died because of Sonny.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 27909/14/2013

I think part of the problem with the Alexis/Julian pairing, other than it being forced, is DeVry. He's okay looking, but I just don't get much of a sex vibe from him. Add that to the perfunctory way the story has been handled and you have a shart of a pairing.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28009/14/2013


Any chance for a Luke and Laura reunion ?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28109/14/2013


I don't believe it's TPTB's fault. It's Nancy's. She has said she doesn't want to play romance or sext scenes.

If that's the case then she should be happy playing the matriarch with no life.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28209/14/2013

I forget, who was Alexis' sister?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28309/14/2013

The Luke and Laura reunion seems imminent doesn't it?

JLG and BDV? Stavros would have been a better pair with her!At least RKK seems straight....Julia and Bill seem like a bearded couple don't they? The whole Stavros incest angle would have been more interesting than this.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28409/14/2013

R278 Oh, my.

GH without Lady Geary.

It IS hard to imagine. But hopefully it will be done well. I think those folks know GH has maybe another few years at best.

La Geary is also past 65 - I can totally understand wanting to retire.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28509/14/2013

R285 They have Lord Eliot! Don't worry "he'll" pick up all the slack.Count Jane is the force to be reckoned so Tony can go to Amsterdam with his young lover and hand out with Liz Hubbard who also has a young lover in Holland as well.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28609/14/2013

Liz Hubbard and Tony should create a soap in Holland!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28709/14/2013

I'm sure La Geary has a hot young uncut thirtysomething Dutch man giving him the goods now and then.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28809/14/2013

Sir/Lord/Count/King/Emperor Geary has an uncut Dutch twentysomething!It is La Liz Hubbard who has a thirtysomething uncut stud. The woman is almost 80 and she's fucking a thirty Lucinda of her!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 28909/14/2013

It's been my understanding that Geary likes the dark meat, though, and I'm not sure how plentiful that is in Amsterdam.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29009/14/2013

His former lover was Ron Glass of Barney Miller fame of course. He was also Liz Taylor's boy toy. Though I wonder how he found her vagina under all those rolls of fat? Or was he a back door man with her instead?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29109/14/2013

[quote] He was also Liz Taylor's boy toy. Though I wonder how he found her vagina under all those rolls of fat? Or was he a back door man with her instead?

Geary may have had an emotional affair with Liz, and I know they've said they were in love, but I sorta think that was at least partly bearding for him.

Can't imagine that he would have gone spelunking in her vajajay.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29209/14/2013

Bearding? It only came out in the last few years that Lord Geary was Liz's boy toy.So it wasn't that.......

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29309/14/2013

Well, La Liz always liked hanging around gay men. Maybe part of that was seeing if she could seduce them to the other side.

Maybe that turned her own. She got more than one man to leave his wife for her. So, maybe seducing gay men to heterosexuality was next of her bucket list.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29409/14/2013

[quote]Can't imagine that he would have gone spelunking in her vajajay.

OMG, R292, you had me laughing so hard I was choking. Good one! WW

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29509/14/2013

Tony Geary fucked Liz Taylor just like Malcolm Forbes fucked Liz Taylor.

Liz loved gay men as companions in her later life. Richard Burton was the last lover she had.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29609/14/2013

John Warner and Fortensky didn't get some from Liz then? I can't buy that one. I know she bearded for that bold Empress , Malcolm but beyond that she had lovers after Burton. Then again I would be shocked if Burton fucked her the second time around marriage wise. He might have suffered from that terrible Welsh curse....or in common parlance whiskey dick!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29709/14/2013

Alexis has been on this show almost twenty years and I can't remember her ever owning her sexuality. It's not like she was a blushing virgin when she came on the show, either. The most heat and confidence she ever had in herself was with Jax and Stefan, her own brother, who she was very much in love with and the writers back then knew it.

NLG's intellectual in heat act was charming in the 90s but today it's just sad. And it's a problem because she IS a great actress, but these days she relies on all this fussy business that Alexis has been reduced to over the years. I can't take her seriously with deVry because NLG does not take Alexis seriously as an adult. And that's too bad because they COULD be great together.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29809/14/2013

Maybe Grahn can go back to being Dobson the butler and rassle Alice?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 29909/14/2013

She needs the inspiration of Eddie Main's leather pants, that's all.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30009/14/2013

They should do an Otalia on Alexis and have her fall in love with another woman on the show.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30109/15/2013

I was home one afternoon recently and flipped it on, and there was a scene where Alexis ran into a hospital room where Devry was undressing and in boxer briefs. She was so flustered you would have thought she was playing Gidget or some other virginal teen from the early 60's. I thought it was very odd that she was that undone my a man in trunks.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30209/15/2013

Larry Fortensky was a big ol' redneck queen.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30309/15/2013

That scene when Alexis walked in on Derek/Julian undressing was bizarre, awkward and straight out of soap opera 101. RC can be such an amateur girly writer, and in moments like that, it comes out.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30409/15/2013

R301 Who? This is not a P & G thread there already is one!;) Otalia was done on a soap that was on its last legs wasn't it? GH is on the upswing. Then again it's not a bad idea. However it might hit too close to home for Nancy Grahn wouldn't it? She prefers being in the closet this might inch her out a bit....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30509/15/2013

According to a Michael Logan tweet on Friday, there will not be a L&L reunion

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30609/15/2013

Looks like its all about kikistarr this week. They bury kate but the rest of the week is all about kiki and morgans wedding party. And sabrinas ex shows up. Guesssss ill save 5 hours this week.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30709/15/2013

Don't you think a "Who Killed Jeremy Hewitt" murder mystery sounds terrific?!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30809/15/2013

R308 No Tony Cassadine and Rose Kelly sound like better options for the 5Oth. Or Annie comes back to town in a thrupple with both of them to irritate Heather. Knowing Ron such a plot could actually happen.

R306 Strange...what is going on there? First she's with Scotty then she's supposed to be finding Luke. Talk about a soap writer having a prerogative to change his/her mind.....I wonder how the writing switchover from GH to the CBS/Sony/Bell soap has affected GH's plans.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 30909/15/2013

The audience for Mikiki is back in school now. It's time for the grown-ups to take center stage. And for Stumpy to die.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31009/15/2013

Nobody gives a shit about Tony Cassadine.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31109/15/2013

R311 Boring, go away.Your trolling is childish.You're not a webmaster or a moderator so who cares about what you say anyway.BTW Tony Cassadine was another character it wasn't played by Thaao Penghlis.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31209/15/2013

R310 Where do you get the Stumpy nickname for Sonny for? As much as he's disliked by certain GH fans, the brass and the fraus love him. He's a bad actor but he's unfortunately a fan favorite.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31309/15/2013

I meant: Where do you get the Stumpy nickname for Sonny from?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31409/15/2013


Could it be because he's short and frumpy

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31509/15/2013

A mobster being frumpy? He's supposed to be 5'9 which is not Tom Cruise's height but it's still short for Hollywood. He's not a bad looking guy but he can't act. He was never this bad on AMC. Maybe playing a gangster doesn't agree with him.....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31609/15/2013

It's just one that popped into my head. Posters on other sites usually call him Scummy. That works just as well.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31709/15/2013

How do you think is the worse actor, MB (Sonny) or RH (Franco)? Both have shown they were good actors many years ago. Now I think they run neck and neck in poor acting...sad.

It just angers me that people work so hard and live in poverty and these guys don't even try for so much money. Well, actually I do think MB is trying. I think for some reason that's the best he can do now.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31809/15/2013

RC and FV fucked up Luke and Laura's story. With Franco and Scummy centre stage, I'm losing interest in this show.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 31909/15/2013


How did FV and RC fuck up Luke and Laura? JFP and Guza fucked L&L with so may things but the biggest was Luke cheating on Laura with Holly producing Ethan and Laura was ok with it!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 32009/15/2013

That never would've happened without a Luke rewrite. Luke has always been shady, but cheat on Laura? Uh-uh. Is it really so difficult coming up with new storylines without having to trash beloved characters(Victor Lord, Rick Webber , for instance)? And now there won't be a proper send off for L&L. I don't think they necessarily have to reunite, but with Geary leaving their epic romance should be given an epic ending. As it is they barely get any airtime what with Mikiki and the Saga of Stumpy.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 32109/15/2013

They already kind of ended Luke and Laura for good. Then again there is really no finality on a soap.It's funny how Ron and Frank created all this good will with the anniversary and have managed with fuck things up so royally.

Franco vs Sonny? I'm not a fan of either but Franco's look is disgusting. At least James Franco played him for total camp/laughs.RH seems lost in this role. As if he's sleepwalking through the role. As bad as MB is, he is trying. The problem is the result is not working.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 32209/15/2013

I wonder how the writing switchover from GH to the CBS/Sony/Bell soap has affected GH's plans.

I don't understand. What do you mean by that?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 32309/15/2013

Maurice looks like a bad imitation of Desi Arnaz. Oh, wait.....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 32409/15/2013

When was it confirmed Geary is leaving? Geary is out the door every six months. I quit believing it around 2005.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 32509/15/2013

It could refer R323 to Jean Passanante being named as the new co-head writer of Y&R. She currently writes for GH.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 32609/15/2013

It could refer [R323] to Jean Passanante being named as the new co-head writer of Y&R. She currently writes for GH.

Oh goody! JP sucks. Let JFP have her.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 32709/15/2013


by Franco's blond rootsreply 32809/16/2013

Monday's show was actually very enjoyable.

Loved the Heather-Franco scenes.

The Duke-Anna-Derek scenes were also good.

And I love Felix opposite Carly. This is the fag hag pairing they need to play up instead of the Felix-Sabrina pairing.

And as much as I'm reluctant to say it, Sonny was actually tolerable in scenes with Ava. Maurice seemed to actually be trying opposite Maura.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 32909/17/2013

Wait!Wait!Wait! Geary and Ron Glass from BM?! That's crazy.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33009/17/2013

Was GH on, in it's entirety on NYC's ABC today?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33109/17/2013

Roger Octopus' Official Soap Opera thread at ZetaLounge: The Place For People Too Cool for DataLounge!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33209/17/2013

According to Lynn Herring, the Deception sets WERE built but have been "gutted" due to budget and story concerns.

[quote]"The Deception set was in the works until our budget got gutted. Now the decree seems to be no new sets. Don't really know what that means. There seem to be a lot of loose ends are out there. They start a story and don't return to it for quite sometime."

She's absolutely right of course. But this has been Cartini's achilles heel since their second or third year at OLTL.

I am hearing Derek/Julian is the "true" big bad of the two Jeromes as well and may be somehow tied into Robin, Jerry, Faison etcetera and that they will use his evil to keep Ava viable. Big mistake. I think of the two he is the one you can keep around long-term.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33309/18/2013


Yes,Geary and Ron Glass were together back in the day

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33409/18/2013

Ava def showed her ice bitch side when she kicked Julian's dead henchman into the sea. I liked that!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33509/18/2013

Looks like the decision for Robin to return was a quick one and pushed other long term stories like Deception aside for a while.

In the past MB could probably dictate that Sonny was the one and only mob boss of PC. They can likely now have Derek/Julian around long-term as a dueling crime family.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33609/18/2013

They shoved the Deception, Laura/Lucy and Scott/Lucy/Kevin and Christina stuff to the side or off indefinitely to speed up the process on Robin and LNL, r336.

Kevin's patient in Seattle is actually Lucy and Scott's adopted daughter Christina from the Port Charles spin-off, though Kevin and Lucy are the ones who raised her. She is supposed to be a hellraiser who will make trouble for her family. I have heard she may have already appeared onscreen as Michael's date a few months ago, but that actress was very wooden. But all the story for those characters and Laura has been shunted aside because RC has too many characters, too much story and not enough time. That's also why GF and TG did reshoots for the Corinth scenes to add Laura back into the mix.

I don't know what will become of all of it but RC needs to get organized. And if they do make Julian one of the "big bads" alongside Faison and Jerry they will be wasting a great character. Ava is great fun but has already been established as deranged, and Franco and other instances prove that RC is not adept at walking characters like that back. The Franco/Carly romance is truly painful and embarrassing to watch.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33709/18/2013

I wish the vamp of the art world Ava Jerome and her brother would 'take out' Sonny, the non-actor, Olivia, the 'shut the fuck up with the crying' cousin, her sleazy son the Detective/ At this point, Brit, Ava and Derrick are about the only good things about this show.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33809/18/2013

Carly is acting like she stepped out of one of those 60's Doris Day comedies in her scenes with Franco.. she ain't no Doris Day!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 33909/18/2013

I agree about Derek, Ava and Britt but I would add AJ to that list too.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34009/18/2013

Yes R340 I forgot him. Hope he sticks around.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34109/18/2013

Derek is hot. Ava steals her scenes with those looks. Glam Franco is being turned into Todd. Which is fine by me. Alexis cannot pull off this crush she has on derek she too old.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34209/18/2013

Ava looks like a modern Caroll Baker except for the Botox riddle frozen face she suffers from. It's the worst in soapdom. Despite that fact she's doing a wonderful job with such shitty material.

Franco is blah. James Franco's version was pure camp this version doesn't know what it wants to be. Is he Jason/Frodd(Fraudulent Todd)/or Franco?

Now the little miss Drake is missing Mommy? all this time she was so in love with Sabrina and thought that Britch was the biggest cunt out there. Now she wants Mommy? Cartooni give me a break...

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34309/19/2013

[quote]Glam Franco is being turned into Todd

All the Llanview Three have been slowly, steadily shifted back closer towards their original personae, in both character and appearance. I'm guessing that was the plan all along, to make them just different enough to be able to pass muster with the legal requirement, but then eventually revert back to type once the dust settled.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34409/19/2013

I bet soon Kiki will become a blond. The first was Silas, losing the tail. Now Franco has Todd hair color. Only Kiki is left. Although perhaps dark is her natural color and it's easier on her and her hair to keep it that way.

As a kid she was a dirty blond, that usually turns dark as an adult.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34509/20/2013

The ratings are really improving.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34609/21/2013

Who is TG with now?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34709/21/2013

TG has a longterm partner that lives in Amsterdam.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34809/21/2013

Why a new actress playing Felix's conniving sister? Was the first one too good?

And now that the huge secret about Morgan's rushing Kiki to the altar (err, courthouse) is out, I hope the guy playing Morgan is up to it (the guy playing Michael seems to be).

It was fun seeing Heather for a couple of days earlier in the week, and she looked surprisingly good. Maybe her asylum escape mechanism can become a more regular thing.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 34909/21/2013

r349 Heather was the highlight of the week for me. And yes, I hope she escapes from the Miscavige Institute regularly. Maybe she can steal one of the nurses' cars . . .

Heather also managed to make Franco tolerable. I think that's because Heather is a bigger loon than him. Franco was actually kinda afraid of Heather, which allowed a slightly vulnerable side of him to show.

I'm dying to see Heather have a go at Ava. I can only imagine the Robin and Maura would be marvelous together.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 35009/21/2013

While I enjoyed Heather escaping(just like old times) the material she and Franco were given was just idiotic. Very beneath Heather/Robin. She and Howarth gave the material much better than it deserved. Ah, but when she picked up that knife.... She needs a worthy adversary, and you're right, R350. Ava could be the one. It would be almost like the Angelique vs. Laura Collins throwdown from "Dark Shadows."

by Franco's blond rootsreply 35109/21/2013

[quote]Why a new actress playing Felix's conniving sister? Was the first one too good?

Apparently she is that good, she got a movie role. I liked her. She was also on that flop ABC series last spring 666 PARK AVENUE.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 35209/21/2013

Connie is christened this week as lady gearys health diminishes near the end of the week.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 35309/21/2013

You tube plymouth duster commercial from the 80s with FH

by Franco's blond rootsreply 35409/21/2013

R535, What are you talking about? Connie was murdered a few weeks ago!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 35509/21/2013

I wanna know why the BLT wasn't on toasted bread. Who the hell eats a BLT on untoasted bread????

Oh and I'm not R535 however Connie is the name Lulu an Dante gave the baby they think is their daughter.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 35609/21/2013


by Franco's blond rootsreply 35709/21/2013

Sorry I've been quiet lately, but it's tough to afford $18 when I'm almost 20 years removed from a soap star salary.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 35809/21/2013

Doesn't the T in BLT mean toast?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 35909/21/2013

Susie, call Robin Mattson. Tell that bitch it's time to help a sister out!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 36009/21/2013



by Franco's blond rootsreply 36109/21/2013

No r361, I think it's toast.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 36209/21/2013

Speaking of the art world...

Anything about Andrea and Marc Glimcher's (Pace Gallery in New York) divorce?

Is he gay?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 36309/21/2013

No, R362. The T in BLT is tomato. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato. And yes, a good one should have the bread toasted. Even better with cheese and mayo. And much more B than L or T.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 36409/21/2013

Will someone at GH please get Monaco a new pair of shoes. She has been in those heeled black boots ALL FING SUMMER.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 36509/22/2013

Who the fuck puts cheese on a BLT? Now, chicken BLT (I think it becomes, with the addition of a third piece of bread, a chicken club at that point) makes sense to me, but I've never seen cheese on a BLT. Is that really a thing?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 36609/22/2013

BLT = bacon, lettuce, tomato. Not toast. One of the only things to put mayo on. And hell no to cheese.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 36709/22/2013


She needs an entire makeover where her clothes are concerned.

She plays a 35 yr old mother. Ix nay the motorcycle mama wardrobe. The clothes aren't even flattering to her body. Her boobs always look like she needs support.

NLG also needs a wardobe makeover. She's got a middle aged spare tire around the middle. Her wardrobe accentuates that instead of minimizing it. NLG is too chubby to be paired with WdV.Don't even get me started on how awful NLG plays Alexis : The perpetual virgin who turns to jello if a man's around.

They dress RH like Liz shops at KMart. She has a nice figure that would look good in about anything but they put her in the cheapest clothes

LW gets the best wardrobe but it's nothing to write home about.

Best dressed was always Helena but CT wore her own clothes. That's why she looked great.

Tracy wears drapery as opposed to clothes

by Franco's blond rootsreply 36809/22/2013

The wardrobe budget was slahsed to the bone about a year ago and it shows. I swear I've seen some of the same shit at Old Navy.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 36909/22/2013

I had great style. I looked fab in a nurse uniform, and especially fetching when I topped it off with a cape. You might remember my appearance in the Port Charles Founder's Day parade, sporting such a cape - it was the night after I was framed for Diana's murder!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37009/22/2013

Do y'all remember when Joe Kelly gave me a "friendship" ring? Let me and my poodle hair-do walk you down memory lane!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37109/22/2013

The way the Divine Heather was attacking that sandwich,toast would make too much noise for the mics.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37209/22/2013

I've given the "toast or tomato" issue more thought. If some people think the "t" stands for "toast," perhaps it's because tomatoes are so crappy most of the year, some restaurant somewhere decided the "t" could stand for "toast."

It makes more sense than serving winter tomatoes.

Regardless of what "t" stands for in BLT, however, it is always made with toast.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37309/22/2013

In 2004, they had Heather Webber, Helena Cassadine and Faith Roscoe terrorizing the residents of Port Charles and never thought to have them go up against each other!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37409/22/2013

I had to learn a new trade after my cooch dried up and I couldn't trick with my niece anymore. So I do know of what I speak. Yes, R366, adding the C is a thing. A "good thing" as some would say. Add the C! Oh, and R367---you're a B.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37509/22/2013

Susan, honey, ya shoulda listened to me. I always said your were sittin' on a gold mine if only you'd unglue those knees of yours. And I know talent when I see it, honey, believe you me! I could still get Bobbie and those fake funbags of hers plenty of work, even with all the face work she's had. And all I ask is 25% off the top. Plus maybe a little muff dive every now and then. Call me!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37609/22/2013

The show is incredible today. MB brought it HOME with his meltdown at the wedding reception.

GH makes me so happy.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37709/23/2013

Does everyone know now that Morgan tricked Kiki into marrying him? If Sonny did just that much I'll love him again.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37809/23/2013

Yes, everyone knows now. Sonny spilled in the beans in epic fashion. It was pretty awesome.

Now we're going to get a Carly/Sonny meltdown.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 37909/23/2013

Thanks you R379! LOVE IT! I can't wait to watch.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38009/23/2013

No Laura in breakdowns. Tracy inserted. Luke will die. What the hell?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38109/23/2013

I hate Sonny but he was decent today. I found myself feeling bad for Morgan-a character I previously did not care for. I enjoyed Duke and Anna and Sam and Silas (I know but she held her own to Ava).

I think Morgan is going to be the new AJ.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38209/23/2013


Geary has always wanted his swan song to be Luke's death. That could be a huge watershed moment/storyline but without Laura ??

Hell, no! TIIC will miss the oportunity to wrap up the greatest love story in the history of Daytime? Heinous!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38309/23/2013

Do you remember Faith Rosco? Let's not pretend Ava Jerome is original, much less compelling.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38409/23/2013


Ava is played by a much better actress

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38509/23/2013

R385 The actress who played Faith didn't look like she injected the world's supply of every last facial filler on earth!Maura's a good soap actress BUT she is using much too much botox.

No more Pratts,Cassadines or Kellys for the 50th?I can't wait for Victor,Tony, Susan,Rose and Joe to come back. Hey they brought Rachel Ames back.....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38609/24/2013

In R384 clip- They replaced Carly (wow, she was sexy) with that middle aged soccer mom Wright woman? What were they thinking?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38709/24/2013

Are they really killing off Luke? For real?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38809/24/2013

R384, that two minute clip was more compelling than the last year and a half of GH combined.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 38909/24/2013

OMG I could watch these bitches slap each other ALL DAY.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39009/24/2013

I think it's time Heather had some maternal advice from the great beyond. Come on---you already had Alan, Rick, and Emily as ghosts.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39109/24/2013

TG is leaving the show. He wants Luke to die. RC wants Luke to fake his death. But all will think him dead. Not sure which one works out. But, he's done.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39209/24/2013

If TG is suffering from health issues, I would think it would be important to him to keep his SAG health insurance active. All he needs to do is a few eps a year to qualify, right? They could do an Edward on him and keep the character mostly unseen, but putting in a few appearances for special occasions.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39309/24/2013

I'm not a Maurice B fan at all. Can tolerate him in small doses, but don't think much of his acting. Hate the way the show centered around him for a decade.

That said, I thought he did a phenomenal job on the Friday and Monday shows. The best work I've ever seen him do.

Was also very impressed by Bryan Craig as Morgan. We've never really discussed him much, but he did some excellent work on Monday's show as well.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39409/24/2013

Rot in hell, Lieux.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39509/24/2013

My expectations were low, but Bryan Craig hit all the right notes vocally (though sometimes his face didn't keep up). Similarly, Kristen Alderson had a lot of excellent moments, but her reaction shots only registered if there was a detail about her character, as opposed to some of the drama that anyone would respond to (Morgan basically told Michael to go to hell, and she was blank).

Benard was livelier than he's been in ages, but it's hardly great stuff. Still mumbling, throwing "you know" in to cover that he didn't have the line handy, and getting shouty. Looking forward to seeing his scenes with Wright today, though watching that clip of Braun reminds me just how wrong Wright is for this part (i.e. Braun wasn't right either, but she was still a hell of an actress).

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39609/24/2013

MB and Wright were great today.


4 or 5 years ago I couldn't stand Spinelli and now he's one of my favorite characters.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39709/24/2013

R392 Remember this is a soap. They can bring back Luke a million different ways from Sunday if they so please. Who knows if Tony gets sick of playing house in Holland and wants to come back.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39809/24/2013

The last ouple of shows have been so well written. I tried to ee who wrote today's episode but I saw no credits. Today's dialogue was spot on.

I hate Sonny and wish he'd leave the show permanently but I have enjoyed his fall from mental balance. Good dialogue between Sonny/Carly.

Amazing scenes between Ava/Morgan. Is there anything MW can't do? She plays a stone cold viper but she's still able to show hints of vulnerability. Dialogue and directing in their scenes were very good. BC can actually act when he's away from Kiki.

Good dialogue as well between Maxie/Spin. Totally spot on.

Then the simple easy banter between Sam/Silas was a nice respite from the drama going on in the other scenes.

I really wish I knew who wrote today's show.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 39909/24/2013

Lady Geary is 66. Luke has been onscreen, on and off, for 30 years, and Geary has been steadily back for 20 of them.

He's wise to get out while he can. GH may be OK now, but it's got a ticking clock and won't run forever. Retirement is a good thing, and if he has any sort of citizenship in the Netherlands, health care is not an issue.

All things said, La Geary is one of the best actors daytime has ever seen (and I say that as not always having been a Luke fan). That he leaves, and the atrocity that is Maurice Benard's mumbling stays behind, is truly sad.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40009/24/2013

KS looks much better with a little weight, she reminds me when she was on DOOL

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40109/24/2013


You do know she's pregnant in real life. It looks good on her

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40209/24/2013

R399, If the tweet I saw was right, it was Kate Hall today and yesterday and Scott Sickles the day before.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40309/24/2013


Friday - Kate Hall Yesterday - Scott Sickles Today - Katherine Shock

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40409/24/2013

I did know that... Lucky bitch, she got Barash's big buldge up her beef curtains!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40509/24/2013


I doubt Geary has any financial worries. He was the highest paid soap star for decades.And as you say health care is free in Amsterdam

Rumor is he wanted to bow out in November but FV wants him to sign on for a few more months so they can write out a proper exit. The return of Robin will be frontburner this Fall.

I just hope they somehow pen a L&L reunion before his death. It's what fans want and it will give his death more punch-they finally make their way back to each other only for death to seperate them.

I'll start stockpiling my Kleenex now

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40609/24/2013

Katherine Shock? Is she new ?

I've never noticed her name before. She was very good today. The direction was very good too.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40709/24/2013

I can't be-LIEVE that Ava and Morgan had sex!

R406 I actually wish Luke would die, and stay truly dead. Not out of hate for the character, but because it would be nice and poetic. It doesn't have to be all weepy, etc.

It should be real. Luke had an imperfect life and made a lot of mistakes. But his ragtag family, his still-conflicted ex Laura, and the woman who loves him for his flaws - Tracy - should all be around to help him say goodbye.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40809/24/2013

I haven't seen the last two days, but I'm not at all surprised that Ava got a ride on Captain Morgan. The sex vibes have always been crazy between the two of them. Sex is her currency.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 40909/24/2013


Oddly he was the aggressor. Very good scenes. They didn't play out as I imagined.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41009/24/2013

Just watched Tuesday's show. Morgan banging Ava was hot!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41109/25/2013

I guess after months of Bovina he wanted someone feminine.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41209/26/2013

What I don't understand is why they sped up the reveal to Carly and Bovina and Michael. But I love Morgan and Ava. It works for me. What doesn't work is Michael and Star. There is no sex appeal or rooting interest, why should I care about those two?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41309/26/2013

[quote] Oddly he was the aggressor.

Captain's courageous.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41409/26/2013

Morgan and AVA. Maybe he's one of those cubs that likes a Botox injected cougar!Ava's face looked frozen when she reacted to KA's entrance. Maura's still cute at her age she doesn't need so much in the way of facial fillers.

As for KA and Mike, Ron wants to recreate their love when she was Starr. It's all so boring. At least with Morgan and Ava the unpredictable happened. If I was a younger guy I'd would much rather have a hot older woman than some blah looking and annoying acting child.

When are Spin and Maxie getting the kid back? I so want Britch's spawn to be Lulu and Dante's instead.The new Lulu is such a cute and fuckable little thing but I can't wait to see her cry her eyes out when that baby is taken away.

I have to give the writing crew some credit for one of the best lines in GH this year:

Morgan: What does it look like I'm doing? Hitting the sheets with your mom.

Talk about smacking Kiki down big time.....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41509/26/2013

Big week next week. Robin, baby Ben, Jerry

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41609/26/2013

Loved how Carly learned about Ava and Morgan. Delicious.

Love that Carly and Ava are now officially at war. Should make so some good scenes.

So, it's Carly vs Carly. All we need now is for Crystall Chappell to join the show and make enemies with them. Then it could be Carly vs. Carly vs. Carly.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41709/26/2013

r417, don't forget we had Carly vs Carly on ATWT too:

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41809/26/2013

[quote]Just watched Tuesday's show. Morgan banging Ava .. hot!

Wish it were me.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 41909/26/2013

Does Captain Morgan have as big of a schwanz as Chad "9.5 x 6.5" Duell?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42009/27/2013

How do we know Chad is donkey hung? Any photographic evidence of it in full bloom?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42109/27/2013

I've never seen anything official R421 but I do think KA has been walking funny for a long while now.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42209/27/2013

She squeals like a pig when he plows her.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42309/28/2013

Good week. Love all the shirtlessness they had.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42409/28/2013

Cuz good girls don't

And Annie won't

And you all know what I mean

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42509/28/2013

[quote] She squeals like a pig when he plows her.

She squeals like a pig at the craft services table, too.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42609/28/2013

So is lady geary dead? I miss heather. Frankentodd has a bod on him.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42709/28/2013

Oh what a circus, oh what a show

Such commotion in the lakeport town

Over the schemings and dealings of Ava Jerome!

They've all gone crazy

Bitching all day and moaning all night

Falling over themselves in the thrall

Of her wicked delights

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42809/28/2013

Susan Pratt troll, she's gotten laid already! Why won't Ron bring her back for the 50th. Just to fuck with Heather.

If Tony Geary is a Lady does that make Jane Eliot a Lord? Franco needs to clean his face he looks appalling. That boring character RH played on ATWT was better than this one.

Mandy Patinkin?!Putting that Carlito's Way clone and that grumpy old curmudgeon in the same breath is too much.When Mandy gets thrown off Homeland for being such a prick he can play Sabrina's grandpa! I can't wait for Mandy to do a bad Latin accent....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 42909/28/2013

Supposedly, Geary and Genie have worked it out with FV and both have signed new one year contracts. The other interesting tidbit, is that Stefan will return.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43009/29/2013

[quote]Supposedly, Geary and Genie have worked it out with FV and both have signed new one year contracts.

Awwww, fuckin' hell.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43109/29/2013

Honey, I can put you to work earning more than they could afford to pay you.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43209/29/2013

I loved Stefan with Nicholas. Would live to see him back. He also was good with cousin Alexis. It's always good when the vets come back.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43309/29/2013

I don't understand why people are acting like Ava Jerome is the second coming when she is a straight knock-off of Faith Roscoe and even worse, Olivia Jerome.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43409/29/2013

She is the second coming, because she is the first character that Ron has gotten anywhere close to right and interesting. Well, better still, she is the first actress with talent that can make Rob's fucked up writing engaging and interesting. Maura is taking what's on the page and creating this creature from a 40s film noir that is brilliant and fun and sexy.

I know most of the people on here love Ron C., but he is not a good writer. He writes like a someone who grew up in the 80s watching nighttime soaps with ADD. That kind of writer needs good actors to fill in where he's weak. Maura does that. Jane Elliot does that.

The rest either play it too over the top, see Howarth and the chick who played Connie or are confused by it and don't know how the fuck to play it so they end up given lackluster or uneven performances.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43509/29/2013

I won't argue with you about Maura West's brilliance as an actress. But as I said before, we've seen Ava twice already - as Olivia and Faith. And Faith especially casts a very long shadow because she was a truly dangerous psychopath.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43609/29/2013

I agree with you about RC. Not talented. Capable but ultimately mediocre.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43709/29/2013

Do you remember the umbrella in the elevator scene with Faith and Carly? It exuded menace. Say what you want about Guza but his show was gritty and searing at times. RC's writing is totally effeminete and by that I mean it does not pack a punch, it doesn't really plunge you into a world of high stakes. It's kitsch trash. The GH of the past decade was nightmarish and claustrophobic at its best.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43809/29/2013

I also enjoyed Faith's lesbian designs on Skye Chandler. Good times.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 43909/29/2013

Did Carly or Faith ever go up against the Queen bitch herself Helena C.?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44009/29/2013

r440, Faith, Helena and Heather were all plotting diabolical schemes in Port Charles in the year of 2004 and none of them crossed paths. The closest Faith and Heather got to meeting was when Faith was stabbed with a claw by Mary, Nikolas' psycho stalker during a seance in the Quartermaine mansion when Heather was possessed with Lila's spirit. Long story.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44109/29/2013

I'd rather see more of hotness Robert Kelker Kelly than Patch. Lots more.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44209/29/2013

Explain to me again why the audience hated Guza? That scene at R438 was riveting and everything soap opera should be.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44309/29/2013

r443 We go through this periodically. Go back to old threads if you want longer explanations.

Individual scenes and plotlines under Guza could be quite good. But the overall show was a mess.

Guza turned GH into Sopranos Light and made Sonny the moral center of the show. Beloved veteran characters were dropped or killed off while everything revolved around Sonny and Jason. Show was very dark and violent.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44409/29/2013

How is that any different now r444? As bad as Sonny was, aren't they trying to turn a serial killer/psychopath into the show's leading man hero?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44509/29/2013

Guza definitely loved darker stories.

But I think what most fans usually forget is that the head writer does not, by any stretch of the imagination, create all the stories or have the last word.

That died with Doug Marland, Bill Bell and Aggie Nixon's last days as head writer.

The network is now in charge. And likely this big Sonny push back to center is because the show dipped after the 50th, and the network made a huge push to go back to the crack it always turns to when it needs a temporary rating push - Sonny/Carly, the mob, etc.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44609/29/2013

If a poster has to ask what was wrong with GH under Guza they are either am imbecile or never watched the show.

Simple as that.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44709/29/2013

Is Carrrlos Rrrrivera going to turn out to be Lily's brother? What ever happened to the kid she had with Miguel? Does anyone remember his name?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44809/29/2013

Didn't Becky Herbst's husband play their son?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 44909/29/2013

Cynthia Preston was great, but Faith was little more than a blow-up doll for Guza and Pratt. She was the evil whore who they loaded up with every tacky sex angle they could while also making her a gun toting villainness. She was a cartoon. There was a scene back in the day where Sonny manhandled and groped her in front of the other families, assaulting her as a woman to humiliate her in front of the other men, and we were supposed to believe she deserved it for being so evil.

Ron's show is not exactly brilliant, but Ava Jerome is already much smarter and more cunning than Faith Rosco. Faith came right at people and was not much of a schemer; she always failed. Ava came to town having already lured Morgan into her trap, and she has worked Sonny into psychosis.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 45009/30/2013

It's obvious from the way she kicked Julian's henchman's body into Port Charles Bay that there are as yet unplumbed depths of evil in Ava. And yet there's also a vulnerability. She's fascinating. Much of that is owed, no doubt, to Maura's ability.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 45109/30/2013

Maura is the best thing about this show... she acts rings around most of the other actors.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 45209/30/2013


The scenes at the christening were amazing today. Brad telling the truth and then Dante and Lulu putting the pieces together. Tomorrow is going to be brilliant.

Britt and Obrecht are some of the best on the show.

Robin is back!

RC is a genius.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 45309/30/2013


by Franco's blond rootsreply 45409/30/2013

I like Britt, I really do.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 45509/30/2013

Ron's not *that* brilliant..

by Franco's blond rootsreply 45609/30/2013

Very good show today! I'm actually surprised the parentage of Connie has come out so quickly after her birth. I'm not used to the pacing of the current GH. It often works against the build up of drama, but in this instance it clicked. So who do the rumors say is the father of the Britchlet? It surely isn't actually Brad. That's not nearly dramatic enough.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 45709/30/2013

Wonderful to see Robin on screen again! Even though I knew it was coming, my heart melted a little bit when we actually saw her.

I, too, am surprised the baby paternity reveal is happening so soon. Figured they'd drag it out a little longer. Connie was just born 6 weeks ago.

But everything moves faster these days.

On OLTL, it took two years for the reveal that Karen and Marco switched Jenny's baby for Katrina's baby. Of course, that was 1980-1982.

On Days, it took seven years to reveal that Bill Horton, not Mickey, was Mike Horton's father. That was 1968-1975.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 45809/30/2013

[quote]I know most of the people on here love Ron C., but he is not a good writer. He writes like a someone who grew up in the 80s watching nighttime soaps with ADD.

I'm not sure most people here do love him but you're pretty close to correct that he did grow up watching daytime soaps soap in the 80s and, my his own admission, loved the campy, over the top stuff.

He also does write like he has ADD because he'd much rather muck around with the past as opposed to actually writing anything original.

I think he's a pretty poor HW myself. He does occasionally manage to tell a decent story but even those get so buried in the ADD clutter that they don't really come thru unless you FF about 90% of the rest of his meandering.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 45909/30/2013


Can't stand this whitewashed version of Britt.

What worked was her being a strong ball busting bitch. Now she's a weak fragile flower.

Rings very hollow and she towers over Nikolas

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46009/30/2013

Heather Switched the Embryos!!!!!!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46110/01/2013

Aren't we supposed to assume Britt impregnated herself with Dante and Lulu's embryo?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46210/01/2013

I'm getting caught up and enjoyed the shirtless Morgan scenes.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46310/01/2013

Although I'm getting used to the quick cuts, they don't quite pull off the faster pace. Too often they cut to a new scene when they should stay on one to really let the scene build. One of the few shows that pulled the quick cuts off was "Knots Landing", but that was done mainly in the last few minutes of an episode. I'm kinda liking seeing the softer side of the Britch and her standing up to Frau Farbissina.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46410/01/2013

Remember when Vimal, a secondary character, revealed the paternity of Natalie and Jessica's kids at their double-wedding? Me, too. RC is repeating himself for the 1,000,000,000th time. He is terrible and needs to get kicked out on his ass.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46510/01/2013

The actress who plays Britt said it was Lante's baby in an interview. But the next day, that bit of info had been scrubbed from the interview.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46610/01/2013

There needs to be a few weeks of Lante losing Maxie's baby and grieving over not having a child before the reveal of Britt's baby being theirs.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46710/01/2013

Dr. O will soon be delivering the Britch spawn to Robin, seemingly as some kind of reward or motivator for being a kept slave on their crack mad scientist team. I've wondered before about the possibly that they extracted one of Robin's eggs (ha!) while she was comatose and then Britta was dispatched with the job of seducing Patrick in order to obtain his sperm and act as surrogate for the embryo. Sounds bizarre, but it never really did make much sense why Britt landing Patrick was such a critical "mission" for Obrecht and Faison.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46810/01/2013

Is Sabina Lily's daughter?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 46910/01/2013

[quote]Is Sabina Lily's daughter?

Sabrina said she was Juan's (Lily and Miguel's son) cousin. Lily's father had forced her to put the child up for adoption and I believe Santiago was his adoptive parents' surname. So, no, they aren't blood relatives, but somewhat connected nonetheless.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47010/01/2013

Is my Todd on today?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47110/02/2013

R471 Yes, he was on the preview for today's episode.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47210/02/2013

I have to say, GH is starting to look like a soap again.Hope this time they keep it up.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47310/02/2013

Was it ever even confirmed that Juan was Lily's son?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47410/02/2013

Robert wakes up tomorrow we see him on Friday.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47510/02/2013

Whats the scoop on heathers painting?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47610/03/2013

Ava and Morgan having sex is hot. Michael and Kiki on the overhand look like something on the Disney channel if that network was trying to be 'edgy.'

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47710/03/2013


Ava is a freakin' Goddess!

MW has not made a false move since joining GH. She is giving a truly inspired performance: part viper , part wounded bird, part vixen...100% woman.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47810/03/2013

Ava looks like an old friend, the one who introduced me to blow jobs! So she has a special place in my heart for sure. She has done a nice job on this show much better than anything else she's done.

The Britch? Yeah they are making her more sympathetic but I like her with just a little bit of that cunty edge though. Dr O is really out there.Is the axis of evil Jerry/ Julian/DR O holding one of the frozen Cassadines as well? There's talk that Ron mentioned Stefan for a reason when Stavros came back. Moreover that Stephen Nichols is talking to Frank Valentini about coming back to GH.

The baby will be Patrick's and Robin's? HAHAHA, talk about camp. Poor Sabrina she will be shunted to the side for boring Robin. I like Kim but Robin is a snoozefest of a character. I'm happy that Robert Scorpio is coming back why couldn't Ron and Frank have left her in a coma?!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 47910/03/2013

Heather's painting is her version of a BLT on canvas

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48010/03/2013

I hope they write Robert as the character we watched for years.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48110/03/2013

Ilene Kristen (Roxy from OLTL) is taping at GH. Presumably not as Roxy.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48210/03/2013

YES!!!! Now if only they could bring back Mike Corbin, we'd have Roger/Delia redux!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48310/03/2013

Roger and Delia who?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48410/03/2013

Good show today. Stories are nicely crossing with one another. Hope it lasts.

And when was the last time Robert and Anna got the Friday cliffhganer shot?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48510/04/2013

I want Captain Morgan's rigid shaft and thick red knob to bone me, too!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48610/04/2013

My favorite thing was Dr. Obrecht in a blond wig singing Is That all There Is on karaoke night.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48710/04/2013

That was sublime, in a sort of Ute Lemper meets David Lynch kind of way.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48810/04/2013

This has been the best week since pre Nurses Ball. Most of all Robert needs to stay.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 48910/04/2013

[R488] What a description - PERFECT!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49010/04/2013

I knew it was coming, but I still got a little verklempt when Robert remembered he'd seen Robin. What a wonderful, silly, sublime soap moment!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49110/04/2013

[R430]Speaking of Geary, I read an article about the Broadway Care/Equity Fights AIDS that a lot of the soap stars always participated in. The article said that, according to one of the major execs at BC/EFA, Geary would never let the foundation pay for a plane ticket, a hotel room, nothing, when he came to New York to perform.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49210/04/2013

489 &491

The Robert wakes up scenes really were wonderful. And Robert and Anna just have "it". They are each very unique soap characters but man do they connect. Every word.

This is why I watch soap. But I never thought I would see Robert get to return. He really lifts the show. Wonder if FV would ever agree to let him stay on.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49310/05/2013

r493 If rumors of Tony Geary retiring are true, then that increases the odds of Tristan staying around.

Yes, I agree completely about the Anna-Robert connection. That was just magic happening on screen during Friday's show. Finola and Tristan share great chemistry, even 30 years later.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49410/05/2013

So I found Susan Pratt's Facebook page. Not much there. I thought she would at least be friending some of her old GH cronies to get a new acting job.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49510/06/2013

Who is that harlot with my face?!?! It's obvious the slot has had sex. Probably before she was married--if she EVER was!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49610/06/2013

When they mentioned Cheryl Stansbury on Friday's show, I got the biggest smile thinking about the Cheryl Stansbury troll loving every moment of that dialogue.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49710/06/2013

Dr. O is going to visit her beloved Faison disguised as Anna, a la the rubber mask bit. Of course her body is nothing like Anna's but I guess Faison will be too stupid to notice.

Anyway, Anna will see HERSELF leaving the prison, lol.

So get ready for Anna vs. Anna

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49810/06/2013

Will she be demanding "conjugal" privileges?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 49910/06/2013

I wonder how many face masks they have stashed away? One for every desired seduction?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50010/06/2013

Gives a whole new meaning to wearing your rubber!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50110/06/2013

They are like the body snatchers. I think they can look like anyone they want. It's like the old Mission Impossible.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50210/06/2013

[quote]Gives a whole new meaning to wearing your rubber!

HA!!! LOLOLOLOL! Good one! WW

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50310/06/2013

Does anyone know if they are using some kind of "miracle blur" product on the set? It seems like a lot of senior cast members have skin that diffuses light in a most unnatural yet flattering way!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50410/07/2013

It's just a camera covered in Vaseline and flattering amber lighting.

Well, I've heard.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50510/07/2013

I will never tire of Jerry Jax. The character and actor are so sexy to me.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50610/08/2013

Hoping that this week is as good as the last. I enjoyed all the scenes yesterday except with Sonny. Robert and Anna should be on more.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50710/08/2013

I heard in your case, Dee Dee, it's covered in vag secretions and breast milk. I shoulda tried that.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50810/08/2013

Hey, Con Con, how'd you like a kick in the cunt?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 50910/08/2013

Was today worth watching? Major plot or a Stumpy-centric day? Have to say the Anna/Robt/Robin/Jerry/Luke/Spanks/Frau Farbissina plot is keeping me hooked. I need some Holly added into the mix, too.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51010/08/2013

Too much Stumpy today. Oooooooo but he was sooooo tough threatening a woman. Such a real man! I wish she would pulled out a knife and gutted the sorry piece of shit like a fish. Enjoyed DeVry's shirtless scene, but would have liked it even more if there'd been some hair on that chest.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51110/09/2013

Somebody said there was no armpit or leg hair either!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51210/09/2013

Tony Geary gave a brief interview to Michael Logan. He says no L&L reunion. Fans are like children wanting their divorced parents to get along. And he's not in the business to entertain.

Needless to say, some fans are really pissed.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51310/09/2013

Good for Geary. He's right.

They hooked me with Robert, Anna, et al on Monday but yesterday was awful. Too much Olivia and Sonny. If it's like that again today can someone please warn me? I don't watch until the evening.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51410/09/2013

He's not in the business to entertain???? WTF does he think an actors job is! I'm not saying he needs to kiss up to couples fans. OLTL went down the toilet twice giving in to crazed T&B fans but entertaining....That is an actors only fucking job.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51510/09/2013

There should not be a L&L reunion. The characters have grown beyond that. But if either one will be leaving permanently there should be a proper send-off. In spite of them not being a supercouple anymore their lives will always be entwined. I enjoyed their ride, but keeping them apart works dramatically and logically.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51610/09/2013

What the hell did Todd and Blair have to do with anything at either ending of OLTL? Fangirls out.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51710/09/2013

I fell in love Tony Geary all over again after reading that article. He is right on just about every point. Good for him for having the balls to say it.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51810/09/2013

I agree r516. I don't find anything especially entertaining about actors well past 60 stuck trying to breath new life into the same old romances they played in their 30s.

Luke and Laura have been reunited enough times already.

Save the last "will they finially make it this time" reunion for the show's finale.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 51910/09/2013

I think he needs a new, fresh love interest. Someone pure, wholesome, indeed even---shall I say---virginal? Laura was already used goods when Luke got her. Very, VERY used.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52010/09/2013

OK, which one of you bitches wrote this in the TVGuide interview w/Geary's comments?

"Tony keeps his husband hidden in Holland!"

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52110/09/2013

KS is doing very good with this story. Maxie is much more "mature" - although she's still a shitraker.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52210/09/2013

I know she is playing poisoned but lady geary is skerry to look ats. Oy

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52310/10/2013

Lady Geary was ALWAYS scary to look at. Even in the 80's with her Fro.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52410/10/2013

Before they dispose of Doktor Albrecht, I hope we get another song like "Is That All There Is?"

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52510/10/2013

Don't turn around, ah ah ah

Der Kommissioner's in town, ah ah ah

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52610/11/2013

LOVED Faison's reaction to Frau Farbissina's face peel yesterday! Finola did a wonderful job keeping me wondering until the last moment whether she was Anna or Frau. I kept going back and forth until just before the kiss ended. Hope today is a Stumpy free zone.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52710/11/2013

I just found out, SHOCKINGLY, that Dylan Cash, who was the original Michael Corinthos and such a cute red-headed young boy.... the fat oaf in the Farmers Insurance commercial who crashes into someone's lawn and says, "'Sup?"

Oh, my GAWD did he age badly.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52810/12/2013

The Faison-Obrecht scenes were pure perfection.

I almost came when she called him a schmutzige Schwein.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 52910/12/2013

Is that what that means? If so, Luke beat her to it by about 35 years. Back in the beginning of the Luke and Laura story he called Roy DeLuca(the original) a pig dog. It's going to be like a replay of the Krystle/Rita brawl come Monday. I can't wait! I hope they don't have a Stumpy day as filler before Anna and Frau Farbissina go at it.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53010/12/2013

Previews for Monday show a Obrecht/Anna cat fight about to erupt so no worries r530.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53110/13/2013

Do Monday's previews show that a virginal nurse will be taking over the Nurses Training program at General Hospital?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53210/13/2013

*Gasp* OMG r528. That is him. Holy shit!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53310/13/2013

[quote]Is that what that means? If so, Luke beat her to it by about 35 years. Back in the beginning of the Luke and Laura story he called Roy DeLuca(the original) a pig dog.

Actually, "schmutzige schwein" means dirty pig, but somewhere later in the exchange she threw out a "schwein hund," or pig dog. Maybe Geary is their language consultant, lol.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53410/13/2013

R532 Annie ain't coming back deary. She got her cherry popped BTW. She's living with Rose Kelly in a Boston marriage now. There is a Cassadine coming back though. I can't wait for Cartooni to explain this least with Stavros we originally had a campy comic book death with the possibility of a return.

I wonder how Lord Tony goes out? Killing Jerry and dying in Ms Q's arms? That would be pretty apropos.....

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53510/13/2013

A word of warning for those dancing on LNL's grave: The Tracy on Cassadine Island scenes were originally scripted for Genie Francis. She had to take off temporarily due to some BTS/IRL reason, and much like the TG/Tristan Rogers swap last fall, where Robert replaced Luke in the Duke/Faison storyline, Jane Elliot was used to take her place.

GF will be back, and RC will go right back to Luke and Laura. He has planned this since the beginning.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53610/13/2013

Based on the Michael Logan interview, Luke does not die. Sadly.....I have respect for La Geary but it's time to fold that card table.

He also says that L&L are best left in the past.

If GH was smart they'd do what Guiding Light did with Roger and Holly - another rapist (though they were married when Roger raped Holly) not to put them together, but keep them somewhat in each other's orbits, and script two or three very meaningful exchanges a year, so it's clear there's still a connection.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53710/13/2013

I have to agree with Geary. Of course there will always be strong emotions between LnL, but it would reek of pandering and be very anticlimatic to have them ride off into the sunset together. It would be bittersweet, but more satisfying for them to stay apart romantically. I'd like to think they(and especially Laura since she was a victim of RAPE by Luke)realize they have grown beyond each other. Not unlike Lucy and Desi in real life, oddly enough.

Oh, and let me tweak your description a bit, Annie. Is GH looking for a frigid, bitter, dried up, Puritanical sexophobic hag whose legs are permanently Super Glued at the knees? Ummmm----no. You even drove Ricky D. Anderson into Dee Dee Hall's arms back in the day. And we know how that worked out.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53810/13/2013

r536 Thanks for the info. Everything about Tracy's time on Cassadine Island felt like it was scripted for Laura. Even some of the dialog when Tracy first appeared felt like it should be coming out of Laura's mouth instead.

If Laura ever returns from Paris, I hope this time around, they actually give her her a decent storyline and write the character correctly. Her return since February has been so badly botched.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 53910/13/2013

They are bringing back Stefan for Laura.

Obrecht will put the Anna mask on and try to toy with Robin.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 54010/13/2013

[quote] You even drove Ricky D. Anderson into Dee Dee Hall's arms back in the day. And we know how that worked out.

Annie drove a gay man into a lesbian's arms?

Now we know Susie Pratt's real identity: Cheryl!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 54110/13/2013

Nonsense, r541. My privates are fresh, clean, and slightly perfumed.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 54210/13/2013

Suzie honey, the seal is still on your vageene.

That's 25 years past its sell by date!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 54310/14/2013

After Robert and Anna are taken hostage, Jerry orders Robin and Nikolas to return to PC.

He wants them to extract Luke's blood so Robin can make another dose of the antidote for Jerry.

He threatens to kill Robert and Anna if Nik/Robin lets anyone know that Robin is alive, or if she is seen.

They return to Port Charles and Robin begins to use the GH lab, in secret.

Meanwhile, will Faison try to protect Anna from Dr. Obrecht?

This story could lead to Faison's final swan song.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 54410/14/2013

Now this is a soap I could watch!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 54510/14/2013


by Franco's blond rootsreply 54610/14/2013

So today's episode, one of the first I've watched in real time all year, was easily one of the best episodes of GH I've ever seen and definitely the most fun since I resumed watching last fall over the anniversary hype.

Just give Finola Hughes her Emmy now.

The battle of the Annas was really well done, and must have taken a lot of planning and extra shooting to pull off.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 54710/14/2013

It was an amazing show today. I haven't seen GH this good in a long, long time. And yes -Finola Hughes was just incredible. Crap -I didn't know RC had this in him.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 54810/14/2013

I just got home and my dvr didn't record GH. Did it not air in the New York area today?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 54910/14/2013

Aereo lists it airing from 1:37 a.m. to 2:37 a.m.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55010/14/2013

It will be online shortly on the ABC site.

Or this

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55110/14/2013

Susie Pratt! I can smell your cunt!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55210/14/2013

In NYC every time a pigeon farts ABC Daytime interrupts GH as they did to OLTL when it had that time slot.

I would like to know one person who put their TV on at 2pm who wanted to watch the fucking Columbus Day parade!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55310/14/2013

[quote] In NYC every time a pigeon farts ABC Daytime interrupts GH


But sadly, so true. The only point on which I agree with that fat bitch Carolyn Hinsey.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55410/14/2013

I can't believe such vulgarities are being used to refer to my lavender-scented lady parts.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55510/14/2013

I can't either Sue. Everyone knows those beef curtains are so permanently welded shut you had to insert your tampons orally. Before you completely dried up, that is.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55610/14/2013

If I want to hear your opinion on anything, Susan, I'll slap it out of ya (again)!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55710/14/2013

Yes, Stephen Nichols will be back as Stefan; his reappearence is tied into Obrecht's connection to the Cassadines.

Also rumoured that Penny, that blonde nurse that Michael used to forget Kiki, will be revealed to be Stefan's daughter by the late Katherine Bell.

The Christina Collins character was shelved for a while but will be finally appearing on the scene soon. She will be a friend of Penny's.

Rumours are that Scott will finally be used in Heather's story.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55810/14/2013

Ugh. I have no interest in Patch Cassadine. Bo2 Cassadine on the other hand.... Oh, Laura, why couldn't you have better taste in men?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 55910/14/2013

I second that emotion r559. Hated Stephano and Katherine years of GH.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56010/14/2013

Genie has great chemistry with Stephen.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56110/14/2013

Crystal trees for everyone!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56210/14/2013

I loved Stefan and I would love to see him back. I have no desire to see his secret daughter.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56310/14/2013

Monday's show felt like the GH of the early 80s that I fell in love with. Excellent show. Had me on the edge of my seat. Amazing fight between the Annas.

Glad to see they finally found a use for the NY hospital set that they used to introduce Silas Clay back in May.

Now I wonder when Ava's NYC apartment is going to reappear.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56410/15/2013

Someone on this thread said Maura West is playing Ava like a film noir siren. I like that.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56510/15/2013


Geary also described her that way in his recent TVGuide interview.

MW has been a revelation. She's been nothing short of amazing.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56610/15/2013

r563, the PTB probably think that they have to connect Stefan to the teen set to make him more useful; a 62 year old actor - no matter how good he looks - is not included in the advertising demos to make him acceptable just on his own. He will need to be attached to teenybopper culture. So we will have to swallow this much overused new child-out-of-the-woodwork once again.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56710/15/2013

Wasn't Katherine off the canvas for awhile back in 98 after her accident? The long lost daughter cliche isn't that far fetched.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56810/15/2013

Does anyone even care who killed never-mentioned -anymore Connie?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 56910/15/2013

Screw the Columbus Day Parade!!

I can't believe they put that on instead of the magnificent brilliance that was the two Annas fight.

RC knows how to turn it on, and this was him at his best.

Comparing GH to the sluggish disaster that is Y&R right now is laughable. That show has become impossible to watch while the residents of Port Charles are a marvel to behold.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57010/15/2013

I didn't think Monday's show was so good. All I saw was a bunch of mostly Italian assholes marching on the street...Oh wait....Fucking ABC!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57110/15/2013

Patch Cassadine?!You mean that wasn't Patch and Kayla on GH all those years ago? Ron and Frank should have a comic booky way to explain how Stefan was absolutely murdered by Luke and then comes back again.At this rate, we'll see Alexandra Quartermaine and Tony Cassadine sooner than you might think!

Someone mentioned Bo Number Two as a Cassadine. His comeback was a campfest no doubt but it was fun. It didn't last too long did it? That's why it worked,it was in small does.

Maura West? She's doing a nice job BUT she looks more like a femme fatale as opposed to actually playing one.The costuming and makeup people(who are on slashed budgets) have done a good job with her.Not to knock her work on ATWT but this might be the role of her soap career.

Isn't Anders Hove great? He acts like he's doing Ibsen meanwhile the script is hypercampy. It ain't on the page but Anders has it on the stage. His dramatic portrayal of Faison is a nice counterbalance to Dr O's over the top Frau Farbissina redux.

Someone mentioned that boring Bell/Sony soap and supreme snoozefest on CBS. There are no people pretending to be German(like Dr O on GH) they have a German pretending to be a Canadian instead! No people impersonating other people with shitty masks no less. Oh and GH has Cassadine Island, basically a Bond villian's lair.No matter what anyone says GH does that sci-fi/spy/camp thing better than any other soap in history. Now I have to see how the Cassadines will fit in the upcoming Mob War. I'm quite sure Stefan and Prince Nik will save the day by freezing the Jeromes or something silly like that!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57210/15/2013

r572, regarding Anders Hove, that is the true secret of doing successful soap storytelling. The late 90s and the first decade of the 21st century saw actors getting very lazy and relying more on hijinks and mockery in their acting choices. Soaps went full-on camp, but the actors didn't have to, although it was more and more encouraged by the PTB as a way of "modernizing" a conservative genre. But it hurt the soap genre overall. Soaps have always been camp, but great soap opera is when the actors handle even the worst material seriously. There's nothing worse than an actor choosing to do a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of what soap opera used to hold sacred.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57310/15/2013

Kelly Monaco must have gotten some botox and a good peel. Her face is looking particularly "refreshed" today.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57410/15/2013

You talk of bringing back Alexandria Q like it's a bad thing, R572. Not in my book. She had her problems as an actress, but damn did she ever bring the sexy! That bland horror of a love interest they saddled her with, though.... And Alex, unlike a certain other character on the canvas at that time actually had a sex life.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57510/15/2013

R575 You would be quite incorrect.I loved Alex.Alex Q was hot and I liked what she did on the show.Along with the Victor and Tony Cassadine as well.Ron and Frank want to bring Victor back so Tony and Alex Q are always a possibility.Especially when Stefan was basically killed in such an absolute fashion...for a soap that is. Though I understand that the actress who played Alex became an "executive" assistant. That didn't stop Ron and Frank pursuing RKK to reprise his role of Stavros.

Oh I wouldn't mind having Annie Logan and Rose Kelly in a girl-boy-girl threesome either! I loved those gals. It would be grand to see Jeff,Annie and Heather interacting again.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57610/15/2013

[quote]At this rate, we'll see Alexandra Quartermaine and Tony Cassadine sooner than you might think!

Give it a rest, you sad freak.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57710/15/2013

R577 ZZZZZZZZ. Boring.Stop Trolling. Go away. Get your facts straight as well.Tony was not played by Penghlis FYI.Poorly played but what does one expect from a pathetic clueless troll.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57810/15/2013

Thaoo played Victor Cassadine who has a frozen brother named Tony on GH.

Thaoo played Tony DiMera who had a lookalike cousin named Andre who kept coming back from the dead on Day of our Lives.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 57910/15/2013

Ron and Frank want to bring Victor back so Thaao might come back to play him. Knowing Ron and Frank he'll come back as someone else(Sean Donely)and take off his mask at a pivotal moment a la Dr O playing Anna or Faison playing Duke.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 58010/15/2013

Was GH on in its entirety in NYC today?


by Franco's blond rootsreply 58110/15/2013

[quote]Ron and Frank want to bring Victor back so Thaao might come back to play him.

No, they don't.

They replied to a question in an interview ABOUT Victor and RC's response was "maybe someday, who knows".

They do not want to "bring back Victor" and they obviously have never had any plans for that. Your life's work is a sham.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 58210/15/2013

Was today's ep worth watching? I saw in the preview that it was going to feature the Godfather Lite, but was he front and center?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 58310/15/2013

After Monday's fantastic episode, today's was such a letdown.

Only redeeming features were Maura West and Willian DeVry.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 58410/15/2013

R582 Actually it has been mentioned very recently that the TPTB have plans for Victor Cassadine in the near future. You are so far behind. You are quoting something from six months ago, get with the program!It wasn't RC and FV who said that it was only RC who said that in a TV Guide interview.No matter your trolling is more boring,sleep inducing and tiresome than Young and The Restless and trust me that's saying something.

It will be fun to see Stefan "Patch" Cassadine come back. He'll be coming back with someone else, supposedly a woman. Supposedly he is being be held captive and will be part of the end of the Robin/Robert/Anna/Faison/Dr O storyline.It will be interesting to see a Nik/Stefan reunion.I can't wait to see how Ron explains how he's even alive.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 58510/15/2013

It would be more fun to see the Prince in a pair of tight briefs and nothing else. That man is looking yummy these days!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 58610/15/2013

Man oh man, DeVry is a hot piece of meat. All-man. He made RH look like a meth-addicted gutter rat in those scenes. They need to write off MB and give DeVry the new heavy role.

RH is such an annoying pain in the ass in this Franco role. They have absolutely no idea how to deal with the character or where to take it. It hurts that they have essentially abandoned any Q drama with this character.

I liked Carly and Alexis in their scenes together, but how the hell did Carly convince Lucas to hand over some spittal in an envelope?

Michael asking Sonny for a job is such a step backwards for the character. Where the hell is AJ?!!!!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 58710/15/2013

Denise Alexander has some scenes coming up soon.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 58810/15/2013

I wonder who waxes down devry. Girl aint got no hair on that bod.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 58910/15/2013

I wish they would let him grow some hair back on that chest. He would look even hotter with a treasure trail.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59010/15/2013

If anyone needs a place to stay in Beverly Hills, you can rent Genie Francis' house.

10,000 square feet, 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms.

Rent's only $25,000 per month.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59110/16/2013

Nice place. Frakes sure hasn't improved with age.

Is there a new thread title yet?

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59210/16/2013

As a massage therapist, I know most men 18-40ish are waxing to get the smooth hairless body. Devry's body didn't surprise me at all.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59310/16/2013

He has no arm pit hair

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59410/16/2013

I was surprised by the lack of pit hair as well.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59510/16/2013

So they are renting out their 10,000 square foot home to move to a 2,000 square foot home?

Something is up here.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59610/16/2013

R592 An unmasked German doctor steals a baby and heads off to a Greek Island!

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59710/16/2013

[quote]Actually it has been mentioned very recently that the TPTB have plans for Victor Cassadine in the near future. You are so far behind.

Post the link, then. Show us the proof. That quote doesn't exist unless you mean the round of fictional rumors you invented when you believed you could make the show cast Roger Howarth as "Alexander Cassadine" who Thaao P. could play opposite of in the GH that is broadcast directly inside your brain.

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59810/16/2013

I guess its time for me

by Franco's blond rootsreply 59910/16/2013

To shut this down. I LOVE YOU TODD AND HEATHER. AND AVA. AND WHO DID KILL CONNIE. DO WE CARE ANYMORE.? Bye Sweetie Darlings. See u on the next thread

by Franco's blond rootsreply 60010/16/2013
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