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Glee's Dirty Little Secrets - Round 2

May the games begin again.

by As Requestedreply 55207/24/2015

Cory Monteith is dead.

by As Requestedreply 107/17/2013

Let's start here. . .

[Blind Gossip] Glee Actress?

Let’s Talk About Her Weight

This television star recently lost a close friend. Some of you may think this would be the wrong time to go in on her about her own problem. Actually, we think it’s the perfect time.

This TV star is very, very talented, but has always been self-conscious about her looks. She was of normal weight in real life, but thought she would look better on TV if she was thinner.

So she lost weight. Lots of weight. The public story is that she the weight through a healthy vegan diet and exercise.

Absolute bullsh*t.

She started doing c*caine. Lots of c*caine. Now she’s hooked.

She’s afraid if she stops, she’ll gain the weight back. If her friends and colleagues care about her, they will help her understand that her weight is not as much of a priority as taking care of her add*ction. Given the loss of her close friend, we hope that she and all of her friends are shocked into getting some help.


TV Show:

by As Requestedreply 207/17/2013

Can someone sum up Round One before we begin? Please?

by As Requestedreply 307/17/2013

R3, I already did.

by As Requestedreply 407/17/2013

Though I am sure it won't be happen one of the biggest fans of a Blaine/Sam relationship is Darren Criss himself. Guess who prefers working with Chord a lot more than with Colfer. Though a lot of that is Colfer's fault.

by As Requestedreply 507/17/2013

Are there any dirty little secrets about the white kid with yellow skin?

by As Requestedreply 607/17/2013

Round One thread at the link. . .

by As Requestedreply 707/17/2013

Has anyone here worked with Naya R.?

Is she really as self-absorbed, self-promoting, and pretentious as she comes across?

I admire what she's done with her character on Glee, but I sometimes wonder if she's really just playing herself with a few random character traits added in to create a little more drama.

Also, kudos to her and her PR team for promoting her outside of Glee, but despite her decent voice and her comedic skill, her image just seems to be that of a shallow beauty with little substance.

by As Requestedreply 807/19/2013

Ohmygod, r6 is that "yellow skin" troll who thinks we are all able to see the invisible jaundice he detects in so many people while he wanks off? What kind of weirdo is he!? He's as bad as "the effeminates!" troll!

by As Requestedreply 907/19/2013

Have they upgraded Blake Jenner to a contract roll?

And if so, did he earn it the same way Chord Overstreet did?

by As Requestedreply 1007/19/2013

[quote]Have they upgraded Blake Jenner to a contract roll?

Role, even.

The heat is making me even stupider than normal, if such a thing is possible.

by As Requestedreply 1107/19/2013

Hey! r9 here. The site edited my word choice of "Ef-M-i**nayte", and substituted its own preferred words! What gives? The "Ef******" troll gets to use it in every thread!

RACISM!! lol.

by As Requestedreply 1207/19/2013

[quote]Though I am sure it won't be happen one of the biggest fans of a Blaine/Sam relationship is Darren Criss himself. Guess who prefers working with Chord a lot more than with Colfer. Though a lot of that is Colfer's fault.

Wouldn't you rather make out with Chord Overstreet than Chris Colfer? Though a raging hetero like Criss shouldn't care which boy he's kissing. Right?

by As Requestedreply 1307/19/2013


by As Requestedreply 1407/25/2013

I think Blake Jenner would be more than happy to get on the casting couch. That kid is hungry for work.

by As Requestedreply 1507/25/2013

Most struggling actors would sleep with someone to help their career. Hell, if you wouldn't it can probably be argued you don't want it enough. The business is tough.

And yes R8 from what I heard that is true. I mean once again, actors are narcissists who are of course self-absorbed and self-promoting. Naya just less fake about hiding it. She tends to be decently liked from what I can tell, definitely more so than Lea whose goes about her self-absorption in a way that turns people off.

by As Requestedreply 1607/25/2013

Many ppl at blindgossip have guessed Lea Michele or Naya Riviera for the blind item [2] posted. What bothers me with this: LM has been rumoured to be using since her broadway days. So she didn't just started recently (unless she stopped and started again). And her huge weight loss was more around season 2 or something like that (I'm lazy to look it up). NR on the other hand has shrinked in the last few months, if that was even possible to start with. I don't know if she has been alluding to a vegan lifestyle tho. But why do I get the feeling that she would have started recreational drug use way before? Anyway just rambling... It could also be someone from another show. Bump!

by As Requestedreply 1707/25/2013

Is Blaine now with Sam? I stopped watching a while ago.

by As Requestedreply 1807/25/2013

R18 Sam is straight. He will never be anything but straight.

R17 I have never heard Naya say anything about being a vegan. Lea also is no longer a vegan, but possibly still a vegetarian.

by As Requestedreply 1907/25/2013

Blake Jenner is engaged to that chick who plays gnarly Marley, but that's not to say he didn't take advantage of his attractiveness to sleep with Ryan Murphy and win the Glee Project.

by As Requestedreply 2007/26/2013

Boy, the "Glee" PR team wasted no time promoting the next showmance now that Cory is dead. Countdown to an amicable breakup in...

by As Requestedreply 2107/26/2013

Well, they are supposed to be "new Rachel" and "new Finn" so I'm guess this means will be seeing Marley dump Jake for Ryder this year. That love triangle is so tiresome. Marley has demonstrated no reason why two guys would be fighting over her that much.

by As Requestedreply 2207/26/2013

"Prancing Ponies, The Sequel."

by As Requestedreply 2307/26/2013

Any news on Dianna Agron? She's beautiful, and maybe it's wishful thinking, but she breaks my gay-dar on a daily basis.

by As Requestedreply 2407/27/2013

She's got THE FAMILY coming out soon, so I'm sure she'll be popping up soon. I'm not interested in women, so there's no wishful thinking here, and I also think she pings extremely hard.

by As Requestedreply 2507/27/2013

[R25] Finally! She hasn't had a movie out in ages, although, I'm not looking forward to this one. She does pick terrible movies to star in. But I'm glad I'm not the only one. She's like a young Jodie Foster ;)

Anyone know anything about Blake and Melissa? Are they actually engaged? Because he's like 20, and they've only been together about four months. He's crazy.

by As Requestedreply 2607/27/2013

As far as I know, neither of them have officially said they're engaged, so maybe it was something leaked to just get some non-Monteith buzz about the new season. I just can't believe that's real. What 20 year old want to get engaged after four months? Also, I know Blake said he had a girl friend last fall when the show first started. He seems really hungry for the business though, so I bet he would do anything he's told.

by As Requestedreply 2707/27/2013

[R27] Don't ask why (because I'm a creep, haha) but I follow his ex on Twitter, and I remember them spending Christmas together, so even if he and Melissa are engaged, they've been together less than seven months, but I think they actually got together around May. I know there's that "When you know, you know" saying, but the kid is 20! He don't know nothin'! ;)

by As Requestedreply 2807/27/2013

She is suck a fucking joke.

by As Requestedreply 2907/27/2013

r28, is your name Michael Weisman by chance?

by As Requestedreply 3007/27/2013

R30, I don't know who that is, but I feel like playing along, so...YES! It is Michael! How did you know? ;)

by As Requestedreply 3107/27/2013

Ugh, I miss Blake with Michael. They made The Glee Project 2 worth watching by themselves.

by As Requestedreply 3207/27/2013

They were BFFs on their season of "The Glee Project." Even though both claimed to have girlfriends back home their chemistry on the show was palpable. Michael was adorable rooting for Blake to win after he himself got eliminated.

by As Requestedreply 3307/27/2013

I hope the show goes through with the tranny romance with Blake's character.

by As Requestedreply 3407/27/2013

[quote]As far as I know, neither of them have officially said they're engaged, so maybe it was something leaked to just get some non-Monteith buzz about the new season. I just can't believe that's real.

The story about their engagement came out before Cory died (though not by much).

by As Requestedreply 3507/27/2013

Ah, I hadn't heard about it until a couple days ago. Must have missed it.

by As Requestedreply 3607/27/2013

The "official" announcement posted at R20 is dated July 11 - over a week before Cory's demise.

With Cory's absence, will they bring back any of the 5 axed regulars to fill that gap? I vote for the terminally under-used Amber Riley.

by As Requestedreply 3707/28/2013

I'm sure Amber Riley is relieved to be out.

by As Requestedreply 3807/28/2013

Probably not, I doubt she'll get much work outside of Glee.

by As Requestedreply 3907/28/2013

what about lea michele? her relationship with monteith was a joke,you saw his goodbye twitter? soo friendly, with who is she really?

by As Requestedreply 4007/30/2013

I actually think Lea and Cory were together. Before his death, I had doubts, but with everything that's gone down, with her being with his family, and arranging a funeral, I think they were together. I doubt they'd carry on this facade if it wasn't.

by As Requestedreply 4107/30/2013

Threads about Glee are as boring as the show - even with a good title.

by As Requestedreply 4207/30/2013

R42, Then get out, and go fuck around in threads you'll actually enjoy.

by As Requestedreply 4307/30/2013

Dianna just unfollowed Ryan on Twitter. I think she's now done with the show. Goodbye, Quinn Fabray in Finn's tribute episode.

by As Requestedreply 4407/30/2013

So, Chord had to sleep with Ryan to get on the show?

by As Requestedreply 4507/30/2013

R45, There's got to be a reason they're keeping his untalented ass on the show. It's a good job he's pretty.

by As Requestedreply 4607/30/2013

I agree, r41. The Daily Mail published photos of Lea Michele today in an SUV arriving at a private residence with another woman, and she was wearing a silver necklace bearing Cory's name (evidently an old one.)Her face was puffy and bloated. Doesn't look like a charade from here.

by As Requestedreply 4707/30/2013

A friend would still be upset. I don't think anyone is claiming they had no interaction off camera.

by As Requestedreply 4807/30/2013

r48, I saw photos of Kevin McHale and one of the blonde girls outside the memorial, and though I know they loved him too, they didn't look half as bad as Lea did IMHO.

by As Requestedreply 4907/30/2013

To all those people bitching about the regulars not being back, You do realize that except to the actors' pocketbooks, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference in regards to their appearances on the show, right?

Their standing as cast members regular or guest stars doesn't matter in term of screen time. RM and Co. can call them back anytime they see fit per their original 7 yr. contracts. Barring scheduling conflicts, I'm guessing most will make at least a couple of appearances this season. Hell, Dianna and Jayma were guest stars last year and they appeared just about 5 min less than the "regulars" who were barely on at all anyway.

I'd still prefer the show focused on the originals and dumped most of MiKinley, but it is what it is.

by As Requestedreply 5007/30/2013

I'm a little surprised about how much attention Cory's death got.

I think they were a real deal too.

by As Requestedreply 5107/31/2013

I dont buy the monchele relationship sorry

by As Requestedreply 5207/31/2013

Another vote for them having a real relationship. I didn't think so at first, and they definitely played it up for the cameras, but I came round to thinking they were the real deal too.

by As Requestedreply 5307/31/2013

LOL at all who think they were real now. I think its more the respect for him now that he is dead. They never were real.

by As Requestedreply 5408/01/2013

What about the photo with them at Fire Island?

by As Requestedreply 5508/01/2013

Do you think Damien was fired because he wouldn't put out? I thought it was because his diction wasn't clear enough. However, I always thought Heather Morris had mush mouth. I could barely understand her witty lines, which were both mumbled and said at top speed.

by As Requestedreply 5608/01/2013

Not putting out certainly didn't help his case.

by As Requestedreply 5708/01/2013

He is an Catholic straight from Ireland, Ryan should have known that his Mass-going protege coming from a lineage of Catholic guilt was not going to get down for him.

by As Requestedreply 5808/01/2013

Damien is a one note performer. He's got the shy, cute crooner thing going for him, and perhaps the Irish accent. Beyond that he didn't really stand out in terms of his on screen persona. He was (to some) hard to understand with the accent/mumbling combo, and the writer's certainly didn't put the time or effort into giving him a lot of story or character development.

Not that it's a strength of theirs anyway, but at the point Damien came in, there were so many other characters and issues with the show that the writer's had their hands full just keeping everyone else and their storylines attended to and moving forward. Plus, he fit no essential stereo-typical role in the RM's Glee circus. As such,Damien became a slot filler for New Directions necessary 12 members, just like Lauren Zises, who, among others, was far more worthy of a longer stay.

by As Requestedreply 5908/01/2013

I miss Lauren Zizes. I actually liked that character a lot.

by As Requestedreply 6008/01/2013

She's another actress that probably didn't have a really strong voice , and without the TPTB having a definitive story line for her in mind, she fell by the wayside. Really a shame, since they deemed her worthy enough to perform on the concert tour. She seems very happy with the job, but who knows what went on behind the scenes. I tend to think it's a fault with the directors and their "lack of" direction with Glee in general.

by As Requestedreply 6108/01/2013


by As Requestedreply 6208/01/2013

Chord needs a haircut. He was so hot in season 3, when it was all natural.

by As Requestedreply 6308/01/2013


by As Requestedreply 6408/11/2013

The lea's speech last night was more of a friend than love of her life

by As Requestedreply 6508/12/2013

They only dated for a year. Of course he wasn't the "love of her life."

by As Requestedreply 6608/12/2013

I think they even dated, if you follow carefully the couple you can noticed that

by As Requestedreply 6708/12/2013

Dianna Agron is a sexy motherfucker.

by As Requestedreply 6808/17/2013

So Naya released her song. What did you guys think?

by As Requestedreply 6908/17/2013

Apparently not much, R69.

by As Requestedreply 7008/18/2013

Finn should die from autoerotic asphyxiation. The show could even do an PSA.

by As Requestedreply 7108/18/2013

I kind of liked Naya's song, but I think she could do better. It's so obvious that she and Big Sean are PR. Think about it, she's been wanting to release an album for the past two years, she makes it, then gets dropped, and now she's suddenly dating the guy who is featured on her single? They're just using him to get it out there, to get sales.

by As Requestedreply 7208/18/2013

Ryan Murphy night not reveal how Finn died for several episodes. In other words, he doesn't know how to deal with something so sensitive, because he's a heartless bastard.

by As Requestedreply 7308/18/2013

Who are the recreational coke users in the cast? Lea and Naya?

by As Requestedreply 7408/18/2013

R74 I'd say Naya. I don't think Lea would, especially after what happened to Cory, but Naya has had a bit of a makeover this past year. She looks different, and she's lost a load of weight, which wasn't needed in the first place.

by As Requestedreply 7508/18/2013

Anybody got any gossip on Chord? He seems pretty clean. No drama surrounding him at all.

by As Requestedreply 7608/18/2013

Does anybody understand why Darren spends whole episodes as a member of the ensemble? He almost never gets "star" turns. Some weeks you have to really look to find him in the music room or when the whole cast is dancing. He's often just a member of the corps, rather than a stand-alone soloist. I used to think they had much bigger plans for him, but that doesn't seem to be true. I wonder if he's happy with that.

by As Requestedreply 7708/18/2013

I assume that is satire R77? Obviously Darren Criss was heavily featured in S4, I believe he sang more than anyone else in the cast.

by As Requestedreply 7808/18/2013

Becca Tobin, Alex N, and the Marley girl are pretty close. The dude who plays Joe Hart is pissed he's not coming back. He was a total douche on Glee Project. Karma's a bitch.

by As Requestedreply 7908/18/2013

What has happened to Chord's hair?! He used to be so hot! I wish I could post links, but Datalounge won't let me. But seriously, just look at his latest Instagram pictures. He's lost his looks.

by As Requestedreply 8008/26/2013

Old age, r80. It happens to everyone who doesn't die young.

by As Requestedreply 8108/26/2013

R81 I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic, but...he's 24...

by As Requestedreply 8208/27/2013

Chord Overstreet just needs a damn haircut. I don't understand why Glee hasn't forced him to get one especially considering a big part of his role on the show is to be eye candy.

by As Requestedreply 8308/27/2013

R77, I see Darren as both a star and a team player, as with his theatre training. He's fine backing up others and just sitting enjoying others' performances.

But yeah, he shines when he's doing a solo or duet.

by As Requestedreply 8408/27/2013

Chord's hair isn't going to make or break him. He is decent looking, not Zachary Quinto weird looking, but he still doesn't cut it all the time. The body's good but the rest of him is goofy.

by As Requestedreply 8508/27/2013

I really wonder what Dianna Agron did to piss off so much Ryan Murphy. She's not in the Cory Monteith episode (like Heather Morris) and has stop following him on twitter two or three ago. Guess Ryan Murphy is really an asshole.

by As Requestedreply 8608/28/2013

it's pretty obvious Murphy doesn't like Agron. If the behind-scenes gossip is true, Agron may be kind and look pretty, but she isn't easily pushed around. Good for her.

by As Requestedreply 8708/28/2013

[quote] The dude who plays Joe Hart is pissed he's not coming back. He was a total douche on Glee Project. Karma's a bitch.

I hated that guy. He shouldn't have won The Glee Project. There were a couple of girls that season who should have won instead of the dread locks guy and the Irish guy.

by As Requestedreply 8808/28/2013

I would love to know what actually went down btw Agron and Murphy myself. I'm sure there was some fault on both sides, but it's kind of amusing to me that even though limited info is or will ever be known, Murphy will still come out looking like an ass.

by As Requestedreply 8908/28/2013

The rumor about the Agron/Murphy rift was that Agron didn't like some of her character's storylines.

by As Requestedreply 9008/28/2013

I hate how Dianna has just dropped Glee. What? Now you're in a movie with Robert De Niro, you're too much of a star to go back to your roots? It's ungrateful. Most actors don't like what writers do with their characters, and they don't cause a fuss. Her character got pregnant and got into a car crash. Is that really so bad? At least she has a storyline. Jenna said a few lines last season, and Matt said about ten words in season 1.

by As Requestedreply 9108/28/2013

R91, what if Agron wasn't asked back?

by As Requestedreply 9208/28/2013

Dianna's movie looks cheesy and awful and not funny.

by As Requestedreply 9308/28/2013

Dianna chose not to come back to Glee. She is done with the show.

by As Requestedreply 9408/28/2013

Diana still came back to have lunch with some of the cast after Cory died (even if she did call the paps).

by As Requestedreply 9508/28/2013

Well, she was obviously edited out almost entirely in the Glee movie.

by As Requestedreply 9608/28/2013

I noticed that too r96.

by As Requestedreply 9708/29/2013

94 Apparently, she wasn't asked to come back. Her contract was over after the third season.

by As Requestedreply 9808/29/2013

Amber Riley will be on "Dancing With the Stars" this season.

Another one who didn't get the break she so deserved. Is Ryan Murpny a racist as well?

by As Requestedreply 9908/29/2013

Amber Riley is a singer, not a real actress. She got plenty of opportunities to show off her voice on Glee.

by As Requestedreply 10008/29/2013

If that is the case, r98, then RM is proving himself to be as ego-maniacal and spiteful as many claim.

by As Requestedreply 10108/29/2013

I like Amber Riley as a singer, but she is a weak actress. I guess her record deal never panned out. A year or two ago she was tweeting about recording for her album.

I predict in a year or two Heather Morris will be on Dancing with the Stars and she will win because of her dance background.

by As Requestedreply 10208/29/2013

Dianna Agron was asked back just like everyone else and chose not to return. She couldn't even bring herself to say the name Glee when talking about "that show [she's] on" in a recent interview about the family.

I don't know why she wouldn't choose to come back, as she's a fame hungry attention whore, and this would certainly get her that. She showed her true colors when she non-stop called the paps on herself in the days after Cory's death, though. She had four or five locations with paps just in one day. Shameless. I guess she's perfectly fine with using a friend's death for press.

by As Requestedreply 10308/29/2013

i will miss diana. she is really pretty.

she was pretty good in the i am number six movie.

by As Requestedreply 10408/29/2013

amber riley is a fat ugly cow. can't stand her.

by As Requestedreply 10508/29/2013

R103 Didn't her team call the paparazzi? But still, the fact that she was alright with bringing attention to herself during such a sad time says a lot about her.

by As Requestedreply 10608/29/2013

Something bad must have happened between Dianna and Lea, too, especially since they were all over each other, and now nothing? I know Twitter isn't real life, but Dianna normally tweets EVERYBODY a happy birthday, but she hasn't for Lea? Reckon those rumours of them fighting over Cory were true?

by As Requestedreply 10708/29/2013

As if Lea and Dianna were fighting over Cory, that rumour is the product of the Cory stans wet dreams. I don't think that Dianna is ungrateful with Glee, she always recognize were she comes from. There is one interview, done months ago when she says "that show", in the latest ones she talk about Glee without any problem. Her contract was over after season 3 and I guess she wasn't asked to be in Cory's tribute episode. If the things are so bad between the network, the producers and Dianna, why did they used her scenes to promote season 4 DVD?. And all the cast did the same thing after Cory died. All of them were "caught" by the paparazzi's, and some of them gave interviews on the matter.

by As Requestedreply 10808/29/2013

1) Where have all the insiders /behind the scene dirt gone?

2) Glee have failed to top the quality of season 1. It's sad really because instead of tapping in their inherent potential to grow along with the characters and cast, the managers of Glee have consistently tried to please a younger demographic. In my opinion, they failed to target their appropriate audience. The show's tangent theme was about acceptance/ growth and then became about the cliche/cheezy love stories. Some might argue that bringing gay relationships to the small screen in itself justified this choice. But these relationships are so unidimensional and unrealistic that I don't think Glee can claim to be relevant. Because of this, they are gradualy losing the core "20-35yo". Although, bringing the air time from 8pm to 9pm last year sent a message that they wanted to be edgier, which they did in part w/ the NY side. But the Ohio storyline looked so much like a bad CW rom-com?! It's still a guilty pleasure of mine to watch it, but I wish they would invest in being more realistic, authentic and focus a bit less on the commercial gains once in a while.

by As Requestedreply 10908/29/2013

"focus a bit less on the commercial gains"

That's pretty all they have left.

by As Requestedreply 11008/29/2013

[108] Rumour was Lea and Dianna were dating and Lea dumped her.

by As Requestedreply 11108/30/2013

R103 At that time, Murphy said they all chose to return.

by As Requestedreply 11208/30/2013

More Harry Shum please! Sit on my face!

by As Requestedreply 11308/30/2013

Agron isn't a publicity hound. That's Lea.

by As Requestedreply 11408/30/2013

R111 But is there anybody that actually believes that rumour? They seemed close, but only friend-close. I've seen some of their interviews together, and they seem touchy feely, but I've seen them act like that with other people, in other interviews. And after their "break-up", neither of them seemed bitter, and even hung out during the Glee tour.

by As Requestedreply 11508/30/2013

Where have all the insiders gone? There was better gossip on the first thread.

by As Requestedreply 11608/30/2013

r115, I an not certain of the timeline, but I believe they are said to have "broken-up" after the tour.

by As Requestedreply 11708/30/2013

[R117], maybe Dianna's "Likes Girls" whatever-the-fuck-you-wanna-think-it-is pissed off Lea for some reason. Love lesbian drama!

by As Requestedreply 11808/30/2013

@114, Dianna "dated" Alex Pettyfer or whatever his name is, for PR.

by As Requestedreply 11908/30/2013

Dianna, Dianna, Dianna!

Get over it!

She's done!

by As Requestedreply 12008/30/2013

R17 So were they "dating" since the beginning of Glee? Because I remember them saying they lived together in 2009. And sorry about all the questions, but you seem to know more than me, and this is interesting!

by As Requestedreply 12108/30/2013

R108 Bullshit they did. Only Jane had photos taken of herself because she has the same routine every day. The other people went to events they were already scheduled to do. That's it.

by As Requestedreply 12208/30/2013

Apparently Lea Michele is a bitch, Cory Monteith loved drugs, Naya Rivera is a PR whore, Dianna Agron is gay as fuck, Kevin Mchale actually has working legs, and Mark Sailling has disappeared off the face of the Earth.

No, but seriously, we need some decent gossip.

by As Requestedreply 12308/30/2013

How in God's name did Demi Lovato get a role on season 5? Girl cannot act, and appears to love blaming other people for her problems.

by As Requestedreply 12408/30/2013

Can't wait to see Demi lovato and Naya Rivera on screen... Oh my.. Hawt

by As Requestedreply 12508/30/2013

R124 X-Factor cross promotion.

by As Requestedreply 12608/30/2013

I agree about Demi Lovato. She wouldn't still be here if she didn't exploit the fuck out of her mental health issues.

by As Requestedreply 12708/30/2013

It'll be a train wreck you just can't not watch!

by As Requestedreply 12808/30/2013

When that E! Online article came out that had a friend of Cory's saying he injected meth along with heroin, I just couldn't believe it. He would've been at least a little crazypants if he was on meth.

by As Requestedreply 12908/30/2013

Demi Lovato doesn't know the meaning of privacy. At every opportunity she talks about her drug problems/bulimia/whatever else she tries to milk. And she never seems to accept the blame for her own decisions. I try to like her, but I just can't. I really hope she's only on Glee for a short while, because she's a risky choice. Most of the other cast appear to be squeaky clean.

by As Requestedreply 13008/30/2013

R129 Did that claim come from a "source", or an actual names friend? Because he always seemed so well put together.

by As Requestedreply 13108/30/2013

Demi is probably as good an actor as most of the younger cast R124. That's not saying much. Some of those kids just can't act, even if they can sing.

by As Requestedreply 13208/30/2013

Kitty is the best newbie. She's got that campy, over-the-top thing that's missing from the other new cast mates. Marley, jake, and Ryder belong on One Tree Hill or something.

by As Requestedreply 13308/30/2013

R131 it's apparently the "a friend/a source" business, so I guess there isn't much validity to that report.

by As Requestedreply 13408/31/2013

Naya is the "guest" on this week's new Fashion Police.

When Joan asked her about Cory's death, she was as deadpan as Cory was in the coroner's van. Like she just couldn't care less.

She DID dish that the boys on GLEE she kissed were worse kissers than the girls. That means Cory, Chord ... anyone else? Darren?

by As Requestedreply 13508/31/2013

Naya has never kissed Darren, at least on camera. Demi is bi right? So maybe that means there will be some real chemistry there.

by As Requestedreply 13608/31/2013

That's what I never understood about The Glee Project, R132. Every week they had a singing challenge, but only one acting challenge throughout the entire competition. And since 80% of their scenes on the actual show are dialogue driven, it was stupid for them to focus so heavily on vocal ability and not acting talent.

by As Requestedreply 13708/31/2013

Dianna Agron is gay. I sense her coming out AGAIN after the Likes Girls t-shirt fiasco and embracing hipster acting queen role.

by As Requestedreply 13808/31/2013

Naya kissed Mark Salling or whatever his name is on the show, too. I'm pretty sure they dated during season 1, as well.

by As Requestedreply 13908/31/2013

I reckon Dianna's gay, too. The way she was flaunting that "Likes Girls" shirt, she was proud. But I doubt she'll come out soon, especially when she's got a new movie out with De Niro.

by As Requestedreply 14008/31/2013

I think Dianna's gay too, but did she not think she was gonna be punished for wearing that shirt? Didn't care? Jeez

by As Requestedreply 14108/31/2013

R140 yes, more than proud. It felt like she was free, in the most positive sense. I truly hope she is indeed gay (I think so) and will one day be a role model while she can, not Jodie style.

by As Requestedreply 14208/31/2013

How can Naya tell who's the better kisser? She's only kissed Heather three times onscreen, and all of those were half-a-second pecks. At least the guys got a bit of lip movement. They must have been really bad if a peck is what she preferred. Clearly just saying it to attract attention.

by As Requestedreply 14308/31/2013

Cory Monteith's corpse is strategically placed into a background shot in each episode of the upcoming season.

There's some blink and you'll miss it moments, but if you really look for it you should be able to find it.

by As Requestedreply 14408/31/2013

Naya seems way too shy to be the attention whore that she currently is (saw her on Fashion Police). At least with Lea M. it seems more authentic because she's loud and obnoxious.

by As Requestedreply 14508/31/2013

Naya doesn't come across as shy to me at all. I've always thought she seemed very shallow, pretentious, and attention seeking.

NOt that she isn't deserving of her fame. She's a good performer and I do like her as Santana, but he seem facetious in real life.

by As Requestedreply 14608/31/2013

R142 She really did seen free. The way she was holding her shirt out, pointing at it, and the big smile on her face just convinced me. But why does she continue to beard? Especially with unknown actors. She seem like she'd stand up for herself, not go along with whatever her management want her to do. It makes me sad. She does seem like a fantastic role model. Bearding aside, she's got a good head on her shoulders.

by As Requestedreply 14708/31/2013

I'm not going to lie, I used to be a big fan of Naya. Now I can't stand her. I don't know whether this is what she's really like, or whether she's doing it for attention, but the whole weightloss/rumoured coke addiction/rumoured PR relationship with Big Sean (the guy who is featured on her new single) is ridiculous. She's changed so much. She's---dare I say it---sluttier.

by As Requestedreply 14808/31/2013

For some reason, I can't post the link, but Dianna Agron weren't asked back for Cory's tribute episode. I wonder what she's done to piss Ryan off.

by As Requestedreply 14908/31/2013

Is Sugar coming back?

by As Requestedreply 15008/31/2013

"Is Sugar coming back?"

She's been replaced by a folding chair. No one will notice.

by As Requestedreply 15108/31/2013

R147, I guess having some unknowns play the game gives her the opportunity to avoid the buzz (if the guy was a celeb she would have to actively beard a lot more). And she's starting to make her way into high profile land. Well, if her movie works I mean. It's make it or break it IMO. If a movie like that is a hit, that's some serious creds here. DeNiro, Pfeiffer, TLJ? Of course she has to play the game.

R148 I couldn't have said it better. It's sad because she's talented and used to have a mature, professional and grounded image(despite whatever happens bts anyway) while still managing to be a dork.

I so wish Kevin would come out too. He could be a good role model as well.

by As Requestedreply 15209/01/2013

Dianna is probably bisexual. The only rumour we have ever heard of is that she dated Lea Michelle. But, gay, I don't think so, she'll be out already. Who remember this old rumour about her having an abortion when she dated Alex whateverhisname and it was the reason why he became crazy?

by As Requestedreply 15309/01/2013

[quote]I so wish Kevin would come out too.

It is surprising to me that Kevin McHale choses to remain closeted. I can't imagine it really impacting his career.

by As Requestedreply 15409/01/2013

Sugar's got a new show now, R150

by As Requestedreply 15509/01/2013

R152 I agree with you. If she was suddenly thrown into a relationship with James Franco, they couldn't just break-up without people asking questions, either. At least with a random guy, nobody really keeps tabs on their relationship, and they can break-up when they want without anybody noticing, and she's still protected from those gay rumours. I really want this movie to succeed, but I think because of the hype, most people will probably be disappointed.

R152 Naya really is. She's been around since she was a kid, so she's sort of grown up in this world, it's just terrible that only now has she decided to play along with Hollywood. I remember watching her Glee 3D interviews, and she was quite silly and funny. I don't think we'll ever see her like that again. Her whole life is just PR now.

I don't think Kevin will ever come out. He's quite private, so I see him as being the kind of guy who wouldn't find it neccesarry to tell the world. I don't think he's even bearded before, so he's not trying to hide it, but he's not being upfront about it, either.

by As Requestedreply 15609/01/2013

Debuting a new relationship just when she has a movie coming out. Playing the Hollywood game, again.

by As Requestedreply 15709/01/2013

What's up with Mark? Dude seems hella bitter on twitter and fb. I hope he throws a fit and spills some good dirt on Glee, maybe he'll be the first one to pull a Screech after all.

by As Requestedreply 15809/02/2013

R158 I saw this mentioned in another thread. What did Mark do on Facebook? Everybody reckons he's on the verge of a breakdown.

by As Requestedreply 15909/02/2013

Bump for Marks' FB drama. He is a horrible person.

by As Requestedreply 16009/02/2013

Ooh, I just saw Mark's Facebook post. I wonder what he's working on. This just got interesting...

by As Requestedreply 16109/02/2013

Mark knew he was going to have to come back to do the tribute. Stop acting like a child.

by As Requestedreply 16209/02/2013

Is someone going to post what he was saying here? How hard is it to copy and paste?

by As Requestedreply 16309/02/2013


by As Requestedreply 16409/02/2013


by As Requestedreply 16509/02/2013

[quote] I hope he throws a fit and spills some good dirt on Glee, maybe he'll be the first one to pull a Screech after all.

I agree he will pull a Screech. Mark is probably the worst actor on the show. Cory was a tad better than him.

by As Requestedreply 16609/02/2013

R159 He posted a rant about being called back for Glee. He sounds... well, let's say he seems really over acting and probably hates Murphy's guts. At least that's what I got from it.

by As Requestedreply 16709/02/2013

They didn't pick up his option, so he is under no contractual obligations to Glee, and didn't have to come back for these guest appearances. So he shouldn't be pissing and moaning.

by As Requestedreply 16809/02/2013

"I'm friends with someone who knows Chord Overstreet from Glee. He told this person that Lea and Dianna were together sexually during the first two seasons of Glee. He also slept with Dianna but only once. After that she told him she cared more for Lea and that she just wanted to be friends. Chord was heartbroken because he really liked Dianna, but now realizes that she's more into women than men."

by As Requestedreply 16909/03/2013

R169 If that's true, I'm side-eyeing Dianna so hard. Physically speaking, Harry, Cory, hell even Mark I can understand. But Chord?

Do you know anything else? I've read a blind item implying that Chord may be the father of Heather's baby, and that she herself doesn't know if it is her boyfriend's or Chord's. Given that this cast seems to be a giant orgy I hope this is true, I would laugh so hard if that kid had her weird cat eyes and his trouty mouth.

by As Requestedreply 17009/03/2013

I did like Dianna, but all these bearding pictures with her new boyfriend just scream desperate. It's like she's trying to prove they're together by walking down the street with their arms all over each other, but it's so obvious they're not even together. Look how awkwrd they look, the distance between their bodies, Dianna looking bored whilst he's yapping away. At least with the guy before this it looked realistic.

by As Requestedreply 17109/03/2013

Jesus Christ, if that Chord/Dianna stuff is true, especially after all these bearding pictures, I feel sick. She comes across so sweet, but I guess people do anything for fame.

Anymore about Dianna and Chord, though? When was this? Was it some drunk fumble, or was it some sort of "I want sex, you want sex, let's do it" arrangement?

by As Requestedreply 17209/03/2013


by As Requestedreply 17309/03/2013

Dianna is a dyke. We know our own.

by As Requestedreply 17409/03/2013

Have heard way too much about Dianna and Lea being together from non-Glee fans for it to not be true.

And can you link that BI, R170? Have never heard that rumor before.

by As Requestedreply 17509/03/2013

R173 Obviously. She's not even trying. But she needs to because tinseltown is FUBAR and that is how things work.

I live for the day when Murphy is the object of great dirt with receipts that he can't deny or sweep under the rug. This asshole is so full of himself, I want to see him deal with all the shit that would come his way.

by As Requestedreply 17609/03/2013

R175 Same, when a rumor goes beyond a certain group/fandom, I think that where there's smoke, there's fire. Not to say that every single bit of gossip is true of course but it must have started somewhere, right?

The BI was posted back in May (the "Claire" paragraph).

by As Requestedreply 17709/03/2013

Exactly. Were there ever any BIs about Dianna/Lea? I know there was that blind from Gossip Boy, but apparently he debunked that.

And that last sentence makes it exactly clear who Lainey's talking about--HAH! Guess Heather and her BF have an "open" relationship...

by As Requestedreply 17809/03/2013

R169 So if Chord knew, I take it everybody in the cast knew about Lea and Dianna? Was it just sexual? It seemed to be more than that. The looks they gave each other definitely seemed all lovey, and whatnot.

by As Requestedreply 17909/03/2013

I heard Dianna and Emma Stone hooked up. There were rumors about her and Taylor but I personaly believe the former story. Taylor seems too straight in a naive childhish girl way to be interested in other woman sexually even as gorgeous as Dianna. Dianna and Lea definitely were an item. I think most of the cast slept with each other maybe except the Jenna girl who is dating the wolf guy from TVD since eternity, Amber and all those unfortunate looking people.

I also believe Dianna was ready to come out with the t-shirt but was forced back into the closet.

by As Requestedreply 18009/03/2013

Dianna wearing the t-shirt and then writing that rather long and awkward blog on her tumblr made me extremely suspicious. That whole situation was incredibly odd.

You know what I also found strange that also rubbed me the wrong way? Remember when she hosted the GLAAD awards and auctioned off a kiss? She prefaced the auction by saying she had kissed girls before and it was "fun" and when the auction finally ended it was her gay manager's boyfriend who won? And they like tongued each other down! How fucking suspicious can you be? I mean, really? Did they really think that people wouldn't recognize him?

by As Requestedreply 18109/03/2013

Dianna is gorgeous, and I think she will only be more attractive in 10 years time.

by As Requestedreply 18209/03/2013

R181 She even mentioned her mananger's boyfriend in her opening speech. She's not very subtle, is she?

by As Requestedreply 18309/03/2013

Naya stating she's never been in a relationship with a girl. I believe it.

by As Requestedreply 18409/04/2013

Too bad this thread can't be renamed "Psychotically Obsessed with Dianna"

There are other cast members, frautinis.

by As Requestedreply 18509/04/2013

R185 that's why I just mentioned Naya Rivera. Is it possible she's Glee's straightest cast member?

by As Requestedreply 18609/04/2013

It's obvious Naya's straight. We didn't need her to tell her that. Have you seen Big Sean's nudes?!

by As Requestedreply 18709/04/2013

We're only obsessed with Dianna because she's so obviously the gayest, yet continues to act straight and beard.

by As Requestedreply 18809/04/2013

"she's so obviously the gayest"

Your les-dar needs a tune-up.

by As Requestedreply 18909/04/2013

I agree, R189. I have awesome gaydar (never been wrong about a celebrity or real-life) and I get nothing from DA.

by As Requestedreply 19009/04/2013

Clearly there are several interviews you guys have not seen, then...

by As Requestedreply 19109/04/2013

She was only gay with Lea--I'd say they're both about a 2 on the queer scale.

by As Requestedreply 19209/04/2013

Dianna is not a lesbian. If she were, she'd be exploiting it like she does everything else.

by As Requestedreply 19309/04/2013

Yeah sure, if some gaydar experts say that Dianna doesn't ping she must be straight then! lol

Regarding Naya suddenly announcing her straightness: girl... as if we needed you to state the obvious.

by As Requestedreply 19409/04/2013

Any gossip on Chord, or Mark? What about those Chris Colfer casting couch rumours? I can see him doing that, to be honest.

by As Requestedreply 19509/06/2013

Chris Colfer would be excellent in a snuff film.

by As Requestedreply 19609/06/2013

R15 We are discussing on Dianna as she is the one who has enough suspicious rumors and blind items on her own (contrary to Kevin, Jenna, basically everyone who is not Lea or Cory), and was involved in very interesting situations ("Likes Girl" and Tumblr post, PR showmance with Pettyfer, calling paps and then parading with new boyfriend when her big break is going to happen). It's too much to believe this girl is anything but straight.

Naya is straight and sleeping for success. First her popular co-star, then the writer and producer of her show, now the rapper she is singing with on her album. She would be hapily dating B-list actors if she could.

by As Requestedreply 19709/07/2013

No dumbass R97. Matthew Morrison, Chord Overstreet, Mark Salling, and Darren Criss are the ones who should be discussed in this thread. Not the lesbians' wish list.

by As Requestedreply 19809/07/2013

R197, not 97.

by As Requestedreply 19909/07/2013

R198 you can shave your misogyny back to where it belongs.

by As Requestedreply 20009/07/2013

Lol at anyone who thinks that Naya Rivera is straight.

by As Requestedreply 20109/07/2013

R200, reminder that this is a website for GAY MEN. If you don't like how women are being treated here, too bad.. just go back to your man hating L Chat if you think DL is so awful.

by As Requestedreply 20209/07/2013

[quote]reminder that this is a website for GAY MEN. If you don't like how women are being treated here, too bad.. just go back to your man hating L Chat if you think DL is so awful.

I'm not R200, and a guy, so please enlighten us all where it's written this place is for gay MEN? And just because you have Mother issues, doesn't mean we all do.

by As Requestedreply 20309/07/2013

It's never been a place only gay men but for gay gossips. You really must be a newbie. Where have I heard Dianna Agron was sleeping with one of the dancer on the last Glee tour? Still think she is bisexual. Her relation with Christian Cook wasn't exactly a paparazzi dream and they were together at least until june where they were spotted together in France. Now, the current guy...

by As Requestedreply 20409/07/2013

So many things that Dianna has done over the last few years, the PR relationships, the infamous shirt incident, the GLAAD award thing.... Its all just so suspicious. I'm actually surprised there hasn't been more insider gossip regarding her sexuality. If she was bisexual I think she simply would have come out and said so after she wore that shirt on tour. Its the obvious PR relationships (which are possibly bearding relationships) that make me think she might actually be a lesbian.

by As Requestedreply 20509/07/2013

What are the blind items about Dianna?

by As Requestedreply 20609/07/2013

I'm not aware of any blind items that mention anything about her being gay however I usually do not follow blind item blogs etc. Can anyone confirm?

by As Requestedreply 20709/07/2013

This was an awesome thread until it devolved into nothing but bullshit theories about Dianna Agron's sex life.

Anyone with some ACTUAL gossip about the show came to chime in? It must be fascinating on that set now after the Cory Monteith tragedy.

by As Requestedreply 20809/07/2013

I'm sorry, how are the theories baseless? Any one that has been paying attention can see that something is up with her. Whether or not she is gay or bisexual is unknown, but there are obviously a lot of reasons to take a look at the rumors about her bearding.

She's been romantically linked to a bunch of guys at very very convenient times, promoting a movie etc. She basically came out and said that her "relationship" with Pettyfer was PR. They broke up as soon as the movie was released. Sebastian Stan has tons of gay rumors himself and they "dated" during the promotion of his movie.

Then you have the shirt fiasco where she randomly decided to wear a "Likes Girls" t-shirt onstage to "Born this way" and danced her heart out whilst pointing to the shirt etc. The internet went bonkers but there was no statement about it until 2 days later when she wrote a odd rambling blog about it.

She hosts the GLAAD awards and her gay publicists boyfriend bids and wins the kiss auction? That's fishy.

I'm sure there are quite a few other things I'm forgetting.

I understand the Dianna talk might bore you but some of us are interested.

by As Requestedreply 20909/07/2013

WE GOT IT, R209.

I swear, if I never hear the words "'Likes Girls' t-shirt" ever again, it'll be too soon.

by As Requestedreply 21009/07/2013

R209 is responsible for 90% of the posts in this thread using two IPs. You don't even need trolldar to recognize the idiosyncratic grammar and spelling errors. Not to mention the broken record comments.

DL is NOT just a place for gay male gossip--I'm a lesbian and have posted here since 2000. But this thread has become rehash central for one Dianna Agron (and to a lesser extent, Naya Rivera) obsessed refugee from L Chat and ONTD-Glee. There is nobody posting anything new or even vaguely "insider"ish. Even if there were, it would get lost amidst the echolalia.

by As Requestedreply 21109/07/2013

Thank you, R211.

by As Requestedreply 21209/07/2013

So I know this isn't interesting at all, but how come does Lea seem so close to her Spring Awakening castmates (excluding Gallagher and Damiano) when it was rumored she was quite the bitch to them? I know trying to clean up her image and all that, but when she started hanging out with them (all the back-and-forth Twitter messages and the pictures) that was well after the peak of the diva rumors, so I wonder if she really is all that bad.

About Dianna--Was Pettyfer really gay? I've never heard rumors about him. Now Sebastian Stan is definitely gay, don't know about Christian Cooke, and her new guy is confirmed to be gay. Maybe she's just desperate to be famous and latches on to whoever? I'll be honest and admit that I have no idea if being a professional beard means you're lesbian or not. I will say that the GLAAD kiss was fishy (heh) and if she is gay, it makes sense as to why she brought up the Achele rumors in GQ and auctioned off the kiss to her gay manager's BF. Her/her team seems way too worried about these rumors that are barely repeated outside of fandom.

Since the Cory thread is dead, I guess I'll just post about him in here. His addiction must have been bad if he mixed heroin and alcohol together. He must've not cared that he was gonna die by doing that (don't believe that was a random relapse; he clearly didn't take rehab seriously). Or he just decided to drink and made the mistake of taking heroin while under the influence.

by As Requestedreply 21309/07/2013

[R211] This is literally the 3rd or 4th time I've posted in this thread, you paranoid schizo. We get it, you're bored with the Dianna talk. Some of us obviously still find her interesting and want to discuss it. If you don't like it, don't participate. Geez.

by As Requestedreply 21409/07/2013

Nice try, R213.

by As Requestedreply 21509/07/2013

R215, I have no obsession with Dianna at all. In fact, if I'm obsessed with anyone in the cast, it's Darren Criss (but we all know he fucks Ryan Murphy so what's the point of talking about him).

by As Requestedreply 21609/07/2013

How do you even know I was referencing that? I guess the truth will come out in the next post you make under a new IP address where, sandwiched between two half-hearted comments about other castmates, you will repeat the same ten talking points you've spurted out at least a dozen times already on this thread. The GQ article, the GLAAD kiss, the MOTHERFUCKING "LIKES GIRLS" T-SHIRT THAT YOU WON'T SHUT UP ABOUT.

What will satiate you? Someone coming in with proof that she's a lesbian? A photo of her going down on a woman, preferably wearing the "Likes Girls" t-shirt you're so obsessed with?

By repeating the same stuff over and over again, it's not going to spark recognition in anyone who matters who could possibly provide you with the proof you want. In fact, it'll probably discourage someone from sharing anything because they won't want the deranged Dianna Agron Troll coming after them, asking them 18,000 questions about the fucking "Likes Girls" t-shirt.

by As Requestedreply 21709/07/2013

Apparently Ryan Murphy was the one who drove Cory back to drugs over the later refusal to indulge in casting couch and Ryan's growing obsession with Darren. Cory liked being the Man of Glee - the position he has no longer occupied since 3 season.

Amber is furious at studio backing up Lea and it's completely done with Glee. Kevin and Jenna are supporting her with their mutual hatred of Lea fueling their annoyance. The Glee clique is divided into three camps: Lea, Cory and Chris versus Jenna, Amber and Kevin and the un-cool guys from Season 4. Lea's worst fear is being overshadowed and that's why she jeopardized Amber and Jenna's attempts of getting better storylines. Chord and Heather used to be friends-with-benefits. Cory and Lea were never together to begin with.

by As Requestedreply 21809/07/2013

Hah! I think its safe to say that R217 is fucking cuckoo. Take a step back from the internet hun. You're getting yourself all worked up. Let people talk about whatever they want, which includes Dianna. Oh, and before you go on another rant - No I am not R216.

by As Requestedreply 21909/07/2013

i wish cory was a vampire

by As Requestedreply 22009/07/2013

i wish cory was a vampire too, but now he is an angel

by As Requestedreply 22109/07/2013

R218, where are you getting your info?

How is the studio backing Lea? Career?

by As Requestedreply 22209/07/2013

Anyone wish Quinn's "punk rock" phase would have lasted more than two episodes?

by As Requestedreply 22309/07/2013

Using advanced animatronics from Disney, Cory's corpse will return to the show. His return will be tragically cut short when someone flies a toy helicopter down the school hallway, scalping him.

by As Requestedreply 22409/07/2013

R219 not R216 either, and I agree this poster is totally cray. Take a chill pill, R217. If specualtion and gossip in a gossip thread upsets you, maybe you should click the "shutdown" button and take a nap?

I also posted 2 or 3 messages here, including about Dianna. I'm not going to stop wondering if that girl's gay because an unhinged anon seems to hate her.

Anyway, about Cory: from what I've heard, he had way more than heroin and alcohol in his system. They also found cocaine, xanax, vicodin, and percocet in his room. I don't remember exactly what was publicly released in the coroner's statement but I know they didn't list everything and called it a "mixed drug toxicity" iirc.

Poor dude. I really like him. That's so sad. Too many people dying from that shit.

by As Requestedreply 22509/07/2013

@R215 I think Barbara McLintock said it was "primarily heroin, and also alcohol." There probably was more drugs in his system. Blind Gossip is the one who ran with the cocaine/Vicodin/Xanax/Percocet thing, but shortly after that BI, "a source" told E! Online that there were "alcohol and other substances" found in his hotel room. I really don't think we'll get more details from the autopsy.

by As Requestedreply 22609/08/2013

R217: it's hopeless. Nice try, but best to leave the thread and let the 3 obsessed fanfraus talk themselves into a coma.

by As Requestedreply 22709/08/2013

Let's talk about technical stuff. I believe congrats are in order for FOX's PR machine. Contrary to what happened in Glee's firsts seasons, there has been a lack of gossip leakage in the last year or so. And even in a situation where your main protagonist -ie C. Monteith- has been living the 'high' life and going to rehab then dramatically ODed/died, very few insider's dirt got out. Remember, his is a show previously plagged by gossip of bad/diva behaviour.

On that subject, what happens to confidentiality/ non disclosure agreements in case the party involved dies? Are they still in effect? per ex: it is quite common that stars make outsiders sign NDA to force thrm into not airing out personal details to the press.

by As Requestedreply 22809/09/2013

[quote]Anyway, about Cory: from what I've heard, he had way more than heroin and alcohol in his system. They also found cocaine, xanax, vicodin, and percocet in his room. I don't remember exactly what was publicly released in the coroner's statement but I know they didn't list everything and called it a "mixed drug toxicity" iirc.

Oh yeah and where did you "hear" this? He had in his system exactly what the coroner reported.

by As Requestedreply 22909/09/2013

It's shooting today in front of the St. James Theater where there's a marquee up of Funny Girl. Please God that little cunt didn't get the role.

by As Requestedreply 23009/09/2013

" I'm not going to stop wondering if that girl's gay because an unhinged anon seems to hate her."

Yes, we all know what your cunt-rubbing gunt-off material is. Frau-lezbos LOVE to speculate with speculums!

by As Requestedreply 23109/09/2013

Two Lea-related blind items this week:

-- The people at a private party Sunday night were probably shocked to see this B list mostly television actress from a hit show doing some coke. That in of itself was not the shocking part, it was who she is and what it means. Those were way more than pecks on a cheek she gave some guy too. You know, unless pecks on a cheek includes swallowing each other's tongues now.

-- This very talented actress is the lead on a popular TV show. She got in a bit of rest and relaxation recently at a $5000+/night luxury resort on the California coast. She wasn’t alone. She was with a dark-haired man who looked to be approximately ten years her senior. It wasn’t her father. Or her manager. Or her agent. They shared their accommodations – which included a tub with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean – so it probably wasn’t a business meeting. The two mostly stayed in the entire weekend, but did emerge for at least one meal, sitting closely in the restaurant and whispering and giggling and feeding each other. She’s young and pretty and single, so what’s the problem with a romantic coastal getaway? Well, she is supposed to be in mourning for her lost love. So, she has either moved on incredibly quickly… or her well-publicized former relationship was just a PR stunt to improve ratings for her show. We’ll let you decide which one is true.

by As Requestedreply 23209/10/2013

@224 So wrong, yet so funny!

by As Requestedreply 23309/10/2013

Blind Items are ridiculous. Lea was papped with Jonathan Groff that weekend. They went on a mini vacation together. I don't get how people could confuse him for a new boyfriend when he's openly gay, AND only a year older than Lea, not 10 years older, like the idiot that saw them thought.

by As Requestedreply 23409/11/2013

You're merging the two blind items into one, R234. While the first one gives a Sunday time element, the second gives no time element. The second one could have been from last week or the previous weekend, while the first could still have happened even if she spent part of the weekend with Groff.

by As Requestedreply 23509/11/2013

The sad part is that blind items about Lea doing Coke aren't new. And the second part, anybody had some doubts? I believe that at some point they were together, but they weren't together in the last couple of months. After Cory's death there was an article saying that they broke up a while a go, but all the whitewashing that came after, set the idea in the people that they were together and going strong.

by As Requestedreply 23609/11/2013

About Cory - A month in rehab wasn't enough. Since Lea and Ryan apparently were the driving forces to get him there, I don't know why they didn't demand a longer stay. Maybe they didn't know he was using heroin again or maybe they didn't know enough about addiction and addicts. They didn't realize how good they are at pretending and lying and genuinely thought he was better.

Chris Colfer & casting couch?! I'd love to hear more of this, but I very much doubt it.

by As Requestedreply 23709/11/2013

I never really believed Lea and Cory were a couple, but if evidence emerges that they truly weren't, how hypocritical for Ryan, Lea and the others to laud Lea's "strength" in leading the Glee cast back to work.

by As Requestedreply 23809/11/2013

Well i never believed in monchele, so i think its true, but the first part of blind is his friend Groff

by As Requestedreply 23909/11/2013

What choice did they have? What they maintained for the press is that they were a couple so they had to keep that narrative. Regardless, Lea and Cory were very close and important people in each others lives so it isn't like the grief was fake.

by As Requestedreply 24009/11/2013

The choice they had was to not use Cory's death as a marketing tool for Glee's ratings and Lea's image.

by As Requestedreply 24109/11/2013

Cory was SOOOO high when he appeared on the Ellen show in December. He looked like a heroin zombie.

by As Requestedreply 24209/11/2013

R242 Link?

by As Requestedreply 24309/11/2013

This is kinda hillarious... spiritual / grief therapy? Full body massage?

by As Requestedreply 24409/12/2013

I think her grief massage was done by a hot young man... and included her clitoris!

by As Requestedreply 24509/12/2013

AND the plot thickens!!! It's like the PR soap opera I was always waiting for... ^^

Revisionist Vacation (clearly not) Blind Item via Blind Gossip:

"Look, if you want to pretend that you are on some amazing spiritual journey, meeting with counselors to heal from the overwhelming grief of losing your fake boyfriend , that’s on you. You are an actor, after all, so we know that you are capable of emoting and bringing attention to yourself.

But we both know who you were really canoodling with during your “spiritual retreat”. He’s a little old for you, don’t you think? He wasn’t your chauffeur. And he’s definitely not gay.

Oh, and having your publicist try to spin the story a couple of weeks later so you can garner more sympathy for yourself is lame. It does a great disservice to people everywhere who suffer tragedy and loss. You’re just lucky we didn’t see that BS story on September 11th until now, or we would have ripped you a new one.

Bring on the hate mail!"

by As Requestedreply 24609/12/2013

Maybe related was this other recent BI that was posted on CDAN 3 weeks ago:

"That didn't take long. This B list mostly television actress from a hit television show who would die if you cast in her a movie had a recent relationship end. It was not as strong of a relationship as she would lead you to believe and had basically already moved on. She is hanging out with her ex, quietly at his place almost every night. This will be revealed."

by As Requestedreply 24709/12/2013

Here's the link to the Ellen appearance.

by As Requestedreply 24809/12/2013

And taking into account Blind Gossip's allegations, that ex could be John Lloyd Young (38)??

by As Requestedreply 24909/12/2013

I think I'd have to be high to get through an appearance on Ellen. She should have done that thing where she likes to scare people. Like with some fucked up mask that would really have him tripping balls.

by As Requestedreply 25009/12/2013

Oooh, could be, R249! Anyway, what site was the Lea/coke blind from yesterday posted on? Don't see it on BG.

And if her team really sent out that massage story to Radar Online there could be a bit of truth to these blinds about her moving on (don't know how reputable blinds actually are).

by As Requestedreply 25109/12/2013

[R251] here ya go...

by As Requestedreply 25209/12/2013

What I don't get w/ this Radar Online story is that they really went into specifics. Which completely contradicted L. Michele's team previous PR strategy, where most of her statements were vague and arranged as not to restrict the projection of her image/brand.

by As Requestedreply 25309/12/2013

[quote]She was with a dark-haired man who looked to be approximately ten years her senior. It wasn’t her father.

One would hope not, regardless of who the BI is about.

by As Requestedreply 25409/12/2013

So are we to assume that Lea may be back with John Lloyd Young because, now that he's been cast in the movie of JERSEY BOYS, he's now (or will soon be) enough of a "name" to interest her? Because it does seem like all her relationships with "boyfriends" are P.R. stunts.

by As Requestedreply 25509/12/2013

That freaking bitch!!!!!!!!!!

by As Requestedreply 25609/12/2013

JLY certainly fits all of the blind item clues.

by As Requestedreply 25709/12/2013

[quote]So are we to assume that Lea may be back with John Lloyd Young because, now that he's been cast in the movie of JERSEY BOYS, he's now (or will soon be) enough of a "name" to interest her?

Or you can assume it's all made up, as most gossip is, but what fun is that?

by As Requestedreply 25809/12/2013

Darren fucked Kristen Wiig!!!

by As Requestedreply 25909/12/2013

You think that's true about Kristin & Darren?

by As Requestedreply 26009/18/2013

Why Darren would NEVER be okay with sleeping around with someone who he thought might be an important person to like him in the business!

by As Requestedreply 26109/18/2013

Yeah, I don't know. It was posted the day after he hosted the Teen Choice Awards, but I can see Darren sleeping with other people behind his girlfriend's back.

by As Requestedreply 26209/18/2013

Um it doesn't have to be behind her back. Isn't his girlfriend in the business also? She probably isn't that naive, if having some fun in the sack made Kristen Wiig more likely to cast him in another movie it is job well done. But if that blind item is to believed (big if) sounds like it didn't end well anyway.

by As Requestedreply 26309/18/2013

Mia (Darren's GF) works at FOX, yeah. I think the blind's saying he slept with Kristen just for the fun of it though? Would sleeping with her really get him a spot in the movie (not like she directed the film)?

by As Requestedreply 26409/18/2013

No- this happened at the premiere of the movie in France so this happened like two years after they filmed the movie. So he didn't have to sleep with her to get the part. He already had it. I know he says he's straight and all but for some reason I can't picture him with a chick. Don't know what it is.

by As Requestedreply 26509/18/2013

[quote]Anyway, about Cory: from what I've heard, he had way more than heroin and alcohol in his system. They also found cocaine, xanax, vicodin, and percocet in his room.

I'm no doctor, but "his system" and "his room" don't seem like the same thing to me.

by As Requestedreply 26609/18/2013

265, same here. He does not seem straight at all, but I guess he is since he said it plus said that he experimented with guys in college. I don't think someone uncomfortable with their sexuality/closeted gay would admit to that.

And I don't doubt at all that Cory was doing everything possible. Even though he admitted to doing that as a teenager, drug addicts have no pattern to that sorta thing.

by As Requestedreply 26709/18/2013

R267 Darren Criss has never said he experimented with guys in college. Someone has been reading too much fanfic. The most he ever said was he kissed guys for their birthday, meaning on the cheek in the first place, or European style.

by As Requestedreply 26809/18/2013

Cory Monteith is still dead.

by As Requestedreply 26909/18/2013

It is hardly ever "sleep with me to get this role" in spite of casting couch jokes.

But sex can be an effective way of networking and endearing yourself for future prospects.

People are people, build a connection, have some fun nights with them and they are more likely to remember you and like you.

And Darren Criss seems like the theater department straight guy to me, which means seems a little gay to an outsider and probably cool with being a little heteroflexible. Hang out with theater kids at your local university and you will see people like him.

by As Requestedreply 27009/18/2013

Amber Riley can do the sequel to the Winnie Mandella movie.

by As Requestedreply 27109/18/2013

Darren Criss needs a nose job. They don't film him close up and straight on because his nose is all smushed.

by As Requestedreply 27209/18/2013

Yes, 272,you're right, TV does need more cookie-cutter depictions of beauty.

by As Requestedreply 27309/18/2013

r273, Hi Darren! Can you get Ryan Murphy to have the costumers give you some decent clothes? You are always dressed like Howdy Doody.


by As Requestedreply 27409/18/2013

New blind item about Darren and coked-out beard Mia Swier. Can't link on mobile, but it's on Blind Gossip.

by As Requestedreply 27509/18/2013

Our talented actor was at a nightclub, hanging out with some friends, cast mates, and his “girlfriend”.

We put “girlfriend” in italics for three reasons: First, because we’re not convinced about this actor’s orientation. Second, because his “girlfriend” coincidentally happens to be a writer slash producer slash whatever at the same network on which his show appears, so we don’t know if she is a beard or the real thing. Third, because fans of this show are so rabid that every time we write anything about a cast member from this show, we are deluged with hate mail (Flame away, you geeks!).

Anyway, while he was hanging out with his friends, she was in the bathroom doing massive quantities of coke. After a while, she emerged from the Ladies Room, stumbled over to him and started screaming at him about how he doesn’t pay enough attention to her. And we mean screaming!

The actor was mortified. However, instead of dealing with her, he tried to get away from her. So she’s screaming, he’s dodging, she’s chasing, and the crowd is laughing. Whenever she couldn’t find him, she would drape herself over other cute boys in the club, flirt with them, and try to get them to pay attention to her. No one was buying her mess.

After a while, the actor’s friends had enough and took off. Yes, they left the cute actor alone and miserable with his screaming, clingy, coked-up “girlfriend”. When he had finally had enough, he pushed her away from him and disciplined her like a schoolgirl, “You’re wasted! Now just go home and leave me the f*ck alone!” They wound up leaving together a little while later.


They didn't even try to hide that this was meant to be about Darren Criss.

by As Requestedreply 27609/18/2013

Don't know about the coke thing and the row, but they lost me at "not convinced about his sexual orientation" and "beard". Tell us now that he's dating Colfer. The funny thing is there hasn't been anything about bf's from the time before he became famous, especially from his college days. He wasn't exactly a wallflower in UMich and things would've come out by now if any. I've not heard about anything having been covered up Colton Haynes-style either.

by As Requestedreply 27709/19/2013

Happened to see another interview with Criss today and gave it a look, btw he is STRAIGHT as it felt the need to clarify (as always). Know nothing to say it is a lie but him and his team need to give it a rest, its pathetic.

by As Requestedreply 27809/19/2013

Wow. That blind couldn't be more obviously about Mia and Darren. He needs to ditch her ASAP. Before things get out of hand.

by As Requestedreply 27909/20/2013

R272, I agree. I never found him attractive. I don't see why people find him so hot? His face is not all that. He has a Robert Pattinson nose, and that's NOT a compliment.

by As Requestedreply 28009/20/2013

[Blind Gossip] Ah, faux couples. A male and female actor who star together in a television series or a film or film series, and then fake a relationship outside of the project for the publicity.

Their fans and “shippers” really want to believe that the relationships are real, give them cute nicknames (e.g.”Robsten”), write fan fiction about them, and dream about them getting married and living happily ever after.

Then we come in and tell you the truth.

This blind item is going to hurt more than most for many reasons: Because this television show is still on the air. Because the show’s fans are very passionate (and a little crazy). Because they want to believe that an on-screen relationship became on off-screen relationship. Because one half of the couple supported the other half when they were going through a personal crisis. And, finally, because half of the couple isn’t here anymore.

Yes, she is sad that he is gone. But not “girlfriend” sad. She is “friend” sad.

This couple was fake. The two actors were friends and liked each other, but the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship on air was purely imaginary and did not happen off air.

Actually, they didn’t even spend a lot of time together when they weren’t working or getting together for photo ops. Her friends are very different from his friends, and her off-screen life was very different from his off-screen life.

Vacation photo ops were staged. They each brought their own friends, stayed in separate rooms and simply got together for photos.

Remember that “romantic” ski trip they took together? They would take the ski lift up together, and do a photo op on the top of the mountain. He would later show off those photos on a talk show to “prove” that they were a couple.

The truth is that after the photos were taken, he would go snowboard and party with his friends and pick up random girls at night.

Yes, he was into girls, even if his fake girlfriend was not one of them. In fact, there were a lot of girls in the past few years, although no one special. He never was much for relationships. He preferred to hang with his friends, pick up a girl for a night or two of fun, and keep things very casual.

Sometimes you would see his fake girlfriend driving “his” car. Well, he did own a car, but she wasn’t allowed to drive it. The car that she drove wasn’t his car. It was a car that the network leased so it would look like she drove his car.

And despite what she says, they were never going to move in together. They were going to fake it. She had her house, and the network leased a nearby apartment for him. They were just going to stage regular photo ops to look like they lived in the same house until they broke up. That’s it.

Yes, there was going to be a “breakup”. It was going to happen after the show was off the air. The two of them were prepared to go the distance with the fake relationship for as long as the show was in production.

Now that he is gone, she can’t admit that they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, or that everything was staged, or that they were never going to move in together or get married. It would make her look really fake and really bad. No, she is now stuck with that lie forever.

One last point. It’s about that very public tribute that you’ll see soon. There are many actors with a broader and more critically acclaimed body of work who deserve a public tribute much, much more. However, those actors don’t have the large and young fan base for which the networks live and die. And they don’t have a fake and famous girlfriend in the audience to tearfully clutch a necklace and pretend that she just lost the great love of her life.



TV Show:

by As Requestedreply 28109/21/2013

Sounds like a Dianna/Lea shipper submitted it, but they were obviously fake. I remember hearing of Cory fucking some model when he was supposedly dating Lea.

by As Requestedreply 28209/21/2013

Oh 282, I couldn't care less. This is a place for gay men and I love some good gossip that's why I posted it. If you are going to get defensive about what you read in here, maybe you should stay out.

by As Requestedreply 28309/21/2013

DataLounge was never intended to just be for gay men, R283.

by As Requestedreply 28409/21/2013

R283, I really wasn't defensive, though. Maybe a bit bitter toward the Achele shippers, but I agreed that Cory and Lea were never a real relationship.

by As Requestedreply 28509/21/2013

Blind Gossip is at it again.

by As Requestedreply 28609/23/2013

R286 WTF is wrong with this girl? She looked sane to me... until that anyway. Does he have some sex mojo we're unaware of or something? Because he sure as hell fails to show it.

Also I have to ask: I've read someone saying that his Mia gf is (was?) a dude. I couldn't tell if the person was joking or not so I googled her (never seen her before that) and I must admit that it had me wondering lol.

by As Requestedreply 28709/24/2013

Lea unfollowed many accounts in twitter

by As Requestedreply 28809/24/2013

[R287], the person was clearly hating on her. There are pictures of her as a little girl. This may come as a surprise to you but there are millions of bio women on this planet who don't look like Barbie dolls.

BG needs to decide if Darren's gay or not, and stick to the script. At this rate they'll have him humping leprechauns next week.

by As Requestedreply 28909/24/2013

R286 If I were a straight boy, or wanted to be perceived as one, I'd fuck Lucy Hale. Before I came out, I had a gf who looked like her, so no one suspected at the time.

by As Requestedreply 29009/24/2013

Past couple months there's been like three blind items about him. Wonder why the sudden interest?

by As Requestedreply 29109/24/2013

R291 People are wising up to Darren's schtick. Although the Imogene one was a desperate attempt to get people interested in their failed movie.

by As Requestedreply 29209/24/2013

His "cheater" schtick? Guess he's like Blaine, after all.

by As Requestedreply 29309/24/2013

OR he doesn't have a girlfriend. Then this wouldn't really be cheating. He seems like a really down to earth, good guy. I can't picture him cheating so openly with such a big name.

by As Requestedreply 29409/25/2013

Was Cory depressed? Is Amber a lesbian?

by As Requestedreply 29509/25/2013

Via Blind Gossip

There is so much real-life drama going on with the cast behind the scenes at this hit television show that we are going to have a new or SOLVED item about them every day this week!

First up: a young actor.

He is good-looking, a true “triple threat”, and a fan favorite.

He plays a gay character on the show, but he claims to be straight and to have a long-time girlfriend in real life. Lots of fans have tried to guess his sexuality, but his antics have caused a lot of confusion about which sex he prefers.

So, which is it? Is he straight or is he gay?

Well, you will be happy to know that we have the definitive answer: Neither. He is bisexual!

We will have lots more to say about which of his relationships are real and which are fake this week. Yes, there are some of both and we have all the juicy details! Stay tuned!

by As Requestedreply 29610/07/2013

Dianna Agron 'excluded' from Glee tribute episode for Cory Monteith due to 'intense dislike' for the actress

by As Requestedreply 29710/07/2013

The only intense dislike mentioned in that article, R297, were Lea's and Ryan's.

It's interesting that the apparent end of Dianna's and Lea's friendship coincided with the beginning of the fake romance between Lea and Cory.

by As Requestedreply 29810/07/2013

Good grief. Here's a quote from a Ryan Murphy interview talking about this season:

“Lea is very heavy in this season,” he confirms. “She was big last season, but she’s really big – and back. Make no mistake, Lea’s the female star this season. And, I think that’s really good.”

When wasn't Lea's character the "female star"? So ridiculous.

by As Requestedreply 29910/07/2013

Lea Michelle seems to fit the description, the kind of person who would work to get rid of people who doesn't please her. I thought they were really close friends, but guess that was all smoke and mirrors.

by As Requestedreply 30010/07/2013

"Were" is the operative word, R300.

by As Requestedreply 30110/07/2013

Lea was probably only friends with Dianna Agron so she could size her up. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. They were both new to Glee and let's face it, Dianna is pretty and Lea is the fugliest fug that ever fugged. Lea seems like the type to befriend the girls she thinks are her biggest competition, stabbing them in the back at the first opportunity but with a facade of sweetness.

by As Requestedreply 30210/07/2013

Darren Criss is bisexual? You don't say!

by As Requestedreply 30310/08/2013

I saw the BI, hahahahahah. Like I always said, if that guy is straight I'm burning my gaydar.

by As Requestedreply 30410/08/2013

I don't doubt the possibility Darren is bi. I just find it laughable BG decided to hook him up with Colfer for evidence. And why didn't he beard with Dianna, they were quite chummy and both hipsters, seems to me the ideal PR relationship. If he prefers girls, why does he need a fake GF at all, instead of serial hook up with starlets - again more publicity. Instead he chooses a fake GF with no tabloid value, no discernible benefits, and who's been hated for years by a certain segment of Glee straight girls. It seems very counterproductive PR but what do I know.

by As Requestedreply 30510/08/2013

Darren didn't hook up with Chord? I call shenanigans!

by As Requestedreply 30610/08/2013

I just saw Lea pics from today. Jesus christ gurl, she looks like a junkie!!!!!

by As Requestedreply 30710/08/2013

If Cass Elliot had won the role of Miss Marmelstein in "I Can Get It For You Wholesale" would Lea Michele be a 300 pound drug addict?

by As Requestedreply 30810/08/2013

I don't believe the rumours about Lea/Dianna hooking up, but I do want to know the reason why they are no longer friends. It seems a little harsh, because they've gone from being up each other's arses, to giving each other the cold shoulder. I do think it could have been because of Cory. Three's a crowd and all that jazz.

by As Requestedreply 30910/08/2013

The only guy I've slept with is Ryan Murphy. I'd recommend not walking away from Glee and then having to come crawling back.

by As Requestedreply 31010/08/2013

Lea does look horrible, R307. Her rabid fans are insisting she's more gorgeous than ever and the weight loss is attributable to the great tragedy in her life.

Even though I believe both Lea and Cory are/were straight, I don't believe they were a couple. It was all PR for the show and their careers. Lea is definitely playing up the sympathy, though. I wouldn't put it past her to starve herself for attention. She's a PR magnet.

Her legs look like sticks, and her nose is even more prominent now.

I don't get it either, R309. They went from very close friends (with possible benefits) to estrangement. It's odd.

by As Requestedreply 31110/08/2013

I bet Lea and Naya go to each other for diet tips. It's been almost three months since Cory died, so if Lea really is losing weight because of that, she needs to see a therapist. Otherwise I think she's being friendly with that white powder.

by As Requestedreply 31210/09/2013

[quote]but I do want to know the reason why they are no longer friends.

Define friends? You do realize that most actors go on to other projects and lose touch with each other. People think that Mary & Rhoda are best friends, so forty years later Mary & Valerie must still be best friends. Or two actors make a movie and maybe never see each other ever again but the public perceives them as together forever.

by As Requestedreply 31310/09/2013

Darren Criss always seemed to me like the Tom Cruise/Ryan Seacrest type where their sexuality is irrelevant because all they care about is themselves and advancing their career. If they sleep with anyone at all, it's women for press and men for roles. They might have a preference but romance and genuine relationships are very, very far down on the list if they're considered at all.

by As Requestedreply 31410/09/2013

Yikes, Lea does look a little worse for wear. Drugs and an eating disorder will do that to you. Naya Rivera is also no stranger to either, I'm sure.

And I second r314 Darren seems like a very polite and genuine person with friends and fans, but an absolute whore professionally. I guess that's why I'm a bit fascinated with him.

by As Requestedreply 31510/09/2013

Two new Glee not-so-blind items:

-- This B list mostly television actress from a former hit network television show that just fills out the lineup on a network now was forced to trade some favors to make sure a photo of her kissing a guy were not released for a few weeks. She wants to control everything about the timing so people don't get the wrong idea. Whatever. Lea Michele/Cory Monteith tribute

-- This talented girl is the star of an ensemble television show. She has lost a fairly dramatic amount of weight since the first season of the show. She says it was only ten pounds, but it was actually closer to twenty pounds. She attributes the maintenance of that dramatic weight loss to a lot of exercise at work, a healthy diet, and vitamin shots. Ha! We know her real secret to weight control: cocaine! The girl has gone from wholesome ingenue to coke fiend in just the last couple of years. Will she go to rehab? Actually, we don’t see that happening anytime soon. This girl is very ambitious and very image conscious. Her image is such a package of lies that we find it hard to believe that she would publicly admit to anything that would make her look like she wasn’t in total control of her life. No, we think that she is more likely to dance around the issue for the duration of the series. Do her costars know about her problem? Absolutely! And they are particularly concerned about her habits given that a former costar also battled a drug problem… and lost. Lea Michele/"Glee"/Cory Monteith

by As Requestedreply 31610/10/2013

There was also a blind about Darren, that said he's bi, his current girlfriend is a beard, he dated Kristen Wiig for a short time, had a one night stand with Lucy Hale, and fucked Chris Colfer a couple times.

I wonder who the dude is that Lea's kissing. To be honest I thought all these blinds were confusing the straight dude with Jonathan Groff, bur now I'm not so sure. As for Lea doing coke, there's always been whispers about it. I swear there was a blind about it in 2010 from Ted--it came out right after they did that GQ shoot.

by As Requestedreply 31710/10/2013

The only way this story ends well is if Ryan Murphy and Lea Michele end up totally bankrupt.

Then and only then will I give two shits about what happens to either.

by As Requestedreply 31810/10/2013

[quote]-- This B list mostly television actress from a former hit network television show that just fills out the lineup on a network now was forced to trade some favors to make sure a photo of her kissing a guy were not released for a few weeks. She wants to control everything about the timing so people don't get the wrong idea. Whatever. Lea Michele/Cory Monteith tribute

Sorry, but "Glee" is still Fox's Number one rated scripted show. It's not a former hit. Last season it was given an unprecedented two year renewal when shows are being canceled after one episode. You may not watch it anymore but millions still do.

by As Requestedreply 31910/10/2013

I have to correct r319's post.

Sleepy Hollow is Fox's number one scripted drama.

Also, last week, Glee pulled in an embarrassing 1.6 in the demo, tying with Sean Saves the World. Fox is probably regretting that 2-year renewal now.

by As Requestedreply 32010/10/2013

How did the fan girl at R319 find this thread?

by As Requestedreply 32110/10/2013

Is Glee seriously Fox's number one scripted show with the shitty ass ratings it gets these days? Wow, if so FOX is doing way worse than I realized.

by As Requestedreply 32210/10/2013

[quote]Is Glee seriously Fox's number one scripted show with the shitty ass ratings it gets these days? Wow, if so FOX is doing way worse than I realized.

Dude, it's 2013, not 1975. There are 200 channels now, ALL networks are getting shitty ratings based on the past. Because there is so much to watch at one time, it is very rare anyone one program will get ever get 40 million viewers at one time anymore. With DVR's and Netflix, some wait to watch the shows. Fox News screams they are number one and yet they don't get more than two million viewers at a time with 310 million people in the US.

by As Requestedreply 32310/10/2013

"There was also a blind about Darren, that said he's bi, his current girlfriend is a beard, he dated Kristen Wiig for a short time, had a one night stand with Lucy Hale, and fucked Chris Colfer a couple times."

And on a full moon, he grows wing sand flies to Oz while singing hits from "Wicked" !!

by As Requestedreply 32410/10/2013

R323 Right, tell that to CBS and The Big Bang Theory cast and crew. They're in their 7th season and they GAINED viewers.

by As Requestedreply 32510/10/2013

Blind item from November revealed...

"This Glee actress is so in love with her new boyfriend that she decided to get a reconstruction in her private area. Umm yeah. She says that no one else ever mattered except her current boyfriend so she wanted him to feel like he was her first.

Dianna Agron"

by As Requestedreply 32610/12/2013

R326 from November 2012. New 'boyfriend' 10 months later. Was RM posting there?I'm willing to believe a lot of things, but this one is seriously BS.

by As Requestedreply 32710/13/2013

Noone here talking bout a possible Cory gay hardcore porn leaked video? You dissapoint me...

by As Requestedreply 32810/13/2013

Cory isn't gay, R328. He was a womanizer according to Blind Gossip, but they did confirn that what he had with Lea was strictly a PR thing for the show.

by As Requestedreply 32910/13/2013

We talked about it in the "Farewell to Finn." thread, but we can talk about it here too, if you like. I don't think it's him because I'm assuming he did this when he was into the teenage druggie lifestyle, and that dude didn't look like a teen.

by As Requestedreply 33010/13/2013

Glee is here to stay. Deal with it.

by As Requestedreply 33110/13/2013

R331 Well, not really. It just has one more season after this.

by As Requestedreply 33210/13/2013

[quote]Well, not really. It just has one more season after this.


by As Requestedreply 33310/14/2013


by As Requestedreply 33410/14/2013

Ummm.. Part2

by As Requestedreply 33510/14/2013

I don't know how I'm just discovering blind items and this site! I've always looked at so many things being mentioned here and thought "yeah, something's not right there" but there was so little press about any of it. It all makes sense now and I'm feeling saner.

Question, and I apologize if I sound like a weirdo fan girl but I'm wondering about Amber Riley: they seemed like they really unceremoniously kinda nixed her from the show between S3 and now, going so far as to for the first time nix a relationship and refuse to mention it again let alone give it closure with the Sam/Mercedes story (cause I mean, even when they gave Ashley Fink the boot they did a 5 second aside where she randomly dumped Puck to 'wrap up' her plots). I've always always wondered what the story is there that the show has gone to such extremes to erase that story and pretend it never happened.

Did Amber piss someone off? Did her and/or Chord just dislike it and cause a fuss? There have been times I get a vibe that they do not care for one another but then other times they'll be tweeting each other or hanging out with a mutual friend or reported to be dancing at an afterparty together (just in good fun as friends).

It just seems fishy that it's getting treatment worse than any other pairing, like something real bad must've happened. In everything that's been shared I've seen nothing really about Amber having some hidden diva/dark side and I'm worried it's too good to be true. :/

by As Requestedreply 33610/14/2013

I've always wondered and this seems like a good place to ask:

Someone told me last summer that they were working a party on the Paramount Lot last summer and someone working on the show got real drunk and shared with them that the upcoming Season (referring to S4 at that point) was gonna be a mess because half the cast was being punished.

They said that Ryan was splitting up the couples and downgrading the focus on certain people to retaliate against a group of 7 actors that went to the higher ups to complain.

Supposedly Darren and Amber led it and it was about Lea having too much influence in the plots and direction of the show. It was told to me that Lea has Ryan's ear to the point he was taking a lot of her requests/suggestions which were pushing the show to be all about Rachel at the sacrifice of everyone else, and some of them were fed up about it, rallied together, and confronted TPTB about it as they began discussing post S3 plans.

The drunk employee just told my friend that if she watched the show in S4 it'd be obvious who the 7 were. That Darren and Naya were 'safe' because Naya was dating a writer so he wouldn't let her get railroaded in the writer's room, and Darren simply because Ryan adores him.

I believe it was confirmed that Diana was one of them as well and that it was said or hinted that Chord was another - the drunk employee said that it was a dumb move on his part because Ryan was still pissed at him for leaving the show, that progress had been made and this just put him back on Ryan's shit list. That apparently that's why they retconned Sam and made him...well, an idiot.

I do recall not being surprised to hear that Chris Colfer and Cory were not a part of that group. I assumed from what I'd heard that Kevin and Jenna were also in there since they made her a wretched bitch when not ignoring her S4 and since Kevin was practically ignored.

Who knows if it's true. I always assumed that was part of the reason people like Jenna were shoved to the side when it seemed her character might finally get more focus (though I personally never believed they'd stay true to their promises of it being 'Tina's turn' her senior year) for Heather - that she hadn't been a part of it and so it was TPTB's way of saying 'fuck with us and we'll make you pay' to not only punish them but reward those around them who hadn't spoken up. Who knows though.

My friend had hoped to be working a similar event soon so she could try to get more clear details from this worker on the show but as far as I knew, no such luck. And I honestly think she stopped giving a shit once the show got even worse so early in last year.

Is that just a far fetched line of BS or has anyone heard rumblings along those lines? Plausible or someone pulling one over on me?

by As Requestedreply 33710/14/2013

Objectively, part of the reason some characters get pushed aside is that there are too many characters.

For example, Blaine proposes in a big show, then has absolutely no lines in the subsequent Finn's dead show.

Anorexic girl has had no lines at all in many episodes, this after they thoroughly explore her food issues, her obese mom, etc.

It's just odd.

by As Requestedreply 33810/14/2013

I'm trying to follow your claim Darren led an uprising that led to Ryan Murphy being upset at the cast...but not at all at Darren himself (which anyone who watched S4 can clearly see Darren Criss was heavily featured).

While you can complain about Sam being dumb,Chord Overstreet was featured more and given more to do in season 4 than he ever was before. It would make no sense to say Murphy was pissed at him. You can compare that to say Chris Colfer who was given less to do in Season Four than he ever got before.

It is no secret there is bad blood between Dianna and Murphy, but that is obvious from watching how little she has been on Glee recently or even the New Normal where he makes fun of a version of her.

It is impossible with a large cast like "Glee" there isn't a shit ton of drama behind the scenes. And it is no secret that Ryan Murphy has a huge ego and can be vindictive (and Lea ain't bad herself at that), but the particulars of that story don't ring true to me.

by As Requestedreply 33910/14/2013

Ryan has to biggest douche in Hollywood. I remember when he was asked if we would see anyone from Popular on Glee, and he said, "No. Most of them got to guest on Nip/Tuck anyway."

by As Requestedreply 34010/14/2013

So who exactly are the 7 the Glee Rebels then?

Dianna Chord Darren Amber Kevin Jenna Naya

I'm wondering when exactly this meeting was to have taken place. Dianna was already on RM's shit list from at least mid-season three and was working her way out. (It's been suggested that she though Quinn should have died in the texting accident.) At the same time, Naya was becoming better friends with Rachel and was being built up for a NY storyline and a larger role in the show. Amber, as per usual, still had a prominent singing role and a limited acting role. Kevin and Jenna were, sans one episode each, back burner-ed as usual. And Chord and Darren had fairly decent screen time at the end of season 3, considering neither were graduates. They both had far more screen time in season 4. Granted that might have been because no one took to the Newbies, but still.

In any case, I still tend to believe that RM is a petty, vindictive, little fuck who turns on people who don't stroke his ego sufficiently and make his show their top priority.

And from what I've heard from people that have worked on the set for short bouts of time, Lea does, in fact, have a very diva-esque way about her and is most definitely in RM's back pocket.

In referencing the Lea Dianna relationship, whether they were "together" or not I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me to find out that their relationship soured in part b/c of RM's growing resentment towards DA, who seems well respected and well liked, and LM growing ego,fanned constantly by RM.

RM and LM = Insecure Mean Girl Dream Team in my book.

by As Requestedreply 34110/14/2013

It's disappointing that Chris Colfer appears to have turned that duo into a trio, R341. He was super close to Dianna and Amber the first couple seasons, but as his star rose, he drifted away from them and toward Ryan and Lea.

by As Requestedreply 34210/14/2013

I've always gotten a bit of a diva from Chris Colfer. He seemed ok in season 1, but afterwards he started to come off as arrogant.

by As Requestedreply 34310/14/2013

Even the Glee gossip is half-hearted nonsense. Amber and Darren, of all people, leading some revolt against Ryan is absurd.

by As Requestedreply 34410/14/2013

I guess I wasn't very clear: I'm not saying 'yes, this is true, add it to the list of dirty secrets'. I'm merely sharing what I was told and asking if anyone's heard anything that would fall in line with that, or if it was possibly just something someone either misunderstood or threw at me to see what I'd believe. That was all.

I was told that this whole confrontation happened in the back half of S3, I believe towards the end but I dunno if I assumed that or she said that's what she was told. The story was shared as they were about to begin filming S4 and first scripts were coming in.

Sounds like it's probably either completely misconstrued or just made up. Was just wondering. It's something that was shared with me over a year ago that I was asked not to share and haven't until just now. I'd kinda always wondered if there might be any truth to it. Guess I know now.

by As Requestedreply 34510/14/2013

People forget that DC was born and raised in San Francisco and went to St. Ignatius College Preparatory School, a Roman Catholic institution which now has allowed females to attend. Castro Street was only a hop, skip and a jump away for DC.

by As Requestedreply 34610/14/2013

Chris is hardly BFFs with RM. That's bullshit. I bet they can hardly stand each other and Chris is probs doing Glee only because it pays well.

From People:

"To pick up and read the actors saying, 'We found out we were fired from Twitter' – all of us, the studio, the network, were like, 'Okay, that isn't exactly cool,' " Murphy says, apparently in response to Colfer's comments earlier this month about the casting news. "So then what happened is that we decided, 'Okay, let's not do it (the Glee spin off).' "

A little vindictive, no?

by As Requestedreply 34710/15/2013

IIRC Dylan Walsh from N/T said that he would never work with Murphy again and that going to work became a nightmare somewhere around S3 (I think? Not sure about that one).

It seems there's a pattern with that guy. First everything is great, he's enthusiastic and probably friendly to his cast, then he gets bored of the show, of the people, plays favorites, which lessens the quality of the show and causes drama bts which pisses him off so he retaliates off and on screen. Well that's what I gather from everything anyway. It happened on Nip/Tuck, I've read some stuff about Popular bts feuds too, and Glee well... we all can see for ourselves. And TNN was crystal clear about his feelings about the show and the cast.

Regarding Dianna I'm pretty sure he started to dislike her the moment she had fans and people started to like Quinn (and Dianna). I think he said that she was not supposed to be likeable and just be a bitch but she then started to give layers and humanize the character and it was absolutely not was he had planned. Ryan is known for being a little bitch when something he can't get credit for works. Characters, ships, storylines and so on. See Brittana lol.

Oh wait, I just found the exact quote from Rolling Stone:

"When we cast Dianna as Quinn, she ruined the part for me. She was supposed to be the Cybill Shepherd, Last Picture Show cunt, so to speak, but she humanized it. She can cry at the drop of a hat. So now her character has a conscience, a soul and great vulnerability."

I mean... what type of dumbass complains about casting an actress who can play a wider range of emotions than he intended? They could've kept writing Quinn as the biggest bitch on earth but they agreed to go the "bitch with a kind heart" route (among a thousand other personalities), nobody forced them geez. But I guess it's so much easier to blame the actors, the fans, the artists (lol that Kings Of Leon meltdown he had, embarrassing coming from a grown man).

by As Requestedreply 34810/15/2013

[quote]IIRC Dylan Walsh from N/T said that he would never work with Murphy again and that going to work became a nightmare somewhere around S3 (I think? Not sure about that one).

Did he tell you this himself? Or please provide a link. I can't find anything of the sort and Dylan Wash is smart enough to know that Nip/Tuck is the high point in his career so far and wouldn't burn bridges.

[quote]I mean... what type of dumbass complains about casting an actress who can play a wider range of emotions than he intended?

It's a compliment, you idiot, not a complaint. We get it, you don't, like Ryan Murphy, who you've probably never even met.

by As Requestedreply 34910/15/2013

I'm not R348. But I do a remember some gossip blog about talking Dylan Walsh telling someone about the bts drama with Ryan Murphy during Nip/Tuck.

When it comes to American Horror Story and future shows RM creates or produces, the only Glee cast members that we might see are Lea, Chris, Jane and maybe Darren. I can't see any other Glee cast members wanting to work with RM again.

by As Requestedreply 35010/15/2013

Here's what bugs me about Ryan Murphy: Glee wasn't his baby. It was written as a movie treatment by Ian Brennan. All but one of the original characters were Brennan's creations. Brennan couldn't get in the door anywhere, so someone sent him to Murphy, who added the character of Kurt.

The show's first 13 episodes (which were far and away the best, IMO) followed Brennan's storyline from the movie. They were darker and edgier than what Glee became as Murphy put his own signature on the show as the post-movie script story lines evolved.

But somewhere along the way, Murphy became the "creator" of Glee and the one given all of the credit for the show. I feel bad for Brennan.

by As Requestedreply 35110/15/2013

Who is TNN?

by As Requestedreply 35210/15/2013

I don't recall reading Dylan Walsh never wanting to work we other Murphy again but I read an article in the final season of "Nip/Tuck" and it seemed the cast felt abandoned because Murphy took his best and brightest writers and BTS people from their show to work on "Glee". The cast we're as also peeved that Murphy let his own personal unhappiness drive the storylines, that's why the show became increasingly macabre.

by As Requestedreply 35310/15/2013

[quote] Here's what bugs me about Ryan Murphy: Glee wasn't his baby. It was written as a movie treatment by Ian Brennan. All but one of the original characters were Brennan's creations. Brennan couldn't get in the door anywhere, so someone sent him to Murphy, who added the character of Kurt.

[quote] The show's first 13 episodes (which were far and away the best, IMO) followed Brennan's storyline from the movie. They were darker and edgier than what Glee became as Murphy put his own signature on the show as the post-movie script story lines evolved.

[quote]But somewhere along the way, Murphy became the "creator" of Glee and the one given all of the credit for the show. I feel bad for Brennan.

That bugs me too. There were some idiots the other day on the AHS imdb boards claiming that Ryan was the original creator of Glee. I also feel bad for Ian Brennan. I do wonder if the original screenplay is leaked somewhere. I would like to read it.

by As Requestedreply 35410/15/2013

If you're interested in how Ryan Murphy operates in the writer's room, watch the movie Every Day (starring Helen Hunt and Liev Schreiber) and pay attention to the Eddie Izzard character.

by As Requestedreply 35510/15/2013

Brennan rarely talks about Glee. I wonder if that's by his own choice.

by As Requestedreply 35610/15/2013

R349 Aggressive, arrogant and convinced that no one knows shit... Ryan, is that you?

Also I had to look for the link because I remember reading that about Nip/Tuck and RM and no, as you can imagine Dylan Walsh didn't tell me that, Einstein. Glad you could figure this out on your own.

I don't say that everything I read or hear about is true, but this is a fucking gossip thread and it is its very purpose to talk about stuff like that.

by As Requestedreply 35710/16/2013

Amen, [357] Amen...

by As Requestedreply 35810/16/2013

Blind item from CDAN. Commenters have been speculating Whitney Cummings/Peter Berg/Lea Michele.

"This former B list funny actress who now just focuses on keeping her show on the air long enough to hit syndication split with her boyfriend because he has been cheating on her with this B list mostly television actress/singer from a hit network show who loves people to think she is single now and was madly in love before. Not so much as it turns out."

by As Requestedreply 35910/17/2013

That's a bit of an age difference - Berg is 51, Michele 27.

by As Requestedreply 36010/17/2013

Whitney Cummings is lesbian. She was out before she got that NBC show.

by As Requestedreply 36110/17/2013

I try to like Chord but he is just boring, a light weight. and his looks are appealing for now because he's young. In no time he'll be Tate Donovan.

by As Requestedreply 36210/17/2013

So now she's going for men older than John Lloyd Young, I see.

by As Requestedreply 36310/18/2013

Lea probably open her legs to every man who looks at her (like someone in forum said once, she slept with Tony winners, Tony nominees and a guy named Tony who was walking by). She seems so freaking insecure and always trying soo hard to be sexy.

by As Requestedreply 36410/18/2013

R364 omg you made me choke on my cookie lol

by As Requestedreply 36510/19/2013

show is over next season! yay its pretty terrible.

and wth kinda kiss was that between santana and demi lovato? come one i wanted to see tongue.

by As Requestedreply 36610/19/2013

artie mcfartie is ugly and boring. why couldn't they write him off already?

and chord is pretty ugly with that hair cut and lips. yeek

by As Requestedreply 36710/19/2013

Lea slept with a janitor named Bob. I bet Dianna Agron got some of that pussy too!!!

by As Requestedreply 36810/19/2013

I am sure something was going on with Dianna and Lea. I just wonder if Dianna was the one to pursue Lea, was it mutual or did Lea pursue Dianna. Dianna seemed pretty cookie cutter until a year into glee..I would be curious to find out what really happened there..

by As Requestedreply 36910/21/2013

I bet Lea pursued Dianna first. Why do I say that? She just seems the type. New York/brash personality, etc. Yeah, I remember when Dianna got that haircut for the Glee 3D movie. I remember thinking she wasn't so "sweet"-looking anymore (plus the Pettyfer thing). Now I'm left wondering why they don't interact anymore. What happened there?

On another note, any idea as to what's up with Chord lately? Every public appearance he looks ill. I hope he's okay.

by As Requestedreply 37010/22/2013

Blind Gossip has another thinly disguised Lea item. She obviously cut them off in traffic one day because they have it in for her.

by As Requestedreply 37110/22/2013

CDAN and BG had BI about Lea today. I'm sure that bitch is so desperate for attention that she is texting them with the gossips. I'm trying to remember another celebrity who had that amount of BI's in 60 days.

by As Requestedreply 37210/22/2013

I think Chord looks like himself in photos I'v seen. Interestingly, Chord's brother, Nash Overstreet, of the group Hot Chelle Rae, was out with Glee guest star, Adam Lambert, this last Sunday nigh at a jazz club at the W. Nash tweeted a picture.

by As Requestedreply 37310/22/2013

Chord, Johnny Galecki, and Lucy Hale were also at the same jazz club Sunday night.

I haven't seen any pictures of the Overstreet brothers together, but I assume they're friends.

by As Requestedreply 37410/22/2013

For r374

by As Requestedreply 37510/23/2013

All the BG items about Lea recently are about her being a cokehead and a fake bitch in a PR romance. It's getting old.

by As Requestedreply 37610/23/2013

I love the Lea blind items. She's so full of shit. It's nice to see her getting called out on it - the way she treats people is coming back to bite her in the ass.

by As Requestedreply 37710/23/2013

After reading Lea's interview for Elle, I don't think her relationship with Cory was PR. And since they dated at the beginning of Glee, I'm guessing nothing happened between her and Dianna, either. Their personal lives are just as boring as the show. Most people were convinced Lea dated Dianna, and Monchele was PR, but this interview cleared it up. I'm actually disappointed that nothing juicy happened.

by As Requestedreply 37811/03/2013

How nice. We have a Monchele fan on the board! Gullible.

by As Requestedreply 37911/04/2013

Is there anywhere I could read the full interview she did with ELLE? All I've across are crappy scans, and apparently a lot of it's about Cory, so I'd be interested in reading it. A lot of Lea fans who thought Cory/Lea were PR are kinda pissed at Lea for the interview.

by As Requestedreply 38011/04/2013

Do you think the actors signed NDAs? I'd love to read a tell all from someone like Colfer. What's it like to act and also have to sing and dance and THEN go on tour all summer to perform Katy Perry songs in arenas for tweens and moms? I'd love to know what's going on behind the scenes.

by As Requestedreply 38111/04/2013

Nope. Not a Monchele fan at all. I've just not deluded myself into believing that Lea would use somebody's death to sell herself out.

by As Requestedreply 38211/04/2013

Here's the thing, R382. Let's assume Lea and Cory were faking a romance as PR for the show and themselves. (They were.)

Now let's assume Cory died of a drug overdose. (He did.)

What other choice would Lea have? (I'll answer that.) Would she "fess up" and admit she and Cory weren't dating? (Nope.) Would she lie low and sneak around with her real boyfriend for a few months? (She has.)

Will she "go public" with her great new love in a few months? (My guess is yes.)

Lea lives for publicity. It's all about her ego.

by As Requestedreply 38311/04/2013

I believe every negative thing about Lea. But it kind of makes me like her. I like ruthless people.

I want to know the dirt on who is poking Colfer. He's not Murphy's type, but there must be something interesting there.

by As Requestedreply 38411/04/2013

Didn't Cory date Julie Vardalos during 2008-2010?

by As Requestedreply 38511/04/2013

[quote/]Most people were convinced Lea dated Dianna, and Monchele was PR, but this interview cleared it up. I'm actually disappointed that nothing juicy happened.

Please!!!! You can't seriously be so naive as to think interview responses are anything more than strategic PR moves.

r383 is right. Monochele was generated to bouy the sagging Glee ratings and please the doting tweens. When Cory accidentally od-ed, Lea had no other choice than to carry out the charade and become the despondent, but strong widow. Exposing the truth would only reveal her for the fraudulent acts, making her look worse than some already believe she is, and would damage what's left of Glee.

I have no doubt that she,like much of the cast and crew of Glee was greatly saddened by his loss, but you have to know she's loving the attention surge from it.

by As Requestedreply 38611/04/2013

Yeah, he did, R385. I found an article talking about all the women he dated before Lea, and she was listed.

Gotta say, I was surprised Lea was so lowkey for a while after Cory's death, so I'm kinda disappointed in this famewhore-y article. Apparently Cory's last words to her were "if you say so." On the rocks?

by As Requestedreply 38711/05/2013

R 383, She's whoring around with another guy? Are you on about the Blind Item, because the guy described in that is Jonathan Groff. And he certainly isn't interested in her.

If they were PR, she could have just said they'd broken up before his death. Easy way out.

I don't understand why everybody thinks they were PR. They seemed pretty into each other to me.

by As Requestedreply 38811/05/2013

Colfer tweeted pics of himself and another twinky (yet cute) guy on Halloween of them in their costumes. Colfer went as "sexy R2D2" and the other guy went as "sexy C3PO." I assumed he and the mystery man are a couple.

by As Requestedreply 38911/05/2013

Gee r386 you seem way too invested in a complete stranger's life. We're talking restraining order territory.

by As Requestedreply 39011/05/2013

Chris and his BF are a cute couple. His boyfriend used to have a blog on Blogspot.

by As Requestedreply 39111/05/2013

Why would Cory's family accept her presence at their side right after his death, if they weren't actually a couple? Even if they didn't know the supposed real deal, you guys think she'd be ruthless enough to play a mourning gf to his family?

by As Requestedreply 39211/06/2013

There is no proof she was ever in Canada with his family except the word of one unreliable paparazzi who conveniently saw her but didn't take pictures. They don't give a shit about being considerate, so where were the photos?

by As Requestedreply 39311/06/2013

R386, Because you're besties with Lea and Cory, yeah?

by As Requestedreply 39411/06/2013

R389 Not really a mystery man, as Chris has gone everywhere with him for months now. But you're right that he's just recently started using his name on social media. He wished him happy birthday the other day.

by As Requestedreply 39511/06/2013

Sadly, this threath has jumped the shark... Fellow sarcastic ppl, pls come back!

Btw: rule #1 on how to look credible when posting on a "sip that tea" board. Do not address the protagonists by their first name only. Because that [394] comment was pure golden cheese. Who, in their right mind, besides fan girls uses "besties" in a sentence?

by As Requestedreply 39611/07/2013

R396 Sarcastic people use the word "besties." I was being sarcastic. Nobody over the age of 12 uses the word "besties". I think my use of the word "yeah" pretty much clears up the issue of whether I was being sarcastic or not. Read it again, and either stop nit-picking on posters' vocabulary, or contribute on the subject.

by As Requestedreply 39711/07/2013

Also, R396 who uses the word "ppl"? Lazy people, that's whom. People who are too lazy to add their vowels.

by As Requestedreply 39811/07/2013

Tonight's episode was terrible and the applause cover was just awful.

by As Requestedreply 39911/07/2013

Dianna favourited a twitter from Lea, that means that they are still friends?

by As Requestedreply 40011/18/2013

She did? Wonder how L Chat's reacting. I can't check since I am permanently banned from that site.

by As Requestedreply 40111/18/2013

I was banned from L Chat for saying Lea a PR machine, R401, but it only lasted a few weeks.

Regardless, it is very obvious Lea and Dianna aren't friends anymore.

by As Requestedreply 40211/18/2013

Heh, we should start a club, R402.

Anyway, I hope the reason Lea and Dianna aren't friends anymore has nothing to do with Ryan Murphy. I want dyke drama, not drama about Lea taking Ryan's side when Dianna complained about her character.

by As Requestedreply 40311/18/2013

Brad Falchuk, gay or straight?

by As Requestedreply 40411/18/2013

Isn't Falchuk married? He was also the one rumored to be fooling around with the actress who plays Satana when she was pushing for more air time.

by As Requestedreply 40511/18/2013

Naya Rivera was sleeping with Matt Hodgson, not Brad Falchuck.

by As Requestedreply 40611/18/2013

“Bad news spreads faster than anything good. And I think it’s just such a shame, especially involving someone that we love so much, that the good old internet has taken everything that they want to say about it and spread it like wildfire. So I’ve nothing but love for that show and everybody involved in it and it was such a huge part of my life, so I think it’s equally hard when I’m not there every day anymore, I don’t see all of them every day anymore to have things like this fly around. It’s more heartbreaking than it would be if I was there with everybody. It makes me feel even farther away from our show” — Dianna Agron

by As Requestedreply 40711/19/2013

After watching this, Lea and Dianna are definitely not friends anymore. It just seemed so awkward.

by As Requestedreply 40811/21/2013

Thanks for posting that, R408. That was sadly awkward. Agron seemed very stiff during that answer.

by As Requestedreply 40911/21/2013

R409 No problem :) I was stalking L Chat, and somebody pointed out that if that interview was about another cast member, she'd have complimented them, or maybe brought up their current projects as a way of promoting them, but with Lea, it was just a "er, yes, of course." I really don't think they're friends anymore, and I really want to know why! It must be huge if they haven't spoken for years.

by As Requestedreply 41011/21/2013

Tonight sucked, except for Blake Jenner singing "Innocent Man". If white bread could sing, it would sound like Chord Overstreet. and if Tampons could sing, they would sound like Lea.

by As Requestedreply 41111/21/2013

What is wrong with Chord's hair? He used to be so hot.

by As Requestedreply 41211/22/2013

Hall monitor to [411]: wrong thread, dude. Plus there was nothing special about Blake's singing.

by As Requestedreply 41311/22/2013

I heard Melissa and Blake cheated on their SOs so they could date each other (and subsequently got engaged).

by As Requestedreply 41411/23/2013

At least there was plenty of Chord Overstreet shirtless and flexing. There was a moment between him and Rachel while she was oiling him up and tumblr fangirls are gushing about how Lea must be so strong and it wouldn't have made the show if she hadn't OK'd it (yeah, right...) but I'd rather he make out with Blaine to be honest.

by As Requestedreply 41511/23/2013

Blaine, Sam and Kurt would have been an interesting triangle.

by As Requestedreply 41611/24/2013

Baby dyke Charice Pempengco attempted suicide yesterday. I still love her going up against Lea with "Telephone".

by As Requestedreply 41712/01/2013

Poor Charice. I hope she gets the help she needs.

I always wondered if Lea had a hand in getting Charice and Lindsay Pearce off the show so quickly, since they definitely can rival her in the singing department.

Also apparently the Spring Awakening cast reunited yesterday. I really don't know if the rumors that they all hate Lea is true, because the girls seem buddy-buddy on Twitter.

by As Requestedreply 41812/04/2013

So Dianna can come back for the 100th episode, but she couldn't come back for her friend's tribute episode? How does that even make sense.

by As Requestedreply 41912/05/2013

One of the rumors was that Lea didn't want the Cory tribute episode to be about Dianna's return but about Lea's grief. Or something like that.

by As Requestedreply 42012/05/2013

Simple, Ryan don't want to Diana in Glee, but Ratings flop, so he will do everything for increase it

by As Requestedreply 42112/06/2013

Last night there was a big TrevorLive (Trevor Project) event honoring Jane Lynch. Everyone from "Glee" was there (Ryan Murphy, Darren, Chris, etc.) plus Adam Lambert, all for a good cause. But one person missing was Lea. Doesn't she get along with Jane?

by As Requestedreply 42212/09/2013

Lea is probably focused on her first single, which she will debut later this week on Ellen.

Was Dianna at the TrevorLive event?

by As Requestedreply 42312/10/2013

[quote]But one person missing was Lea. Doesn't she get along with Jane?

She was already in New York committed to the Spring Awakening reunion.

[quote]I always wondered if Lea had a hand in getting Charice and Lindsay Pearce off the show so quickly, since they definitely can rival her in the singing department.

Love how you all think she or actors have the ability to hire and fire. First Charice fell flat in her role. She can't act and she was on the opposing Glee club. No need for her to be a regular.

by As Requestedreply 42412/10/2013

R424 Wrong weekend. Lea has been in LA. And I don't think she's ever gone to Trevor Live, so I don't think it's a big deal. Chord Overstreet and Matt Morrison weren't there, either.

by As Requestedreply 42512/10/2013

[Blind Gossip] A director recently checked into rehab. While the reports do not say what he is being treated for, we happen to know his vice of choice.

It’s c*caine.

And if you don’t particularly care about the director, perhaps you care about some of the actors with whom he has worked. Especially the cast of this popular TV show. Because during the time that he was directing a few episodes, he had no problem sharing happy powder with some of the young cast members.

Let’s talk about two of the cast members. One of them is no longer on the show. However, one still is, and the powder party never stopped for them. In fact, it’s a significant explanation for their very slim physique.

by As Requestedreply 42612/10/2013

It is very obvious that Lea is on drugs. When everyone around her are on drugs, how is that she is the only exception?. So sad.

by As Requestedreply 42712/10/2013

Plus, she looks horrible with tons of makeup layered on, obviously trying to cover up drug skin, and unnaturally thin.

Who is the director? Murphy?

by As Requestedreply 42812/10/2013

Adam Shankman is the director who just went to rehab, he has directed a few episodes of Glee.

And yes, Lea has been noticeably thinner this season. The same thing people said about Corey in his last season on Glee.

by As Requestedreply 42912/10/2013

The director is Adam Shankman (Hairspray, Rock of Ages). He directed some of the Glee episodes. The news about him checking into rehab are pretty much everywhere.

by As Requestedreply 43012/10/2013

According to imdb. Shankman has directed a total of 3 episodes, one each in 2010, 2011 and 2012. So this has nothing to do with the current season.

by As Requestedreply 43112/10/2013

[quote] I heard Melissa and Blake cheated on their SOs so they could date each other (and subsequently got engaged).

That's been verified for awhile.

by As Requestedreply 43212/10/2013

The Lea drug rumors have been going around since her Broadway days.

by As Requestedreply 43312/10/2013

The BI don't say anything about this season. Either way, this is not the first time or the first blog that post a BI about Lea Michele drug addiction. This kind of BI about her started in 2010. And as a broadway fan, those rumours where there during her broadway days too.

by As Requestedreply 43412/10/2013

So if the blind item is true, do we think Cory and Lea were drug buddies? Was that their true tie?

If so, what a hypocrite Lea is.

by As Requestedreply 43512/10/2013

Does anyone know what drug Shankman is in rehab to quit?

by As Requestedreply 43612/11/2013

Why does everybody think it's Lea who's the druggie? If she and Cory were in a real relationship, then it's because of the grief that she's lost weight. It's Naya everybody should be focusing on. Have you seen her lately? She's a thinner Kim Kardashian. She's lost so much weight in the past year, you can just tell it's drugs.

by As Requestedreply 43712/12/2013

Nobody says is Naya because Naya was alwasy skinny, and Naya never claimed that her vegan diet or her daily workout is the reason she is that skinny. Lea Michele wasn't skinny when Glee started, and she is always talking about her diet and her workout. And most of the BI clues points to Lea. This is like when the Cory's rumours about him using drugs again started and people start saying that he was doing a vegan diet and going to the gym. And the rumours about Lea being a cokehead aren't new, started in her broadway days.

by As Requestedreply 43812/12/2013

You people are nuts. It makes me sad.

by As Requestedreply 43912/12/2013

We're sorry you're sad, R439.

It doesn't make Lea less skinny and haggard-looking, however.

by As Requestedreply 44012/14/2013

Naya looks like shit. I just saw a pic of her on her rapper's instagram, it's truly terrifying. I don't know which one I want her to do first: eat a burger or go to rehab. Putting some clothes on would be a good option too.

by As Requestedreply 44112/15/2013

People don't get scary skinny due to grief or stress. That's the bullshit spin they want you to believe so you don't suspect drugs. Same with the anorexia excuse. It's better to say you have an eating disorder than to cop to being a hopeless addict. People have sympathy for anorexia, not for drugs.

by As Requestedreply 44212/15/2013

Chord is growing his hair so he can donate it to charity. It has to be ten inches from the pony, so it looks like he'll be ugly for at least another year.

by As Requestedreply 44312/15/2013

It's kind of funny how Dianna Agron has a movie to promote, so goes around flaunting her midget boyfriend for a few months, and now she has nothing left to promote, she hasn't been spotted with him since. What is it with Hollywood and its fake relationships?

by As Requestedreply 44412/16/2013

Dianna Agron is probably back to picking up women from dyke bars.

by As Requestedreply 44512/16/2013

No. People who worked on Broadway did not talk about her doing drugs. I will say she was obviously being groomed for other things besides Broadway.

She doesn't have that nasty reputation with everyone. Just a few who have heard this and repeat it over and over.

by As Requestedreply 44612/16/2013

446. She has drugs rumours since her broadway days, and not just by a few people that hates her (they aren't so few like you want people to believe). Watch some pics from her broadway days, there are a few where she is even more skinny than she is today, and she wasn't "vegan or vegetarian" then, or wasn't mourning for her boyfriend.

by As Requestedreply 44712/16/2013

If she weighed more, you'd all be saying she's "fat". You know people on DL do like to fling that "fat" word around.

by As Requestedreply 44812/16/2013

Monchele fans got mad because the OverChele pictures

by As Requestedreply 44912/17/2013

Nobody thought she was fat in the first season, R448.

by As Requestedreply 45012/17/2013

Lea is short so weight loss will show on her. With an event like the death of a loved one your eating habits tend to change, and even after the mourning period is over, it's hard to get back into your normal eating pattern if you've been eating for two or eating little for so long. BG is full of shit.

by As Requestedreply 45112/17/2013

I think Lea Michele is a lesbian. I remember in the early days of Glee the BI's about she and Diana. I remember people (on this site) posting links to interview videos with Lea and Diana where you can see how taken Diana is with Lea and how close they both were. I also remember the BI's about how one of the pair was more into monogamy than the other and how one was more interested in inviting others to join in (guys).

So Lea wanted to play the field and Diana was in love and the friction started. But I think that Lea is one of those people that sees no real future in having a relationship with another woman when she could get so much further if she is fucking men. I've met women like this.

Just don't understand why on a gay site you want to "in" both Diana and Lea when at the very least they are bi.

by As Requestedreply 45212/17/2013

Who the hell called her fans? Aren't plenty of forums where you can defend Lea from the evil media?. I understand that the age of some of you don't help to see the signs, but at least give it a thought, instead of making an irrational defense of someone you don't know. I remember Cory's fans doing the same in 2012. We all know how that went.

by As Requestedreply 45312/17/2013

Well, it's just stupid to hear people pointing out Lea's weight loss and being all "Poor Lea, how will she go on?" when no one batted an eye when Cory dropped all that weight.

And I doubt Lea's a lesbian, but I do believe she was more into Dianna than that one blind items leads you to believe.

by As Requestedreply 45412/17/2013

[quote]So Lea wanted to play the field and Diana was in love and the friction started. But I think that Lea is one of those people that sees no real future in having a relationship with another woman when she could get so much further if she is fucking men.

It's hilarious to think there are people sitting around concocting these stories for their own entertainment.

And by "hilarious" I mean PATHETIC.

by As Requestedreply 45512/17/2013

R455, I take the view that any of these people could fall in love or have little flings or relationships along the way. But I'd wager it's probably nowhere near as glorious/rosy/devoted as fans imagine.

Fans turn it into a romanticmonogamous, paradise and reality rarely runs as smoothly as that, especially in this business.

by As Requestedreply 45612/17/2013

Are you gay 455? If so why doth you protest the lesbians so much?

by As Requestedreply 45712/17/2013

Yeah, I remember earlier this year blogs and magazines complimented Cory on losing weight and looking so much better... I thought he just looked gaunt.

by As Requestedreply 45812/18/2013

Yes, I'm gay. I protest the idiocy, I don't really care if it comes from a lesbian or not. But thanks for the attempted deflection.

by As Requestedreply 45912/18/2013

So is Mark Salling coming back this season for a new guest appearance? It would look like it from this tweet.

by As Requestedreply 46012/19/2013

R460, Mark and all of the old cast (including Dianna and Heather) are coming back for glee's 100th episode.

Also, in reference to the weight loss/drugs BI, I cast my vote for Naya. Yes, she has always been slender, but she looks positively gaunt.

by As Requestedreply 46112/19/2013

I hope Dianna can make her film career work. I can't help but root for her. She's the only actor from that show I'm actually fond of.

by As Requestedreply 46212/19/2013

Sex tape?

by As Requestedreply 46312/19/2013

"Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Hit The White Powder!

Awww! How cute is this??

Oh wait -- did you think we meant... you know... by white powder? Ha! No, no, we meant snow!

They went snowboarding together!

Unfortch, Cory Monteith didn't say much when he posted this adorable snow bunny pic of Lea Michele, he only sent the link without any explanation. We assume, however, she just got done out-running an avalanche.


Hope you two are having fun on that super sexy vacation of yours!!"


by As Requestedreply 46412/20/2013

Did anyone else see the pic of Dianna Agron kissing a girl floating around tumblr?

by As Requestedreply 46501/08/2014

r465, your post is useless without...

by As Requestedreply 46601/08/2014

The pic that is going around is on old pic of Lea Michele kissing a girl at a party years ago. The rumors about Dianna being a lesbian or bi partially stem from an incident on twitter back in 2009 or 2010, in which a young woman tweeted a Dianna about how they spent a night in Paris together and there was a pic of Dianna and the girl who tweeted. The tweet was deleted and the young woman's twitter account disappeared. The pic that was tweeted has been circulated on gossip sites.

by As Requestedreply 46701/08/2014

this is the link i could find in reference to the pic of Dianna kissing a girl. not sure if it works..that picture of lea has been around forever, and the one about that girl in Paris I have also seen before..this pic is supposedly new and is allegedly Dianna..hard to tell, but could be her

by As Requestedreply 46801/09/2014

No discussion on the new episode after the break? Glee really must be dead on DL.

by As Requestedreply 46902/25/2014

It's dead to me, R469. Dead!

by As Requestedreply 47002/25/2014

[Blind Gossip] Some fans of this TV series are saying that they will never get rid of this actress who plays one of the original cast members.

Wrong! She’s gone. And we know exactly when and how and why they are writing her off!

When? After an upcoming milestone episode.

How? She is going to ride off happily into the sunset with a smart dumb blonde. Yes, the writers coupled the two of them together as parting gift to viewers.

Why is this departure happening so suddenly? Well, it has to do with the actions of one of her idiotic cast members. We’ll tell you all about it next week.

Yes, our actress is annoyed, but she will play it cool in public. She’s smart that way. She might return for an occasional guest appearance but she will definitely NOT be a regular cast member next season. It’s just as well. There is so much discord among the remaining cast members she is probably better off leaving sooner rather than later.

TV Show:


Smart dumb blonde:

I guess Naya Rivera is leaving Glee, and the idiot cast member is Lea.

by As Requestedreply 47103/12/2014

R471 Naya's PR team is planting blind items now?

by As Requestedreply 47203/12/2014

472 for some people like you is always about a twisted conspiracy against poor Dame Lea.

by As Requestedreply 47303/12/2014

R473 Oh, honey.

by As Requestedreply 47403/12/2014

R473 At the same time there's always people willing to blame Lea for anything and everything because they've 'heard she's a diva'. Deserved or not, that reputation becomes a self-perpetuating gossip staple with everything being laid at her feet because 'she's a diva'. I imagine she's probably difficult and demanding but she doesn't run the show.

Face it, Lea will never be the biggest diva on Glee while Ryan Murphy is still involved.

by As Requestedreply 47503/12/2014

Oh Lea's hardcore fans found their way to this place. Her A class brat & Diva reputation aren't rumours. It is a very well earned reputation that is documented in the media. So it is very logic that people, even the ones who don't follow Glee asume that she is the idiotic castmate described in this BI.

by As Requestedreply 47603/14/2014

It's back shooting in NYC until Monday. I hope someone keeps an eye at The Cubby Hole this weekend.

by As Requestedreply 47703/14/2014

The smart dumb blonde is obvs Heather.

by As Requestedreply 47803/15/2014

Judging from the hundreds of bts shots and videos from the past two days on location, the male contingent doesn't display any signs of "great discord". They are all over each other. Lea was also seen hugging and kissing Criss and Colfer, so she doesn't seem to be plotting Criss' ouster as BG claimed (and good luck to that, if any of the cast ever tries). I can see how the Naya story may be true, though.

by As Requestedreply 47903/15/2014

New blind item that is obviously about Glee. Now it's Chris getting rid of Darren. The Lea getting rid of Naya will be tomorrow as a Part 2.

by As Requestedreply 48003/24/2014

I always believed the rumors about Chris hating Darren. Chris has always come off as an asshole.

by As Requestedreply 48103/24/2014

And yet supposed enemies Chris & Darren were getting along just fine filming on location in New York ten days ago, even joking around with each other, and the rest of the apparently angry cast seemed very friendly with both Chris & Lea (and each other) too. And that was after all this bs in the blind item is supposed to to have happened. And Darren's gf was tweeting just three days ago about having shot some funny bts footage with Chris & Darren (she works for FoxSpecialOps). Plus Naya was back on the Glee set working just last week and has gone on record saying people are making stuff up. So what seems more likely - that this gossip is true or that Ace at Blind Gossip is making shit up for a change? He's been caught out enough times about many things, Glee among them. I've no doubt there's been stuff that's happened among the Glee cast over the years as there is on every set but I'll never get why people insist on believing Ace. He's full of bullshit and routinely makes up stuff about people he knows will bring big hits to his site. The Glee cast, Pretty Little Liars and One Direction are his obsessions lately but in the past it's been Twilight, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy. Basically anything with a big internet fandom that he can milk hits out of. The only blinds on his site that have been proved true are ones he got from other sites in the first place. He's had to remove one about Lucy Hale recently because he went to far and named her, thought he'd got away with it, and her management threatened him with a lawsuit. Also idk where people get that Chris Colfer's supposed to be an asshole? Everyone who's actually met him has nothing but good things to say about him. Same with Darren Criss for that matter. It's like people who say Glambert is an asshole when 99.9% of people who know or have met him say the exact opposite. The amount of projection people on the internet do onto celebs is so ridiculous.

by As Requestedreply 48203/30/2014

A former fuckbuddy of mine who worked on one of Lambert's tours said he was a major bitch. This fb turned out to be a major shit talker though so it's possible HE was the actual bitch.

by As Requestedreply 48303/30/2014

R481, in what ways?

by As Requestedreply 48403/30/2014

[R483] Maybe Adam refused to fuck him. Or perhaps he just saw your fuck buddy for who he was. I tend to believe Lambert is a decent guy purely because given the company he kept pre-fame you know for sure someone would have sold him up the rive by now if he was a major asshole - so many famewhores and attention whores in that scene.

by As Requestedreply 48503/31/2014

Plus Adam is still friends with his pre-fame buddies. For example, he has taken dancer friends from "Wicked" and the underground "Zodiac" shows on two world tours, gotten friends gigs on "VH1 Divas" when he hosted, spots on "Glee", etc. He is still best friends with a girl who graduated high school with him and moved to LA at the same time.

by As Requestedreply 48603/31/2014 have been posting a couple of juicy blind items obviously intended as Glee. Credible or not? What do you guys think?

The commenters are guessing : Lea Michele (may have been) hooking up w/ Big Sean.

"Blind Gossip ] It is hurtful when your fiancé cheats on you. It is even more hurtful when it’s with someone you know.

This pretty television Actress found hookup text messages between her Fiance… and one of her television colleagues!

She screamed at The Fiancé about why – of all the people in the world – why would he f*ck around with one of her colleagues ? The Fiance couldn’t even deny it. The evidence was right there on his phone.

Our Actress went absolutely ballistic ! She yelled. She swore. She threw his phone at him. She broke a few things. Believing that the sexual encounters may have taken place in her bed, she tore the sheets and blankets and pillows off the bed and threw them out.

As you now know, they could not get past the indiscretion, and they broke up.

So, who was Hookup Girl? Which of Our Actress’ television colleagues was hooking up with The Fiance?

The female half of Bullygate.

Allow that to sink in for a moment.

Remember when we told you that Our Actress was unhappy that she was being given the bum’s rush off her television show because the Producers said that they didn’t want too many main characters leaving at once? It seemed like a pretty weak reason at the time, didn’t it? Well, it turns out that it wasn’t the entire reason. After her affair with The Fiance, Hookup Actress encouraged Producers to push Our Actress off the show as quickly as possible! That’s why Our Actress was going to be given the boot first!

Well, now The Producers aren’t pushing anyone out… and Our Actress is contemplating staying! It’s her choice. Hookup Girl is in agony while she makes it. Things are very, very tense on the set right now. The writers are bracing themselves for more plot changes that will be required if Our Actress stays. What a mess!

Our Actress:

Her Fiance:

Hookup Girl:

TV Show:"

by As Requestedreply 48704/16/2014

Voila! 2nd juicy item from BlindGossip ( btw it's a follow up from previous blind item they had).

"Blind Gossip ] As you know, we wrote several blind items about how one young actor was being bullied out of his job by two other actors on an ensemble TV show. It was a really ugly situation.

Well, we have just learned about a stunning development! There was SO much fan outcry about his departing the show that the producers have been forced to reverse their decision! Bullygate is over… and Our Actor won!

Here’s what happened: During several sit-downs with Our Actor, the producers totally reversed course about his leaving! They apologized for trying to push him out, begged him to stay… and gave him a huge bump in pay! He will now be staying through the end of the show’s final season.

The writers also asked him for his input on what to do with his character. To keep the peace on set, they all agreed that his character will break up with the character played by the bully actor who wanted him out. That means Our Actor will now get his own story lines that do not involve the bully and that will minimize the time that he has to film with both the nasty people who tried to force him out.

This change will have a direct impact across the show. In fact, it throws it into a bit of turmoil. The producers and writers are now scrambling to modify locations, story lines, characters, and everything else! Of course everyone on the show will publicly deny that it has anything to do with Bullygate… but you will know otherwise!

Finally, we have to emphasize that although Blind Gossip wrote the blind items, it was really the fans of the show that made this happen. YOU pushed the producers into doing the right thing. Well done, fans! We’re proud of you!

Our Actor:

TV Show:

The Bullies"

by As Requestedreply 48804/16/2014

Those two blind items sound like total backtracking. They were wrong about Naya leaving and they know Darren is not going anywhere.

by As Requestedreply 48904/16/2014

More gossip from Glee on TMZ:

Naya Rivera and Lea Michele were at the center of a near mutiny on the set of "Glee" that ended with one of them storming out in anger -- but who left ... depends on who you ask.

Sources close to Naya tell TMZ most of the cast and crew were annoyed on Tuesday by Lea's diva antics -- like making everyone else wait to shoot a scene ... while she stepped away to deal with personal matters.

We're told tensions finally got so bad Naya "had the stones" to go to producers and let them know -- on behalf of everyone -- that Lea was pissing off people.

Our Naya sources say when Lea returned to resume shooting she got wind of Naya's chat with producers -- and left the set in a huff.

Now our Lea sources had a different take -- telling us Lea was totally unaware of any complaints about her ... and Lea and Naya weren't even shooting scenes together. They also say it was Naya who got tossed off the set.

We got several tips claiming Naya was fired -- but Naya sources say that's just not true.

Drama developing ...

by As Requestedreply 49004/17/2014

This show is so BORING without Naya. Santana is what made New York interesting. These past few episodes have felt like Saved By the Bell. There's no wit.

by As Requestedreply 49104/17/2014

"Which TV producer is sweating bullets because he's dreading the info about him feeding drugs and booze to that deceased star of one of his shows is about to be revealed? The star was sober before he died until he went to one of Singer's parties when he relapsed." CDAN blind. Ryan Murphy/Cory Monteith?

by As Requestedreply 49204/20/2014

Ryan Murphy did have an impact on Cory Monteith's death, however Cory Monteith has never been to a Bryan Singer party. I suspect CDAN is embellishing things again to try to stay relevant.

by As Requestedreply 49304/20/2014

R493 How do you know he's never been to one?

by As Requestedreply 49404/20/2014

R493, why do you even bother reading that crap? CDAN has been called out many times for faking blinds.

by As Requestedreply 49504/20/2014

The truth behind the gossip at r490. Michele attacked and insulted Rivera on set. Michele's ill behavior toward Rivera has gone for a long time, after this last nasty outburst, it finally caused Rivera to react. I guess the period of sympathy for the dead boyfriend is over. Michele didn't like the reaction she got after her action and went running to the gossip rags to trash the co-star who dared to not bow and kiss her ass. If you ask any crew members whose side they're on, it'll not be the Barbra jr diva. If you wonder why Rivera's character is missing from episodes, eight times out of ten it'll be because Michele had a talk with daddy Murphy. She's a concentrate of petty jealousy who resents when a co-star is popular and threatens her place as number one female on the show. If Michele thought Riley could become more popular and well liked than herself, you'd suddenly see blind items and bad rumors about her.

by As Requestedreply 49604/20/2014

Because I've never seen him at one R94. Cory also refused to play ball when a producer came a-knock-knock-knocking on his trailer door, so it's hard to believe he'd give it up in front of an entire party for Singer. Besides Cory wasn't Singer's type. When he wasn't in Finn drag, Cory was a fat (for WeHo)greasy hipster. He also didn't need Singer to reintroduce him to drugs, because there were (are!) plenty floating around the Glee production offices.

by As Requestedreply 49704/20/2014

You seem to know your stuff R497. Got anything else Cory/Glee related to share?

by As Requestedreply 49804/20/2014

The last time I posted about Glee, someone turned my post into its own thread here, which got picked up by a blog, and made some friends angry, so I will bite my tongue on that front.

However, I've got all sorts of dish on Bryan Singer. Throws amazing parties, but the trick to enjoying them is to avoid him without making it obvious you're avoiding him, so you can get invited to the next one. For example, while we're all distracted by whether sex with a 15 year old is actually abuse, what hasn't been reported is that Bryan would brag about being a sex tourist and visiting countries where the age of consent is very low, or practically non-existent due to lack of law enforcement. Some of these encounters were videotaped, and if he wants in your pants, he'll try to impress you by asking if you want to see them. Repeatedly. He has a cum fetish, and is mostly a bottom.

by As Requestedreply 49904/20/2014

Trolldar tells me that R493/ R497 /R499 is the same who posted in another Glee thread about insider information that no one went to see Criss' BW show because all hate him, and that specifically Jane Lynch put out a statement saying she was sorry she didn't attend. Which was untrue as a simple google search can show, Lynch went to the show together with Max Adler and took pictures with Criss. Makes you wonder about the poster, maybe s/he can comment on that. The Singer info may be all true, I can't say anything about that.

by As Requestedreply 50004/20/2014

Jane Lynch showed up to H2S on Jan 4, Criss went in on Jan 3. I was told by a friend in the cast that a little less than a dozen Glee cast members were supposed to be in attendance on Jan 3, but all bailed, including Lynch when she learned she'd be the only Glee star there that night. Publicists panicked and Max Adler was scraped up to join Lynch for the second performance. There is a statement out there blaming the whole thing on Glee cast's security concerns, which was BS--most of the cast appeared on Dancing with the Stars to support Amber Riley, where they sat next to and mingled with fans. According to my friend, Criss himself believed it to be a personal snub, and the angry exchange between Criss and his handlers was second only to the Kristen/Idina backstage catfight. My friend said it rattled Criss badly and was partially to blame for his disastrous opening night performance, although apparently Criss wasn't too fond of rehearsing either...

by As Requestedreply 50104/20/2014

Seriously, Chris Colfer is the male half of the bullygate?? As in, he bullied Darren Criss so much so that Darren doesn't want to work with him anymore, because Chris is mean and scares him? Sounds like the Karofsky-Kurt storyline only with Chris playing the Karofsky role. Seems a TAD far fetched.

by As Requestedreply 50204/20/2014

I don't really care for Criss, but what R501 is saying now doesn't make much sense either. DWTS shoots in LA, not NYC, which makes a lot of difference if cast wants to attend when they are working the next day. When Criss opened on BW, the rest of the cast were actually at work in LA shooting Glee, it's easy to check just like with Lynch attending. They couldn't attend even if they loved Criss to pieces, and I find it hard to believe Criss' opening night jitters were largely due to his working castmates not being there. He had an audience full of shrieking fangirls and family members, why should he care. Also, Lynch seems the last person who can be made to go be a good girl and front for Criss. R501 also said no one from the cast likes Criss, but he seemed to be best buds with Chord Overstreet from way back in their first season on the show, which is weird if Overstreet lost the love interest role and more exposure just because of favoritism for Criss. Seems to me R501 doesn't have a veritable insider source but whatever.

by As Requestedreply 50304/20/2014

R502 Some Darren Criss fan was tired of that site posting blinds about him being a coke addict who loves the casting couch, so they sent in some shit to make him look like a poor little victim. It's ludicrous, and the site changes its story with every new bit of info from the show because it was never believable that the show would get rid of him. His castmates are trying to get him off the show, and the show responds by firing Criss when they hear about it? It doesn't even make logical sense.

But now Blind Gossip has gone too far in lengthening the story to include a tidbit that Lea Michele was fucking Big Sean. I mean, really? Now even the dumbest of readers won't buy it. Can you even picture that hook up? Good God.

by As Requestedreply 50404/21/2014

So what's up with that feuding rumor implicating Naya Riviera & Lea Michele? One thing seem clear; the former won't appear in the finale episode. Was Riviera fired or not? Is this due to tension on set? Is gossip of Michele sleeping with Riviera fiance (at the time) true, as blindgossip alleaged?

This whole story seem very unlikely, especially with only one episode to film. With a closed up set such as glee, how come this amouny of info has gotten out, suddenly?! This seems to be a situation off PR be PRing...

by As Requestedreply 50504/29/2014

Chris Colfer wrote what may have been the worst episode ever.

by As Requestedreply 50605/06/2014

Agreed, R506, but he had intentions. It was just heavy-handed. Although it was funny to watch Rachel troll for paparazzi as we all know Lea does in real life.

by As Requestedreply 50705/06/2014

Last night's episode only mustered 1.9 million viewers. Ouch.

I'm guessing that final season won't be more than 13 eps. and will be buried on Friday nights.

by As Requestedreply 50805/14/2014

"4) Which male Glee star and closet case was seen getting plastered at a WeHo gay bar after a full day's filming of episodes?"

Wonder who this is. Despite Darren saying he's straight, I don't believe he's straight. When a feminine man like him says he's straight, people automatically believe them because they're "obviously comfortable with their sexuality."

by As Requestedreply 50906/27/2014

Final season cut down to 13 episodes by the network.

by As Requestedreply 51007/10/2014

13 episodes? That's a lucky number.

by As Requestedreply 51107/10/2014

I'm not surprised the order got cut down. Last season didn't do well in the ratings.

by As Requestedreply 51207/10/2014

What happened with Lea's album? I heard she had an album coming...when is the release date?

by As Requestedreply 51308/28/2014

R513 LM's album Louder came out in March. I heard it and it just gets by with a three star rating from me. Her book Brunette Ambition is out as well. I didn't read it but I hard it's primarily on beauty tips which I have no need for as I'm already beautiful :)

by As Requestedreply 51408/28/2014

typo- I meant to write I HEARD

by As Requestedreply 51508/28/2014

R509 it looks like the cdan website was deleted from the planet.

by As Requestedreply 51608/28/2014

Nobody talked about Naya marrying a wannabe nobody on the same date she set for her canceled wedding to big fucktard, wearing the same wedding dress and even using the same venue? That was GOLD!

I'm disappointed in you guys.

by As Requestedreply 51710/07/2014

Did anyone else notice Naya coming out as bi on The View a couple of weeks ago? It was pretty unambiguous and well done in a subtle way, which is not her usual MO! But I am surprised that it has hardly been picked up anywhere. She also posted something on her Instagram after which confirmed that's what she meant, in case anyone wasn't sure, but again in a pretty subtle way. Good for her! I think. Yeah, no, good for her!

by As Requestedreply 51801/29/2015

So I guess the lack of response answers my question. Really, no one is interested in this? I think it's very interesting that as soon as she finishes on the show and is free of Fox, she comes out. And my larger point is, who will be next? My money is on Kevin McHale.

by As Requestedreply 51901/29/2015

There have been bisexual rumors about Naya Rivera for several years. She worked as a Hooters waitress and one of her co-workers was Brittany Leach, a lesbian who appeared on that Tila Tequila show. Leach posted something MySpace or twitter about having good times with Naya during her Hooters days. Some people believed that they had slept together.

by As Requestedreply 52001/29/2015

Soooo I got a little scoop from one of my friends, he used to work on the set circa 2010-2012.

He says the "adults" (Morrison and Lynch)would rarely interact with the "kids". He also says that Jane Lynch is actually one of the nicest actresses ever.

He told me that Lea M is a total pro but she has serious complex with ppl she doesn't know very well. He also told me that she and Dianna Agron used to be BFF but had a huge fight on set. He says that when she and Cory started hooking up they started beig icy with each other which he thinks was bc of a lvoe triangle or something, Cory and Dianna were hooking up? Dianna and Lea (lol i don't believe it) nobody knows for sure.

About Cory, he didn't wanted to say much oly that he was nice ad funy as fuck and only said he was pretty upset when he heard about his death but was not suprise..when asked why he told me that everyone on set knew about Cory's past with H but he never saw him do anything other than weed.

He says that Dianna is a super nice person but she's a major pothead and that in her last season was causing some problems between her and the producers.

Naya Rivera VERY shy (I was like WTF?? The girl who told a magazine she and her boyfriend had sex on an airplane)

Hemo IS still his friend to this day and he only told me nice things about her.

Aaaaaaaaand the last "interesting" thing was that Chris Colfer and Darren Criss can not stand each other bc they had a disagreement when Darren was just a noob then he got hired and thing got weird.

by As Requestedreply 52102/10/2015

Thanks R521, great gossip. Interesting stuff about Naya, any more about her? I'd love to hear more about all of them if you've got anything. Did you get anything about who has slept with who? By all accounts they've all pretty much done each other.

by As Requestedreply 52202/12/2015

Yes, the fatso and Blaine broke up. However, Harry Hamlin and Kurt are dating.

by As Requestedreply 52302/13/2015

[quote]He says that Dianna is a super nice person but she's a major pothead and that in her last season was causing some problems between her and the producers.

Wait, so she was causing problems with the producers or her pot smoking was? Clarify please.

The pothead thing doesn't really surprise me. Dianna's a known smoker and pot's not that big a stretch or that big a deal really. She is also friends with Jessica Szhor, who is a rumored dealer of that and more. In the pics of them at Cochella Dianna's eyes are blown wide open.

As far as Dianna's falling out with Lea, something had to have gone down for there to have been such a drastic change in the way they publicly interacted. Whether it was a personal relationship breakup, or a BFF fight, or a fight over Cory, I have no idea. I've heard so many variation on this it's crazy. I sure as hell would love the exact gory insider details on that though, especially if there was a blow out on set. Get on that if you can r521 !!

by As Requestedreply 52402/13/2015

Did he mention who's queer R521? Kevin? Naya? Anyone we don't know about?

by As Requestedreply 52502/14/2015

Bumping this because I'm probably the only person left here who still wants Glee gossip, but I do, goddammit. R521, where are you?

by As Requestedreply 52602/16/2015

Last day of filming for most of the cast. Some one send us out with a bang and give us some good gossip.

by As Requestedreply 52702/19/2015

Tell me Harry Shrum is gay, please. He is now by far the most handsome of the original cast, by a mile. He was mesmerizing in that tux tonight.

by As Requestedreply 52802/20/2015

sorry r528. he's engaged.

by As Requestedreply 52902/21/2015

The new gay quarterback character is damn hot - I hope he gets some action before the end of the series.

by As Requestedreply 53002/21/2015

Maybe him and the incest twin can hook up?

by As Requestedreply 53102/21/2015

Chris Colfer probably hated that Blaine and Kurt got married alongside the lesbians.

by As Requestedreply 53202/21/2015

Bumping for whoever the hell it was to come back with MORE of the dish that you were dished please.

by As Requestedreply 53303/01/2015

Please spill the T

by As Requestedreply 53403/01/2015

Did anyone else catch Jane Lynch on Watch What Happens Live last week? Cohen asked her if Lea Michelle really was the diva he hears she is and Jane said, "Not to me." They both kind of laughed and I took it as a confirmation by denial.

by As Requestedreply 53503/01/2015

Someday, somehow, someone is gonna come forward and spread the filth..I'm sure of it (my money's on Jenna). The Lea/Dianna (lol) thing, the Darrin/Ryan dirty hookups on the casting couch, the Naya self loathing and bipolarness...I WANT IT ALL!

by As Requestedreply 53603/05/2015

You're not the only one, r536, but unfortunately, I think Jenna's too close of friends with many of the originals to spill. And, sadly, I'm not sure who the "Screech" of this cast who will spill all the details will be. I guess only time will tell, but I hope it will be sooner rather than later. My sorry life needs the excitement of this gossip.

R521, where the hell are you!?!?

by As Requestedreply 53703/05/2015

does anyone know anything about the coke that was being used by members of the cast and probably still is? I have seen blind items concerning this in the past.

by As Requestedreply 53803/05/2015


by As Requestedreply 53905/14/2015

It is on!

by As Requestedreply 54006/09/2015

Great news. I figured we'd have wait a few years before someone would write a book.

by As Requestedreply 54106/10/2015

Well this will be interesting. How much do we think she will actually dish? She still has to work in that town after all. My educated guess is that Big Sean won't come out of it well.

by As Requestedreply 54206/10/2015

What do you think the gossip is about the white kid with yellow skin? What are his career prospects?

by As Requestedreply 54306/10/2015

R542 Who is Big Sean?

by As Requestedreply 54406/10/2015

I hope Naya tells what really happened between Dianna and Lea Michele, and Dianna and Ryan Murphy. But since she's "friends" with DA, I doubt she will.

by As Requestedreply 54506/10/2015

My guess is that Naya will put heavy emphasis on her childhood, early introduction to acting, and her family (her mom who pushed her into the industry, her sister the model, and her brother the football player especially).

She'll talk about Glee generally, providing lots of detail about the early years, when everyone was happy and bonding, etc. . . She'll likely talk about how everyone started wanting to go their own way when the cast was getting burned out after season 2, when the question of what would happen post -graduation was raised. And Naya will of course wax on about Cory and how he was the heart of the show., and how everyone reacted to his death. Realistically though, Naya's not going to expound much on anything that isn't common knowledge, for fear of screwing her relationships with producers, directors, cast/crew mates, or more importantly, her future in the industry. For the same reason, she won't comment negatively on Kim K. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the Kim and her family, they are too powerful and entity in entertainment for Naya to screw over and risk the loss of possible opportunities.

If she bags on anyone, it will be Big Sean. He appears to be a fame-whoring player, who although having a name in rap, is not a big enough player to hurt her rep in music or acting. Plus, she's married now with a kid on the way, so she's got nothing to lose by calling him out on the drama he's already know for.

by As Requestedreply 54606/10/2015

I'm curious to know if she'll out anyone, even as bi, seeing as most of that cast slide up and down the queer spectrum.

by As Requestedreply 54706/18/2015

r544 he was her ex-fiancé who she dumped then married someone named Ryan. The show was stupid not to use the natural chemistry between Darren and Grant.

by As Requestedreply 54806/18/2015

Is there no friendship left between Darren Criss and many of the Glee cast? Lynch, Ushowitz, Morrison, Shum and the guy that played the piano saw him in Hedwig, but none of the other main cast. Colfer was in NYC many times hawking his book and never made it to the show. MIchelle is filming Scream Queens, but Overstreet and others - what were their reasons?

by As Requestedreply 54907/23/2015

[quote]what were their reasons

Not enough nudity.

by As Requestedreply 55007/23/2015

I wasn't a Glee fan, but I remember falling down a tumblr black hole of these insane fangirls who thought Darren Criss and Chris Colfer were secretly really together. Even as a non fan I always thought it was pretty obvious that they didn't really like each other.

by As Requestedreply 55107/23/2015

Lea Michele had plenty of time to see the show. "Scream Queens" just resumed filming last week. Her best friend and occasional "Glee" cast member Jon Groff went a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, no dressing room pics of them.

by As Requestedreply 55207/24/2015
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