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WEHT Rocco DeSpirito?

Once he was everywhere. Now he's nowhere.

by Irma Rombauerreply 3008/24/2013

He definitely is nowhere....he was on the Kris Kardashian series premiere.

by Irma Rombauerreply 107/16/2013

Is he still gay?

by Irma Rombauerreply 207/16/2013

He is in the ramble in central park. "Hips or lips?"

by Irma Rombauerreply 307/17/2013

That show already premiered? I thought it was cumming in the fall.

by Irma Rombauerreply 407/17/2013

Bad plastic surgery ruined his career.

by Irma Rombauerreply 507/17/2013

Can't dance, can't cook.

by Irma Rombauerreply 607/17/2013

He is a horrible human being who treats people like shit.

by Irma Rombauerreply 707/17/2013

Is every other word out of his mouth still about his Mama?

by Irma Rombauerreply 807/17/2013

This guy is just a hypocrite. If you go back to when he first made it big on tv, his whole concept was traditional italian cooking and he would look down on anyone who wanted to cook lighter, healthier options. Suddenly he loses weight and now his cooking has done a total 180. He now cooks the very style he would criticize in the past.

by Irma Rombauerreply 907/17/2013

He was just on Bill Bush talk show today.

by Irma Rombauerreply 1007/17/2013

In person he's big and dreamy.

by Irma Rombauerreply 1107/17/2013

And lifted.

by Irma Rombauerreply 1207/17/2013

Captain Douchebag!

by Irma Rombauerreply 1307/17/2013

If he's gay, he ain't coming out until Mama DeSpirito is six feet under.

by Irma Rombauerreply 1407/17/2013


by Irma Rombauerreply 1507/17/2013

Rocco? Please stop trying to make yourself happen.

by Irma Rombauerreply 1607/17/2013

Is he actually a chef anywhere anymore?

by Irma Rombauerreply 1707/17/2013

Because his "healthy" version of Italian food sucks and his desserts suck even more.

Check out the pics on the low part of this page by someone that tried making his home made brwonies from black beans and splenda!

You will NEVER top my Kwanzaa cake.

by Irma Rombauerreply 1807/17/2013

That reality show he was a part of where they were running a restaurant, made him appear to be a real douche.

by Irma Rombauerreply 1907/17/2013

what plastic surgery did he get? lipo?

by Irma Rombauerreply 2007/17/2013

I just don't see his new, lighter cooking style as authentically him. I feel like he's only doing it to hop on the trend. The heavier, traditional Italian and jerk-to-the-underlings Rocco is my impression of the real him.

by Irma Rombauerreply 2107/17/2013

He was a shill for a frozen dinner brand. That's what did him in.

by Irma Rombauerreply 2207/17/2013

Didn't he become an Asian woman?

by Irma Rombauerreply 2307/18/2013

I thought he married Jay Rodriguez from Queer Eye.

by Irma Rombauerreply 2407/18/2013

He's now playing a child in a TV ads for boxed Kraft Dinners!!??

Haute cuisine.

by Irma Rombauerreply 2508/18/2013

[quote]what plastic surgery did he get? lipo?

Looked like he got a brow lift that him him looking really crazy there for a while.

[quote]I thought he married Jay Rodriguez from Queer Eye.

I will never forget seeing the both of them arrive together at the gay bar Barracuda in NYC one night where Jay was hosting a patent. The bartenders and staff were dressing up as pageant queens. This is when Anderson's beau was a barback there at the time. I remember thinking, what in the hell was Rocco doing there.

by Irma Rombauerreply 2608/18/2013

patent = pageant , damn auto-corretct

by Irma Rombauerreply 2708/18/2013

Is Rocco gay, r26?

by Irma Rombauerreply 2808/19/2013

very gay - won't come out til mama is gone she is strict catholic.

by Irma Rombauerreply 2908/19/2013

Does Rocco know Chris Rockway?

by Irma Rombauerreply 3008/24/2013
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