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I just watched Spiderman with Andrew Garfield and I have more questions than answers...

Good lord this movie was awful. Are they really making a sequel? Did someone actually get paid to write this?

Spiderman discovers that he oozes sticky stuff that allows him to climb walls but then he puts on a suit to cover up, so how would he still be able to climb?

The cables he spews are man made— not a bio product— so when he leaves them behind, aren't they just hanging around? Wouldn't they be getting in the way of stuff? Wouldn't other people find them?

Garfield was awful. Rhys Ifans was a waste. Emma Stone was a ok but a waste.

How does high school intern get that kind of access, let alone know how, at a high security biological lab?

How did this crazed lizard build a laboratory unseen - by himself- in sewer?

After the lizard attacks Peter at the school, all the students ran out of the school as soon as the lizard broke in and there was nothing wrong with them. So why were the medics treating the students for injuries and shock—and still on the grounds where the lizard attacked?

Why did the lizard keep putting his lab coat back on? Given that his body grew 3 times bigger upon transformation, how did it even fit him?

When the lizard was rummaging through the lab and Emma Stone was hiding, here was the piano hiding? Who was playing it? It's completely out of place with the rest of the soundtrack.

Why did Spiderman need the cranes to help get across town? Every other spiderman could swing from building to building just fine.

Dennis Leary is the only one who pulls off his role. No doubt he died so he didn't have to be in the sequel.

Were the writers paid per word? The characters kept talking and wandering around about 15 minutes after the movie ended.

Who was Lizard man talking to in the prison?

by Anonymousreply 407/13/2013

Can't answer any of your questions, OP. The movie was so bad, I didn't last 30 minutes into it.

by Anonymousreply 107/12/2013

The Lizard was a weak villain, so for the sequel we get Electro, Rhino, Black Cat, Vulture & Green Goblin.

Personally the villains I want to see are Scorpion, Shocker and Hobgoblin.

by Anonymousreply 207/12/2013

"Personally the villains I want to see are Scorpion, Shocker and Hobgoblin."

I'd rather see Congressman Aaron Schock as a single villan with a multiple personality disorder: The Victorian, The Schocker and The Cockgobbler,

by Anonymousreply 307/12/2013


by Anonymousreply 407/13/2013
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