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Windows 8 is a steaming pile of hellbeast pigshit...discuss.

I have never, ever seen an operating system crash so much. My explorer shell has crashed and restarted 7 times in the past three hours, while browsing files in My Computer (photos, mostly). It hangs up, then the icon/dock bar at the bottom of the screen disappears and reappears after Windows Explorer restarts.

Does Microsoft just not care that they ruined Windows and released it anyway? UGH.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 2707/13/2013

Steve Ballmer I think is the problem.

The Board of Directors of Microsoft should barbecue his ass.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 107/11/2013

OP, you slund like you installed something you weren't supposed to install. Not sure if Windows 8 still does system recovery, but that's what you may have to do. But first: Do a virus scan.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 207/11/2013

[quote] I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.

Good. You've almost learned your lesson.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 307/11/2013

Are there any disadvantages to using a MAC laptop?

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 407/11/2013

R4, I'm now on my third one and haven't found any. I have to reboot my computer every few weeks if only because a bunch of programs appear to be running in memory and running down my battery. I get a full-on crash (screen freezes up) maybe once every couple of months, and usually because I've hit a Web page with a poorly designed Flash application. Rebooting is as simple as holding down the power button, however: any unsaved files have been backed up, and you can reopen any Web browser to all the tabs/pages it had up before. My last two laptops (a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro Retina) have both had SSDs (solid-state drives, which are basically the same thing as thumb drives and have no moving parts), so they completely boot up in under 10 seconds.

If you've been using Windows for a long time, as I had, Mac OS X takes some getting used to, particularly in terms of using the bottom dock to start various programs. Also, all of the shortcut functions in Windows that require Ctrl + something are replaced on a Mac with the Command key, even though there's still a Ctrl key as well.

Finally, a big advantage to Macs is that they *always* have better resale, apples to apples, than any PC notebook. I sold my year-old MacBook Air on eBay for only $100 less than I paid for it.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 507/11/2013

I've always had a Windows PC - both laptop and desktop - for many years. Never a MAC.

Do you think an always Windows PC user would have any trouble adjusting to a MAC laptop using Safari, etc?

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 607/11/2013

I didn't when I switched in 2006.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 707/11/2013

I totally agree with OP. I just purchased a new PC that came with Windows 8. It is without question the most annoying and troublesome software I've ever used. I can't get through anything without the Start page opening up. All I have to do is bring the pointer anywhere close to the right side of the screen and, voila, the page fills up with those fucking boxes. Just one of the many issues I have. I hate it.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 807/12/2013

I not even over hating W7 yet!

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 907/12/2013

Had a new windows 8 for 6 months, never had an issue, never called for tech support. YOU should call for tech support, if you get India, you just ask for someone in the US.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1007/12/2013

Did you download the update OP?

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1107/12/2013

Here's what fucking sucks about Macs: When they "upgrade" their OSX, they do not include the option of turning OFF 99% of said "upgraded" features (many of which you'll discover SUCK). What's worse--they don't allow you to revert back to an earlier version of OSX than your machine shipped with. So their "upgrades" (which, again, often SUCK) are forced down your fucking throat with no recourse. I'd love to buy a new Macbook Pro, but the current models ship with OSX Mountain Lion which has one 'upgraded' feature that drives me absolutely fucking mad & which Apple does not offer the option of turning off (completely fucking unacceptable, as it would be no sweat for them to do). So I will continue using this Macbook Pro (running OSX Lion) until it dies. It's beyond maddening.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1207/12/2013

Aren't we on Windows 10 now?

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1307/12/2013

Windows 8 really only works ok in a touchscreen environment. It is a disaster in the more traditional (for them) point and click world.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1407/12/2013

Windows 7 is the new XP, OP. You'll have to wait another 5 or 10 years for an operating system that's worth a damn from Microsoft.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1507/12/2013

Windows 8 is a pain in the ass. You know how the windows menu sat at the bottom of the page and you just clicked on it? Now it's invisible. I have to move my mouse down to the left and twirl it around randomly until it appears and then super-quickly click on it before it disappears again. To get to my desktop I have to make the windows menu appear, then click on it, then go to the right hand side and right click until All Apps shows up, then click on that, then scroll down to desktop and click on it. As opposed to the old way of getting to my desktop -- just one click on the plainly visible windows start menu.

I don't have problems requiring tech support. Its just a pain in the ass.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1607/12/2013

Is it true that Steve Balmer is just Mama June with a tch of mange?

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1707/12/2013

[R13] windows 10 is the newest explorer, Internet explorer 10

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1807/12/2013

I wish I could try Win8 for awhile to know what y'all are griping about.

Do you think MSFT will mail me a reconditioned Surface Pro if I ask them politely?

Win8 couldn't be as bad as some of you claim ... could it?

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 1907/12/2013

Windows 8 is fine, it is actually very intuitive. The problem is you need to relearn how to use windows - touch screen or not and MS never told anyone that. People are also hard pressed to learn.

I have win 8 desktop no touch screen - runs just great and took me all of a week to learn the new way around the real estate. Liked it so I got a surface RT. Probably my best purchase. I no longer take a laptop when I travel (oh and my laptop is a macbook pro retina 13 - which I love - the screen is a - mazing). Having skydrive and office all linked I can get and work and anything I need to anywhere.

I just picked up a windows 8 phone (samsung ativ s off amazon so I can get TMO LTE). So far I love that too except for one thing - creating a playlist has to be the most fucked up method I have ever seen..ever. It is so unnecessarily complicated.

either way all the platforms tie together nicely and allow me to get so much more done.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 2007/12/2013

Apple owns good user interface design. Always has.

Miscrosoft is making the same mistakes today, which IBM made, with OS/2, in the 1990s. Needless to say OS/2 disappeared. Windows is following that road now.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 2107/12/2013

OP, download and install 'Classic Shell'. You can then make your Windows 8 mess go away completely. You can even pick which older version of Windows you want to go back to. And it is FREE! I've had it for a month and I love it.

Here's the CNET link for the info/download:

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 2207/12/2013

omg you are a hero.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 2307/12/2013

A product so crappy, you need to download freeware to make it usable.....yeah Microsoft has a GREAT future..........

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 2407/12/2013

Classic Shell does not turn Windows 8 into 7. You still have to go thru all sorts of shit to get to desktop. Open pictures and it send you to the beginning.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 2507/12/2013

not if you set the program that opens pictures...right click on it and choose open with -

if you really hate windows 8 that much download ubuntu it is free and you can don't have to buy new hardware to run it.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 2607/13/2013

HOw is the over-heating in Macs with the SSDs?

I am in the market for a new laptop. Have a 4 year old MacBook and it always overheats.

I do need a cooling pad, but I didn't until recently so I figure it's the MacBook.

I also agree with the poster who was bitching about the OS support.

by I am *thisclose* to buying a stupid Mac.reply 2707/13/2013
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