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Good place to buy a messenger bag?

I've never used one before and find myself in the market for one. Probably canvas or some other non leather fabric. Is there a goto brand or store you'd recommend?

by ManBagreply 2107/26/2013

by ManBagreply 107/11/2013

Army/Navy supply store

by ManBagreply 207/11/2013

by ManBagreply 307/11/2013

A little pricey, but anything by Briggs & Riley will last forever and has a lifetime guarantee. Well thought out designs.

by ManBagreply 407/11/2013

Jack Spade

by ManBagreply 507/11/2013


by ManBagreply 607/11/2013

A&P grocery bag.

The downmarket look is in, OP.

by ManBagreply 707/11/2013

Perfect one.

by ManBagreply 807/11/2013


by ManBagreply 907/11/2013

Hard to go wrong with Filson. They've been widely copied by others, from J. Crew to the one R8 linked, but they're still the most rugged and durable. I've had a messenger bag and duffel bag of their for years, and they've held up to use like a champ. The canvas is thick enough to repel any sharp objects that might hit it, and the zippers are some of the sturdiest I've *ever* seen on any travel gear (and I've been through a lot of it).

by ManBagreply 1007/11/2013

Second Jack Spade. They are having a sale.

If you have the money, Coach men's bad are amazing.

by ManBagreply 1107/12/2013


by ManBagreply 1207/12/2013


Don't forget to pack your bronzer stick and manscara!

by ManBagreply 1307/12/2013

Dunhill. Good quality and very reasonably priced.

by ManBagreply 1407/12/2013

Mountainsmith makes good messenger bags in the timbuk2 vein and they are reasonably priced.

by ManBagreply 1507/12/2013

What is this, 1993?

by ManBagreply 1607/12/2013

Chrome owns this thread...

by ManBagreply 1707/12/2013

Quality company that had start in Cambridge, Ma.

by ManBagreply 1807/12/2013

Hermes. Or Dooney & Burke, which features some lovely Disney designs.

by ManBagreply 1907/12/2013

Definitely Louis Vuitton!

by ManBagreply 2007/12/2013

Manhattan Portage

by ManBagreply 2107/26/2013
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