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" Kris" / how long till cancellation ?

Place your bets. I say it will be gone in a year.....or less

by Brucereply 1707/13/2013

After three weeks, it will be pulled and "retooled." They'll change the set, the music, the lighting, the opening. They'll add hard-hitting news segments--"What to do when your twenty-something daughter takes it up the ass on Xtube?" or "How divorce can affect your Q rating."

After that fails, a name change--"Gettin' It Done with Kris!" "Kris 'n' You!" "Kunt!"

When that fails, she'll have one of her sowish daughters get pregnant, get liposuction, or something similar.

But no one will care.

by Brucereply 107/11/2013

With our luck the fucking show will be on for 20 years!

by Brucereply 207/11/2013

Love you RE 1. I needed that. Been a rough day - Thanks

by Brucereply 307/11/2013

The Kardashian backlash will continue with this show. Already well known she can't get any big stars to come on, and for this kind of show, her telling fraus how to tie a scarf, or put on make up, will soon disappear. I say 6 months, and out.

by Brucereply 407/11/2013

Who's producing this shitfest? Oprah? Ryan what's-his-name?

by Brucereply 507/12/2013

It wouldn't surprise me if the show becomes a hit. All the WhoreTrashian stans who watch their various reality shows will be tuning in to this shit...

by Brucereply 607/12/2013

It would be even better if the network or syndication company decided not to air Kris Jenner's pice of shit show at all in an effort to rid themselves of famewhore douchebag trash.

by Brucereply 707/12/2013

[all posts by tedious troll removed.]

by Brucereply 807/12/2013

I unfortunately think this will be a hit, considering all of their other shitty shows are a hit. Who are the lowlife trash that watch these shows that give them ratings? Nobody I know watches them and it seems like everyone hates them, YET they are still popular somehow.

by Brucereply 907/12/2013

It's a tough field. Nate's show cancelled, Anderson 's show cancelled. Ricki Lake, Jeff Probst cancelled. A lot of them come, but few survive. Kris will not.

by Brucereply 1007/13/2013

Katie will be gone after next season.

by Brucereply 1107/13/2013

Who cares, I don't know one person that watches the Kartrashians, and no one finds Kris scintillating so she's dead in the water. Now if she wants to talk on her show what her ex Robert did for O. J., she might get some ratings.

by Brucereply 1207/13/2013

She's going to be having guest co-hosts, a la Mike Douglas.

Already announced: Ryan Seacrest, Kathie Lee Gifford, her two younger daughters . . . to name a few.

by Brucereply 1307/13/2013

I hope she rips a big wet fart on live TV during her debut show.

by Brucereply 1407/13/2013

Kathy Lee will talk about her flop musical Scandalous and details about Frank cheating on her with the fat stewardess. Kris will smile and they will both plug their new records, books, vagina creams, et. al.

by Brucereply 1507/13/2013

Surprise! R5, it's produced by Fox Television Stations. Another reason to hope it's deep-sixed immediately.

by Brucereply 1607/13/2013

Kris Jenner needs to go away with her mommie dearest shit. She can take her whorish daughters with her. The public is "BORED" by her.

by Brucereply 1707/13/2013
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