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Extreme Underarm Hair (Men Only)

In these troubled times, only virile, overly hirsute underarms can bring me peace of mind.

by %uE42Dreply 4111/26/2013

I've got it.

I'm always surprised when I see hairy guys with thinly haired underarms

by %uE42Dreply 107/11/2013

Or how about the poor guys with bald heads, bald chests and arms, yet sport Afros under each arm!

What happened?

by %uE42Dreply 207/11/2013

Reply to 1: That's me. Wish I had more than the few wisps I got. Saves on deodorant though.

by %uE42Dreply 307/12/2013

Guys will shave their whole body yet leave the pit hair. Bizarre.

by %uE42Dreply 407/12/2013

OP, for you:

by %uE42Dreply 507/12/2013

Fuck yes.

by %uE42Dreply 607/12/2013

Love the armpit, it's hair and it's smell but too much and you're just begging for a flossing...

by %uE42Dreply 707/12/2013

Perhaps you can move into the 21st century, and keep up with grooming. Yuck!

by %uE42Dreply 807/12/2013

The hairier, the smellier, the better

by %uE42Dreply 907/12/2013

Check out these pics of David James Elliott at the beach.

by %uE42Dreply 1007/12/2013

Are you the who calls armpits "stinkers?"

by %uE42Dreply 1107/12/2013

R10, not one armpit in sight

by %uE42Dreply 1207/12/2013

a nice amount

by %uE42Dreply 1307/12/2013

Odd, isn't it, R12? Both that someone would post this link (presumably) as an example of armpits, and that the subject of these off-topic photos seems incapable of putting his arms in a more restful position or really moving them at all -- being forever frozen just 'that' far away from full akimbo pose.

by %uE42Dreply 1407/12/2013

I wish we never had underarm hair. Chest hair, okay, but not the pits.

by %uE42Dreply 1507/12/2013

I trim my pits. I don't like an underam bush.

by %uE42Dreply 1607/12/2013

My bf cuts it all off, and he wonders why we'll never be married.

by %uE42Dreply 1707/12/2013

Love a man with a nice patch of pit hair.

by %uE42Dreply 1811/24/2013

LOVE big thick bushes under each arm!

by %uE42Dreply 1911/25/2013

Love to floss on pit fur.

by %uE42Dreply 2011/25/2013

Shaved man pits make me crazy horny!

by %uE42Dreply 2111/25/2013

Lots of armpit hair is gross. I like what the teen to mid-20s guys do which is either shave it off and let it grow back in a little, or really trim it down to the point where it doesn't stick straight out. It's almost like a treasure trail. It's cleaner. There's no such thing as a metrosexual anymore. Grooming is just expected. Girls won't blow guys with hair all over the place. Most demand no pubes. I guess they feel that if they're gonna shave the men should too. They're turned off by getting hair in their mouth.

by %uE42Dreply 2211/25/2013

Extreme Underarm Hair makes my dick hard.

by %uE42Dreply 2311/25/2013

me too

by %uE42Dreply 2411/25/2013

And who are you, r22, their father confessor?

by %uE42Dreply 2511/25/2013

r25 - r22 is a fey little thing who is scared of anything remotely masculine. I wonder that he's into men at all with that attitude. "I like what the teen to mid-20s guys do"???!!! Not in my neck of the woods they don't, but my neck of the woods aren't the glossy photoshopped pages of magazines for pubescent girls.

by %uE42Dreply 2611/25/2013

lots of gay men are into twinkly girly-men, at least that's what I've noticed.

by %uE42Dreply 2711/25/2013

It's not the gays, it's the straights that overly groom.

r26, how old are you?

by %uE42Dreply 2811/25/2013

Shaved pits is a deal breaker (for a relationship. I suppose I could get by for a one night stand)...

by %uE42Dreply 2911/25/2013

[quote]Girls won't blow guys with hair all over the place.

I'm gay. I don't give a shit what girls want and I care even less for the men who cater to them, so why would I give a shit?

I like men. Men have hair. And real men don't care what others think.

by %uE42Dreply 3011/25/2013

[quote]I like men. Men have hair.

According to you. It's your preference.

by %uE42Dreply 3111/25/2013

I like these tales of Extreme Shaving Theories.

by %uE42Dreply 3211/25/2013

The extremely hairy guy in R5 is Chris Leabu. Here's another pic, this time without the hair:

by %uE42Dreply 3311/25/2013

Chris Leabu, in-between:

by %uE42Dreply 3411/25/2013

R5's picture is so fucking photoshopped, and it's not even done well.

by %uE42Dreply 3511/25/2013

Are all of these photoshopped, R35?

by %uE42Dreply 3611/25/2013

R5's is.

by %uE42Dreply 3711/25/2013

OP, how did you put that swimmer as your signature?

by %uE42Dreply 3811/25/2013

He put it in his armpit

by %uE42Dreply 3911/25/2013

When I was in college, many years ago, there was a funny picture in National Lampoon magazine of a black woman with an afro on her head and baby afros in her armpits.

by %uE42Dreply 4011/25/2013


by %uE42Dreply 4111/26/2013
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