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Jindal Administration Draining Elderly Trust Fund

THIS is what happens when property taxes are essentially nonexistent, the tax base is shrinking from brain drain, ridiculous tax breaks are doled out to certain industries without a firm guarantee of good jobs for actual (non-imported from other states) citizens, and a demoralized and disengaged populace. Republicans claim to HATE Big Government, but boy howdy, do they love spending them federal dollars!

But, hey, at least LSU football and baseball are going gangbusters!

******* BATON ROUGE — To cope with budget troubles, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration has steadily depleted a trust fund for elderly services created with an infusion of federal cash a decade ago.

When Jindal took office, the Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly contained more than $830 million. Now, the balance has been cut in half to $410 million, according to the treasurer’s office.

By the end of the current fiscal year, it is projected to sink to $250 million or less.

Officials involved with creating the fund expected the state to leave the principal intact and mainly use the interest and investment earnings, so the trust fund would provide a stream of funding for decades to pay for nursing home care and other health care services.

Instead, the Jindal administration — with approval from lawmakers through the budget process — keeps dipping into the principal to plug health care budget gaps and finance Medicaid services at nursing homes.

At the current rate, the money could run dry by the end of Jindal’s current term, leaving his successor with a hefty health care financing gap.

“I was surprised and disappointed to learn that this trust fund had been depleted to its current level,” said Secretary of State Tom Schedler, a Republican who sponsored the legislation creating the elderly trust fund in 2000 when he was a state senator.

“The loser is, of course, the taxpayer of Louisiana and most certainly the frail and elderly senior citizens for which it was intended to serve,” he said this week.

One $122 million payment from the trust fund was tied to a federal determination that the state received too much money when it built up the fund.

The rest has been used to stop cuts to the rates paid to private nursing homes for caring for Medicaid patients, said Department of Health and Hospitals Undersecretary Jerry Phillips.

“We continue to use the trust fund as a way to maintain those nursing home services, because nursing homes are one of those services that are core to the Medicaid program,” he said.

To get into the elderly trust fund, DHH assigned cuts to nursing homes, which triggers the ability to use the principal to “rebase” nursing home payments to cover their costs. It also has been used to increase nursing home rates in the Medicaid program.

In the budget year that began July 1, nursing homes are estimated to receive $893 million in state and federal Medicaid payments. Of that, $184 million is slated to come from the elderly trust fund, used to draw down about $500 million in federal matching money, Phillips said.

Three-quarters of the Medicaid spending on 29,000 nursing home residents is tied to use of the declining trust fund.

“It’s analogous to paying your household bills out of your savings account after you’ve stopped working and you don’t have any income,” said Jan Moller, director of the Louisiana Budget Project, an organization that has raised concerns about the use of the trust fund.

Lawmakers have been warned the fund was dwindling, but have done nothing to stop it or to plan for the looming financial cliff they face when the primary payment source for nursing home care disappears.

[rest of article at link]

by Thanks, Piyush!reply 507/13/2013

Many of us losing jobs in Hollywood kept wondering where Louisiana was getting the hundreds of millions of dollars they were giving out to the film industry. Given that the state doesn't appear to have a tax base that brings in hoards of cash it was puzzling. Question answered.

by Thanks, Piyush!reply 107/11/2013

Does Jinal plan to run for President?

by Thanks, Piyush!reply 207/13/2013

Mr. Rogers talking nitwit.

Jindal is crap. The man is pure crap.

by Thanks, Piyush!reply 307/13/2013

He figures with enough of the "right kind" of development, all Louisianans will be killed off and won't live to an advanced old age anyway.

by Thanks, Piyush!reply 407/13/2013

Aside from his politics, Jindal is just too ugly to be President. If he has presidential ambitions, good luck with that! He has about the same chance as Rick Perry. Nil.

by Thanks, Piyush!reply 507/13/2013
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