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Hot British Olympian Louis Smith wants Will Smith in his panties

Id love to watch!

by Tom Daleyreply 5801/27/2015

"though a heterosexual man himself,"

Oooh, goody. Gay Times now has a Fiction section.

by Tom Daleyreply 107/10/2013

He is hot but damn I thought his attitude during the Olympics was poor. Heterosexual my ass! Then again, maybe he's the same kind of "heterosexual" that Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Jon Travolta are.

by Tom Daleyreply 207/10/2013

Hot. This 'go gay' for stuff is not, however.

by Tom Daleyreply 307/10/2013

r2, he did not have a bad attitude during the games.

He is has an incredible body and is very flexible!

by Tom Daleyreply 407/10/2013


by Tom Daleyreply 507/10/2013

Yes, it does, R1. I just watched the video in R4, gurl let me tell you...

by Tom Daleyreply 607/10/2013

His labia are looking quite pert.

by Tom Daleyreply 707/10/2013

Will Smith? Maybe 10 years ago when he was younger and not so fucking smug.

by Tom Daleyreply 807/10/2013

lol r6

Louis: "I've taken a bit of a pounding"

What's the gossip about him in the Uk? I read that he tried out for X Factor in the UK a couple of year ago. Now he wants to leave gymnastics.

by Tom Daleyreply 907/10/2013

He has good taste. Will Smith in his "I Robot" days was smoking hot. Louis and Will. Yummy!

by Tom Daleyreply 1007/10/2013

Louis's reaction to Will removing those black boxers:

by Tom Daleyreply 1107/10/2013

Another case of the media and some gay men exaggerating and twisting someone's words. The Gay Times asked Louis, if he had to be gay, who would it be with?

Louis said: "I got asked this the other day...I said Will Smith. Because he's very dedicated to his family, he's very loyal, funny, hard working and talented. So, in the most non-sexual way, it would have to be based on the person."

Louis' response, while admiring Will Smith, is explicitly non-sexual. He speaks of Will as someone he admires, not someone he is attracted to. In fact, he doesn't describe Smith as sexy or even mention any of his physical attributes. Louis' response is very non-sexual, platonic.

by Tom Daleyreply 1207/10/2013

R12 Look I'm not saying he is or he isn't (I honestly don't care) but you're not really doing your argument any favours. You see if someone did want to hide that they're gay they would probably emphasise how non-sexual their response is (which he does every time he's asked something like this). Not that it would mean anything anyway because often straight guys who get interviewed and asked the same question usually just answer without needing to place so much emphasis on the fact that their answer to a hypothetical question in jest is totally platonic and non-sexual.

For example when I get asked this question my answer is Scarlett Johansson because she was hot in Avengers. Being gay she doesn't do anything for me but there are some people/scenes in films etc when you recognise not being attracted to that particular woman proves how gay you are. I consider myself completely gay but there are certain female celebrities who I personal think are more attractive than others. And you can't complain about certain media and some gays because when a relatively minor celebrity does a magazine and photos like this they are trying to attract gay fans. He has it in his head he's some sort of gay icon in the UK which he really isn't.

by Tom Daleyreply 1307/11/2013

Louis is a cutie pie, I cant tell if he pings or not because he's British and I cant read them like I can American guys. I raised my eyebrows when I learned he auditioned for British X-factor, but whatever.

Louis said he is NOT competing in the 2016 games. He also wants to start his own clothing line.

by Tom Daleyreply 1407/12/2013

Aussie talk show host Rove always did a segment with his guests when he'd ask "Who'd you go gay for?"

You can look up on YouTube under rove and go gay for.

by Tom Daleyreply 1507/13/2013

R14, I'm British and Louis Smith pings off the charts.

by Tom Daleyreply 1607/13/2013

He is a douche, I guess it's no surprise he'd wanna go gay for a douche.

by Tom Daleyreply 1707/13/2013

look at that bawdy!

by Tom Daleyreply 1807/13/2013

how is he a douche r17, he seems perfectly nice to me

by Tom Daleyreply 1907/13/2013

r13, your reasoning is strained at best, dude.

by Tom Daleyreply 2007/21/2013

LOL! I always assumed he was out and gay but didn't realize he's "straight"

by Tom Daleyreply 2107/21/2013

is he dating anyone?

by Tom Daleyreply 2208/04/2013

I adored him dancing with Flavia Cacace, that stunning Italian professional dancer, in the last British "Strictly come Dancing". They did some sizzling numbers. As said here before, Flavia looked like his big sister but he was very willing to dance up a storm with her.

by Tom Daleyreply 2308/04/2013

He and Flavia won !

by Tom Daleyreply 2408/04/2013

Why does it have to be Will Smith?

by Tom Daleyreply 2508/04/2013

He has done some naked poses too. Doesn't seem too straight to me, and he is too busy to have a girlfriend ! He also looks very camp dancing in the Dance contest episodes on YouTube.

by Tom Daleyreply 2608/04/2013

So he basically said a really non-explicit of preference, guarded and polite comment and sections of the press have gone ballistic and totally taken their own version of what was said?

Welcome to my world.

by Tom Daleyreply 2708/04/2013

homegurl had MAJOR case of gay face.

by Tom Daleyreply 2808/04/2013

Who would you rather it be, R25? Someone like Cavill or Chris Pine?

by Tom Daleyreply 2908/04/2013

There was never any heat between him and Flavia. He's not a credible heterosexual.

I lost respect for him when he started doing ads for Subway after the Olympics. An Olympic champion promoting Subway? That's just diabolical.

by Tom Daleyreply 3008/04/2013

And Will Smith puts him on Speed Dial in 3..2..

by Tom Daleyreply 3108/04/2013


Don't worry, he's not an Olympic champ, he's a silver medalist

by Tom Daleyreply 3208/04/2013

Whatever r32.

Louis is 1/2 Jamaican = dick is huge

by Tom Daleyreply 3308/04/2013

[quote]homegurl had MAJOR case of gay face.

you really think so?

by Tom Daleyreply 3408/04/2013

R34 , look at the link R26 provides. His face looks gay as fuck.

by Tom Daleyreply 3508/04/2013

Im not seeing the gayface, maybe its just me.

He's really sexy

by Tom Daleyreply 3608/05/2013

Louis Smith

by Tom Daleyreply 3705/20/2014

Needs to get the mower out. That lawn is a disgrace to humanity!

by Tom Daleyreply 3805/20/2014

I find most gay black boys tiresome and typically super nelly. So Will Smith would be perfect for this person, whoever he is.

by Tom Daleyreply 3905/20/2014

you are ignorant, r39

by Tom Daleyreply 4005/20/2014

I thought after Tom Daley came out, Louis would be next, after all the boy can dance !

by Tom Daleyreply 4105/20/2014

He has never been seen with any female, like on a date or in a relationship.

by Tom Daleyreply 4205/20/2014

Apart from Flavia of course !

by Tom Daleyreply 4305/20/2014

before and after

by Tom Daleyreply 4405/20/2014

I call bullshit on R44's pic. That is the classic case of him puffing out his stomach. You see this debunked all the time now.

by Tom Daleyreply 4505/20/2014


by Tom Daleyreply 4605/21/2014

you lied, OP

by Tom Daleyreply 4706/28/2014

Is he dating anyone now?

by Tom Daleyreply 4807/19/2014

Published: 04 August 2014

Updated: 12:43, 04 August 2014

Gymnast Louis Smith says he plans to continue competing after his success at the Commonwealth Games — but does not regret taking a break following the Olympics.

The 25-year-old, who won gold in the team event and bronze in the pommel horse in Glasgow, said he needed time out after London 2012 to relax and think about his career, even though getting his body back into shape was “really hard”.

He told Hello! magazine: “After what I’ve achieved since I came back into the sport I think I’d be crazy not to continue.

The huge success of the home nations at the Commonwealth shows how tough competition for places is, so I have to be at my very best to even challenge for the team.”

During his time away from sport, Smith starred on Strictly Come Dancing which he won in 2012 with dance partner Flavia Cacace.

As well as training and competing, he is to be a judge on new television show Tumble.

by Tom Daleyreply 4908/04/2014

Okay I may be remembering the details wrong and I don't have time to find the story but I seem to recall that the press SORT-OF outed him. The Sun ran a front page (!) with a story from two girls that went home with Louis after meeting him in a nightclub. The girls said that he wasn't interested in them and that he had a bigger cosmetics and hair supplies collection than they did. The story kind of made my jaw drop. It was all but saying 'He's Gay and Closeted'.

by Tom Daleyreply 5008/04/2014


by Tom Daleyreply 5108/04/2014

HOLY FUCK. that chocolate stud should come and ride my dick. I could give it better than WILL Smith ever could.

by Tom Daleyreply 5208/04/2014

He has a hot bod, bro

by Tom Daleyreply 5309/17/2014

Brah has hottest bod

by Tom Daleyreply 5410/28/2014

R54 hot

by Tom Daleyreply 5510/28/2014

Are we buying this sudden burst of hyper heterosexuality?

Would any celeb asp a hausfrau & gran fav such as louis find such a PR strategy as this beneficial?

I felt sure about this one :/

All DL’s 100% certs are deserting us for the womenz!

DL, did you lie to us?

by Tom Daleyreply 5601/04/2015

Bump ..and not letting this one get away from us too!

by Tom Daleyreply 5701/04/2015

His bod is sick

by Tom Daleyreply 5801/27/2015
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