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Elisabeth Hasselbitch ditches THE VIEW for FOX & FRIENDS.

She'll be joining Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade in September.

I believe she was fired from The View.

by e.d. remember me?reply 5207/10/2013

Quelle Suprize!!!

by e.d. remember me?reply 107/09/2013

Don't cry for me, Barbara Walters!

Because Tim Hasselback is porking me.....

by e.d. remember me?reply 207/09/2013

I caught it the other day. She was giving daggers to everyone on the panel except for Sherri. She looked miserable.

I thought it was rumored that she was going to get canned but someone leaked it to the public?

by e.d. remember me?reply 307/09/2013

Although I detest Hasselbitch, I can't say I blame her; without Baba Wawa and Joy, "The View" is headed downhill STAT.

by e.d. remember me?reply 407/09/2013


by e.d. remember me?reply 507/09/2013

No surprise. She's such a throw back from the 2000s/Bush era.

by e.d. remember me?reply 607/09/2013

I blame Rosie for this. If she had never joined The View, their "Hot Topics" segment would still be 10 minutes and consist of topics such as, "What circumstances is it OK to wear white after Labor Day?" And people who still only know Hasselbeck as "that stupid blonde chick from Survivor."

by e.d. remember me?reply 707/09/2013

Now Fox & Friends political pundits are a weatherman (Doocy), sport reporter (Kilmeade) and Survivor contestant (Hasslebeck). Not one has any political science background at all. All their wisdom comes form having their heads up Roger Ailes fat ass.

by e.d. remember me?reply 807/09/2013

R8 is right. I wish all the lame right wingers would go to Fox so I can avoid them all.

by e.d. remember me?reply 907/09/2013

[quote]Now Fox & Friends political pundits are a weatherman (Doocy), sport reporter (Kilmeade) and Survivor contestant (Hasslebeck). Not one has any political science background at all. All their wisdom comes form having their heads up Roger Ailes fat ass.

Yes, without the brilliance of Miss America 1989 Gretchen Carlson, their poli-sci bona fides are going straight down the toilet.

by e.d. remember me?reply 1007/09/2013

Just think Elizabeth Hasslebeck is now the smart one!

by e.d. remember me?reply 1107/09/2013

So was Wretchen fired?

by e.d. remember me?reply 1207/09/2013

Goddamn this Hasselbeck. Lands on her feet on that douchebag show. Disgusting.

by e.d. remember me?reply 1307/09/2013

'douchebag' is such an infantile, adolescent, juvenile term.

You would think an adult could express himself better.

by e.d. remember me?reply 1407/09/2013

R14 is a douchebag.

by e.d. remember me?reply 1507/09/2013

I'll bet ol' Gretchen hates her guts!

How long do you think it will be before she tries to upstage Doocey or that other fuck up, Kilmeade?

Bitch can't get along as a team player.

And really, was there ever any doubt where Hasselcunt was going to land?

by e.d. remember me?reply 1607/09/2013

I wanted Hasselbitch homeless.

by e.d. remember me?reply 1707/09/2013

Fox has become the network that shelters the cast off conservative douches that other channels no longer wanted.

Bill Hemmer (formerly of CNN)

Glenn Beck (formerly of CNBC)

Lou Dobbs (formerly of CNN)

Greta Van Susteren (formerly of CNN)

Elisabeth Hasslebeck (formerly of ABC)

by e.d. remember me?reply 1807/09/2013

Wait - Hasselbitch is replacing the blonde bimbo on Fox & Friends? I thought they were just adding her but I suppose this makes more sense.

The one who's there now did actually open her mouth recently about some of the stupid, sexist things her co-workers say. I suppose it was only a matter of time before they canned her ass.

by e.d. remember me?reply 1907/09/2013

You're missing ME, R18.

How could you?

by e.d. remember me?reply 2007/09/2013

The sad thing is that the vile shit this network spews is so ephemeral that nobody will remember the damage it has done in twelve years. Nobody will remember FOX & FRIENDS.

Fox will be remembered for The Simpsons and Family Guy.

by e.d. remember me?reply 2107/09/2013

Gretchen is possibly taking over one of Megyn's hours.

by e.d. remember me?reply 2207/10/2013

She didn't ditch The View. She was told in March that her contract would not be renewed. She was fired from The View.

by e.d. remember me?reply 2307/10/2013

Don't forget to tune in today. It's Elizabeth's last day! Yeah!

by e.d. remember me?reply 2407/10/2013

March 8, 2013 -- The people have spoken. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, one of the five cohorts of ABC's daytime talk show The View, will not be returning to the couch next season, a source tells Us Weekly.

According to the source, the show's resident conservative voice is being ousted after market research revealed that she isn't popular with TV audiences.

"The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing," the insider tells Us. "People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday (March 7) her contract would not be renewed."

by e.d. remember me?reply 2507/10/2013

This smells like what happened to Star Jones.

She was fired in April and they gave her two months to find a new job, announce it on The View and then leave.

That is not what Star did, but it sounds like what happened to Elisabeth.

by e.d. remember me?reply 2607/10/2013

Someone told me that many of the Fox on air personalities don't believe half the shit they say, they just dish out Roger Ailes' talking points. Has anyone else ever heard this?

by e.d. remember me?reply 2707/10/2013

I haven't heard that r27 but I believe it.

by e.d. remember me?reply 2807/10/2013

Will she take the earpiece so that Bill Gedde can tell her what to say?

by e.d. remember me?reply 2907/10/2013

R2, he's fugly, just being a pro-football player doesn't automatically make him a hottie.

by e.d. remember me?reply 3007/10/2013

Unfortunately, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who has no business being on the air in any kind of news capacity (The View isn't news, but Fox & Friends is) now has a solid ratings winner and lucrative forum in which to spew her shrill ignorance and lack of journalistic intergrity.

Fox out to be ashamed of itself for giving this know-nothing moron such a prominent on-air role. Very sad.

by e.d. remember me?reply 3107/10/2013

out = ought

by e.d. remember me?reply 3207/10/2013

Dlisted said it best:

"Fox News announced today that starting in September, Elisabeth Hasselcrack’s high-pitched screech will break lights and burn off the eyebrows of crew members on the set of Fox & Friends."

by e.d. remember me?reply 3307/10/2013

Does Babwa have dementia? The last few times I've watched the show she has gotten pissy with the rest of them for no apparent reason, and actually yelled at Bernadette Peters because she thought she was talking too much. I bet they all wish they had somewhere else to go. It's gonna be a looong year at The View.

by e.d. remember me?reply 3407/10/2013

I was the first co-host on Fox and Friends... where did I end up?

by e.d. remember me?reply 3507/10/2013

R26 that is the game-plan ABC told Star to follow.

Instead Star decided to tell the truth, which made both ABC and Babs look bad.

Fast forward 7 years later, they dust off this game-plan and present it to ELisabeth.

by e.d. remember me?reply 3607/10/2013

Elisabeth brings her EMMY AWARD WINNING talent to Fox

by e.d. remember me?reply 3707/10/2013

[quote]Does Babwa have dementia? The last few times I've watched the show she has gotten pissy with the rest of them for no apparent reason

She's been awful lately (but fun to watch.) She says everything three times and interupts and gets annoyed constantly. Joy and Elisabeth just sit there looking like "So what, who cares, I'm out of here soon." Whoopi gets annoyed though. The other day after one of Babs' numerous interruptions she got annoyed and snapped back...."yeah you said that already."

by e.d. remember me?reply 3807/10/2013

I know what friends are, but what is a FOX?

by e.d. remember me?reply 3907/10/2013

She deserves to be sandwiched between those two douchebags. Sharing a sofa with those two would be hell on earth.

by e.d. remember me?reply 4007/10/2013

Well, now SNL can take making fun of Fox & Friends to new heights. With Hasselbitch on the couch, there will be no bigger collection of douchebags on the air than on Fox.

I'm pissed Hasselbitch got a such a high-proficle job. I wanted her to become completely irrelevant as far as on-air personailities go and to disappear into the ether.

by e.d. remember me?reply 4107/10/2013

From what you're saying, it seems that Baba Wawa has morphed into Emily Latella.

Where is Gilda when we need her?

by e.d. remember me?reply 4207/10/2013

They should now make it an all Negro show and call it The Black View, since Whoopi and Sherri love to talk about all things black, defend all peole who are black (Sherri said that Mnichael Jackson was found innocent by a jury of his peers) and even remind us that they are black. They kept Hasselbeck on for 10 years??????

by e.d. remember me?reply 4307/10/2013

Gee, no one saw this coming years ago.

by e.d. remember me?reply 4407/10/2013

It seems like a good fit for her, and I won't ever have to see her again.

by e.d. remember me?reply 4507/10/2013

Yes, I saw that R34, and did you see the looks Whoopi Goldberg gave someone off camera afterward?

by e.d. remember me?reply 4607/10/2013

Amazing how fast that went.

I recorded the show today to see how they'd announce that she was leaving at the end of (actually end of July, I guess, because I think they are on hiatus all August) summer like Joy.

But instead they announced that today was her last day.

It was nice that they all had very touching things to say about each other with both Elizabeth and Barbara nearly coming to tears at points. Whoopi looked really touched too, and Joy looked pleasant, but not close to tears at any point.

But Joy and Elizabeth did have very good things to say about each other and their relationship. In general doesn't strike me as a crier, but we'll see when they do it all again for her last day.

by e.d. remember me?reply 4707/10/2013

Today [italic]was[/italic] her last day, R47. We hoped she would leave with dignity... and Lis made the right choice.

by e.d. remember me?reply 4807/10/2013

...also, I'm the senile old bitch everyone says I am, since R47 clearly stated it was Lis' last day right in the first paragraph.

by e.d. remember me?reply 4907/10/2013

I loved that Barbara said "as you can see I am a little teary.." no Barbara - you lost those tear ducts three face lifts ago.

by e.d. remember me?reply 5007/10/2013

They have the fat guy play me on SNL! Why! I'm an athlete!!

by e.d. remember me?reply 5107/10/2013

[quote]They have the fat guy play me on SNL! Why! I'm an athlete!!

You think that's bad? They have a fat guy play me too.

by e.d. remember me?reply 5207/10/2013
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