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Nancy Reagan is 92 today - 7/6/2013

Used to hate the womwn - now, with time, I feel sorry for her. Anyone else softened about this nasty woman thru the years ?

by Patty R.reply 9105/01/2014


by Patty R.reply 107/06/2013

In her honor.. I'll just say "No"

by Patty R.reply 207/06/2013

She was terribly common and so nouveau riche.

by Patty R.reply 307/06/2013

I hope she lives for at least another 5 yrs to become the longest lived First Lady.

by Patty R.reply 407/06/2013

She did the best she could

by Patty R.reply 507/06/2013

I haven't thought about her in at least 10 years. She's the Leif Garrett of First Ladies.

by Patty R.reply 607/06/2013

She had nice China !

by Patty R.reply 707/06/2013

When it happens, I'll be burnin', doin' the Casket Dance.

by Patty R.reply 807/06/2013

She was the tiniest First Lady. Barbara Bush, Hillary, Laura Bush, Michelle... they all look like giantesses next to Nancy.

by Patty R.reply 907/06/2013

The china was donated. Tax payers paid nothing

by Patty R.reply 1007/06/2013

R8 Prick

by Patty R.reply 1107/06/2013

[RE10] Uh huh. Sure.

by Patty R.reply 1207/06/2013

I will go down on my knees in the park tonight, in her honour.

by Patty R.reply 1307/06/2013

When she's dead, Bush Sr's dead, as well as Babs, the Reagan years will become a blurb.

by Patty R.reply 1407/06/2013

[quote]I hope she lives for at least another 5 yrs to become the longest lived First Lady.

Why? Do you have money riding on this or something? Get a life, hon.

by Patty R.reply 1507/06/2013

She's a bitter old hag, no sympathy. She ate cake while many others suffered. Hope she dies painfully.

by Patty R.reply 1607/06/2013

Oh dear

by Patty R.reply 1707/06/2013


by Patty R.reply 1807/06/2013

R16 you suffered because you are a loser, not because of Nancy Reagan.

by Patty R.reply 1907/06/2013

Yes, I typically feel sorry for people who are weak or fragile in some way. She starved herself for years. She's probably got hellacious osteoporosis and is likely in constant pain. She never had the riches she wanted and the man she worshipped is dead. She is too fragile to really go anywhere. Her kids made up with her, but she probably still doesn't think much of them.

by Patty R.reply 2007/06/2013

Only 92 my ass! What did she do, ask an unglued Ronnie to do the math?

by Patty R.reply 2107/06/2013

I loathed Nancy Reagan when her husband was president, but I do feel sorry for her now.

by Patty R.reply 2207/06/2013

I don't feel sorry for Nancy. She's actually luckier than she deserves to be, in that her children have reconciled with her and she has good relationships with them now - considering what a terrible mother she was, that's more than she deserves!

by Patty R.reply 2307/06/2013

Now that she's 92, I no longer think of Nancy Resgan as a cunt.

She now has the wise aura of a WITHERED, OLD cunt.

by Patty R.reply 2407/06/2013

A vile old bag of cunt.

by Patty R.reply 2507/06/2013

Will she be going to MichFest?

by Patty R.reply 2607/06/2013

Does Adolfo have a line for the elderly?

by Patty R.reply 2707/06/2013

Oh, the other reason Nancy is luckier than she deserves to be - Republicans have basically won the messaging war on her husband's legacy to the point where even Democrats (with varying degrees of grudging-ness) play along with the idea that Reagan was a great president, or at least a very important one (witness Obama's comment in '08 that Clinton wasn't a "transformational" president like Reagan, which I thought was petty and inappropriate of him). Considering the fact that Nancy main obsession for sixty years has been Ronald Reagan's reputation, it is a big win for her that she gets to spend her old age with her husband being seen as a revered icon instead of being remembered as the total fuck-up he actually was!

by Patty R.reply 2807/06/2013

R19, she is a astrology-addled bitter cunt! and brought shame to the white house! No WAY was i a loser back then, she was despicable!

by Patty R.reply 2907/06/2013

All the Anais Anais and White Linen in the world and you still stink like shit, Nancy.

Shall I yell it in your other ear?

by Patty R.reply 3007/06/2013

Separated at birth?

by Patty R.reply 3107/06/2013

Nasty, vile woman who helped cover the fact that her husband's dementia left the nation with no functioning President for several years.

by Patty R.reply 3207/06/2013

Edith Wilson II: second wife, sick husband

by Patty R.reply 3307/06/2013

Wow, she looks so frail in that picture. Her legs are a mess. Never liked her, though. She seemed so vapid, so shallow. She deferred to Ronnie so much it was disgusting.

by Patty R.reply 3407/06/2013

r28, the Reagan legacy will not remain that way as more and more people who worshipped him die off. In the next 20 years we'll have a more accurate picture of what a total fuck-up he was.

by Patty R.reply 3507/06/2013

Age doesn't usually turn a horrible person into a good one. I still hate her prune faced guts.

by Patty R.reply 3607/06/2013

Did Sinatra's mammouth cock leave any scarring inside her mouth?

by Patty R.reply 3707/06/2013

[quote] She seemed so vapid, so shallow.

she was beyond shallow

by Patty R.reply 3807/06/2013

SHUT THE FUCK UP R15! I'll say WHATEVER I want about Nancy Reagan.

by Patty R.reply 3907/06/2013

She seems to have curtailed most appearances, but if anything I did feel bad about how the Republicans would still trot her out up until a few years ago. She always looks very confused and way too old to be in the spotlight.

by Patty R.reply 4007/06/2013

I wonder if she feels uncomfortable about how far to the right the GOP has moved. Notice she seems to favor the GOP leaders who are moderate and who never win. Nowadays Reagan's policies would be pretty to the left of the GOP.

by Patty R.reply 4107/06/2013

Next to Jennifer Aniston, Nancy Reagan is my favorite trophy wife.

by Patty R.reply 4207/06/2013

[quote]I loathed Nancy Reagan when her husband was president, but I do feel sorry for her now.

Why in the world would you feel sorry for her?

She's had a very long life, and has ALWAYS been wealthy and privileged (her stepfather was a wealthy doctor and sent her to Smith), and she has been powerful for most of t to boot. She has two living children who visit her all the time.

I cannot imagine a human being LESS in need of pity than she is.

by Patty R.reply 4307/06/2013

R41, she never gave a shit about politics. she just wanted to suck Ronnie's cock and ride that ride he provided.

by Patty R.reply 4407/06/2013

I always liked the old hag.

by Patty R.reply 4507/06/2013

[quote]now, with time, I feel sorry for her

Why? Because you're an old cunt now, too?

by Patty R.reply 4607/07/2013

Horrible woman, wretched presidency.

by Patty R.reply 4707/07/2013

She stole the new White house china.

by Patty R.reply 4807/07/2013

Somehow it is comforting to know that she is drooling into her cream of wheat and wearing diapers.

by Patty R.reply 4907/07/2013

Your comments show that you are all vile pieces of shit. I hope you all get worts.

by Patty R.reply 5007/07/2013

Billy Joel said it best through song - "Only the Good Die Young"

by Patty R.reply 5107/07/2013

Tax payers were on the hook for her hairstylist on all of her overseas trips.

by Patty R.reply 5207/07/2013

[quote]you suffered because you are a loser, not because of Nancy Reagan.

That's what I told Ronald Reagan when he got Alzheimer's.

by Patty R.reply 5307/07/2013

I'm so glad she made up with her kids. It's such messy work disinheriting children.

by Patty R.reply 5407/07/2013

Why isn't she the Patron Saint of Datalounge? She was one of the best cocksuckers in classic Hollywood. Her mouth was rumored to bring grown men to their knees. And she swallowed.

by Patty R.reply 5507/07/2013

R54=Miss Joan Crawford

by Patty R.reply 5607/07/2013

What is sickening is that we taxpayers are still billed hundreds of thousands annually for a rich old lady's personal security even though she is scarcely at risk of any harm.

by Patty R.reply 5707/07/2013

R57: Lady Bird Johnson said her security protection lasted too long--one reason it stops(after George W. Bush & his wife, I believe) at some point. Bush was in office when the change was made, so it begins with the next president.

by Patty R.reply 5807/07/2013

It has been reinstated for presidents and their wives.

by Patty R.reply 5907/07/2013

Ron Reagan jr. is still very liberal (and proud to admit it). He spoke out against Bush and the Iraq War and voted for Kerry and Obama.

Why wouldn't she make up with the other kids? They've completely embraced the Reagan myth that has been slopped upon the public.

by Patty R.reply 6007/07/2013

[quote] Why wouldn't she make up with the other kids?

For starters Patti wrote a tell all book (The Way I See It) where she claims Nancy beat her and was a prescription drug abuser.

by Patty R.reply 6107/07/2013

R61 That book was written a few years before Patti publicly said she regretted acting out against her parents.

by Patty R.reply 6207/07/2013

Whatever else you say about her Nancy was the most stylish and elegant first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy. She was also a social liberal, and according to Pattis supports gay marriage, although she shared her husband's conservative economics!

by Patty R.reply 6307/07/2013

Pet Gays

America, I’m not your pet gay.

America, I never said I wanted to marry you. Can’t we just live together?

America, I’m not a Care Bear on your suburban lawn with an adopted Guatemalan baby in my arms and my legal-in-twelve-states-and-DC husband weeping beside me and humming the score of Rent through his grateful tears.

America, I’m not a happy happy drag queen sent to earth by Jesus, Cher, and Harvey Fierstein to teach joy and love and endurance to straight people in tour buses. . .

by Patty R.reply 6407/07/2013

92 or not, if I met her I would urinate in her mouth and tell her it was a requirement of my job.

by Patty R.reply 6507/07/2013

Screw her

by Patty R.reply 6607/07/2013

I think Nancy's major style misfire was the inaugural balls in '81. I think she was too old for an off-the-shoulder gown, and the cut of it, with no waist, looked sort of dowdy on her anyway. Plus I don't think the pulled-back hair is flattering to her; her normal puffy helmet-head hairdo better balanced her tininess and gauntness (which maybe she realized too, since I don't think I've ever seen a picture of her with pulled-back hair after this).

by Patty R.reply 6707/07/2013

Hunter S Thompson had the best quote on Nancy “I had a soft spot in my heart for Ronald Reagan, if only because he was a sportswriter in his youth, and also because his wife gave the best head in Hollywood.”

by Patty R.reply 6807/07/2013

[R67] Agree, she improved after that

by Patty R.reply 6907/07/2013

Starving herself to remain thin caused her to become even more crazy and delusional.

Wicked old witch

by Patty R.reply 7007/07/2013

Recently read a Rock Hudson bio, apparently Nancy wanted to visit Rock in hospital when he was very ill, dying in fact. Ronnie said no way. Risk of contagion etc. So she wished him well over the phone.

by Patty R.reply 7107/07/2013

r67 - When Nancy was First Lady of California, a magazine writer referred to her "piano legs" in a profile (and the writer didn't mean a delicate spinet). Kitty Kelley said Nancy was so devastated she kept her legs covered as much as possible after that, which accounts for those bizarrely unflattering ball gowns.

(Being Kitty Kelley, she had to include a rare shot of Nancy in a bathing suit... and, yes, they were an unfortunately thick pair of ugly gams.)

by Patty R.reply 7207/07/2013

Nancy style. Cover those legs, girl!

by Patty R.reply 7307/07/2013

Interesting, I would never have read "piano legs" as meaning thick - I would have read it as meaning scrawny, skinny legs, I guess because piano legs are small compared to the large thing they're holding up.

by Patty R.reply 7407/07/2013

I remember when she was first lady Evita had its first run on Broadway.

There was a popular poster or post card with the first lady on Evita's balcony in that famous pose with the word:


I cant find the image, it was obviously a parody but it was dead serious to me.

by Patty R.reply 7507/07/2013

Will she now beard for Henry Cavill?

by Patty R.reply 7607/07/2013

After years of animosity, Nancy made nice with Jane Wyman at Maureen Reagan's funeral, where they both participated in the service and were photographed together outside the church.

by Patty R.reply 7707/07/2013

"Your comments show that you are all vile pieces of shit. I hope you all get worts."

Oh c'mon Paula Deen at R50, just think of "Nancy" as the other 'N' word and join in the fun!

by Patty R.reply 7807/07/2013

I bet you anything Nancy was acting passive aggressive to Jane all day, r77.

by Patty R.reply 7907/07/2013

Isn't that a rather short skirt for a woman of NR's age to be wearing to a funeral? One suspects that Nancy knew full well that the short skirt gave her mourning-wear a casual look.

by Patty R.reply 8007/08/2013

Patti looks genuinely upset in the funeral pic.

Ron, Jr. and his beard of a wife, not so much.

by Patty R.reply 8107/08/2013

Vile bitch. She always came across as stupid to me. And another reason to hate her is that she is friends with Betsy Bloomingdale. I wonder if Nancy is consulting her astrologers and mediums and tries to keep in touch with Ronnie.

by Patty R.reply 8207/08/2013

Is Betsey Bloomingdale still alive? She would have to be 110 by now.

by Patty R.reply 8307/08/2013

Bloomingdale is still alive. My guess is she is about Nancy's age or a bit younger.

Nothing to feel sorry about re Nancy Reagan. She has had quite a life. Not high on my list of favorite First Ladies although the stories about her are awfully amusing. Just open any page randomly in Kitty Kelly's book. If only part of it is true, she is still quite a piece of work. But then the spouses of many politicians who go far are. Eleanor Roosevelt was an extraordinary woman, but not a very good mother. Not easy living that life. That said I sure admire ER more than NR.

by Patty R.reply 8407/08/2013

R75. The Reagans were good friends of Johnny Carson.

One night in his monologe, he called Nancy "Evita of Beverly Hills". The Reagans never spoke to him again!

by Patty R.reply 8507/09/2013

However one thinks about her, the woman has led an amazing life.

by Patty R.reply 8607/11/2013

Well she really loved her husband and took good care of him. Everyone has done something nice.

by Patty R.reply 8707/11/2013

[quote]She ate cake while many others suffered.

Not true. Nancy only sniffed cake whilst chomping down on celery and laxatives.

by Patty R.reply 8805/01/2014

She was BFF with Joan Davis

by Patty R.reply 8905/01/2014

She was convinced that the Bushes were behind the assassination attempt on Ronnie and has hated them ever since. She's probably right.

by Patty R.reply 9005/01/2014

Any First Lady who would consult an astrologer and advise her husband by what they'd blather on about deserves to rot in Hell

by Patty R.reply 9105/01/2014
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