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Wimbledon 2013: Thread II

R18 of the first thread hoped that it would “max out by the end of the Fortnight.’” Indeed it has. Will “Nole” win as expected or will lil, despondent puppy-dog eyed Andy makes his creepy, lesbonic stage mother and a nation proud on home soil? If he loses will his mom give him pity sex? Will chunky Bartoli prevail, or will pretty, blond kraut Lisicki bring a whiff of Graf back to Centre Court? Will the Queen be there on Sunday? (No, not that queen: Kevin Spacey is a given to be there for his boy Andy to comfort and console him in defeat or to support him in victory.) And at long last, will rabid heterosexual Pam Shriver find a man before the end of the tournament? London bookmakers are taking wagers now.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 25807/12/2013

Rise my thread.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 107/05/2013

So annoyed at the men's final. Djokovic vs. Murray will be boring as fuck.

Not thrilled about Lisicki vs. Bartoli but I hope Lisicki wins. Her draw was much tougher.

OP no one cares about Lizzy. "Royalty" is such an antiquated concept.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 207/05/2013

Just finished watching the matches now. It was tough to go all day avoiding hearing the results from anyone or seeing them online, but I wanted to enjoy the upsets as the unfolded.

But then they didn't happen. They were both close though - at points it felt like both of the top seeds were headed home.

I don't have much to say about the Murray match because I wasn't paying close attention to it. I think his whining about closing the roof was unnecessary. Yeah he felt like he had the momentum and he was gonna steamroll through a final set, but what if he was wrong? It's always better to take that break between sets rather than mid set. For his own sake, he shouldn't have gotten so worked up about it.

I do want to know who his uber-dykey mom was sitting next to. Not Jamie that was on her right, but the built dude in the blue polo shirt that was on her left. He was a hot piece.

The Nole/Delpo match was really really fun to watch. Delpo is such an amazing shot maker and sometimes I just marvel at where he can place the ball. Actually that's true for Djokovic generally, but I'm always expecting unbelievable shots from him. With Delpo I often think there is no way he will cover the court quickly enough to get to a ball, let alone send it back harder and faster than it came at him. He did well today though and it was a pleasure to watch that.

A none-play highlight was Delpo pulling down the zipper on Nole’s shirt midway through the fourth set. That was an awesome moment.

Also, I seriously hope Delpo is nailing that Argentine polo star (Facundo Pieres) that was a guest in his box. Something was making him extra frisky on the court today. Maybe it was the presence of a f-buddy. He was showing more personality that I can remember from him in a match and it was great to see.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 307/05/2013

I love Delpo!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 407/05/2013

Best gif ever, r4.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 507/05/2013

Bartoli is the most bizarre top player ever. She has the body of a 48 year old single mother/floor manager at Best Buy, yet she continues to win and win...she made the finals six years ago and has remained in the top 20 ever since!

Also apparently back in the day Navratilova was asked why she and Pam never hooked up and Tini said because she won't fool around with chicks who have "bunny tails"

by Mirka's Peepsreply 607/05/2013

lmao never heard of "bunny tails" before.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 707/05/2013

Were Pam's kids conceived naturally? Did someone actually have sex with Pam Shriver? The mind reels!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 807/05/2013

Can we talk-does anyone else think Murray is not only ugly but that he is probably really below average in bed? He just doesn't seem like he would know how to please a girl/guy.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 907/05/2013

Bite your tongue, R9!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 1007/05/2013

[quote]Also apparently back in the day Navratilova was asked why she and Pam never hooked up and Tini said because she won't fool around with chicks who have "bunny tails"

Please - when Martina got off the plane from Czechoslovakia her legs and armpits where hairier than Vaclav Havel's.

And while Chrissy Evert is wondering how Pammie conceived her children, Pammie might be wondering how many abortion clinics that tramp had on speed dial back in the day when she was fertile.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 1107/05/2013

Between that GIF at R4 and Novak holding del Potro's face at the end, it's fun to think of that match as a flip-flop marathon :)

by Mirka's Peepsreply 1207/05/2013

[quote]Can we talk-does anyone else think Murray is not only ugly but that he is probably really below average in bed? He just doesn't seem like he would know how to please a girl/guy

My Andy is great in bed and knows very well how to please a woman. I taught him personally!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 1307/05/2013


by Mirka's Peepsreply 1407/06/2013

R2, many British people like the Queen and Wimbledon is a British tournamount.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 1507/06/2013

Jesus, did Judy promise everyone in the store a free blowjob?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 1607/06/2013

Yes, r2, and tournamount is fair play.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 1707/06/2013

Big fucking deal, r18. What's your point, beyond "yes"?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 1807/06/2013

Judy at R13, was this skit inspired by you and Andy?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 1907/06/2013

Friend of Pammie,

I have it on good authority that Chrissie simply had a standing monthly appointment at Planned Parenthood.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2007/06/2013

[quote]He just doesn't seem like he would know how to please a girl/guy.

He sure knows how to please me.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2107/06/2013

R22 Dani I wonder if there's any pube left on him after Kevin S. visits Andy in his locker room...

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2207/06/2013

Dani V at R22: Andy looks like he is so boring in bed, he probably just lies there, and you do all the "work"

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2307/06/2013

R24, I like being somebody's bitch.

Andy's... you know, butterscotch...

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2407/06/2013

That's a view from space(y).

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2507/06/2013

Perhaps Judy promised to wear a bag on her head during the final

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2607/06/2013

First set to Bartoli. I hope she wins. I also hope she manages to be the first one to the post-final buffet.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2707/06/2013

She won't get into Mirka's way if she knows what's good for her.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2807/06/2013

Boring final, but at least there's none of that godawful shrieking

by Mirka's Peepsreply 2907/06/2013

Is that Lisa Raymond in Bartoli's box?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3007/06/2013

And a win for Bartoli.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3107/06/2013

Nice to see a fat girl win.

What a pathetic final. Women's tennis fucking sucks these days. Its a stretch to call them athletes.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3207/06/2013

Great match by Bartoli. So good to see such a gutsy and determined woman come through and finally win after all these years. Just desserts with a cérise on top...

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3307/06/2013

Classy speech by Lisicki. Not a great final but so nice to see two battlers and genuinely nice women in the Final.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3407/06/2013

Are she's eccentric but as someone who grew up as an outsider myself, more reason to root for her. Well done.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3507/06/2013

Awwwww... I'm getting a bit tearful

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3607/06/2013

bartoli is considered gay? No?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3707/06/2013

Is the blonde Bartoli's girlfriend?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3807/06/2013

r39, you mean Mladenovic? I thought so as well, considering she was the first person Bartoli publicly thanked. Who'd'a thunk?

Mind you, she might just have been wishing her good luck for the mixed doubles final she'll be playing tomorrow...

by Mirka's Peepsreply 3907/06/2013

That was a bit embarrassing for Lisicki. It was like she forgot how to play tennis for most of the match.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4007/06/2013

Yeah, her, r40. They could just be training/team partners but it was a big embrace and Bartoli gave her a special mention in her speech.

Ohh, Bartoli just kissed Bille Jean King. She's definitely a lesbian!

Who will she be dancing with tomorrow evening, then? Novak or Andy?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4107/06/2013

And, Bartoli had Mauresmo in her box, right next to Mladenovic.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4207/06/2013

r42, if she really is gay, then she won't mind dancing with either of those two little divas.

Personally, I'd rather be taking Andy for a twirl—his sneer is pure sex for me :-)

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4307/06/2013

It's official - Mladenovic likes tits.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4407/06/2013

Exactly R34, because Venus and serena never showed guts or determination when they won all 10 of their wimbledons.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4507/06/2013

Ain't that something? If serena had made it to finals and won this thread would be up to ten pages of serena bashing. Where are all the "Serena takes steroids trolls"? The finals was boring but I don't see anyone complaining except when serena wins.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4607/06/2013

Good for Roly-poly Bartoli. She played a great Wimby.

Now, I'll have me some of her hitting partner, Thomas Drouet. Mmmmmm, big nose means big...

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4707/06/2013

Here's one: Serena takes steroids.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4807/06/2013

[quote]She won't get into Mirka's way if she knows what's good for her.

Not to worry. Frau Federer has fled back to Switzerland where she owns her own dairy cow. She was worried there wouldn't be enough cream for her in London.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 4907/06/2013

YES!!!! Hunky, lunky, skunky Bartoli won!!! I thought she could take it.

Honestly, after all of the Sabine gushing for days, I was LMAO at the ESPN commentators and Martina's sad, sad dispositions that their new golden girl was getting her ass kicked.

I'm sure they'll find another blonde to trip over themselves was their newly discovered slobber but until then, I will go back to enjoying Serena, Li, Stosur and the rest of the non pin-ups.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 5007/06/2013

I'm still here, bitches.

My man is getting ready for the summer hard court season.

I'm getting ready to have a Bud Light and a big plate of onion rings.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 5107/06/2013

r47 - of course there'd have been 10 pages of Serena bashing. Most of us do NOT like Serena, and many of us liked her just fine up until the "I'll shove this ball down your fucking throat" (or somesuch) incident.

Serena not only lost a legion of fans with that one, but also made a whole host of enemies.

Get over it.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 5207/06/2013

Serena is the poster girl for roid rage. She's clearly on PEDs.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 5307/06/2013


by Mirka's Peepsreply 5407/06/2013

I'm so sick of commentators using phrases like Serena Slam, Tiger Slam, Sibling Slam, Bryans' Golden Slam, Rafa Slam, etc.

It's all four in the same season. Period. No qualifiers. That's the rule. It's not four-in-a-row is good enough and we'll make up some cutesy name for it.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 5507/06/2013

Yep, it's still all about Serena.

Undeniably one of the five best female tennis players of all time.

She is undeniable.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 5607/06/2013

Fuck all the haters, I love Serena. She fucked up against Lisicki and the result was this terrible final. Bartoli and her awkward ways got the luck of a lifetime with her draw and nervous nelly Lisicki in the final.

R16 I don't give a fuck. I don't care about Lizzy. I don't believe in "royalty" and I hate when I hear about her and her family. If the UK wants to live in the dark ages, that's fine but I don't want or need to about the archaic practice.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 5707/06/2013

Queens, there is a whole other thread dedicated exclusively to Miss Williams -- who is OUT of this tournament.

Would you please take your catfight about her over there?

Merci en avance.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 5807/06/2013

Bartoli is the new Tauziat, God that chick was a pistol! Would've have loved for her to gotten a draw like the one that Marion got and shake her can all over Centre Court.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 5907/06/2013

I totally agree, R59.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6007/06/2013

I want to pray with Margaret Court. I long to clean rugs with Moffett-King and go along with Goolagong.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6107/06/2013

Boy what a lovely player Goolagong was, just beautiful tennis and she was pretty sexy as well. She used to be a pretty big deal back in the 70s and 80s what with her own line of active wear at Sears and her Geritol commercials.

I would bet now only older fans know of her, but back in the day she was the one everyone cheered for over prissy Chrissie. In fact, the rivalry for all time was supposed to be Chrissie/Evonne, not Chrissie/Martina. Actually when Chrissie was dominating in the mid-70s, Evonne was a far bigger challenge to her than Martina was, and also explains why Martina's record in Grand Slams versus Chrissie's looks so good, because when Chrissie dominated Martina never made it to the finals, Evonne did. When Martina was dominating Chrissie was still there and still beating everyone but Martina.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6207/06/2013

I thought we were only supposed to be talking about Bartoli.

Marion, I hoped you would give Lisicki something real to cry about today. And you did. Thanks!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6307/06/2013

You know, I really think Sabine will win today. She's having a tough first set, but she can leave the court, have a good cry, and just restart the match in the second set. I'm flashing back to my first Wimbledon final, and I was overwhelmed in the first set by Billie. I lost six-love.

But Sabine has all the weapons to beat the Maria's and Aggie's and Na Li's on tour. And you know, she's such a big strong girl. But then Marion. Marion has such a tough game too, because that return of serve. But, you know, all the pressure is on Marion because she's the higher ranked. And you know, the pressure, it's not easy dealing with the pressure. But Sabine is so flat. She just looks flat out there. You know, it's hard when you're flat. Flat flat flat. Flat.

You know Sabine just needs the maturity to compete with these girls. Back in my day, it was all serve and volleyers, and I didn't have to play against these big groundies. Because back in my day, Martina had that big slice serve, but Evonne was so graceful.

Marion is doing much better this year because she has friends. I remember back when I played, and I was so close to all the other girls, you know, hanging out with Martina and Pam and the rest of the girls.

I'm sure Serena will win more though. She's such a champion, and she'll pass Martina and me, for sure. Even though Graf won more than me, I'm not going to talk about her because she's not American.

But I think back to my day, and the Tracy's and Andrea's were so young, and now you just don't see that. But, yeah, Serena for sure will win the US Open. But you can't count out Maria, she's so tough. You know, she's so professional and so motivated. But back in my day, I remember playing Martina, and they don't get more committed than that, really.

Oh - Marion won? Ha, ha, ha! I picked Sabine, but I've been wrong all event, haven't I? I picked Sabine because she has all the weapons, and Marion, well she's not in the best shape, honestly. You know, back in my day, Wendy had the same physique and she could still win. But it's tough with the power today. All the girls are so strong. You know, maybe I'll get my picks right at the US Open, ha, ha. You know, back in my day, the US Open was played on clay.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6407/06/2013

It's so bizarre that Lisicki and Pironkova don't seem capable of playing well off of grass. They have the games for it but for whatever reason, they time the ball the best in rallies on grass.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6507/06/2013

Hilarious, r65! Spot-on!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6607/06/2013

Don't watch Wimbledon then, r58.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6707/06/2013

I'm happy for Bartoli. I knew she had a good chance. The dominant players were out of the tournament and she took advantage of this opportunity. I still feel bad for Radwanska because Wimbledon was hers this year. But I'm still happy for Bartoli. People will still make fun of her but at least she's a GS winner.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6807/06/2013

Is it true that Evert has gone back to calling herself "Chrissie"? Isn't she getting close to 60? Odd.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 6907/06/2013

I'm happy for Thomas Drouet and wish him well.

It's good that he's found success with a team that is more welcoming of his perversion. All is good so long as he keeps that shit away from my boy!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7007/06/2013

R70, I think they do that because there is a male colleague during the broadcasts who is also named Chris. They do it to distinguish the two.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7107/06/2013

Also privately Chrissie has always gone by "Chrissie," at least to close friends and family.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7207/06/2013

R68 what a crazy royalist. Wimbledon is about tennis on grass in the UK. Lizzy and her other inbred family members are nothing more than a sideshow. They're not the "stars" of Wimbledon; the tennis players are.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7307/06/2013

I'm happy for Marion and I'm pleased for Sabine that she did as well in the tournament as she did.

Unfortunately for Marion this is one of those victories that people will always look at a little side-eyed in the future. It's impressive that Bartoli didn't drop a set in any of her 7 matches - none of them even went to a tiebreak. But she was the No. 15 seed and she didn't play anyone seeded above her.

Not her fault of course, she can't dictate who her opponents will be and she did what she needed to do to win. It just seems that the victory is always considered more significant when at least one top tier player is taken down along the way.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7407/06/2013

In the past Bartoli has beaten Serena at Wimbledon, at least.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7507/06/2013

Goolagong was pure joy to watch. No one moved like her. Total grace.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7607/06/2013

Marion seems genuinely nice. It could all be an act, but what a refreshing change from the usual.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7707/06/2013

Yep, if Serena couldn't win, I'm glad Bartoli won. She holds the new record for playing the most grand slams before winning a title.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7807/06/2013

What R79 said, word for word.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 7907/06/2013

I would have thought that distinction belonged to Schiavone.

How do you suppose Judy is prepping her boy for tomorrow's battle?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8007/06/2013

R63, I used to love watching Evonne, she and Chrissie had the most beautifully played matches. I don't think two women players will ever match the grace, elegance and precision those two played with. WHET Evonne?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8107/06/2013

R63, after retiring, she moved to the US with her (British) husband, before they eventually moved to Australia. To quote Wikipedia

[quote]Goolagong spent some time as the touring professional at the Hilton Head Racquet Club in South Carolina before returning to Australia. Goolagong was a member of the Board of the Australian Sports Commission from 1995 to 1997 and since 1997 has held the position of Sports Ambassador to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. Goolagong was appointed captain of the Australian Fed Cup team in 2002. In 2003, she was winner for the Oceania region of the International Olympic Committee's 2003 Women and Sports Trophy. Goolagong also runs an annual "Goolagong National Development Camp", with the aim of facilitating Aboriginal children playing competitive tennis.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8207/07/2013

Both Djokovic and del Potro seem like guys who, when drunk, would love a blowjob from another guy. They exude a certain 'frattiness'.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8307/07/2013

Murray about to win.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8407/07/2013

And is the MAN !!!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8507/07/2013

Does Andy have wide hips?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8607/07/2013

Novak couldn't breathe because of the heat.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8707/07/2013

Is that what he's saying, R88?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8807/07/2013

I think the Joker deliberately threw the match so the crybaby Brits could have their little victory.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 8907/07/2013

No, that's my opinion based on his history of breathing troubles in the heat. His post-match interview hasn't been posted yet. I predicted that Andy would win but not in straight sets.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9007/07/2013

R87, I think he does. Do you agree? Any other tennis players with wide hips and/or feminine asses?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9107/07/2013

Sabine basically said that she had a hard draw, having to take out several grand-slam champions and Bartoli's draw was easier so she was fresher.I'm surprised she was so honest. But on the other hand, one could conclude that Sabine was more battle tested and match tough than Bartoli.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9207/07/2013

It looks like he does, R92. I have to think a little about your question.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9307/07/2013

This is my favorite Lopez pic. I wonder why his ass isn't as famous as Rafa's? Is it his ranking? There are a lot of underrated asses in the ATP.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9407/07/2013

So now the Cubs and the nation of India are all alone as permanent sports failures.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9507/07/2013

Ok, now that the Brits have their Wimbledon, can they find something else to obsess over? Will they be a little bit less obnoxious when Andy is playing? Doubt it.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9607/07/2013

Bradley and Gerard were at Wimbledon too.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9707/07/2013

When Murray went up into the stands, did he and Dani kiss?

It was impossible to see from the camera angle that ESPN had because it was directly behind Murray.

But when they embraced, Dani did put his one hand around the back of Andy's head like you would do if you are about to plant a passionate kiss on a guy. Maybe it was just a reflex from force of habit.

And when Andy pulled away to hug his good friend Kim, Dani gave a quit, possibly nervous, look around to see who caught that.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9807/07/2013

[quote]did he and Dani kiss


Best day of my life!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 9907/07/2013


by Mirka's Peepsreply 10007/07/2013

R102, John Lloyd still has a chance.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 10107/07/2013

Dear loser Tim,

Fix your goddam teeth.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 10207/07/2013

that's some curious combination...

by Mirka's Peepsreply 10307/07/2013

Oh God! What's with all of these celebrities loving Murray? Ugh!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 10407/07/2013

It's been 77 years since the last known gay man won a grand slam title. Gottfried von Cramm won the French Open in 1936 for the second time.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 10507/07/2013

Did Bartoli's girlfriend win the mixed doubles?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 10607/07/2013

Is it safe to say that all of the Top Ten men on the ATP Tour are at least bi?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 10707/07/2013

Yes, R108.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 10807/07/2013

I don't think Mladenovic is Bartoli's gf. Amelie Mauresmo is the French Fed captain and has been doing a lot of team bonding and support work with the French players. So they are most likely just friends and patriots.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 10907/07/2013


Everyone picked Lisicki.....

From the McEnroe brothers, to Martina, to Pam Shriver, to Mary Jo Fernandez, to Evert.

I don't know if it was nerves or an empty tank after beating Williams and Radwanska, but LiSicki just didn't have it. I wanted her, but I also didn't mind Bartoli taking it.

This morning when the ESPN crew was talking about all the pressure on Murray to win it, J. McEnroe said.... just remember what happened to poor Sabine LiSicki.

On another note, Bartoli and Sabine sure have some thick ass legs.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11007/07/2013

congrats to Andy. Now if only a Frenchman would win the French and an Australian would win the Australian.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11107/07/2013

This was 1 of the worst Wimbledons ever. I'm not a fan of either winner, and only neutral on the 2 finalists.

The only solace is that when the Champion's Ball pics come out tomorrow, we'll get the most hilariously ugly duo ever of Murray and Bartoli posing together. I can't think of a more boner-killing combo.

Hopefully the USO and USO series will be much better.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11207/07/2013

I thought it was a great Wimbledon. So nice to see NEW BLOOD WIN.

Murray over Djokovic in 3 fucking sets is DAMN IMPRESSIVE.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11307/07/2013

I thought about the ball pics too. What a sight....

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11407/07/2013

Yeah, Sabine has a pretty face, a great smile, and a couple of stubby, thick legs.

She's young and 23 and will be the one to dethrone Williams, especially on grass.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11507/07/2013

R99 I'm pretty certain he kissed him on the forehead, could be wrong though. Again though have a really hard time believing Kim is a beard, her hands were visibly trembling when they showed her watching towards the end of the 3rd set. Rafa I could see maybe being gay, the other 3 I seriously doubt. Anyone have any idea why Judy's never sitting with his team? I'm sure they haven't always made her sit a few rows back.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11607/07/2013

Sabine is cute.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11707/07/2013

Chris Evert, Vorld's Vorst Commentator?


Vat about me?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11807/07/2013

The power comes from your legs. Just think about throwing a punch or a ball. So those thick legs give Sabine the power she has on her serve and FH. As far as dethroning Williams, it's unlikely as Williams has 16 or 17 majors and will likely end her career with more. Also, given William's history, I'd be surprised if she lost to Sabine again on grass ( think Sharapova). If by dethrone, you mean take over the reigns once Williams retires, that's more of a possibility but still not a sure thing as Sabine is mentally fragile and inconsistent.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 11907/07/2013

I seriously doubt that Kim is a beard. I've never had the vibe from Murray and I just don't see it as credible.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 12007/07/2013

Yeah, well, let's just say that Williams is a little long in the tooth.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 12107/07/2013

Djokovic had to have been exhausted from winning the longest semi in Wimbledon history. Kudos to Murray, however.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 12207/07/2013

Yeah, Murray played well but not so well that he should have beaten Djoker in straights.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 12307/07/2013

It was nice after the trophy presentation when ESPN had a camera in the stands behind Judy Murray.

When Dani was climbing the stairs, he stopped to hug his mum-in-law and as he embraced her he lifted her up off the ground. While she had her arms wrapped around him, he said something like "You're happy now? You're finally happy, hey?"


by Mirka's Peepsreply 12407/07/2013

Who the fuck is Dani?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 12507/07/2013

I think Kournikova is having a blond (bleached?) moment at r112.

She doesn't seem to catch on that all of the comments at r65 are direct on-camera quotes from tennis commentator extraordinaire Chrissy Evert on the day of the ladies final.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 12607/07/2013

[quote]Who the fuck is Dani?

I think the question is, Who is fucking Dani?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 12707/07/2013

One of these days I am going to learn how to keep score in tennis. The little box kept saying "Championship" and Andy would win a point and I expected him to fall to his knees and weep. Didn't happen and it didn't happen again and again. Finally I saw "Championship Point" and that's when Andy fell on the ground.

Am I that stupid or is tennis scoring that difficult to follow?

Love is nothing, tie breaker, first serve, out, let, lost's all Greek to me.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 12807/07/2013

I think he and his gf will break up soon. It's been 7 years already and no ring. I don't think he's that interested in her anymore. I also think she loves him more than he loves her.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 12907/07/2013

I hope Murray isn't stringing her along like Sampras did his first serious relationship. She was a promising attorney but sacrificed her career because he wanted her to travel with him full time. She organized his day, cooked for him, did his laundry, everything. She wasn't allowed to be too near him while he was sleeping as he was very fussy about not letting anything, not even a blanket, touch him. They were together for between 7 and 9 years. When she pressed for a commitment, he dumped her.

He then started dating actress Kimberly Williams then saw Bridgette Wilson in a movie and asked his manager to arrange a date with her. They're still married, but he looks awful now.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13007/07/2013

It's not that hard, r131.

The terms are odd but you need four points to win a game but you must win by two. If each player wins three points during a game, it's called deuce. To win that game, a player must win by two points. "Ad" or "advantage" means one side has won one of the two points. If they win the next point, they win the game. If they lose the next point, it goes back to deuce.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13107/07/2013

[quote]he looks awful now


Wasn't it Agassi who said that Sampras looked like he'd just fallen out of a tree?

Almost makes me like Agassi.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13207/07/2013

Yeah. Agassi's no prize either, the pigeon-toed bald little midget.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13307/07/2013

Lisicki's face is fine but she needs to get those fucking teeth fixed! They're like fangs and are an eyesore. I don't understand why she doesn't do something about them-it really would make her look better.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13407/07/2013

The discussion about bad teeth in tennis starts and ends with Murray, and those little vampire fangs.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13507/07/2013

Bartoli uses two hands on the racket. I thought that wasn't allowed.

Any DLers play that way? I was tempted to because I am quite think and the backhand is hard.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13607/07/2013

Did you know this, DL tennis fans?

Murray attended Dunblane Primary School, and was present during the 1996 Dunblane school massacre, when Thomas Hamilton killed 17 people before shooting himself. Murray took cover in a classroom.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13707/07/2013

Yes it's allowed, remenber Monica Seles? And yes I knew that about Murray.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13807/07/2013

Say what R139?

Evert was famous for her two handed backhand.

And then came Monica Seles.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 13907/07/2013

Are you drunk, r139?

I agree that you are quite think.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14007/07/2013

R140 yes it's only been discussed like forever, like.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14107/07/2013

[quote]Bartoli uses two hands on the racket. I thought that wasn't allowed.

Some tournaments allow it some not. Wimbledon allows it, but come US Open Bartoli will have to switch to one-handed. Same goes for Nadal.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14207/07/2013

I did not know that, r140.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14307/07/2013

I think R139 is just learning the rules of the game, not drunk.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14407/07/2013

Agassi got hotter when he shaved his head. His looks are holding just fine.

Look at Sampras' Wiki page. He's got a "tanning mom" thing going on, and his hair is thin and patchy.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14507/07/2013

I actually didn't know it, R144.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14607/07/2013

LOL R145

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14707/07/2013

So which tennis players have wide, feminine hips or feminine butts?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14807/07/2013

So who has the bigger dick,the Serb or the Scot?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 14907/07/2013

Djokovic is tinymeat. Murray is averagemeat. They like to dock with each other. Nadal's ass likes to watch.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15007/07/2013

Did we ever figure out who is the gorgeous guy that hugged Judy Murray after his win today? I was jealous of her.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15107/07/2013

R148 Yes Agassi is aging nicely.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15207/07/2013

Agassi is aging nicely if you're into gnomes

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15307/07/2013

At the end of the match I wanted Murray to say to the crowd "now will you please shut the fuck up and get off my back?"

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15407/07/2013

Oh R156, you exaggerate. Agassi is hot.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15507/07/2013

After retirement it's like tennis players' looks fall through a trap door. They go away so quickly. The reason for that is they no longer have low bodyfat and toned muscles. They become soft looking.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15607/07/2013

Graf still looks great, R159.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15707/07/2013

What ages the women so badly is all that time in the sun. Evert and Austin, in particular, look older than their age because of sun damage.

Seles looks great (front row, third from left). Hingis (to her right) looks good too.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15807/07/2013

Loved this Wimby. Serena, Roger, Maria, Rafa all lost. Serena is a cunt royal, Roger is a prickly 'maestro' and Maria the American playing for Russia, all suck. The only one I felt bad for was Rafa. Azarenka? Really she defaulted? She could won the tournament. Her injury was not serious at all.

Aggie Radwanska must be kicking herself; she had a 7-0 edge against Bartoli. Lisicki just choked worse than Novotna in 96. Bartoli is beyond quirk - but I love her! She seems sweet and her personality will be a draw. She may not get cosmetic or clothing endorsements but her 'genius' status might get her some computer ads or something.

Glad Sue Barker was not as insipid as usual with her post match questions. Andy Murray is so dry, so typically British. Boy is he going to clean up with endorsements. Ginny Wade got a ton of them after 77 Wimbledon. Where was Ginny? Saw Ann Jones in the Royal Box but no Ginny.

A great summer of tennis ahead up to the Open. A total four way fight between Andy, Novak, Rafa and Roger to the US Open. Fed is playing minor tourneys to get his points up; Rafa's knee is a question mark, Andy and Novak are going at it for no. 1. The women - Serena I would expect to start pulling out of tourneys, same as Maria. That has been their pattern over the years.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 15907/07/2013

no one looks as hot as Sabatini

by Mirka's Peepsreply 16007/07/2013


by Mirka's Peepsreply 16107/07/2013

R162, who are you to say Azarenka's injury wasn't serious? Why would she pull out if she thought she was well enough to win? She wouldn't.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 16207/07/2013

Who'd you rather - 58,350 votes

Maria 60%

Sabine 25%

Serena 15%

Who'd you rather - 33,574 votes

Rafael 48%

Novak 26%

Andy 26%

by Mirka's Peepsreply 16307/07/2013

I'm glad Murray won only because I don't like Novak and Federer was out. But Murray is a bore.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 16407/07/2013

Murray is one of the cuntiest male players ever. That entitled attitude he had even before winning a slam is just so obnoxious. He'll be even worse now. I hope he crashes out of every tournament the rest of the year. This Wimbledon had potential with Sharapova, Azarenka, Federer and Nadal all losing early but ended in a joke with Bartoli and Murray winning.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 16507/07/2013

I know it's a long shot, but I SO want Rafa to win the Open. One more hard court, plus 2 or 3 more FOs will make him a serious contender to Fed as the GOAT.

And I like Novak, but I'm glad Murray won. Just to get the monkey off his back.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 16607/07/2013

I know the face is not great, but Murray's chest, legs and ass are so fucking hot!

And oh, he plays great tennis too!

Glad he won!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 16707/07/2013

Do you all think Andy's foreskin is tight and musky? I ask only because Rafa is so curious.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 16807/07/2013

I think that Lisicki' thought she had it in the bag, because what was the diva reason for her making everyone wait for her, at the start of the match?

Glad she lost.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 16907/07/2013

So is Bartoli gay or does she happen to only employ gay people as her coaching staff?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17007/07/2013

R164 Too bad Kevin was not there. They can put on a good show together.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17107/07/2013

Has Wimbledon lost all of its credibility and honour by giving Murray easy draws and in particular the horrible way the crowd behaved in cheering and applauding Novak's double faults and bad shots.

Wonder what John McEnroe had to say about it on American tv, I know he failed to mention it on British tv in the semi final but wasn't the applauding of double faults Johnny Mac's big pet hate.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17207/08/2013

r161 Is that Wozniacki next to Mauresmo (back row 3 from right)?

Bitch is practically breaking her arm not to touch Amelie... what a cunt.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17307/08/2013

R74, whether you like it or not, tennis on grass in the UK has royal links, especially Wimbledon and the preceding Queen's tournament. The Queen's Club is, well, named after a queen. The All England Club, the tennis club in Wimbledon where the tournament is held, has Lizzie as its patron and her cousin the Duke of Kent as its president.

For many people, part of the “magic” of Wimbledon is all the Olde England stuff: the tradition, the English lawn grass courts, strawberries and cream, white outfits for the players, no play on the first Sunday, the royal box. Most top tennis stars say that when they were a little kid, hitting balls at the garden wall, it was Wimbledon they dreamed of winning more than anything else. Because of all that "magic".

You’re a few centuries out and looking at the wrong country for the “inbred” thing. Also, and apparently you're not aware of this, but royals are ceremonial heads of state, they don't actually exercise any power. As for being archaic, it's interesting, isn't it, that almost all the countries in Europe with same-sex marriage have royal families, and, similarly, almost all the constitutional monarchies have same-sex marriage.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17407/08/2013

R137, her teeth don't look like fangs they just look like human teeth, unlike those awful fake plastic-looking American teeth with their perfect straight lines that are not found in nature.

Nonetheless, I can't quite tell whether Sabine is good-looking or not. She certainly is from certain angles but from other angles she looks a bit fug. She is a player with huge potential but her playing and mental approach were awful on Saturday - which is a good thing as it means there is a lot of room for improvement and if she works on that then she could be a great player.

I think what r117 means by Sabine dethroning Serena is that Sabine may be the next up-and-coming great women's player, as opposed to the flunky players women's tennis is full of now.

Murray's win was well-deserved although Djokovic should have put the heat on more. R168, Murray did have an entitled attitude in the past but I think no more. His losses then, when he thought he was the greatest thing, taught him a lesson and he put it to good use. I think it's quite obvious, especially with Lendl as his coach, that he's put in a hell of a lot of work, physically, mentally. His ability, determination and mental alertness in going after some of the most awesome shots from Djokovic, returning the ball when it was seemingly impossible and winning the point was amazing.

Murray is a sporty man who is not afraid to cry, you gotta love that. And, Djokovic's comments after the match, praising Andy and the whole tournament, were dignified and very charming.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17507/08/2013

ITA that Murray deserved this win. He worked VERY hard for it, over years. His ass and legs are amazing.

The Joker is cuter, and was extremely gracious in defeat. I love him. But where's his ass?

Amelie Mauresmo and Monica Seles look fabulous. Poor, fundamentalist Maggie Court looks like her face is carved into a withering apple. WTF has Henin done to her hair? And who let Capriati out of the slammer for that photo?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17607/08/2013

Seles looks terrific in that photo as does Davenport. I think Steffi Graf would have made it a much nice photo! And throw in Sabatini whether or not she was a number one player.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17707/08/2013

I agree with other posters that, much like Sampras and Agassi, Murray will dump his long time girlfriend. They've been together for 7 years which means he was 19 when they met. He'll be looking for another woman soon. Maybe Robson?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17807/08/2013

Agree with R181. He apparently answered an interviewer he questioned him about marriage that he had never thought about it. This means that Ice Queen Kim is not the right girl. If he doesn't know after 7 years he will never know.

Kim should dump him after that comment.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 17907/08/2013

I was happy Murray won for 10 seconds. He is now coming off so conceited. He barely broke a smile in subsequent interviews and still came off and his moany whinny usually self.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18007/08/2013

R182, when people in the public eye are asked if they're going to get married and then reply with something like "we haven't got any plans yet" it doesn't mean they aren't in a genuine relationship or that they won't marry, simply that they don't want to have the media all over them. If Murray had said "yeah, we're thinking about it in the next couple of years" then the press hounds would be all over them.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18107/08/2013

Novak did not play with anything near his usual fire, but all credit to Murray for not yielding to pressure and coming back in the 2nd and 3rd sets. His draw was not really easy, considering both Fed and Nadal were in his half. Who could have predicted that they would both flop out in this tournament

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18207/08/2013

Martina Hingis looks really pretty now and elegant.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18307/08/2013

Martina Hingis is a CUNT. Everyone hates her.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18407/08/2013

r161, thanks for that photo. I've been wondering why The Hun (Steffi Graf)'s ugly mug hasn't been seen at any of the Love 40 celebration dos. Does nobody else find this a little weird? Who's she feuding with?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18507/08/2013


[quote]Andy Murray is so dry, so typically British.

He's actually snarly, surly, and very, very cuntish—all wonderful traits that are typically Scottish. Which is why I like him so much :-)

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18607/08/2013

Odd how Murray forgot to hug his Mom, she had to call him back.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18707/08/2013

The English crowd was disgrace to every opponent that played against Andy Murray. Andy Murray is Scottish not English. The English have always looked down on the Scottish and felt superior to them ,but because the English can't produce a champion they want to claim Murray as their own. Ridiculous.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18807/08/2013

Judy says hi haters.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 18907/08/2013

Brad Cooper and Gerard Butler were sure chumming around.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19007/08/2013

I'm surprised they let Bartoli in at the Champions Ball. She looked like a $5-a-blowjob hooker. Didn't anyone tell her it was a blacktie affair? And Kim Sears looked like 50 year old suburban housewife in her

Judy Marray actually was the best dressed one, it seems.

Oh, and Dani V, looked so handsome in his tux

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19107/08/2013

R177 / R178 written like a true, idiotic, Brit. It's an irrelevant point you made about gay marriage and countries that still believe in the silly concept of "royalty". It's still stupid regardless to pretend that people are born better than most because of who their ancestors are. I know about all of Wimbledon's traditions and I don't give a fuck about any of them. I enjoy seeing tennis played on grass. Lizzie, her fellow inbred family members, the "royal box (aka pretentious BS)" the stupid no-play on middle sunday rule and the all-white dress code are tired, stale and archaic parts of Wimbledon. None of that is "magic" to me. The tournament would be better without them. The Olympics last year showed how awesome Wimbledon would be if they cut that nonsense out. Go ahead though, keep believing in your absurd fairy tale notions.

As for Lisicki, you give away your British identity by defending those fangs of hers. Way to reinforce stereotypes lol. Her teeth are white but they are not attractive. They need to straightened and possibly filed down.

Additionally she is a 1 surface wonder. Lisicki may be the next great grass player but she certainly won't surpass Serena on clay or hardcourt. Anyone following tennis knows Lisicki has sucked off of grass.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19207/08/2013

Murray will always be known as the vulture slam winner-only winning when draws fall apart and his opponents play like garbage. He is also 1 of the least likable slam winners ever. NO charisma, charm or attractiveness inside or out.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19307/08/2013

Speak for yourself R196. Some of us are drooling over Murray's hottness

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19407/08/2013

I am with [R197]

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19507/08/2013

Is Dinara Safina gone forever? She barely lasted a hot minute.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19607/08/2013

R195, your post is so funny, but in the kind of funny that means someone's a bit of an idiot, not the kind of funny that suggests that they're good, witty company.

Btw, Wimbledon isn't supposed to be the way YOU want it. And the Queen wasn't even there, so what the fuck were you even complaining about to start with.

And, what's wrong with being British? Lisicki is German, she has German teeth. Look around at the teeth of people from various countries, only Americans get their teeth filed down for "aesthetic" purposes.

I never even said Lisicki was going to surpass Serena, I said she may be the next up-and-coming great women's player, as opposed to the flunky players women's tennis is full of now. Seems that you're still bitter she knocked Serena out.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19707/08/2013

Calling someone who beats the World no 1 in the US and Wimbledon finals, and him and Federer in the Olympics a 'vulture slam winner' is ludicrous.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19807/08/2013

[quote]After retirement it's like tennis players' looks fall through a trap door. They go away so quickly.

I beg to differ, R159.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 19907/08/2013

now we are hugging...

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20007/08/2013

Ivan Lendl teaching someone not to be a head case? How can he teach what he never learned?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20107/08/2013

R200 I'm giving MY opinion and don't care if you or anyone else agree. I brought up that hag Lizzie because someone else asked if she would attend. Then you defenders of inbred, excessively privileged people showed up to debate.

Nothing is wrong with being British or any nationality; what's annoying is when someone defends archaic, antiquated and foolish traditions as if they feel a personal attack.

There is no such thing as "German" teeth-you're an idiot for that comment. Plenty of Germans have nice teeth, not fucked up fangs. There are Brits who have good teeth too but when you defend unattractive teeth, you play into the British/European stereotype. You're totally wrong about "only Americans" having their teeth fixed. A lot of younger people (under 35) in countries around the world are starting to catch up with the idea that good, neat teeth is something we should aspire to.

I answered you about Lisicki-she will only be a factor on grass. Just watch what happens during the hardcourt season coming up. She will win a few rounds and then flop out. If you don't know she's a grass specialist by now, you're not following tennis closely.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20207/08/2013

Stefan Edberg looks like furrowcheeked withershit. Sorry, R202... Find another example.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20307/08/2013

[quote]Lisicki is German, she has German teeth.

Actually, if you want to get technical about it, Lisicki is a German of Polish ancestry.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20407/08/2013

[quote]But Andy's victory caused his mother an unusual problem. "I've just been selecting my dress for the champions' ball and I've never worn a long dress in my life before," she said. "But I will be tonight, with great pride."

Never worn a long dress in her life before? Is this confirmation that Judy is a lezzy?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20507/08/2013

I thought he could have been more emotional, they (the BBC) kept trying to convince us he was emotional, but he looked neither happy or overwhelmed. In all the interviews afterwards he was moody and unresponsive, at times mardy, glum and aloof.

He played a good game, but there is no rivalry, Novak will be No. 1 for a while yet, Murray lucked out on home turf.

BTW Brad and Gerry looked like a couple of gays getting married in their sweet, but vulgar, matching suits.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20607/08/2013

When Murray loses he's Scottish again.

He was the same after the USO win, R209. And up until that point he always claimed that the USO meant the most to him. He seems dead inside.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20707/08/2013

I was watching his interview on SKY NEWS, it was astonishing. He never once smiled, it was as if he had just won a match in the first round of some satellite tournament. The interviewer was pushing hard for some emotion, but nothing.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20807/08/2013

Also, I can't tell if Sabine is pretty either. Female attractiveness has to be obvious for me to see it. I can see that Ivanovic is a beauty and Kirilenko is pretty. I imagine that Sabine can fill out a dress quite nicely but I can't tell if her face is pretty. People would say Hingis was pretty and I thought they were insane, but in that pic I can see it (work done maybe?). Is a woman considered pretty or a true beauty if she's only pretty with makeup? That's a real question, not a statement. I wonder if male attractiveness has to be obvious for lesbians to see it?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 20907/08/2013

Is it a cultural thing or is something just wrong with Murray? His mom shows emotion.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21007/08/2013

she looks fine here (Bartoli)

the commentator was a dumb sexist pig

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21107/08/2013

Ivanovic could very well be the most gorgeous female athlete ever. Really, really striking beauty and not just beautiful "for an athlete" which is usually the case.

I love how BJK and all her Elton John glory sits front and center as if she was the greatest player of all time, instead of a woman who won the majority of her major titles when her greatest rival (Margaret Court) was retired or pregnant.

BJK has really done a number on the media in terms of putting forth her own historical agenda which makes her one of the all-time greats while diminishing Court's achievements.

While I certainly don't agree with Court's views, I do believe she could've been the greatest player of all time and has the numbers to back it up, and yet is usually an afterthought in those conversations behind Graf, Navratilova and sometimes Evert, none of whom have won as many titles as she has.

It's very telling that Court is buried in the back row, while King sits front and center. Yet Court is the one with 24 Grand Slam singles titles to Kings...12.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21207/08/2013

r215, spoken like someone who is truly ignorant of history.

When BJK founded the WTA (which is why we're watching, gobsmacked, as women players take home £1million+ for winning Wimbledon) 40 years ago (which is why they had the photo shoot you're referring to), Margaret Court was actually against the idea, and was ready to back an ITF-endorsed circuit that would have kept the women in their place, earning a pittance, relegated to the backwaters of "real tennis" (i.e. the boys' version). To be honest, the very young Evert also took some time before she came around, but when she did she was fully behind the WTA and their battles for more pay and greater visibility.

Margaret Court is standing just where she should in that photo—way up the back. The photo is to immortalise the 40th anniversary of the WTA, which was BJK's little baby, and a courageous and amazing example of feminism at work.

Margaret Court has 24 GS titles, and good on her. BJK founded an association that spoke to women's liberation and fought for the women who played their guts out, often for as little as $50 and scraps for winning a title. Margaret Court was NOT on board for a long, long time.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21307/08/2013

I was struck by the fact that Andy had to go back to hug his mother. He made his way through that whole section with the hugs and the kisses and was on his way back to the court when apparently someone let him know that he forgot to hug Mummsy. Then he had to climb back into the section and give her some sugar. It didn't look particularly emotional either. Strange.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21407/08/2013

I love Murray and his game. He worked hard and earned this. He simply wanted it more than Novak.

He did on interview on Bloomberg, and said sportsmen "definitely get paid too much". He was thoughtful and genuine.

And he has got an absolutely ROCKIN body.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21507/08/2013


It's kind of hard to play your best when you can't breathe. Look, I picked Murray to win as soon as Rafa and Fed went out, but Djoker was obviously impaired in some way. You have to be insane if you think Murray was playing well enough to beat Djoker in straights in a GS final. No one in the ATP is playing THAT well.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21607/08/2013

Oh, please, R219.

The simplest answer is that Djoker was tired from the DelPo match and had an off day. And Murray played better.

Tough nuts. That's tennis.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21707/08/2013

R215 you're right about Ivanovic. A lot of the women look much better when they're cleaned up and wearing makeup/hair done etc but Ana looks gorgeous even on court without makeup and with her hair pulled back. Just a stunning woman. Sharapova is so lucky that Ivanovic turned into a headcase after the 2008 RG. If Ana had kept up her form, she would have at least 2 or 3 slams and would be paid higher than the overrated Shrieker.

Sloane Stephens and Laura Robson are 2 more players who could strike it really big and rich if they win a slam or 2. Both very pretty girls.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21807/08/2013

Djoker has come back from incredibly long matches before to win the title ( and against much better opponents). This man is incredibly fit and is thoroughly prepared for long matches. He wasn't tired, he has documented breathing issues, particularly in hot weather.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 21907/08/2013

Yeah, it's amazing that Ana looks like this after a match. She could be a supermodel.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22007/08/2013

Unfortunately, I'm not sure that Ana would get as many endorsements as Sharapova since she isn't blonde.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22107/08/2013

R207, she's of Polish parentage but raised in Germany, which is the cultural context which shaped her teeth values. She currently lives in Florida but thankfully she has not been influenced by the surrounding culture to turn her teeth into something no human has naturally.

R212, I have that thing with Lisicki as well: from some angles she's hot, from other angles she's fug.

So, when Murray cries he's showing too much emotion and should just stop it but other times he seems emotionally dead? Maybe he's just exhausted and overwhelmed. I saw him smiling plenty after his win.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22207/08/2013

omg R225 the British ugly-tooth defender has been spamming this thread about how ugly teeth are natural and hot. Plenty of people are born with teeth that don't shoot out like fangs. Not everyone with nice teeth has had work done. The rest of the population just need good braces. If you like vampire/dog/wolf teeth, that's on you, but in the modern times, nice teeth are where it's at. Lisicki is an average looking blonde who can clean up fine, but when she smiles, god damn it just ruins everything.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22307/08/2013

I loved the fact that Wayne Rooney was in the Royal Box. Of course.

Thought Judy looked very nice in her dress for the ball, not many 53YO women can or would go sleeveless.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22407/08/2013

R226 you're making the mistake that the rest of the world has the same aesthetic values as Americans. They don't. Unnaturally straightened overly white teeth aren't seen as attractive elsewhere. It's more common in Europe for people to find natural more attractive. It's become fashionable in Japan to intentionally have little snaggle teeth inserted as they are considered cute and have more character. You'll get over it.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22507/08/2013

R227 I didn't enjoy seeing his hair plugs.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22607/08/2013

R229, I just thought it was funny. The Duke of Kent, Cameron, Salmond and ... the Rooneys?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22707/08/2013

R228 most younger people you meet who can afford it have nice teeth. Why? because it looks better. Some people have NATURAL teeth that are straight and white, while others get dental work to fix the problems. You're making an incorrect assumption that bad, ugly, fanged and crooked teeth are the only "natural" teeth out there. That is not true. Maybe you have horrid teeth and that's your issue, but don't knock others for wanting young people who can afford it to make their teeth presentable. I know plenty of non-Americans who have nice teeth.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22807/08/2013

Well, Ana didn't keep up her form...not even close, and Sharapova had to battle back from a pretty serious shoulder injury, so I give credit to Sharapova.

Ana turned herself into a 1 time fluke. She needs to work harder.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 22907/08/2013

[R216] I know my tennis history quite well and also know that you are conflating the Women's Tennis Association with the original Virginia Slims Professional Tour, which began in 1970.

Court (and Evert, and Wade) chose to play on the USLTA circuit (the "establishment" circuit) instead of the Virginia Slims tour. The two tours came to agreement in mid-1973 before the establishment of the WTA, and as such Court never "refused to be a part of the WTA" as you suggest.

My issue with King is primarily concerned with the propaganda folks like yourself promulgate as fact without any account for the remarkable and far more significant contributions made to the development of the women's tour by Gladys Heldman and players such as Nancy Richey and Glady's daughter Judy.

It was Gladys and not BJK who set up the event in Houston in 1970 that got the women's tour started as well as bringing about the sponsorship by Phillip Morris; and yet Billie Jean is more than happy claim and take credit for single-handedly making the women's tour what it is today, when the reality is that she was but one of many.

This is not to say that BJK's contributions to the growth of women's tennis have not been significant but really if anything it was her Battle of the Sexes match that brought attention to the sport (in late 1973 long after the tour had been founded) and had it not been for the ascenscion of Chris Evert as star and golden girl women's tennis would not have survived the 1970s let alone become the multi-million dollar enterprise it is today.

Billie Jean has put forth her own version of history which occasionally wanders over into fact, but too often she is more interested in promoting her own legacy, something which others involved cannot contradict either because they are deceased (Gladys Heldman) or lack the expansive public forum that the U.S. media has given to King.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23007/08/2013

Sorry R231. Most Europeans don't give a fuck about bad teeth. They consider veneers as low rent and God help those who have a whole mouthful of luminous choppers. Very white, ultra straight teeth look fake and fake is unattractive.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23107/08/2013

Agree R234

some people's new and "improved" teeth look utterly ridiculous!

I think Sabine has a pretty face and an awesome smile, but her legs are not attractive in the least.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23207/08/2013

R234 and R235 ugly teeth defenders! No one is saying those over-the-top fake teeth are good. We're saying straight white teeth are nice, that's it. It's neater. Fanged, gapped and crooked teeth are just so ugly. Sabine would look better if she cleaned that mess up. I've met plenty of Euros who had nice teeth.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23307/08/2013

As far as tennis players go, Billie Jean King is the cuntiest cunt who ever cunted. This nasty, loathsome, abrasive, beastly creature is only good at one thing: self-promotion. And the gullible sheep all buy into her version of tennis history.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23407/08/2013

I say, props to Bartoli for her outfit! She looks like a loon sometimes on court, with all shadow-strokes and jumping about behind the baseline, but she seems very sweet, authentic, and original off-court.

I like her.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23507/09/2013

Thought this was a tennis thread but seemingly not. Crooked teeth can be straightened with braces. This is fine. A whole mouthful of bright white veneers to me is the same as having dentures which I find a bit disgusting.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23607/09/2013

hopefully the USO will have better winners. We need a new men's slam champ to break through, or for Del Potro to reclaim his place. No more for Mugray, Djoker, Nadull and Olderer.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23707/09/2013

Andy will retain his US Open title! And so will Serena!

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23807/09/2013

Unless you're a dentist, it's ridiculous to expect all people with a certain level of income to have straight, white teeth. Teeth that are crooked may not be the esthetic ideal, but neither is having an off center nose, or an asymmetric face. Teeth asymmetry can make someone more unique. It has become some cultural norm to expect people to alter crooked teeth, but it's quite bizarre if you think about it.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 23907/09/2013

Please, people, enough with the teeth. Can't we all just talk about me instead?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24007/09/2013

Sadly the mainstream in the UK don't give a fuck about tennis. It's seen as an upper middle class game by Chavs (working class) and the lower middle class. It's not like football, rugby or even cricket. The majority of people in the UK don't care about tennis.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24107/09/2013

How can Andy and Serena both retain Andy's title, R241?

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24207/09/2013

None of these people have their own teeth. Ruined by PED. We are just talking about good or bad veneers.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24307/09/2013

R244 It's incredibly offensive to describe all working class people as chavs and also total bullshit. The majority of the UK never really care about tennis because we've had no decent players until recently and unfortunately a lot of people here need that. As a result some Brits become idiotically patriotic and embarrass the rest of us, everyone I watched this with thought some of the people in the crowd were OTT and really needed to shut the hell up. I say this as someone who is fed up of all the union jack waving that's been going on lately. We're actually not all toothless royalists still hung up on the empire who see every sporting event as an opportunity to be as obnoxious as possible, shocking I know.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24407/09/2013

Yeah, I tried not to judge the crowd too much since I know they were excited but roaring every time Murray won a point and loudly cheering Djoker's mistakes was too much. That was some poor tennis etiquette on display.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24507/09/2013

Whatever, r248.

I'm just glad the crowd was cheering for Andy and not Djoke.

They were idiots last year when they cheered hard for Fed.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24607/11/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24707/11/2013

R247, Please, by Tuesday it was sidelined, by Wednesday it was completely forgotten.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24807/11/2013

Andy Murray's Wimbledon win - averaged 12.1m viewers, a 72.8% share of the audience between 1.45pm and 6pm peaking with 17.29m (79.63%) for BBC1 - the biggest audience of the year to date and the biggest TV audience since the Olympics.

Yeah R274 is right, nobody is interested, nobody watches.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 24907/11/2013

I think it's Murray stand offish persona that could be a factor in why it's dissipated from the press so fast.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 25007/11/2013

R252 I didn't say nobody watched it. Mostly football is the big sport here and tennis is a two week a year thing for most Brits. The ratings for this year with a brit with a chance in the final were about triple the ratings for the 2011 final which still had a respectable 5.5million (43%) audience share that year. Less than 400k people watched him win the US Open which was on a channel everyone here has (to my knowledge; the figure I found was in a forum post so it may not be accurate). That channel is ITV4 which usually shows reruns of 80's crime series. There were a few articles last week about our relationship with Wimbledon/tennis in general (attachment to the old fashioned presentation of the tournament by the BBC etc) and one of them suggested that the reason ITV bought rights to show the US open and put it on that channel rather than it's main one reflects the general demand to watch the sport. It's not exactly comparable because I think it was on a lot later. R251 I meant in general with all the Royal stuff, Olympics etc recently. R250 That you cared enough to read it and then reply to it is incredible for me, I don't need anyone else to be interested.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 25107/12/2013

I feel quite sure that Murray's delectable ass and tree-trunk thighs have legions of new admirers...

by Mirka's Peepsreply 25207/12/2013

The only thing Murray has going for him, in the eyes of the sponsors is press is that he's British. If someone from let's say Netherlands with Murray's game style, looks and personality just won Wimbledon, no one would care.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 25307/12/2013

You're obviously neither an ass man nor a student of tennis, R256.

You obviously *are* a hater.

by Mirka's Peepsreply 25407/12/2013

I don't care if no one else watches. I will always be there for Andy

by Mirka's Peepsreply 25507/12/2013
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