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Looks like another one walks out on Jennifer Aniston

Radar says Justin Theroux is living full time in NYC, while Jen is full time in LA Down goes another one.

by Stephen Huvanereply 2507/03/2013

What a pity. Don't worry, Justin. It's her. It's not you. Consider yourself lucky.

by Stephen Huvanereply 107/02/2013

He's making a movie, and she's in and out of town, OP. They just bought a huge house together, redesigned to his & her specifications. Of course she put more into it than he did because he is poor in comparison to Jennifer.

But the whole point is to sell it in a few years and he'll recover his investment and make a profit. It's called building wealth. He is also getting more work. For that he will happily drink her piss. So no, the rumored break up is not true, it's wishful thinking for someone.

by Stephen Huvanereply 207/02/2013

Thank you, R2. The break-up nonsense is just that. He's filming in NYC and she's shooting commercials in LA. It's called "work", OP, not a break up. Seriously, move along, there's nothing interesting to see.

by Stephen Huvanereply 307/02/2013

You'll see. A bit pre-mature, perhaps, but this will not end well for her. Meanwhile, he's upped his profile ten-fold.

by Stephen Huvanereply 407/02/2013

He dodged a bullet.

by Stephen Huvanereply 507/02/2013

Always the victim, never the bride!

by Stephen Huvanereply 607/02/2013

Justin Theroux is totally gorgeous. I'd marry him just to have someone beautiful to gaze at if I were Jennifer.

by Stephen Huvanereply 707/02/2013

Isn't she pregnant? Seems I've been seeing magazine covers to that effect forever -- his baby?

by Stephen Huvanereply 807/02/2013

Now she'll have to console herself with all her Beany Babies again

by Stephen Huvanereply 907/02/2013

What is wrong with this girl? The nastiest whore in town can get married, as long as she has money.

Aniston's not particularly attractive but the only things I've ever heard are that she's dumb, a cokewhore and a narcissist. None of them is a barrier to marriage in this town.

So what is it with her?

by Stephen Huvanereply 1007/02/2013

That bitch, goddammit! The summertime news was supposed to be about me, me, me and my mulatto baaaybeee.

by Stephen Huvanereply 1107/02/2013

Do we know who left who.

by Stephen Huvanereply 1207/02/2013

Wow. Never saw that coming.

Meanwhile, he's been seen around NYC with Liv Tyler.

by Stephen Huvanereply 1307/02/2013 reported last week that Justin wants to live fulltime in NYC while Jennifer does not and wants to live primarily in Los Angeles.

And that this disagreement has caused them to postpone the wedding, and now the wedding taking place at all is in jeopardy.

by Stephen Huvanereply 1407/02/2013

You queen are too funny. They are doing fine.

by Stephen Huvanereply 1507/03/2013

They were just at McDonald's together over the weekend.

by Stephen Huvanereply 1607/03/2013

Justin in NY.

Filming a new movie for HBO.

by Stephen Huvanereply 1707/03/2013

Honestly, she should have married and divorced a gay pal after the Pitt breakup, just to keep the fraus from clucking that she can't find another husband. That's become her image in the media, and it's not an appealing one.

Not that I'd want to get married if I were in her position, if I had her money I'd spend my time between relationships toying with the local surfers.

by Stephen Huvanereply 1807/03/2013

I LUST after Justin Theroux.

by Stephen Huvanereply 1907/03/2013

What is so funny about this is that fraus don't really care if she is married or not. This is all manufactured by the media. Most women in her demographic would rather be in her place, free, rich, fit, able to travel anywhere, afford everything, etc, instead of tied to a boring husband, kids and a boring job.

The idea of having a series of Long Term Relationships with hot guys (not including John Mayer) is pretty pleasant as well.

I really think it is more men, and the media who don't understand how a woman can be happy on her own.

If she were really the clingy desperate woman she is portrayed to be, she would move her ass to NYC to be with her man. If that story is true, that she doesn't want to live there, then what that tells me is she is fine being on her own, and doesn't feel the need to compromise or give in just to hold on to a man.

by Stephen Huvanereply 2007/03/2013

Justin Theroux is absolutely gross.

by Stephen Huvanereply 2107/03/2013

This is so all you queens can simmer down...Justin is back in LA.

by Stephen Huvanereply 2207/03/2013

She should just do like Elizabeth I and marry America

by Stephen Huvanereply 2307/03/2013

gross? did you not see that bulge in R-17 link?

by Stephen Huvanereply 2407/03/2013

He's hot, but being with Aniston makes him not . Does that make sense ?

by Stephen Huvanereply 2507/03/2013
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