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Edward Furlong

He looks absolutely shocking now. What caused those huge bags under his eyes?

by He used to be so handsome ...reply 307/02/2013

No, he wasn't that good-looking. Cute yes, but a lot of kids are cute, even those who grow looking like trailer-trash.

by He used to be so handsome ...reply 107/02/2013

That's what lots of drugs and booze does.

by He used to be so handsome ...reply 207/02/2013

Must be meth.

Such a shame. He was a cute kid; he had another good role after T2 in American Heart with Jeff Bridges. I guess he went off the rails after that.

There must be some kind of Terminator curse -- Linda Hamilton looks like death warmed over these days too, and the actor who replaced Furlong in T3 because Furlong was too messed up has also been in and out of rehab and looks like shit.

As for Schwarzenegger, well...

by He used to be so handsome ...reply 307/02/2013
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