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What do we think of the Back Bay?

by Anonymousreply 607/02/2013

I just sent a month working in Back bay and love the area. Wealthy without ostentation like that horrid UES

by Anonymousreply 107/02/2013

Beautiful home, but the video spends a LOT of time showcasing the beautiful antique furnishings and objets d'art. Also, methinks this young man doth mention his kids too much. Did he father them with a lesbian surrogate, and does his Massachusets Gay-Married husband also enjoy the house? Mama sounds like a pip, to describe the place as a "nine-holer." With enough money and adequate staff, I could enjoy it, too.

by Anonymousreply 207/02/2013

It's quaintly large. You know, it would be the perfect place to store all the empty promises Mitt and I made to America.

by Anonymousreply 307/02/2013

I didn't see any stables on that patio, Ann.

by Anonymousreply 407/02/2013

If you like Old Lady Style then I guess it's OK. Not exactly a show stopper.

From a design standpoint its nothing special other then it's size and some architectural details.

by Anonymousreply 507/02/2013

I love the remark about small gatherings, of 30 or 40...that's a crowd to me.

by Anonymousreply 607/02/2013
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