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Bravo's "Below Deck"

I want to see the gay porn star hook up with someone on the boat.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 24610/04/2015

The person I was watching with said that Aleks has the dead eyes of a sociopath. Also, I feel like I've seen Sam on an MTV show before.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 107/01/2013

It looks like there's another thread... It didn't show up in my search. We can stick with that one, R1.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 207/01/2013

Nobody watched this show? It was my favorite new Bravo show and it ended it's season last night.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 308/27/2013

I didn't catch the finale but I too really like this show. I really like the British chef. I hope they bring it back. Were the ratings decent?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 408/27/2013

I had no idea that David Bradberry has a porn background. In fact, I assumed it was a DL fantasy, until I Googled him. On "Below Deck" he's so cool that "butter wouldn't melt in his mouth", as the saying goes. On the other hand, his mouth sure as Hell wasn't chilly back in his porn days.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 508/27/2013

The gay porn star said he did porn because he needed the money. I don't get why these guys have to lie. Just be honest and say, "I need attention. That's why I'm on reality TV now. I like and need the attention."

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 608/27/2013

What purpose did porno David serve being on this show? He just sat around smiling his fake Botox smile and watched the other castmembers get drunk and argue. He had no storyline what-so-ever. What a waste of space.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 708/27/2013

[quote]What purpose did porno David serve being on this show?

There are a lot of gay porn stars on Bravo. Two is too many.I think Andy Cohen is playing into the stereotype that gay men are porn addicts and so they will tune in. Or maybe there is a hint of truth about porn addiction and gay men. I'm not sure. Datalounge makes me wonder sometimes.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 808/27/2013

Lets' not turn this into another Andy bashing thread. We are talking about Below Deck. David was sweet thru the entire show, porn past or not and his lover showing up last night was really touching.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 908/27/2013

What the heck is the appeal of this show? It gets very good ratings, and I can't understand it.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1008/27/2013

So, with the gay porn star, was he supposed to be "straight" fucking guys or something? Because he's gay and that throws a wrench into the lives of gay men who believe that shit.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1108/27/2013

Is no one watching Season 2? It's fucking awesome.

I was so rooting for Andrew in the beginning, but now he has proven to be a liar and a major fuck-up. He needs to go.

Eddie is still cute, but not as lighthearted as before.

Ben is still a dickwad and Kat is still a selfish bitch. No wonder they're fuckbuddies.

I liked Kate until this week's episode. She has major bitchface, and she doesn't seem to understand that she is on the mega-yacht to provide the best service possible.

I have a feeling that when she watches herself back after the season is done, she will be doing major damage control ala Heather Dubrow. Nobody will hire her after this show.

I like Kelly and his sister. I also think that Kelly is deeply in the closet. He sets off my gaydar like a 5 alarm fire! I laughed when his sister (who is so sweet!) said that she used to dress him up in girls clothes and makeup. Oh, dear.

My mouth dropped when that Georgia lady gave the crew a 15,000 dollar tip. She's awesome! Little did she know that bitchface Kate and lazy ass Kat were talking crap about her behind her back.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1208/28/2014

Fucking awesome, r12??? You need to get out more.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1308/28/2014

R13, please go the fuck away.

You are a Debbie Downer on every single thread. If you don't like the subject matter, then just move the fuck on.

Unfortunately, you have this strange need to make people feel bad about liking something.

Not only is it sociopathic, it's also quite pathetic.

I never concern myself with other peoples' likes and dislikes. I just concern myself with... myself.

I guess in your case, it just makes you feel better to make other people feel bad. You're disgusting.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1408/28/2014

That Georgia woman was a horror. I can't imagine working for these tasteless, ghastly, classless arrivistes with no manners.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1508/28/2014

Kate looks far older than her actual age, whatever it is. She's not aging well. (What is she, in her early 30's, if that.)

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1608/28/2014

Kelly has a fantastic body and BDF but he's got a set of ears on him.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1708/28/2014

I find Eddie adorable.

I enjoy Kate's bitchiness, I would probably have the same attitude as she does if I had that job.

Andrew is a total idiot, with privileged white boy entitlement issues. If this wasn't a tv show he would've been fired but they're keeping him on because his incompetence is such a major plot point.

When is someone going to "drink on charter" so there can be some actual drama?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1808/28/2014

How much do they make for each charter? $11K they only got 1K each? That's not buying you Birkin bags Kate or facial fillers. Kate is hunting for a sugar daddy and she is pretty fetching, wonder why she hasn't succeeded? Bitch face?

Eddie put on some weight this season.

Andrew could be gay too.

I think Kelley may be gay too. I think he could go both ways at least.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 1909/03/2014

Kelly is the hottest guy in the bunch, although he's quite awkward. He's always making strange faces, and he seems to be emotionally fragile.

This latest charter was awful.

The "Primary" customer was really mean to Kate, calling her bitchy.

The crew has a nasty attitude, but they all work really hard. I can't imagine waiting on people hand and foot and serving their every need and whim, from early in the morning to late at night.

You get very little sleep, and you work like a dog when you're awake. It takes a hearty person to be part of a yacht crew. Most people would fold, just like Andrew did.

Btw, was this Hollywood guy gay? He brought along some of his blonde female friends, and a couple of straight people, but the Primary seemed to be there with his boyfriend, who was sitting next to him at breakfast.

Anyone know who he is?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2009/03/2014

I love Kate. She's professional, does a great job, seems to get along with the other crew members and is not to be fucked with.

I want to know what went on in Kelly's childhood/past that's made him so fragile. His sister seems to be carrying around a lot of guilt about leaving him when he was younger.

But I do find their relationship to be very sweet and genuine.

Didn't think I'd like this crew as much as last seasons but I actually think this season is better.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2109/05/2014

Kelly is hot - but I love actually all the guys. It was right of the customer to comment on Kate's bitchface. He was professional about it and Kate actually loved him right before hand.

Kate does have fillers and botox and is scarily thin. I wonder what her story is.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2209/05/2014

I just realized that Ben the Englishman completely reminds me of Bear Grylls.

Ben's fuckable but he also seems like a maniac.

I loved Kate's story about how she was kept by an older woman. She had a sugar mama! And her sugar mama was kept by a much older sugar daddy!

I can easily see Kate with a woman. Maybe Adrienne the closet lesbian from last season?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2309/05/2014

I ran into an old friend last year, after she disappeared for 4-5 years when she worked as a "yachtie" or whatever they call themselves.

Season 1 had just ended and I asked her if she ever ran into anyone on the show. She said yes: Ben and Adrienne.

She said she worked on 1 charter with each of them, but not at the same time. For the rest of the time she did it, she'd run into them often whenever they were "off charter." She said the group of "yachties" was actually small and most people knew each other. Her gossip, if you can call it that:

-Ben was one of the nicest, coolest people she met during her whole 4-5 year experience. Yes, he could be a dick in the kitchen, but he took his job more seriously than anyone else on the boat and off charter he was someone everyone wanted to be friends with. Also interesting is that she said the chefs on these boats usually make more $/salary than the captain.

-Adrienne was a regular "stew" and a complete slut and drunk, basically the complete opposite of how she was on the show and did much worse than they ever showed Kat doing. She wasn't the chief stew, but she was engaged to the captain of the boat she was working on so she didn't work very hard and none of the other crew could give her shit about it. The most interesting part: despite being engaged to the ship's captain, she never missed going out "off charter," getting wasted and fucking any and every guy she could. My friend said she was nice enough, but she was never considered anyone's friend b/c all she did was get wasted and look for her fuck of the night. Like the men she fucked, she wasn't particular about where they did it, which was usually the bar's bathroom or anywhere on the beach.

Sorry for the long post but I never hear 1st hand gossip about anyone on these shows, even if they're low budget reality shows.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2409/05/2014

Adrienne came off as one of those insecure people who was in way over her head which is why no one respected her. They could smell the fear. Isn't she featured in coming attractions for the rest of this season? Maybe she'll replace Kate if Daddy Bear Captain fires her.

Telling Kate she was coming off as a bitch was way out of line. She's there to do a job, not smile and dance every time you're bored.

Most of these guests really seem like assholes. I want to know where they get their money.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2509/05/2014

Kate is easily in her mid-30's, possibly late. If she didn't have a frozen face she would probably smile much more. It was unprofessional of her to make the penis shape our of the throw but it was also out of bounds for the guest to say she looked like a bitch. She seems to run a tight ship. This career path seems kind of dead end to me unless the end game is finding a rich suitor.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2609/06/2014

Andrew was the only reason I watched that show. He needs to be kept as someone's toy.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2709/06/2014

Delicious, r24, thank you!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2809/06/2014

Eddie has gained some weight but he's still the cutest guy in my opinion.

There is something about Kelly's personality that I find annoying, maybe it's the fact that he laughs at his own commentary or maybe it's just the fauxhawk.

The charter guests seem to be getting progressively trashier, I feel sorry for Kate to have to deal with these awful people.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 2909/06/2014

At first glance, it appeared Kate has a raging eating disorder. (No body fat, awful facial skin texture (too much sun instead?), dry, course hair, tightly wound/perfectionistic personality, etc.)

However, upon closer look, her body type possesses none of the tell-tale physical attributes, as her thin body type is natural.

One way to spot unnaturally thin people:

No matter how thin they are/become, in the front of the arm pit, between the arm pit and chest/breast, there's a distinct "V" fold of skin, where the arm pit/chest area separate. No matter how thin they become, it's highly likely there's a weight problem (over weight) somewhere in their family background. Chances are, they'll eventually grow in to it as well.

Check it out.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3009/06/2014

R30 do you have an eating disorder? Jesus.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3109/06/2014

I'd like to see the boat flip over & the entire crew eaten alive by sharks, on camera.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3209/06/2014

I'd love to know how much the guests pay to charter the yacht. The tips that are left are pretty sizeable so the cost per week must be really really expensive.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3309/06/2014

I've heard them mention the figure of 100K but that seems steep for a 3 day tour.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3409/06/2014

"my favorite new Bravo show."

Oh dear.

Poster needs to go back to his classes to which he undoubtedly rode the short bus.

what a waste of human time and thought, Bravo.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3509/06/2014

R35 Compared to the rest of the shit on Bravo, this is class. It's not that bad. I've watched. Have you?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3609/06/2014

Capt. Lee looks like he just reeks of Polo by Ralph Lauren, like the rest of those old guys, sporting gold neck chains and bracelets.

I think I'm gonna puke just thinking of that possibility. Yuck, Gag, gag, gag . . .

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3709/06/2014

Lol R37. Is Capt. Lee into the homosex? He has no wife or gf to speak of.

He seemed to take a liking to Andrew, haha.

Andrew is a colossal fuck up, and I'm wondering how he ever got past the Bravo screeners?

I mean, he had NO previous yachting experience, and as Eddie, Kelly, and Geneese mentioned, he could have really gotten hurt or hurt someone else.

That is a major screw-up by whoever cast Andrew on this show, and they should honestly be fired.

It's not like the Housewives, where it really doesn't matter. On the open ocean, if you don't have real experience, somebody could get hurt.

They had no choice but to fire Andrew.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3809/07/2014

R38, try not to lose too much sleep over it. The show is scripted just like every other Bravo "reality" show. The drama is fake and Andrew was right out of central casting.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 3909/07/2014

R34 - I think it's more like $100K a week, but it depends on the boat.

That boat is pretty massive, so it'd be more than that. Probably $200K per week.

It seems like a huge waste of money - I just don't get the appeal. Sure all your food and drinks are included, but you're really just hanging out on a boat for several days.

I would get tired of that really quickly.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4009/07/2014

I can't wait for this weeks episode! Kate risked messing up everyone's tip making that rocket ship on the asshole's bed. Total loss of professionalism.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4109/07/2014

R12, that is a lot of writing for someone not concerned about R13's remarks about you needing to get out more.

LOL, sorry.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4209/07/2014

Kelly's kiss on Sheneese was so fucking awkward. Like what he thought a straight guy would do. Oy.

He basically grabbed her like a caveman and gave her an unwanted kiss. She looked completely repulsed. And then he ran away after that, sensing that the kiss was not at all welcomed. AWK-WARD.

Eddie cracks me up. He's so deadpan in his comments. He takes his job very seriously, but he has a good sense of humor, too. I really like Eddie, and I want him to make me pizza.

It's also hard not to like Kate. She's such a contradiction. On the one hand, she's a hard assed, stone cold bitch. On the other hand, she's so sweet and vulnerable. I never know how to deal with those kind of people because they have a cold exterior and a soft interior, and you never know which one you're going to get.

Another good tip from a bunch of assholes. I can't even fathom someone giving 18,000 dollars as a "tip." It's kind of mind boggling.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4309/10/2014

Eddie needs a long, leisurely tongue bath!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4409/10/2014

And where do they get all the cash?? Who carries around 18K in cash?

I wonder how it normally works?

Kate gets bonus points from me for referencing Bitchy Resting Face. Fabulous!!

Kelley's kiss made me think he "really" is gay.

Why does Kat speak with a British accent on occasion? Is it from her time with Ben?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4509/10/2014

Kat wants to go to the bah!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4609/10/2014

I'm curious as to why men don't bunk with men and women with women. It just seems odd that Kelly and Jenese (?) are sleeping right on top of eachother. I think Kelly and Andrew should have shared a cabin. And Kelly should have taken the top bunk. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4709/10/2014

Bravo's website says Kate is 31. Anyone else think she's older?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4809/10/2014

[quote]Why does Kat speak with a British accent on occasion?

That's a Rhode Island accent with a soupçon of affectation, RR45.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 4909/10/2014

So is Adrienne completely out of the closet now? She seems to be the girlfriend of that Beverly lady who chartered the yacht.

In next week's previews, they're even shown to be SCISSORING each other!! Lord have mercy!

Ben and Kat are complete trash. They're both really skeevy. Kat is a drunken cheating whore, and Ben is a drunken cheating whore who needs anger management. What a fucking DIVA with his "food artistry." Serving dinner at 10 pm? Fuck that... fire his chav ass. And yes, he's definitely a CHAV.

I think Kelly was using Geneese as a beard. Notice how quickly he gave her up and moved into Eddie's room? I'm sure that's what he wanted all along. Too bad Eddie's straight, though.

Why does straight Eddie get all the cute gay guys to bunk with him? First he had porn star Dave, and now he gets frustrated and angry closet case Kelly. Seems like everybody wants Eddie.

Best thing about this episode? Compass the dog! What a cute schnauzer.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5009/18/2014

Eddie is so handsome.. He seems cool too. Kelley needs to stop doing that dumb thing with his hair but he is so dreamy. The man is gorgeous. I love how sweet and sensitive he is too. All in love with that girl...who should back off on the mixed signals btw.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5109/18/2014

Eddie was cracking me up this episode when he was reading the one guy's summary page, booze, bro, booze!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5209/18/2014

R50 someone said upthread that Adrienne was a slutty cockhound. I loved Eddie's reaction to seeing her, he swam away. Eddie is the best!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5309/18/2014

[quote]And where do they get all the cash?? Who carries around 18K in cash? I wonder how it normally works?

That works out to be around 10%-20% of the charter. My brother is captain of a white boat that is chartered out.

People get the word out that tips are appreciated in cash, since being on the water all the time makes banking hard.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5409/18/2014

[quote]Bravo's website says Kate is 31. Anyone else think she's older?

No way. Early to Mid-40s.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5509/18/2014

Kelly is so theatrical it's laughable. Straight men don't obsess over one woman and then run away and cry when they're rejected, they just don't, even if it wrecks them emotionally they won't allow anyone to see the blow to their confidence.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5609/19/2014

R56, how many straight men do you know? Some of them are major drama queens!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5709/19/2014

Eddie and Kelley need to 69 pronto!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5809/19/2014

I started watching for the first time to see Trevor Knight but it looks like the gay guy is no longer on the show?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 5909/19/2014

I love the show, mainly because of all the gratuitous shots of the men's delicious bare feet! Especially Eddie's and Kelly's. Yummy!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6009/19/2014

I'm hoping that now that Eddie and Kelley are roommates, there will be scenes filmed in their cabin of them shirtless, in their underwear, or ideally both.

There are two very hot guys on this show and we get basically no skin from either, and it's a show that takes place in the Caribbean! Come on Bravo, throw your gay audience a bone here...

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6109/23/2014

I am a ticking time bomb waiting to go boom.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6209/24/2014

The new guy, Logan, seems relatively normal. Hopefully that doesn't mean he'll be boring.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6309/30/2014


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6409/30/2014

More Bev and Adrienne scissoring!!

Oh, and Kat is a stupid whore. Can you imagine sucking your friend's boyfriend's dick while your friend is sick?

And now she's trying to cock block Amy and Logan.

Kat is such trash.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6509/30/2014

Ben kissing Kelly's shirtless chest on the stripper pole? Hottest thing ever.

Second hottest? After Kelly got drunk and passed out, Eddie says, "put him in my bunk."


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6609/30/2014

"You're the only man I've ever seen wear a tampon." WTF?!??!?!??! Or the guy laying on the bed presenting his hole to Kate when she asked if they were ready for the scavenger hunt.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6709/30/2014

[quote] "You're the only man I've ever seen wear a tampon." WTF?!??!?!??! Or the guy laying on the bed presenting his hole to Kate when she asked if they were ready for the scavenger hunt.

Yes, but he replied, "but I wore it well!"

ROFL. That, and the scissoring was just too much.

The best one-liner was by Capt. Lee, when he was saying bye to the dog Compass. He whispered to the dog, "I'm sorry you have to go... with THEM."

Hahaha. That was a fun charter!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6809/30/2014

What else did Captain Lee say something like "I'd rather drag my dick through glass" or something along those lines. Compared to those other fuckers, Adrienne and Compass the dog were the most normal.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 6909/30/2014

I love this show.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7010/01/2014

"Second hottest? After Kelly got drunk and passed out, Eddie says, "put him in my bunk.""

Where did Eddie sleep that night? After everyone has gone to bed, they show Jennice in the room with Kelley, and Eddie is nowhere to be found. Did he sleep in her room with Amy?

There are definitely things going on behind the scenes that we don't see, and it's fun to try to figure them out. I don't buy that Eddie isn't fucking anyone on that boat.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7110/01/2014

[quote] I don't buy that Eddie isn't fucking anyone on that boat.

Eddie has stated that he has a girlfriend back in Baltimore, and he really seems like a stand-up kind of guy, so I would totally believe that he's faithful to her.

Eddie is a very straight kind of guy (not only sexually), and he seems like he doesn't tolerate bullshit. He's very conscientious for such a young guy, and that's a huge compliment to him.

As much as I would love for Eddie to be the man of my dreams, fortunately and unfortunately, I think that what you see on screen with him, is exactly what you get.

He's quite a rarity on reality television, but he certainly gives me hope for the millenial generation.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7210/01/2014

Kat is such a gross skank. That's all.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7310/01/2014

I think if Eddie were drunk enough, he would allow "something' to happen

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7410/01/2014

Hot Kelley Johnson naked selfie... NSFW

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7510/04/2014


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7610/04/2014

No fucking way, R75!!!

Where the hell did you find that, and how did he let it leak???

Boy is shaved from head to toe. He's gay, alright. That selfie wasn't taken for a woman - I'd bet money on it.

Some guy is probably trying to out him.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7710/04/2014

R77 - I ran across it on a Tumblr, compared the tats and yep, it's him. Posted to another site (DL was in Primetime lockdown so I couldn't post here), next thing you know another blog picked it up... Here is the other SFW pic.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7810/04/2014

R77, shaving does not equate to gay these days. All the straight guys are shaving now. Go to any hetero nude resort, locker room, etc. They're all smooth like that. :)

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 7910/04/2014

Hmm... the pic at R78 doesn't look like Kelley, but the one at 77 does.

Are you sure they're the same person?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8010/04/2014

Yep - the tats don't lie...

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8110/04/2014

Inline this time maybe?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8210/04/2014

Nice, R82.

Kelley is so much hotter with his natural body hair. He needs to stop shaving like a girl.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8310/04/2014

That's an impressive dick too. Shame it doesn't have a nice bush to frame it. God I hate the shaving trend. It will soon die off now that the straights are doing it. Assuming he is straight..

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8410/04/2014

R75, lord have mercy, that dick!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8510/04/2014

No wonder he cheats on his gf on the show. Everyone must experience that.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8610/04/2014

Those rugby guys were really into Kelly. The show is going to great lengths to make Kelly seem straight, but the first time I saw him, I could swear I had seen him before (in gay porn?). That big dick of his upthread makes me even more certain that I've seen him before, but I still can't place him.

Anyway, it seems that he may be leaving the yacht next week. I really hope he doesn't because he's the only one that keeps me watching.

Kat, the captain, and Kate are total assholes. They all came across as really homophobic when Adrienne and her gay friends were on the yacht. I've come to loathe these three.

I really wish they'd do a "behind the scenes" episode.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8710/04/2014

R87 I didn't pick up on any homophobic vibes. Gay or straight, those guests were trashy assholes, hence the problem.

I love Kat.

I thought the rugby guys were a little too into eachother. The one guy who jumped on his little buddy and thrust his crotch in his face was looking for more than just a cruise.

I hope Kelley doesn't leave.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8810/04/2014

Kelley used to be in the military. He should have auditioned for ActiveDuty because he would have been PERFECT for that website.

He has the face, the body, and certainly the DICK to be in porn.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 8910/04/2014

So if we had to guess how big Kelley is, at R75, what would it be? Six inches?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9010/04/2014

Sure, R90. Six inches SOFT.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9110/04/2014

Wasn't the guy Kelley replaced from last season a gay Marine who did porn? Just a coincidence, or does Eddie request he have a least one hot gay Marine working with him at all times?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9210/04/2014

[quote] or does Eddie request he have a least one hot gay Marine working with him at all times?

Eddie's hole is insatiable.

He may appear straight, but that doesn't quench his hunger for cock.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9310/04/2014

Capt. Lee and Adrienne #1

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9410/04/2014

Capt. Lee and Adrienne #2.

Omg, are they a couple???

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9510/04/2014

Eddie and Dave Porn Star from last season.

Omg, so hot!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9610/04/2014

LOL, R93

Eddie and David from last season

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9710/04/2014

R96, you beat me by a minute with that photo, well done.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9810/04/2014

Eddie wants you all to know something.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 9910/04/2014

Kelley confirmed it is real via Twitter

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10010/04/2014

Suddenly the show got a lot more interesting and penisy.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10110/04/2014

I used to like Ben, but I think both he and Kat are pretty skeevy. They didn't come off too well on WWHL the other nite either.

Glad Andy questioned her about why she didn't apologize to Amy.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10210/04/2014

I like Kate not Kat. Kat is a skeezer. I also like Kelley's dick but with a side of hair please.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10310/04/2014

Make Kelly the star, fire the fish, move it to HBO, and call it "Below Dick."

Now that's how to retool this show. No pun intended.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10410/04/2014

Suddenly, I think Kelley is going to get asked out on dates a whole lot more...

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10510/05/2014

So - obviously these charters are a ton of money and there is a very small segment of the population who can afford these. But I have a question - how the fuck do they keep busy?

There can't be THAT many people who want to charter yachts in the Carribbean at $10 or $15K per day, can there? Wouldn't many people with that kind of cash to burn own their own boat?

This isn't the only charter boat.

So the tips may look nice, but how do they keep consistent bookings? Don't they work on one boat for the season - that would make a lot more sense.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10610/05/2014

How does Kelley stay so ripped when he stuck on boat for months?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10710/05/2014

I think Kelley will be getting a lot of porn offers now.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10810/05/2014

I wonder how Amy feels about the pics?

It has to be weird for a sibling to know (and maybe see) that some nude pics of your brother or sister are on the internet.


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 10910/05/2014

I say Kelly has done some porn for one company or other. Likely candidates: Active Duty, All American Heroes, Military Classified, Sean Cody, or Randy Blue.

I hope that if it's out there, someone finds it soon, even if it's just a solo.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11010/05/2014

I think Kelley is great, as a matter of fact he's perfect...for my mouth.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11110/05/2014

I wonder if Eddie has ever sent a naked photo to someone...

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11210/05/2014

Where are the anus pics??

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11310/06/2014

If Kelly was straight, wouldn't he put the moves on Kate before trying his luck with that mousy girl?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11410/06/2014

Eddie is dreamy

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11510/06/2014

Vote for KELLEY (and his GIANT SCHLONG!) on WWHL. Message his name to 27286!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11610/07/2014

Andy just had Kelley strip down to his boxer. Riffs on was a game

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11710/07/2014


Thank you for stripping, Kelley, and for wearing those tight boxer briefs! That GIANT BULGE was amazingly luscious!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11810/07/2014

Here is Kelley stripped on WWHL

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 11910/07/2014

Mother fuck he's hot!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12010/07/2014

When we he present his anus?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12110/08/2014


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12210/08/2014


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12310/08/2014

I hooked up with this guy when he was using these pictures on Grindr a few years back. He's a self destructive mess and pornified closet case masquerading as a straight hunk on Below Deck. Total bottom that certainly knows his way around a cock and balls.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12410/08/2014

Eddie looks twice as old as Dave in R96's photo.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12510/08/2014

What a bunch of entitled assholes. And I mean the crew, not the passengers.

I can just imagine how bad nearly all of the passengers this season must feel, after being shit-talked behind their backs, by this entitled, whiny, lazy pack of twats.

I used to be a Kate fan, but no longer. She doesn't have bitch resting face. She just has bitch face, because she is one. Her inner haggard completely shows on her face.

Ben is a psychotic mental case with severe anger management problems. He shouldn't be working anywhere near knives.

Kate is a drunken slut who constantly complains about HER JOB. She wants the money, but she doesn't want to do the work. I hope she never gets hired by ANYONE, ever again.

Kelley is okay, but he's kind of whiny too. He's either crying, or feeling sorry for himself, or acting like a douche. Captain Lee is right - one would expect more of a former marine.

The only decent people on the yacht are Eddie and Jennise.

Eddie is a real hard worker, he's a straight shooter, and he's a decent guy. You can tell that he was raised right, and he is constantly having to keep his asshole co-workers in line, from their drunken brawling, to their complaining, to their laziness. And next week, he has to restrain Ben from his batshit crazy episode. Poor Eddie.

Jennice is such a sweet girl. No complaining, no shit talking. She just does her job, AND she helps out the stewardesses - and she doesn't say a word. She just DOES IT.

Logan seems okay too, but he's new so it's hard to tell.

Captain Lee was so spot-on when he accused them of being judgmental. For fucks sake, Kate, Kat and Ben called the passengers fat fucks and "escorts" and Snookie (aka trash). And they each got 2000 dollars for doing so.

These people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to charter the yacht, as well as paying thousands of dollars in tips, just to be humiliated behind the scenes.

I'm so disgusted by the crew (save for Eddie and Jennice), that I hope they never find work again.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12610/08/2014

R125 = Helen Keller

You couldn't be more wrong if your nose was glued to your ass.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12710/08/2014

[quote]There can't be THAT many people who want to charter yachts in the Carribbean at $10 or $15K per day, can there?

Dear, sweet, naive, R106 . . .

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12810/08/2014

[quote] The 1%

Haha you just reminded me of the small boat confrontation with the Ohana Yacht on this latest episode.

Capt. Lee was pissed about the "right of way issue," and how the small boat was supposed to yield, according to the rules of the harbor.

And the lady on the small boat yelled out, "we have the right of way... stupid one percenters!!!"

Haha that was hilarious, especially since the entire crew are all blue collar working stiffs!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 12910/08/2014

Just curious: What does "pornified" mean? He's addicted to porn?

Kate is such a bitch but she makes for good TV. I'll take her over boring, sweet Amy any day.

I've spent some time with super hot gay guys who "pass for straight" and are convinced that they're God's gift to the world. I imagine Kelley either is or was this type. So tiresome.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13010/08/2014

R124 details?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13110/08/2014

For a form of Bravo non-nutritive media, this is a pretty interesting show. They played it right swapping out part of the cast between seasons, and the relationships are more intense than other reality concepts. It's rare that each character is generally interesting to watch evolve throughout the short season. Unlike other reality programs, I don't find myself fast-forwarding through tedious story lines or losing interest in conflict that feels "constructed" by producers behind the scenes. I think awful Adrien had a role in the show's conception, and it was pretty interesting to see her return for an episode this season. This season can be prurient at times (the pillow stain, the mythology of Kat's past interlope with Amy's old suitor), yet for me this show is still an interesting diversion overall. I like the tight shots of the food, the interior scenes of the staterooms, and I really like the "multiplex" type images of each character as they work between charters. It's pretty neat. That said, I was glad to see lazy, shifty Sam go at the end of last season. Kat and Kate are evolving into a small wolf pack, but Kate is still interesting with her sexy affect and removed personality, and she's funny (that's kind of rare in reality television). You kind of hope Kelly has a secret history because, as a character, he presents an odd combination of traits; super fit, conservative, sentimental and weepy, a little unhinged. That's pretty fascinating.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13210/08/2014

Kelley is also very giving. Cheating on his gf so he can offer the gift of cock to the Latina.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13310/08/2014

Kelley was very giggly in a schoolgirl kinda way. Of course he doesn't want to call out the 'person' who leaked the nude pics. Because that person is probably a dude. And he couldn't wait to take his clothes off. Well, honestly, neither could I.

Is the guest bartender from Top Chef gay? If he's not then he's extremely metro.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13410/08/2014

I'd like to get below Kelly's deck, if you know what I mean.

(If you don't, I mean I'd like to suck his cock until his head caved in.)

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13510/08/2014

Just looked up Kelley's instagram, the only woman he ever seems to be photographed with is his sister.

There is a cute photo of him and Eddie on there.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13610/08/2014

I love how Kelly said he had sent those photos to a "person" and did not use the word, woman.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13710/08/2014

last season Eddie was such a goody two shoes and this season hes developed a sense of humor and his personality has come out

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13810/08/2014

R75 here - Just have to say that I've been active on the internet since the beginning, and this is the first time I've ever posted anything that "made the news". I identified the the nude selfie on another board on 10/2, and on 10/3 it was picked up by OMGBlog and went viral. Next thing I know, Andy's talking about it on WWHL. My 15 minutes of Anon fame. :) That nude had been out there since 5/2014 (I think), but NOONE made the connection to Kelley. Once I posed (reblogged, relinked, whatever) to my favorite board (will not divulge), it spread like wildfire... Glad Kelley is cool with it, as I was seriously concerned that I was being a real prick spilling his secret (he's so emotional).

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 13910/08/2014

R75 here - Just have to say that I've been active on the internet since the beginning, and this is the first time I've ever posted anything that "made the news". I identified the the nude selfie on another board on 10/2, and on 10/3 it was picked up by OMGBlog and went viral. Next thing I know, Andy's talking about it on WWHL. My 15 minutes of Anon fame. :) That nude had been out there since 5/2014 (I think), but NOONE made the connection to Kelley. Once I posed (reblogged, relinked, whatever) to my favorite board (will not divulge), it spread like wildfire... Glad Kelley is cool with it, as I was seriously concerned that I was being a real prick spilling his secret (he's so emotional).

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14010/08/2014

He is emotional because his parents named him Kelleeee

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14110/09/2014

How is Kelley self-destructive, R124? Druggie? Barebacker?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14210/09/2014


Everyone knew Kelley was gay from day one. I don't know who he thought he was fooling.

Although I'm surprised he's a bottom. With that dick, he should be a top.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14310/09/2014

I don't blame them one bit for making fun of the trashy Jersey charter. What a bunch of tactless, classless excuses for humanity.

Did you see Kat offer the water slide to the group, right after Eddie said he's hoped they wouldn't ask for it? That was a bitch move.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14410/09/2014

By the R140/R75, thank you!!

PS- Angelo was the dude from Top Chef DC who had a fiance. I wonder what happened to her? Everyone that Angelo was gay too.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14510/09/2014

Where are the nude pics of Eddie?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14610/09/2014

Kelly Johnson has a beautiful cut cock.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14710/09/2014

So is Kelley bi? It would make sense because he wants to bless all sexes with his glorious schlong.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14810/09/2014

[quote] PS- Angelo was the dude from Top Chef DC who had a fiance. I wonder what happened to her? Everyone that Angelo was gay too.

Do you have dirt on Angelo too, R145? Spill it, please! I always wondered about him.

Wasn't his fiance Asian? LOL, just sayin'.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 14910/09/2014

Eddie doesn't look like he's going to age well. He already looks so different from last season. He's only cute because he's young.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15010/10/2014

You leave my Eddie alone, he is a wonderful boy!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15110/10/2014

I don't understand why some people are so quick to admit the nude picture is of them. They can totally get away with saying it's photoshopped like how Danny from The Real World has been saying all these years.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15210/10/2014

Kelley's photo Wow. After watching WWHLive, he's so giggly. Could he be gay or bi? He did evade pronouns over 'the person' who leaked the photo. Could the whole thing with Jennice been acting? Can the cast members.. Act?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15310/10/2014

Maybe I totally misinterpreted it, but Kelly did not seem "cool" about the leaked nudie shot when asked about it by Andy. Not to blame R75--the "blame" would be for the person who posted it online originally. I thought he seemed pissed off and embarrassed.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15410/10/2014

That was not the first time Kelley had worked a pole...for money.

And I think there are a lot of things about Kelley that his sister doesn't know about.

That being said, Kelley could get virtually any man (or woman) into his bed effortlessly.

Some gay porn company really needs to offer him tons of money and sign him up ASAP.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15510/10/2014

[quote]I thought he seemed pissed off and embarrassed.

Then why admit it was him?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15610/10/2014

Why would Kelley be embarassed of his dick? It's a very decent size. He should be proud. And clearly, he was proud enough to send it to some guy.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15710/10/2014

Kelley probably wasn't pissed about people seeing the photos but rather about the possibility that they would out him. It wouldn't be such a big deal if his whole identity on the show wasn't that he is straight and in love with Jennice.

Eddie is so cute and charming, I'm surprised that some woman hasn't roped him into marriage yet. Unfortunately he's too squeaky clean for there to be naked photos of him floating around.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15810/10/2014

[quote] Eddie is so cute and charming, I'm surprised that some woman hasn't roped him into marriage yet.

Eddie has a girlfriend back in Baltimore.

Yachting is a seasonal thing, so he's only gone for about six weeks out of the year.

Kat, Ben, Jennice, Kelley, and Eddie all had significant others back home, although on WWHL, Ben said he is no longer with his girlfriend, and Jennice broke up with her bf on the show.

I can't imagine that Kelley's "girlfriend" stayed with him after watching the show, although it didn't sound like much of a relationship because he said they had only been dating a few months.

So anyway, yeah, Eddie has a girlfriend.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 15910/11/2014

Does Cap'n Lee have a boyfriend?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16010/11/2014

Peoples, please provide a recap of the recent WWHL episode with Kelly, Kate, and Amy. I missed it!!! (@#!!!)

Was Kate a b*tch on the show? Does she have a sugardaddy? Are Kelly and the Latina still together? Does Capt. Lee reek of old Ralph Lauren Polo and Certs?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16110/11/2014

Where is Andrew? Who's had him?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16210/11/2014

Rich people don't care what you think of them are how good you are at your job. They want you to be pretty and good at helping them reach orgasm. And invisible the rest of the time.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16310/11/2014

Kat is a total bitch - really I am over her cuntiness.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16410/11/2014

I hope there's a Season 3. Don't care about the rest but, if there is, please let Kate and Capt Lee return.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16510/11/2014

Kate was fucking hilarious on WWHL. When that annoying dog comes up to her and starts sniffing her legs she said "not before you buy me a drink". She really needs her own show.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16610/11/2014

R161, there were no revelations. There were undertones of few gay jokes pointed at Kelly. You could also tell Andy had an attraction to Kelly.

The game had Kelly strip down to his underwear. Damn, what a fine body.

Kate said Cap'n Lee is married.

One viewer asked whether Kelly had confronted the person who leaked the pics. He said he didn't want to open that book again. No pronouns were ever used when he spoke about people, though it did seem like he wanted to give the impression that he was straight.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16710/11/2014

I'd love to see capt lee on wwhl

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16810/12/2014

They should be SHAVED

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 16910/12/2014

R168 Capt Lee was on the reunion show last year and I'm sure there will be a reunion show this year so.....

This show has become my guilty pleasure. I love it.

Kate is awesome and she speaks for all of us who are unfortunate enough to work in a service industry.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17010/12/2014

[quote] Kate is awesome and she speaks for all of us who are unfortunate enough to work in a service industry.

I find that disappointing.

This crew does nothing but TALK SHIT behind the backs of people who are paying their salaries, not to mention TIPPING them huge amounts of money.

They bitch, moan, whine and complain about everything, and yet expect to be tipped GENEROUSLY for doing their jobs. And not very well, I might add.

Capt. Lee is the ONLY one who gets it, most likely because he's old school.

The crew treated this latest charter like absolute dirt. Fucking dirt. Not to mention that they barely did their jobs, and gave those people bad service and said some horrible things behind their backs.

And they got 2000 dollars each for doing so.

I'll remember this always, when it comes to service people. I'll give them the standard tip, and nothing more, unless I get bend-over-backwards superb service.

Fucking entitled twats.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17110/13/2014

The small-dicked Captain has wife-beater written all over him.

Kate is a tedious cunt eternally stuck in high school meangirl mode.

Kelley and Logan are the only worthwhile draws this season. I'll keep watching just for them (hoping they'll hook up before it's over).

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17210/13/2014

Last night they showed the first 10 minutes of the episode that will air tonight (10/14). In it, Kelly says that he's never not in a relationship and used to be married! The longest he's gone without a girlfriend is 2 weeks...

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17310/14/2014

Yes, Kate is a tedious kunt, especially after going after Amy. Kate just comes across as a miserable and bitter person.

Kelly went from obsessing over Jennice to looking like the thrill is almost over if you look at next weeks final show. They did look uncomfortable and awkward together on that "date."

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17410/14/2014

what ever happen to the porn actor from last season?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17510/14/2014

Watched a few recent episodes of this, assuming it's mostly scripted/staged. I imagine the people chartering the boat are probably arranged for effect, and heavily, if not completely subsidized, who else would agree to be filmed after paying for an expensive charter, other than actors, or complete trash.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17610/15/2014

Always amazed that the guests carry around that much cash,

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17710/15/2014

Eddie and Kelley should at least engage in frottage in Eddie's bunk. Is that too much to ask?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17810/15/2014

I always knew that Ben was a neurotic psychopath. His freakout was unbelieveable. And who the fuck was he even talking to... the air? Himself? Ugh, I hate Ben.

Then there's perma-bitchface Kate. I'm so happy she got sidelined. I don't care if Amy is fake or not, when it comes to customer service, I'll take Amy any day. When guests on EVERY charter say that you look miserable, then it's time to take the hint.

I love how Kelley looked terrified at hearing that Jeneese wants to move in with him at the end of the season. But how will he be able to hook up with guys if she lives with him?? Haha.

Jeneese mentioned that he's from West Palm Beach. By any chance, is that area known for gays? I know nothing about Florida.

Eddie, as always, is the voice of reason on this show. The guy is solid to the core.

Logan was kind of a dick. First he was talking major shit about the "Primary," and then he totally ruined the crew's farewell dinner by bringing up the friction with the crew. At a celebration dinner. Asshole.

Can't wait to see the penis towel guy return for the finale with all of his gay friends. That should be fun!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 17910/15/2014

I agree R179, I think they get the charter for free. What kind of person would take that kind of negative and insulting criticism that is voiced by the crew on tv AFTER paying a crapload of money.

I think Ben's ego was bruised, especially, in front of the crew, and he lost it. He also probably felt like a fool because he's usually the person who picks everyone else apart.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18010/15/2014

Can the season finale just be 40 minutes of Eddie with no shirt on? I don't need a plot.

Also, the restaurant scene at the end (the most interesting and dramatic moment of the whole episode) was not even 60 seconds long....come on Bravo, edit this better.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18110/15/2014

Kate is a goddess and needs her own show

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18210/15/2014

I can understand that Ben was embarrassed that the team lost $5K in total tip money due to his inability to serve the passengers the crap food they (repeatedly) requested. It didn't justify a physical freak out but that makes for interesting TV.

Will there be a reunion special? I'd like to see Jennise and Kelly interact now that it's been months since the end of filming.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18310/15/2014

I think the Ben scene makes more sense if you remember he was prob. drunk as hell.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18410/15/2014

Eddie is not that hot, folks. And his nipples are tiny, tiny, tiny.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18510/15/2014

There is definitely an obnoxious dudebro side to Eddie that comes out when he's hanging with Kelley and Logan. You only see glimpses of it because he's usually so perfect, but it doesn't look attractive.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18610/15/2014

[quote] Kate is a goddess and needs her own show

Kate's face is going to be frozen in that resting bitch face. Seriously, she hardly ever smiles.

Such a pity that someone so young is so jaded and unhappy.

It totally shows on her face.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18710/15/2014

Kate the goddess

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18810/15/2014

Wow, Kate's only 31 years old. That's a HARD 31.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 18910/15/2014

Kelley is just the prettiest thing.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19010/15/2014

[quote]I think they get the charter for free. What kind of person would take that kind of negative and insulting criticism that is voiced by the crew on tv AFTER paying a crapload of money.

Someone posted they chartered the boat during the first season and they still had to pay full price. It's because they want to film the most authentic experience and a free trip would affect the way people behave.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19110/16/2014

Kelly, he reminds me so much of a friend of mine from college. But said friend was the only son of a Baptist preacher so there was no way he could come out. Last I heard he was a youth minister in Texas with a wife and kids. He would probably deny he's gay anyway but I just wonder if he'd been born 20 years later if he'd feel more comfortable being out.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19210/17/2014

During the first season, you'd occasionally see other staff (crew?) on the boat. I wonder how many people total it takes to operate that thing. And do those people also get a cut of the tips?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19310/20/2014

It's all FAKE

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19410/21/2014

Kelley is gayer than Liberace in a dress.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19510/21/2014

Why doesn't Bravo have Season 1 on their website?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19610/21/2014

Is tonight the episode where Kelley breaks the little homely girl's heart?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19710/21/2014

Wow! Kelly's Dad was in prison and he got deep into drugs! And then he straightened himself out. The "principal" charter guest, ugh.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19810/21/2014

Wait. Kelley's gonna dump the girl tonight?!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 19910/21/2014

This is clearly Kate's last rodeo. She is aging before our eyes, a bitter dry drunk on the cusp of complete irrelevance.

Up next on her CV: Cocktail Waitress in Reno.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20010/21/2014

I love how Kelley could not take his eyes off that one really hot guy as the charter guests were saying their good-byes right before deboarding.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20110/21/2014

I just started watching this during marathons last week, I may have seen a few episodes from previous seasons, even though it's fake, etc., I still generally like it, it's an interesting lifestyle, I had friends who would crew on sailboats, always wish I had done it. Kelley, Logan and Eddie are all adorable, would love to be on a boat with any one of them. Felt sad for them at the end of the season, brought back a lot of memories of college/etc.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20210/21/2014

Is it just me or is hard to believe Kelley and Amy are brother and sister...they look NOTHING alike; also he's really tall and she's petite...wonder if they're supposed to adopted or half-siblings. I do realize a lot of times siblings don't look that much alike, but they REALLY don't.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20310/21/2014

I don't know why a poster upthread said Kate was a goddess.. Good figure, but she's one of the cuntiest cunts who ever cunted. 2nd place goes to Ben. I liked him last season, but he's a complete egomaniac, not THAT good a chef, this season. Asshole.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20410/21/2014

I need some Kelley cock real bad.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20510/21/2014

I'm tellin' ya, that Kelly is one shrewed, caculating MoFo:

Out of the women who crewed with him on the boat, his choice is simple deduction:

First, there's the sl*t, who's been-there-done-that, plus she and the Chef were already 'teamed up.'

Then there's the jaded, entitled princess, who is way out of his league and has no chance in h*ll with, anyway.

Then there's his sister.

Which leaves us with the principled, innocent 'naivete,' who is already in a relationship, which makes her psychologically unavailable, at first. But once her relationship status changes and he subsequently 'dates' her, he dumps her. The chase no longer appealing.

Kinda like Colin Firth's and Meg Tily's characters in Dangerous Liaisons.


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20610/26/2014

Which cast member is the guy that did porn for Dink Flamingo?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20710/26/2014

I would like Kelley and Logan to engage in 69, mutual rimming, and Logan topping Kelley. Cap'n Lee can film and make suggestions

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20810/27/2014

R201, I did not notice Kelley making eyes at anyone. It seemed he was deliberately keeping his distance from all the gays. Which is suspicious in and of itself.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 20910/27/2014

Rewind and take a closer look, R209. Kelley was definitely checking out that (insanely hot) passenger.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21010/27/2014

Watch the Behind the Scenes episode, you will love Eddie more, like Kate more and will think Kelley is even more gay.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21110/30/2014

[and will think Kelley is even more gay]

The only thing more gay is Tim Cook playing Ms. Pacman on a pink Mac in a silk négligée while Trevor Burgess shrimps his big toe.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21210/30/2014

Reunion next week!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21310/30/2014

Eddie kind of came off a little annoying on the behind the scenes show, but Kate was A LOT more likable. These shows just play up the conflict so much, it seems like everyone is an asshole and hates each other, and that's simply not the case.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21410/30/2014

my thoughts see Kat and Amy yucking it up on the beach acting like best buds but you were lead to believe otherwise.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21510/30/2014

I liked Kate's dry ass sense of humor from the very beginning, but I fell in love with her when she held up the various pieces of paper illustrating the different fonts that represented her co-workers. She kills me.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21610/30/2014

Kate seriously needs to do something about that bad weave. Kelley seems strangely asexual to me. Eddie is the best. Capt Lee is second best.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21710/30/2014

In the first 10 minutes of the "Behind the Scenes" show you see Kelley tickling/wrestling Eddie and jumping on top of him on the bed! Jennice even makes a comment like "I never expected to see you two jumping into bed together."

It was obvious that the Kelley and Jennice romance was completely fake, just like the Amy/Kat/Kate conflict. Kelley just used it as an excuse to move into Eddie's room because he has a massive crush on Eddie. You can tell that Eddie knows what's going on with Kelley and to his credit seems really cool about it.

I sort of wish the whole show had been more like the Behind the Scenes episode. These people seem naturally entertaining enough without all the fake drama Bravo injected into it.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21810/30/2014

R218 totally agree!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 21910/31/2014

do you think Eddie let Kelley explore his "secret garden"?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22010/31/2014

I enjoyed the BTS show more than the actual show. Eddie is annoying, Kate is pretty funny and Amy was more fun than what she was portrayed on the show. I don't see Latina making it next season because besides her "showmance" she just seemed like a dull person.

Kelley looked pretty jealous when Amy said she had a crush on Eddie.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22110/31/2014

Sometimes I think Ben looks sexy, but not always

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22211/02/2014

Did Logan get a bad edit or did he have next to nothing to contribute to the proceedings?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22311/02/2014

Logan has beautiful teeth

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22411/02/2014

Kelley could use a salt water enema...

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22511/02/2014

Kelley is such a pussy boy. I guess it's the birth order thing and his issues with desertion. He could be gay (I hope not) but I just think he is a big damaged baby. Though he claims to have straightened his act out, he still seems really messed up, and don't get me started on the tats or the light green satin shirt he wore at the reunion. Major fashion faux pas.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22611/05/2014

Kelley is disgusting.

I was really hot for him at the beginning of the season, but his personality is so foul.

He's a disgusting egotistical narcissist, with obvious "issues." The guy's mental.

The way he treated Jeneese was horrible, and the fact that he's in the closet and still pretending to be straight, is even worse.

The mere sight of him makes my skin crawl.

Eddie all the way. Hell, I'd even take Andrew over creepy Kelley.

That reunion did him absolutely no favors.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22711/06/2014

Damn, Kelly showed his ass on that reunion! What a monumental asshole that guy is for all the world to see.

I hope they all come back for season 3. I want to see someone get tossed overboard.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22811/06/2014

Kelley really does seem like a loose cannon, a tightly coiled spring! There is so much angst there and his little school girl giggle is really annoying.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 22911/06/2014

[quote]Logan has beautiful teeth

R224, he smiles gummily, just like Ben Affleck, if that's your thing. Personally, I find it off-putting.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23011/06/2014


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23112/20/2014

Has anyone seen Kelley's cock lately???

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23201/25/2015

R230 , very good! Logan knows he is cute and has nice smile but he's so greasy. He soooo knows he's cute and that makes him completely unattractive. And that gummy smile- He needs to not smile so wide.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23301/25/2015


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23401/25/2015


by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23501/25/2015

I hope is next cock pic features a nice full bush.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23601/25/2015

OK, We've got season three coming up, no Kelley, no Logan, we've only got our old boyfriend Eddie. There are two new cute guys, and some unattractive new women. Kate (bitchy resting face) is back, No Ben, although he apparently comes back for part of it. The new guys don't seem as sexually ambiguous as Kelley, where is he anyway, the links to his Twitter and Instagram are dead, is he hiding in the Voyeur Boys house? This season doesn't seem to hold much promise. Kelley was a mess and an ass, but God he was hot.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23708/22/2015

It's on now.

Agreed. Kelley was a childish mess but the guys this season seem uninteresting. A cute-ish South African guy. I'd still do Eddie, though.

The new chef is super annoying; I hope that old drunken sod Ben returns soon.

Captain seems grumpier this year. Kate is the only funny/bitchy cast member so far..

Nice yacht, the third one in three seasons. Much nicer master stateroom.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23808/25/2015

It's on tonight at 9 ET. Is anyone watching this year?

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 23909/01/2015

I love this show. Looks like Dave porn star comes back as a guest this season. Not looking forward to the Cynthia Bailey episode this season but whatever.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 24009/23/2015

Logan makes messy poops!

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 24109/23/2015

The South African guy doesn't do it for me. I miss that messy, sloppy, drunk Kat.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 24209/23/2015

I'm just now catching up and there was a funny scene where Emile and Rocky were in the hottub. Emile got too worked up and went to bed to jack off. He had his back to the camera but you could see his arm and hand under the sheet going to town.

Apparently there's not much to jerk, though. Connie, the dykey chick sharing Emile's room, said she was tired of seeing his very tiny morning wood.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 24310/03/2015

Sorry 243, but I would gladly jerk off Emile, and give him a happy ending. He's adorable.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 24410/04/2015

Here's the thread for the current season.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 24510/04/2015

Thanks R245. I searched here and Google but didn't find this one so I've posted to this old one.

by C.J.'s Back Hairreply 24610/04/2015
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