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Scientology head, David Miscavige's twin sister busted for running drug dens

Radar says 53 year old Denise Gentile was arrested for DUI, and drug charges, in Florida. As an investigation discovered, she was basically a slumlord, who would accept drugs, for rent, and condoned drug use at her properties.

by Amy Scobeereply 1007/01/2013

OP, you're glib.

by Amy Scobeereply 107/01/2013

Does this mean she's not a clam?

by Amy Scobeereply 207/01/2013

OK, so his father, and brother , have already defected, and his twin sister has resorted to this. I read the article, and agree with what someone says - the guy's family is crumbling around him , and the cult is imploding.

by Amy Scobeereply 307/01/2013

According to ex-Scieno Claire Headley, ". . .the way Miscavige talked about her was always as if she were a non-human, like an irritation that he wished did not exist. . . and that she had left and was “out-ethics.” . . he was trying to get her to leave FL and move away from their mother. That she was a bad influence. And most often, he referred to her as a “f**king c**t."

by Amy Scobeereply 407/01/2013

Not only that, she's probably taller than he is.

by Amy Scobeereply 507/01/2013

[quote] she's probably taller than he is.

Ding, ding, ding!

by Amy Scobeereply 607/01/2013

R3, Hope you're right that the cult is imploding. Sure it's not just wishful thinking? Are you DL's new "psychic" or do you have some inside info?

by Amy Scobeereply 707/01/2013

Who was she hurting? She likes to go through life stoned, I would too if I could arrange it.

by Amy Scobeereply 807/01/2013

His niece wrote a book about her life as a Scientology kid, which sounded like North Korea or Stalinist Russia to me (including their own "gulag" system for offenders).

by Amy Scobeereply 907/01/2013

[quote]Hope you're right that the cult is imploding. Sure it's not just wishful thinking?

This place is filled with "wishful" thinkers. They will tell you they have proof that Scientology is imploding, Republicans will all be voted out of Congress, Mormons are quitting their cult in droves, Chick-fil-A restaurants are empty, Target is shutting down, and Exxon is going broke.

by Amy Scobeereply 1007/01/2013
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