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Will Europe Ever Have A Black Prime Minister?


by Michelle O'reply 4607/02/2013

Who is Prime Minister of Europe now OP?

by Michelle O'reply 106/30/2013

learn some fuckin' geography ms o.

by Michelle O'reply 206/30/2013

Oh, okay. "Will any European countries ever have a black prime minister?"

It's not the stupidest thing anybody's ever asked on DL.

by Michelle O'reply 306/30/2013

Will the continent of Europe ever have a black Prime Minister. What's so hard to comprehend?

by Michelle O'reply 406/30/2013

I understand what you're asking, OP. And yes, probably so, although which country and when don't seem clear at the moment. I'm seeing this happen near a body of water, possibly on or around the time of an election.

by Michelle O'reply 506/30/2013

OK, I'll bite, OP. There is no Prime Minister of Europe. Europe is a continent, like Africa or Asia or North America. Just as there is no head of state for the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean nations, and Central America, there is no one person leading all the countries of Europe. The European Union has a leadership structure including presidencies of the Council of the EU and European Commission, along with rotating leadership among the 28 member states. Then of course there are 28 individual governments.

Could one of those one day be black? Depends on your definition of 'black'. But then, it took this much to explain the "Prime Minister of Europe" to you, so that's another discussion.

by Michelle O'reply 606/30/2013

There are a lot of nitpicky fortysomethings on this thread. It's very obvious that OP meant a prime minister somewhere within the continent of Europe.

by Michelle O'reply 706/30/2013

Hell to the "no"!

by Michelle O'reply 806/30/2013

No, sir!

by Michelle O'reply 906/30/2013

Why should they ever?

by Michelle O'reply 1006/30/2013

Will the US ever have a female president?

by Michelle O'reply 1106/30/2013

OP, you have applesauce for brains!

by Michelle O'reply 1207/01/2013

12 posts and only nattering bickerers who completely ignored the proposition for nitpicking and heckling!

I'm home!

by Michelle O'reply 1307/01/2013

Blacks don't live in Europe. The all live in Af'ka.

by Michelle O'reply 1407/01/2013

[quote]Will the US ever have a female president?

Yes, come 2017, one will be occupying the Oval Office.

by Michelle O'reply 1507/01/2013

[quote]Yes, come 2017, one will be occupying the Oval Office.

When donkeys flt!!

by Michelle O'reply 1607/01/2013

Will the US ever have one (who isn't actually majorly mixed)?

by Michelle O'reply 1707/01/2013

Peru had a Japanese prime minister so anything's possible.

by Michelle O'reply 1807/01/2013

OP is a rightwing shitstain.

by Michelle O'reply 1907/01/2013

OP never said there was a prime minister of Europe. He asked if the continent of Europe will ever have a prime minister who is black.

As one might have asked pre-Baldwin if the United States will ever have an openly gay senator? To name one example of how asking if a set of entities will ever have a phenomenon that is does not have a relation to the whole that is denominated by its definitional relation to a singular entity.

But you knew that.

by Michelle O'reply 2007/01/2013

Moreover, geography has nothing to do with how many prime ministers there are in Europe and identifying their geopolitical authority. Not even political geography deals with such an issue.

I love when people on DL jump on posters to criticize them for the way they frame questions or sue language and in doing so make countervailing linguistic errors.

by Michelle O'reply 2107/01/2013

Well if you want to get technical, the US hasn't really had a black president yet. Obama is black because he appears black, but he is equal portions black and white.

by Michelle O'reply 2207/01/2013

We still use the "one drop rule" y'all.

by Michelle O'reply 2307/01/2013

OP it is extremely likely that someone of mixed heritage will become a Prime minister in a European country, but you have to realize that the United States, through importing slaves well into the 19th century, has a relatively larger black population.

And for most countries, someone of mixed race will need to be a party leader to become prime minister.

Here's a question for you -- when will the U.S. have a woman president? Europe has had many, going back several decades. And considering that the US is half women, don't you think that's weirder.

Or how about a gay prime minister. We have one of those too -- first in the world, actually.

When you have more than one black president, as we have had several women, then we'll see if it's a pattern, or, more likely, an incredible candidate who was in the right place at the right time.

When you consider

by Michelle O'reply 2407/01/2013

R13 here again.

Well, birdies, I saw there were plenty more posts since I last looked and clicked to see what further insights on the proposition had been advanced.

I am very happy to report that you are a bunch of unfocused sex-mad sillies, and I would like to buy you all a drink and put another dollar in the tip jar.

Play "Tangerine" please.

by Michelle O'reply 2507/01/2013

Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola! Hello!

The Prime Minister of Europe here, to answer your questions about governing my varied and fascinating country!

by Michelle O'reply 2607/01/2013

Dear PM, what is your capitol?

by Michelle O'reply 2707/01/2013

[quote]Peru had a Japanese prime minister so anything's possible.

but there are a lot of people of Japanese heritage living in south america, not so many in Europe.

by Michelle O'reply 2807/01/2013

During his war service, my husband noted Europe is just one big godless Hymietown. A brown has as much chance of becoming prime minister as gaining entry to Heaven.

I'm sure even you people agree.

by Michelle O'reply 2907/01/2013

R27 - the Capitol? why I suppose a big building, some where, I can't remember!

by Michelle O'reply 3007/01/2013

Capital? (I always get principle/principal and license/licence mixed up too.)

by Michelle O'reply 3107/01/2013

[quote]Well if you want to get technical, the US hasn't really had a black president yet. Obama is black because he appears black, but he is equal portions black and white.

Dear god would these idiots shut up about this. Racial identity is obviously a complicated concept. The mean percentage of white admixture for black Americans is already between 14-17%. 20% of black Americans have over 25% white ancestry. Obama for being a black American with significant white ancestry. The fact that is father was actually an African means overall his percentage of European admixture isn't even THAT much different from black Americans who have two "black" parents with signficant European admixture.

Obama has chosen to identify himself as a black American. If you saw him on the street you would just consider him a black American. He is therefore black in our society.

Also there are other minorities. What if a European country had a east Asian, south Asian or middle-eastern prime minister?

It is bound to to happen at one point.

by Michelle O'reply 3207/01/2013

Wasn't there a Jewish PM in Britain?

by Michelle O'reply 3307/01/2013

I was impressed with MP David Lammy who gave an impassioned defense of marriage equality in the House of Commons. I don't know much about him, though.

by Michelle O'reply 3407/01/2013

[quote]Wasn't there a Jewish PM in Britain?

Disraeli was Jewish by birth, but wasn't raised as such.

Ed Miliband, the current Leader of the Opposition is Jewish.

Also, the current chair of the Parti Socialist is of Caribbean heritage.

by Michelle O'reply 3507/01/2013

r35, we're talking MP.

by Michelle O'reply 3607/02/2013

R17, most black Americans are "majorly mixed"

by Michelle O'reply 3707/02/2013

Slovakia had a Jewish female prime minister recently.

by Michelle O'reply 3807/02/2013

Europe might actually have a lesbian president at the moment.

(Lithuania just took over the presidency of the EU Council. The Lithuanian president, Dalia Grybauskaite, is oft rumoured to be a lesbian.)

by Michelle O'reply 3907/02/2013

Greek dude ran Thailand in the 1600's.

by Michelle O'reply 4007/02/2013

Ireland has had African descended kings.

Spain was ruled by Hannibal's family for quite awhile, as well as any number of Morrocans, among whom there were certainly blacks.

by Michelle O'reply 4107/02/2013

The president of Iceland is a lesbian.

by Michelle O'reply 4207/02/2013

The Princess of Liechtenstein is black.

by Michelle O'reply 4307/02/2013

[quote]The president of Iceland is a lesbian.

She was Prime Minister, and she retired a few months ago.

by Michelle O'reply 4407/02/2013

black Emperors of Rome

by Michelle O'reply 4507/02/2013

Even naughty old Austria has had a jewish Chancellor and Poland a jewish President in recent times.

by Michelle O'reply 4607/02/2013
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