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Wednesday, 2:21PM, Camera 3, David forgets about the cameras in the house and completely, full frontal, drops his pants and puts on his swim trunks.

He's a natural blonde, circumcised, and he does not manscape.

Also, Spencer to a shit at 5AM and did NOT Wash his hands. Eeek!

by LiveFeedsreply 1607/02/2013

Is there caps? And I doubt he forgot about the cameras. He seems like an exhibitionist.

by LiveFeedsreply 106/29/2013

Where do we find this?

by LiveFeedsreply 206/29/2013

Here you go

by LiveFeedsreply 306/29/2013

Thanks, R3.

by LiveFeedsreply 406/29/2013

Thanks R3! David is the lifeguard, right?

by LiveFeedsreply 506/29/2013

Yes, thanks for taking the time to post that R3.

by LiveFeedsreply 606/29/2013

He's still a douche tho

by LiveFeedsreply 706/29/2013

And we couldn't keep this in the original thread because??

by LiveFeedsreply 806/29/2013

Because that thread smells like you R8. Stop rimming truck drivers by the interstate and wash that moustache.

by LiveFeedsreply 906/29/2013

Princess tiny meat

by LiveFeedsreply 1006/29/2013

"Princess tiny meat"

He's gonna need an accidental erection scene to redeem himself.

by LiveFeedsreply 1106/29/2013

R8 is why I hate her. The two question marks are almost lesbianic.

by LiveFeedsreply 1206/29/2013

[quote]He's gonna need an accidental erection scene to redeem himself

Why? Most guys look like that flaccid, and everyone knows it, well except for the delusion DL dwellers who think all guys are hung to their knees soft, but aren't either.

by LiveFeedsreply 1306/30/2013

Thank you r3! I appreciated it.

by LiveFeedsreply 1406/30/2013

The petition to sign to remove Aaryn from the BB house due to racism and homophobic comments follows. Please join us.

by LiveFeedsreply 1507/01/2013

The petition should have included that the offending contestant also has the a chance to be rewarded with half a million dollars.

by LiveFeedsreply 1607/02/2013
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