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New Jersey's Christie vetoes Medicaid expansion bill

(Reuters) - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed a bill that would have expanded Medicaid eligibility under the healthcare law known as Obamacare, his office said on Friday, in an apparent reversal of position for the presumed 2016 Republican presidential hopeful.

Christie's office announced he vetoed eight bills that "would add potentially hundreds of millions of dollars to state and local budgets." He also signed a $32.9 billion budget and three other bills, his office said in a statement.

Among the bills he vetoed was a Medicaid expansion under the U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law known as Obamacare.

Republicans have repeatedly tried to overturn the law since regaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2010 election, making its repeal a centerpiece of their political opposition to the Democratic president.

While that has failed because Democrats still hold a majority in the Senate, many states led by Republicans have attempted to undermine the law by refusing to expand Medicaid, a program created by the federal government and administered by the states to pay for medical services for the poor.

Under Obama's 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the federal government is offering to pay states 100 percent of the cost of expanding Medicaid for three years beginning in 2014, declining to 90 percent in subsequent years.

Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Obama's healthcare overhaul but allowed states to opt out of a provision expanding the Medicaid program.

Christie, a critic of Obamacare, said in February he would accept federal money to expand Medicaid in New Jersey because if he did not the money would go to other states.

The governor's press office did not immediately respond to requests to explain his apparent change.

Earlier this month, researchers said 14 Republican-led states that oppose expanding Medicaid under would leave 3.6 million of their poorest adult residents uninsured, at a cost of $9.4 billion per year by 2017.

The findings, published in the journal Health Affairs on June 3, did not include New Jersey among those 14 states.

Christie has emerged as a leading voice in the Republican Party and is seen as serious contender for the 2016 Republican nomination, should he decide to run. He is running for re-election as governor this year.

by Asswipereply 6407/02/2013

Will the people of NJ learn from their mistakes and be smart enough to get rid of this asshole or will they be fucking idiots again?

by Asswipereply 106/28/2013

He is a loathsome piece of shit. If NJ is actually stupid enough to elect this scumbag for another term, then they deserve everything they get.

God forbid we have healthcare for poor people in this country. Oh, that's somehow un-american and not right. Makes me so angry!

by Asswipereply 206/28/2013

I thought Obamacare was Medicare for Everyone.

by Asswipereply 306/28/2013


by Asswipereply 406/28/2013

He realizes he still has to be re-elected Governor this fall, right?

Because this heavily rightward tack he's making might sit will with the GOP base, but I'm wondering if it does with the NJ electorate.

by Asswipereply 506/28/2013

Obamacare is destined to die a slow death.

Young people think it's free. But when they find out they have to pony up money or pay a fine, they will throw one hell of a snit fit.

They won't pay and most won't pay the fine, so the whole damn thing is going to fall apart.

I, myself, have stocked up on much popcorn for when the shit hits the fan!

Hell, I won't even go into the higher premiums that are going to send people right through the roof.

by Asswipereply 606/28/2013

New Jersey, tax-paying resident, here.

I recently had to take my mother to the emergency room after a fall. As we were waiting for admittance to the emergency room, I witnessed one person after another stride up to the desk and casually mention they were charity care. One young woman said she needed a physical for school. The next patient was a non-english speaking man brought in by his English-speaking boss who spoke on behalf of the injured man.

It went on and on and on. All claiming charity care.

As someone whose health insurance premium has doubled to 1,000.00/month since the passage of this new legislation, I do find it absurd that this supposed expansion of Medicaid benefits(supposedly funded by the Feds) is in reality being paid by people like myself who continue to be pillaged by Blue Cross and Blue Shield with the help of New Jersey Banking and Insurance guarantees of outrageous mandatory increases each year.

So, yeah, R1, sometimes even the asshole knows when enough is enough. And sometimes, I actually agree with the asshole.

by Asswipereply 706/28/2013

R6 = fucking moron freeper idiot

by Asswipereply 806/28/2013

Can't face the facts, can you R8.

You're the fucking idiot.

by Asswipereply 906/28/2013

R9, no, I can face the facts. You're just clinging to debunked ideology. You're a moron and a tool, and you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

by Asswipereply 1006/28/2013

He's got to be setting some sort of veto record. Has anyone been as veto happy as he is?

by Asswipereply 1106/28/2013

Christie will probably be dead before 2016, the evil fat fuck.

by Asswipereply 1206/28/2013

[quote]I can face the facts.

Really? And what "facts" would those be, because, so far, you haven't actually posted any "facts."

[quote]You're just clinging to debunked ideology.

What ideology is that? The ideology that notes that every major industrialized nation spends less and gets more for their health care dollars than we do?

[quote]You're a moron and a tool, and you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Oh, the irony....

by Asswipereply 1306/28/2013

[quote]Obama-care is destined to die a slow death.

Obama-care is already working! It is already lowering healthcare costs the way it was intended. The phasing out of fee-for-service and the implementation of ACOs will force providers to stop getting paid by the number of procedures they perform. They will get paid for positive patient-based results.

by Asswipereply 1406/28/2013

He's legislating on behalf of 2016 red state primary voters, not the people of New Jersey.

by Asswipereply 1506/28/2013

[quote]As someone whose health insurance premium has doubled to 1,000.00/month since the passage of this new legislation

Seeing how Obamacare had not taken effect, it sounds more like your insurance company is gouging you. They would have raised your rates with or without the legislation. Who do you have this policy with? Because I never paid anywhere near that when I lived in NJ.

by Asswipereply 1606/28/2013

NFL refuses to pimp obamacare.

Now let's see how hard the govt tries to twist the arm of the NBA.

by Asswipereply 1706/28/2013

[quote]Obama-care is already working!

Pretty much. The early numbers in from the California exchanges have been very encouraging. And, of course, the program that this is based on is working quite well in Massachusetts, where none of the predictions that R6 makes have come true.

[quote]He's legislating on behalf of 2016 red state primary voters, not the people of New Jersey.

Bingo, particularly since it's likely to cost the state *more* money to forego the Medicaid expansion, in emergency room care and in sicker individuals because they had no money to pay for examinations that would have caught conditions while they were still treatable.

by Asswipereply 1806/28/2013

R7 - if your insurance provider has doubled your rates since Obamacare passed and led you to believe it was a result of Obamacare he/she has sold your more than health insurance. He/she has sold you a truck load of the manure. Chances are your rates went up because you provider did a lousy job of investing your premiums.

VOTN - as much as I dislike Christie, I think he doesn't make a move that isn't well calculated. I bet if you look at historical rates of voter turnout in non-presidential years you will see what he is doing makes perfect sense. I hope you are right. But growing up white and middle class in NJ - I don't think so.

by Asswipereply 1906/28/2013

California liberals deserve what's coming.

by Asswipereply 2006/28/2013

[quote]where none of the predictions that [R6] makes have come true.

Has a Regressive ever made a prediction that came true?

* The war in Iraq will be over in 6 months, our soldiers will be welcomed with candy and flowers.

* We will find WMD in Iraq.

* George Bush will bring Osama to justice.

* An autopsy will prove Terri Schivio had a fully functioning brain.

* John McCain/Donald Trump/Sarah Palin/ Mitt Romney will beat Obama.

Lets face it, these clowns couldn't predict six o'clock at five thirty. Miss Cleo was more reliable.

by Asswipereply 2106/28/2013

R2, if youw ant to pay for other people's healthcare then open your own damn wallet. Stop spending our money.

by Asswipereply 2206/28/2013

Way to screw over your constituents, governor.

by Asswipereply 2306/28/2013

Pretty fucking funny as our cave bitch governor went all in on the plan. So he may be rethinking that little thing, that fat fuck.

"Arizona's Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed a law on Monday to expand Medicaid, embracing a key part of Democratic President Barack Obama's healthcare plan in a hard-won policy victory over conservatives in her own party."

by Asswipereply 2406/28/2013

R22 If you have health insurance, you already are paying for other peoples healthcare. What do you think happens when someone with out insurance has to go to the hospital? Do you think the hospital just eats the loss? They get that money by adding the cost to those who do have insurance. If you dont want to pay for other peoples healthcare, you should drop your insurance right now. What are you waiting for?

by Asswipereply 2506/28/2013

[quote]California liberals deserve what's coming.

You posted that long-discredited bullshit and expect us to take it seriously? Give me a fucking break.

Here's a clue for you: premiums will go up for those who were previously purchasing worthless insurance that wouldn't protect them worth a damn, the kind you get through Wal-Mart or McDonald's. The rates are going up because the ACA now requires that the insurance policies offered on the exchanges actually provide real coverage.

So yes, California liberals do indeed deserve what's coming: real insurance at very reasonable rates.

by Asswipereply 2606/28/2013

[quote]if you want to pay for other people's healthcare then open your own damn wallet. Stop spending our money.

Moron, you will pay for other's health care whether you want to or not, since hospitals are required by law to take all patients. You can either pay a smaller amount of money to provide decent preventive care for everyone or you can pay a lot of money for emergency care for everyone. Those are your only two choices.

Governor Christie's stupid move will almost certainly end up *costing* New Jersey voters, not saving them money.

by Asswipereply 2706/28/2013

R15 - What you said makes no sense. When it comes to the primaries it really doesn't matter whether it is a red, blue or purple state. It would just be Republicans voting in the Republican primary.

Whether the state is blue or red - Republicans are Republicans.

This guy is smart. I don't think he makes a move without knowing how it impacts him this year and in 2016.

by Asswipereply 2806/28/2013

R28, you do know that their is usually more than one person running in a primary, right? He's trying to appeal to Republicans more than other politicians might. You can't be seen as even a little bit moderate and win a Republican presidential primary in a red state.

by Asswipereply 2906/28/2013

Just waiting for Obamacare to die on the vine.

For your information, the Obama administration is so desperate that they now have librarians pushing this manure.

Stink is STINK. The young will say go to hell and not opt in.

by Asswipereply 3006/28/2013

R28 It does make sense. In the primaries, he is going to be up against people like Santorum, Ryan, Rick Perry et al, people who have some hard core conservative bona fides. He needs to present himself in the best possible light to those red state heartland voters, especially seeing how conservatives blame him for giving Obama a leg up after Sandy. Add to that the fact that while his in-your-face fugetaboutit schtick barely registers in a place like Jersey, it wont, as they say, play in Peoria.

Also, its not just voters he has to appeal to. More importantly, he has to appeal to donors. Newt Gingrich's run was pretty much financed by one person, and the more he poured on the crazy, the more money he got.

I totally believe he really thought Romney was going to tap him for the VP spot, and thats why he vetoed the gay marriage bill when he did. His record on gay marriage before that was pretty much nonexistent and he knew the majority of NJ voters support gay marriage. In the end he screwed over his own constituents because his ego and ambition is too strong.

by Asswipereply 3106/28/2013

[quote]Stink is STINK. The young will say go to hell and not opt in.

Sure. Keep telling yourself that.

by Asswipereply 3206/28/2013

Yeah, that's why Obama's on his knees begging the NFL, the NBA, librarians, and the sisters of the poor for help.

How's life on Fantasy Island R32?

by Asswipereply 3306/28/2013

R30 = freeper moron

by Asswipereply 3406/28/2013

Begging help for what R33? Its already passed. Exactly what help is he begging for?

by Asswipereply 3506/28/2013

Are you that fucking stupid r35?

Google is your fucking friend. Obama desperately wants their help in signing up the young.

Without the healthy young opting in and paying for their elders, this thing dies on the vine. And Obama knows it.

by Asswipereply 3606/28/2013

That's rich R20, look at the author in that article and ALL of his spew is Anti-Obama.

I live in California, and honeslty its great. My insurance went up 300 percent over the past 12 years under Bush and no health care control.

Even if it goes up a little, it sure beats another 300 percent when we did nothing and let the "free market" do what it wants.

Why do we waste money on insurance companies in the first place? They provide no REAL help. They are not doctors, hospitals, or nurses. They are business people making a profit off the backs of sick people.

The average insurance company burns 30 to 40 percent of the money on admin costs. The government dose it for 3 percent. You do the math.

by Asswipereply 3706/28/2013

Christie is betting that even if he pissed of his own state, this other stuff is more beneficial to the bigger picture to get elected.

He is probably right on that point, Clinton and Bush were both losers in their own stats but they still won the Presidency.

On the plus side, most morbidly obese people don't live past the age of 50. How many do you know?

by Asswipereply 3806/28/2013

O my R36! Helping people who sign up for a program they want to join. How dare they! Who do they think they are? Public servants? Thats a big deal for you? Really? I wonder, do you have a problem with librarians helping people fill out voter registration forms? Well, yea, you probably do seeing how conservatives already are on record for saying they want less people to vote because otherwise, they wont win elections. Librarians also help people with tax forms and help people applying to colleges. Do you have a problem with that as well?

No librarian is going to put a gun to someones head and force them to do something they don't want to do. Its a good thing for you we dont have an extra tax for drama queens.

by Asswipereply 3906/28/2013

LOL Obama thinks Hollywood can save this thing.

ooohhhhh, Eva Longwhoria says go sign up! Run along now!

by Asswipereply 4006/28/2013

In his final act of desperation, Obama will beg Jesus Christ himself.

Please let them sign up Please let them sign up Please let them sign up

by Asswipereply 4106/28/2013

Obviously r39 chooses not to look at the latest polls for Obamacare.

The desperation from the administration is telling.

by Asswipereply 4206/28/2013

R42 Changing the subject is not going to help. The polls are meaningless anyway. It passed. The courts have upheld it. Get used to it. And I dont see any signs of desperation. Helping people sign up for something they want to get in on is not desperation.

by Asswipereply 4306/28/2013

R40, if you bothered to read further, the same blogger who wrote the article you posted pointed out that this is a Tea Party plot to attack Obama care. And she points out in 2012 none of the Democrats supporting Obama-care were kicked out by Tea Party candidates either.

R40, and R41, you can now suck it.

by Asswipereply 4406/28/2013

Obama can always turn to Jeremiah. Why, he can threaten the youth to damnation.

Perhaps he might even turn to Nascar

and then there's always Bert & Ernie.

by Asswipereply 4506/28/2013

Actually R42, I take it back. I do see desperation. Desperation is Republicans in Congress trying 37 times to repeal the act and failing. Trying to elect as president a man who said he would repeal it, and failing. Bringing it to the Supreme Court to get it overturned, and failing. Pitching a fit because people will be able to get the forms they need at their local library? Yea, that reeks of desperation.

by Asswipereply 4606/28/2013

They don't want it and that's the relevant point.

And also why utter desperation is setting in with the Obama administration.

I've bookmarked this thread and come the end of 2014, I'll be back here to gloat.

by Asswipereply 4706/28/2013


by Asswipereply 4806/28/2013

How is it legal to force citizens into purchasing a product/service from a private company? That's the definition of fascism according to Mussolini. What happens when millions of people effectively do not pay their taxes as the punishment for not paying a private company for health insurance is being tacked on as a tax fine? How do they honestly expect the millions of people who cannot afford insurance at any cost or for that many any additional strain on their income to magically come up with the money to pay for purchasing insurance from private companies? How many people are going to lose their homes and their lives while this disaster gets sorted out before universal health care is enacted like it is in every other civilized nation?

by Asswipereply 4906/29/2013


by Asswipereply 5006/29/2013

On this issue, Christie is to the RIGHT of JAN FUCKING BREWER in AZ.

This guy is NOT your friend. If you're an independent, a moderate, a liberal, a progressive, or a Democrat and you vote for this extremist asshat, you're an idiot.

by Asswipereply 5106/29/2013

r7 and the like won't be happy until poor people are beaten to death in the streets.

by Asswipereply 5206/29/2013

[quote]The young will say go to hell and not opt in.

Yeah, just like they did in Massachusetts. Oh, wait... no they didn't. Next?

[quote]They don't want it and that's the relevant point.

And who, precisely, is "they?"

[quote]And also why utter desperation is setting in with the Obama administration.

And your evidence for this is, what, exactly?

[quote]I've bookmarked this thread and come the end of 2014, I'll be back here to gloat.

ROFL.... See you then.

by Asswipereply 5306/30/2013

This idiot thinks just because a Democrat has had the White House for two terms, a Republican will automatically be elected and that will be him. So he's doing whatever he wants. He will be surprised.

by Asswipereply 5406/30/2013

Who can Democrats field against him in the next election? Cory Booker?

by Asswipereply 5506/30/2013

He's not really focused on the governor's race, although that does matter. His recent moves have been about repairing his standing amongst the Republican base for his Presidential bid. It's transparently political.

by Asswipereply 5606/30/2013

Never mind. I just saw that someone named Barbara Buono is being trounced by the whale.

by Asswipereply 5706/30/2013

Anyone who doesn't support obongocare is racical.

by Asswipereply 5806/30/2013

Not racial, r58, short-sighted.

by Asswipereply 5906/30/2013

[quote] When it comes to the primaries it really doesn't matter whether it is a red, blue or purple state. It would just be Republicans voting in the Republican primary.

Some states have "Open primary" systems, so you don't have to have any party affiliation to vote in them.

by Asswipereply 6006/30/2013

No one has to sign up. But when the penalty goes from around $95 after the first year of not doing so, to 2.5% of your income in 2016.

They will sign up.

by Asswipereply 6106/30/2013

[quote] They don't want it and that's the relevant point.

A vast percentage of Americans didn't want Civil Rights legislation to pass either.

Your point? Oh yes, that MOST Americans, yourself included, are fucking morons.

by Asswipereply 6206/30/2013

[quote] How is it legal to force citizens into purchasing a product/service from a private company?

I dunno. Ask my car insurance company.

by Asswipereply 6307/01/2013


by Asswipereply 6407/02/2013
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